Brickbat: Dropping the Ball


A 20-year-old man put in a nursing home as he was recovering from the coronavirus has been charged with assaulting his 75-year-old roommate in Michigan. Jadon Hayden had two bench warrants out for his arrest for misdemeanor assault at the time. But he wasn't picked up on them because the Washtenaw County sheriff's office says it is not enforcing bench warrants unless they are for felonies or violent crimes because of the coronavirus. Hayden is now facing multiple charges, including felony assault with intent to commit great bodily harm. His father says his son has mental health issues and was living in a group home where he assaulted two staff members. After the second assault, Hayden was transported to University of Michigan Hospital for an evaluation. The father says that at the hospital Hayden tested positive for the coronavirus and as a result was sent to the nursing home.

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  1. Who needs enemies with government like that.

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  2. BTW, Jadon Hayden is black, the 75 year old is white, the perp videorecording the beating spewing anti-white rhetoric also beat an elderly white woman and Reason continues it’s march to the left.

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  3. Misdemeanor assault isn’t a violent crime?

    1. Could be. But also might not be. Misdemeanor assault can cover an awful lot of behavior. It could, for example, include:
      – pushing someone on the playground
      – grabbing someone’s arm
      – bumping into someone
      – tapping someone on the shoulder
      – pretty much any physical contact made without consent
      – merely threatening physical contact

      Note that the charge of misdemeanor assault can be based on the subjective interpretation of the person being touched. “I thought he was trying to kidnap me when he grabbed my arm.” A successful defense might be “I grabbed her arm to stop her from walking in front of the bus.” But you can still be charged before you ever get to make that defense.

  4. His parents not only gave him a trendy name with an unusual spelling, they made it actually rhyme with his last name? No wonder the kid has mental health issues.

    Jadon Hayden’s mental health is fadin’ is probably a taunt he grew up hearing.

    1. Rhyme? No, it’s pronounced “Eye-gore”.

      1. I thought it was pronounced throat warbler mangrove.

  5. Test positive for the Rona and was given a 75-year-old roommate.

    1. It’s effect, both Jayden and the roommate were given death sentences. Nursing homes are basically coronavirus slaughterhouses. No one goes to one to “recover” from the virus, they go there to succumb to it. If ventilators are in short supply in actual hospitals, in nursing homes they’re as rare as a hen’s teeth.

  6. On Thursday, Hayden’s bond was lowered from $300,000 cash or surety to $50,000 cash or surety. He remains at the Wayne County Jail.

    They’re still keeping people in jail during the rona epidemic? And somebody who’s actually tested positive for the rona? WTF? Poor guy needs to be let out of jail before he spreads it to everybody else! Somebody in government needs to step up and see that he gets sent to a nursing home where he can be taken care of properly.

  7. Detroit area; that is why assault is non-violent.
    Probably no hospitals, so a nursing home.
    Never vote for a democrat.

  8. Michigan was just following the sterling example of pandemic hero Andrew Cuomo – putting covid-positive people in nursing homes with elderly, immunity-compromised seniors.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  9. Can someone tell me one good thing about beating up an old person?

    “um…. It’s easy”

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