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Protests Against Police Brutality Continue To Be Met With Police Brutality

Plus: IMDb wins First Amendment case, Akon launches a new cryptocurrency, and more...


Protesters and press continue to face violent police outbursts at weekend protests. On Sunday, protests against police actions in California, Ohio, and elsewhere ended again in a barrage of rubber bullets and tear gas.

In Compton yesterday, police fired at people gathered outside a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department station. The demonstrators were protesting the recent killing of 18-year-old Andres Guardado by sheriff's deputies.

"It's unclear what prompted the deputies to resort to violence, but protesters could be seen yelling at the deputies, who were at first standing behind metal barriers," reports local news station KTLA.

In Columbus, Ohio, police maced, pepper sprayed, and rammed their bikes into peaceful protesters gathering downtown near the statehouse Sunday.

"Increased enforcement today has been necessary to clear the right of way," tweeted Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther in explanation. This comes after Ginther and other city officials claimed just last week that they would stop with these antics:

Columbus police pepper-sprayed press covering the protests, including student journalists from Ohio State University.

Police also pepper-sprayed and tear-gassed protesters and press in Richmond, Virginia, yesterday.

The Associated Press reports that "rubber bullets and similar projectiles have damaged eyes or blinded at least 20 individuals from ages 16 to 59, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, since protests began over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis."

Drawing on Customs and Border Protection data, The New York Times reported Friday "the Department of Homeland Security deployed helicopters, airplanes and drones over 15 cities where demonstrators gathered to protest the death of George Floyd, logging at least 270 hours of surveillance."


"Fighting age discrimination in employment doesn't trump free speech rights," writes Eugene Volokh of the recent Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision in v. Becerra. The federal appeals court ruled that California can't require the film-info database IMDb to remove information about actors' ages.

In its decision, the court wrote that it was "unpersuaded" by arguments from the state of California and the Screen Actors Guild that the law only covered contractual duties between IMDb and people who subscribe to its professional database. "The statute reaches far beyond the terms of any subscriber agreement. It applies not only to paid-for profiles—like those on IMDbPro—but also to entries on the publicly available, non-subscription site, regardless of agreement between IMDb and its subscribers," the court pointed out.

It continued: "We find nothing illegal about truthful, fact-based publication of an individual's age and birthdate when that information was lawfully obtained," even if a third party could use that content to do something illegal.

"The fear that people would make bad decisions if given truthful information cannot justify content-based burdens on speech," it concluded.


Akon reminds us of the radical power of cryptocurrency. After a failed attempt at currency exchange left a bad taste in Akon's mouth—he found in France that he couldn't convert CFA francs, used in Senegal and other West African countries, to anything—the singer decided to launch his own currency. "It really just opened my eyes," Akon told Bloomberg News. "That really catapulted the energy to say 'We have to have our own currency. I don't care what it takes—we're going to fix this.'"

His solution: the cryptocurrency Akoin, set to launch in July, which "will also be the local currency in Akon City, a 2,000-acre development in Senegal."

Though his career spans more than a decade, some of his earliest hits, with titles like "Locked Up" and "Lonely," saw a resurgence in recent months, becoming anthems for hordes of masses locked down in their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic. But recent events around the outbreak only acted to further sharpen his focus on the need for digital currencies, given that millions were hunkered down, unable to use cash and forced to shop online for necessities.

"It just goes to show the relevancy of why digital currency is such a futuristic event and how this is the future as we're moving forward," said the artist, whose full name is Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam. "There are going to be digital currencies that will float through the whole universe that allow us to trade in a way that we're already accustomed to—but now it's going to be the norm."


• The World Health Organization (WHO) says this past Saturday marked the biggest single-day global increase in the number of COVID-19 cases being reported: 183,000. Countries with the most new cases tallied were Brazil (with 54,771 cases reported over the 24-hour period), the U.S. (36,617), and India (15,400).

• People won't talk to New York City's contact tracers.

• "Of course, social media is a sewer, and excepting the shareholders the world would not be much worse off if Facebook and Twitter disappeared tomorrow. But for many millions of people, these sewers are the primary means of political communication," writes Kevin Williamson.

• A court rebuffed the Trump administration's attempt to block the release of former National Security Advisor John Bolton's book.

• Random drug checks in Germany spark riots.

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  1. <i.Protesters and press continue to face violent police outbursts at weekend protests.

    Perpetual motion machine.

    1. Hello.

    2. Unanswered question, have the rioters stopped setting other people’s properties on fire and stopped throwing bricks through windows?

      1. If they stopped then the wouldn’t be rioters any more.

        1. Touche

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    3. Color me sceptical that the protests were entirely peaceful without some independent verification.

      1. But words are violence, so by shouting the protestors started it, right?

        1. It was “for some unknown reason”.

          1. excuse me, “it’s unclear”.

            1. these are uncertain times.

            2. Oh, well if it’s “unclear” to “journalists”…

      2. Says right in the thing that they don’t know what touched off the Compton violence, that the police in Columbus were trying to keep the protestors from blocking traffic, and that the sacred right of the press to disobey orders was infringed – what part do you think was unpeaceful about all that? (I liked the part where they added that the Columbus police said they weren’t going to use tear gas and rubber bullets against peaceful protestors and then they went right ahead and used them against unpeaceful protestors.)

        1. They removed the statue of Christopher Columbus from in front of the Columbus city hall.
          “That does not represent our great city, and we will no longer live in the shadow of our ugly past,” Mayor Andrew J. Ginther said

          Start the countdown for renaming the city as well. Ideas for a suitable new name for the city?

          1. Comeblowus

          2. Obamagrad

            1. Sorosgrad, Obamagrad was formerly called Seattle.

          3. Retardus.

          4. Floydsville.

            1. St. Floydsville

          5. Clownumbus

          6. Pandemonium?

          7. Diversity

          8. South Cleveland

          9. Ann Arbor.

          10. City McCityface.

          11. Shithole?

        2. I am not sure how the passive-aggressive tactic of making yourself a human roadblock in order to detain other people from going about their business is “peaceful”? It is the type of action that is typical of a bully.

          1. Yes. Reason just insists on being childish about it.

          2. Whup, you can’t go that way. Nope, you can’t go that way either. Aha nope, you can’t go that way either…
            HEY! You pushed me. That’s assault.

              1. I saw that yesterday. They really have no shame.
                I hope the black female diver “right-wing extremist” sues NPR sideways.

              2. Why do we continue to fund NPR?

                1. Because there’s still money left over after funding Planned Parenthood.

          3. Oh, yeah, blocking traffic totally calls for rubber bullets! LAW & ORDER!!!

            1. How about a baseball bat to the face?

              1. Your mask is off.

                1. No, it’s a bandanna.

            2. I’d be ok with the cops and prosecutors making it clear that nobody will be arrested or charged for driving through them, and that injured “protesters” will be liable for damages to the vehicles that hit them

              1. You’d be OK with a lot of things.

                1. That’s true.
                  I’m remarkably tolerant, but I do draw hard lines

            3. I would prefer less violent means to get them to leave other people alone, but if they insist. What did the drivers do to justify being detained?

              1. A problem with the NAP principle is it needs to be supplemented with a principle of appropriate level of retaliation/escalation when someone commits an aggression.

                Oh, someone aggressed against me by blocking a road for the afternoon. I am now justified in clearing them out of my way with a bazooka. After all, they violated the NAP, so all rules of civil society are canceled. It’s war, baby!

                1. If they won’t move, you make them move. By Any Means Necessary.

                  1. Sure, tough guy.

                    1. Stop crying about rubber bullets then, pussy.

                    2. Unlawful detention is a thing.

      3. But we should take the police at their word that the protests were not entirely peaceful and there’s no need for any independent verification?

