Juneteenth, America's Other Independence Day, Is the Holiday We Need Right Now

Frederick Douglass: "There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the United States, at this very hour."


Juneteenth, America's other day of independence, is celebrated by black Americans in commemoration of the day the last of the slaves heard the news of the Emancipation Proclamation. On June 19, 1865, two years after the proclamation, Union General Gordon Granger led 20,000 troops to Galveston, Texas, and read from Order No. 3. Jubilation followed, and the day lives on as a joyful memory of a moment when the nation's founding ideals were finally applied to black Americans.

Juneteenth is now celebrated with gatherings, cultural events, and historical storytelling in many cities, and there are several efforts to make the holiday mainstream.

Juneteenth embodies the spirit of Frederick Douglass' "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?" speech from 1852:

What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? I answer; a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants, brass fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings, with all your religious parade and solemnity, are, to Him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy—a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the United States, at this very hour.

Douglass' speech has remained relevant in the 168 years since he spoke the words. And even after the formal end of state-sponsored segregation, the two Americas to which Douglass refers remained on display in many different state institutions.

When my city of Nashville needed an interstate in the 1960s, planners were faced with a few choices: potentially disrupt the all-white suburban neighborhood of Belle Meade, or place I-40 in the predominantly black North Nashville. The planners not only decided on the latter, but chose a route that cut off black businesses, churches, and schools from local residents. This decision, which may have been made in part to slow desegregation, arrested 100 years of prosperity and contributions to the music scene on Jefferson Street.

When the 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act established a 100-to-1 sentencing disparity between crack cocaine and powder cocaine (later reduced to an 18-to-1 disparity in 2010 by the Fair Sentencing Act), black defendants made up over 80 percent of convictions for crack cocaine convictions within 10 years, despite only accounting for approximately one-third of crack cocaine users.

When Alabama executed Nathaniel Woods in March, officials painted him as a cop killer despite the fact that he did not fire any of the bullets that took the lives of three Birmingham police officers. The actual killer said Woods was "100 percent innocent" and evidence collected by Woods' attorneys showed that there was no plot to ambush the officers. By contrast, Thomas Blanton, a white man responsible for the deaths of four little black girls in the bombing of Birmingham's 16th Street Baptist Church, is up for parole next year. The death penalty has long been unequally applied. Though half of murder victims are white, 80 percent of death sentences involve white victims and black defendants were disproportionately involved in capital punishment cases.

When just last month protesters took to the streets across the country to bring attention to police brutality and racism in policing, Minneapolis police arrested a black Latino CNN reporter on camera while his white colleague, who was in the same area, was free to work. Halfway across the country, Atlanta police officers brutalized a young black couple caught in traffic related to anti-brutality protests while the white passenger in front of them smiled and waved at the camera that captured the attack, initially unaware of the contrasting scene behind her.

As Americans finally have loud, overdue conversations about race and inequality, what better step to take towards reconciliation than to celebrate together on a day when we came one step closer to living up to our own ideals?


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  1. Slaves weren’t Americans.

    1. What about the ones that were born here? Do you think the USSC got Scott v. Sandford right?

      1. Being born here didn’t matter until the passage of the 14th amendment, by then they weren’t slaves anymore. The Dred Scott decision was consistent with the constitution as it was at the time

    2. Well, not American citizens, anyway.

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    3. Only a disgusting pig racist would say this.

      Libertarianism has a problem with racism. While there are lots of good libertarians who believe in equal rights for all, there’s another strain of libertarianism who see libertarian philosophy as a Darwinian philosophy which will prove the white man superior if only those socialists would get out of the way.

      1. Because it’s not true or because it is, which it is? Also someone can be racist, believe one race superior to another, and believe in equal rights for all. The two are not mutually exclusive.

        1. Yep, racist thought fits nicely with libertarian philosophy.

          Equal rights for all and on an even playing field the superior race will prove itself superior.

          That’s what you think, right?

          1. No and I sincerely hope on an even playing field the superior race won’t prove itself superior because I really don’t want to have to learn Chinese.

            1. No, but you think Asians are the superior race.

              I know this white supremacist hierarchy. Asians are on top with whites next and blacks at the bottom. Whites are dominant because Asian’s superior intelligence gets in the way of risk taking, so they have less accomplishments.

              1. So white supremacists are really white dominancists? Great ANOTHER category I have to keep straight.

              2. Judging by your emotive post, it’s safe to say you’re one standard deviation to the left on the the IQ distribution chart. I thought you and your ilk were all about I Fucking Love Science? It’s weird how you hand wave evidence away when it challenges the tenets of your Progressive dogma.

          2. There is no such thing as a non-racist socialist, or a non-anti-semitic socialist, so go fuck yourself.

      2. “…While there are lots of good libertarians who believe in equal rights for all, there’s another strain of libertarianism who see libertarian philosophy as a Darwinian philosophy which will prove the white man superior if only those socialists would get out of the way.”

        You are still

        1. IceTrey is proving me right.

          1. No he’s not.

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      3. Cite please. Or just fuck off back to Jezebel.

        1. Relax Jerk, I did say there were plenty of good libertarians, did I not?

          1. No, you said there were two types of libertarians – those who believe in white supremacy and those who believe in equal rights.

            Both are considered horrible people by everyone else. The latter are considered the worst through – because they won’t admit their racism.

            1. No, I did specifically say there are lots of good libertarians.

              1. This thread is incredible. It originates with the monumental ignorance and stupidity of GenoS and cascades from there into an abyss of cretinism.

      4. While there are lots of good libertarians who believe in equal rights for all,

        Watch yourself Geno. That particular passage is incredibly offensive to the people you’re trying to social signal to.

      5. “No segment of the population has lost more by the agendas of the liberal constituencies of the Democratic Party than the black population. The teachers’ unions, environmental fanatics, and the ACLU are just some of the groups to whose interests blacks have been sacrificed wholesale. Lousy education and high crime rates in the ghettos, and unaffordable housing elsewhere with building restrictions, are devastating prices to pay for liberalism.” – Thomas Sowell

        1. “You cannot take any people, of any color, and exempt them from the requirements of civilization, including work, behavioral standards, personal responsibility, and all the other basic things that the clever intelligentsia disdain, without ruinous consequences to them and to society at large.”
          Thomas Sowell.

        2. Frankly, the quote is applicable to more issues than Sowell lists here. As a conservative-leaning libertarian, I believe that one of the biggest scams to hit any community is the push for maintaining federally funded abortion. Though Planned Parenthood doesn’t receive Title X funding, it still receives both federal grants and contracts. The founder of the organization, Margaret Sanger, was an admitted racist, and PP ‘strategically places’ clinics in low-income neighborhoods. (as well as predominantly black ones). You can google studies of Planned Parenthood’s effect on the black community, and the Center for Urban Renewal and Education study will give you a hard look at what PP, and abortion in general, has done. The quote from the once pro-life Jesse Jackson, which is the study’s header, is strong meat for thought. “If you can justify abortion on the basis of emotional incompleteness, then your logic could also lead to killing for other forms of incompleteness, -blindness, crippleness, old age.”

      6. Every libertarian I have ever met agrees govt should not discriminate or pass laws forcing people or companies to. And that’s about it. To accomplish these two objectives is challenging but it is all that is needed for a free society. Other “libertarians” seem to look at “results” and believe govt should interfere with liberty to achieve something that I guess assuages their conscience. Equal results means a society that hates liberty…and the battle today it seems is between bolshevik types and people that believe in natural rights…

      7. Fuck off, don’t equate libertarians with white supremacists. Any true libertarian believes in equality and that race is inconsequential, only individual action matters. So again you can fuck right off.

    4. My heritage is German, Jew and Cherokee. The Romans had the Germans enslaved for 300 years. The Jews are probably the most enslaved people on the planet. The Cherokees were enslaved right here in the Unite States with Africans. Where’s my holidays?

      1. I’m left handed. We are in many ways the most discriminated against groups of people on the planet. Where is my holiday? When do I get my reparations from rightie?

        1. I am a lefty that is right eye dominant. I bat from the left side of the plate, catch with my right hand, throw with my left, when I draw an arrow on a bow it is with my right arm. My shotgun and rifle I shoulder on the right, I fire my pistol with my left hand. I prefer to kick my soccer ball with my right foot. I write in cursive and block with my left hand, but I don’t have to turn the sheet sideways. The only “difficulties” I have ever experienced due to my sinister disposition are at times water fountains and “PULL” doors with the hinges mounted on the right.

          So, all that said, which is not much per se, tell us oh Puck of the shavings mucked from the stalls, why are you owed reparations?

      2. Now wait a second…my ancestors were Romans..on no I will be outed and lose my job and house now…

      3. You have, January 1st, Presidents day, Memorial day, Independence day, labor day and on and the others I inadvertently skipped. Or you can feel sorry for yourself and pretend to be a victim. By the way, I’m pretty sure the Cherokees had slaves themselves. Get over it and just be an American.

    5. WHERE have all these VIRTUE SIGNALING race-baiters been for the past 100 plus years? There were black candidates for president on the left. WHY didn’t they raise this issue?

    6. Slaves existed in the Union until Dec 16th, and even later among native tribes.

      So, no, it wasn’t the last day for slavery.

      1. How dare you!! A truth like the fact that the emancipation proclamation did not apply to Northern states like Kentucky and Maryland could be cataclysmic. That after the civil war ended, the slaves were liberated by the news of the proclamation in Galveston on June 19, 1865, but in Northern states bondage continued until the passage of the 13th amendment in December. Balderdash.

        1. Don’t forget Delaware and Missouri.
          13th Amendment, ratified: 12/6/1865

    7. Yes they were, despite what white supremacists would like us to think. They were as American as anyone alive in the nation at that time, maybe more so since they were forced against their will to be here. No amount of White Supremacist logic will convince normal people otherwise.

  2. Frederick Douglass: “There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the United States, at this very hour.”

    Hold my beer.

    /Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, et. al.

    1. Yeah, I’m fucking sick of all these people that act like America is so incredibly horrible. I invite every one of them to GTFO. If all these other countries are so awesome, they should go there and leave us alone.

      1. You don’t understand, they LOVE America. They just hate everything about it.

        1. They love America because it’s so easy for them to take advantage of. That’s the part they love.

          Everything else… not so much.

      2. Meh… America is alright. In terms of quality of life it’s probably up there with some Eastern European shithole countries.

        1. I’m sure North Korea is better. You’re a commie, how about you go find out?

          1. North Korea wouldn’t take him,

        2. Then why don’t you go to one of those and quit facing up this country? Granted, you would likely starve to death in almost any other country on earth.

