Protesters Attacked a Journalist at the D.C. Protests. Then the Police Handcuffed Her.

A dispatch from the Black House Autonomous Zone


On Monday, protesters once again occupied the area just north of Washington, D.C.'s Lafayette Park, declaring it the "Black House Autonomous Zone." After a group of protesters failed to pull down a statue of President Andrew Jackson, the Park Police formed a line to prevent them from getting any closer to the park or the White House.

The scene on Monday night was by and large a peaceful one, with most of the protesters content to shout anti-police slogans in officers' faces. Others set up tents on and around the property of St. John's Church, the exterior of which had been vandalized: Protesters spray-painted the letters BHAZ on the church's columns.

But eventually, at about 10:30 p.m., I witnessed a hostile interaction between the protesters and a conservative journalist. A group of people surrounded Shelby Talcott, a reporter for The Daily Caller, and demanded to know why she was taking their pictures. Talcott identified herself as a journalist "with The DC" but did not give her last name or make her affiliation explicit. Though I had never met Talcott, I was able to guess who she worked for. (Disclaimer: I wrote for The Daily Caller in 2013, before joining Reason.)

At least one of the protesters voiced concerns that Talcott was an undercover cop, and several people tried to snatch her phone out of her hands. They yelled at her that she had to leave the area, even though plenty of other people—including me—had their phones out and were obviously taking pictures. One protester grabbed her backpack and shoved her toward the police, which caused an officer to shove the protester back. The situation then became quite tense as a whole mob of people jerked Talcott around while trying to take her phone. The police intervened and dragged Talcott behind their line so that the protesters couldn't get to her.

But then they put her in handcuffs—ostensibly for her own safety, but of course at that point she was perfectly safe, and no threat to the police. They also told her that they could arrest her for unlawful assembly, treating her like she was a misbehaving member of the mob, rather than its target. When she objected that she was a journalist, they suggested her coverage of the protests was probably unfair. She was ultimately released.

Young activists are often hostile to members of the media, particularly if they perceive journalists as not explicitly on their side. That's a regrettable habit. Ironically, it's something they have in common with the cops.

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  1. Moving on from the Roundup in record time this morning!

    1. Could it be possible that it is standard operating procedure to have someone placed behind the police line to be put in handcuffs to prevent potentially hostile people from operating freely behind your back? Can the police easily distinguish between the a sacrosanct member of the free press and a regular peasant citizen? Why is Robby acting like a feisty cunt today?

      1. That could plausibly be an SOP during a hostile confrontation. It is not, however, any current SOP for riot control. Nor would such a policy be justified in any short of military-style confrontations. This is not a war and there are no “lines” or “rear areas” to protect. It’s bad enough that the police think of themselves in military jargon. Don’t do it for them.

        1. >hostile confrontation
          >riot control
          Are you dense or just an apologist for anarchists?

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        2. And if it was, they would at least have an obligation to explain it. Saying it was “for her own safety” makes no sense whatsoever.

        3. “This is not a war”

          And that’s why we’re going to lose everything.

          1. Fuck yeah, Lyle!

      2. Blaming the conservative is – sadly – SOP.

      3. At the risk of sounding like an apologist for the cops, I skimmed over Talcott’s twitter profile and didn’t see her bitching about being detained. Seems like the police threatened her with arrest because they misunderstood the situation when she was thrown into them. They probably thought she was intentionally ramming into them, rather than being shoved by antifa. Journalists do get swept up by cops often and I don’t like that fact, but two minutes with a pair of cuffs followed by the police realizing their mistake and letting me go is less of a problem in my mind than getting violently attacked by a mob of communists, as happened here.

        Soave manages to say a lot about the wrong that the police did in in this case, but very little about the violent attack his former colleague suffered at the hands of a crowd of people who openly promote property destruction and communist authoritarianism. Maybe I’m bad at libertarianism, but I worry more about avowed communists than generic bureaucrats with badges.

  2. Disclaimer: I wrote for The Daily Caller in 2013, before joining Reason.

    That’s a disclosure, not a disclaimer, dumbass.

    1. If you think there’s a difference but don’t know what it is, or which is which, what’s that make you?

      Correct, a dumbass.

      1. dis·​claim·​er | \ dis-ˈklā-mər \
        1a: a denial or disavowal of legal claim : relinquishment of or formal refusal to accept an interest or estate
        b: a writing that embodies a legal disclaimer

        To disclaim something is to elect not to lay claim to it. Soave is doing the exact opposite: he is laying claim to a (former) affiliation. He is disclosing that former affiliation and therefore is making a disclosure.

        Words have meanings. Meanings matter.

          1. People use “disclaimer” all the time just as Robby used it: to disclaim any conflict of interest. “Disclose” is passive; “disclaim” is active.

            1. To disclose something is to remove the closure from it. That’s an active action. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about

  3. Rioters, Robby, not protesters.

    They gathered for the specific purpose of vandalizing and stealing property.

    Stop being a useful fucking idiot.
    If the Marxists win, guess where you go?
    Up against the wall

    1. Rioting is a little more than just spray paint. You’re exaggerating as much as they do.

      1. He’s downplaying it, if anything, he didn’t even mention the attack

      2. Vandalism is a lot more than just protesting. If you think spray painting is just no big deal, how about I come and do it to something you own like your house or your car. It is not a riot or anything to object to right?

        They are destroying private property. That is a riot. The fact that they are doing it by spray paint rather than burning it down seems to be a matter of intensity not qualitative difference.

        Why is so hard to tell the truth about leftists? What is the constant need with some people to cover and excuse them?

        1. I’m saying that spray paint does not a riot make.

          Why do you Trumpistas inhabit such a black and white world? Why can you not use the subtleties of language? Your abuse of language is as bad as the proggies who say words are violence.

          1. You are saying that but it makes no sense. A mob of people going out vandalizing property is a riot. The fact that they are using spray paint rather than fire bombs means it is a less violent riot than one that does use fire bombs but it is still a riot. Not all riots are equal.

            Now, when you have a rational response to that other than just to restate your assertion, get back to me.

            1. also not mentioned by Robby is they were also targeting another statue to take down. peaceful my ass.

              Last month a friend went to a prayer protest at the California state capital. Hundreds of cops everywhere and both ground and air security taking pictures of everyone, they litteraly walked up to them to get them individualy. these were “protesters” peacfully praying that the state feared so much yet when left leaning groups decide to “protest” there is nary a cop to be found anywhere. California must fear God more

              1. California wants you to fear the protesters more. This is why they hate the 2nd Amendment. Note, all the usual suspects have absolutely nothing to say about gun control now that there are armed leftist mobs running around cities. They never cared about gun control except as a way to disarm their opponents and make them defenseless against the mob.

              2. The cops like to exercise their authority. They just would rather pick nice safe targets like the people praying rather than the actual rioters.

                Seen it numerous times where cops walk right past bad behavior to pick an easy target to ticket or arrest.

                1. Also noted: Their preference for nice pot-smokers over violent criminals, as clients for their partner business, the prisons.

