Tear Down America's Immigrant Prisons

In the age of coronavirus, they are a danger to the lives of people both inside them and outside.


America's immigration detention system was a travesty before the coronavirus outbreak. But now it has also become dangerous, not just to the health of those in it but also those on the outside. It's way past time to release the detainees and dismantle this awful edifice.

One does not need a degree in epidemiology to understand that the cramped and unhygienic living conditions in the 22 detention camps and hundreds of county jails used by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are fertile breeding grounds for the virus. ICE isn't known for transparency—it took a whole year to report a 2018 mumps outbreak—but it is already reporting that nearly 1,600 of its inmates have contracted the coronavirus, compared to 287 on April 23. Last month, COVID-19 cases in Texas' 10 detention centers quadrupled in two weeks.

Thanks to its grossly inadequate capacity, ICE has tested less than 8 percent of its 35,000 or so inmate population—but close to 50 percent of those tested have come back positive. A few detainees have already died from the coronavirus, and the actual death count might be higher, according to the University of Denver criminal immigration law expert César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández. Why? Because the agency might be releasing those with symptoms so that they die at home instead of on its watch.

All of this is causing unrest among the detainees. Hunger strikes are raging in several ICE centers. In the Farmville detention center, about 160 miles southwest of D.C., hundreds went on strike during the initial weeks of the pandemic.

The conditions in the camps are straight out of Orange is the New Black. In Louisiana's LaSalle facility, 80 people are crammed into dorms lined with bunk beds. They have six toilets, three showers, one microwave and eight sinks between them. They even have to fight over bars of soap. And in those in repurposed county jails, the situation tends to be even worse.

Social distancing is impossible. Detainees have complained to investigators from the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) that ICE does not even provide them safety information or adequate disinfecting supplies. LaSalle guards don't always make it a point to wear protective gear inside the facilities. And when the detainees protested, POGO reports, they were met with pepper spray. Unsurprisingly, days after POGO published its report, scores of inmates tested positive for the virus. The families of two guards—not ICE itself, mind you—revelaed that they died from the virus.

ICE says it has made adequate arrangements to protect those in its care. But what does that mean? In New Jersey's Hudson County Correctional facility and elsewhere, coronavirus positive detainees get quarantined and everyone else gets locked up in their cells for 23 hours a day, apparently to reduce the amount of communal time. Detention centers have completely stopped all visits by family members, and some segregate immigrants in separate floors, depending upon whether they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive. But that doesn't protect them from non-quarantined ICE staffers who go home every evening. Worse, detainees told POGO that ICE routinely ignores people presenting symptoms and doesn't provide timely medical care, leading sometimes to horrific situations.

And ICE stonewalls family members when their loved ones fall sick, hiding behind privacy laws. ICE would not even tell the family of a coronavirus-positive detainee at its Otay Mesa facility, one of the worst hit, whether he was alive, let alone what kind of care he was receiving. He was suffering from pulmonary embolism, ulcers, and a hernia yet ICE was refusing to release him. "They treat them like animals," wailed his mom.

That particular prisoner, Noe Perez, 41, was awaiting deportation because, evidently, serving a 22-year prison sentence for assault with a firearm as a teenager wasn't enough. That sort of record is far from the norm: As the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University points out, most civil immigrant ICE detainees do not have a single criminal conviction. In March 2020, in fact, 61.2 percent of the detainees had no conviction, not even for a minor petty offense. Even among immigrant detainees who do have a conviction, few are for the sorts of serious crimes that pose a threat to public safety. As of July 2019, just one in 10 detainees—less than 6,000 detainees nationwide—had a serious criminal conviction on record. That's a five-year low.

That's not surprising, given that the Trump administration scrapped the late-Obama-era policy of apprehending only serious criminals during interior roundups. It also started locking up asylum seekers rather than releasing them while their application is considered, even if they had passed an initial screening showing they had a "credible fear" of persecution or harm back home.

All of this has caused the detained population to explode. At its peak last July, Garcia Hernandez's data shows, 55,654 immigrants were in detention—an all-time high—even though Congress had previously appropriated funds only for around 39,000. To confine the extra population, the Trump administration repurposed funds from elsewhere in the Department of Homeland Security.

Nothing in the law actually mandates that these folks be kept under lock and key. It's an administrative policy choice meant to advance Trump's harsh anti-immigration agenda. There is little risk to public safety from releasing asylum seekers. And few of them would want to abscond before their final hearing, since they don't want to give up their shot of living in the country legally. If the government is really worried that they will, it could keep an eye on them much less invasively—and, in the the age of coronavirus, much more safely—by fitting them with electronic ankle bracelets.