        3. American Socialist
          June.19.2020 at 1:20 am

          You, OTOH, are what the cleaners won’t touch at the bottom of the septic tank.

        4. Actually, having grown up, lived in, and spent a lot of time traveling in Western European shithole countries, America is alright. And literally every other country is the third world.

        5. Spoken like someone who’s never been outside the country, least of all to a middle-class neighborhood in Eastern Europe.

      3. While the statement is perhaps hyperbolic, it is certainly true that horrible things were being done to a certain segment of the population when Douglass said that.

        But today, I agree. America does have it’s problems, but to act like it’s some uniquely racist, horrible culture is absurd.

        1. Look at the comments people use here. Especially Shitty, Nardz, et al. They hate half of their fellow countrymen, and have said some horrible shit in favor of genocide and civil war. They bitch constantly about every aspect of their country. Yet they wrap themselves in the flag and pretend to love their country sooooo very much whenever someone says something critical.

        2. “What we call ‘racism’, other countries call ‘national pride.’”

          -Penn Jillette

    2. Ehh… it’s debatable. I guess America isn’t soo special. They’ve killed off maybe a couple million less than Stalin. Stalin, of course, made Hitler put a bullet in his mouth. So I guess there’s that.

      1. It’s not even close. Go pay your mortgage.

        1. It depends on who you get your numbers from. Reputable historians or guys that cribbed their books from British intelligence. The latter gives way higher numbers.

          1. So you would prefer the latter over reputable historians? Says a lot.


              1. You consider Zinn to be reputable?

          2. Denying the Holodomor these days, you commie piece of filth?

            1. “These days”? Commies are subhuman shit who ALWAYS deny their racist, anti-semitic, homophobic agenda and history.

              Pinochet did nothing wrong.

      2. American Socialist
        June.19.2020 at 1:19 am


        You, OTOH, are what the cleaners won’t touch at the bottom of the septic tank.

      3. Hitler made Hitler put a bullet in his mouth.

    3. Jfc, dude. Did you fail high school history? Frederick Douglas lived in the 19th century, way before Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Idi Amin were born.

      1. So you’re unfamiliar with the “hold my beer” meme…

        Fn eunuch

      2. Fuck you, you racist piece of shit.

      3. Okay, Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Muhammad …

        1. “at this very hour”

          1. All of Africa at that moment, most of the Middle East, all of South America, most of Asia, half of the Pacific.

            At that moment, Canada was a bit better. The UK didn’t have slaves, only peasants and colonials.

            He was wrong.

            1. And don’t forget Tsarist Russia. Assuming Frederick Douglas made those statements before the Civil War began, it had so-called serfs – but really slaves, since they could be sold away from their home and family. It had mobs murdering all the Jews they could catch – these spasms of violence were often probably started by government provocateurs. It had domestic violence even in the Imperial palace: Ivan the Terrible beat a son to death, and Peter the Great’s son and heir died from torture. It had utterly vicious secret police, that were the model for the Gestapo, as well as various Communist security forces.

              But it is clearly true that from the viewpoint of an escaped African-American slave, the most visible parts of the world outside the USA – England and France – were much better than the antebellum USA.

    4. Note that the quote has “at this very hour.” So in the context of quote no one you suggested had been born.

      1. Sure, but Douglass was still wrong.

        1. About the US being the worst in the world? Sure, probably. But it was a lot harder to know what was going on in the world in the 19th century, and Douglass was trying to stir people to action. In 1852 it was certainly true that shocking and bloody practices were common. That’s the point. It doesn’t matter if someone happened to be doing worse things somewhere at the time.

          1. A wise* woman once said, “There’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.”

            *according to herself

            1. No, no, no. They’re not racists. They would just rather discuss how much worse Mao was than American slavery, rather than even contemplate for a moment the racist foundation of America. They are suuuuuper concerned with the absolute factual correctness of a long dead freed slave for the sake of truth. Of course, Trump can be excused for a few whoppers every other hour or so. He likes to kid and other people keep giving him bad facts.

              1. Can you be excused for being a child rape enthusiast that advocates for the importation of child rapists from foreign countries?


              2. For some reason, you’re assuming that the practice of slavery – confined to the southern half of the country – was the basis for the whole country.

                Ignoring that there was significant opposition to slavery even before the US existed, it was a contentious issue during the creation of the country which was tabled, was basically non-existent in the north, and after which the *industrialized* north, not having been reliant on slavery, crushed the poorer south – poorer *because* of their reliance on slavery instead of more efficient machines – and gave up the blood of millions to end it.

                But yeah, the US was built on slavery.

                1. Well, and Chinese and Irish.

          2. That’s the point.

            There can be more than one point. An alternative point is that you don’t get to reject moral relativism for one person and then apply absolute moralism to the person next to them without fundamentally compromising any/all morals.

            The people who are prioritizing 30 million dead Chinamen and 20 million dead Russians above the 2-3 million dead slaves are being described as ‘technically right but morally wrong’ and that’s neither technically nor morally correct. The people telling them they’re neither technically or morally correct are doing so as an indictment of a dead institution and in overt defense or dismissal of the same institutions that killed 50 million Asians and still stand to this day.

            1. An alternative point is that you don’t get to reject moral relativism for one person and then apply absolute moralism

              Sorry, accept moral relativism for one and then apply absolute moralism to the next.

        2. But the examples provided did not prove him wrong.

      2. Note that one of the indicators of intellect is the ability to recognize humor.

    5. IMO, the funniest thing about the statement (and best things about FD, IMO) is that you have to read it as:

      “At this very hour, no nation in the West is more guilty of bloody and shocking practices than the people of the United States.”

      Or assume Fredrick Douglass was some uneducated yokel slave.

      His original statement, for someone aware of history and world politics even at the time, either ignores or assumes people like Genghis Kahn existed and that things like the Taiping Civil War, the Crimean War, etc. are taking/took place.

      Either FD was a well-educated former slave who, even then, just assumed Western/American exceptionalism, or he was just some ignorant former slave who could run his mouth.

      1. No, I don’t think so. I can’t think of a worse practice (in scope and suffering) in the east at the time to American slavery. I can think of a few close contenders, but FD could be well aware of world events and still make the statement he did.

        1. I can’t think of a worse practice

          We would all be greatly diminished if reality were bound by your ignorance.

        2. In 1814, Swiss explorer Johann Burckhardt wrote of his travels in Egypt and Nubia, where he saw the practice of slave trading: “I frequently witnessed scenes of the most shameless indecency, which the traders, who were the principal actors, only laughed at. I may venture to state, that very few female slaves who have passed their tenth year, reach Egypt or Arabia in a state of virginity.”

          Richard Francis Burton wrote about the Medina slaves, during his 1853 Haj, “a little black boy, perfect in all his points, and tolerably intelligent, costs about a thousand piastres; girls are dearer, and eunuchs fetch double that sum.” In Zanzibar, Burton found slaves owning slaves.

          Douglass bought in to Western Exceptionalism or was an ignorant slave. Your choice.

          1. Sorry, my mistake.

            Douglass bought into Western Exceptionalism, was an ignorant slave, or widespread, systematic, and open rape of 10-yr.-old girls and castration of boys doesn’t count because you’re a great person of exceptional character.

    6. Did any of those tyrants exist at the hour when Frederick Douglass was speaking?

      1. Do none of you realize how “hold my beer” works?

        A does something which is described a certain way.
        B says “hold my beer” and then does something to top A.
        In this case, A=American slavery and B=the dictators who want someone (GB maybe?) to hold their beer so they can go out and top it…

        This is simple stuff, folks

    7. Look at who said that. Look at the year he said that. None of the What-About people you point to were even alive at that time.

      1. Arabs raping girl and boy slaves was a common practice at the time. Slavery existed in most Spanish colonies at that time. French colonies were worse. Should I continue? Or are facts racist?

    8. None of those people were in power at that “very hour”, so your jest falls a bit flat.

    9. Bingo.

    10. Fucking Brilliant. Your handle is a bit… Odd lets say. Why not something more familiar like mystical beast charnel house. 🙂

  3. “There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the United States, at this very hour.”

    Not to dismiss the horrors Douglas had witnessed but I’m pretty sure every nation on earth was guilty of practices as shocking and bloody in 1858.
    Western European colonialism, Russian expansion, the Ottoman Empire, Arab slave trade, etc…

    1. Don’t forget Russian serfs.

      1. Serfing USSR!

    2. I dunno, having children being born into chattel slavery, families torn apart for forced breeding/selling…American slavery does have some unique attributes that are especially horrifying.

      1. Among his other reforms, Taiping Rebellion leader Hong Xiuquan abolished slavery and prostitution in the territory under his control in the 1850s and 1860s.[4]

        “Slavery exists in China, especially in Canton and Peking … I have known a male slave. He is named Wang and is a native of Kansu, living in Kuei-chou in the house of his original master’s son, and with his own family of four persons acknowledged to me that he was a slave, Nu-p’u. He was a person of considerable ability, but did not appear to care about being free. Female slaves are very common all over China, and are generally called . . .

        YA-TOU 丫頭. Slave girl, a female slave. Slave girls are very common in China; nearly every Chinese family owns one or more slave girls generally bought from the girl’s parents, but sometimes also obtained from other parties. It is a common thing for well-to-do people to present a couple of slave girls to a daughter as part of her marriage dowery. Nearly all prostitutes are slaves. It is, however, customary with respectable people to release their slave girls when marriageable. Some people sell their slave girls to men wanting a wife for themselves or for a son of theirs.

        I have bought three different girls; two from Szű-chuan for a few taels each, less than fifteen dollars. One I released in Tientsin, another died in Hongkong; the other I gave in marriage to a faithful servant of mine. Some are worth much money at Shanghai.”[29]

        In addition to sending Han exiles convicted of crimes to Xinjiang to be slaves of Banner garrisons there, the Qing also practiced reverse exile, exiling Inner Asian (Mongol, Russian and Muslim criminals from Mongolia and Inner Asia) to China proper where they would serve as slaves in Han Banner garrisons in Guangzhou. Russian, Oirats and Muslims (Oros. Ulet. Hoise jergi weilengge niyalma) such as Yakov and Dmitri were exiled to the Han banner garrison in Guangzhou

        But the Rebellion leader who was against slavery and admits to having bought and sold slaves himself and who lost the War doesn’t actually mention forced breeding so it probably didn’t happen anywhere in China despite being *massively* more prolific and longstanding.

