Brickbat: Isn't This How World War II Started?


The Polish government admits its troops briefly invaded and occupied part of the Czech Republic but says it was all a "misunderstanding." A Czech government official explained, "Polish soldiers mistakenly deterred our citizens from entering a church on the Czech territory in close vicinity of the Czech-Polish borders." The Polish government says troops aiding its border guard simply set up a guard station in the wrong location. Both sides say the matter was quickly resolved and there are no hard feelings.

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  1. Meanwhile, dozens of Indian and Chinese soldiers were killed in a real border clash, fighting hand to hand at 15,000 feet.
    Turkey launched a combined forces invasion of Iraqi Kurdistan, complete with several battalions of infantry, air support, and artillery bombardment.
    Turkey is also involved in the still active civil war Obama and the EU started in Libya, which sees two rival governments, recognized by various countries each, clashing.

    1. Poland’s accidental invasion of the Czech Republic is admittedly more humorous

      1. Their Navy wasn’t involved though. The screen doors in their submarines were at the hardware store being repaired.

      2. You’re not allowed to have a sense of humor around here, you need to be angry all the time instead.

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    2. Hey, found another one

      ““Now, it is incomprehensible that any compromise could take place. It was spent. Egypt is guilty of missing an opportunity. A warm congratulations can be sent to the ‘Arab Spring’ and Muslim Brotherhood,” Krotikov argued.

      “The next round of negotiations is likely to end with nothing. It is no longer possible to stop Ethiopia from its chosen path, with any international pressure. And Egypt, long ago, lacked the tools to exert such pressure on Addis Ababa. Things are moving towards war, and what can only be postponed for several years until the project works at full capacity, and its real consequences will appear on public life in Egypt.”

      The report concluded: “After that, Cairo will have no choice but to try to solve the problem in a simple and severe manner.””

    3. “According to Bloomberg, “in near sub-zero temperatures in the thin air of 15,000 feet, Chinese and Indian soldiers attacked each other with stones, iron rods and bamboo poles wrapped in barbed wire laced with nails. It is not clear what started the clashes, but by the time they were finished 20 Indian soldiers were dead, along with an unknown number of Chinese casualties.””

      Sounds fun…

      1. They both can afford to lose a few hundred million.

        Environmentalists are pleased.

    4. . . . fighting hand to hand at 15,000 feet.

      Oh god! Its all over – they have fire superiority if they can bayonet you from over two miles away.

      1. They’re not using bayonets, or even knives. There seems to be some informal understanding that border incursions don’t count if the invaders and defenders don’t use “weapons” – but it’s just as fatal to be knocked off a ledge with a stick at 15,000 feet altitude as to be shot with a burst from an AK-47.

  2. Correct Title: Polish Army Establishes Czechpoint On Wrong Side Of Border

    1. Czechmate?

      1. We must not allow these awful puns to continue unCzech-ed.

        1. Czech yourself before you Lech yourself.

        2. They just need to be Polished up a little.

        3. Ask an old Russian: Chekists are no joke.

  3. “Polish soldiers mistakenly deterred our citizens from entering a church on the Czech territory in close vicinity of the Czech-Polish borders.”

    Gavin Newsom approves.

  4. “Isn’t this how World War II started?”

    Um, no it isn’t. Unless you buy the Nazi propaganda that Poland was the aggressor.

    In fact, the opposite is true: German forces, some using captured Czech weapons, invaded Poland from occupied Czechoslovakia.

    What is it with Reason and their historical revisionism today? First the US hasn’t changed a bit from its slavery days, now the Poles were the ones who started WW II. Don’t they teach history on those fancy journalism schools?

    1. You know who else started World War II…

      1. Neville Chamberlain?

      2. America didn’t inherit WW2, we invented it.

      3. Your ex wife?

    2. What is it with Reason and their historical revisionism today?

      Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think Reason was trying to write the Nazis out and the Poles in as the bad guys.

      If I am wrong, I must say that I’m really surprised that this article wasn’t penned by Dalmia.

    3. Brickbat titles are usually intended to be witty or humourous, not exact statements of fact. The idea here is that soldiers crossed the Czech/Polish border, and in that respect it is the same as the start of the War. A relatively minor incident is being compared to a major one, which makes it mildly funny.

      I would’ve expected this to be obvious to anyone.

      1. I could see your point if it had been the Poles accidentally crossing into Germany. Then it would have been hilarious.

        And given the relative state of the Bundeswehr no one would have stopped them.

  5. cue Polish GPS Satellite joke …

    1. European borders have changed over the ages. Maybe they were just using an old map.

  6. This would be interesting if the author bothered to spend a couple minutes doing some simple internet research. Here is something from my blog:

    Jun 6, 2016 – Appeasing Poland

    We all know the Nazi’s invaded Czechoslovakia, but no one mentions that Poland grabbed a chunk first. After a threatening ultimatum from Warsaw on September 27, 1938, Czechoslovakia ceded to Poland the district of Tesin (Teschen) an area of some 625 square miles with a population of 230,000 people.

    And when Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland a year later, why didn’t the British and French declare war on the Soviet Union too? History is far more complex and interesting than the boring comic books we read in American educational institutions.

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