        1. I mean, on the one hand I have cops who feel like they’re in a corner, and have a history of protecting a few bad apples. And on the other, I have a group that has made it clear they are ok with lying, cheating, and violence as long as it forwards their goals. In addition, they have stated in no uncertain terms that anyone who doesn’t submit to their ideology is evil and the enemy and will be treated accordingly (that’s you and me in case you haven’t caught on yet). So, it’s not so much that I’m taking the police at their word as that I don’t care. One side is actively wanting to wipe me out, and the other side while flawed, doesn’t.

          1. Well said.

          2. So,… Both Sides?

          3. There are more than two sides, but if you do enough simplistic lumping together of peaceful protestors and rioters you make yourself believe there are only two.

            1. The protesters aren’t trying to actually fix stuff, they’re just shouting slogans that at best would do nothing and would make things worse in many cases. For example, QI is a shit idea, but it was put in place for a very real problem, namely that our lawsuit system is messed up and it’s too easy for people to abuse it, especially against companies/groups that have plenty of money but would lose more than they saved by going to court. There’s not going to be a clean easy solution, we’re going to have to sit down and actually brainstorm how to unfuck the situation. The protestors don’t want to do that, and any attempt at conversing with them is shouted down. Therefore these protestors AREN’T a 3rd group, they’re just useful idiots being used as cover by the rioters and looters.

              1. When you say “protesters”, you are talking about thousands of people. There’s no way you have a handle on the diverse individual thoughts of each peaceful protestor, or how informed they are about real police reforms.

                You are just constructing a collective identity for them that suits your worldview.

                1. you are talking about thousands of people. There’s no way you have a handle on the diverse individual thoughts

                  You are precariously close to a coherent observation. Be careful you don’t trip and realize you have discovered the problem with all governance.

                2. I think it’s hilarious that this statist douche is lecturing darkflame on collective identity.

                  1. Evidence that I am a statist?

    4. And yet police do nothing when a group of white college kids rig up a bunch of straps and chains to pull down a 120 year old statue.

    5. Perpetual EMOTION machine.

  2. People won’t talk to New York City’s contact tracers.

    Snitches get stitches.

    1. Hard to talk from 6 feet away.

    2. And people who wash cars get executed. Some poor guy in Brooklyn took 2 to the back of the noodle while washing hubcaps Saturday.

      1. He wasn’t using biodegradable soap.

        1. It wasn’t fair-trade either.

        2. When the HOA says no washing cars on the street, they mean it.

          Expect a lot more of this sort of thing with smile and wave policing. Neighborhoods may regain their old nicknames as ‘self-cleaning ovens.’

      2. Yep.
        Is there any more to that story?
        Dude just walked up and executed him for no apparent reason.
        Just because he could maybe

        1. He was preforming a black market car wash, and the union can’t have that

        2. Guy was a clothing designer and graffiti artist, some of the neighbors said he ran with a tough crowd but the family is of course saying he’s an angel who never did anything wrong. Maybe he graffitied the wrong building?

  3. But for many millions of people, these sewers are the primary means of political communication…

    Apropos considering what their political messages are.

  4. The federal appeals court ruled that California can’t require the film-info database IMDb to remove information about actors’ ages.

    I swear if I find out that Julia Roberts is actually old right now because of this…

    1. She’s 52. I heard that’s the new 42, though.

      1. That’s her tooth count too.

    2. If they don’t like the age being stated wait till IMDb adds in voting for the credit score.
      Face (1-10), would you bang them (0 for no, 1 for yes), body (1-10)

      Julia Robert’s comes in at a staggering 818

  5. It’s unclear what prompted the deputies to resort to violence…

    Um, because it’s Compton?

    1. Funny thing is that Compton is mostly mestizo now, not black. Among the many examples of irony during these surreal times is that protesters are coming out for “Black Lives Matter” after the cartels have done a pretty bang-up job of ethnically cleansing those neighborhoods of black residents.

      1. Yeah the people there use to be nigga’s with attitude

  6. If masks are so great, why is China having more problems?

    1. They are lying to increase mask sales?

    2. What’s interesting about all the media knob-slobbering over how the Far East is tackling this thing is that, every time they open things up just a little bit, another outbreak happens and they have to ramp things back again.

      At some point, this thing is just going to run through the entire population, but our Lords and Masters are too dumb to understand that.

      1. Not dumb.
        They’ve gotten what they wanted.

        1. Yup. It’s the feature, not a bug.

  7. More bad economic news.’s benefactor Charles Koch only earned $122,000,000 on the most recent business day.

    He’s down almost $10 billion this year and is only the 18th richest person on the planet. And it’s all because of Drumpf’s high-tariff / low-immigration policies.

    Open. The. Borders. NOW!!!!


  8. Tulsa officials confirm 6200 attendees at the Dotard’s MAGA rally after they predicted millions.

    Tweet of the Day:

    “Told ya’ll he exaggerates about the size of things.”


    1. So he a normal guy then?

      1. Magnificent trolling by the Left, basically DDoS’ing the rally’s ticket reservations.

        Very typical of the Trump Administration’s lack of forethought to not anticipate this sort of interference.

        1. And telegraphing the massive election fraud they’re planning on for November

          1. “Election fraud?! How could that be?? All of the polls for months have shown Biden leading by 4-8 points….”

            Things will get very spicy with a Biden/Candidate X win, coupled with control of both Houses. Though Ginsburg will finally be allowed to rest, so it won’t be all bad.

    2. “6200 attendees”


      Biden could draw more than that at the local Burger King.

      1. Before or after his supporters burned it down?

        1. Actually, I heard on MSNBC that all the looting and property damage during these recent protests is the fault of white nationalists. IOW, Drumpf supporters.

          1. Did you also hear on MSNBC that Hilary was going to win in a landslide?

            1. Technically she did win in a landslide, if not for the sexist and racist electoral college. President Biden will fix that once he takes office.


    3. +1 if you take Stormy Daniels more seriously than Palin’s Buttplug.

    4. it seems that the fear of the coronavirus may have penetrated into the Homo erectus skulls of some of Trump’s supporters.  Otherwise, why not show up to give the middle finger to us liberals and embrace your Dear Leader?  Afterall, it was Tulsa.  Trump won OK by 37 percentage points in 2016.  Trump says it is OK to reopen up America, so where were all those Trump loving Oklahomans?


      1. Or, they just watched the livestream like 1 million other people did.

        1. The Hill (which is NOT Trump friendly) is saying 4 million, and I’ve heard it was somewhere between 5-8 mil from Tim Pool, not counting television broadcast. Getting 1-2% of the entire population in on a rally ain’t bad in my book.

      2. A lot of people are pointing out that even though the lock-downs were lifted in New York, for instance, plenty of people are still choosing to isolate themselves.

        I wouldn’t expect Trump crowds to be as big as they were in 2016 just because the novelty has worn off, but if you add in COVID-19, people being tight fisted with money, not wanting to sleep on the same mattress a hundred other people have slept on in a motel over the past year, etc. I wouldn’t use attendance to gauge support.

        Trump is polling near 40% approval, which is also his average over his term. It’s below his high, but right now people are still gauging him against nobody rather than gauging him against Biden. It shouldn’t be that way, but until Biden debates President Trump, he’ll still seem like a non-entity to most voters. They know who he is, but until the debates, there won’t be much to learn from President Trump’s approval ratings about what people think of Biden. In other words, after we pass the debates and as we approach the election, people’s negative perceptions of Biden will translate into more approval for Trump.