            2. Does that make it a Quiet Riot?
              We have enough Metal Health problems in this country.

          2. Why can you not use the subtleties of language?

            LOL now that is funny. Dude you’re Reason’s resident grammar nazi who is wrong and comes off like a giant turd basically single every time… not to mention you continually beclown yourself engaging in semantic arguments that you don’t even have a firm grasp on in the first place. It’s honestly hilarious how smart you seem to think you are. But hey, at least you know how to admit when you’re wrong… oh wait.

            1. Don’t hold your breath.

          3. “…….. proggies who say words are violence….”

            They say silence is violence too, if you’re white. I think they just wanted to make a rhyme for their peaceful chanting.

          4. Bill Clinton should be able to clarify this for us. No doubt he’d say spray painting things is NOT an aspect of rioting, even if the spraying happens during a crowd’s destructive behavioral outbreak. Same theory about fellatio being different than sexual relations
            In both cases, it’s all just about relieving tensions.


        2. Is the church private property? If so then, yes, it’s trespassing and vandalism. That’s something a libertarian probably shouldn’t much brook, regardless of the nobility of the cause.

      3. That church has already been set on fire twice by the peaceful protesters

        1. That church also was defiled — against the wishes of its leader — by some flabby old bigot holding a prop Bible recently.

          1. For the Episcopelians, every Bible is a prop.

            1. Top marks

          2. So… three wrongs make a right?

          3. You were at the church with a bible? You didn’t burst into flames?


          4. “some flabby old bigot holding a prop Bible recently.”

            You refer to Bill Clinton?

      4. The ‘Protesters’ are toppling statues (and one of those is gonna land on somebody, sooner or later), setting fires (which are going to kill somebody eventually), attacking people they disagree with, and generally acting like Sturmabteilung. They are Fascist Rioters. They make me feel nostalgic for the 1960’s….especially the Chicago Cops playing whack-a-mole with the hippies at the ’68 Democrat convention.

        We give entirely too much goddamned leeway to ‘protesters’ in this country. If you are setting fire to anything much larger than an 8 x 11 sheet of paper in a crowded public space, you are a dangerous fool. And if that object is the size of a building or a car, you should be arrested before you get somebody roasted. Throwing trash at people is borderline; tempers run high at a protest. Hitting somebody in the head with a bike lock or a skateboard? You should be in jail awaiting trial for attempted murder.

        I’m sorry, but I am flat out of sympathy for Fascist Left Protesters who act like a cross between Sturmabteilung and crack-addled baboons. They are not exercising their rights, they are exploiting our tolerance.

        1. The ‘Protesters’ are toppling statues (and one of those is gonna land on somebody, sooner or later)

          That already happened in Virginia–some dude got brained by a falling Confederate statue.

          Those guys may have been losers, but it says something that they’re still taking out their enemies 150-plus years after losing the war.

          1. Every casualty with a positive COVID test is counted in the panicdemic. Did they classify the statue incident as a Civil War casualty?

            1. What if the dude had covid? Would it be a Covid AND Civil War death?

              1. Confederate biological warfare?

        2. They are not exercising their rights, they are exploiting our tolerance.

          Exactly. And what they and their enablers in places like reason don’t understand is that while the left sees violence as a nob to be turned up and down and moderated to achieve whatever fucked up political end they want, most of the rest of the country sees it as a switch that goes from tolerance to 11 with nothing in between. At some point, these dumb asses will wear through the patience of this country and the public will put a stop to this shit themselves. When that happens, they will wish they had the big mean police back again.

          There is a video floating around social media of a bunch of Antifa goons showing up in a suburb that looks to be in California or Arizona somewhere. Basically, a bunch of old fat guys kicked the living shit out of them at a gas station that Antifa was going to try and burn and loot. The best part of the video, and I so wish I could link to it but Google seems to have memory holed it, is after getting their asses kicked two of the Antifa people run over to a cop for help. There is so much meaning contained in that little scene.

            1. that is the one

            2. Too bad they didn’t DDT those pricks into the concrete.

          1. “”

            The guy filming is quite a piece of work. When trying to get someone to help you, it always helps, to yell, swear and insult them.

          2. And that is why the BLM/Antifa’s won’t come out to the country.

            Nobody will put up with their crap and country folk have lots of guns.

        3. Google BLEVE regarding burning cars …

      5. Like pulling down massive statues

      6. It’s also a little less than setting up your own self-governed micro-nation, but let’s be generous.

      7. Mass illegal activity–destruction of property–is rioting. Peaceful assembly means NOT damaging property, just making statements by voice and signs. Damaging property, personal or public, is illegal, and is NOT protected by the First Amendment. When police witness illegal activity and do not take action, it encourages mobs to do more illegal activity, culminating in the total abandonment of law enforcement and protection of the public, as in Seattle.

      8. Bill Clinton should be able to clarify this for us. No doubt he’d say spray painting things is NOT an aspect of rioting, even if the spraying happens during a crowd’s destructive behavioral outbreak. Same theory about fellatio being different than sexual relations
        In both cases, it’s all just about relieving tensions.

  4. That’s a regrettable habit. Ironically, it’s something they have in common with the cops.

    You really are a one-trick pony, aren’t you. Was this your only shtick at The Daily Caller too? Seriously, you’ve all but descended into self-parody at this point.

  5. Reporters are no different than ‘real’ citizens.

  6. Was the journalist attacked peacefully?

    1. Of course. Protesters are, by definition, peaceful.

  7. They also told her that they could arrest her for unlawful assembly, treating her like she was a misbehaving member of the mob, rather than its target.

    Look, they’re going to slap the cuffs on someone and she’s the safest bet.

    1. (In the moment, anyway. Jerking around one of their few media allies is probably one of the dumber things dumb cops can do.)

      1. I’m not sure how the cops would have any idea that she might be one of their allies. It’s about aesthetics. There’s a physical scuffle and the cameras are rolling, someone needs to be removed from the situation. Cuffing the white lady is much less likely to cause a stir in the current climate.

        1. there are a few reporters who have purposely put themselves in a situation to be arresters to give themselves street cred and to have something to report so no sympathy for her .

  8. I suppose she annoyed the police by putting herself at the mercy of a potentially violent mob and forcing them to possibly escalate the situation in order to defend her person from being robbed or worse. Theoretically, the police should not have handcuffed her. As a practical matter, she made their job more difficult and may have triggered a riot.

    1. This is true. And in Robby’s world that is entirely the fault of the police. The violent but “mostly peaceful” mob has nothing to do with it.

      1. Sometimes Soave does have trouble distinguishing between how things should be in a perfect world and how things are in the messy real world.

        1. Isn’t that just a polite way of saying Soave is stupid?

    2. SHE made the cop’s job harder!? She didn’t attack herself. A whole lot of agency and the natural consequences thereof, would go a long way towards curing the narcissist, er I mean leftist personality disorder that has infected this generation of deranged, intellectual lilliputians.

  9. Peaceful protestors, out there just vandalizin’. Peacefully pulling down statues, defacing property, assaulting people and attempting to steal their personal property. How peaceful! It’s a celebration of peace out there, peace lovers!

    1. The Jackson statue is a war memorial. Vandalizing or destroying a federal war memorial, which that is, carries a 10 year minimum mandatory sentence. Those dumb asses did it on film.

      One of the stories the media isn’t covering is how Bob Barr apparently came out of his coma and is actually doing his job and indicting antifa people for their parts in the riots left and right. I bet the dumb asses who tried to take down the Jackson statue end up going to the federal can for it.

