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Will a Rise in Coronavirus Numbers in 14 States Refocus Attention on the Pandemic?

Plus: Protest updates, a small blow against qualified immunity, a lesson in not feeding the trolls, and more...


Rise in COVID-19 numbers seen in more than a dozen states. American attention has started wandering from its recent laser focus on COVID-19, and even New York politicians begin letting up on stay-at-home rules, but some new data is pushing coronavirus back in the headlines—and possibly reigniting the fight about lockdowns.

Since the start of June, 14 states and Puerto Rico have been "recording their highest averages of new cases since the pandemic began," according to The Washington Post. And "hospitalizations in at least nine states have been on the rise since Memorial Day."

States experiencing rises in new documented coronavirus infections include Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Kentucky, New Mexico, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah.

Some of this can be attributed to more testing, but that's not the only thing going on in the data:

Data from states that are reporting some of their highest seven-day averages of new cases is disproving the notion that the country is seeing such a spike in cases solely because of the continued increase in testing, according to data tracked by The Washington Post.

Right now, "the qualified good news is that the daily tally of new confirmed cases has stabilized at around 20,000 for the past three weeks while COVID-19 deaths are averaging 750 per day," writes Reason's Ron Bailey. "The bad news is that so far nearly 2 million Americans have been diagnosed with the illness and more than 111,000 have died of it."


• Seattle protesters have claimed a part of the city as an autonomous zone:

• In Ohio, 22-year-old Sarah Grossman died of a heart attack a few hours after being tear-gassed by Columbus police at a May 28 protest. "An emergency room nurse reported the death as a suspected overdose, but no toxicology screen has been completed to show drugs in her system. Her family denies any history of drug abuse, the records say." Columbus city spokesperson Robin Davis told the Dayton Daily News that "Police did use gasses to disperse crowds that night."

Meanwhile, new examples are emerging every day of cops abusing and killing black Americans—horrors that wouldn't likely come to light were it not for cellphone video capturing it.

• That's what exposed police in Shreveport, Louisiana, punching and tasing Tommie Dale McClothen repeatedly before he died in police custody. "In the 4 1/2 minute video, which the station shot off of the cellphone of a person who the station said witnessed the altercation, officers can be seen wrestling with a man on the ground with at least one officer punching him repeatedly and another appearing to hit him with a baton. A voice can be heard saying that the officers were using a Taser on the man," reports the Associated Press.

  • In Los Angeles:


Censorship versus editorial discretion. Mike Masnick of Techdirt has it right on the Tom Cotton op-ed published by The New York Times (about using military force against protesters) and subsequent strife among staff, including the resignation of Opinion Editor James Bennet.

His resignation prompted "a new round of hand-wringing … that American newsrooms were 'becoming college campuses' full of 'safe spaces' and 'political correctness,'" Masnick explains. But that's backward, he suggests:

I'm probably more extreme than most in arguing for free speech and the importance of listening to viewpoints and ideas that people disagree with. And while there have been incidents on college campuses where students have pushed back on hearing uncomfortable ideas, there's a big difference between an unwillingness to listen to "uncomfortable" ideas and an unwillingness to support disingenuous ideas that are simply designed to rile people up.

Again, as we discussed last week, while some people were freaking out about so-called 'censorship,' the issue was actually about editorial discretion—which is something wholly different. When you consider every act of editorial discretion to be the same as censorship, then the real problem is on your end. You can disagree with the decision (in either direction) and speak out about it (because there are many ways to speak out these days). But a single platform choosing to publish a terrible, disingenuous op-ed whose entire point appeared to be to piss people off, and then the person in charge resigning following the controversy, has nothing at all to do with censorship or safe spaces or avoiding difficult conversations.

The issue, again, is whether or not the editorial discretion is well applied. And the evidence—which goes way beyond that one op-ed—says that it was not. […] It comes down to this simple point: there are certain elements in society now who are simply trolling. And Tom Cotton is a giant troll. Whether he intends to be or not, he has all of the characteristics of an internet troll. He's posting dishonest claptrap, designed to enrage. He's cherry picking his facts and ignoring any countervailing evidence. He frames his nonsense with claims about wanting to be a part of the debate, but as anyone who has ever dealt with internet trolls knows, that's all part of the game to keep people engaged.

The general rule of thumb on the internet is "don't feed the trolls." I don't always agree with that wisdom, as there is sometimes value in a one-off response to trollish behavior to highlight for others why the troll's disingenuous claims are bullshit. But, there's an issue beyond just not "feeding" the trolls: you never need to elevate them and act as if they are in the debate for honest and reasonable reasons.

More here.


On the rise of OnlyFans:


• The TV show Cops has been canceled.

• The New York City Health Department tells people to get "kinky" with face masks.

• A fifth Tennessee prison guard has "pleaded guilty to using unlawful force on an inmate and then conspiring to cover it up," the Department of Justice announced yesterday. Former guard Jonathan York "admitted that, on Feb. 1, he and other correctional officers entered the cell of R.T., an inmate in the mental health unit at the Northwest County Correctional Complex in Tiptonville, Tennessee. York asked a fellow officer to cover the surveillance camera in the cell. R.T. was seated in the cell and did not pose a threat to the officers. York punched R.T. in retaliation for R.T. spitting earlier. York punched R.T. in the neck, face, back, and chest. York admitted to punching R.T. around 30 times. York's punches caused visible injury to R.T. and caused him to bleed."

• Republicans may be moving their convention from North Carolina to Florida over disagreements about COVID-19 precautions North Carolina officials want the convention to take.

• New York lawmakers passed a bill repealing a terrible police secrecy law. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign it.

• The war on terror comes home.

NEXT: It's Time to End Qualified Immunity for College Administrators, Too

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  1. Some of this can be attributed to more testing…


    1. Hello.

      Gee, like Sweden, red states really got people unnerved.

      But keep them riots-not-riots going.

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    2. That curve is looking flat as hell.

      1. Just to show you how full of shit everyone is.

        Here, the resident buffoon health Czar Dr. Tam warned ‘covid cases could explode if we mishandle the reopening’. Cue scary music of choice.

        She could have chosen a better word to convey her message but it was by design. They WANT to keep people sleeping with one eye open.

        1. The only thing to fear is not having enough fear?

          1. It appears.

    3. There is this constant obsession with meaningless numbers. A more important metric at this point is number of positives per test.

      Death rate is also important because it tells us whether or not we are keeping the virus away from the vulnerable.

      1. They don’t want to talk about the death rate, they want to talk about the death tally. The fact that they’re willing to ignore context and focus specifically on what seems like the scariest number should tell you everything you need to know.

    4. Yes, and it appears teargas now causes overdoses, and anyone who dies “in custody” was murdered by the authorities, regardless of what they did leading up to the custody

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  2. American attention has started wandering from its recent laser focus on COVID-19, and even New York politicians begin letting up on stay-at-home rules…

    Some things are more important than your grandmother right now.

    1. We must protect the over 80 year olds no matter the cost.

      1. Old lives matter?

        1. You have officially been canceled.

  3. Will a Rise in Coronavirus Numbers in 14 States Refocus Attention on the Pandemic?

    Since riots are destroying testing centers, maybe not.


    2. Will a Rise in Coronavirus Numbers in 14 States Refocus Attention on the Pandemic?

      Few people have actually paid attention to the pandemic – depending on their leanings, they’ve either been focused on blaming Trump for the coronavirus and all the attendant fallout or focused on the number of state governments assuming utterly unconstitutional dictatorial powers and destroying people’s lives in the name of saving lives. The national media for the most part only care about the pandemic insofar as they can gin up outrage and sensationalism and clickbait headlines.

      1. Few people have actually paid attention to the pandemic…

        Hell you talking about? Hard not to notice there’s a pandemic when school is canceled, and your kids are suddenly home all day.

      2. The funny part about that is it seems like a President has limited options in these situation. The CDC’s guidelines explicitly lay out what GOVERNORS need to do during a pandemic.

        The CDC literally had ONE job and fucked up. Some Governors first played politics, then over-reacted and then doubled-down on the stupid and stupid politics arguably making things worse.

        But Trump.

        1. Trump tried to be his usual humble self, but those darn governors kept putting the spotlight on Trump. Such a self-effacing man, victimized by those nasty Blue state people.

          1. You’re broken.

          2. so? blaming Tweets and press conferences now are we?

            1. Not blaming anything on anything. Rufus is the one who started defending Trump out of the blue without Trump’s having even been part of the topic being discussed. Trump Defense Syndrome.

              1. Maybe re-read Jerryskids statement… You just made yourself look like an idiot by claiming Ra’s actions were out of the blue.

                1. I mean Rufus’

      3. about that, when do we get to start seeing all the lawsuits from everyone who’s being told they can’t come out of their house unless they’re protesting whitey? Seems to me that’s a pretty big violation of Mr. 1A.