        1. I wouldn’t put it past the DNC to install Hilary during the debates.

          Moderator: Hey, that’s not Joe Biden!
          DNC: Yes, it is.
          Moderator: Ok. Let’s debate!
          Media: Snowflake conservatives try to break rules by getting Hilary removed.

          1. I’d initially argue that they aren’t going to be that dumb, but then again, the whole establishment lined up behind Biden, who got called senile right to his face by Julian Castro, right after Bernie blew him the fuck out in Nevada and Jim Clyburn came in for the Hail Mary save on his campaign.

          2. Media: Snowflake conservatives try to break rules by getting Hilary removed insisting a woman can’t debate just as well as a man.

        2. Don’t forget that there’s the fear of protesters, they shut down one of the 3 entrances. We’ve had about a month of riots, and the Democrats made it clear in 2015 that they’re ok with attacking elderly people attending these things. Nowadays you also have to worry about losing your job for attending, there’s gonna be a good number of people who say nuts to that, I’ll just pull the lever for him in November.

          1. Yes, they blocked metal detector entrances. The crowd probably could have reached 10 000.

      3. Daily Kos. Lol.

        I’m rolling around here.

      4. “it seems that the fear of the coronavirus may have penetrated into the Homo erectus skulls of some of Trump’s supporters.”

        I’m guessing this is commie-kid’s new sock; same sort of whiny ‘cleverness’.
        Fuck off and die, lefty ignoramus.

        1. He probably typed that with a mask AND shield on.

          1. And giggled when typing “Erectus”.

    5. Just the fact you posted that shows how much of a ham-sauce you are.

      Actually, from what I read a couple of things seem to have happened:

      1) Millions DID watch the live stream.
      2) People couldn’t get into the venue because of testing and by the time Trump showed up, the SS shut down the entrance – obviously.
      3) People were indeed probably worried about the pandemic.
      4) Still more than Biden could EVER muster.
      5) So 6200 under these tough conditions and realities? I’d say it’s pretty good. The guy was filling out arenas so to laugh at this one given we’re not in anything remotely close to being normal.

      1. Don’t forget fear of violence. A lot of these folks are middle-aged and elderly, not young hotheads looking to scrap. We’ve just had a month of the democrats attacking people in the streets while the cops have been unable to restore order

        1. There have been acts of peaceful demonstrators clothes lining old people in the street and pummelling old people in store aisles.

          1. and dragging folks out of their cars for a good old rousing round of neighborly smackdowns.

            1. Systemic racism on a rampage!

    6. Re: rally dirty tricks – Nixon’s guys went to jail for things like that:

      Donald Segretti
      A former military prosecutor and civil lawyer, Segretti ran a campaign of political sabotage against the Democrats for Nixon’s reelection effort. In 1974, he served 4 1/2 months in prison after pleading guilty to three misdemeanor counts of distributing illegal campaign literature, including a letter falsely claiming that former senator Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson had fathered an illegitimate child with a 17-year-old girl.

    7. “Tulsa officials confirm 6200 attendees at the Dotard’s MAGA rally after they predicted millions.”

      You mean the Tulsa rally that the DNC had their Brownshirts run a phony registration scam to suppress the turnout?
      People couldn’t attend because Team (D) booked all the seats right from the start.

      Here’s AOC bragging about it.

      And now you’re bragging about it. I knew you were a fascist, Nuttplug.

      What’s the word for when politicians suppress their opponents political activities, again? Political repression?

      1. Also:
        “Radical protesters, fueled by a week of apocalyptic media coverage, interfered with @realDonaldTrump supporters at the rally.
        They even blocked access to the metal detectors, preventing people from entering.”

        “Political repression is okay when it’s my team” – t. Nuttplug

  9. Protesters and press continue to face violent police outbursts at weekend protests.
    Get your dumb asses home and off the street!

  10. Another compelling reason to support Joe Biden.

    Trump talks tough on Venezuela, but admires thugs and dictators like Nicolas Maduro. As President, I will stand with the Venezuelan people and for democracy.

    Drumpf has pursued a cowardly and weak foreign policy — almost certainly because Putin ordered him to. It’s time for the United States to reclaim its proper role as a global leader.


    1. Probably because at this point, it’s clear that Maduro isn’t going anywhere and Guaido is the face of some CIA gayop that fell flat on its face.

      1. Oh, where have you gone Allen Dulles? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

        Just shameful. At least back in the day, the CIA could get their desired strongman installed in Latin America. Even if he might not end up staying very long.

  11. “While protests for racial justice sparked by the police killing of George Floyd started in major cities, they have quickly spread to small, conservative, and overwhelmingly white towns like Coeur d’Alene [Idaho], in a sign of just how widespread and fast-moving the movement is.

    Near-daily marches, protests and vigils in Coeur d’Alene, a city of 50,000 that is 93% white and one-half percent black, were followed by a sit-in for peace on June 13. On Friday, organizers commemorated Juneteenth with a panel session to discuss racism that included local Black Lives Matter members.”


    “Black Lives Matter Protests Spread Quickly to White, Rural Areas”

    I maintain that it isn’t really about George Floyd for most of these people. It’s about the economy. It’s about COVID-19. It’s about the lock-downs. It’s about 40 million Americans losing their jobs in eight weeks and tens of millions more being scared of losing their jobs. They’re just focusing on George Floyd.

    And it isn’t just like that in rural America. It’s like that everywhere.

    1. Good for Coeur d”Aleners. But I bet they didn’t leave the shopping districts in flames did they?

      1. The short answer is no.

        The long answer is that the local militias showed up in force and patrolled the place–but who knows whether that deterrent was needed?

        1. The long answer is that the local militias showed up in force and patrolled the place–but who knows whether that deterrent was needed?

          Which tells me that the protest wasn’t organic, it was probably organized by left-wingers from the university districts around Gonzaga in Spokane.

          1. Spokane is considered pretty rural, too, and it’s African-American population is also remarkably small for them to be primarily concerned with the way the local police mistreat people of African ancestry.

            I maintain that the protests we’ve seen (and plenty of the looting and arson, too) isn’t primarily about George Floyd in rural America, suburban America, and isn’t primarily about George Floyd in New York, Chicago, or Minneapolis itself.

            It’s about the virus. It’s about the economy. It’s about 40 million people losing their jobs in eight weeks. No historian in their right mind will look back on this period in history and discount the fact that 40 million people lost their jobs in eight weeks. It’s unprecedented, and the result of people coalescing around whatever active protest movement was about as predictable as the sunrise.

            1. Spokane is considered pretty rural, too, and it’s African-American population is also remarkably small for them to be primarily concerned with the way the local police mistreat people of African ancestry.

              Yeah, but that’s the whole Pacific Northwest. Seattle and Portland are whiter than a Klan rally, and those are the main hotbeds of mondern anarcho-communism. And no, Spokane is not considered “pretty rural”–it’s a smallish city of over 200,000 people, along with the surrounding towns and an Air Force base right down the road.

              I’m sure the virus has played a role in the protests because you have a shit-ton of unemployed people with nothing else to do, but to suggest that this is causing protest activity for “Black Lives” to organically spring up in an area that’s known for being the home of white nationalist militias for decades is stretching things.

              1. “I’m sure the virus has played a role in the protests because you have a shit-ton of unemployed people with nothing else to do, but to suggest that this is causing protest activity for “Black Lives” to organically spring up in an area that’s known for being the home of white nationalist militias for decades is stretching things.”

                If it hadn’t been BLM, it would have been something else.

                The chances of it being because of a minority caught on video was pretty high, though–since that happens all the time.