After the pandemic erupted, the detained population has shrunk by about a third. Some of that might be attributed to fewer interior roundups. But the bigger and more perverse reason for the reduction, according to Garcia Hernandez, is that the administration has been using the coronavirus as an excuse to illegally turn away asylum seekers without any due process, even unaccompanied minors. It recently even tried to reinvent its notorious child separation policy by offering migrant parents the choice of abandoning their asylum petitions and accepting deportation in exchange for letting their kids get out of detention and remain in America. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority declined.

Migrant rights outfits have filed close to 50 lawsuits and secured the release of a few hundred medically vulnerable detainees, arguing among other things that consigning them to illness and death for these immigration infractions violates the Eighth Amendment's prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. Yet when Attorney General Bob Barr ordered federal prisons to "immediately maximize" the release of prisoners to home confinement to prevent the spread of the virus, he demanded no systematic review of the imprisoned immigrants. Even as federal prisons release Americans who committed real crimes, immigrants who committed no crime are likely to remain locked up.

But individual ICE facilities don't need permission from the top to release immigrants. They have total discretion to "parole" anyone not subject to mandatory detention—that is, the majority  of those in their custody given that they are in for civil not criminal violations.

They should do that. And Congress should defund a detention program whose only purpose is to terrorize peaceful immigrants looking for jobs or safety in America—along with creating more expansive guest worker and asylum programs, so that no one has to live here illegally. And the undocumented immigrants already in the country should get legal status pronto, ending the draconian interior roundups that are breaking up and traumatizing Latino communities. The small subset of criminally inclined intercepted at the border or picked up in America can be held in other venues until they are deported.

This is not just a matter of returning some humanity and fairness to America's immigration system. It's a matter of protecting general public health. Many of these detention centers are located in rural areas with rudimentary medical facilities that struggle to meet basic health care needs even in normal times. It won't take much to overwhelm them, or for secondary outbreaks to ricochet through their communities.

The pandemic has thrown the hidden dangers of America's institutions of mass incarceration into sharp relief. These institutions are particularly tragic when they are used to lock up peaceful people whose only crime is to search for a better life for themselves—and to provide one for Americans. These detention facilities had no good reason to exist before the coronavirus. They have even less now.

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  1. 50% of detainees infected, so let’s turn them all loose. What could possibly go wrong?

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    1. They woulnd’t be infected if they weren’t detained. What’s the penalty of being without papers? Deportation, not execution. So don’t leave them there to day, send them back home. Why the hell do we even need these permanent detention centers? Just process them and send them home. No reason to be permanently imprisoning children.

      1. But then the media wouldn’t report on all the parents being prosecuted and children locked in cages, and thus would not have the “deterrent effect” DHS and the Trump admin were seeking.

        This was never about safety. It is and always has been about punishing the outside tribe. Red meat for the base.

        1. Hey Lying Jeffy, is there a quote of Trump calling himself King in that link? Oh, that’s right, you’re a lying piece of shit.

          1. Hey now! That’s PEDO Jeffy to you mister!

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        2. Hi Jeff.

      2. Every attempt to increase the funding to “just process them and send them home” faster has been blocked by the Democrats in the House. Insofar as there’s a humanitarian disaster involved in the facilities, it’s because House Democrats have deliberately made it impossible to quickly give the people in them the “due process of law” they’re entitled to before being deported.

        Of course, it’s not actually that big a humanitarian disaster. Anyone who wants out of the camps can waive their rights and allow themselves to be deported. Everyone in them is choosing to be detained rather than be quickly deported.

        (Yes, I’m aware that there a Snopes “fact check” which tries to refute the idea that they can leave. The trick is that they deliberately omit the option of ceasing to contest deportation, which is legally distinct from “voluntary departure”. The omission of the option constitutes a deliberate lie by Snopes.)

    2. Let’s turn ALL of them loose. In their countries of origin.

  2. Didn’t Shikha get the memo? We’re not doing the Corona Virus thing any longer.

    1. This.

      Perhaps governments can just deem prison populations “protesters” and be done with it.

      1. She’s always a couple of weeks behind the narrative. It’s like she never reads her JournoList emails on time.
        Remember back in April when our betters were screaming “shut down everything”? Poor Shikha was still plumping for open borders.