      1. Good. Maybe a decade or two without mommy waiting on their every need will wake them up to what the real world is.

        1. The feds are nasty. These idiots have no idea how badly they are fucking their lives up.

          1. Does crossing state lines to commit vandalism of a federal memorial increase the penalty at all?

      2. Nice thought but this happened in DC, so it will be a DC jury…what is the chance they will convict?

        1. The DC Juries are mostly black people who are as a group not very sympathetic to white people showing up to burn down their city. So, I think the chances of a conviction are pretty good.

        2. Find a DC Jury of Vietnam Vets….

          1. sorry, vietnam vets are too busy telling us, 50 years later, how they were mistreated on return. really, i’m sorry you had to go through that hell, but it’s been 50 years guys…time to move on

  10. “When she objected that she was a journalist, they suggested her coverage of the protests was probably unfair”
    The odds were in their favor that the coverage wouldn’t be

    1. Sure. Because she works for an explicitly political publication. But, are we pretending like a NYT or WaPo reporter would be fair to people who protest lock downs? Yet, if one of them assaulted a reporter we’d hear howls for months.

      There is no difference between the Daily Caller and the NYT. Both agenda driven outlets.

      1. If the crowd at a Trump rally ever laid a finger on a reporter, Soave would demand everyone at the rally be locked up and all Trump rallies canceled for good. But these assholes routine assault reporters and Soave rubs his chin and stares at his naval for a bit and tells us that it is “regrettable”.

        It is fucking pathetic.

        1. Ends justify the means.
          /Lefties and their propagandists

  11. “Young activists are often hostile to members of the media,”

    Everybody is hostile to members of the media: you are generally awful people, know nothing, and use your job to manipulate people. Young activists may shove you, other people just treat you like a social disease.

    1. ^this. At this point, even lawyers and politicians say “hey, at least I’m not a journalist”

  12. Seems like Robby is the only writer at this rag who isn’t just recycling the NYT editorial pages

    1. That’s an awful low bar to jump over.

  13. After a group of protesters failed to pull down a statue of President Andrew Jackson, the Park Police formed a line to prevent them from getting any closer to the park or the White House.

    The scene on Monday night was by and large a peaceful one, with most of the protesters content to shout anti-police slogans in officers’ faces.

    Did these two events happen on the same night?

    Because if the protesters tried to destroy property, then it was not a peaceful protest.

    In your mind, is the destruction of property a peaceful act?

    1. You are so behind the times, Dr. Shultz. Don’t you know that destruction of property isn’t violence, because property can be replaced?

      Meanwhile, silence is violence because, well, reasons.

      1. Am I supposed to sit there with a smile while people come in and empty my house of all my possessions? When the police get there, are they supposed to stand by and do nothing–because stealing or destroying property is . . . um . . . peaceful?

        Assault and battery and manslaughter aren’t crimes if one out of twelve jurors says they aren’t crimes, and people who don’t want to get hurt because they’re peacefully destroying property are free to choose another activity instead that is more conducive to their health.

        1. Am I supposed to sit there with a smile while people come in and empty my house of all my possessions?

          Yes, that’s what you are supposed to do, according to the progressives that will be running they country any day now. According to them, you only have your possessions because of white male privilege and the patriarchy in the first place.

          1. What about all the white people I left in my dust? Did I win in the competition against them because of white privilege, too?

            1. when you leave white people behind that because your are a capitalist pig. See you are now a racist privileged capitalist pig a RPCP

              1. But the people who gave me this money, they all gave it to me willingly!

                1. And I sent them back more money than they sent me!

      2. You really think that it’s easy to replace property that’s been vandalized and/or destroyed, or to re-open and rebuild a small business that a person has put years, or even months into, that’s been destroyed by vandals? If you think that the willful vandalizing and destroying property and small businesses isn’t a form of violence, you really should think again.

        How would YOU like it if you had a small business that you’d put lots of time and money into, and a bunch of vicious vandals came along and destroyed it. Also, people in that situation have had a pretty tough time getting their insurance to pay for it, and/or have ended up having to either break the bank to re-open their business or replace their destroyed property, or to shut it down and move elsewhere. You still think that property and/or businesses are easily replaceable? Here’s recommending that you think again!

    2. Ken,

      If you do a Google search, there is a real screen shot of a CNN reporter standing in front of a burning building in Minneapolis describing the protests as “mostly peaceful”. I shit you not.

      Robby is just repeating the media approved talking point here. BLM protests are always “mostly peaceful” no matter how much property is destroyed or how many people killed or injured.

      1. They’re not changing anybody’s minds.

        They’re just making themselves look ridiculous.

        I am genuinely concerned about the pro-police backlash that is sure to materialize in reaction to all this bullshit.

        1. I think your concern is well founded. If these dumb asses want to make a choice between giving the police everything they want and chaos, we will end up giving the police everything they want.

          I said this going back to the whole Kapernick thing. If you actually care about police abuse and misuse of power, you should fucking hate BLM because they are ensuring that the public sides with the police no matter what.

          1. Nixon won by a landslide in 1972 because most American voters in most states wanted to end the lawlessness of Lefties and drug burnout hippies like Charley Manson.

            There are massive similarities between 1972 and now. Vietnam was winding down and so are our endless wars in Asia.

          2. For a guy who thinks Democrats are aiming to put conservatives in death camps you sure don’t seem too interested in restraining that very police power a tyrant would use to accomplish that. You’d think Republicans would have the foresight to maybe reign in the police power while they’re still time! But of course you’re actually just full of shit.

            1. WTF are you talking about? You think this is still about police murdering someone in Minnieapolis? Wtf does statue desecration have to do with police reform?

            2. The idea of restraining police power is a lot easier to sell when there aren’t others openly planning to do away with their police department.


              Because we’re in favor of restraining the police from doing things they shouldn’t do does not mean we need to support restraining the police from doing things that need to be done.

              That kind of thinking is fundamentally irrational.

              1. Seems like it should be a hard sell on a libertarian site, though. Like, there are plenty of other places to engage in police apologetics.

                But fearmongering by Judge Jeanine always trumps principle here. And why not? She makes those black people seem scary. The constitution isn’t a suicide pact.

                You’re a sort of bourgeois libertarian, huh? As in, How can we have low taxes but I don’t have to alter my life for other people’s freedoms in any way?

                1. Because we’re in favor of restraining the police from doing things they shouldn’t do does not mean we need to support restraining the police from doing things that need to be done.

                2. It’s always fun to laugh at you when things go flying over your head.

            3. You are so stupid it is hard to dumb things down far enough for you. First, I do care about restraining police power. That was the entire point of the post. But, as Ken points out, you can’t make a very good case to restrain police power when there are mobs rampaging all over the country. So, BLM by destroying public order, is making that cause harder. It is astounding that someone could be so stupid they don’t understand that.

              The only thing more sad than how stupid you are is that you actually think you are clever.

              1. I think putting a human being in a cage for 10 years over vandalism is a much greater injustice than vandalism. That’s what you apparently cannot understand. You’re overacting and becoming the very monster you imagine is out to get you.

                1. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

                2. “I think”

                  No one carss Jeff.