        1. But the Rebellion leader who was against slavery and admits to having bought and sold slaves himself and who lost the War doesn’t actually mention forced breeding so it probably didn’t happen anywhere in China despite being *massively* more prolific and longstanding.

          Damnit! I’m certain I closed that blockquote. I suppose one we lose the reply button this whole problem goes away.

      2. I dunno, having children being born into chattel slavery, families torn apart for forced breeding/selling…American slavery does have some unique attributes that are especially horrifying.

        Well, you could list some I suppose. But nothing listed here was unique to American slavery. Or even unique to human history. Or even unique to history at the time – as slavery was still practiced in large parts of the world that weren’t Europe.

        Consider, for example, the castrato.

        1. I knew a woman in Taiwan back in the 90’s. Her father had given her to the family of my acquaintance in lieu of paying his gambling debts.
          America today is home to about a quarter of the planet’s prisoners. Slavery is still with us.

          1. Prison isn’t slavery. Sorry to shatter the libertarian fantasy, but every single person in a US prison went through due process before imprisonment.

            Did many of them get a raw deal? Do we need to reform the criminal justice system? Yes, absolutely. But it is not slavery by any stretch of the imagination.

            Furthermore, I’d stack the imperfect US justice system against many — if not most — criminal justice systems in the rest of the world, including Europe. I would not want to be accused of a crime in Italy or France, for example.

            1. “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States…”

      3. Right. And this was unique to the United States? All other slave holding cultures since B.C. had stringent rules about family separations, breeding choice stock, et al. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    3. Research the Asante (Ashanti) Nation of West Africa. The scarves worn by Pelosi and the other virtue signalers were worn by the elite in their nation. The Asante were slave traders that helped bring slaves to America by selling them to Europeans.

  4. Not an American, so honest question, are whites and Asians allowed to celebrate Juneteenth?

    1. Depends if they’re kneeling or not.

    2. Depends who you ask, probably. Traditionally, yes.

  5. I like Juneteenth being a holiday (horrible name though).
    I don’t like the way it’s being done, but it’s an event worthy of annual commemoration.
    The day Lee and Grant signed the surrender of the confederacy would be another good holiday.

    1. The day Lee and Grant signed the surrender of the confederacy would be another good holiday.

      We could burn down Atlanta in celebration!!!

      (It’s also Confederate Memorial Day in some southern states)

      1. It’s perhaps naive, but I don’t think it should be a day for atonement or anything.
        It should be celebratory.

      2. As of 1999 while working for the Texas Department of Transportation, if I wished I could have taken Confederate Memorial Day as a holiday instead of others. I don’t remember if Juneteenth was also on the list. I just remember being a little taken aback that the Confederate Memorial Day was still an option.

      3. Lee and Grant did not sign the surrender of the Confederacy. They signed the surrender of Lee’s army. While for all intents and purposes it *was* the death knell of the Confederacy, Lee was not the commander of all Confederate forces in the way Grant was of the Union forces. Other Confederate armies under other commanders continued to fight on for several months afterwards.

        1. Way to go!! You know your history. Its so refreshing these days to come across a functional mind.

        2. There was no overall surrender after Appomattox, because there was no longer a Confederate government to surrender. Lee’s army spent its last year guarding the seat of that government in Richmond. When that battle was lost, Lee found his retreat from Richmond cut off – and so was the escape path for Jefferson Davis and any other Confederate official that had stuck to his job. So Lee surrendered, Davis was imprisoned, and there was no functioning Confederate government remaining. This left a lot of little CSA armies as independent commands with no authority over them. The Union had to seek the surrender of each one of these commanders separately. It was fortunate that Grant and Lee had set a model for such surrenders that the generals on both sides could readily follow…

      4. ^^^ still sore the South lost

        1. ^^^ Still dragging those strawmen around.

        2. ^^^ prima facie example of stupid.

        3. Do you roll around on the ground smashing pots and pans as you call people ‘racist’ like a little baby?

          Just trying to get a mental picture.

          Like all lazy dumbass lefties, their fall back on anything they don’t like is to call everyone and anything a ‘racist’.

      5. On a lark, I looked it up. Even in 2020, a State of Texas employee has the option of taking both Juneteenth and Confederate Heros Day as holiday options. https://comptroller.texas.gov/about/holidays.php

    2. Juneteenth is as authentic a holiday as Kwanza. Why was this “second day of independence” unheard of more than ten years ago?

      Why not December 18, the anniversary of the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment? Wouldn’t that have been the true “second day of independence?” Or did we forget that the Emancipation Proclamation applied only to the Confederacy and not to Northern or Border States, or to sections of the Confederacy where Union sympathizers lives, where slavery continued to exist?

      1. It does reek of bs, but what it marks is very real.

        Columbus Day
        Veterans Day
        Memorial Day
        Presidents Day
        MLK Day

        Are those inauthentic?
        They have the same basis as celebrating June 19 (my God, juneteenth is just a really awful name) – commemorating a historic American event/figure.
        I don’t know that I’d go so far as to close offices, but it’s worth officially recognizing.

        *not mentioned here is the truly fake holiday of Valentines Day or Cinco de Mayo, when we celebrate a Mexican victory over France because it’s an excuse to get hammered on margaritas

        1. Everyone knows Valentines Day is fake and no one refers to Cinco de Mayo as the fourth or fifth American Revolution.

          And I repeat: why is this a “historic American event“ and not the enactment of the 13th amendment, the true end of slavery?

          1. Because the 13th amendment allows slavery as a punishment for crimes to this day.

            1. Not precisely, no.

              1. “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted,…”
                I don’t know how you could be more precise.

          2. Because it is a celebration that evolved organically (wasn’t an official holiday until the later 20th century). I agree that if you wanted to create a holiday that commemorates the end of slavery in the US, then the 13th amendment would make more sense. But this is the day that people have celebrated in many places for a long time. So it is what it is.

          3. Probably just because the enactment of the 13th Amendment happened in the middle of winter, whereas June 19th is a perfect day to host a BBQ.

            1. I like the way you think.

          4. Because we didn’t end slavery – only private ownership of slaves – conscription is allowed to this day.

          5. “And I repeat: why is this a “historic American event“ and not the enactment of the 13th amendment, the true end of slavery?”

            Does it really matter?
            It’s a day to annually mark and celebrate the abolition of slavery in the US.
            We can pick any number of days to put it on, but June 19th has already been established and is tradition now.
            The fact that the 4th of July follows two weeks after is icing on the cake.

            A totally separate issue is how it’s interpreted. The holiday should be joyous, where we celebrate overcoming America’s “peculiar institution” and moving on.
            Make it a national holiday and make that the focus

        2. Great point here. All holidays are made up and are a social construction based on an event or an idea. They are often based on ideas rather than on facts. So one might point to the Emancipation Proclamation, or the 13th Amendment, but it was the event of Juneteenth that capture people attention. Think of Christmas, which has no real connection with the birth of Jesus, but is close to the winter solstice. By the way, I have nothing against the name Juneteenth, it is organic in its origins and I respect that.

        3. And precisely what is wrong with Americans finding an excuse to get hammered on Margaritas in solidarity with our Southern brethren defeating the legionnaires at Puebla but thinking that its really Mexican Independence. Its also an opportunity for cultural appropriation. Its the perfect holiday.

      2. If you are white and not from Texas it might be unheard of, but it’s been a thing since, like, 1867.

        1. Actually, I come from the state that did not need an invading army to force us to end slavery. Sorry.

          1. And I bet you don’t even own a tv, too.

        2. And it is traditionally celebrated by holding a BBQ, which makes it a good holiday.

          1. No it isn’t lol. It’s traditional celebrated with a near riot in Galveston.

      3. Juneteenth has been a thing since immediately after the Civil War. It commemorates the proclamation that slaves in Texas were free. It’s popularity has waxed and waned at various times, but it is most definitely not a new or made up thing.

      4. *All* holidays are as authentic as Kwanza.

        Why was this “second day of independence” unheard of more than ten years ago?

        Just because *you* had never heard of it doesn’t mean it hasn’t existed as a thing since 1866ish.

        1. “*All* holidays are as authentic as Kwanza.”


        2. I guarantee you hadn’t heard of it until this year. And you are a gigantic wigger.

        3. Why Juneteenth? Because even Reason authors are ignorant or fools. “Juneteenth, America’s other day of independence, is celebrated by black Americans in commemoration of the day the last of the slaves heard the news of the Emancipation Proclamation.” So is the author claiming that all the slaves in Texas were in Galveston? Maybe she has never been to Texas, but I’ve been there, and I can assure you that no one can stand in one town and shout loud enough to be heard in even 0.1% of Texas.

          I have driven across Texas. Even at 70mph+, that’s a long day. I-10 in Texas is 880 miles long. It normally would take about a week to carry the news across that distance by horseback, with several changes of horses. In 1865, it would take much longer, because there were men who still thought there was a war on, and you’d find more places where you had to fight or negotiate for passage than places to get a fresh horse.

          So I expect that there were still unliberated slaves in the far reaches of Texas, and other remote parts of the former Confederacy theoretically subject to the Emancipation Proclamation, six months later when the 13th Amendment passed. And it was only then that all American slaves were free, even in theory.

      5. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? “The world may never know.” Your commentary is inspired and informed, however far too complex for sheep.

    3. “Juneteenth” is kind of a dumb name. No one talks about why it is called that, because the answer I expect will not be flattering to blacks. My best guess, at least, is that, as the freed slaves were illiterate, they also didn’t have an understanding of the calendar. Someone said the date was June 19th, but that wasn’t really understood, so the words were slurred together into “Juneteenth”. Of course, it is not their fault that they had deliberately been kept illiterate. (If anyone has a different or better explanation for the name, I’d like to hear it.)

      1. Dan S. please go and read some history. Juneteenth is a contraction of June nineteenth, see june (nine) teenth. In deference to your single digit quotient I typed as slowly as possibly could yet I fear it might have blown right by you.

    4. Nardz, you surprise me every now and then.

  6. How about next Juneteenth we tear down all these statues of these confederate traitors?

    1. Technically, they were secessionists, not traitors. A confederate traitor would have been someone who aided the union.

      Traitors are guys like George Washington. He was a British subject who took up arms against the crown, after all. Should we be tearing his statue down?

      1. “Traitors are guys like George Washington. He was a British subject who took up arms against the crown, after all. Should we be tearing his statue down?”

        Always depends on who won. If the British won, his statues would be down, he would be branded a traitor. The winning side doesn’t often let the losing side keep shrines to their former leaders.

