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The Washington Post's Halloween Costume Hit Job Is a New Low for Cancel Culture

There was absolutely no reason to run this.


A few years ago, something mildly embarrassing occurred at a Halloween party hosted by a Washington Post cartoonist: A white woman painted her face black and wore a name tag that read "Hello, My Name is Megyn Kelly," in reference to the TV host's controversial defense of white people wearing blackface. The intended butt of the joke would appear to be Kelly, not black people. Regardless, several guests approached the woman and explained to her that it was still not OK to wear blackface. The woman reportedly left the party in tears.

Suffice it to say, this is not a story that needed to be told. The woman is not famous, she does not appear to hold any power, and is not seeking public office. But because two of the aggrieved guests—a pair of young, progressive women—are still raw about it, and because we are living through a moment where no single person's humiliation is too trivial to earn them a reprieve from the forces of cancel culture, a pair of reporters have exhaustively chronicled the incident in a 3,000-word article for…The Washington Post.

Brace yourself before diving in, because this is one of the worst newspaper articles of all time. Between the elite media navel-gazing, the smug sanctimony of the cancelers, the absurd one-sidedness of the narrative structure, the spirit of revenge taken to an odious extreme, it's hard not to come away feeling nauseated. Unfortunately, it's so emblematic of the rising dual trends of activist journalism and unforgiving progressivism that I'm going to go into some detail here.

The article is titled "Blackface incident at Post cartoonist's 2018 Halloween party resurfaces amid protests." Resurfaced? How? Did it surface once, and is now surfacing again? Already we're shifting responsibility because the only reason this incident is "surfacing" at all is that the Post lacked the courage to tell the two women pictured in the article's photo that this particular story was not newsworthy.

These two are Lexie Gruber and Lyric Prince. Gruber is a 27-year-old management consultant, and Prince is a 36-year-old artist. The Post photographed them for the story in Washington D.C.'s Malcom X park, where they appear as bold truth-tellers. Their truth is that they are still mad at an older white woman who didn't understand that her costume wasn't funny, and they want revenge. So it begins:

Every year, Tom Toles's Halloween party draws an eclectic mix — journalists and political types from Washington's power elite, but also artists and musicians, everyone from retirees to college kids, jammed into small rooms and sprawled across the backyard, dancing and gossiping, checking out the crowd to see who has the most inventive and outrageous costumes.

At the 2018 party at the home of The Washington Post's editorial cartoonist, in addition to several Ruth Bader Ginsburgs, someone dressed as the "Mueller Witch Hunt" and Post columnist Dana Milbank came as just-confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, complete with a beer-dispensing device on his head. A guest named Lexie Gruber wore a scary "Beetlejuice" get-up and called herself "dead."

A middle-aged white woman named Sue Schafer wore a conservative business suit and a name tag that said, "Hello, My Name is Megyn Kelly." Her face was almost entirely blackened with makeup. Kelly, then an NBC morning show host, had just that week caused a stir by defending the use of blackface by white people: "When I was a kid, that was okay, as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character."

Already, we're in strange territory. Why is The Washington Post writing about a Washington Post Halloween party from two years ago? If it wasn't newsworthy then, why is it newsworthy now? Many of the people quoted throughout the article are affiliated with the Post. Were they obligated to participate in this struggle session? Did they go on the record because they were still bothered by the incident, or because it was a chance to show the concern they didn't feel compelled to show two years ago? The story isn't the important thing—the story behind the story is what matters. And then the one behind that.

The story here is that Gruber and Prince were offended at the Halloween costume chosen by Sue Schafer, a 54-year-old government contractor, and told her so. The story behind the story is that they recently decided this wasn't enough of a rebuke and so enlisted the Post to help them identify and publicly humiliate Schafer:

Nearly two years later, the incident, which has bothered some people ever since but which many guests remember only barely or not at all, has resurfaced in the nationwide reckoning over race after George Floyd, an unarmed African American man, was killed when a white police officer in Minneapolis knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes. Many protesters have called on white Americans to reassess their own actions or inactions when confronting violent and everyday racism alike.

Gruber felt compelled to revive the 2018 incident. Last week, she emailed Toles, whom she has never met.

"In 2018, I attended a Halloween party at your home," she wrote. "I understand that you are not responsible for the behavior of your guests, but at the party, a woman was in Blackface. She harassed me and my friend — the only two women of color — and it was clear she made her 'costume' with racist intent."

Gruber, a 27-year-old management consultant, told Toles that the incident had "weighed heavily on my heart — it was abhorrent and egregious." She asked him to help her identify the woman.

"After the killing of George Floyd and the protests, I began reflecting more on this incident," Gruber said in an emailseeking Post coverage of the incident.

"I wanted to know who this woman is. . . . What impact does she have on society? I think this is an important story — that a party full of prominent people in Washington welcomed a person in blackface, danced and drank with her, and watched in silence as she harassed two young women of color."

An important aspect of the incident is Gruber's claim that Schafer "harassed" her. I think most readers would expect that "harassment" is active rather than passive: i.e., that Shafer must have done something to Gruber and Prince, beyond merely wearing a costume. Did she yell at them, or insult them? Since the Post journalists responsible for this story—Marc Fisher and Sydney Trent—were intent on reconstructing the party by interviewing as many guests as they could, you might think they would have shown a passing interest in verifying the provocative claim. But the article never backs it up, and in fact, numerous sources—including Gruber and Prince themselves—undermine it repeatedly.

Looking back, some guests at the party say they wish they had confronted Schafer more aggressively. Others say that she has already paid a price and that her embarrassment and regret were evident when she left the party in tears.

"I wish I'd have been the one to call her out," said Philippa Hughes, a Washington arts entrepreneur who attended the party. Hughes, who is Asian American, is friendly with both Gruber and Schafer. "I did go up to Sue and say, 'What the hell?' But it took Lexie yelling at her to make her leave."