    2. Oh we are doing the Coronavirus thing. When it’s convenient. I was able to find two articles this weekend arguing that tear gas makes people more susceptible to getting the virus and possibly increasing the severity of the symptoms if they have it already. Neither story’s cited doctor bother mentioning that crowding around in large groups of people yelling and sweating makes people more susceptible to getting the virus and possibly increasing the severity of the symptoms if they have it already. Weird right?

      1. That’s why our kind and benevolent masters don’t use tear gas anymore. It’s just a gas that causes tears.

        1. Tear gas is not the point of my post. The only thing that’s going to end up turning on and off like a faucet isn’t the economy, it’s COVID as an excuse to arbitrarily enforce political preferences.

        2. It’s just a gas that causes tears.

          And abrogate themselves of guilt under the long-standing principle of English Common Law known as “He who smelt it, dealt it.”

    3. We won’t be doing the ‘bigoted, cruel, authoritarian immigration’ thing much longer, either . . . about six months.

      Then, the reckoning.

      Carry on, clingers. So far as your betters permit.

      1. Well said.


      2. “We won’t be doing the ‘bigoted, cruel, authoritarian immigration’ thing much longer, either . . . about six months.”

        Then the enlightened, virtuous, authoritarian immigration’ thing will kick in, which means still impounding illegals, but “it’s okay when we do it”.

      3. Funny how you think the people pulling the levers are actually your betters. You’ll do quite well as a communist.

  3. Why don’t we just send the Mexicans to another shit hole country, India!

    1. I don’t want my customer service calls to be handled by someone who doesn’t have an Indian accent!

  4. I wish I could take the media’s objection to these camps seriously. However, with very few exceptions (a few lefties bothered calling out Obama for being deporter in chief), the media decided to completely ignore this practice until 2017. If you’re only willing to care about people being abused by the state when it’s your political opponents doing it, then you don’t really care. It’s as if the practice itself isn’t immoral to them, it only becomes immoral when you do it to a certain number of people and that number is purely determined by the person picking that number out of a hat.

    I keep wanting to ask my lefty friends: Since Obama began the practice of caging illegal immigrants and separating the kids from their families, your opposition is not to the practice but the number of times it’s performed. What is the acceptable number and why?

    1. It’s ok because Obama did it first!

      1. You tend to side with the left quite a bit more. If you yourself don’t have an answer, have you heard the argument from any of your friends? What is the acceptable number and why? I would sincerely like to hear an attempt at it.

        1. “You tend to side with the left quite a bit more.”

          I do disagree with Trump a lot because he’s not a libertarian, but that’s not the same as siding with the left. When Obama was president all the leftists called me a conservative because he was no libertarian either.

          “I would sincerely like to hear an attempt at it.”

          I sincerely doubt that.

          1. My desire to listen to the mental gymnastics required to hand wave the policy is sincere. For my own entertainment.

            I don’t come on here to start shit, I enjoy the conversation. If someone can realistically make such an argument, I would certainly listen to it with an open mind. I just have my doubts that a morally consistent argument exists.

            1. You could just seek the truth yourself. So many sources to choose from…


              1. How many sources are there that quote Trump calling himself king Lying Jeffy?

              2. You Google it and you mostly find people attacking Trump’s assertion that Obama did it more from a bunch of heavy left wing sources. I also don’t find categorical denials that it happened. I found this statement from this source:

                Immigration experts have told us that family separations were relatively rare under Obama and other past administrations. They did not happen at nearly the scale that they did under the Trump administration.


                No numbers or explainations as to what “relatively rare” even means. It’s an article of faith. They don’t deny it happened and I fully believe the Trump administration is doing it exponentially more. My question remains the same. What is the acceptable number and why?

          2. I do disagree with Trump a lot because he’s not a libertarian, but that’s not the same as siding with the left.

            No, you actively siding with the left constantly, on every single issue, supporting Democratic politicians and their policy proposals, and trying desperately and failing to troll with mindless tu quoque arguments when you get called on your bullshit is the same as “siding with the left”. And conveniently, you do that in literally every single thread where you post, and have since the day Trump was inaugurated.

            When Obama was president all the leftists called me a conservative

            No, they didn’t. You can’t provide even one example of that happening you drunken low life chunk of shit.

            Keep lying like a bitch though. Suits you perfectly.

            1. Ah yes, the very important libertarian question of “Who’s side are you on?”

              1. We know who’s side your on. Despite all the times you lied about it, Lying Jeffy.

              2. Exactly, the correct libertarian response is “depends on the issue”. People are right for saying that you are pretty much party line D based on just about every response you’ve ever had. I couldn’t careless if you prefer a party. Argue what you truly believe, but be honest with yourself when there’s a distinct pattern.