                3. Says the person whose shit isn’t being destroyed and whose city and neighborhood remain safe.

                  And last I looked “vandalism” includes burning things down. And yes, arson is worthy of ten years or more.

                  You think the people who did this don’t deserve ten years?

                  Although La Michoacana Purepecha had only minor damage from vandals, he expects a loss of business as many nearby establishments burned and the area remains under threat. His 20 employees, all Latino, are out of work until the neighborhood returns to normal.

                  On the same block, immigrant Luis Tamay saved for more than a decade to open his Ecuadorian restaurant, El Sabor Chuchi, seven years ago. His specialty was a soup called encebollado, made with tuna fish, yuca, fried plantain and onions. Tamay guarded his lifelong dream the first few nights of the riots, but stayed home on Friday night to abide by the curfew, assuming that he had nothing to fear with the National Guard in town.


                  Of course you don’t because you are a piece of shit who thinks anything is okay as long as it is done in the name of your sick politics.

                  Go fuck yourself Jeff.

                4. I think you’re a fucking moron that should go jump into a running woodchipper feet first.

                5. Vandalism should not go unpunished and prosecuted. People who do shit like that deserve to be punished in some way or other.

        2. Do they want a Giuliani type to get elected? Because that’s how you get a Giuliani.

          1. If were lucky.

        3. Unreason staff lost all credibility years ago. They are not even trying to hide it anymore.

          The Lefties and America haters hope to capture young Useful idiots, that the education system failed, and immigrants to keep the Party of slavery alive.

          Trump cut off their source of immigrants. Its Hail Mary time now for Lefties.

          1. I see you got control of your handle back. Welcome.

        4. Pro Police? Try full on fascist to squash out these maoists. This is how facism happens.

          1. Yes. The biggest driver of membership in fascist parties during the 20s and 30s was fear of the Communists and the feeling that the liberal authorities were not going to protect the public from them.

        5. So who really is behind this?

          This whole thing jumped over a whole shiver of sharks!

      2. Lincoln’s wife also commented that her night at the theater was “mostly devoid of violence.”

        1. You can’t judge the entire show by one regrettable moment!

  14. Police, “protestors”, politicians and media all seem to be equally tone-deaf and stupidly just responding to each other’s antagonizing. It starting to look like one great big circular firing squad.

  15. Elizabeth Nolan Brown is a cop AND a journalist. Today, she’s policing the private identity of a blog author:

    ENB is calling this guy a “fraud” for no reason. It’s ENB who’s a liar and a fraud. Also, she’s celebrating the possibility that an NYT journalist might cause someone pain by doxxing him. Reason should fire her.

    1. The worst part of that entire string is that they guy says it is better living in France because the food is better and people are not batshit crazy. For my entire life it has been a given that Europeans like the French were crazier than even the worst American leftist. Yet, that is no longer true. This guy is right. France is a saner place to live with more respect for free thought than the United States.

      Thanks a lot Generation Retard.

    2. I like how ENB tries to insult him by calling him “erudite”.

      Well, ENB, we’ll compliment you on being definitely not erudite yourself.

      1. I like this tweet:

        “That woman is one of the worst in all of politics. One wonders what exactly the point is of libertarianism if they’re such enemies of free speech. It’s like they know their ideology is fake and useless in defending free speech and that’s why they support it.”

        1. No foundation that funds ENB will ever receive a dime from me. I contacted Reason to let them know the same. Hope others will too.

      2. Nobody who uses “erudite” as a personal insult on a publishing platform should be a staff writer anywhere.

        Reason can get themselves another token feminist to throw office #ShoutYourAbortion parties and report on her experiences at the latest porn expo, and for ENB, well, there’s always body painting on Twitch.

    3. If you posted this to disparage ENB here, you’re a little late to the party. The commenters who grew up organically around this place over a period of years now have a relationship with the staff here that could be accurately described as antagonistic.

      What you’re doing is like going to Redskins’ stadium and booing Dan Snyder. No, that doesn’t make Redskins’ fans angry. In fact, they’re so busy booing the owner, they may not even notice that the fans of other teams are booing him, too.

      1. I didn’t post here to disparage her, I posted here to get her fucking fired. I hope anyone who feels the same will work to get that done. In no world do I want “libertarians” behaving like ENB and telling people this is what Libertarians are like. Plus, fuck her. She’s an asshole.

        But if that’s too much for you and you just want disparagement, this whole thread and a lot of the replies cracked me up:

        1. Okay, that actually killed any support I’d ever had for ENB. I’ve given her a lot of slack, because she was good on sex work, which I think tends to get left out in the cold. But fuck her, now. She just outed herself as a trash person worthy of zero respect, and deserves exactly what she hopes to inflict on others.

        2. She retweets statements by openly BLM-affiliated accounts. I don’t thin she’s worried about her purple-haired boss firing her.

            1. Their bosses can be made to care. They want to send paychecks to leftist attack dogs who go after peoples’ private lives and careers?

              It’s a very mild response to demand that they not be funded to perform this “service.” I’m happy with those people going back to private lives and careers that don’t involve fucking people over. (Or not. I don’t care. Just stop the attacks.) Anyone who funds them will be hearing from me, and hopefully more people, until this stops.

              Not in my name.

          1. If she is disciplined, it only proves Reason can’t handle strong, independent womyn.

        3. You should tell her to make you a sandwich.

        4. Thought this bon mot from that linked tweet thread bore repeating:

          “The succession from sideburns and leather jacket to striver non ironic jezebel readers went predictably well.”

          I don’t remember this many gripes when Gillespie and Cavanaugh ran things. Never mind Postrel.

    4. So I went to ENB’s page, and the second tweet is from her colleague

      This rag blows

      1. A few large corporations able to ruin the lives and careers of anyone who says anything said corporations don’t like it totally okay because the 1st Amendment is a restriction on government not private parties.

        This is what Binnion and the rest of them actually believe. I don’t think that they are lying or secret leftists. I think they really are that stupid. They actually think that the government is the only actual threat to free speech and tyranny by the mob or by corporatism somehow isn’t really tyranny. They have absolutely no understanding of or commitment to free thought and inquiry. In fact, they have no idea what those things even are. The entire reason staff is a monument to the failure of the American education system.

        1. Google has government contracts. The 1st Amendment argument is and always was bullshit.

      2. Billy Binion
        Lots of depressing things happening right now. But perhaps the most depressing thing in senatorial politics is that Republicans seem to have forgotten what the First Amendment says.

        I’m not sure if they’re being obtuse or deliberately misleading, but neither is very promising.
        Quote Tweet

        The Hill
        · 14h
        Sen. Marsha Blackburn: “Who told [Google employees] that they are the speech police?”

        Dear Poor Retarded Billy,

        The answer to Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s question is, “Congress did.” It’s pretty clear right there in section 230 as long as Congress believes Google (or other) is acting in good faith, they are the speech police. Don’t like it? Repeal 230. Don’t like that? Get fucked.