Gruber yelled at Schafer, causing her to leave the party in tears, according to this attendee's account.

Here are Gruber and Prince's own accounts:

Gruber and her friends moved inside, got drinks and found themselves in the crowded living room. Prince, who is 6-foot-1, easily spotted the woman in blackface and pointed her out to Gruber. "What should we do?" Prince said.

She approached Schafer. Prince said she criticized Schafer's makeup and told her, "You look horrible"—a way of "clapping back" at the blackface without addressing race head-on. Prince said in an interview that she was worried about being stereotyped as an "angry black woman," worried that someone might call the police.

"I felt very unsafe talking to that person in the first place," she said. "I was in an environment that, if it got heated, it would decidedly not be in my best interest."

Another guest, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect friendships, said Schafer laughed after Prince said her makeup was "very ugly."

Gruber also said that "the woman basically just started laughing."

Schafer agreed that she laughed but said that it was a nervous laugh, a sign of extreme discomfort, and that it came "only when she told me that I was ugly and had wrinkles.

Let's get this straight: Gruber and Prince walked up to Schafer, called her ugly and pointed out her wrinkles. Schafer laughed awkwardly, probably in order to defuse the tension. Who is supposedly engaged in harassment here?

Benjamin Ross, a friend of Gruber who also attended the party, said her "methodical explanation of the immorality of blackface 'was beautiful, very respectful. And the woman just laughed at Lexie, very denigrating and flippant. She was not at all apologetic."

But three other witnesses said she yelled at Schafer, and even Gruber admits that "there wasn't a single person in that party who didn't hear me when I spoke."

Gruber's entourage left after that, as did Schafer. The next day, Schafer called Toles and apologized for upsetting so many people with her costume. The reasonable conclusion here is that she neither expected nor intended to offend anyone, was sorry for the pain she had caused, and had learned a lesson.

When Schafer was informed recently that the Post was writing about the incident, she thought she should inform her employer. Schafer was promptly fired, which is entirely the Post's fault. Gruber and Prince didn't know Schafer's name and had no way to publicly shame her without the newspaper's assistance.

In his recent email correspondence with Gruber, Toles made some attempt to protect Schafer and declined to give Gruber her name. This prompted Gruber to accuse him of complicity in her racism. It's not clear whether Toles ultimately gave up the name, or how this story was assigned. Reading between the lines, I imagine that someone may have decided that writing the story was a means of getting out in front of it, ensuring that the villain would be Schafer rather than a Post staffer who allowed a white guest in blackface to enter his Halloween party. By valorizing Prince and Gruber—who, let us recall, told an older woman she was ugly and think that they were harassed—and castigating Schafer, the Post ensured that it would not be deemed complicit in her crimes. If this doesn't call for a Reign of Terror metaphor, I'm not sure what does.

It's astonishing that this article—a story about a long-ago Halloween party attended by the Post's own staff and principally involving three private persons—made it to print, and everyone involved in its publication should be deeply ashamed. That includes Prince and Gruber, but also Fisher and Trent, and their editors. As far as cancel culture goes, this is a new and depressing low point.

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  1. I recall when conservatives successfully cancelled Anthony Weiner for the horror of texting a dick pic to some former porn slut. It has since become a bullshit competition to cancel political opponents.

    1. I think you mean underage girl

      1. yeah like the real babysitter not the one on dvd

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      2. Do you mean the time he got cancelled from his Senate seat, the time he got cancelled from the the NYC mayoral race, in which no Republicans were running, or the time in 2016 when he texted the 15 yr. old? Maybe you mean all the women whom he sent pics to were conservatives for not wanting his dick pics?

        Please clarify.

        1. Thread fail. Meant for SPB, hopefully obviously.

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        2. Remember, PB is a known pediphile who once attempted to showcase some of his favorite kiddie porn links on this website.

          So no, he sees nothing wrong with pedophlia, as he IS a pedophile.

      3. Are those different categories in his preferred genre?

      4. Is turd’s preference little boy or little girls?

        1. I’m sure he prefers little boys, but might be ok with a little girl in the alternative. He is an equal opportunity child rapist.

    2. Someone has to be cancelled in every election.

      Might as well pick the person who went to jail for sharing porn with a minor.

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    3. did he get cancelled for that or did he resign and lose an election.

    4. A federal court cancelled him for child porn.

      1. She was a teenager and she consented. Don’t blame Wiener!

        1. She was a teenager and as a mater of law on child pornography, her consent was irrelevant.

    5. How exactly did conservatives do that? Feel free to name names.

      1. Thos crafty conservatives! It’s like the old saying goes, fool Anthony Weiner once, shame on him. Fool him twice and you’ve only got 4 or 5 more times before he stops sending unsolicited dick pics to women while running for public office.

        1. Didn’t his wife cancel him?

          She’s clearly a republican spy.

    6. Next thing you know, someone might get cancelled from commenting for posting links to child porn.

      1. Nice.

    7. Only a degenerate scumbag like you would even attempt to pull this false equivalence.

      1. B-b-b-b-bOtH sIdEs!!!!!

    8. And of course Nuttplug would be plumping for a politician who sent dick picks to an underage teenager.

      Pretty sure it wasn’t just conservatives pissed off at Weiner. Are you going to tell us Epstein is a hero next?

    9. Prince? Really?! The real Prince’s estate should sue this bitch

    10. What political opponent? This was some unknown woman at a party, not an officeholder or candidate.

      Sending pornography to a minor and soliciting a minor for sex are felonies. Weiner hasn’t been held accountable for either of these charges. So much for successfully canceled.

    11. Wow. You got banned for posting links to kiddie porn, now you’re defending a guy that sent dick pics to a minor. You really are a sick fuck.