                In California, when we have a particularly wet winter and then there’s a drought, the weeds grow shoulder high over an area of about a hundred million acres and then turn into waist high sea of dry kindling. The brush fire may be started by a lightening strike, a power line, a campfire, or a cigarette–but one things is practically inevitable. The real reason the fire ran through the state is because there were heavy rains in the winter and then a drought.

                If it hadn’t have been George Floyd, it would have been something else–just like if it hadn’t been for a lightening strike, it would have been downed power lines or something else. We should keep this in mind when we’re engaging suburbanites and others who sound like anti-fa or BLM. Scratch the surface, and you’re likely to find someone who is deeply anxious about the economy–so ask them about the economy. What should we do going forward? What is their path to prosperity? How are sustainable jobs created?

                The sooner they start thinking about the economy and their place within it, the less they’ll be thinking about tearing it all down. Besides, when we talk to these people about race, we’re not really talking about what’s driving them anyway. And the real solution to the problems of the African-American community, they mostly go away once the African-American community becomes legitimately prosperous through legitimate economic growth anyway. Regardless, this isn’t about anti-fa. It’s about people being scared about the economy.

            2. Gonzaga had a marxist co-founder of blm as a speaker.

              1. So why did they suddenly get excited about this now and start protesting like they never did before?

                Weren’t there any injustices perpetrated by the police caught on video before? Is this the first one people have seen?

                I suspect it’s because of the virus, the lockdowns, the economy, and the sudden loss of 40 million jobs.

        2. Same things been happening with protests in Indiana–when you look at the reporting, it reveals that BLM and Antifa are basically protest-touring to various towns. The actual support from within the local area is almost nil.

          1. Or maybe BLM and anti-fa don’t count for shit, and people are just freaking out everywhere because of the lock-downs, the virus, and the economy.

            Looking for a scapegoat in economic times like this is typical. Under the Tsars, they used to blame Jews and indulge the popular urge with pogroms. In the U.S. we used to go after Masons, the Chinese, or German anarchists. Nowadays, we’re going after the police.

            The reasons to push for capitalism are not theoretical because the causes or economic growth and the consequences of economic decline are not theoretical. The reason gays, Muslims, and Jews live on top of each other in Westwood (Los Angeles) and get along great, socializing, eating in each other’s restaurants, etc. are not theoretical. People get along great when they’re getting rich, and all three groups who migrated into that area got rich. The reason people start pointing the finger at each other and get upset with each other isn’t theoretical when the economy declines either.

            It’s about the economy.

            1. That doesn’t refute what I said.

              1. That’s OK, Red, the next wall of text from Ken might.

              2. I wasn’t necessarily disagreeing with everything you wrote–and I was also reacting to things that were written elsewhere in the thread.

                The active support nearby may be nil–and yet they can get people to turn out anyway–because average people are freaking out about the economy.

            2. 1905 was about the economy.

          2. Yep, check out Bethel, Ohio. Village of 2800, full time police force of 5. They had a 80-person BLM show up, and 700 angry folks, both locals and out of towners, showed up armed and ready to drive them out.

            1. That’s what these small-towners are going to have to do–show up in force to make it known that if they show up to cause trouble, they’re going to get shot. If they have any sense, they’ll start getting more involved in local school board and city council meetings, because that’s where leftists infected with McIntosh Disease first tend to show up.

              Conservatives and libertarians in small towns are going to have to get out of the house and get a lot more involved in their communities if they want to keep them from being absorbed into the leftist Borg.

              1. the small towners were more than ready to cause the trouble, and this is something you’re probably gonna see more of. By pretending that the riots which everyone can clearly see don’t exist, CNN & company have equated BLM to the riots, which means even if it is a group of well-meaning idiots, they’re gonna be treated like the terrorists that have been assaulting people.

                1. and when it is acknowledged that the riots exist the narrative is “well, gee, sometimes peaceful protests just randomly turn violent for no reason whatsoever!” and sometimes a “severe storm warning” turns into a “tornado warning”, so smart people are going to plan for the worst even if they are called racist in doing so.

              2. “Conservatives and libertarians in small towns are going to have to get out of the house and get a lot more involved in their communities if they want to keep them from being absorbed into the leftist Borg.”

                This. Spend the money that was going to go to another layer of bricks on their ammo fort, and instead use it to help organize with other like minded friends of liberty to start educating and influencing local political decision makers.

                1. hard to organize when you can’t get the word out. Social media’s silencing any attempt to do so, and traditional media will villify you as well, possibly cost you your job. If you’re like me and you don’t have a circle of friends nearby, then you’re pretty much shit out of luck.

                  1. Then you’ll need to organize for other reasons. Lone wolves die.

                    Before that, try volunteering at whichever political party suits you, as a decent start. That gets you started on how to organize, learn fundraising, get a start on community outreach. Takes work, of course.

          3. Rent-A-Mob

      2. umm. google “Couer d’Alene open carry” to get the real story.

    2. Isn’t Coeur d’Alene where some Antifa people threatened to show up and dozens of armed citizens took to the streets suggesting they stay away? I’m a little skeptical of the WSJ’s story there – probably a handful of white kids showed up at some sort of rally that promptly fizzled off into nothingness at dinner time.

      1. Of course, the other possibility is that this isn’t really about George Floyd.

        P.S. The American Revolution wasn’t really about the Boston Massacre.

        1. Sure, it’s probably about Antifa trying to move out the hinterlands to build support. That’s why it’s important that, if you’re in one of these towns, to show up armed so they know they’ll get ventilated if they cause any trouble.

          1. I can tell you’re really focused on anti-fa.

            No doubt anti-fa is real, and they’re always seeking opportunities to advance themselves in their cause.

            IF IF IF this really is about anti-fa, ask yourself this: Why is anti-fa suddenly finding their message so easy to sell?

            I suspect it’s because of the economy, with relatively low paid service, hospitality, retail, restaurant, and summer jobs being particularly hard hit. If it weren’t for the economy, these people would be doing what they usually do–instead of protesting about some injustice in Minneapolis.

            Last week, we were discussing a shooting after a group of people attacked a protester defending a statue that didn’t have much to do with American history. It was a Spanish conquistador who did something not only before New Mexico became part of the United States but before New Spain became Mexico and before the first Pilgrim landed on Plymouth Rock.

            It’s about the economy. Economic declines cause unrest. Did you know the unemployment rate in Los Angeles continued to increase in Los Angeles long after the recession of the early ’90s was over nationally? No doubt, the abuse of the LAPD was the immediate cause of the riots among the African-American community of South Central Los Angeles. The reason so many other people joined in and looted and burned the city wasn’t about that, and if anti-fa and BLM had been around back then, it wouldn’t have been about them either.

            It was the economy.

      2. I live 20 miles from CDA. Two things happened in CDA…There were rumors of antifa showing up for a locally organized BLM protest. The armed locals (not fucking militia) arrived and made it very clear we were primarily there to protect the protesters from a violent counter protest. Second, if any antifa nonsense started, we’d protect the businesses.

        1. Kind of like the Neo-Nazi parades when I was a kid. Twenty something skinheads doing a stupid parade in CDA and hundreds to thousands of local out to voice their displeasure, but the media always made it out like we were their to support the idiot Neo-Nazis. Hell, I only ever saw one skinhead in CDA in the 1980s and 1990s (thought they were not uncommon in Spokane). He was in KMart on Appleway and looked like a scared rodent from the hostility of the other shoppers.

          1. Sandpoint is getting bad too.

            1. Sandpoint will do whatever it takes to preserve their tourist income. Sandpoint coddled the BLM kids marching on the Long Bridge. They even let them voice their grievances in the Bonner County Bee. Anything other than being perceived as racist.