        This doesn’t matter though, the refrain of “But what about Washington and Jefferson? What about their statues?” is a weak one for all purposes. Statues and monuments aren’t necessary at all. I know and appreciate as much about Madison, Hamilton, Adams, as I do about Washington and I have never seen any statues or monuments to them personally. We don’t have to have monuments to any former heroes/traitors or whatever else history calls them in later context to learn about and appreciate their greatness/faults.

        1. They were all flawed. So are we. Difference is they built a nation, and most of us build nothing that alters the course of the world in a way that touches everyone, and on every continent. That’s big. And they did so with some aspiringly lofty aims while doing so on the backs of slaves; cognitive dissonance is human.

          1. And they did so with some aspiringly lofty aims while doing so on the backs of slaves; cognitive dissonance is human.

            And even a cursory reading indicates that, for many, there was no cognitive dissonance. They firmly believed that no man born into bondage could be freed or free others without first freeing themselves. That submitting to slavery in heavan, while still slavery, is (or can be) preferrable to being forced to choose in which level of hell to live free.

            Freeing slaves only to have The Crown seize and reenslave them was no freedom at all. The FF in the 18th Cent. had very little way of knowing for certain how slavery would shake out without their own independence.

            To act like “They didn’t know they were keeping people in slavery.” is pretty dishonest. Not only to the FF but to men like Crispus Attucks as well.

        2. Statues and monuments aren’t necessary at all. I know and appreciate as much about Madison, Hamilton, Adams, as I do about Washington and I have never seen any statues or monuments to them personally.

          The struggle session is real. You go ahead twist your head around to find justifications to support bullshit in order to keep your skin intact.

          How about – this isn’t about whether or not statues are necessary. How about this is about freedom of speech.

        3. “Statues and monuments aren’t necessary at all.”

          Yea, lets just live in bland stretches of suburban sprawl with endless strip malls which are all homogeneous and have no sense of history or place attached to them. ????

        4. That doesn’t mean we should allow progtards to run wild and tear down such statues because they can’t control themselves. Better to give the progtards a beatdown and teach them their place.

      2. Washington is as much a secessionist as he is a traitor.

        Traitor, secessionist – the difference is ‘did you win’.

        Though, IMO, no one owes a government loyalty automatically. The only way you can ‘betray’ your country is by taking a post of responsibility in its structure and then using that position to harm it.

        Simply walking away – and then shooting anyone who tries to stop you – is not a betrayal. You’re not a traitor for doing that.

        1. This “did you win“ sophistry is shockingly discarded when it comes to some of the biggest losers this country has ever seen. The American Indiana. Lol those losers got their asses stomped all the way across the continent. Same with the pathetic slave rebellion leaders who couldn’t have been more incompetent. And yet their statues are unmolested. Seems like maybe it’s less did you lose than it is do Moshe and Avi resent your kind.

    2. David French had a better suggestion. Rather than erase history, why not install statues of the winning generals and move all the Confederates to a ‘losers park’ like they have in Hungary? (last point from Welchie)

      1. I can’t remember which black civil rights leader I heard mention it, but despite being a black civil rights leader, he was against removing the statues. He very much felt that with BLM (which wast still predominantly just a twitter phenomenon) many African Americans had lost touch with the actual slavery and oppression that caused individual day-to-day suffering. His suggestion was that Dr. King mentioned a bell ringing freedom that could be heard all the way to Stone Mountain and that Confederate statues be adorned with a symbolic bell. He felt we should contribute constructively to history rather than trying to erase it or hide it away.

        A bell on Confederate statues that gets rang every Juneteenth sounds pretty constructive and symbolic to me.

        1. There are many great black thinkers and personalities on youtube. I thoroughly enjoy them and they seem to support this line of thinking. They don’t seem to like BLM at all.

      2. Why do we need to do anything to indulge the ever changing whims of these progtards at all? Fuck them. Their bullshit never stops.

        Dignifying it just encourages them. Don’t encourage progtards in their progtardation.

      3. Just as long as we dynamite the shit out of any Indian Chief statue in the land. Biggest losers in world history. I want a statue of Sheridan and Sherman on every single reservation. Every morning they need to be remind that my ancestors kicked their ancestors ass.

        If i recall we also kicked some Mexican ass back in mid 1800s. Following this no losers allowed principle any Mexican flag on Mexicans soil must be burned. Whether or not the person in possession of the flag gets his ass kicked can be up to the descretion of the police.

    3. How about this June we expel all the socialist traitors?

      1. I like this too

      2. Thank you. I’ve been saying this for years. It’s nice to see others come to this conclusion.

    4. “Treason is a charge invented by winners as an excuse for hanging the losers.” – Benjamin Franklin, quote from the musical 1776 (1972)

      He didn’t actually say it, but he should have.

  7. You know, next year when Joe Biden becomes President and he gets busy smelling hair, pissing on himself, and forgetting what planet he’s on you know what I’m going to do when some smug European asshole asks me about why we have an Alzheimer’s patient for President? I’m going to tell him that the alternative was to be ruled by a completely corrupt, lying thief surrounded by sycophants and supported by a bunch of fucking right-wing trolls who legitimized his lying and douchebaggery and that sensible and decent people had had about fucking enough. Better to be governed by some bedwetter than some asshole Douche liar, supported by a bunch of right-wing enabling dicks. This is your fault, right-wing enabling dicks.

    1. If Biden wins, his term in office will likely be very short, esp. if he stupidly names Hillary Clinton as a VP. But even if the VP is not Hillary, I can’t see Joe serving out a full term before his own party starts demanding that he step down for VP Kamala Harris or whomever. The man already looks like Reagan in his last year and he’s not even elected yet.

      1. Hillary’s not on his list, so at least we can all not worry about that.

    2. So you’re going to vote for him, and then blame others. Says a lot.

      1. That’s basically what you hear from most Trump voters.

        1. Hillary’s worse but don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for either of them.

        2. Yup.

        3. De Oppresso Loser can’t understand how Trump won. Nobody he knows voted for him.

          1. “That’s basically what you hear from most Trump voters.”

            Sounds like he knows Trump voters pretty well, actually.

            1. Yeah, it’s a real stretch to know that most voters choose the one they dislike the least.

              1. I can totally understand closing your eyes and choosing the one you dislike the least. What I don’t get is enthusiastic Trumps supporters.

                It’s especially mind-boggling that, here in a supposed community of libertarians, there are people who have knee-jerk reactions to criticism of any President, past or present.

        4. I like Trump and will vote for him again.
          Suck my dick, bitches

    3. Not bad for a Russian troll.

    4. People who believe Biden, Hillary, or any other Democrat that would want the job from Trump doesn’t lie, isn’t corrupt, and doesn’t have sycophants — or has all of those qualities but is somehow “less bad” on them than Trump — are the worst, most deluded people in the world.

      1. AmSoc is a gigantic piece of shit, devoid of a soul.

  8. As Americans finally have loud, overdue conversations about race and inequality,

    Several high profile “rationalists” are currently being cancelled over past milquetoast, speculative race and IQ statements. Is that one of the “loud, overdue conversations” or nah?

    1. black defendants were disproportionately involved in capital punishment cases.

      bruh …

    2. Halfway across the country, Atlanta police officers brutalized a young black couple caught in traffic related to anti-brutality protests while the white passenger in front of them smiled and waved at the camera that captured the attack, initially unaware of the contrasting scene behind her.

      The white supremacists brutes.

      1. She should have her eyes transplanted to the back of her head! How heartless!!

    3. Are you talking about Steve Hsu, the guy that’s “helping China engineer genius babies”?

    4. Looting and torching police cars is ‘overdue conversation?’

      Racism is a red herring. Police accountability should be the focus because that is the root cause of the problem. So all we will get are promises and window dressing and another holiday for our precious ‘over-worked’ civil servants. Gag!!

    5. Yeah, there’s no conversation. It’s lecturing. There’s no dialogue, it’s monologue.

      1. Rule of thumb: Whenever someone says, “We need to have a conversation,” they really mean, “You need to shut up and do everything I say.”

  9. Juneteenth, America’s other day of independence, is celebrated by black Americans in commemoration of the day the last of the slaves heard the news of the Emancipation Proclamation.

    BS!! Sharpton and Jesse still haven’t heard the news.

  10. White European settlers exterminated the Indians, enslaved Africans, stole a large portion of the country from Mexico, nuked the Japanese, and so on. And yet here we are, protesting all that stuff as if it were still going on today. If it were still going on today, you’d be scared shitless to open your mouth about it. It’s like the people who call Trump a literal Hitler – it diminishes what it means to be Hitler.

    1. Also, hilariously, these people are ‘Progressives’. Now, it’s obviously a stall tactic or foil to put ‘my progress’ over ‘any progress’ but still, in classic newspeak fashion; Progressives will insist that America can’t move forward without being baptized of it’s past.

    2. When will we see reparations for the Mongol invasions?

      1. The day after the Egyptians pay reparations to Israel for 400 years of slavery.

      2. What about reparations to the Neanderthal descendants?

    3. I’m waiting for Native Americans to tear down the statues of the Buffalo Soldiers.

      1. Last time they met, Buffalo beat the Redskins Native Americans 24 – 9, so it’s understandable.

      2. Still waiting for the movement to remove monuments to Union officers who traveled west to massacre Indians after the war.

  11. This is getting ridiculous. Which white person can virtue signal the loudest?
    The SEC president? Michigan Governor? Aunt Jemima?, Uncle Ben’s?
    It’s like a bad game show.
    And, again, based on false premises.

    1. Totally agree. I wonder if white ethnic festivals and events are going to be banned/cancelled now? Like the hundreds of Italian American and Oktoberfests etc?

  12. I have literally never heard of this fucking holiday.

  13. Juneteenth, America’s other day of independence, is celebrated by black Americans in commemoration of the day the last of the slaves heard the news of the Emancipation Proclamation.

    I have never heard of a black person celebrating Juneteenth. I’ve never heard of anyone celebrating it. Fuck you and your race baiting BS.

    1. I’m sure there are lots of things in the world I don’t know about. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    2. Juneteenth is way more real than Kwanzaa.

      1. As real as all your socks, Pedo Jeffy.

    3. Real black people celebrate Juneteenth. It’s a real thing.

    4. I had never heard of it either until I moved to Texas to go to graduate school. That was in 1980, and Juneteenth was, forty years ago, something that had been around for multiple generations. I lived in a racially mixed neighborhood on the east (bad) side of Plano, and Juneteenth was as big a deal as the Fourth of July and celebrated in much the same way.