                1. He is not capable of being honest. Being dishonest is a crucial part of his core personality.

        2. “You tend to side with the left quite a bit more”

          He’s a Media Matters fifty-center. It’s his job.

      2. And it will keep being OK once Trump is done doing it!

        1. That’s my point. It may happen even more under Biden. Just like drone strikes, it will go from a moral outrage to something swept under the rug over night.

          Who cares what the government does? The D’s won!!!!!

      3. That’s not what his post said sarc, Jesus Christ.

    2. “I keep wanting to ask my lefty friends: Since Obama began the practice of caging illegal immigrants and separating the kids from their families, your opposition is not to the practice but the number of times it’s performed.”

      When you make statements like this, it sort of puts the lie to your assertion that, “I don’t come on here to start shit, I enjoy the conversation.”

      Is the policy a good policy or not? Let’s have that conversation. The, “But Obama” and “But Trump” stuff is a bunch of Non Sequitors. Of course partisans- especially the Dem media are a bunch of hypocrites. Can we move past that and talk about the actual issue now?

      1. Is there any policy you’d accept short of “let them all loose into the US”?

        I have my doubts

      2. “When you make statements like this, it sort of puts the lie to your assertion that, “I don’t come on here to start shit, I enjoy the conversation.””

        No actually it really doesn’t.

      3. Just to be clear, Overt, there’s a reason I frame that question that way. I agree that it’s a bad policy. Most of my friends are on the left. I want my friends on the left to see that they’re turning a blind eye to the actual real life effects of government policy because they simply have faith that “their guy” is the the good guy. The point I’m attempting to make is that it is indefensible no matter who does it, no matter how many times.

        If you see it as being provocative for the sake of being provocative, you misunderstand me. The theme that keeps occurring to me as I continue to watch coverage of the protests is how this is all the results of what people are asking for. I think the right is mostly cynical and jaded enough that they’re willing to see the actual consequences of what they ask for and accept them. They may be largely composed of unrepentant aholes, but at least they’re pretty honest about it. The left on the other hand, simply refuses to see anything past the empty rhetoric and platitudes put forward by their leadership and take a long hard look at how asking the government to be involved in absolutely everything will reach the logical conclusion of over-policing and burdensome, morally reprehensible enforcement.

        You can say things like “the Dem media are a bunch of hypocrites and let’s just move past it and talk about the actual issue”, but the fact of the matter is we cannot. By design. As long as being hypocrites and endorsing ever more power for the political class (R’s and D’s) gets our leaders what they want, we will never stop having that conversation because our faith in them and their ability to frame the conversation is the most fundamental problem.

  5. Indeed, now is the perfect time to implement benefactor Charles Koch’s vision of unlimited, unrestricted immigration.


  6. Jeebus. True libertarians understand that everyone, especially brown people, need to be required to have all their papers in order else be locked in a cage. Freedom means asking permission and obeying orders. Everyone knows this. Stupid Shikha.

    1. They could just go home

      1. They could just go stay home

        FIFY, without papers the various shitholes don’t know any better than we do if they want them (back?) or not.

        1. I should add that while I don’t have first-hand evidence, I strongly suspect the detention centers in the US are preferable to the detention centers in Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, etc.

    2. Imagine how absolutely fucking sad and pathetic you have to be to simp for Shikha Dalmia. Jesus Christ bro. She’s probably stupid enough to fuck you, but really?

      1. Nobody’s that stupid.
        I know that sounds like an unstoppable force meets an immovable object paradox, but even tardigrades know better.

    3. Anarchy has about as much chance of succeeding in the real world as real communism. So until we can perfect man, nation states are going to exist and they’re going to decide who is allowed to cross their borders. Acknowledging this fact doesn’t mean you support the status quo.

  7. “There was no good reason for the existence of America’s immigrant detention ”

    Again, Reason assumes that illegal border crossers are the same as illegal immigrants,’
    That way it need not deal with those who crossed the border for other purposes – such as tom sell drugs or actually invade the country.

    1. Trespassing is a victimless crime!

    2. They’ve been conflating the two from day one which is extremely disappointing and tiresome at this point.

      Sorta like how people refuse to distinguish between peaceful protestors and violent rioters.

      They group them into one in order to argue, speciously, against using force. And when the police don’t protect the innocent, people who do mobilize in self-defence are called ‘vigilantes’.

      THIS is where it gets truly dangerous. If the perception among the law-abiding silent majority is they’re being abandoned, watch out.