      1. It’s a shame that an irate parent hasn’t executed PB for indulging pastime.

    12. I recall it was the Dems who dumped him. But so do you, as we know you’re an inveterate liar.

  2. this has never had anything to do with making the world a better place and everything to do with wielding raw power over people for the sake of it. At this point it’s clear this is being used like any cultural revolutionary weapon to purge your peers and people in a more powerful position so the wielder can accrue status and wealth.

    1. This is the result of raising a generation of entitled soft children.

    2. I don’t think it’s even about accruing power or wealth for a lot of the cultists, but just temporary feeling of wielding power over anyone

      1. Most of the left wing has a massive inferiority complex. Comes from years of being told in schools that victims are virtuous people.

        1. “I wish I’d have been the one to call her out”.

          Man, virtue signaling must feel so god damn good!


        2. Exactly!! Tell a person often enough that they are a victim and they believe it – see all the black/female/gay/Muslim people claiming someone looked at them badly. Victim culture is destroying American civil life.

  3. What a bunch of odious swamp creatures. They deserve whatever awfulness happens to them, especially their SJW chickens coming home happy o roost.

    Was there anybody there ina costume NOT mocking someone insufficiently progressive?

    1. It would be one thing if it was just being heaped on them. It’s not these people are running corporate hr departments and are systematically purging people who aren’t sufficiently woke enough on their social media purges or don’t participate in their programming and empty signaling of choice.

    2. Well, the other day I was offended at seeing someone cosplay as Thor. He wasn’t even Scandanavian, but a racist pig with French ancestry! I made him leave the party in tears for his microaggression against me.

  4. Thank God I’m not any of these people, doing any of the things they do around any of the people they spend time with.

  5. Nope, doesn’t go far enough. If we’re going on a witch hunt your witches go first. I want the editor and the cartoonist and everybody at that party that didn’t speak up fired and harassed and pilloried and brought up on charges. I want them to choke on it.

    1. This is all his is about. It’s a clearing mechanism for people who feel entitled to run these institutions and don’t feel they should put in the time, work and years for promotions/waiting for these people to retire. Guarantee the person who is pushing this has their eye on the fucking editor’s job or the cartoonists job.

    2. Haha. “Choke on it”. Nice.

  6. Welp, the woketarians can pat themselves on the back yet again. The problems of the African-American community have been solved by these heroic warriors. Never mind about trying to get a quality education for your kids, etc. The important work is done!

  7. on Wednesdays we wear pink.

    1. If you’re from Africa, why aren’t you black?

  8. Well, now we really need Paul Harvey for the rest of the story.

    IF, and with WaPo that is a big word, this part is correct;
    “Let’s get this straight: Gruber and Prince walked up to Schafer, called her ugly and pointed out her wrinkles. Schafer laughed awkwardly, probably in order to defuse the tension. Who is supposedly engaged in harassment here?”,
    “and that her embarrassment and regret were evident when she left the party in tears.”,
    if this party given at the home of a WaPo cartoonist and attended by many WaPo employees could be construed as a company affair,
    then, given a certain the-ink-is-still-wet Supreme Court decision,we have to ask, “If a man over six feet tall had yelled at a woman and driven her away in tears, would it be harassment and a hostile environment?”

    Lawyers are going to have a particularly good year.

    1. It came to mind that under the principles laid out in that decision employers could not fire white people for actions that they would not fire a black person for. So unless you’re going to fire black employees who use certain unspeakable words, then you can’t fire white people who use them. And unless you would fire a black person for putting on white make up, you can’t fire a white person who put on black makeup.

  9. Some day cancel culture is going to zero out the wrong person and someone’s winding up dead. You don’t want to face an opponent with nothing to lose.

    1. Probably. But that will just be more evidence that that person was evil and deserved to be socially ostracized.

      1. And of course, since that person will likely have been a conservative, it will further be used as proof that conservatives are obviously evil.

        1. Nah. The “wrong person” is going to be an important progressive liberal, so we’ll never even hear about it — or if it *is* reported on, the story will be carefully buried, and the only hint that the person is a Democrat will be the lack of a mention of party affiliation.

          For all we know, *lots* of people have already died this way, and we just haven’t heard about it yet because of this! *cough*Epstein*cough*

          1. Al Franken.

    2. Taking someone’s job is a serious thing. Especially, since losing your job under cancel culture auspices can make it vastly more difficult to get another one.

      They will surely be creating many people with nothing left to lose.

  10. I’m told this is the way free people execute social change– with an emphasis on the ‘execute’ part.

    1. societal purges are just Paul. Everyone knows mob rule and hysterical frothing leading the way makes for the best type leadership.

      1. Something something wisdom of the crowd?

    1. Stalingrad?
      City of Clowns?
      the place with no name?

      1. Change the name to an unpronounceable symbol and everyone can call it the city formerly known as Columbus.

    2. Shitheap?

      1. How do you say shitheap in Cherokee? Call it that.

        1. big heap poop

    3. AlmightyJB
      June.18.2020 at 1:16 pm
      “When is he going to change the name of the city?”

      And what will Washington State be re-named?

      1. Insleeland! The fucker is actually running for a third term. I’m considering marketing a one of ‘Overthrow Jay Inslee’ T-shirts.

        Should be an easy sell in eastern WA.

    4. Novgorod 1 will be the first post-racial city!

  11. several guests approached the woman and explained to her that it was still not OK to wear blackface. The woman reportedly left the party in tears.

    Mission Accomplished.

    Yes, we’ve moved swiftly into the score-settling and victim-cred portion of the current movement for racial justice. I thought it was Trump who made everyone lose their minds, but it’s pretty obvious that these living-online, up-their-own-ass types were only going to be able to tamp down their batshit depravity for so long.

    1. it’s pretty obvious that these living-online, up-their-own-ass types were only going to be able to tamp down their batshit depravity for so long.