  4. Amid calls for police reform, new dataset shows where police money has flowed in Congress

    Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), who has come under recent scrutiny for her record on police violence as lead prosecutor in Hennepin County, is one of the senators with the most contributions from police union and law enforcement PACs.

    Klobuchar did not bring charges in more than two dozen cases of officer-involved fatalities during her prosecutorial tenure. Klobuchar, along with fellow Minnesota Sen. Tina Smith (D-Minn.) is now calling for an investigation by the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division into the “patterns and practices of racially discriminatory and violent policing in the Minneapolis Police Department” in a letter to Attorney General William Barr.

    1. I told a liberal friend of mine the other day don’t tell me anyone gives a shit about black lives until Klobuchar is forced to resign. They didn’t really have any response other than “but that is different”.

      1. What’s the final bit on that? I’m trying to find hard evidence she did all that. I have a liberal friend who said he looked at her record and time in office and didn’t see much. I looked into it and saw at least one incident where she let a cop walk. Hit me with data.

        1. The data is that there was like 12 cases of police misconduct she refused to prosecute, including a case involving the guy who killed George Floyd. Now, maybe she was right not to do so. But, if she were a Republican, every media outlet in America would be demanding her resignation. So, why should she not be held to the same standard?

          1. But, if she were a Republican, every media outlet in America would be demanding her resignation. So, why should she not be held to the same standard?

            Because she’s a Democrat–there’s no bad methods, just bad targets.

          2. because vagina that’s why

      2. Time to dig out the Intersectional Scorecard.

        Anybody got the updated oppressed group score factors?

      3. Klobuchar? That’s a hell of a typo, her name is spelled “Kamala”.

        Oh, wait, you mean there’s two Democratic former prosecutors who spent most of their careers as government employees screwing over the peasants but who now claim they’re all for protecting the little people against the depredations of the state?

        1. Yes there are. Shocking isn’t it?

          1. And re-education camps work!

        2. Only two? That would be the most shocking part if true.

      4. Hey John, Want examples of how Dear Leader has betrayed the kind of claptrap conservatism you claim to espouse here in the comments? Sometimes politicians do things their supporters disagree with.and then you have to look at the situation holistically. Hmmm, let’s see what that choice is? I can choose between a Democrat who sometimes doesn’t pass a left-wing purity test and some fucking authoritarian GOP fuckhead that puts people in positions of power because of personal loyalty.? Can I go with option A and still respect myself in the morning? Hmm, yep, I can.

        You’re one to talk John. You are on a *libertarian*— that’s l…I…b…e…r…t…a…r…I…a…n, as in generally opposed to the use of government coercion, John— website telling people, “Hey! It’s all ok, man. Libertarians should vote for Dear Leader because he’s just great for 3 trillion dollar deficits, boondoggle projects on the Mexican border, and promoting lickspittles to positions of power”

        Does that mean we should all sit home and let morons like you vote in these GOP imbeciles you seem to love? Fuck that! You think I like having Dear Leader’s apparatchiks one charge? No thanks, man. John, I really mean this when I say you can go get fucked, ok?

        1. She allowed the cop who later committed the George Floyd murder to walk and face no consequences for his prior violent misconduct. She never prosecuted a single cop while a DA and then took police union donations in her Senate run as a payoff for doing so.

          So don’t tell me you or any other Democrat gives a flying fuck about black people killed by the police. You don’t. You never gave a flying fuck about the abuse that Klobuchar overlooked and you still don’t.

          You are nothing but a piece of shit who will say anything or do anything to advance your disgusting ideology. The only thing I can say for you is that you are not really racist. It is not just black lives don’t matter to you and your ilk. No one’s life but your own sorry depraved one matters to you.

        2. Yeah, and Chicago is a utopian socialist paradise free of patronage and coercion.

          Fuck you.

        3. Oh keep quiet you defunct dope.

          You’re a S O C I A L I S T on a libertarian site. You adhere to an ideology that RELIES ON COERCION.

          1. “You’re a S O C I A L I S T on a libertarian site.”

            To be fair, so are some of the authors.

            1. It’s ‘to be sure‘.

          2. I’m a socialist because— among other things— I think governments act on behalf of wealthy and entrenched business interests such as when you and I collectively pay trillions of dollars to fight wars and maintain standing armies that do nothing other than protect oil companies. Is that ok with you?

            1. Nope. There is no defense for being a socialist. There is no defense for wanting the government to take other people’s property and redistribute it. Period. Also, you can’t be both a socialist and a libertarian (as you claim below).

        4. libertarians can make a valid argument that Trump is the more libertarian of the two options.

          If you buy into the standard formulation of needing to vote between one of two evils, libertarians can reasonably point to Trump as the one to pick.

          On the other hand, it’s also perfectly reasonable to declare a pox on both houses and actually vote libertarian.

          I’m in the second camp but I respect both positions.

          1. If you buy into the standard formulation of needing to vote between one of two evils, libertarians can reasonably point to Trump as the one to pick.

            Oh, so it’s ok with you if— as a Left libertarian— I choose Biden as the lesser of two evils, right?

            1. Anyone who uses socialist in their user name is nowhere close to being a libertarian. You’ve had this explained to you multiple times. Socialism is the antithesis of libertarianism.

        5. Worker’s paradise will finally be achieved when whole country is reduced to a single party. Once democrats have ability to implement their sincerely altruistic agenda, there will be no more corruption, cronyism, over-policing, homelessness, high murder or rape rates. Look to Cali, NY and Chicago for example. Utopia has already been achieved, with people doing everything they can to move there right now for their equal share of glorious worker’s paradise wealth. Onward comrades!

  5. No. what will refocus attention to the China virus is the fact that protests and riots are not polling well for Democrats and it is now time to ensure the deplorables don’t get any ideas that just because the chosen woke get to have protests and public gatherings doesn’t mean they will.

    Every single prohibition against public gatherings in the name of the pandemic became unconstitutional substance based discrimination against freedom of speech and assembly the moment the states allowed Floyd protests to occur. Imagine being one of the thousands of people in this country who were unable to attend the funeral of a loved one now watching thousands of people including prominent politicians and backers of the measures that said you couldn’t attend funerals attend George Floyd’s funeral.

    The attention now paid to the Chinese virus is just what it always was; an excuse to impose tyranny. No one who supported the protests has any moral authority to claim any concern about the spread of the virus ever again.

    1. Well, impose tyranny but also virtue signal, reinforce the tribe, and vilify the others. All of which also increase the support for tyranny.

    2. Not enough people let themselves get dragged into tyranny by mush-brained rioters, so we’ll go back to what already worked.

    3. The attention now paid to the Chinese virus is just what it always was; an excuse to impose tyranny.

      Oh, bullshit. We get that you are a conservative partisan, but the motivation of lockdowns was to protect public health. It might have been misguided policy, but it wasn’t to “impose tyranny”.

      1. So, tyranny was not the goal, just the method.

        1. That’s a more fair assessment. It at least acknowledges that there were good intentions.

          1. Anyone promoting “good intentions” needs a baseball bat to the mouth.

            1. “Oh I’m sorry, did I break your concentration? Well go on, you were something about the best of intentions… oh, so you’re finished then?! Well, allow me to retort!”

            2. Acknowledging good intentions is not promoting good intentions. Acknowledging good intentions is being civil, in a society that is quickly losing all civility.

              1. At least he made the trains run on time. Fuck what a stupid defense of an even stupider statement about good intentions.

          2. So you believe in authoritarianism under good intentions.

            Yup, you’re broken.

            1. No, acknowledge good intentions, then go on to point out flaws in whatever policy is being proposed. That’s what civil people do.

              1. Says who? And isn’t good intentions a judgement call?

          3. A certain Austrian vegan, painter thought he had good intentions also.

            1. He loved animals! And art! And believed in youth programs!

              1. Was Michael Jackson Austrian?

            2. That’s highly questionable.

              1. No, it isn’t. He thought he was helping his people. He thought he had good intentions. There is no doubt about that. The problem is good intentions are in the eye of the beholder, so defending 3vil by stating good intentions is fraught with danger. Hell, he even wrote a book about why he thought his actions were for the better good and a number of progressives in America and England even originally sang his praises originally. Intentions don’t mean shit, actions is all that a person should be judged on.

                1. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a thread reverse-Godwin’d before. You actually went to Hitler as your example of everyone having good intentions.

      2. “the motivation of lockdowns was to protect public health. It might have been misguided policy, but it wasn’t to “impose tyranny”.”

        Sure it was

        1. Wait until he finds out most dictators begin under a platform consisting of good intentions.

      3. Yes, that’s why multiple democrats governors have said that it’s ok to come out for the riots- I mean completely peaceful BLM protests, but if you want to go to church, or work, or protest the lockdowns, you’ll be arrested. In New York, that goes double if you’re an orthodox Jew, because De Blasio thinks he knows who the “true enemy” is. It’s obviously good intentions and not blatant tyranny and politicization. It’s especially obvious when we have people like Cuomo, the Mayor of Chicago, and Whitmer’s husband breaking the quarantine for the same reasons that they claim are selfish and evil if anyone else does it.