        2. FWIW, I was just quoting what it said in the articled–don’t know if you read it.

          “Armed citizens, some members of local militia groups, patrolled the streets of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho during Black Lives Matter protests.”

          . . . .

          “But in a sign of tensions more common in North Idaho than San Francisco, BLM protests here have also brought out as many as 300 citizens carrying rifles and AR-15-style weapons, some of whom are affiliated with local self-described militia groups. They wanted to protect against the kind of looting that had marred protests elsewhere, said Jeff Stankiewicz, a founder of the Idaho Light Foot Militia, which dispatched members. Openly carrying firearms is legal in Idaho.”

          —-Wall Street Journal

          I don’t care whether they are or aren’t militia.

          The interesting thing to me is seeing people protest for BLM, once again, who we know are being impacted by the economy and the virus–but don’t appear to be impacted by the thing they’re protesting against–racist abuse by the police.

          I find the explanation that they’re being driven by economic anxiety far more persuasive than the explanation that they’re all about BLM, defunding the police, or actually supportive of anti-fa. I suspect their support for BLM’s defunding the police efforts and their support for anti-fa will fade as the economy improves and the infection rate recedes, much like our fear of being attacked by anthrax was largely forgotten within months of 9/11.

          Fear is the mind-killer.

          1. In Idaho, the economy hasn’t been impacted as bad as other places. The four members of my family all worked uninterupted. The BLM protests in CDA were unlikely economy related, but simple social signaling. “Yes, we are all white AF, but we love black people”. Nothing more.

            1. Surely CdA’s economy is at least being impacted by the implosion of the restaurant business and tourism? How many people work at the Coeur d’Alene Resort alone? I doubt they stayed open, but even if they had, that would have taken a big hit. If Las Vegas couldn’t make it viable to stay open despite all the gambling revenue (because occupancy rates were so low), it must have been even harder for the the Coeur d’Alene Resort to stay open and be financially viable.

              Meanwhile, of the 40 million Americans who lost their jobs over a period of eight weeks, they are disproportionately working in tourism, the restaurant business, and other jobs like that. I suspect those are a lot of the people we see at these BLM protests. They’re unemployed or they’re scared, so they’re jumping on the bandwagon–and not just in Idaho. I think that’s what’s going on Minneapolis, New York City, and elsewhere, too. Anyway, if people working in tourism, restaurants, retail, etc. aren’t at least afraid of losing their jobs, they’re nuts. Whoever came in from Spokane or elsewhere to protest were probably likewise impacted by the economy.

              . . . and has there been a big problem with police brutality against African-Americans in Coeur d’Alene? I look outside and see the trees all moving in one direction, and I figure the wind is blowing. This country has never seen so many people lose their jobs in such a short period of time, and it scares the hell out of the rest of them, too. That sure makes more sense to me than the idea that BLM or anti-fa are really that influential. Come November, I suspect a lot more people will be voting for President Trump as a rebuke to the “protesters” than there will be people voting for Biden because he supports them–and I think Biden knows that, too, which is why he’s been playing possum on these issues for so long.

              1. Logging continued. Much of the resort is closed in winter anyway. Restaurants went to take out only. People who lost their service jobs were hired by the food delivery groups like Uber Eats.

                I’m not refuting your theory…it just does not seem to apply in my neck of the woods.

    3. I maintain that it isn’t really about George Floyd for most of these people. It’s about the economy. It’s about COVID-19. It’s about the lock-downs. It’s about 40 million Americans losing their jobs in eight weeks and tens of millions more being scared of losing their jobs. They’re just focusing on George Floyd.

      Don’t underestimate the power of the virtue signal for many of these people. Apparently it’s no longer enough to just go about your life not being racist, you have to shout that fact from your twitter account/ facebook page and make sure everyone knows it.

      Oh, and of course, you have to give money to the Right Kinds of Organizations as well.


        1. Except when it comes to sex, then anything less than “enthusiastic consent” is literally the same thing as forcible rape.

          1. “Enthusiastic consent” is still post facto revocable at will.

    4. It is not just that they lost their jobs, but lost it because of direct state action.

      1. Totes this.

      2. I don’t think they really care why.

        I used to have an office outside the surgeon’s lounge. I had to hear them explain to families why their loved ones died on the operating table.

        Lots of them were scared and angry and they didn’t really care why. Lots of them just wanted to lash out at somebody.

    5. I got news for you: CdA isn’t rural, and it isn’t really part of Idaho.

      Over the past 20 years it has become a haven for liberal upper-class white folk fleeing the statist hell of Washington. It has more on common with Martha’s Vineyard than Post Falls.

      1. So it’s like Charleston, SC then. We get the same assholes, except they’re from NY.

      2. Twenty years? Hell, we started seeing this when I was a kid in the 80’s. After Moscow and Boise, this is the most progressive city in Idaho.

      3. I don’t think they meant to using “rural” as a technical term. They were being descriptive. CdA is more “rural” in terms of population density than the cities with protests we’ve been talking about (like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Minneapolis), and it’s also less “urban” in the descriptive sense of . . . um . . . racial diversity.

        You’ll see the word “urban” this way to describe, for instance, radio formats.


        Urban contemporary (mostly rap, hip hop, soul, and contemporary R&B artists)

        Urban adult contemporary (Urban AC)[3] – R&B (both newer and older), soul and sometimes gospel music, without hip hop and rap.

        Urban oldies (sometimes called “classic soul”, “R&B oldies”, or “old school”)

  12. Fighting age discrimination in employment doesn’t trump free speech rights…

    Of course Reason would find a way to bring the president into this.

  13. Once again: the number of cases reported is meaningless without also knowing how those cases were detected: hospitals, random tests, …

    The number of deaths is based on a lot of deaths with the virus, not from the virus, but is presumably at least consistently misreported, and so more useful. Number of cases is useless without knowing more.

    1. If someone dies in a skydiving accident, and their corpse tests positive, it will be counted as a virus-related death.

    2. That’s why I think the Covid-19 death numbers will be adjusted downwards once the political bull shit wanes.

      1. Except there will be a very strong pushback from those in power to any downward revision. I’m not as confident that the numbers will be adjusted downward, even if they should be.

  14. For those who aren’t aware, “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” is widely considered the black national anthem.

    Prediction: “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” will replace “The Star Spangled Banner” at the beginning of NFL games.

    It’s the path of least resistance.

    1. The NFL, as well as every other sport including NASCAR, numerous businesses including Chik-Fil-A, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Bens, Eskimo Pie, and numerous celebrities and spokesmen for various causes seem to be betting that the SJW’s are going to win the day. We’re here mocking them for their wokeness – yet they’re the ones who have skin in the game and they seem to believe that getting woke is the safe thing to do. Do they know something we don’t? Are we just whistling past the graveyard thinking that sooner or later people are going to come to their senses and this shit is going to stop? Where’s the resistance to this nonsense? Are we waiting on a cavalry that’s never going to come? If Biden wins the election by 142 million votes, if the US goes full socialist, if the Democrats just claim the Constitution is null and void, is anybody really going to fight back? It’s got me kind of nervous, knowing that Big Business seems to be betting on the Left.

      1. If the SJWs win, woke corps are hoping to be eaten last. If they lose, this costs them nothing.

      2. It’s appeasement. It won’t end well for them. Or anyone for that matter. They’re just weak morons.

        There’s a tyranny of the minority at the moment.

      3. I don’t get the silence either. Maybe people still think it’s just gonna pass. I know someone who said as much as he shrugged this off.