    2. I know a surgeon who is running a two for the price of one special on rectal crainiectomies.

  12. I’m just glad they’re finally cancelling all the black faces off the grocery shelves. That will show those dirty racists!

    1. Grocery shelves are for white faces only.

    2. Now I won’t get to feel like a slave owner when pouring my Aunt Jemima or eating Uncle Ben’s rice!

      1. Only if you’re pouring aunt jemimah over uncle bens rice. That could open up a wormhole to another dimension of woke grievances. You don’t wanna go there.

        1. Uncle Ben cream of rice on Aunt Jemima’s sticky plump pancakes!

  13. I wonder if black people even care about black face to be honest. Every time there’s an uproar over blackface it’s white people.

    1. One of these women is black. But I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of black people don’t care.

      Seems to me that the goal, if you care about good relations between races, should be to get people to care less about things like blackface. I mean, it’s not as if people still think that old-timey minstrel shows accurately portray African-Americans. So what harm does blackface cause? Wouldn’t everything be better if people just didn’t care anymore?

      1. No, Zeb, one of the women is a progressive shithead victimcard player with black skin.

        1. I’m pretty sure those categories are not mutually exclusive.

          Here’s a cray thought. Maybe black people don’t share a collective opinion on this or anything.

          1. Terry Crews said that, and was roundly condemned.
            Which is ridiculous, if for no other reason than Terry Crews is one of the most likable humans alive

            1. And, AFAIK, Terry Crews hasn’t apologized or backed down either. And it seems like the woke crowd kind of dropped their faux outrage once they realized he wasn’t going to allow them to cow him into submission.

              “Oh shit, he’s not apologizing and prostrating himself at our feet. Uhm, look over there! An ‘offensive’ statue!”

              1. Yep. These people rely on you bowing down before them.
                Bend the knee, get destroyed

          2. Don’t tell the democrats!

          3. Here’s a cray thought. Maybe black people don’t share a collective opinion on this or anything.

            That was actually the point I was (rather poorly) trying to make.

          4. Maybe black people don’t share a collective opinion ,

            HOW DARE YOU?

            Everyone knows that all black people toe the leftard party line, and if they don’t they’re not black. Joe Biden said so! I’m sure his imaginary friend, corn pop, agrees.


            1. No, according to Joe Biden, those AREN’T actually black people.

      2. Spot on.
        Which is exactly why it will not be allowed to happen

      3. Megyn? Is that you?

    2. I wonder if black people even care about black face to be honest.

      My guess is only the ones who went to college and got Victimhood Studies degrees. The kinds of dipshits who can unironically screech about “white male privilege” while a homeless white man begs for change less than 20 feet away.

      1. Only when they can use it to destroy a White person.

        1. Back when I was in college, in the olden days of the early aughts (oughts?), there was a bit of an uproar over two guys who went to a Halloween party as Run DMC, complete with blackface.
          They were eventually forgiven since they were middle easterners who had no clue why people were upset

  14. This doesn’t bode well for the Ralph Northam. I wouldn’t be buying any green bananas for the Virginia Governor’s Mansion.

  15. First off, the woman outclevered herself by wearing blackface to criticize someone for saying it’s not terrible to wear blackface. That is a marvelous self own at trying to be woke.

    Second, what kind of cruel, merciless, unforgiving, miserable ball of rage do you have to be to not let an incident by an anonymous person you ran into at a party go after almost two years?

    Meanwhile, “Blackface or KKK Guy” Latham remains Governor of Virginia. But I guess canceling him instead of some office lady has consequences they would rather not deal with.

    1. “The woman outclevered herself”.

      So did wapo.

  16. Any chance we could get Gruber and Prince’s take on Biden’s “you ain’t black comment?”

    1. Not to worry, they are still voting for him.

      I do love watching proggies eat their own.

  17. A white woman painted her face black and wore a name tag that read “Hello, My Name is Megyn Kelly,” in reference to the TV host’s controversial defense of white people wearing blackface. The intended butt of the joke would appear to be Kelly, not black people. Regardless, several guests approached the woman and explained to her that it was still not OK to wear blackface. The woman reportedly left the party in tears.

    Am I a horrible person for laughing at this? What did she think? That it’s not real blackface unless you’re wearing a KKK hood?

    1. True fact: Someone I personally know wore a KKK costume to high school halloween day. It had a smiley face and said “have a nice day”. It was clever. It was highly highly inappropriate. This was long ago, in the “Kavanaugh at college” era.

      He was lucky not to get his face bashed in by every “person of color” on campus. Many wanted to, but the teachers were keeping a close eye out to make sure no one did. Frankly, the teachers should have sent him home to change.

      I’m sure he’s horrified at himself for what he did as a man-child. It was out of character then, and even more out of character now. NOT the type of person I would call racist. Just a one time insensitivity. I shudder to think of what would happen if he did that today.

      1. He was lucky not to get his face bashed in by every “person of color” on campus. Many wanted to, but the teachers were keeping a close eye out to make sure no one did.

        Now the teachers would probably stand aside and pretend not to see anything.

        I’m guessing he (incorrectly) assumed that most had seen Blazing Saddles and would get the joke. Maybe if he’d had a black friend who was willing to wear one too so they could reenact the whole “Why, Rhett, how many times have I told to wash your hands after a cross burning” scene.

    2. Only if you wear a Clayton bigsby nametag.

    3. Obviously she thought that the mindless and irrational outrage directed at Megyn Kelly would not be directed at her because she was On Their Side.

  18. Robby is kicking ass lately. Keep it up!

    1. And yet people still give him shit in the comments. I’m a piss and vinegar kind of guy, but Robby is really the only independent thinker at this and most publications nowadays. Even when I don’t agree with his conclusions, I know that he’s not just going to regurgitate the NYT or WaPo editorial pages.

      1. I’ve commented the same several times.

        Robby has improved in that he’s removed his “to be sure” tic.