    5. I’m sure it is in some parts of the country. I had never heard of it either, and I’ve lived in the Deep South my whole life, as far as I know, not under a rock.

    6. It’s mostly a southern thing because that’s where the slaves were.

      1. No it’s entirely a Texas thing and even blacks west of Dallas don’t celebrate it. Literally no one at reason knew this existed until this year.

        1. That makes sense. This wasn’t when the slaves were freed, it wasn’t even when the slaves in Texas were freed, but only when the slaves in _Galveston_ were freed. Galveston is and was a small city, just one of three ports serving Houston. Word probably spread quickly through Houston, but there is a lot more to Texas than the Houston metropolitan area.

    7. “Frederick Douglass: ‘There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the United States, at this very hour.'”

      Mr. Douglas had obviously never been over the Arab Muslim slave trade centers nor had he seen how the peace-loving Muslims treated slaves of any color.

      1. Of course, you can blame slavery for Douglass’s lack of childhood education. Educating slaves was not only deemed a waste of money by most owners, it became illegal across the South in the early 19th Century, for fear that it would encourage the slaves to try to free themselves violently, like Nat Turner.

  14. America is a wonderful concept blemished by the previous generations and I believe the future generations will right its wrongs!

    1. I hope you sincerely meant that, and were not being sarcastic. Because it is a wonderful sentiment.

      1. Oh?
        What past wrongs need to be righted by future generations?

        1. Gamer Gazette’s comment did not have the word, “past”, in it.

          1. “America is a wonderful concept blemished by the previous generations”

        2. Every amendment after the 15th. The FED. The New Deal. The Great Society. Hope and Change.

          My short list

  15. No, it’s not, Zuri.

    1. Well, it might be if it were being celebrated as it’s supposed to be, as a joyful celebration of liberation. But if it’s going to be another day of rage/self-flagellation, no thanks.

      1. Of course it’s going to be another day of rage and self-flagellation.

  16. Reason has begun to disgust me more and more. What kind of meaningless, feel-good article is this? Reason staff can’t find someone to write articles about issues that will actually make a difference in the oppression of the African-American community? I find it rather disgusting that we believe we can make our relations in this country better just by giving the oppressed a “holiday”. I expect crap like this from the Democratic Party. It is beneath Libertarians. Let’s make changes…not just dress it up with a bow and sing “Kumbaya”.

    1. The incremental cost of posting a feel-good article on the website, alongside articles of deeper import, is pretty low.

    2. I mean, I feel the same way about Reason’s movie and TV show reviews. Like, why are those even there, but I just skip over them.

    3. I know, right – that internet paper is really expensive. Can’t go wasting that e-ink on bullshit, amirite?

      Oh no, wait, electrons are practically free. Nevermind, carry on.

    4. Empty and meaningless gestures to prove that we really, really care are what everyone actually wants.

  17. Frederick Douglass: “There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the United States, at this very hour.”

    He was wrong then and if he was alive today would still be wrong. For all the fucked up stuff that the USA has done in the past or is doing now, its still orders of magnitude better than most of the rest of the world.

    1. Black solipsism is the real black people magic.

  18. Reason is advocating for another federal holiday.

    Behold, the state of libertarianism in 2020!

    1. Where does it say that in the article?

      1. Um, in the title of the article?

        Usually people only read the tiles and not the articles, instead of vice versa.

        1. I do admit I do the opposite: I read the article, but usually don’t look at the title. However, I just looked at the title and it doesn’t say anything about making Juneteenth a Federal holiday.

        2. Um, it doesn’t say anything about making it a federal holiday in the title either (unless it’s been changed). It is possible to have holidays that aren’t government sanctioned, you know.

          1. In fact, they should all be that way.

          2. Juneteenth already is a holiday for whoever wants to celebrate it.

            If you’re saying that “we” – Americans – need a holiday, then that implies it’s going to be officially sanctioned and promoted by the .gov.

  19. I never heard of Juneteenth up until a few years ago, and I’m never going to celebrate it, either.

    1. OK, thanks for letting everyone know.

      What about Kwanzaa? We are all wondering.

      1. Lol I’m so glad I have a huge knee slapper so I don’t have to compensate by being a wigger like you.

  20. “Douglass’s speech has remained relevant in the 168 years since he spoke the words.”

    What utter nonsense. What silly tripe. What a steaming pile of horse shit.

    Yep, America is exactly the same country it was in 1852. Forget about the Civil War with its hundreds of thousands dead, forget about the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, Brown vs. Board of Education, the Civil Rights Act, Loving vs. Virginia, and numerous other laws and decisions. Forget about Barack Obama being elected president twice.

    Nope, today’s America is a land of brutal overseers and lynched runaway slaves indistinguishable from the antebellum South.

    I’m old enough to remember when adding the MLK holiday to the calendar was supposed to bring about racial harmony. If there hasn’t been any progress since then, then it’s because the race grifters n the Media and Democrat Party haven’t allowed people to accept it.

    1. Those darned Democrats! Republicans are pure of any blame.

      1. Well, there is a certain proportionality:

        “As millions protest systemic racism, Californians could soon have chance to restore affirmative action”

        Let’s just say that the Ds see more racism as a cure for racism.

      2. Those Demorrhoids who just removed the Ojibwa-painted Land O Lakes maiden from the package, but kept the land?

        Who are removing Aunt Jemima, in case anyone think blacks can cook and manage?

        Who removed the Native-drawn chief from Savage firearms, in case anyone think Indians have agency?

        Who believe black people are too stupid to get ID to vote, but somehow poor white and Hispanic voters are not?

        Who believe in a “homeland” for Palestinians who were bused in, but consider a Jewish homeland “Zionism”?

        Yeah, there are certainly SOME Republican racists and SOME libertarian racists, but there is no such thing as a non-racist Demorrhoid.

  21. Question; how many slaves in the United States of America were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation?

    Answer; zero.

    Go find you own link to the actual proclamation and read it.

    1. There’s also the problem of the POTUS not having the authority to deprive a citizen of their property.

      1. Not a problem; Lincoln wasn’t president of the Confederate States.
        His political power to free slaves came from the barrel of a gun.

        But if you are curious about his feelings towards the slaves the US Army was liberating, I give you Special Field Orders, number 120; section VII –
        Negroes who are able-bodied and can be of service to the several columns may be taken along, but each army commander will bear in mind that the question of supplies is a very important one and that his first duty is to see to them who bear arms….

        1. Yeah, but the fact that Lincoln would order something on a foreign country that he was not willing to do in his own country reveals the incredible hypocrisy of the “Great Emancipator.”

        2. Also, Lincoln’s whole argument for justifying his war against the Confederacy was that the Confederate States of America did not really exist because it was merely a bunch of routy states being rebellious. He believed that the Southern States were still a part of the Union, whether they wanted to be or not, so by his own argument, Lincoln was bound to treat the seceded states only as the Constitution permited.

        3. Lincoln may not have wanted them enslaved but he wasn’t any kind of fan of racial equality.
          Read what he said in the Lincoln/Douglas debates.
          He didn’t even want them to be enfranchised.

      2. The POTUS does not have the power to unilaterally deprive a citizen of his property, but the Commander in Chief does have the power to determine what is done with enemy property seized by the military, and I’m pretty sure a good lawyer could stretch “seized” to include property that just up and followed our armies.

        In the early part of the Civil War, there was a lot of discussion among Union Army officers about what to do with the slaves that left their plantation to follow their troops. Some believed they had an obligation to attempt to return that “property” to their owners. Many settled on describing the runaway slaves as “contraband” seized from the rebels – not that they wanted to assume ownership of them, and they certainly couldn’t take on the burden of feeding all of them. Most would hire runaway slaves to the extent they could use them, and could get the funds to pay them, for work in support of the troops – building and fixing roads and barracks, moving supplies, tending the horses, cooking, washing and mending uniforms…

        Mainly, the Emancipation Proclamation legalized such actions by the Union forces. Slaves found in rebel areas were free, and could be hired for wages, but not compelled to work. For the rest of the runaways, about all a General could do was tell them they were free, and ask them to please go away and look for a way to support themselves. Slaves that were not enemy property were still slaves, and only a Constitutional Amendment could change that.

  22. I had never heard of Juneteenth until sometime in college. To be fair, where I grew up there were tons of Latinos, Asians, and Amerindians, but very few Blacks. I learned about September 16th before I learned about June 19th.

    But yes, Juneteenth does need to be widely celebrated. Fuck the Neo-Confederates pissed that they lost their “peculiar institution” and the right own people as property. Fuck them and fuck their statues.

    1. You do know that the emancipation proclamation did not end slavery, right? It specifically made sure that the slaves in the union remained slaves, as well as slaves in southern areas that happened to be under US control. And it was an unlawful order to bypass Congress and use the military to enforce the President’s latest idea. Kinda like Donald Trump tweeting, but doing so as the commander in chief and using the military to enforce the “Proclamation.”

      The Emancipation Proclamation was an illegal political maneuver used by the most blatantly unconstitutional President in American history to free slaves in a country he had no authority over. All it really did was move the attention away from the blood still dripping from Abraham Lincoln’s hands.

      1. He is a Demorrhoid, therefore he knows nothing and cannot be educated.

    2. I fucked your girlfriend. We laughed at how big of a wigger you were after we fucked. She joked that with my eleven inch dick I could pass for black. Then laughed and said with your two inch dick you could pass for asian.

  23. Juneteenth is as contextually correct as Cinco de Mayo. It has some historical relevance in a specific region, but is celebrated nationwide (US) as a symbolic day.

    1. I’ve never seen it mentioned before. So obviously it is not celebrated nationwide.

    2. “Juneteenth is as contextually correct as Cinco de Mayo. It has some historical relevance in a specific region, but is celebrated nationwide (US) as a symbolic day.”

      July 4th is correctly tied to an historical event.
      Christmas is a birthday celebration of someone who has never been shown to exist on a date likely lifted from animists regarding the Winter Solstice.
      Labor Day? Memorial Day? President’s Day? Thanksgiving? All picked for reasons barely associated with the claimed celebrant.
      Regardless, a celebration of the end of slavery sounds like at least as valuable as a celebration of the end of Brit rule here.
      Pick a date, I don’t care.

    3. June 19th is the date that Texas (as last of the confederate states) declared slaves to be free – that signifies both historical relevance and specific region.

      Hasn’t been celebrated by me or you – but how many people need to celebrate it to be nationwide?

  24. At this point I am just observing. Listening and watching so I can understand.

    I never understood racism. Race is a myth to me. I always thought that being race neutral was enough.