      4. Yes, like the citizens of Michigan who were saved from buying dangerous paint and housewares, or visiting their dangerous cabins in the woods. Safe in the Governor’s ample bosom

        1. while the same governor sent her husband into the dangerous woods to “cut the grass” at their lakeside cabin… and then bravely marched in the streets with loo-PROTESTERS to show that she won’t be intimidated by some virus

    4. Yep, now that the slogan “defund the police” is polling worse than the virus the Media are eager to move on to something else.

    Here’s a statue of Lenin in Seattle, a man who executed his political enemies and sent thousands to labor camps. When are we pulling this one down?

      Pssst… Muhammad was a slave owner and Islam resisted the West’s early calls for abolition.

      1. In a conversation about tearing down the evil Robert E. Lee statues, I mentioned the fact that the Muslim Arabs were the worst slave traders in Africa and continued the practice the longest and were only stopped because of the force of the British Empire. Pointing these facts out was just “whataboutism” and taking away from the real need to hate whitey. And it was a white person saying this.

        1. There’s literally no way to converse with them anymore.

          If we’re in a world where Lee is bad but Lenin is not….yeeesh.

          We’re in deep doo-doo.

          1. There aren’t statues of Lenin or muslims in public squares in America.

            1. Yes there is. There is a statue of Marx in San Diego. Moreover, the writings and teachings of Lee are not taught as gospel in nearly every college in America public and private. Marx and Lenin, however, are. So, if you want to ban the teaching of Marx as anything but a means of condemning the ideology in every school in America, I will happily agree to tear down every Robert E. Lee statue or confederate war memorial on public property.

              1. Big statue of Lenin in Seattle. I link to that somewhere on this article’s comments.

                1. From wikipedia: “The monument is situated on private property, complicating efforts to remove it.”

                  If we are going to be all pedantic, I said “public square”.

                  1. The mob doesn’t care where a statue is. They’re destroying private property elsewhere.

                    1. And that has what to do with the debate over lawfully removing a statue of Robert E. Lee from a public square?

                    2. It shows the job is selective in their outrage, as has been pointed out to you multiple times already.

                    3. You know who else is selective in their outrage. All the Trump fan boys here.

                    4. Don’t you get tired of defending leftist by attacking anyone who doesn’t hate Trump? Come on.

              2. If we are going to be all pedantic, Marx is not Lenin nor a muslim.

                1. The point is that if you think we can no longer have public statues of Lee because he was a bad guy, then why are we teaching the philosophy of mass murder in our colleges? You are apparently too stupid to see the connection.

                  1. Your comment above made no mention of college curricula. Why would I see a connection on a topic you didn’t even mention. Unless you say them out loud, your thoughts are inside your own brain.

              3. I cannot find any hits on google for a statue of Karl Marx in San Diego.

              4. I was forced to read Marx in economics classes twice. I don’t even recall a single mention of Mises.

            2. There’s one in Seattle, you moron.

              1. One, in the entire country. Way to dwell on trivia, and deflect from my point.

                1. There aren’t statues of Lenin or muslims in public squares in America.

                  That’s not really dwelling on trivia, you were just wrong. Dwelling on trivia would be:

                  If we are going to be all pedantic, I said “public square”.

              2. It’s not in a public square. It’s on private property.

                1. WHOOOOOOOSH go the goalposts!

                  1. Right. John is talking with someone about whether it’s a good idea or not to remove a statue of Lee from a public square in the South. John suddenly starts discussing muslim slave traders, like that’s relevant — and I’m the one moving the goalposts.

                    1. Yes you did. Everyone else sees it quite well. But you are the one upstream also defending “good intentions”. So we know your level of introspection.

                    2. Yes, you are. Stop whinging like a bitch because you got called out on it.

          2. “There’s literally no way to converse with them anymore.”

            Yep. Doesn’t leave a lot of options, does it, since simply being left alone isn’t on the table either.

            1. Remember, most non-white people will actually leave you alone if you leave them alone. Especially if you stay off social media.

              It’s the white liberals that are the main problem, since they’re the ones really driving all this lunacy. Without white liberals, people would be a lot more likely to keep to themselves and get along.

        2. And it was a white person saying this.

          It always is.

          1. I served in the Army and have lived in a majority black city for a big part of my adult life. In that time I have had dozens and probably over a hundred black colleagues and friends. Not a single one of them ever wanted anyone to apologize for being white or would have done anything but laughed at me if I had tried. And this includes plenty of people who were way left on the political spectrum.

            Even the black people who are kind of racist and don’t like white people, and they exist, don’t hate whites nearly as much as progressive whites do. It is just bizarre.

            1. Remember, liberal whites are the only group in America that actively hates their own kind. Every single other group displays some sort of in-group ethnic preference.

              1. I have read these studies and there are multiple.

                From this one could surmise that white americans are literally the least racist group of people on the planet, as they feel MORE positively about non white people than their own kind.

                No other group is like that.

              2. They honestly believe that anything said about white western culture that is not derogatory is akin to ushering in the fourth reich.

            2. Seriously, I wonder if it springs from the same wiring in most brains that seeks ideology as religion, and includes a desire to submit and prostrate before a higher power.

        3. White progressives are the worst people in the world.

          1. Worse than Nicole.

        4. When a white person talks about white privilege, my first response is to tell them to shut up then. Whether they recognize their privilege or not is immaterial. By their own admission, they do not have the life experience of racism, and they cannot opine on it. They have never known discrimination*. They have never known the effects of a handout. They have never known the effects of working your way through adversity to be successful at something. They can not know this stuff, and so their opinion on what should or should not be done about structural racism is useless. And if they think their voice SHOULD matter, then all they are doing is asserting their own white privilege.

          * = Of course they have experienced such things, but this is their petard. I’m merely hoisting them on it.

        5. Well, because it *is* whataboutism. You tried to steer a controversy about the past sins of Robert E. Lee to the past sins of muslims.

          1. No, it is pointing out the hypocrisy of the people who are obsessed with tearing down statues of dead confederates but have nothing to say about the reality of slavery and all of the other people involved in it or the role of the very people they claim to hate in eradicating it.

            Like every other retard, you see “whataboutism” as some kind of defense against your own selective moral judgment and hypocrisy. It is not.

            1. No, when I invoke “whataboutism” I am pointing out your attempt to deflect debate from something you don’t want to talk about. You’ve done it many times.

              1. No, when you invoke “whataboutism” you’re just using tu quoque under a different name.

              2. Most of us talk about the historical context of these statues just fine. We will continue to defend history as it existed, not as you wish to rewrite it to.

                You are the one ignoring blatant hypocrisy because it points out your blatant hypocrisy.

                1. I’m not advocating removing the statue of Lee. I don’t care one way or another whether they keep the statue of Lee or not.

                  1. You sure seem to be defending removing them for someone who isn’t defending the actions and doesn’t care. You’ve spent a lot of time countering others.

          2. Got any numbers about years of slavery and numbers of people held in bondage for southern US plantations vs Muslim nations? Otherwise STFU.

            1. Gosh, you can’t make me shut up. Must be frustrating.

              1. No, keep talking. You just keep demonstrating how shallow and sophomoric your arguments really are.

    2. “Thaaaat’s ironic! Just like our statue of Hitler….which is missing, for some reason.”

  7. Seattle police have ceded control of the Capitol Hill neighborhood to the protestors and abandoned their local precinct.

    Major Colvin is going to get in trouble for this.

    1. I’m more worried about the people who live/have businesses in those areas. How much of a choice did they get in being part of those, or were they voluntold at gunpoint? Because these assholes are armed.

      1. Let them fight for their own businesses.
        Lie down with leftists, get leftist outcomes

  8. Interesting how AntiFa can do this without existing.

    Just as the Islamic State (ISIS) claimed territory in Iraq and Syria, antifa militants have claimed territory in Seattle, Wash. According to reports on the ground from The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo and Townhall’s Julio Rosas, protesters and antifa instigators have seized land in the Capitol Hill area around the Seattle Police East Precinct. Like ISIS, the rioters appear to have decided on setting up a government in their occupied territory, naming it “Free Capitol Hill.”

    “Seattle [Mayor Jenny Durkan] is allowing a dangerous situation to fester. [Antifa] militants have taken over & created an ‘autonomous zone’ in city w/their own rules. Police precinct abandoned. Antifa set up barricades to create a border. Calling for volunteers to provide armed guard,” Ngo tweeted.


      An elected Leftist is now letting people in to City Hall for a mass demonstration with no social distancing but you’re a grandma killing ‘Covidiot’ if you went to the beach 2 weeks ago or took your kid to the park and pushed them on a swing.