        And the rest of the staff has moved far, far toward the progressive line, leaving him standing alone, like that private who wasn’t paying attention when the Sergeant asked for volunteers and the rest of the squad took one step back.

        1. They haven’t moved “far, far toward the progressive line”, they’re just regurgitating the NYT opinion pages uncritically (with the occasional and ever so slight quibble).

          Think of the massive fuck-up with the mentally challenge brand of John Bircherism. I mean they even hand waved away FBI abuse when that story fell apart on them, because they are just regurgitating the NYT opinion pages and nothing more.

        2. Fuck them.

          We’ll back Robby if he keeps this up.

        3. I think he’s improved in other ways too, which you would hope you can expect in someone of his age and position. He’s really matured and developed his own voice over the past year or two.

          1. I like his columns. They’re the first ones I go to.

            Some people don’t like him cuz he says the left is crazy but trumps a dick too. And sometimes they have a point. The lefts craziness is certainly deserving of stand alone criticism without the equivocating.

    2. +1, yes this is another good article.

  19. You write that the article is the one of the “worst newspaper articles of all time.” Either you’ve never read a Rupert Murdock product, you are conceding that Rupert Murdoch doesn’t publish news, or you’re paid by the Kochs to write right-wing dribble.

    1. Oh fuck off Jennifer Rubin.

    2. This is right up there with any tabloid trash I’ve ever seen.

    3. Imagine being this stupid

      1. Hang on a second, I’m gonna need some help with that.

        *smacks self in head with a tack hammer*

        Nope, still can’t imagine being that stupid.

    4. FR,

    5. Feel free to chase down a blue-shirted guy in Albuquerque with a knife sometime.

  20. You’re right Robby. This is very bad. Very ugly. Troubling. Awful. Disheartening.

    Those two cunts are nothing but a pair of bullies.

    And whats left to be said of WaPo? They wanted to lynch a kid on a lie. That’s all you need to know where that paper sits these days.

    1. I would have called them cunts, but that was be an insult to cunts. So I called them bitches, because they’re acting like female dogs snipping at everyone because their teats hurt.

  21. The WaPo is a piece of shit rag I would not even use to wipe my ass with. It actually makes the NYT look respectable and decent. And these two young ladies who “broke” thIs story are proof positive. Even the capital weather gang section has turned into a propaganda outlet for the AGW cult.

    1. “The WaPo is a piece of shit rag I would not even use to wipe my ass with. It actually makes the NYT look respectable and decent.”

      Woah, woah, woah- let’s not get crazy. They’re both trash and just as infuriating as the WSJ’s editorial page any time foreign policy is mentioned (their opinion is always “yes, kill more foreigners”).

      I’m not defending the WaPo, but let’s remember that the NYT won a Pulitzer for covering-up a genocide, because the killers were Leftists. The NYT is the definition of “useful idiot”, while the WaPo is just the mouthpiece of white liberal urbanites.

      1. Ted Wheeler called the cops when the mob came to his neighbourhood to set up an ‘autonomous zone’. The irony of using autonomous is none of these people are capable of being autonomous. They expect others to make them autonomous.

        Tar and feather. That’s what this cuck deserves for his cocksucking hypocrisy.

        Classic NIMBY jerk-off progressive wimp.

  22. > The woman reportedly left the party in tears.

    Did she think the mandatory struggle sessions would end in rainbows and unicorn farts?

    > These two are Lexie Gruber and Lyric Prince.

    Oh gawd, I want to slap their parents so hard for naming them that!

    I had to stop reading there. That culture is so far outside my reality that I just can’t parse it. So go embarrass that women for her choice of costume, BUT END IT THERE! The costume was mildly clever, but at the expense of someone else, and so he deserved a mild rebuking. BUT END IT THERE!

    There’s an ancient stereotype about women not being able to get past grievances, having memories longer than elephants, etc., but this is fucking ridiculous. Those two bitches (the morally correct term) need to get their emotional shit together and move on.

    And the Washington Post needs to publicly apologize to the entire nation for giving these two a forum where they were allowed to spew diarrhea all over their readers like some cheap shock video.

    1. The editors saw what happened to the NYT editorial page editor after daring to allow Tom Cotton an op-ed and knew what they had to do. If they had killed the story the mob would have gone after them for “silencing voices of color” or some such shit and they’d be on the street looking for work instead of a 54 year old white woman.

      1. Dans ce pays-ci, il est bon de tuer de temps en temps un amiral pour encourager les autres)

    2. ‘I want to slap their parents so hard for naming them that’

      Maybe her parents just really love Prince lyrics.

      1. She was conceived by masturbating with a magazine. “Mad,” I think.

  23. As far as cancel culture goes, this is a new and depressing low point.

    For now. I’m sure they’ll sink even lower by tomorrow. Hell, today’s not over yet, let’s not sell these woketards short.

  24. Prince said in an interview that she was worried about being stereotyped as an “angry black woman,” worried that someone might call the police.

    “I felt very unsafe talking to that person in the first place,” she said. “I was in an environment that, if it got heated, it would decidedly not be in my best interest.”

    I wasn’t at the party and I don’t know what actually happened, but this didn’t happen. She did not think this at the time and is adding it now to puff herself up to match the current climate.

    1. Isn’t she literally an angry black woman?

    2. She did not think this at the time and is adding it now to puff herself up to match the current climate.

      This, 100%. If she really “felt very unsafe talking to that person in the first place,” she would have kept her mouth shut. Walking up to someone and being a catty bitch about how ugly her makeup is and pointing out that you can see her wrinkles are not the actions of someone who feels “unsafe” even talking to them.

    3. Hey, maybe it’s not to your advantage to get all heated over some stupid crap like this in any environment. If you felt unsafe, it’s probably because you need to learn how to control yourself and get some fucking perspective.