    I thought we had made great progress. Now comes a new generation and they have something to say. Well say it. This is your world now.

    I got some more work to do for at least few more years, then I just want to sit at the beach bar watching the pretty scenery walking by, sipping rum and eating shrimp until that stuff kills me.

    1. That’s a sane attitude.

    2. Color-blindness is racism now, don’tcha know.

    3. For a balanced diet, you should have fries or onion rings now and again.
      Vegetables and all that jazz.

      Note: Florida had been pretty benign on the Communist Chinese Virus front; but this week several counties have gone all fascist and mandated masks. So maybe Texas gulf coast?

      1. I am not in a hurry. I can do my work from anywhere with high speed internet and the Mrs. is likely going to switch to something similar. We are building her an office right now. Fixing up a room so she has a nice workspace of her own.

        The fries sound great. My imaginary beach bar sprinkles them with Old Bay and serves them up in those plastic baskets. Not sure if a Bloody Mary counts as a vegetable. If you just +/- the vodka (what time is it?) and make it with V8 and couple celery stalks I am pretty sure it does.

        Everybody has to have a dream right?

  25. Instead of canonizing an obscure Texan event with the cringiest possible name, how about a national holiday celebrating the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment? And consider it as MLK Day substitute. The good reverend wouldn’t stand a chance against today’s #metoo movement.

    I sympathize with people who want a holiday commemorating the abolition of black slavery, but the EP didn’t accomplish that, as slaveholding Union states were given a pass, and right now I have a hard time seeing it as more than just another example of endless BLM progressive posturing and pandering.

    1. It’s Juneteenth and not 13th Amendment day because people have been celebrating the former for generations and not the latter. Accidents of history are funny that way. If we were making up a new holiday now to commemorate the abolition of slavery, 13th day would make a lot more sense. But that’s not what’s happening.

    2. And of course, they celebrate the last group to get the word, not the actual day of the proclamation. But for democrats, I guess that fits the narrative; let the slowest set the pace.

      Just wondering, and too lazy to look it up; what is the politically correct attitude towards the black slave owners?

      1. It’s not politically correct to acknowledge their existence. If someone suggests that black people ever owned slaves, simply say “I can’t have this conversation with you! I can’t believe how racist you are!” and disengage.

        1. Yep. Facts can be terrifying to those who want to terrorize.
          Sadly, courts write down their decisions:
          In one of the earliest freedom suits, Casor argued that he was an indentured servant who had been forced by Anthony Johnson, a free black, to serve past his term; he was freed and went to work for Robert Parker as an indentured servant. Johnson sued Parker for Casor’s services. In ordering Casor returned to his master, Johnson, for life, the court both declared Casor a slave and sustained the right of free blacks to own slaves.
          Fun Fact; I found this searching the 1619 fantasy of the NYT:
          Turns out the slaves were indentured servants.
          At this time (1665), there were only about 300 people of African origin living in the Virginia Colony, about 1% of an estimated population of 30,000. The first group of 20 or so Africans were brought to Jamestown in 1619 as indentured servants. After working out their contracts for passage money to Virginia and completing their indenture, each was granted 50 acres of land. This enabled them to raise their own tobacco or other crops.
          So those “slaves” were indentured servants that went on to be capitalist entrepreneurs, and slave owners.

  26. And of course, they celebrate the last group to get the word, not the actual day of the proclamation. But for democrats, I guess that fits the narrative; let the slowest set the pace.

    Just wondering, and too lazy to look it up; what is the politically correct attitude towards the black slave owners?

    1. First I was posting too fast; now I am posting twice, and both as a reply and as a new comment.
      For a lazy Friday afternoon I am working too hard.

      1. Oh what the hell, it’s only the Reason site – – – – –

    2. Of course, the problem with the Proclamation is that it didn’t free the slaves in Union slave states….that had to wait until the 13th Amendment.

      1. The despot’s heel is on thy shore, Maryland!
        His torch is at thy temple door, Maryland!

  27. Another fake black holiday, like Kwanzaa?

  28. You know, in the bigger context of world history, the American obsession with slavery strikes me as borderline narcissistic.

    Thousands of years of slavery shows it’s an unfortunate reality of human nature. No country looks at its past in this way like America does. No one is as open and transparent. They just accept it as part of their past and let sleeping dies lie. There’s just no point.

    On top of that, the country fought a civil war over it – a bloody civil war! – and abolished it!

    Why continue to act like the country never acknowledged the institution?

    It’s ok to remember but it’s gone a little beyond that with all these retarded struggle sessions where the nation has to watch a CEO of Chick-fil-A rub the feet of a pastor-rapper.

    Only in America.

    The country has come a looooong way since 1860.

    1. Who says its really about slavery?

      What’s weird to me is when people analyze these BLM marches as some type of single, isolated moment of social activism… When it’s really just following Women’s Marches, Climate Marches, school shooting marches, immigration marches, and dozens of other social activism events that have cropped up during Trump’s Presidency, never mind other forms of moral panics, like the pandemic lockdowns and Russian Collusion saga, Ukraine Collusion saga.

      Given this context, when people say things like “this is about suppressed racial tensions that are boiling over,” I just roll my eyes.

    2. America has been in full-on humiliation ritual mode for a while now.

    3. “the American obsession with slavery strikes me as borderline narcissistic.”

      It’s extremely narcissistic.
      It’s also useful for leftists to “keep blacks in their place” and as a cudgel to disingenuously smear their opponents with

  29. The anonymous UC professor said it better.

    “ And yet, I see my department uncritically reproducing a narrative that diminishes black agency in favor of a white-centric explanation that appeals to the department’s apparent desire to shoulder the ‘white man’s burden’ and to promote a narrative of white guilt.

    If we claim that the criminal justice system is white-supremacist, why is it that Asian Americans, Indian Americans, and Nigerian Americans are incarcerated at vastly lower rates than white Americans? This is a funny sort of white supremacy. Even Jewish Americans are incarcerated less than gentile whites. I think it’s fair to say that your average white supremacist disapproves of Jews. And yet, these alleged white supremacists incarcerate gentiles at vastly higher rates than Jews. None of this is addressed in your literature. None of this is explained, beyond hand-waving and ad hominems. “Those are racist dogwhistles”. “The model minority myth is white supremacist”. “Only fascists talk about black-on-black crime”, ad nauseam.

    These types of statements do not amount to counterarguments: they are simply arbitrary offensive classifications, intended to silence and oppress discourse. Any serious historian will recognize these for the silencing orthodoxy tactics they are, common to suppressive regimes, doctrines, and religions throughout time and space. They are intended to crush real diversity and permanently exile the culture of robust criticism from our department.”

    1. “…I think it’s fair to say that your average white supremacist disapproves of Jews…”

      We’ve noticed from your posts, scumbag bigot.

      1. Not that you’ll understand the logic dipshit bigot but others may.

        Disapproving of the lying of Jews doesn’t make anyone a bigot or a white supremacist.

        Making an argument, regardless of the content isn’t bigotry. Refusing to consider one does.

        You obviously demonstrate the latter.

  30. Celebrating the end of legal slavery seems worthwhile; however, wouldn’t most of the population be excluded from celebrating this holiday under the rules of identity politics and cultural appropriation?

    1. Of course that particular day is not the end of slavery – – – – – – – –

  31. Sure, celebrating the thirteenth amendment as marking the actual end of slavery would make much more sense, but even that seems odd as a national holiday. I mean, it’s something that only a certain group of people will have any reason to celebrate: blacks whose ancestors were slaves in America. Kinda like the UK setting up the 4th of July as a national holiday for American descendants who now live over there.

    1. I disagree.
      The end of slavery in the US is something for all Americans to celebrate.
      Slavery was always a shameful stain on the American experiment, going back to the founding.
      For most of the first century of our nation’s existence, we were hypocrites. And we knew it.
      “All men are created equal”
      Not until the end of slavery could the US be said to have fulfilled our independence and live up to our ideals

      1. Any reading of the biographies of those who fought the revolution and were involved in writing the constitution makes it clear that none could justify slavery outside of the sort of blatant bigotry that Misek posts here.
        Specifically both Washington and Jefferson were aware of their hypocrisy and embarrassed by it. Adams and his wife were among the few who would not tolerate the support of slavery and would not hide their displeasure.
        Regardless, like those who compare the US to Germany under Hitler, Douglass was spouting lies or hyperbole.

        1. I dont know about Washington. He seemed like the brutal master type. I think he cut the toes off his runaways and even had teeth removed from healthy slaves to be put in his own mouth.

      2. Yes, yes, I know. Slavery was evil. We didn’t get rid of it soon enough. It was inconsistent with the principles of the Declaration. I heard this all before, and believe it or not, I mostly agree with it. But making a national holiday celebrating the end of slavery is, even if everyone was totally opposed to slavery, something that is only meaningful to a select group of people.

        Whatever, blacks with an American ancestory can talk about and make it their own holiday, but why are the white professors on NPR news babbling about it all day long as if this is the biggest thing since Christmas. For most of the people in America, Juneteenth is basically a chance to prove how politically correct you are by celebrating something that has nothing to with you or anyone in your family’s history.

    2. …it’s something that only a certain group of people will have any reason to celebrate: blacks whose ancestors were slaves in America.” Like Barack Obama and Kamala Harr…oh, wait.
      Who, because of their skin color, were prevented from reaching the highest levels of…oh, wait.
      Never mind.

      1. Barack Obama is not a product of New World Slavery but directly and solely of African Slavery.

  32. Christ on a cracker. I thought for a second instead of being sent to Reason I’d been redirected to Vox or Jezebel instead.

    1. It’s a subsidiary of Vox.

  33. Yup, here we are in 2020, the same old racist America is going to finally have a conversation moderated by rioters, looters and arsonists who call themselves BLM and Antifa…Don’t forget to say thank you the Republican part for defeating the Democrat’s horrid practice of slavery and making Juneteenth possible.

  34. We might “need” it if there were actual systemic racism or police brutality. There is neither. Some Juneetenth celebrants will observe this manufactured event with appropriate solemnity. Others, like those mired in black thug culture, will drink, twerk, and murder.

    1. This is exactly spot on. Well said. Bravo!

  35. This is exactly spot on. Well said. Bravo!

    1. If yours was supposed to be a reply to 259ec53, then good.
      If not…

  36. I never thought of myself as being racially prejudiced, others might disagree, but how about speaking plain English. What is this Juneteenth business.

  37. Racism? Greatest singe factor in inter-generational poverty. Single motherhood in black communities in 1960 was 20%. Today? 70% and in some black communities, 90%. That’s not racism.