        One of the Antifa extremists who created the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was just ousted as a sex offender. They tried to manipulate everyone by pretending to be suicidal on Twitter.

        1. One of the Antifa extremists who created the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was just ousted as a sex offender.

          Sex offender? My skim reading reveals her to be nothing more than your run-of-the-mill crazy/mutually abusive lesbian bitch.

          I mean, it’s still a game of world domination being attempted by people who can’t even successfully run their own lives but I didn’t see anything about an actual criminal conviction.

        2. “pretending to be suicidal”. That we would be so lucky, friggin cock tease. Did you see the part where she’s “anti-civilization”? Oh, and she’s now blocked her tweets, heaven forbid anyone criticize her.

    2. One thing that ENB neglected to mention is that it’s barely been two days, and the Glorious People’s Commune is already out of food, the cops tore up their barricades so they’re begging for replacement materials, and their nominal leader–a mentally ill tranny, natch–revealed that he was an abuser, resigned, and threatened to go off himself for attention.

      Like I said yesterday, I give it two weeks before the rape tents emerge, and if the food situation continues, patrols of dangerhairs and tranny scuzzbags going to restaurants and demanding free food or they’ll burn the building down. Some of the more autistic participants are already indicating that a formal declaration of war will be declared if their demands aren’t met, which would ironically give Trump all the ammo he needs to invoke the Insurrection Act.

      1. The more I hear about this, the more I think maybe the smart thing to do for the moment is nothing. Let them have their Paris Commune Cosplay for a few days or a couple of weeks. Eventually, they will start killing each other or do something so stupid that no one can really say anything when the cops put an end to it. Going in early and putting an end to it would have just made them martyrs and given them what they want. The last thing these idiots want is to actually have to run anything or take care of themselves.

        1. Yes, it would be a smart way to handle it. It’ll fall apart, just like the “Occupy” movement fell apart, eventually.

        2. That’s honestly the smartest thing to do wherever these places pop up. The irony is that, by setting up an “autonomous zone,” they’ve effectively isolated themselves and they aren’t going to get any more territory except by forcibly taking it over, which is going to turn normies against them fast. They’re completely reliant on outside sources for food and supplies, and because of the inherently antagonistic, self-centered nature of these people, along with the fact that a good chunk of them are legitimately mentally ill, the groups will devolve into in-fighting within a month.

          This isn’t like the Yellow Vest protests where people were coming in on the weekends, and then went back to their homes at the end of the day on Sunday to work during the week. The Soviet LARPers are trying to literally occupy a piece of land, but they have no fucking clue how to actually run a society or the complexities that entails. They act as if it’s like what they see on TV, which is why Occupy fell on its face.

          1. But they have health stations and movies!

        3. Yep.
          Let the residents of Seattle clean up their own mess

        4. Killing and eating each other?

      2. Antifa: Formally declares war
        Trump: can you say drone strike?

        1. It’s too bad we don’t use Napalm anymore.

          1. It smelled too much like victory.

            1. Robert Duvall is a great actor. From Apocalypse Now, to The Godfather, to Lonesome Dove. One of my favorites.

              1. If you’ve never seen Get Low, I highly recommend. Duvall in one of his best and Bill Murray is great in it too.

                1. I’ll have to check it out.

    3. I don’t think there is anyone who lives in Seattle or Portland or the San Francisco Bay Area who doesn’t know that antifa exist. People who say antifa doesn’t exist are ignorant. However, don’t conflate that with people who say antifa is not an organization that you can have official membership in — that is still true.

      1. So you missed the whole set up and requirements to get into Rose City Antifa exposed in the Project Veritas videos? There are actual clubs that have actual restrictions on application to their groups. They have set up group tools to help organize themselves. Pretending it is just a bunch of randoms on the street getting together on weekends is ignorant.

        1. So, when Trump insinuated that Gugino of being “antifa”, did he have any evidence that he was a member of a New York area antifa club, or any other club that calls themselves a part of “antifa”. When Trump said we need to declare “antifa” a terrorist organization, did he refer to any specific club? No, he just used some vague reference to “antifa”.

          It is largely a bunch of randoms, with some local clubs that are actual organizations.

          1. As with most radical groups, inclluding white supremacists groups. So your original Thesis that they aren’t an organized group is false. There is organization. And loosely affiliated groups that go along.

      2. Try giving a lecture at UC Berkeley that offends the sensibilities of some 19 year old snowflakes and find out if Antifa exists…

        1. Wow, you did not read a word I wrote.

          1. No. He is pointing out the shallowness of your statement.

    4. Go take Andy Ngo’s map, and look at it in your map app of choice. You’ll see the area is right next to, if not contiguous with, Seattle University or Seattle City College. IOW, this looks like an overgrown version of the students taking over a few campus buildings. Not that the businesses in the area agreed to this garbage at all.

      If these Antifa people want to raise barricades in the streets, ban money, and set up some revolutionary commune in the middle of a city, feel free to fuck off back to Europe, where there’s a tradition of this sort of thing.


    UCLA has given in to the mob. They’ve reassigned Professor Gordon Klein’s classes and put him on leave because he denied a request that he grade Black students more favorably than other students. The student who requested this isn’t even Black. Insanity.

    …How long until a university tries to revoke a former student’s diploma because they don’t like their opinions?

      I hate to predict something so dark but it’s only a matter of time until someone is fired for violating core leftist doctrine and tragically commits suicide. Sadly I think the far left will say the world is better off. I hope I’m wrong but doubt that I am.

        We’re looking at a future where the left seeks to strip everyone who opposes them of their work, their friends and even their family. The media assists them in this pursuit. Here’s the thing though, there’s no one you want to fight less than people who have nothing left to lose.

        1. “We’re looking at a future where the left seeks to strip everyone who opposes them of their work, their friends and even their family. ”

          I don’t know; the left has never done that before.
          OK, maybe in Russia.
          And China.
          And Korea.
          And Viet Nam.
          And Cambodia.
          And Cuba.
          And Venezuela.
          And New York City.
          And Los Angeles.
          And Seattle.

          Welcome to the revolution.

        2. Yes, we get it. The radical left is evil. As libertarians, we know that.

          Why does that translate into “we must then support the right.” We know all about what you are against, because you whine about the left every day. What are you for?

          1. It’s not our fault you are too ignorant to recognize the out growth of this behavior from college campuses to the real world. The issues brought up are growing as a society. It is an actual culture war, best represented recently within the editorial rooms of the NYT.

            You can keep your head in the hole as much as you want. You seem to enjoy ignorance as a form of moral superiority to others. It is hilarious to watch.

            And you’re still broken.

            1. You are so tuned into every transgression of the left, but yet Trump and the right always get a free pass on their bullshit.

              1. Yes only react to what they have done, not what they’ve said they wanted to do? And the possible/probable outcomes of their actions. Because being a reactionary is better than pointing out the possible outcomes of their ideology?

                1. Fucking squirrels.

              2. You do realize that a pox on both houses is just another form of whataboutism? And no one denies Trump is a asshat, and not civil. But they are arguing on a gradient the left is far worse and far more authoritarian. In fact, they are arguing that Trump has been far less authoritarian than his immediate predecessors. No one states he is perfect.

                1. There are many here who deny Trump is an asshat.

                  1. No, most admit it. But some actually enjoy his trolling the left. Your problem is anyone who doesn’t hate Trump as much as you must love Trump.

                  2. No, I fully admit that Trump is a boor and a carnival barker. However, he pisses off the left, and that’s just fine with me.

                2. No doubt, if there were some kind of corruption-o-meter or some objective calculus, it could be calculated down to a few digits whether Team Red or Blue is worse. Until then, anyone who makes broad claims about either team being worse is just showing their prejudice.

          2. Why does that translate into “we must then support the right.”
            Where does Ra imply that anywhere ? The left is a uniquely insidious threat against freedom and liberty. It is worth talking about, especially in the present moment. Most people here don’t have any special affinity for the right other than that the right happens to be slightly less intent on destroying our livelihoods and freedoms and doesn’t have the titanic progressive media machine and all of Hollywood acting as a mouthpiece for them. The fact that you can’t/choose not to see this is wild. If you actually give a shit about liberty and have anything resembling an attention span you would recognize the progressives for the dangerous & misguided sick fucks they are instead of playing stupid left/right games.

            1. Not in this post, he doesn’t. But I’ve read many, many posts by him. I know where he stands.

              1. But what were his intentions? Jesus are you a parody?

          3. Why does that translate into “we must then support the right.”

            It doesn’t. You can rail against the right until your throat bleeds.

            ‘Supporting the right’ is just what happens when you work against the murderous left.

            Because, when you work to build a society where the NAP is understood and recognized, you’re moving society to the right.