      1. That, or at least the ability to recognize satire.

        This shouldn’t have generated *any* consternation, but to the extent a “conversation” was needed to air out any concerns, it should have looked like this:

        “Hey, black face isn’t cool.”

        “I agree with you! That’s the point of my costume—it’s timely, satirical criticism of Megyn Kelly’s defense of blackface.”

        “Aha! I get it. Thanks for explaining that.”

        But no—the perpetual victim crowd isn’t looking for a conversation or a dialogue. They are looking for a monologue—a chance to lecture. That’s why the approved line for white people is “I need to listen.”

    4. Tyler Perry’s: Madea Goes to Washington

  25. “Brace yourself before diving in, because this is one of the worst newspaper articles of all time.”

    And you’re surprised? It’s the new Bezos Post, after all.

    That high-pitched sound you hear is Martha Graham spinning in her grave.

  26. The Washington Post was already well on its way to smug irrelevance when I was living in the area, during the ‘80s and 90’s. Even then, if they started delivering to your house it was next to impossible to get them to stop, even by explicitly saying you were NOT going to pay for it. They needed inflated circulation numbers that badly

    1. It’s still relevant enough to ruin some poor woman’s life.

    2. The WaPo’s high water mark was the part they played in toppling Tricky Dick Nixon, and ever since then they’ve been steadily degenerating into worthlessness. There was the liar who got a Pulitzer with a bullshit story about a child drug addict who got busted when someone followed up on her resume, and then the biggest hit they took was when Craigslist gutted their ad revenue. Once they were no longer a serious money-making operation, no serious businessmen gave a shit about managing the paper, so the SJWs got to run amok.


  27. If people are this offended by a fucking costume it bothers them years later they need get a another cat and leave the rest of us in peace.

    1. I blame the lockdown. People are bored and these two twats were definitely not getting laid even before then, so they write a vindictive story to boost their woke egos.

  28. The woman is execrable for the sentiment behind her costume – that Megan Kelly pointing out that when she was a kid, dressing up as a black person was not considered racist and evil is some horrific transgression worthy of ridicule. She even pointed out the distinction between “blackface” and dressing up as a famous black character. This was an objectively true statement, and not indicative of any racist sentiment, now or in the past.

    The people at the party had particularly nasty behavior – telling her she is ugly, etc. You could just say “that costume is in poor taste, maybe you should go change” if you really felt that way. No need to scream in her face about it. And to come back and press for action at the paper after all this time? Yeah, that’s a sign of a mental illness.

    And the reporter and partygoers who participated in this story should be ashamed of themselves. This does not make them enlightened or absolve them of racist sins. They are nasty, nasty people.

    But all of that pales in light of the actions of the editors at WaPo. All of the rest of that would have amounted to a hill of beans. Except that the editors decided not to be editors but to be woke activists. As Robby notes, this is by no stretch of the imagination news. It is no more news than reporting on who our uber-offended duo has hooked up with in the last year and whether they used protection. It is offered up for prurient LULZ, and for that they should not be forgiven. A lady who wore a tasteless costume to a party one time lost her job over this. But I’d say that the editors who green-lit this project should be the ones filing unemployment, not because of the offensive nature of the content, but because it demonstrates that they are incapable of exercising the appropriate judgement required to do the job they currently hold.

    1. Yeah, that’s a sign of a mental illness.

      A lot of these woketards are clearly mentally ill. Used to be there were places we could send people like that to try and get better, or at least get lobotomized so that they can’t hurt anyone but now apparently we celebrate them for their mental problems and give them a national platform.

      1. Yes. But the problem is, they’re in the SYSTEM.

        People like Ibram Kendri demanding others to ‘transform’ should scare people.

    2. If I went to my publisher and proposed a story outing a one-time lapse of judgment by a “fellow” staff member at a private company party two years ago, I’d get a reprimand, a quick remedial course in journalistic ethics, stale stories and screwing fellow workers and such, and nobody on the staff would speak to me until I profusely apologized to the person I was trying to shame.

      But then we’re old-school journalists.

  29. Cunt #1: Remember that woman who came in blackface and we shamed her?

    Cunt #2 (narrows gaze): Yeh, we showed her.

    #1: I don’t think, like we did enough. I think enough time has passed to split that bitch up good.

    #2: I’m still, like, having nightmares!

    #1: Me too. I have not been able to literally, you know like, enjoy kale in the same way.

    #2: Tell me about it. I even went to get a literal tattoo in Chinese characters to commemorate the literal massacre of our feelings.

    #1: I got an idea. Why don’t we write, like, an article and one of the loser second rate useful idiot papers will publish it!?

    #2: Yeh, we have a lot of loser friends in literally in high places. It’ll get published for sure! I’ll get Pablo to type it for us on, like, my antique typewriter.

    #1: So cool. It’ll, like OMG, make the article so much cooler.

    Pitches idea.

    #1 (to editor): Remember that party of that woman, like, who wore blackface?

    Editor: Don’t we all. The paper has been in literal existential crisis ever since.

    #1: Well we want to express our outrage – AGAIN!

    Editor: We’re so literally with you on that. Give us 3000 words and we won’t, like, even proof read it.

    #2 (slams article down): Here you go! We wrote it so it takes 8:46 m to read!

    Editor: AWESOME! Let’s do this. People are gonna love our stunning bravery.

    #1: Is that Justin Trudeau in blackface?

    Editor: Yes. We were at a CCP party last year. Great guy!

    #1: OMG! I know! I’d soooo vote for him.

    #2: I’d fuck him wild in public!

    Editor: America sucks. We’re stuck with a literal racist white supremacist Jacobin Hitler Stalinist with a whore wife.

    #1: I know. I want to, like, literally kill him. Anyway, hope the article helps to ruin that woman’s life, even though it happened, like, two years ago and she apologized. Maybe with some real justice her family too.