    5. I know a lot of commenters on here hate her but I haven’t thought it was justified until now. That is heinous

      1. She is who we thought she was.

        1. They always are aren’t they? The only reason staffer who didn’t turn out to be a shit bag was Tim Kavenaugh.

          1. Give Robby a little credit. He can’t help with his “to be sure”s when writing about the icky victims of anti free speech zealots, but at least he tries to do the right thing. It’s more than I can say for ENB unabashedly cheering on the press while they try to ruin a guys livelihood

            1. Respond to evil with kindness. I’m actively trying to free up ENB’s time so she can stop being an awful piece of shit toward random innocent people, and instead do something with her time that’s good for the economy.

              As a side benefit, this move will also free up more funds (equal to the cost of Reason employing her) to, you know, maybe actually protect peoples’ rights. There are, I’m sure, a few decent people who would be happy to take that job and execute it in good faith, unlike ENB.

          2. Taranto

            1. Seemed to do OK after he left here…

    6. Remember ENB having a meltdown after Soleimani got waxed, trying to pull the religion card by saying anyone who was fine with that wasn’t a good Christian?

      1. I remember her melting down over a sandwich.

        I also remember her melting down when I criticized her, and crowing in the comments that she writes for clicks so she gets paid even when she is hated.

        I also remember her pimping her husband’s book without disclosing her relationship to him.

      2. Appeals to conscience are received in better faith when your target audience isn’t already convinced you despise them and their values.

        1. She literally aped the “smug atheist” meme. Anyone doing that is almost guaranteed to have never read the Bible they’re trying to use as a bludgeon.

    7. Remember when ENB defended a woman who drowned her own 3-yr.-old son, a serial rapist of infirm old women, and a repeate-offender burglar who got caught by the homeowner with his hands in the guy’s wife’s purse?

      Really reaffirms my faith in Twitter that a doxxing spat finally opened peoples’ eye to her dangerous and self-destructive idiocy.

      1. Like most Reason authors, she’s a sophist with no substance. That basically sums up the entire publication, but at least the comments are good.

        1. Bad news – if you want to DO something about this, Reason’s telephone switchboard just went”on lockdown” (it wasn’t this morning). So if you want to ask someone to rid us of these meddlesome vicious attack dogs, maybe you should share your concerns with:
 (letters to the editor)
 (Donation inquiries, explain why you WON’T)
 (guessing she has some say over whether her mag should employ nasty evil racist sexist leftists like ENB)
          Anyone else listed at who you either like or dislike. Or know. Or don’t know.

          Let us know if anyone answers! I got nothing.

        2. I wrote a comment that got caught in the moderation queue since it has addresses, and I’m sick of waiting for it to go through, so here’s an un-linkified version:
          If you want to DO something about this, Reason’s telephone switchboard just went”on lockdown” (it wasn’t this morning). So if you want to ask someone to rid us of these meddlesome vicious attack dogs, maybe you should share your concerns with:
          react [at] (letters to the editor)
          jennifer.kambara [at] (Donation inquiries, explain why you WON’T)
          kmw [at] (guessing she has some say over whether her mag should employ nasty evil racist sexist leftists like ENB)
          Anyone else listed at who you either like or dislike. Or know. Or don’t know.

          Let us know if anyone answers! I got nothing.

          1. We keep clicking, and they keep at it. That’s the deal. Nothing more, nothing less.

            1. Actually, they are either going to fix this shit or regret it so badly that they’ll wish they did. Please join in the fun of making the world a better place.

              1. They provide a free service so as far as I’m concerned, if I don’t like it enough I’ll just stop clicking. They know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

                The more you post here, the more you make sure they won’t stop doing what they’re doing as you are clicking. That’s how it works.

                1. I’ll thank you to uselessly troll elsewhere, wimp.

                2. One of the best reasons to visit Reason is to rub their noses in how shitty they are.
                  They don’t care that much about clicks anyway – mommy and daddy Koch-Soros pays their bills

  16. Remember Robby when you and other staff at unreason went on and on about how great tearing down statutes and historical markers was?

    Andrew Jackson was a DEMOCRAT. The Party of slavery is so fucked.

    1. Democrats have progressed. Now they believe in free housing and subsidized food for American-Americans without any work requirements.

      1. funny.

      2. Cheeky bastard

      3. One has to bear in mind that there are people who really can’t work due to physical and/or developmental problems, problems with substance and alcohol abuse, are mentally ill, or who are going through some sort of a crisis (i. e. perhaps a divorce, illness, or job loss), and need help until they can get back on their feet.

        As a matter of fact, the vast majority of people here in the United States who are permanently on the programs that you’re knocking are disabled in some way or other and have no other choice but to be on these programs.

  17. Once again these rioters and antiracist commies have no idea how many moderates they are pushing in this country into a situation where people don’t feel they have a choice but to elect a Franco or Pinochet.

    1. They aren’t going to win because they are a rabble of retards in capable of winning, but they could lead us to a pendulum swing back that goes all the way to bloodshed.

      1. The funny thing is that even if they were to win, the first thing their leaders would do is put a bullet in the back of their heads. The last thing any actual revolutionary leader wants hanging around after a successful revolution are the goons who put him in charge. Those are the first people to go. Their fate is the same either way; the only thing that is different is who is pulling the trigger.

        1. Of course, each of them believes they’ll be the one’s pulling the trigger. It’s always a surprise when they’re on the receiving end, because they are ignorant of history on top of their ignorance in every other area.

          If they had any knowledge of history they wouldn’t be trying a socialist revolution in the first place, because this outcome is predicable enough to set a watch by.

          After a revolution, you want people who will do what they are told and obey. Notably, those types of people are basically never revolutionaries. And if they all are, well, you have the French Revolution and I don’t think anybody wants that.

          1. They always think being a loyal party member will save them. It never does.

            1. “If only Comrade Stalin knew what was happening here!”

    2. dude most people think those are wines.

    3. “Elect” a Pinochet…

      I’ve been saying the same thing since about the first six months of the Trump Administration. We’re really not going to like what comes next. None of us.

  18. >protesters

    paid-for flash mob

  19. also the easiest way to not have your actions reported on is get the reporter off scene.

  20. Can we bloody cut it out with calling these people ‘protestors’?

    These are nihilists.

    The mere fact that fraudulent degenerate grifter Shaun King says -with breathtakingly ignorant stupidity – Jesus is now fair game, what will it take for Reason to stop being naive with this ‘protestors’ shit?

    Peaceful my ass.

    1. What is it about collective guilt that appeals to you? Do we get to call all the pro-Trump demonstrators “cousinfucking Nazis”?

      1. Once again, you never cease to amaze with your failed logic.

        First of all, what?

        Second, show me pro-Trump rallies where ‘deplorables’ destroy private property, pull down statues, and set up dystopian retard zones? They’re not demonstrating shit. They’re just supporting their guy.

        Protestors were the ones who wanted to go back to work. Despite their difficult situation they didn’t burn down cities. And they got cockblocked by asshole health care workers (heroes my ass) to boot. While these same ‘heroes’ sided with BLM marches that had a tad too much violence in it.

        1. See how you’re assuming the collective guilt of all protestors? That’s what I was talking about. Since you’re painting the whole movement with the bad deeds of a few, I get to call all Trump demonstrators Nazis, as is only fair.

          1. The point is the insistence on pretending among them there are rioters. And the looters are doing a lot of damage.

            Like a lot.

            I never saw that with the Tea Party or Trumpistas. Ever.