            1. Bullshit. The right has their own authoritarianism and violations of the NAP.

              1. Depends first on how you define right and left, secondly, I don’t think anyone says some on the right don’t. Hell a number of Libertarians have some form of authoritarianism and violate the NAP.

      2. Not only do you get all worked up about things the left has actually done. You are getting yourself all worked up over things they haven’t done that you are dreaming up.

        And then you have the nerve to accuse people of having Trump Derangement Syndrome. You’ve got some Derangement Syndrome of your own going.

      3. I think it’s gonna be less of a simple suicide, and more “suicide by mass shooting”. You push people hard enough, someone’s gonna push back. And when that happens the only person I’m gonna feel bad for will be the gunman.

    2. This goes along with the new Silence is Violence statement going through social media. Now not oy can you not quietly disagree, you have to actively participate in liberal talking points or be ostracized. The left is so close to the SS at this point it isn’t even funny.

      1. Somebody somewhere is going to decide to commit suicide, but not go out alone. A prediction, not an incitement, but only the President gets the sort of protection necessary to keep a determined person with nothing to lose at bay.

      2. Just wear your Bureau of Land Management facemark in public, Comrade.

        1. Nice autocorrect! 😎

      3. The statement on the front page of practically pleads, “Don’t smash the windows of our radio station and set fire to it!”

      4. Got to hear from my company today about how “we’re going to do our part” and donating, and how they want people to “talk with them and be heard”. By which they mean groups of no more than 8 at a time, no anonymity. It’s voluntary, but I got the impression that they’d be keeping track of who didn’t show up. I put up with enough of this proggie pussy bullshit in college.

    3. Cool. Next we should hold black engineers to lower standards for bridge and airplane design, and black doctors to lower standards for medical practice.

    4. Way for them to make an argument that black students are, on average, a lot dumber than their peers and need to be given affirmative action extra credit.

      These fucking people. This is the end result of the Participation Trophy/Self-Esteem chickens coming home to roost.

      1. Way for them to make an argument that black students are, on average, a lot dumber than their peers and need to be given affirmative action extra credit.

        Not to mention unified as a race through some kind of force magic. A black guy in MN got strangled and some other people in other places looted, we know what that does to your ethnic sensibilities, here’s some extra credit to make up for it.

      2. You think this is the END result? This is just beginning. They were at a 4 before all this.

    5. wat? seriously. This can’t be real. I’m having a hard time believing this…

      [google for a minute]

      ok never mind. it’s real. good god. He was literally branded as racist for QUOTING MLK!!!! wtf

      1. Quoting MLK, “content of character,” etc. has been verboten now for quite some time.

  10. Today, an appeals court threw out a lower court’s grant of qualified immunity for cops in West Virginia who killed a homeless black man they stopped for walking in the road instead of on the sidewalk.

    Without having read about the case yet, this seems like a good outcome but did the court succumb to public pressure?

    1. Wouldnt be the first time Reason supported escalation due to mob pressure.

      1. Fist: “haven’t read the case” “think maybe the court succumbed to public pressure”
        JesseAz: “Totally succumbed to pressure! And Reason is behind it! I just know they are!”

        1. Well that’s a total misrepresentation of what was being stated. You’re broken.

    2. Since we just had a ruling that police still had qualified immunity when stealing $250,000 during the exercise of a search warrant because there was no clear precedent that stealing a quarter million dollars while executing a warrant was a violation of his rights….. I’m gonna have to go with yes. Yes, they did succumb to the pressures of the moment.

      1. They had QI from a civil suit against the officers. Why wasn’t a theft charge filed? Why wasn’t the department sued within the SoL for a wrongful deprivation of property?

        Re, the homeless deceased in WV: why did the cops beat on the guy? It wasn’t for walking in the street vs. on the sidewalk. Does why the cops ended up beating on the guy matter at all?

  11. The New York City Health Department tells people to get “kinky” with face masks.

    Abstinence unless you’re protesting!

    1. So, face masks with mouth condoms? Or dildos?


    Chicago just had 18 murders in 1 day. The most deadly day in the 60 years they’ve kept records. From May 29-31 Chicago had 25 killed and 85 wounded. Nearly all Black shooters and victims yet Democrats are talking about defunding the police and saying Black lives matter.

    1. I learned in college that “Chicago” is a code word for “black people.” So if you say anything bad about Chicago you’re being racist.

      1. Inside the loop always carried an obvious connotation to me. How we ended up with ‘OK sign hysteria’ is beyond me.

      2. Soooo….

        “Chicago deep dish pizza is not pizza!”


        1. Racist?

          New York style supremacist.

          1. New York style supremacist. correct.
            Deep dish is not pizza.

            1. Slaves built the pyramids. Slaves built the Taj Mahal. Slaves even helped build the White House and The Washington Monument. If all you got out of your slaves was New York style pizza, don’t get mad at us because you suck at slavery.

        2. No it just makes you wrong in every aspect of life

    2. Yeah, buried that one in the Volokh blog because they know most people don’t go there.

      Those victims’ lives don’t matter enough to spend more than a few seconds according to the Welchian media left.

    3. even better, there’s audio of a video conference between the mayor and the city aldermen prior to all those deaths, where one of the aldermen asks what she’s going to do about it, that there’s no order in the streets, that there are gangbangers in the streets with AKs settling scores, and that his people will be dying if she doesn’t do something. The mayor’s response? She tells him to shut the fuck up and rips into him, cursing him out for daring to question the gloriousness of the new progressive age.

  13. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $54.0 billion

    How can’s benefactor prosper without unlimited, unrestricted immigration? What do you expect him to do — hire people born in the US? That’s ridiculous. He needs a constant influx of highly skilled doctors and engineers across the US / Mexico border.


  14. York punched R.T. in retaliation for R.T. spitting earlier.

    Hard to believe no one recognized earlier that York was ill-suited to his job.

  15. Republicans may be moving their convention from North Carolina to Florida over disagreements about COVID-19 precautions North Carolina officials want the convention to take.

    Also which bathroom to use.


    In Chicago Hispanic gangs protect their neighborhoods from looting. I am sure those Hispanic gangs are not racist like the cops or anything. I bet they are all woke and really good people.

    1. Does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person?

    2. I am sure those Hispanic gangs are not racist like the cops or anything. I bet they are all woke and really good people.

      When the problem is holding white nativists accountable for abusing people unnecessarily the solution is obvious: more undocumented immigrant labor. When you can’t even find the peace officer in question let alone determine if he’s indeed charged with enforcing whatever law was claimed to be enforced, there’s no need to worry about accountability… you’re free.

      1. Black lives matter, unless that get’s in the way of a rich white person’s access to cheap labor. Then, poor blacks can go sell drugs or go on the dole as immigrants take all of the low skilled jobs. Funny how they are all about the unequal impact of police brutality on blacks but somehow not so much when it comes to the unequal impact immigration has on blacks.

    3. The whole reason why we have municipal police is it’s easier to pay one violent faction once for an extortion racket than have to pay a constantly changing guard of street gangs who constantly change out leadership and territory.

    4. In Chicago Hispanic gangs protect their neighborhoods from looting.

      as the cops stand down? Do these gangs threaten people into paying protection money the way the cop gang does? Even if they do, at least they’re actually doing some kind of protecting.

      1. Yes. It is better than nothing. But, it still isn’t good. And yes, I am quire sure they demand payment. And also, if you are not Hispanic, you are not living there. So much for freedom of movement.

        1. They’re just enforcing border security then.

          1. Who recognizes those borders? Other than them? If the border isn’t recognized by anyone but them it isn’t a border.

  17. New York lawmakers passed a bill repealing a terrible police secrecy law. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign it.

    And New York police are expected to ignore it.

    1. The new procedures for losing records are already drafted, and waiting on union approval.

  18. The TV show Cops has been canceled.

    I honestly didn’t know it was still on the air. Every clip I stumble upon looks like the same boring sensationalism being recorded in the 90’s.

    They had a great The X-Files crossover once, though.

    1. was a fun X-Files.

    2. I’ve always hated that show even as a kid. guess i’m a natural born libertarian

    Dude, if there’s something wrong with America, it’s your fault.

    But this is not a protest against the establishment. It’s a protest by the establishment against the rest of us. Have you noticed that every single thing the leaders of this co-opted movement want is something that increases the power of the leftist elite at your expense?

    Defund the police? Who ends up unprotected and at the mercy of the mob? You or the elite?

    Gee, I wonder.

    1. I think the DNC establishment is pushing hard to re-message “defund the police” into “spend more on social programs”.

      1. “WE NEED MO MONEY FO DEM PROGRAMS!” Too bad in reality, all those programs are just glorified embezzlement funds for the local politicians and their NGO allies.

      2. “Hire more union employees in social programs”

        That’s what it really is.

    2. It’s a protest by the establishment against the rest of us.

      Pretty much. If your “revolution” has corporate sponsorship, you’re not revolting against anything.