    Editor: Look, apologies are signs of weakness. Justice has no time limit. I’m sure it will because without us – makes heart gesture- here at the WaPo and people like you….democracy dies.

    #1: Our quench for vengeance has been satisfied.

    #2: Is it? I’m kinda liking this.

    #1: You’re right. Rage on!

    1. It’s like you were in the room when it happened.

    2. #1: Our quench for vengeance has been satisfied.

      It was all funny right up until here.

      First, the misuse of quench was a hard deus ex machina and I was going to recommend a correction. Then I realized it might be intentional. Then I realized the reason I realized it might be intentional is because I’m always correcting Mrs. Casual on thirst/quenched (and itched/scratched, burned/smoked, etc.) and it made me sad.

      Anyway, long story long, you need to fix the typo in your otherwise funny story. It should be “Our thirst for vengeance has been satisfied/quenched.”

      1. Anyway, long story long, you need to fix the typo in your otherwise funny story. It should be “Our thirst for vengeance has been satisfied/quenched.”

        It’s the Post. That’s the way they write now.

      2. Talk about your humor challenged pedants!! Give Rufus a f-ing break, English ain’t his first language, he’s Italian-Canadian!

    3. Haha. You’re, like, one of the good ones Rufus.

      And you didn’t even, like, misspell “loser” and stuff. Solid.

  30. I think it’s great that all three of these progressives came out of the closet and our up a big warning sign: stay away.

    1. But the polite thing to do is to put people on notice before it becomes an issue. That’s what names with hyphens in them are for.

  31. You don’t make someone run away from a party in tears. People have no goddamn manners anymore.

    1. You can’t expect a room like that to understand fundamental human decency. Theirs is an abstract world of moralizing symbolics. There’s no room for real people.

      1. “Can’t talk to a psycho like a normal human being”

    2. People have no goddamn manners anymore.

      Yeah. You’d think someone would’ve taught those southern country bumpkins at Wapo some manners before they took a job speaking on behalf of all Americans.

  32. Howard Stern using blackface to call out Ted Danson’s actual blackface was much funnier.

    1. Howard Stern has never been funny in his life. That’s why he’s such a scumbag for attention.

      I remember when that asshole had to run for his life away from DC for the stunt he pulled after the Air Florida crash. I don’t care how long it’s been, if I ever meet that creep I’m going to bitch-slap him.


      1. Are you perhaps thinking of The Greaseman, a local DC jock who got canned for phoning Air Florida on the air and ordering a “one-way ticket to the 14th Street Bridge?”

      2. Stern is terribly funny at times. But just terrible at other times.

        Remember when he was told not to use certain words on the air and then had a fill in the blank:

        __________ willow

  33. “I was in an environment that, if it got heated, it would decidedly not be in my best interest.”

    You probably got that right.

  34. And, of course, Va. Governor Ralph Northam has denied once again that the person In blackface was On his yearbook page was him, and that he has no idea how it got there.

    1. So he was the Klansman? OK then.

  35. Journalism!

  36. Robby, you’re missing the point of modern “anti-racism.” It’s not to protect Blacks. It’s to attack Whites, the more helpless the White, the better.

  37. The Washington Post’s Halloween Costume Hit Job Is a New Low for Cancel Culture

    The woman is not famous, she does not appear to hold any power, and is not seeking public office.

    “Fuck those Covington Catholic kids! Got what they deserved I say! And that political sycophant Nungesser got what was coming to him too!” – Robby Soave

    1. Wait, what? Robby was the one of the first who pointed out that there was a lot more to the Covington video than what the mainstream media was pimping.

      1. To be sure.

        1. Being more clear, WaPo was involved in the Covington Kids debacle and it was a far lower moment for Cancel Culture which started low and has only gone downhill.

          To act like a three person media tiff is the low point of cancel culture while admonishing us as to how Sandmann’s lawsuit naming every media outlet under the sun is a threat to free speech is itself pretty low. You’re absolutely right he didn’t throw them under the bus then, saying that this is the low point of the cancel culture movement is him throwing them under the bus now.

  38. What’s really embarassing is Reason running a photo of “the Washington Post” building, which was torn down a couple of years ago. Yup, right on top of things.

  39. So, all Washington Post workers are woke progressives who will do anything in their power to destroy those with whom they disagree?

    Is this the take we are supposed to get, since we know a few bad people in a group mean that everyone in that group is tainted.

    1. Waiting for the rest to speak up…. *crickets*

    2. Is this the take we are supposed to get, since we know a few bad people in a group mean that everyone in that group is tainted.

      Hey now! Robby spoke up so that you can totally tell that he’s not one of them. To be sure he threw Kavanaugh, the Covington Kids, Nungesser, and a couple others under the bus harder than his grandma’s corpse but he spoke up this time nonetheless.

      1. He’s getting better. I think he’s still insulated in progressive culture but there are cracks showing he is probably close to being redpilled

  40. Self-appointed Committee of Public Safety. They are multiplying and metastasizing.

    1. Here’s hoping they meet the same fate as Robespierre.

  41. If I dress-up as a bloodsucking Vampire the Right will be offended and if I dress-up as an undead Zombie the Left will be offended. What’s a Person to do?

    1. Dress up as a Wakandan chess set, and kneel blocking the front door.

      1. Why didn’t I learn about vibranium in science class in high school? Why does white American fear teaching its citizens about the scientific achievements of blacks?

    2. Go with the vampire. I don’t think the right will get riled. And if they do, who cares?

  42. Damn man, the media has completely lost its collective mind. So glad I cancelled my Washington post subscription years ago, but this is truly a new
    Low for them. I guess when you are woke, you have no sense of humorist understand irony and you sure as hell lose all sense of common courtesy. So much for the honest dialogue this country needs on race.

    1. Don’t forget, any dialog that isn’t won by a leftist doesn’t count as ever having occurred (c.f., Swallwell’s BLM comments in congress).