    1. No, that’s the progressives’ “Great Society”

  38. How many black Americans celebrate or acknowledge Juneteenth? It’s not something I had heard of until 2 or 3 years ago. My employer has been cramming it down out throats for the past 2 days. Asked a few black co-workers about it. The reaction was underwhelming. Not something they celebrate or acknowledge other than they knew what it was. Not sure if this is a typical perspective. Odd, that it’s the virtue signalling white knights that are the most interested or companies trying to appear to be progressive.

  39. Declaring a holiday is a symbolic sop. Such things don’t help systemic problems and it’s insulting to offer it up. It also won’t affect those who are motivated by hatred and whose purpose is to destroy constitutional governance in America…

    1. bread and circuses

  40. The DNC is suing to stop Trump rallies, but in Chicago thousands of people are gathered for this make believe holiday for a proclamation that freed no one. A rally called by the Mayor and Governor who have restricted gatherings to 10 or less.
    Lincoln was very clear. He wanted to send all Blacks freed or slave back to Africa. Jefferson Davis the President of the South, called for integration and said sending people who didn’t speak the language back to Africa would result in mass death and re-enslavement. He also adopted a Black child who was executed by the Union Army after the war.
    For a libertarian to endorse Presidents making proclamations over going to the courts over the issues of slavery or if a state could leave shows the depths the group have sunk. No wonder so many voted for Hillary hoping her dreams of MidEast War expansion happened over the guy who sounds working class.
    At the Hampton Peace conference Lincoln offered the Confederate Vice President to let many Southern states keep their slaves if they would join him in going around Congress to attack Mexico and Indians. He even told him he knew the proclamation was not Constitutional.
    So across America this weekend the virus will spread, look out for a massive spike in July.

    Forced Into Glory
    Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream
    Johnson Publishing Company

    Among other remarks he said “he knew his Proclamation would not make a single Negro free beyond our military reach.”

    —Memoir of John A. Dahlgren

    He then went into a prolonged course of remarks about the Proclamation. He said it was not his intention in the beginning to interfere with Slavery in the States; that he never would have done it, if he had not been compelled by necessity to do it, to maintain the Union … that he had hesitated for some time, and had resorted to this measure, only when driven to it by public necessity … that he had always himself been in favor of emancipation, but not immediate emancipation, even by the States. Many evils attending this appeared to him.

    —Confederate Vice President Alexander H. Stephens

    Chapter One

    The Most Famous Act In U.S. History Never Happened

    The presidential campaign of 1860 was over, and the victor was stretching his legs and shaking off the cares of the world in his temporary office in the state capitol in Springfield, Illinois. Surrounded by the perks of power, at peace with the world, the president-elect was regaling old acquaintances with tall tales about his early days as a politician. One of the visitors interrupted this monologue and remarked that it was a shame that “the vexatious slavery matter” would be the first question of public policy the new president would have to deal with in Washington.

    The president-elect’s eyes twinkled and he said he was reminded of a story. According to eyewitness Henry Villard, President-elect Abraham Lincoln “told the story of the Kentucky Justice of the Peace whose first case was a criminal prosecution for the abuse of slaves. Unable to find any precedent, he exclaimed angrily: `I will be damned if I don’t feel almost sorry for being elected when the niggers is the first thing I have to attend to'” (29).

    This story, shocking as it may sound to Lincoln admirers, was in character. For the president-elect had never shown any undue sympathy for Blacks, and none of his cronies was surprised to hear him suggest that he shared the viewpoint of the reluctant and biased justice of the peace. As for the N-word, everybody knew that old Abe used it all the time, both in public and in private. (Since Lincoln supporters are in a state of constant denial, I have not used elision in reporting his use of the offensive word n—r.)

    In one of the supreme ironies of history, the man who told this story was forced by circumstances to attend to what he called “the nigger question.” And within five years he was enshrined in American mythology as “the great emancipator” who freed Blacks with a stroke of the pen out of the goodness of his heart.

    Since that time, the mythology of “the great emancipator” has become a part of the mental landscape of America. Generations of schoolchildren have memorized its cadences. Poets, politicians, and long-suffering Blacks have wept over its imagery and drama.

    No other American story is so enduring.

    No other American story is so comforting.

    No other American story is so false.

    Abraham Lincoln was not “the great emancipator.”

    The testimony of sixteen thousand books and monographs to the contrary notwithstanding, Lincoln did not emancipate the slaves, greatly or otherwise. As for the Emancipation Proclamation, it was not a real emancipation proclamation at all, and did not liberate African-American slaves. John F. Hume, the Missouri antislavery leader who heard Lincoln speak in Alton and who looked him in the eye in the White House, said the Proclamation “did not … whatever it may have otherwise accomplished at the time it was issued, liberate a single slave” (138).

    Sources favorable to Lincoln were even more emphatic. Lincoln crony Henry Clay Whitney said the Proclamation was a mirage and that Lincoln knew it was a mirage (133). Secretary of State William Henry Seward, the No. 2 man in the administration, said the Proclamation was an illusion in which “we show our sympathy with the slaves by emancipating the slaves where we cannot reach them and holding them in bondage where we can set them free” (Piatt, 150).

    The same points have been made with abundant documentation by twentieth-century scholars like Richard Hofstadter, who said the Proclamation “did not in fact free any slaves” (169). Some of the biggest names in the Lincoln establishment have said the same thing. Roy P. Basler, the editor of the monumental Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, said the Proclamation was “itself only a promise of freedom …” (1935, 219-20). J. G. Randall, who has been called “the greatest Lincoln scholar of all time,” said the Proclamation itself did not free a single slave (1957, 357). Horace White, the Chicago Tribune correspondent who covered Lincoln in Illinois and in Washington, said it is doubtful that the Proclamation “freed anybody anywhere” (222).

    There, then, the secret is out! The most famous act in American political history never happened.

    Sandburg wrote tens of thousands of words about it.

    Lindsay wrote a poem about it.

    Copland wrote a musical portrait about it.

    King had a dream about it.

    But the awkward fact is that Abraham Lincoln didn’t do it. To paraphrase what Robert McColley said about the abortive emancipating initiative of Thomas Jefferson (125), never did man achieve more fame for what he did not do and for what he never intended to do. The best authority, Lincoln himself, told one of his top aides that he knew that the Proclamation in and of itself would not “make a single Negro free beyond our military reach” (Dahlgren 382), thereby proving two critical and conclusive points. The first is that Lincoln himself knew that his most famous act would not of itself free a single Negro. The second and most damaging point is that “the great emancipator” did not intend for it to free a single Negro, for he carefully, deliberately, studiously excluded all Negroes within “our military reach.”

    In what some critics call a hoax and others call a deliberate ploy not to free African-Americans but to keep them in slavery, Lincoln deliberately drafted the document so it wouldn’t free a single Negro immediately.

    What Lincoln did—and it was so clever that we ought to stop calling him honest Abe—was to “free” slaves in Confederate-held territory where he couldn’t free them and to leave them in slavery in Union-held territory where he could have freed them.

    Despite what everybody, or almost everybody says, January 1, 1863, was not African-American Emancipation Day. Nor, as Randall and other have said, was it a Day of Jubilee for the slaves, except in certain military venues and Northern cities far removed from the hurt and humiliation of Slave Row. To tell the truth, there has never been a day in the United States of America when all the slaves could join hands and say together, “Free at last!” One of the many reasons why a national apology for slavery is an imperative necessity is that there has never been a day of closure for the slaves or the slaveholders—or the sons and daughters of the slaves and slaveholders. The real day of deliverance, December 18, 1865, the day and date nobody remembers, the day the Thirteenth Amendment was ratified, was so formal and was hedged about with so many levels of technicality, that it came and went like the oxygen of the air, giving life without giving notice.

    It is in the precise sense scandalous that Americans, Black and White, are so totally misinformed on this subject. Professors, museum curators, media prophets say almost without exception that slavery in America was ended by a presidential edict. And “other writers of what is claimed to be history, almost without number, speak of the President’s announcement as if it caused the bulwarks of slavery to fall down very much as the walls of Jericho are said to have done, at one blast, overwhelming the whole institution and setting every bond man free” (136). Nothing has changed in America since John Hume wrote those words in 1905. Despite computers, despite the Internet, despite the proliferation of books and pamphlets, almost all Blacks and Whites, including a not inconsiderable number of Ph.D.’s, believe that slavery in America ceased on the day and hour that Abraham Lincoln signed a document that dissolves, like a mirage, the closer one comes to it.

    The confusion on this issue is monumental as we are reminded every year when schoolchildren and scholars in Memphis, New Orleans, Louisville, St. Louis, Norfolk, Baltimore and other cities celebrate a January 1 emancipation that specifically excluded Memphis, New Orleans, and Norfolk and didn’t even apply to the Border States of Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, and Delaware. To add to the confusion, millions have created annual celebrations based on the idea that their ancestors were “freed” on January 1, 1863, but were not informed until months later by mean generals and officials.

    If pressed, all or almost all scholars will concede that the Proclamation didn’t free the slaves on January 1, 1863, but this information is disseminated, if it is disseminated at all, in footnotes or asides, and there is a tendency, even among the best scholars, to defend or even praise the Proclamation that didn’t free anybody.

    Will someone say that this was an accident or an oversight? But how can anyone fail to see that it required art, forethought, and design to draft a document that freed everybody when in fact it freed nobody? And how explain the fact that the same accident happened twice? For when Lincoln warned rebels in September that he would sign an emancipation in one hundred days if they didn’t lay down their arms, he carefully and precisely said that he would free all slaves “within any state, or designated part of a state” in rebellion (CW 5:434, italics added).

    This language we shall return to this—was not in the tentative document he read to his cabinet on July 22, 1862. That document said unambiguously that he intended to free “all persons held as slaves within any state or states” in rebellion (CW 5:337, italics added). This means that he decided some time between July 22 and September 22 to play a little game. It means that he knew in September what he intended to do in January. It means that he was planning in September to keep in slavery the slaves he promised to free in January.

    A growing body of evidence suggests that the Emancipation Proclamation was a ploy designed not to emancipate the slaves but to keep as many slaves as possible in slavery until Lincoln could mobilize support for his conservative plan to free Blacks gradually and to ship them out of the country. What Lincoln was trying to do, then, from our standpoint, was to outmaneuver the real emancipators and to contain the emancipation tide, which had reached such a dangerous intensity that it threatened his ability to govern and to run the war machinery.