      1. The commercials praising the lockdowns and showing everyone wearing their masks and such make me want to fucking vomit.

        1. Did you see the one for Microsoft Teams where the Doctors are having a video conference in their offices and one is seen wearing a mask? Really?

    Sierra Club: “We’ll never stop climate change without ending white supremacy”

    1. A clear statement based purely on science.

    2. We’ll never stop climate change without ending white society.
      We’ll never stop climate change without ending white people.
      We’ll never stop climate change without ending all people.
      We’ll never stop climate change without ending Milankovitch cycles.
      We’ll never stop climate change without ending the sun.

      1. Ever since the dawn of time man has saught to destroy the sun

        1. Looks like the new high priests are demanding white people’s hearts in order to make the Sun do what’s needed.

          Usually, the minority has more brains than to use the language of racial genocide to denigrate their enemies, when said minority is outnumbered more than 2 to 1.

          How about we all go back to trying to get along with each other? I miss the mid to late 90s in that regard.

          1. SPF 75 is white supremacy.

    3. “We did it, Patrick, we stopped white supremacy!” as everything burns to ash around them.

      1. You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

    4. Unsaid second part: “We’ll never stop white supremacy while there are white people”


    The cult of wokeness. It is a long read but pretty much spot on and nothing anyone who hasn’t been paying attention didn’t realize a while ago. This is a full on case of national madness on par with the French Revolution or 1930s Germany. It is only the better organic strength of our institutions and society visa vie Ancien Regime France of Wiemar Germany that is saving us, so far.

    1. “It is only the better organic strength of our institutions and society visa vie Ancien Regime France or Weimar Germany that is saving us, so far.”

      So, feeling confident then?

    2. “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.’

      St. Anthony the Great, born 251 AD

    HBO Max removed “Gone With the Wind” from its platform amid growing concerns about racial injustice in the wake of the killing of George Floyd

      The first black actor to ever win an Oscar was just erased

      1. yep, and Walter Francis White, the head of the NAACP called her an Uncle Tom when she won it. McDaniel hit back by questioning his right to even speak for the black community, since he was only 1/8 black. If you think that’s harsh, guess which one of the two guys is Walter White, and which one is just white.

    2. Oh, FFS! “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout killin’ George Floyd!”

    3. Amazon Prime has placed a list of anti-racism books where usually my suggested “Next Readings” list is, and a bunch of anti-racism videos where my continue watching list normally is. Since I never watch or read anything of this genre, what makes Amazon think I am interested? Not that we shouldn’t be aware of racism (of all varieties) but biased material is not where to get the answers.

      1. Maybe the percentage of the audience who, on seeing this, decide, “Hey, this racism stuff looks pretty good,” exceeds those who are dissuaded from racism by it.

        1. Like the drug stuff they used to run.

        2. It is supposed to be personalized based upon my viewing and reading history. So that argument doesn’t hold water. Maybe a lot of people are interested in it, but that doesn’t explain why they are placing it on my personalized menu, does it?

  23. “Will a Rise in Coronavirus Numbers in 14 States Refocus Attention on the Pandemic?”

    The correct answer is no for a number of reasons, one of which is that 40 million people losing their jobs refocused their attention on the economy.


    “Macy’s Inc. Chief Executive Jeff Gennette said sales at reopened stores are down by about half compared with before the pandemic, which is better than the 85% decline the company had predicted. At Kohl’s Corp., stores are doing about three-quarters of their pre-pandemic sales volume, up from about two-thirds in late May, Chief Executive Michelle Gass said. The executives spoke at a virtual conference Tuesday hosted by the investment bank Cowen and Co. LLC.

    —-WSJ, June 9, 2020

    Thank goodness for the return of the American consumer and their unwillingness to be scared away from doing what they want by experts, politicians, and scaremongering journalists.

    1. The lesson of this is that the lockdowns have inevitably been reduced to crude government tyranny. There is no way a government can prevent everyone from leaving their homes. And no government no matter how well meaning can ever be trusted to decide what is an “essential” activity and what is not. They might be trustworthy for a week or two but beyond that it just devolves into using health laws as an excuse for tyranny the likes of which I am not sure this country has ever seen.

      In one sense, I can totally understand why they didn’t break up the protests in the name of the China virus; it would have been impossible. The problem is that the lesson they have learned from that is just to allow whatever they like or things that they can’t stop. The real lesson is that the lockdowns are no longer workable and need to be ended altogether. But, doing that would require giving up an incredible amount of power they have acquired. No one is going to do that. I am not optimistic these things will ever end. They will just be increasingly arbitrary and tyrannical but the rules will remain in effect maybe forever.

      1. People started isolating themselves before the government locked everything down, and the government started reopening things because people wouldn’t put up with lock downs anymore.

        These progressive governments are like a teacher who announces she’s having class outside for the rest of the day–because her students won’t come back into the building once recess is over.

        1. The problem is that these governments still have a huge amount of power to pick on individuals. So, New York City may allow protests and looting but they are still breaking up Jewish day schools and threatening people who attend church with jail. So, you just end up with tyranny whereby the connected or the violent do whatever they want and the law abiding end up either staying in their homes or risking jail.

          1. So the lesson to everybody is to be violent. Which means that to be let out of your house, you have to burn your neighbor’s down.

    2. Trump is started his rallies back up. Media is ready gearing up to refocus on covid.

      1. A popcorn worthy event for sure.

      2. Media is also getting ready to comment on how the crowd size at his rallies ain’t what they used to be. Plus plenty of Jim Jones comparisons as the attendees are surely committing suicide by attending

  24. “Meanwhile, new examples are emerging every day of cops abusing and killing black Americans—horrors that wouldn’t likely come to light were it not for cellphone video capturing it.”

    Every day? 10 unarmed black people were killed by cops last year. 6 were physically assaulting the officers, 4 the cops were arrested for. 19 unarmed white people were killed under same conditions.

    Every day cops are not killing black people. Stop the histrionics.

    1. where do you get these numbers I’d like to be able to reference them.

    2. Also if these numbers are correct it means that when it comes to Americans being murdered by cops while unarmed, blacks are over-represented by about factor of 3.

  25. Despite the narrative of police unions being controlled by the GOP.. top recipients in both the house and senate are democrats from police donations.

  26. Now some black NASCAR driver is claiming people shouldn’t be able to wave confederate flags at NASCAR events because it “makes him and other black people uncomfortable”. Unsurprisingly, the desire to erase all symbols of the old Confederacy has quickly gone from removing them from government property to removing them altogether.

    What is really at stake here is not the right of someone to fly a Confederate Flag over their RV at a NASCAR race. What is at stake is the ability for people to disagree. The people who fly Confederate flags don’t see it as a symbol of evil or even white supremacy. You can think they are wrong about that and you might be right. But, if you say they should not be allowed to do it, you are saying they should not be allowed to voice their contrary opinion to whatever the “accepted” opinion is. And that has horrible implications for every contrary opinion and is completely contrary to a free society.

    1. “Please stop saying ‘privilege’. It makes me uncomfortable.”

      1. I want every one of those stupid Darwin fish stickers ripped off of cars. As a Christian it makes me uncomfortable. If this guy can demand no one fly a Confederate Flag, why can’t Christians demand that?

        Or if you want to go up the woke victim hierarchy, why can’t a Somali or an Iraqi Muslim demand women no longer go in public with uncovered legs. Rest assured any man from those cultures is made very uncomfortable by the site of a bare female leg.

        There is no end to this.

        1. “In the grave, my boy.”

    2. So there will be no further flying of the ‘rainbow flag’ because it makes Christians, Jews, and Muslims uncomfortable?

      (Not to mention the blatant cultural appropriation of a major religious symbol of God’s promise never again to destroy the world by flood)

      1. That is coming. Muslims cut people’s heads off. The gays are going back in the closet. Few things make Muslims more uncomfortable than open homosexuality. And thanks to the “you can object to anything that makes you uncomfortable” ethos that has now been adopted, there will be nothing to stop them from demanding and getting it.

        1. The beauty about Quebec, I’ve learned, is somewhat insulated from all the madness. Yeh SJW bullshit has infiltrated among the uber-left Quebecois but it’s mostly restricted to the Anglo community. White dumbass liberals. The BLM protests here are in the Anglo parts of the city like N.D.G..

          French-Canadians are much smarter and sober than their Anglo counterparts. Ontario has gone full blown retard.

          There was a time I would have considered moving to Toronto. Not a chance now.

          I’m good here. It’s a decent enough balance. The only other place that has caught my attention is South Dakota.

          Seattle….JFC. What a mess.

          1. We now live in a world where French Canada is one of the few sane places. I am sure you know the history better than I do and how unbelievable such a situation is.

          2. I think that is because the nationalist aspect of the Quebecois separatist movement and laws defending the French language are too much of a cognitive dissonance with SJW multiculturalism.

            1. That is a good point. They can’t get people the French to buy into the white self hatred cult because they take too much pride in being French.