    2. No sense of humor is common for woke assholes.

  43. Hit Job Is a New Low for Cancel Culture

    I heard somewhere that Jefferey Epstein was pretty openly and systematically raping and trafficking underage girls and cancel culture remained mum. That seems pretty low, was WaPo not a part of that?

    1. Ha ha….then again look who he raped..they didn’t grow up in NYC and went to ivy league schools and honestly I think they all were Christian. Not the kind of folks the WAPO likes very much

      1. The thing that kills me about it is that while remaining mum on Epstein they were patting themselves on the back for ‘exposing’ Harvey Weinstein’s underhanded… “quid pro quos” with women like Asia Argento.

  44. The amazing thing about this whole episode is that those two self-righteous pricks think they come out looking good.

  45. I understand that you are not responsible for the behavior of your guests,

    Of course! Because Congress passed section 420, the section 230 of Halloween cocktail parties, protecting hosts from the inappropriate actions of their guests. Otherwise, party hosts would’ve had untold masses of inappropriately costumed guests showing up to their parties and suing them, smothering the nascent Halloween cocktail party industry.

    Thanks to section 420 of the Costume Decency Act, Toles was shielded from the harm done by evil trolls like Schafer.

    1. You know whose birthday was 4/20?

  46. Completely agree.

    But let us take a moment to appreciate the irony of someone wearing blackface to mock Megyn Kelly for saying the following:

    “Because you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface on Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid that was OK, as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character.”

    1. She was banking on the crowd’s hatred of Megyn Kelly making them as unprincipled as usual. Usually these people get away with violating the tribe’s rules because wokeness is a free pass on most things.
      In fairness, I can’t be upset about blackface/whiteface for the same reasons Kelly stated. This woman’s costume was an annoying display of her progressive tribe that I’d say isn’t really offensive unless you’re Megyn Kelly or a left wing snowflake

  47. People that scream for tolerance are the least tolerant. Obviously someone with a huge chip on their shoulder. The worst bully is someone who use to get or thought they were bullied. this kind of stuff will just make people decouple and avoid interacting with other people unless they agree 100% in everything. It will self segregate society and I hate to say this you destroy someone’s life completely…they just might respond back. This is utterly from the bolsheviks playbook in Russia to destroy society.

  48. Looks like they might be having second thoughts about having published that. The article’s still up, but I can’t find a single link to it anywhere on the Post’s site anymore.

  49. Perhaps the Washington Post could make it a regular feature: Cancellation Of The Week! They could keep tabs on how well they’re doing — how many featured people lost their job, had a nervous breakdown, committed suicide, and so on.

    1. KMW take note: this could be a winner, right after Brickbat.

  50. This WaPo article is nothing compared to the one that stated a study that Americans are more colorblind is an indication Americans are more racist, a theory picked up by Psychology Today and taking it even further by suggesting colorblindness is an actual mental disorder. Any guess what the MSM would have theorized had the study showed Americans are less colorblind? That’s right, we’re still racist. Get it clear: The workers angle for communist revolution has failed miserably in the US; the authoritarians are banking on a race war. We can only hope blacks themselves, the majority being middle class and not impoverished savages as the Left depicts, will fight them back like the unions did back in the 1930s. When black people rally behind little white boys expelled from school for racism after bringing a magic trick to class, journalism as we know it and the Red march will die.

    1. No, the Red March will find another horse to ride. Trans? Gays? Short people?

    2. That is really upsetting. Sometimes it seems like there is no answer only problems.

  51. “If it wasn’t newsworthy then, why is it newsworthy now?”

    Because the bombsight was obscured until the mob recently shifted our Overton window. Now it’s time for lynch mob justice.

  52. “Schafer was promptly fired, which is entirely the Post’s fault.”

    I hate to be that libertarian guy but….. it’s at will employment, right?

    I posted this sentiment on Robby’s article on cancel culture earlier this year – when the other side insists on imposing a standard on us, it’s perfectly fine for us to hold them to it. If some “right wingers” dug up offensive posts by liberals and their employers were forced them to fire them for the sake of consistency, we have not taken the lower road. Not as long as we leave the choice up to the employer rather then engage in witch hunts.

    If Schafer sues her employer for wrongful termination, we have to get behind her, even as we support economic freedom and freedom of association. We don’t live in a libertarian society. A liberal journalist would sue FOX news if they fired him for having a cousin who rioted in the streets, and would deserve to win.

    I’m in favor of fiscal responsibility, but that doesn’t mean I won’t take a Covid stimulus check if the government shuts down my business. If private companies violate bad regulations for political reasons, we have to take them to task.

  53. Breaking news Black Like Me has been removed from the library.

    1. Link, please, if it really happened! At this stage of the game, it’s hard to tell if your claim is sarcastic or real.

      /Poe’s Law.

  54. Thanks for writing this – that Post article is quite a piece – the virtual signaling is nauseating. It seems like Gruber and Prince were feeling left out of the current news cycle and decided they had to force their way into it.

    My only complaint is that I wish you hadn’t included the name of the woman who were blackface – I know it’s in the original article, but there’s no need to signal boost it.

  55. Just pure cuntiness by these two young Karens.

  56. This has all the makings of a great cartoon, but if Tom rises to the occasion , he’ll never darken the ,B>Post op-ed page again.

    1. Win-win.

  57. In the Robisphere this won’t end until they run out of necks, often, their own.

  58. Gruber and Prince.
    Cancel Culture Karens.

    1. If this is what they do to a woman for mocking a Fox News reporter imagine what they would be willing to do to someone not one of their own.

  59. I never liked dressing up for Halloween. I guess that’s turned out to be a good thing!

    (It’s actually my second least favorite “holiday”–after Valentine’s Day.)

  60. It seems that this isn’t Ms. Gruber’s first time competing in the Victim Olympics.

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