      4. There’s a reason people like Bill Ayres put away his bomb making kit and went into education. The assholes who have been steeped in the Zinnization since kindergarten are now coming into their own and moving into influential positions in business.
        It’s not going to get any better.

        1. I know. It’s gonna get worse for sure.

          Ayers is just as wicked whether he was violent in the streets or in academia.

          I don’t think people are actually letting that sink. MARXISTS have gotten into the system.

          Stalin, Lenin…Ayers, Alinsky…..all seemingly getting the last laugh.

          1. I’ll never forget there was a scene in The Sopranos with a copy of Howard Zinn sitting there on the island counter top in the kitchen sitting there nonchalantly. That was Chase sending a message.

            It’s perversely pervasive this poison.

      5. Why do you guys all conflate social issue with economic/government socialism? People and private companies deciding to be more sensitive about race (eskimo is considered offensive to many) does not equate to throwing out the constitution, and acting like it does makes you guys look…well old, out of step, and irrational.

        And I’ll point out that this is the free market at work. This is what unfettered capitalism looks like on the marketing side of things when societies are going through a period of examination and change. You might as well get mad about “gentrification” or any of the other economic non-issues that progressives fret over. Sorry your deeply, deeply cherished brand name foods are adjusting for new consumer sentiments. Get with it, or gripe all the way into obscurity.

        1. You know what is a real threat to the constitution? Statements like these from the most powerful man in the world to his slavish cult followers:

          1. It’s amazing how Trump cannot go two days without tweeting something crazy and divisive.

            1. It’s only divisive because you don’t like being called out.
              Your lot have been rigging elections since Tammany Hall.

              1. My lot? I’m an independent voter. The only party I’ve ever been a registered member of is the Libertarian Party.

            2. “It’s amazing how Trump cannot go two days without tweeting something crazy and divisive.”

              It’s really amazing how lefty TDS victims dance to Trump’s tune.

              1. If you mean mocking all his odd behaviors, I guess that’s “dancing to his tune.”

        2. ‘eskimo is considered to many’.

          Yeh, in the grievance Olympics that’s probably the one where people complained the least. I would love a cite here. I live in Canada where the Eskimo (Dene) live and I don’t recall too many – if any -complaints about it. Not even that shit stained pretend news organization the CBC made a stink about it. It’s so off the radar the Edmonton Eskimos have been able to keep their name with little stress.

          Though I’m guessing this is about to change as the grievance mongers turn their vicious eyes onto them.

          1. The thing is, Eskimo is a proper term and many Eskimo groups don’t like being called Inuit, because that’s the name of a specific group.
            It’s like if someone decided it was wrong to call Northern Europeans, Europeans and decided it was more ethnically sensitive to call them all French.

        3. free market my ass this is blackmail. companies don’t want to be burned down or regulated to meet some new quota so they are paying up and if the can get big government to pay up in the form of reparations they think they will be in the clear

  15. In other news…violence breaks out at “non violent protest”.

    1. This guy gets it.

    2. Actually, reminds me of the old joke: I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out!

      1. It always gets to hockey with you people, doesn’t it?

  16. Trump does a pretty good standup routine lampooning press coverage of his speech.

    Now, I want you to imagine that guy on a stage with the current version of Joe Biden.

    I know that the left and the Press have been on a hard push to try and counter the spreading meme that Biden is in failing health. But just imagine that guy and Biden having a debate.

    1. If you catch Joe in his YT ads, keep in mind what you’re seeing is the best take they got after (how many?) tries.
      And he STILL can’t put together a grammatically-correct 10-word sentence.

      1. Yep. It’s downright embarrassing. I find it funny though that some of these clowns have a narrative of Trump “cowering” down in a bunker and only coming out for publicity stunts due to that one night in DC where the Secret Service forced him into the basement. Yet Biden’s been in a bunker (his team’s words) for 3 months and somehow everyone ignores that.

        1. The narrative worked. Trump took the bait. He could have said, “The Secret Service advised me to go down to the bunker for the sake of the nation, because I am the chief executive.” Instead, he got all defensive about it, and had a bunch of people gassed in a public square at his Machiavellian daughter’s advice, for a photo op of him holding a bible awkwardly.

      2. If you are a Trump supporter, you really don’t want to be throwing stones about anyone’s ability to construct a grammatical, coherent sentence.

        1. Construct a lot of grammatical sentences, do ya?

        2. Yes. <- grammatical

        3. Trump quote: “ Look, having nuclear — my uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. John Trump at MIT; good genes, very good genes, okay, very smart, the Wharton School of Finance, very good, very smart — you know, if you’re a conservative Republican, if I were a liberal, if, like, okay, if I ran as a liberal Democrat, they would say I’m one of the smartest people anywhere in the world — it’s true! — but when you’re a conservative Republican they try — oh, do they do a number — that’s why I always start off: Went to Wharton, was a good student, went there, went there, did this, built a fortune — you know I have to give my like credentials all the time, because we’re a little disadvantaged — but you look at the nuclear deal, the thing that really bothers me — it would have been so easy, and it’s not as important as these lives are (nuclear is powerful; my uncle explained that to me many, many years ago, the power and that was 35 years ago; he would explain the power of what’s going to happen and he was right — who would have thought?), but when you look at what’s going on with the four prisoners — now it used to be three, now it’s four — but when it was three and even now, I would have said it’s all in the messenger; fellas, and it is fellas because, you know, they don’t, they haven’t figured that the women are smarter right now than the men, so, you know, it’s gonna take them about another 150 years — but the Persians are great negotiators, the Iranians are great negotiators, so, and they, they just killed, they just killed us.”

    2. Oh, boy. Two aging, inarticulate doofuses, debating. Sigh.

      1. One TDS victim telling us how cool he is. Sigh.

      2. I don’t think either is inarticulate.
        They have their issues, hyperbole and memory loss, but an inability to articulate isn’t one of them.

      3. Watch the video.

        I’m starting to have the feeling that I have been punked for the last few years. Trump on every single issue: “It will be fantastic. Amazing. You watch… It will be the best.”

        Then watch him extemporize in that video. It is not the same guy speaking.

        I have mostly avoided listening to him speak for the last four years, because I find him annoying. But then I watch this video from the rally. And I cannot help but wonder, if the clips I’ve been seeing in the media are designed specifically to persuade as Scott Adams was telling us in 2016. Because that is not the same voice, and that is not the same speaker. And he is clearly not operating from any prepared text at his rally. He is clearly just telling a story.

        1. I’m a bit slow, Cyto. What are you saying? That the media has, with the help of the Trump Administration, for the past 3-4 years, have been using clips from a video of someone else speaking?

          1. Yes. You are a bit slow.

            I am not implying. I am saying outright that Trump speaks like a 7 year old Romanian kid using Google Translate to communicate when he has been speaking in public for the last four years.

            Then you watch him take the mic and do a reasonably professional version of stand-up comedy.

            Those are not the same voices. The vocabulary and messaging of Trump have to be an intentional character that he is playing. Because he sounds like a moron. At least, to my ears. A moron who is not capable of taking to the stage for an hour or two speaking without notes and holding thousands of people’s attention.

            Watch the clip. He speaks for over 10 minutes about press coverage of him walking down a ramp and a speech he gave. It is funny. It is articulate. It is even dynamic. At no point does he sound like the monosyllabic character that tells us that his wall is going to be huge. Spectacular. Fantastic. The best wall ever.

            So yes, I think I have been punked. I think the whole idiot Trump thing is intentional. If you read Scott Adams from 2016, he explains in detail why this seemingly moronic way of communicating is persuasive. I did not believe him at the time, because I do not find that type of talk persuasive. However, it appears that I am not the target audience.