            2. That’s the thing. It’s playing in their favor.

              George Grant was an obscure Canadian nationalist who wrote a book called ‘Lament for a Nation’. He was, well, lamenting the fact that it was inevitable Canadian culture (to the extent it was one) Canada would one day eventually be swallowed by the United States. The difference in size and power was too great.

              But what really disappointed him was that the country was doing so without a fight. When I used to play squash, a friend who got into later than me became better at it. My only ‘edge’ was to make him work hard for every single point. My anger wasn’t because I was losing (though that played a role) but that I felt I was not making him work for the points.

              That’s the best analogy I have for Grant. Which I completely agree with. Canadians want to be nationalist but without the work.

              But when it came to Quebec, this old-stock English conservative, respected it because they had something to believe in: An identity. He felt they were going to be overwhelmed as well, but with one major difference he admired they were ‘going out guns blazing’ as he put it.

              You won’t see French-Canadians advocating for the removal of the Marguerite Bourgeois cross on Mont-Royal (and honestly, if it ever did it would spell the fall of Montreal one of the most Catholic of cities) or statues of Samuel de Champlain and what-not.

              I disagree with Quebec nationalists a lot (because I despise nationalism as a whole) but in this case, it will protect them and I support it.

              1. Quebecers won’t capitulate like English North America. But there are the usual problems like in academia and we do have a strong left-wing base. So we’ll see. But I enjoy conversing with the average French-Canadian. They’re don’t hold back and talk the truth.

                How funny has this world turned, eh?

    3. You know, in one very accurate narrative of history, James W. Jackson was just a peaceful business owner and Col. Ellsworth was just an aspiring peace officer looking to make a name for himself by putting his boot on the throat of a little guy.

      My familiarity with the story makes it clear that Ellsworth was white as the driven snow. Wouldn’t it be interesting if not only did Jackson own no slaves but was, himself, of mixed or swarthy race?

    4. While it is troubling, what would you say if NASCAR as a sanctioning body or the individual tracks outlawed Confederate Flags on their property?

      1. I would say that was anti freedom bullshit. Just because it is legal doesn’t make it okay or something that should not be objected to

        1. Would you be upset if they outlawed swastika flags at their tracks? Klansmen in full hoods and robes?

          If NASCAR wants to make their employees feel comfortable, I certainly don’t have a problem with it. Property rights, and all that. Not too many offices would allow a confederate flag to be flown at a person’s desk. The track is this guys office.

          By the way a racetrack is not the town square. Similarly, Twitter and Facebook aren’t either. You don’t have freedom of speech on private property, and you never have had it.

          1. I should add that if NASCAR said to this driver, “sorry but you’re going to have to deal with it,” I also wouldn’t have a problem. He doesn’t have a right to race under their sanction.

            1. I should add that if NASCAR said to this driver, “sorry but you’re going to have to deal with it,” I also wouldn’t have a problem. He doesn’t have a right to race under their sanction.

              Yes, you are a complete bystander. The fact that you don’t actively join the mob doesn’t make you any less useless or accountable for cheering it on.

              1. The fact that you don’t actively join the mob doesn’t make you any less useless or accountable for cheering it on.

                This is literally the argument that BLM is making against whites supporting police as we speak.

          2. By the way a racetrack is not the town square. Similarly, Twitter and Facebook aren’t either. You don’t have freedom of speech on private property, and you never have had it.

            I do. But i only have it to the extent that I live in a society that tolerates it. This is why the right always loses the culture war and why our freedom is in so much danger. Idiots like you think that restricting freedom is okay and never worth objecting to unless the government does it. So, the left marches through one institution after another and makes it so you can’t do anything in any public square that they disagree with. Their ideas will never be censored because the right would never do that. The right in contrast will forever be restricted as they bully one private institution after another to outlaw any speech the left disagrees with. And as we live in a society where you can’t say anything that angers the left without risking losing your job and your ability to exist outside the most extreme fringes, we will have conformist half wits like you saying it is all okay because “meh principles” and private property and all that.

            Freedom mean more than the ability to sue someone you fucking half wit.

            1. You claiming that NASCAR has to support your speech is really no different than saying a cake shop has to bake that cake or a church has to perform a gay marriage.

              we will have conformist half wits like you saying it is all okay because “meh principles” and private property and all that.
              Yeah, property rights are just that… rights. You don’t have a right to be on private property, period. If the owner wants to kick you out for your speech then so be it.

              I’m sure you’d be fine if I came onto your property with a hammer and sickle flag and set up a demonstration? Why are your property rights better than those of NASCAR or the tracks they sanction races at?

  27. some new data is pushing coronavirus back in the headlines—and possibly reigniting the fight about lockdowns.

    Thanks to the racism-protesting precedent, that fight will probably involve massive street gatherings.

    1. This virus sure knows how to play politics.

      It’s like ‘The Thing’ but different.

  28. Homicides and violence are up in cities kneeling to BLM.

    And if you havent listened to the chicago leaked call from their city council, please do. It removes the false narrative the media has pushed about these protests.

    1. “Good” stuff, Jesse. Thanks. 8-(

    2. That phone call is amazing the mayor is willfully blind to the violence. And will say anything to cover it up with swear words

  29. What happened to Reasons requests to remove troops from overseas? Theyve basically ignored this story.

    1. Orange Man Bad.

      1. Reason: Doesn’t write a blog post about a particular event in the news. Doesn’t say anything approving or disapproving of removing troops from Germany.
        Ra’s: Aha! Proof that Reason has TDS!!!

        That’s some stellar logic there.

        1. You’re a sad person. (Not assuming a man at this point)

          1. Ha! You are getting owned bad on the QI thread.

    2. If Drumpf proposes withdrawing American troops, it’s only because Putin told him to. Libertarians should therefore want troop levels to remain constant, or even increase.


    3. He is doing it for the wrong reasons, obviously.

  30. there’s a big difference between an unwillingness to listen to “uncomfortable” ideas and an unwillingness to support disingenuous ideas that are simply designed to rile people up

    Go tell it to your grandparents who think homosexuality is choice, not a genetically determined behavior trait boomer!

  31. So what happens if the NYPD decides they’ve had enough and announces a strike? No police protection for His Excellency, the Mayor.

    1. “Oh, Mr. de Blasio? He moved his family to Brazil last week.”

  32. Please provide a scientific explanation of how there will ever be herd immunity without an increase in C19 cases. Lots of people have to get sick before this thing is admitted to be just another virus.

    1. The original point of the lockdown was not to prevent everyone from ever contracting the virus, it was to slow down the rate of infection so as not to overwhelm the medical in infrastructure. I am not sure that was clearly stated enough so that everyone understood it. Somehow the goalposts moved in the rhetoric of certain governments to permanently preventing exposure, but that was never an achievable goal.

      1. I am not sure that was clearly stated enough so that everyone understood it. Somehow the goalposts moved in the rhetoric of certain governments to permanently preventing exposure, but that was never an achievable goal.

        C’mon Mickey, it was specifically unstated or stated vaguely specifically so the goalposts could move.

      2. yeah. somehow. lol.

    2. But if we had herd immunity then the opportunity to grow government power crisis would be over!

  33. I keep seeing anecdotal evidence for the police being unaccountable. I’ll see this case of injustice and that case of injustice, and there’s nothing like a single instance of injustice to focus people’s attention–and make them throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    I started looking for national statistics on criminal prosecutions against the police, and the first thing I came by is some statistics from 2016.

    “Police officers are arrested about 1,100 times a year, or roughly three officers charged every day, according to a new national study. The most common crimes were simple assault, drunken driving and aggravated assault, and significant numbers of sex crimes were also found. About 72 percent of officers charged in cases with known outcomes are convicted, more than 40 percent of the crimes are committed on duty, and nearly 95 percent of the officers charged are men.

    The study is thought to be the first-ever nationwide look at police crime, and was conducted by researchers at Bowling Green State University through a grant from the Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice. The research covered seven years, 2005 to 2011, and sought to quantify not only the prevalence of police officers arrested across the country, but also how law enforcement agencies discipline officers who are arrested and how officer arrests might correlate with other forms of misconduct.

    —-Washington Post, June 22, 2016

    I know there are places, like Minneapolis and New York City, where the police may be largely unaccountable because of clauses in the union contracts they’ve negotiated with the progressive city councils in those cities, but that doesn’t appear to be the norm elsewhere in the country. Again, people, politicians, and journalists in places like New York City appear to be an outlier that imagines itself the norm.

    I don’t see the statistics for Minneapolis or New York City broken out individually, but if they’re worse in terms of police accountability than the rest of the country, where the government isn’t run by Democrat party machines that have been in power for decades, then it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. The experience of people in New York City is not representative of the rest of the country in all sorts of ways. Why would this be any different?