    This is no mere theory; there is indisputable evidence on this point in documents and in the testimony of reliable witnesses, including Lincoln himself. The most telling testimony comes not from twentieth-century critics but from cronies and confidants who visited the White House and heard the words from Lincoln’s mouth. There is, for example, the testimony of Judge David Davis, the three hundred-plus-pound Lincoln crony who visited the White House in 1862, some two months after Lincoln signed the Preliminary Proclamation, and found him working feverishly to subvert his announced plan in favor of his real plan. What was Lincoln’s real plan? It was the only emancipation plan he ever had: gradual emancipation, the slower the better, with compensation to slaveowners and the deportation of the emancipated. His “whole soul,” Davis said, “is absorbed in his plan [my italics] of remunerative emancipation, and he thinks that if Congress don’t fail him, that the problem is solved….”

    Wait a minute! What’s going on here? What plan of remunerative emancipation? Two months ago, Abraham Lincoln announced to the whole world that he was going to free the slaves of rebels with a stroke of the pen on January 1. He didn’t say anything then about Congress not letting him down.

    What are we to understand by all this? We are to understand, among other things, that words, especially Lincoln’s words, are deceiving and that Lincoln announced his first plan as a mask to cover his real plan and his real end. That at any rate is the testimony of another intimate Lincoln friend, Henry Clay Whitney. What was his real end? The Proclamation, Whitney said, was “not the end designed by him, but only the means to the end, the end being the deportation of the slaves and the payment for them to their masters—at least to those who were loyal” (323, italics in original).

    There is corroboration on this point from, of all people, Abraham Lincoln, who asked Congress in his second State of the Union Message to approve not the Emancipation Proclamation but an entirely different plan, the real plan he had confided to Judge Davis, a plan that contradicted the Proclamation and called for, among other things, the deportation—his word—of Blacks and the racial cleansing of the United States of America (CW 5:518-37).


    (C) 1999 Lerone Bennett Jr.

    1. Good stuff here. I wish Reason would put out some articles looking at history like this instead of cranking out the typical cheap easy-to-agree-with clickbait distributed in nice little woke headlines.

      But I’m a little confused about the slaves that the Union army came into contact with. I thought that these slaves were freed if they were in Confederate states. Apparently not?

  42. “When my city of Nashville needed an interstate in the 1960s, planners were faced with a few choices: potentially disrupt the all-white suburban neighborhood of Belle Meade, or place I-40 in the predominantly black North Nashville. ”

    Which one cost the taxpayers less money?
    Cause, you know, that may have had something to do with it.

    1. It also costs less to put a black man behind bars than a white guy.

      But seriously, here’s a link to a piece from The Onion:

      Congress is offering the militants a holiday or a statue.

  43. I have never heard of this black holiday before this week. June 19th is a day every American should celebrate. The traitors Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed for espionage in 1953.

    A day of days.


    1. “Old sparkey”

      They should have used a gas chamber.

      It would have turned them punk.

    2. There are many in NYC today who think what old Julius did was just fine…how many American pilots died in Korea after that POS gave Stalin our proximity fuse. SOB deserved what he got.

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  45. All societies have been enslaved at one time or another, the English, German’s, Irish, Spanish, Orientals, the Slavs. I say what “Black Lives Matter” means is; ‘We will not take responsibility for our happiness, you must do it for us or we will keep up this infantile caterwauling until you do…’ Their time is better spent working, even if it is among themselves and getting opiate mercy back for Sickle Cell.

    1. Yeah,

      It means you whiteys stole my agency, so I’m still a slave, I can’t prove it, you need to compensate me for my agency, damn it.

      1. Misek, as an bigoted scumbag, anything you post is immediately rejected by civilized people.
        Fuck off and die.

        1. You’re the self proclaimed bigot here dipshit.

      2. My Great Grandfather was African, black as coal Grandma said. The actual truth is there is no such thing as a “black man” or a “white man”. America is the wrong place to place race cards. Yes, I realize that is ‘big picture’ and requires a little more effort to see.

        1. Real solutions don’t come from pretending issues don’t exist.

          All people are different by race, sex, age, genetics and personal choices. It is NORMAL to recognize and explore our differences.

          Racism is bigotry. Presenting any argument isn’t bigotry. Refusing to consider one is.

          Search your own soul. Are you free of all bigotry? People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    2. Sounds like more regression to expect the white man to take care of women and minorities. And I thought they wanted to overcome. I’m already rebelling against the demand on me to be everyone’s caretaker. Somehow that makes me a racist and a sexist.

  46. Balderdash.

  47. People are making WAYYY too big of a deal about Juneteenth, but yet NO ONE Celebrated or gave a crap about D-Day, only 13 days ago. And D-Day, where 160,000 Americans gave their lives fighting for ALL AMERICANS FREEDOM OF ALL RACES AND RELIGIONS, is largely forgotten. But Juneteenth which is not even a real holiday, is a HUGE deal. All Americans of All Races should be ashamed, to forget D-Day but celebrate Juneteenth. Protesting is your American right…which by the way, your parents/grandparents/uncles/great-grandparents 4gave their lives on D-Day to protect your Right as Americans to Protest, but that is forgotten all whIle Juneteenth, a BS holiday is celebrated.

    The worst thing is that many MANY African Americans are MUCH more racist than 99.9% of White Americans. Yes, there are a few bad policemen out there, but we have all witnessed more racism being stirred up by African Americans against All other Americans than the inverse. It is very disappointing and disheartening, and now we are being forced to celebrate Juneteenth, while days like D-Day, for ALL AMERICANS OF ALL RACES AND RELIGIONS are forgotten.

    1. The Juneteenth stuff was getting creepy on social media. Facebook was plugging it hard. People kept talking about how great it is when they literally didn’t know what it was last week. Now it’s everyone trying to virtue signal. Proggies are racist and don’t even realize it. White saviors fighting the good fight.

    2. Gay Pride bites the dust. Or should I phrase it the way the straight white left finds it more palatable and less cisgender: LGBTQAI+ Pride bites the dust.

  48. Fredrick Douglas didn’t know much about the rest of the world..even in 1850’s the killing and horrendous destruction of life/property around the world would have shocked him. He is also very lucky he didn’t get arrested as John Brown shared with his attack plan which Douglas thought idiotic but he didn’t report to the authorities. In fact he ran to Canada from Rochester while the Harper’s Ferry Raid thugs were brought to justice.

  49. “Frederick Douglass: “There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the United States, at this very hour.””

    If you want to support a cause, please do so without resorting to hyperbole or outright lies.
    When he made that claim, pretty much half of the US was opposed to slavery and it was ‘outlawed’ there (as if you had to ‘outlaw’ ‘owning’ another human).
    Further, by comparison to most of the Caribbean, much of South America, northern Africa, a good bit of Near East and Asia, the US was relatively enlightened and at that time, and engaged in a civil war which resulted in the end of slavery.

  50. “You may not get everything you earn but you should earn everything you get.” That’s some conservative, red neck bullshit, right? Another quote from Frederick Douglas. I don’t know what happened to the people of this nation but they seem to have collectively gone insane. It is the height of arrogance to look at generations past through the moral filters of today. Slavery as an institution has existed almost as long as humans themselves. It still exists today but no one seems to care. It’s only been since the end of WWII that conquest is not a legit means of expanding national borders. Yet we condemn the founders of this nation and by extension America itself because they lived by the norms of their time.
    I know a political attack, an agenda when I see one. That’s what all this leftist crap is about. Political advantage and power. Sorry, not going with it. I never owned a slave and none of the folks complaining picked any cotton. I feel no guilt for events that occurred prior to my birth. I will take no actions to attempt to compensate for them. 1619, Juneteeth, celebrate anything you wish. Just don’t tell me I have to accept it because I don’t. I am confident the founders of this nation were good men. Washington, Jefferson, and Henry were some of the first people to ever question slavery on moral grounds. That’s not something you’ll ever hear in a classroom or from CNN. But I did hear it said by a very credible source. His name is Thomas Sowell. Good day sir.

  51. Fredrick douglas was a man who believed in self reliance, he believed in earned respect, truly a man of honor and courage and he understood from whence the US Constitution was coming from….I saw his words insulted and demeaned, just as I saw the same thing happen to MLK and other men who courage and passion to make this country survive suffer insult to their memory……..I for one would like to see US history taught without the bias and the slant that has been added, like America is not exceptional, The Barry Sotero era was a massive lie, a fraud like him….If you really think you know who he is, then prove it with evidence and fact not bluster and BS….America is the melting pot of the world, try not to forget that, you can fail and try again, you are innocent until proven guilty and all men are created equally and you are protected by the rule of law….Still this is aspiration for all of us to reach and that is why America is the dream, it’s the opportunity to pursue happiness and the liberty to do so….The government workers do not needed another holiday, we do not need to see and hear 30 days of black history and all lives matter, and abortion is a crime to race, gender and mankind…America for Americans is a fact….I prefer to stand for the US Flag and kneel before God…the nutcases that preach elitism can go pound salt…

  52. Frederick Douglass: “There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the United States, at this very hour.”

    How about Brazil? Slavery started there before 1516. It was the last country to abolosh slavery in 1888.

    According to Wikipedia: “Indigenous slaves [in Brazil] remained much cheaper during this time than their African counterparts, though they did suffer horrendous death rates from European diseases. Although the average African slave lived to only be twenty-three years old due to terrible work conditions, this was still about four years longer than Indigenous slaves, which was a big contribution to the high price of African slaves.”

    1. I often wonder why nations like Brazil never have to carry the burden of slavery generation after generation despite that nation having had slavery for far longer and virtually has done nothing to change the gap between black and white. Where is Brazil’s Oprah or Obama? For that matter, where’s Europe’s or Canada’s? Where are their Ellens? We all know what this us about. It’s a last ditch effort by communists to finally overthrow the US. I surely hope minorities understand what they’re throwing over.

  53. Didn’t Brazil and Cuba end slavery 20 years AFTER the USA? I’m not sure I understand the narrative that Americans invented slavery and were the only nation to have slaves. Sorry, I can’t give up my liberties for a lie. Moving on…

    1. Which liberty have you given up?

  54. Frederick Douglas should go to a North Korean gulag, a Chinese uigher camp, South Africa or any one of another ton of African countries, war-torn South American countries, then come back here & say what he said about Americans.
    That quote is untrue.

  55. I wonder why I am getting pop-up ads for those sappy, smarmy yard signs bleating pieties about race and immigration.

    1. Uh, because you have not installed an ad blocker?

  56. Mmmmmmmmmmmm ….. I suspect “Reason” doesn’t really curate the nonsense it accepts for a paltry token monetization.

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