            1. He can do mediocre comedy spiel in front of a very friendly audience who are predisposed to fawn on anything he says.

  17. Mr McArdle is on the Google contact list to shill for them:
    OH: Google’s Go-To ‘Conservative’ Influencer List Who Claim ‘Big Tech Bias Is a Good Thing.’ “The list (at the bottom of this article) includes key conservative influencers from major think tanks and publications – some of whom are believed to be beneficiaries of large Google donations.”

    1. I tried to post the actual article the other day, but Reason wouldn’t allow the link to it, but would allow other links, other posts from me, etc.


    BUT IT’S OKAY BECAUSE APPARENTLY NONE WERE SHOT BY “RACIST COPS.” Chicago: 12 minors among 102 shot, 14 fatally, as citywide gun violence spikes over Father’s Day weekend.

    Flashback: Chicago Tribune: Why is there so much shooting and killing in Chicago?

    Related: Chicago Politicians Are In Bed With The Gangs.

    1. Was Maury Povich in Chicago on Father’s Day?

    2. wataboutwataboutwataboutwataboutwatabout….black crime! Anything to distract from someone else having their issues in the spotlight. It’s gotta be about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      1. Not living in a ghetto, I can see why it’s not that much of a concern for you.

        1. Oh, bullshit. De Oppresso didn’t say one word about his not being concerned about black-on-black crime. What he did do is call out Ra’s diversionary bullshit.

          1. You both seem pretty unconcerned about it.

            1. Oh, I see. You have psychic powers.

              1. No, idiots like you read like the Sunday paper.

              2. Don’t need to be psychic when exercising basic observation skills.

            2. You both

              Lol, there’s probably not.

            3. ‘sigh’ If only cops had shot them.

      2. “wataboutwataboutwataboutwataboutwatabout….black crime!”

        How is it whataboutism? You do know half of the country is watching these hypocritical whining protesters and know the premise of BLM is complete and utter bullshit right? It’s embarrassing. Everyone knows black lives don’t really matter because blacks can’t stop killing each other. It’s pathetic. Whoop Dee Doo, some fucking cop kills a black person and we’re supposed to pretend it’s racial genocide when in reality everybody watches these people act like savages and kill each other at an incredible rate and for nothing. But don’t bring that up because everybody is to stupid to understand the fucking con job these leftist pieces of shit are trying to pull off. Fuck you asshole. People don’t dare say it out loud but they know it’s true.

    3. Note DOL and White Knight desperately trying to deflect here. More black people were killed in one three-day stretch in Chicago this past weekend than all of the unarmed black men killed by the cops in a single year–the very thing that these mushheads are rioting, toppling statues, demanding reparations, and insisting that people abase themselves over.

      Black Lives Matter only if there’s money to be made. If black people don’t give enough of a shit to quit killing each other and their children over yokel slights like “disrespeck,” why the fuck should anyone else give a damn?

  19. Roosevelt [no, not the one that put people in camps based on their race, the other one] Statue to Be Removed From Museum of Natural History

    1. Teddy hated anarcho-communism, so he has to go.

      The statement put out by his soy-addled great-grandson in support of it was LOL. If Teddy was around to see how soft his progeny turned out to be, he’d smack the shit out of the guy and then pack the toad up and send him out to work on an oil rig in Texas for a few years to harden him up.

    2. wait, what? What the actual fuck!? Teddy is as American as apple pie and baseball

      1. it’s who’s pushing Roosevelt’s horse.

      2. Dont give them ideas, those things are probably next to go

      3. Teddy is as American as apple pie and baseball

        Which is probably why his statue has to go.

        1. Teddy was an actual progressive. Eugenics and all.

    3. Can my kids still watch “Night at the Museum”?

      1. You’ll have to get permission from their biological father

        1. hahaha

        2. Ooh, burn. Good one.

          1. New lefty troll.

            1. It’s pod again. Or one of the Glibs having a bit of fun.

        3. Zing!

    #CancelYale trending on Twitter nationwide

    Kelly, a conservative pundit, also called on Hillary Clinton for a response since she went to Yale.

    “Why did you attend Yale University when its named after a slave trader?” Kelly tweeted.

    Many others have chimed in, sharing incidents like one where a Black student fell asleep in a common room on the Yale campus, and a white student called police.

    The university has previously been brought in the spotlight in August 2016 for a push to rename the Ivy League campus, starting at the top with Elihu Yale, “slave trader extraordinaire,” as he was described in a story then by the Wall Street Journal.

    Editor’s note: Yale University declined to comment on the Tweets after being contacted by Hearst Connecticut Media over the weekend. This story has been updated to reflect that.

    1. Hillary is going to kneel.

      1. rent free

  21. Should I be the least bit surprised that there isn’t a single word about the outbreaks of shootings and homicides in Chicago, Minneapolis, and NYC?

    Like Black Lives Matter, Reason dont give a shit about black lives if the black lives are being snuffed out by other blacks.

    1. You won’t read this in Reason either.
      FMPD officer didn’t report girl out of car seat, child dies in crash a month later
      In February 2020, 3-year-old Serenity Robinson died after her mother, Leslie Zeagler, crashed her car near MLK Boulevard and Rockfill Road. Zeagler was high at the time of the crash, with meth, fentanyl, methadone, benzoylecgonine, diazepam, and nordiazepam in her system, according to her arrest report. Serenity was not in a car seat when her mother crashed her car.

      Officer Williams is now facing a third-degree felony charge for failure to report child abuse and neglect.

      1. This is actually an outstanding example that needs to be a part of the discussion.

        Talking Heads all over CNN and MSNBC were adamantly pounding the table that all they had to do was let Brooks walk home or leave him there to sleep it off. Literally dozens of pundits had that opinion in their quiver of talking points on cable news.

        Well, this is why that can’t happen. This guy is being charged for the crime for cutting the mama break and not calling Child Protective Services. There is not one of us here at who would not have been absolutely livid about calling Child Protective Services over not being in a car seat.

        And this does not just affect police. This puts us all in danger from the game of Russian Roulette that is child protective services. At the same time, if you are a teacher, volunteer at school, Church Worker, Church volunteer that works with kids, little league coach, or any other person who works with kids in any capacity, now you know that you are in danger if you do not call Child Protective Services.

        Not having the kid in the car seat? Are you kidding me? I get that this is required by law, but calling Child Protective Services over that?

        Well, if you don’t, you might be going to jail.

    2. Hmm, ENB also didn’t write about the dismal attendance at the Trump rally. Guess unreason is suppressing that story, too.

      1. We did Cover the outstanding enthusiasm that Elizabeth Warren was getting during the primary. There was plenty of coverage of the massive turnouts at her rallies, sometimes numbering over 2,000. Even 2500!

        These massive turnouts were proof that she was going to win.

        1. Cite even one Reason article that said that.

  22. alright I’ll give the po a smile for throwing the press to the ground too those dummies still don’t get they’re some of the first against the wall … “I’m press!” lol

  23. Trump is getting a head start on de-legitimizing 2020 election. He must be quite shaken up by that embarrassment of a rally.

    “Libertarians” in here will, of course, see no problem with the most powerful man in the world declaring (5 months prior to the event! he must have a crystal ball!) any election which unseats him is rigged.

    1. And four years ago, it was the same thing, with much chuckling by the media and their jobber parrots–until Trump won, and Hillary and her jobber parrots turned around to claim it was rigged by the Russians.

      1. Yup, and what does that have to do with anything. There was no little club of mean girl Democrats hanging out in this comment section whining that Hillary really won.