            Yet, they’re constantly called ‘far right extremists’ and the FBI thinks ‘white supremacists’ pose a real threat. Say whaaaa?

            It’s like an episode of The Twilight Zone and I’m John Lithgow.

            1. I wish they wouldn’t loot or tear down statues. It doesn’t help anything. It gives people who want to ignore the issues an excuse for doing just that (though they’re awfully quick to offer advice).

              I could make a list of which side has actually injured and killed more people, but for some reason the Trumptards who shoot people, even when they’re wearing Trump shirts, get the “bad apple” treatment, while all protestors have to answer for looters. You’re not aware of the misdeeds done by far-right extremists for some reason. Maybe as Jeff Foxworthy would say, it’s because y’are one. Or maybe it’s as simple as the talking heads you get your ideas from don’t shout about it 24/7.

              1. Okay Tony, what Trump supporters have shot anyone? Give names, and links. Was it a Trump supporter who tried to murder the entire House Republican baseball team?

                Just what Trump rally resulted in multiple deaths and burning down half the center of a city like Minneapolis? How many churches have Trump supporters burned down?

                Why don’t you just be honest and admit you are fine with violence as long as your side is doing it. Stop fucking lying and insulting our intelligence.

                1. Hey now, don’t you recall those Bundy wackjobs that had guns but didn’t shoot anybody? I mean, just the fact they had guns means they totally deserved to be shot and were automatically more violent than those beating folks in the streets and burning and looting.

                  I do find it interesting that Bundy got the full force of the Federal government whereas these ‘autonomous zones’ are being kindly asked to stop occupying sectors of major cities. I guess if you burn enough shit you get your way, and the Bundy types should take note.

                  You heard it here on Reason first, folks. Violence works. Go figure this is basically the antithesis of Libertarianism, and yet it’s what Reason teaches us to believe. Huh.

                  I’d be curious how Obama would have handled race riots, but then again that was never really in the cards. People were expecting those reparations checks until the day he left office, but now that expectation is gone why not loot shit? After all, you deserve it for something someone might have done to an ancestor of yours at some point in the past five centuries. And if a Black President isn’t going to cut you a check, no one is.

                  Ireland should take note. They sure have a lot of grievances, and why let the cutoff for reparations only extend a few centuries when you can encompass a few thousand? Muslims figured that out, why can’t the Irish?

                  1. Remember the media demanding Bundy be killed or locked away forever for taking some land that although belonged to the feds only he and his family had ever used and even wanted.

                    Meanwhile, leftist take over an entire area of a city that includes 30,000 residents, declares it a sovereignty without the consent of the people who live there, block the police or emergency medical personnel from coming in there, see two murders and a rape in one week, and the media thinks it is the summer of love all over again.

                2. Cherry pick this. Not even generic right-wing extremists. Explicit Trump supporters who said so out loud. Though I think you all have to answer for right-wing extremism, and Trump himself has to answer for calling for violence against protesters. How do you feel about that? The potus you support calling for violence against protestors? You just implied that you’re not OK with such stuff.

                  Not that it’s a competition. Unlike you I’m not actually selective about which violence I think is bad. I don’t think they should tear down statues, because I’m not an anarchist.

                  1. I actually appreciate for once sending a cite.

                    But that can easily be matched up to left-wing nut jobs who did the same.

                    We’re talking about out and out mass rioting.

                    Not ‘lone wolves’. Remember those?

                    1. And even there, a Bernie Bro went further than any of them with the attempted murder of Scalise and the physical beating Rand Paul received from a Democrat.

                  2. The first three are examples of a guy who sent a mean text to a woman, another who punched someone holding a camera, and another guy who “threatened to kill” someone but didn’t actually do it.

                    I can find not a single example of violence in that list that is more than punching someone. Meanwhile, we have leftist riots that have resulted in dozens of deaths and the destruction of millions of dollars in property. And we have a guy who shot seven Republican Congressman or whatever it was.

                    Try again. Basically, you just proved my point.

                    1. Here’s more. I’m just linking to the first results on Google. Note the thwarted terrorist plots. I don’t think any BLMers have gone that far, have they?

                      What is the upshot of your posts here? What do you want from this? The status quo on black civil rights, I presume? People being nicer to Trump? I don’t get what you’re trying to accomplish.

                    2. His people are going crazy and he’s covering for them.

                      That’s all he’s doing here.

                    3. “I don’t think any BLMers have gone that far, have they?”

                      lol mr informed shits the bed

                    4. Did ‘right-wingers’ go around rioting during Obama’s years?

                      They were pretty upset about a lot of things Mr. Over Rated did but I never saw violent outbreaks. They have said mean things and maybe done some stupid things here and there but nothing like this.

                      Maybe we’ll go with Ken’s theory it’s all about the economy and leave it at that because this ‘Spider-Man pointing at himself’ shtick is annoying at this point.

                      Personally, I see the left doing most of the damage. But that’s me.

                    5. Tony
                      June.23.2020 at 2:24 pm
                      Here’s more. I’m just linking to the first results on Google.

                      People of Color Harrassed by Trump and His Supporters

                      Maybe you should read your links so you don’t look stupid pimping “A trump supporter wore a MAGA hat” as legit violence lololol


                    6. “I don’t think any BLMers have gone that far, have they?”

                      They’re poisoning MINDS. You have assholes like King Tweeting out like a coward Jesus is fair game and apparently he’s part of BLM.

                      Didn’t that guy who killed those four cops in Dallas act because of BLM’s message?

                      I’d say they’ve gone pretty damn far.

                      They say nothing about Chicago but damn they’re able to pounce on incidences that by all statistics are rare occurrences.

                      They couldn’t care less about black lives otherwise they’d be working with authorities to clean up that hell hole war zone in Chicago.

                      Until I see that, they’re all degenerate, hypocritical grifters and fraudsters.

                    7. Did ‘right-wingers’ go around rioting during Obama’s years?

                      They held peaceful rallies in public parks and then cleaned up after themselves…those bastards.

                    8. Physically assaulting and punching somebody out with absolutely NO provocation IS violence!

                  3. “Tony
                    June.23.2020 at 2:12 pm
                    Cherry pick this”

                    Oho! Tony read an article!! In the Guardian!!

                    “What is it about collective guilt that appeals to you? Do we get to call all the pro-Trump demonstrators “cousinfucking Nazis”?”

                    You already do that you fucking hypocritical cunt.

                    But no, sure, do keep trying to take the spotlight off your fellow travelers by pretending you take thehigh road, even though we all know you’re a liar.

                    YOUR side is rioting. YOUR SIDE And you find it necessary to whine about the OTHER SIDE and pretend you think collectivizing and demonizing people is a bad idea, because it is happening to your people.

                    1. A point that I didn’t get to is that comfortable middle-class Trumptards have no incentive to get themselves locked up for violence. Call it white privilege. You might have noted that one characterization of the BLM protests, happening during a quarantine, is desperation. Still, that doesn’t excuse people disturbing your afternoon nap or whatever it is you’re complaining about.

                      If these protests were for lower corporate taxes you’d be jizzing yourself in solidarity.

                    2. “A point that I didn’t get to”

                      I dont care, you’re a liar and an idiot.

                      God damn do you realize how fucking sad you look bleatingvat me while I’m pointing out your stupid fucking lies and hypocrisy?