  34. So the protestors have driven the police out of that Seattle district and are controlling who comes and goes? The end of the police results in a police state, that seems about right for the mentality of the protesters.

    The result of anarchy is very rarely liberty.

    1. The Seattle thing has got to be dealt with. If the City won’t do it, then the state needs to use the National Guard. If the state won’t do it, then Trump needs to do it. We cannot have people declaring sovereignty and denying the rights of Americans. Every person involved in it needs to be arrested and spend a very long time in prison as a warning to anyone else with such ideas.

      1. “We cannot have people declaring sovereignty and denying the rights of Americans. ”

        We can’t have racist Trump voters doing that. But when potential Democrat voters do it, its fine.

      2. It will likely be similar to the Occupy protests–they’ll get their jollies LARPing as revolutionaries, but the reality is that these are people who haven’t done anything in their life except consume the fruits of others’ labor. These fuckheads don’t even know how to grow their own food, so they’re going to start raiding or extorting people for supplies. If they try going out into the outer suburbs, they’re going to get shot.

        I know for damn sure, if these people showed up in my neighborhood demanding food or else, they’d be getting bullets to face and thrown into the green belt for the animals to munch on.

        1. Now that I think about it and see what is really going on, I am inclined to agree with you. At some point, the government will need to stop it. But, for now, let them make asses of themselves.

          1. Don’t the businesses in the occupied area have a right to have the police prevent these protesters from expropriating those businesses? They pay high taxes to the city of Seattle, in part so that the police can prevent this sort of thing. The police sure as hell would show up if one of the shopowners started mowing down protesters who tried to take over his store.

    2. The funniest part is the first thing they did was establish a closed border. OBL hardest hit

  35. Report: Decades of Lax Oversight Allow Chinese Telecoms to Conduct Espionage in U.S.

    In 2011, for instance, China Telecom allegedly rerouted Facebook traffic from AT&T and other U.S. carriers back to China. It is believed this was the result of “China Telecom advertising false routes for approximately nine hours,” a scheme that allowed the information to make its way back to the Communist regime. Other attacks of this nature have been traced back to China Telecom in recent years.

    1. Facebook traffic? Let them have all those cat videos and idiotic ramblings.

    2. Not only that, they steal so much ip. If you look at tricon mmic (rf devices) the Chinese founder stole all of analog devices designs and gave them to the Chinese. This is not new, the Chinese are just more blatent about it

  36. Meanwhile, new examples are emerging every day of cops abusing and killing black Americans—horrors that wouldn’t likely come to light were it not for cellphone video capturing it.

    White Americans killed by cops (like the story directly above this quoted sentence) don’t matter.

    1. If we talked about all people who are killed by cops, we might actually accomplish something instead of having an emotional argument about race. It is almost like these people have no interest in solving the problems they claim to care about or something.


    Prof at Hillary Clinton’s alma mater makes the case for political violence

    1. BFD. Obama kicked his senate campaign off from the home of a guy who got his friends killed while engaging in political violence.

      Either way, at this point none of that matters because Trump is way worse.

    2. Theoretically, of course. If Professor Jackson’s head were to be smashed, would her supporters see the irony?

  38. “there’s a big difference between an unwillingness to listen to “uncomfortable” ideas and an unwillingness to support disingenuous ideas that are simply designed to rile people up.”

    Look at this weasel-mouthed, slime-bag handwave of censorship by Mike Masnick, that ENB has posted. Apparently suppressing speech is merely not supporting speech as long as you judge their intent.
    Masnick says that as long as you dismiss the other’s opinion as trolling, then it’s totes okay to censor them because it’s just “editorial” discretion then.

    How stupid do they think we are?

    Of course ENB thinks that this douchebag “has it right”, and on the podcast the other day she essentially claimed “It’s only censorship when the government is suppressing speech”.
    Why does she even work here?

    Lately it’s like everything the left, their billionaire pals and their media acolytes like Masnick and ENB say, is expressly calculated to drive free-thinking people to Trump.

    1. So freedom of speech only exists now if the listener doesn’t think you are just trying to get people riled up. That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard on reason. The entire point of free speech is to protect ideas and speech that make people angry. Speech that draws support doesn’t need protection.

      The person who made that statement is just a totalitarian who wants everyone who disagrees with him silenced.

      1. You’re free speech ends at my offence. No, seriously. An idiot doctor in my hockey pool said this a while ago taking issue with the word ‘retard’.

        1. We need to start throwing it back in their faces. Every believer of any religion is made uncomfortable by those COEXIST stickers or the Darwin fish. Start going after everything they say and do and let them have a taste of what they have in store for everyone else.

          1. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

            It may have been written by a leftist thug, but it’s a good guidebook for dealing with the totalitarian left.

        2. Hmm, was he trying to prove your point?

        3. I often speak of the retard of the spark on a motor I am working on. Sets some people off but it is totally appropriate.

      2. Exactly.
        And ENB, who works for what once was a libertarian magazine, says he “has it right”.

        Today and in the podcast she’s completely unmasked herself as a pedestrian little authoritarian.

    2. Reposting because my comment is awaiting moderation probably because it had two links in it.

      It’s the running gag here.

      We’re racist AND psychopaths now:

      1. But it’s all in our heads:

        Sure it is.

        If anyone read ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ they’d see who the real psychopaths are.

        But useful idiots are gonna useful idiot and we’re all going to pay a price for their useful idiocy.

    3. Come on, give progressives a break. They absolutely KNOW what a better world looks like and are doing everything they can to force people into compliance. Something about eggs and omelets?

    4. “Why does she even work here?”

      Because she can’t get a better job. I doubt she likes the situation either.

  39. Will a Rise Decline in Coronavirus Numbers in 14 36 States Refocus Attention on the Pandemic Deceptions of Panic-Mongers Like ENB at Reason?


    1. They passively-aggressively want Red states and Sweden to fail.

      1. Avoid failure: stay home and sit in the dark, waiting anxiously for the all-clear from Top Statisticians.

  40. Can we just call BLM what it is Rainbow coalition 2.0. They are going to shakedown corporate sponsors to kneel at the alter, they have no real solutions or positions beyond their identitarian hogwash and toppling the nuclear family. They picked a name that you can’t be against otherwise you’re against black lives. It’s all a grift they don’t care about solving problems.

    1. It always comes down to stealing with leftists. They just want a payoff.

      1. Well, it works.

        What’s with the Floyd funeral as if he was MLK?

        Fucken gross.

    2. nuthin’ shakin’ on Shakedown Street.

  41. > Protestors have set up an autonomous zone they are calling ‘Free Capitol Hill’, and controlling who can come and who can go.

    So the protestors have taken up the mantle of being the police. The immigration police, that is. Papers Please!

    On a more serious note, is Seattle turning into the Paris Commune?

    1. On a more serious note, is Seattle turning into the Paris Commune?

      Yes, but with no sex or rude comments allowed.

  42. Grandmas Matter!

  43. So John, not sure if you’ll catch this comment, but I came here to post the abandonment of the East Precinct in Seattle, but others have beaten me to it. Anyhoo, as I stated yesterday, Antifa will get a couple of blocks in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco, and they’ll have a very hard time in the rest of the country.

    Also, apparently the protesters believe in borders and are not keen on the wrong people crossing them, I think that should be noted. Also, here’s a video of the police chief (chosen for her race) a few days before, saying that abandoning the east precinct is “not going to happen”.

  44. New York lawmakers passed a bill repealing a terrible police secrecy law. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign it.

    while this is a good development… every single politician who is in office now should be voted out. You had your chance to address this madness. You had plenty of time! You did nothing until people had enough and started protesting all over the country.

    YOU are the fucking problem. At this point, if anyone votes for any incumbent at the local level they are are fool.

    1. The only way it could be better is if they’d chosen Titania McGrath to lead them.

  45. Texas new cases per day per 1M people (peak, now): 80
    New York new case per day (peak, mid April): 593

    Yeah, let’s panic about Texas re-opening it’s economy.


    Thank goodness HBO is finally doing something about one of the biggest reasons for police violence against black people.

  47. “Protestors have set up an autonomous zone they are calling ‘Free Capitol Hill’, and c̶o̶n̶t̶r̶o̶l̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ policing who can come and who can go.”


    1. I still haven’t been able to find an answer as to why the autonomous zone requires a border wall.

  48. “officials say that 110,000 have died WITH covid 19, though some others in the medical and policy fields have criticized the process for determining covid deaths”.

    That’s a more accurate (honest) representation of that stat.

    But I say we are another day closer to herd immunity, and since over 40% of the “deaths” so far are in nursing homes, and another undisclosed (but likely significant) % also died while already in hospital care for other co-morbidity reasons, the number of extremely vulnerable has reduced naturally already. This isn’t a great thing to have happened, but it’s an important thing to recognize and understand when looking forward to “new case” figures and likely death rates (even the CDC has acknowledged are in bad flu ranges).

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