        1. DOL’s been whining about Russian interference for months. If you don’t like the comments, scroll past them, you dink.

          1. Nope, not going to do that. I’m going to keep calling out Trump fan boys here on their bullshit.

            1. Your fault for clutching your pearls so tight they get turned into powder.

        2. It means that Trump didn’t and isn’t “de-legitimizing” the election you muppet, he has no reason to. The democrats, on the other hand, have already shown that they’re willing to, and are attempting to do so while gaslighting everyone about it.

          1. Beside being behind in the polls.

  24. “The fear that people would make bad decisions if given truthful information cannot justify content-based burdens on speech,” it concluded.

    this needs to be pounded deep into the brains of every judge and legislator.

  25. Anyone know a candidate who needs a campaign manager? Asking for a friend.

    1. As a soon-to-be former member of his team, be prepared for Trump to obsessively trash talk about you.

  26. Even that non-paragon of fair reporting, the Associated Press, reported that, in the Portland, OR protest, the cops only responded to “demonstrators throwing bottles, cans and rocks at sheriff’s deputies.” Like several others have remarked, maybe the “press” needs to imbed themselves behind the cops in order to get a fair and balanced report of who started what first.

    1. Yeah, I am beginning to think that when police start announcing that everyone needs to clear the area you probably should not run right up to the police line and start yelling that you are press and you are allowed to stay there.

  27. That Akoin cryptocurrency model can probably work a lot better than the nonsense of bitcoin. An actual medium of exchange for transactions at a local level. Where outside that local market, it only price-sets and is itself priced based on whatever surplus that local community exports. Course it would be better if the guy actually developed the crypto for an actual existing community, rather than trying to build a city from scratch that will use it.

    1. Did your mommy tell you it was safe to use the keyboard?

      1. Yes! Let the anger seethe, Sevo! Feel it pulse through you!

  28. The rioting will continue until morale improves

  29. Meanwhile, in the Police Brutality Free zone, there was a third shooting (The local rag is calling it the second, if you ignore the fact that three people have been shot) in the last 48 hours and again, police and medics were not allowed to respond.

    And in other news, the CHAZ is moving forward with being fully racially segregated.

    What I find interesting is while America goes through its Great Leap Forward and we witness the struggle sessions and destruction of the Four Olds, the media is strangely silent in the whole process. The lesson I’m taking is that if the firing squads are run by the right people, the fourth estate won’t be your friend.

    1. “The lesson I’m taking is that if the firing squads are run by the right people, the fourth estate won’t be your friend.”

      It’s a Fifth Column, and has been for some time. It isn’t changing unless people in their editorial sections change their minds, or people start adopting the Charlie Hebdo method of media criticism. Yeah, we all remember the bravery of the writers there, and their horrific murder at the hands of a few Islamic extremists. Haven’t heard much criticism of Mohammed, or increasing Muslim discontent in the banlieus since then either.

      1. chapter 33, verse 50 of the Qur’an:

        “O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee.”

      2. If we’ve learned anything this decade, it’s that terrorism works

    2. Yep. The medics were allowed to respond, they just chose not to. Something about armed maniacs with guns and unsecured crime scenes, no police presence, yada yada yada. Sounds like a bunch of white supremacist talk to me /sarc

      1. The whole thing is a giant campaign ad for the Trump Administration. I’m stunned Inslee’s let this putrify for as long as he has. It’s been a great way to show undecided voters what life might be like under a newly-woke set of political leaders.

        1. Those balloonheads actually set up a segregated “healing space” in the zone for black people only.

          At the rate they’re going, we might actually get back to “separate but equal” policies. And leftists say that conservatives are stuck in the 50s.

    3. That’s where I am. They are the feeding the alligator hoping it comes for them last. Newsflash it won’t. The nationalists will be the last to go because they won’t be immediately around these people while they continue purging the nonbelievers. News organizations heads and the heads of these corporate appeasers will be on the pike or the very least fired to make room for the more radical younger crowd before they completely turn on their direct ideological enemies willing to fight. They do this because it’s the path of least resistance and as an example for what’s to come for their loudest foes.

    4. Forget it, Diane. It’s Seattle Town.

      Cannot believe how you can build all this paranoid narrative up in your mind when Seattle is just being the same insane radical Seattle its been for decades.

  30. We’ll see what happens in November this is all a giant toddler throwing an enormous fit hoping polite american society will just give it it’s lollipop by letting Biden win. Not that Trump winning causes these assholes to go away, but a Trump win forestalls them from abolishing the electoral college and packing the supreme court for another 4 years.

    1. You might want to worry about some of the behaviors of your champion.

      1. Trump’s not going after people and getting them fired for wrong think. You and yours are.

        1. My people? Like Gary Johnson?

          1. Troons

  31. If the “peaceful protesters” are blocking a thoroughfare it’s not clear how the police are expected to clear them. Bulldozers?

    1. Scoops

    2. Maybe the feds could give them armored D7’s.

    3. According to local warlord, Raz, if the victim wasn’t black then the medics would have no problem turning the people blocking their way into speed bumps. Because we all know how well that would play in the media and that the local politicians would totes have their back for doing their job.

  32. “You made your rulers mighty, gave them guards, So now you groan ‘neath slavery’s heavy rod.” ~ Solon

    The Government is not going to relinquish any power or protection, especially the impunity of its guards and enforcers the police, without a fight. Without their police to enforce their will with clubs and gas, the other bureaucrats – police are petty bureaucrats with clubs – and politicians are helplessly fat old men, that have trouble walking down ramps, and are many miles away who could continue to oppress none of us.

    Government was devised as a bandit’s weapon (the police) and disguise and that is all that it ever can be.

  33. Nothing is going to be done about the ‘protesters’ until after election day. Then it’ll be a quick mop up job. Trump can’t get better press than a bunch of lefties burning and looting their own cities. Then after everything is cleaned up, Trump get’s to put another notch in his Presidency.
    As for normal people doing nothing about it, I think level heads are prevailing. If the looters, rioters, commies and grievance mongers are in anyway harmed, the media will immediately turn this on it’s head. The media have made a straw man, they’re just waiting for someone to naturally fill that void. Thankfully, no one has taken the bait yet. No one will either, because we all know who is going to win reelection in November.
    After the election… the gloves are off.

    1. Wooh, boy. Sounds wonderful. Can’t wait for brown shirt heaven!

      1. Sounds a lot better than Ghetto Shithole.

  34. Blocking roads is violence

    1. It’s really not. At most, the word you are looking for is “aggression”.

      1. Huh, wonder what should be done about people who willingly violate the Non-Aggression Principle.

        1. Well, that depends. Who is being aggressed against? What is the aggression? What are the options for defending against the aggression? Would the response be all out of proportion to the initial grievance?

          1. You really ask the stupidest questions.

  35. In other/related news, a new Barrons piece calling for wealth redistribution immediately (no age groups, no stem degrees versus grievance degrees, refugees/new immigrants versus long term U.S. taxpayers…nothing on little pesky info/stats like that). Does irony exist in a site that is called “Barrons” voicing a call for wealth redistribution?

  36. >be member of media
    >be massive attention seeking bundle of sticks
    >hate America as founded
    >want lol gommunism
    >punch cop
    >get punched back
    >muh FREEDOM OF THE PRESS!!!!!!
    >seek attention on Twatter
    This is how the Millennial defines success. Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to pander to them.

  37. The statute reaches far beyond the terms of any subscriber agreement electrician in santa clarita

  38. when Kashmirs innocent people children’s effected from these gases you people sitting in your house and smile now your people doing well with you

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