                    3. And we’re back to Tony tactics of arguing.

                    4. “If these protests were for lower corporate taxes you’d be jizzing yourself in solidarity.”

                      WHY ARE YOU COLLECTIVIZING EVERYONE WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH – Tony literally 5 minites ago

                      Its funny how you always give up on the deception when you get challenged

                  4. Interesting, I note a lot of ‘allegedly’ in that list. Lets assume they’re all factual. Are 52 cases over 5 years, some of which are individual assaults, greater or equal to the number of people injured or property destroyed in these riots?

                    It would seem your claim is yes, although from a casual glance through the cases listed I think that’s probably not true. And that’s one set of riots, not including anything else that’s occurred in the past five years.

                    And finally, are we still conflating protesters and rioters? Like, am I protesting when I shoplift from Target and burn the place down? How does looting Target connect with police violence, exactly?

                    1. All I know is that even Republican administrations get briefed on the ongoing threat of nativist right-wing violence in America, while leftwing protesters are a nuisance by comparison. But rightwingers did blow up an office building and more recently attempted to murder several members of Congress and the media.

                    2. Tony, did you see Minneapolis?

                      Are you a drug addict?

                      Yes, we keep seeing this boogeyman yet it never happens.

                      But we sure do see Anitfa/BLM and whatever else is in that cake mix for protestors burning shit down. Heck, how many rapes and murders so far? I seem to recall even OWS got a little rapey.

                      Man, oh man. When right-wing nuts do what the left is doing, I’m almost certain the crew here will call it out.

                    3. “while leftwing protesters are a nuisance by comparison”

                      Tell that to the buildings your guys burned and the people they assaulted and killed.

                  5. Woot, 52 incidents across five years!

                    You’re feebly trying to make this into a competition by comparing a small number of isolated right-wing nutjob incidents (over 5 years) with a concerted movement. Not the “let’s fix police abuse of blacks” movement, the core movement that has amongst its goals the destruction of free markets (and basically “freedom,” as I see it).

                    How many tens of millions of dollars? How many dead (at least 10, last count)? (Yes the Trump-blob deserves some blame for stupid, deliberately inflammatory comments. I don’t give a rat’s rear about defending him.)

                    An armed militia-ish group has commandeered several blocks in a major US city and begun to make demands. And no one in (most) media sees this as a problem. The violence and threat of force has been excused by the media–that’s the main point that you’re entirely missing. I see scary “assault weapons” being toted around by hitleresque-youth, privileged, angry, and dangerous white antifa boys. Where’s the outrage?

                    1. “rightwingers did blow up an office building and more recently attempted to murder several members of Congress and the media”

                      Uhh you mean Steve Scalise and those other congress folks trying to play a baseball game? Wow, you mean there are people who are even more dickheadishly conservative than Scalise?

                      *A* rightwinger (and idiotic companion) blew up a building 25 years ago, yes. How many buildings and buildings have been destroyed in the riots that the protests help spark? By how many people?

                      The key thing that you’re too dishonest to admit: There are whackjob individuals too stupidly partisan that do ridiculous things, and there always will be. No one supports them; these are not perpetrated by movements, unlike the current violence which is getting excused.

                      Everyone I’ve ever met, no matter where they sit on the political spectrum, was disgusted by McVeigh, the death of Floyd, and whatever other idiotic protests. But so far all you’ve done is excuse the violence largely sparked by the protests. Stop pretending it’s a “nuisance.”

          2. And who is mandating “collective guilt” and demanding contrition from an entire race?

            Projecting once again. Haha.

      2. “What is it about collective guilt that appeals to you? Do we get to call all the pro-Trump demonstrators “cousinfucking Nazis”?”

        You already do that cunt.

      3. Listen up, you retarded goatfucker.

        Google for ‘twin sisters one white one black’. There are several such pairs, as it turns out. Fraternal twins either of parents of different races, or of bi-racial parents. One looks white, one looks black.

        Should the white sister have “collective guilt” for the black sister?

        If you answer yes, you’re even more retarded than I thought.

        If you answer no, it denies your whole fucking thesis.

        Go suck-start a shotgun.

        1. The Dudley Boys were like that.

          They had different mothers.

  21. The most disturbing part of this is the cop engaging in Trumptardism, suggesting that the journalist’s rights depend on whether she was being nice to cops.

    1. Toto, make sure when you’re egging on the purple haired Xe Queen with the tattoos screaming like a banshee, as she cuts the head off of Cervantes, to not get squashed by its rolling torso.

      Funny how FDR and Wilson haven’t been touched yet.

      And Mohammed. Make sure to not tell these illiterate criminals he had slaves.

      1. I just don’t think cops should arrest journalists, that’s all.

        1. The self-appointed security in CHAZ have a different opinion.

          1. You mean that small-scale experiment in libertarianism? Why so quick to dismiss such a rare test of your beliefs?

            1. Because the people doing the occupying aren’t even remotely libertarian. Are you shocked that when you go to your local commune they aren’t libertarians? If so, I have a bridge to sell you.

              1. Or maybe libertarians are too pussified to try their own experiment in small government.

                1. Projection isn’t a good look To.

                2. “Tony
                  June.23.2020 at 1:37 pm
                  What is it about collective guilt”


                3. It’s not an experiment in small government, it’s an experiment in racial segregation, theft, appropriation and intimidation, while remaining wholly dependent on the super-structures they claim to want to ‘smash’. The pussies in CHAZ have 911 on fucking speed dial.

                  1. That’s just what I argue a libertarian enclave would turn into!

                    1. Right but everyone can see you’re retarded.

            2. I don’t know what they are but I’m almost certain they aren’t libertarians.

              But if we’re to take a guess? A collection of Marxists, socialist and commies with a good dose of nihilists make up the ranks.

              You really think, the people here would do such a stupid thing like that?

              We’d do other stuff….

              1. So your libertarian society would work but only if everyone (and their children) agree with you about everything.

                1. Haha. You don’t really think that freedom to disagree exists in the CHAZ retard zone, do you?

                  You keep walking right into these obvious contradictions. You feeling ok?

            3. You mean that small-scale experiment in libertarianism? Why so quick to dismiss such a rare test of your beliefs?

              All snark aside, I actually have very little problem with armed people inside CHAZ. They’re merely exercising their second amendment rights. What I find curious is how quickly those self-appointed security people neither care about due process, property rights, and definitely don’t want cameras pointed at them when they operate.

              Of further note, the self-appointed armed security refers to everyone else in the CHAZ as “civilians:. That brought a huge smile to my face.

              I was alarmed by how awful they were (if compared to basic police complaints) and the speed at which they got there: light.

              I actually think that the entire area should be abandoned by the city. Power cut off, water, sewer and the business owners inside compensated by the city that abandoned them. Let the experiment run its course, because it’s been a hilarious yuk-fest thus far– except of course when people start getting shot.

        2. I just don’t think cops should arrest journalists, that’s all.

          Well, unless they’re journalists investigating the prior administration. Those journalists deserved to go to jail, am I right?

          1. No, but you’re right, Obama did something bad so that makes it OK for all Republicans to fuck as many children as they want. I think that’s pretty much what you’re saying.

            1. If you cared about journalists you would have taken Obama to task for what he did to journalists is his point.

              1. *Takes Obama to task*

                1. sure, you say that NOW that your people have lost their fucking minds, but never assume we forget you rooting them on for years and sucking Obama like his dick was the fountain of youth

                  1. I not only don’t see the world as black and white as you do, I don’t even understand how that mindset works. I don’t think Obama was perfection embodied. So what’s your goddamn point? That Trump’s galactic incompetence and corruption are excused because Obama wasn’t Jesus?

                    1. So what’s your goddamn point?

                      Apparently you can’t read either

                      “you say that NOW that your people have lost their fucking minds, but never assume we forget you rooting them on for years and sucking Obama like his dick was the fountain of youth”

                    2. No, but, unfortunately, part of what made Donald Trump’s ascension into the Oval Office in the first place was due to the fact that Barack Obama was not a very good president. Nor was Hillary Clinton a good Secretary of State OR a Presidential Candidate.

            2. No, I’m illustrating that your outrage is selective and you’re more than willing to excuse away one set of bad behavior while demonizing lesser offenses by opposition candidates.

              Obama put journalists in jail for daring to not reveal sources, local Washington PD puts a journalist in cuffs at a protest. Well, I see a difference. Do you?

              And yeah, Trump is shitty and threatens defamation suits almost reflexively. That’s shitty of him. It’s also pretty shitty that the papers feel obligated to call him Hitler, and I’d argue that does a lot more damage to journalistic integrity than anything Trump is capable of.

              1. And, at least in fairness, Obama didn’t directly put them in jail himself. He merely told the AG to do it, so no blame there I guess.

              2. We can whatabout past presidents till we run out of breath, but I wouldn’t necessarily see the point.

                1. The point is to show that you don’t give a shit about anything, least of all BLM / ANTIFA riots or free speech. It’s just sort of sad and infuriating any time I run across a nihilist.

                  1. No, I just don’t care about the crazy-uncle rightwing Murdoch-produced horseshit you are told to care about by talking tits and wombat-haired assholes on TV.

        3. Fair enough.

        4. “Tony
          June.23.2020 at 1:48 pm
          I just don’t think”

          we know.

        5. I just don’t think…

          Now we’re getting somewhere.

          1. Two clowns with one joke between you.

            1. No one cares about your last Lucky Pierre experience

  22. The cops are merely following the current national policy. Protect protesters at all costs.

  23. Are you sure the police put her in handcuffs for her protection? Well the police are from Washington D C area and that is a very liberal (progressive) area so it might have been because they live in that area and have a similar political philosophy and would have among the demonstrates and the one shoving the reporter had they not been on duty.

  24. For some reason I get a warm feeling when the occasional journalist gets whacked across the chops.

  25. The situation then became quite tense as a whole mob of people jerked Talcott around while trying to take her phone. electricians grand rapids mi

  26. Apparently you can do anything as part of a righteous movement, including murder old black security guards, destroy businesses, thieve, vandalize property, etc. But a press member gets shoved and then chastised, and holy hell! Hell hath no fury like a press member scuffed.

    (To the person who dismissed spray-paint vandalizing… what’s your house address, buddy?)

    The phrase “largely peaceful,” as used by 98% of “journalists,” has been amusing through all this. Charlottesville was “largely peaceful” except for one dipshit in a car.

    “I witnessed a hostile interaction” around 1130… Hey Robby, shouting in peoples’ faces is a hostile interaction too. So is forcibly “occupying” a publicly-funded park.

    1. Bingo!

    2. If protestors want to hold protests in public parks, that, imho, is far better than their blocking streets and snarling up traffic to the point where a lot of people are on the verge of strokes or whatever.

      Right now, however, protesting, and not social distancing at least 6 feet apart from each other, regardless of the cause, is rather risky to people’s health, and possibly their lives, as well as to the health and lives of neighbors and families, due to the Covid-19 virus,

  27. What’s the deal with “Reason” lately. Shilling for the mob? Bad ju-ju.

  28. Hey Reason… maybe I let my subscription expire because you’ve gotten entirely confused over the past few years. (The issue in which you had people committing their vote to either Hillary or Trump left me dumbstruck.)

    You can’t have ‘free markets’ with anarchy. I might have believe something that stupid once upon a day, but it’s really just idiocy to eliminate police forces and expect that a sadistic and dangerous organization like antifa won’t fill the void.

  29. You have a strange Idea of peaceful? “by and large a peaceful one” “Others set up tents on and around the property of St. John’s Church, the exterior of which had been vandalized: Protesters spray-painted the letters BHAZ on the church’s columns.”
    Please never come with your friends to my neighborhood. I have a lot of things to do and don’t want to spend days painting over the graffiti you think of art. Policing is a City Council Issue. Please show your concerns in your city councils not on our Statues, Churches, and history. Millennials throwing tantrums knowing nothing out Civic the incredible story of the USA.

  30. This article states, “Young activists are often hostile to members of the media, particularly if they perceive journalists as not explicitly on their side. That’s a regrettable habit. Ironically, it’s something they have in common with the cops.”

    I suggest that isn’t the dynamic at work here.

    Most police officers are drawn from the bullies and bullied of life, and see any encounter with a “civilian” as an opportunity to demonstrate their physical dominance.

    As the Park Police were told by their supervisors to avoid confrontations with the “protestors”, the police expressed their desire to display dominance on the journalist.

    It’s too bad that in the current chaos over George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, and Black Lives Matter, both sides are wrong — the rioters, looters and arsonists, and the police who engage in unjustified violence.

    The victims, as always, are the rest of us.

  31. “Ironically, it’s something they have in common with the cops.”

    It’s hardly ironic since they’re both fundamentally the same at heart albeit different tribes. It’s just BHAZ and TBL (that’s Thin Blue Line for the noobs).

  32. It’s regrettable that they take a journalists phone, but perfectly fine to vandalize property. They can shout in the police’s face is fine, I guess Covid-19 is no longer a threat, since they are in a mob. Most of these tough people wouldn’t politely disagree with anyone if they were outnumbered 2 to 3.

  33. I’m at the point where I’m ready for whatever deadly force is necessary to bring these scumbag anarchists to total and irreparable ruin. I don’t care how many of these scum brats have to be mowed down. I say kill every last one of them until they all get the message and stand down. I’m tired of catering to these worthless, spoiled, self-entitled BRATS.

  34. Turn every MP, every cop, every Marshall, etc. loose on those anarchist scum and kill until they surrender unconditionally across the nation.

    1. Nah.
      Unleash the citizenry.
      Declare rioters and vandals outlaws, and give free reign for civilians to visit upon them whatever they please

      1. Anyone else want to join in solidarity with the notion of murdering your ideological opponents on a genocidal scale?

      2. Let these kids try and “protest” at a church in rural white America.

  35. I don’t know exactly what happen?
    Who is guy ?

  36. “…The scene on Monday night was by and large a peaceful one…”

    Peaceful, except for the continuous violence, threats, vandalism, and verbal abuse.

    I think you have a screw loose, Robby. The good news is that it hasn’t fallen out. Now tighten it down and stop writing nonsense.

  37. Where one wonders does government find the seeming idiots they hire as police officers? Any one should fell free to answer.

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