      I wouldn’t want to see my property or business destroyed or watch someone I know or love be beaten or worse, by twinkle-toed, dumbass parasitical punk white liberal cowardly jerk-offs with faux-bad ass tattoos and nipple rings in commie beards.

      At least send some real scary dudes like we saw on The Sopranos. Not these fricken losers and cucks throwing bricks around. There are two proper responses to someone like that: Arrest them or they take a brick to the head.

      Spare me the bull shit about how they’ve been ‘unheard for 400 years’. Nihilists don’t give a rat’s ass about stuff like that or justice for that matter.

    3. Why should we care if they come here to sell drugs?

  8. I thought lockdowns made you safe?

    1. Lockdown would be if the Mexican (or American) Government forced everyone to stay inside. Quarantine would be if they forced only the knowingly sick/contagious to do so. Forcing only the subset of those that try to cross the border illegally doesn’t even rise to onerous specter of quarantine.

      Every one of Reason’s writers who called for more testing and rationalized lockdowns argued in favor of/validated the same actions against a/the minor subset known as illegal immigrants.

      1. To combine the two…

        Maybe reason should read up on all the people quarantined that came through ellis island, mainly for tuberculosis, for weeks or months at a time. Like my great uncle who spent 9 weeks in quarantine.

        And a step further for most mid east refugees…

        We can’t get personal or criminal records on them, let alone medical ones. Most of their countries dont even track that data like we do. And if they did their bureaucracies are so fucked they couldn’t or wouldnt send them to us.

        …but every American should stay home and avoid their family unless you’re a hipster piece of shit. And every American must be tested for covid every day or were all doomed forever and ever.

  9. You’ll never hear about them again if Biden is elected. They’ll still be there, doing essentially exactly the same thing as now, but the news media won’t care an won’t report on it.

    So the problem will be solved. Because the problem is shallow people being manipulated by phony news media melodrama.

    Just like always, just like every other country at every other time in history, the US will control border crossings.

    1. Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats

  10. You just know how serious the pandemic is if it can cause someone like Shikha to come out against immigration controls. Oh, wait…

  11. 1) They could always go home.

    2) Didn’t YOU attend a protest this past weekend in Southfield, MI? “I wore a mask…while ignoring every other aspect of the warnings I insisted on others following”

    You don’t buy the COVID bullshit. Why would I?

  12. Shiksa, you ignorant slut…

  13. Does anyone make disposable parachutes?

  14. Bad news, Shikha; we don’t have any immigrant prisons.

    We do have, however, places where we hold criminals who illegally cross our borders while we determine which kind of criminal they are.

    Immigrants, on the other hand, are wherever they are legally allowed to be, based on their legal immigration status. You know, school, work, touristing, etc.

    1. I’m of the mind that it should be relatively easy and cheap to come here if you’re seeking a better life and more economic opportunity. And obviously the existing system needs to be overhauled and retooled.

      But fuck people that conflate legal immigrants and undocumented immigrants (as Shikha did here). That is some shady Newspeak shit.

      1. (as Shikha did here)

        She has NEVER indicated in any way that they are two different issues.

        1. This. It’s why just about everyone reading her hates her. We could handle a debate, but she can’t report on immigration without being dishonest about it.

  15. If only we would end the practice of going south of the border and rounding up people to fill our immigrant prisons. That’s what’s happening, right? Because if they were choosing to enter a foreign country under their own volition then it would be their own responsibility where they end up, and clearly they have no responsibility for their own actions.

  16. if you can’t make it appear racist to black people it’s not a cause.

  17. Another idiotic Reason article by Dame Schecky from the Clickbait Committee. Reason gives Libertarianism a bad name.

    1. Question is: Was Dalmia wearing a mask while writing this and did she take a knee after she pressed ‘send’?

  18. It took 10 paragraphs before the TDS kicked in. Not bad.

    Whenever I read Dalmia it’s always a joy waiting for the ‘Trumpenstein’ crescendo.

    It’s like being at an opera with the same tragic results.

    Mover over Adolf, Trump is literally worse than the coronavirus now.

    1. She really only has one trick.

  19. Lot of good money to be made from those detention centers. They are mostly contracted and subcontracted.

    The government pays well and on time.

    Always follow the money.

    1. The government does not pay on time, I do plenty of contract work for several governments and municipalities. Most have pushed their payment schedules from 30 to 60 to 90 days in the past 8-10 years because they have trouble paying by 30 amd even 60 days. Its super fun running a business with a 90 day hole in your revenue, let me tell you! And they require mountains of paperwork to get payments approved.

      If you’re subcontracted its even worse.

      So, as usual, you’re full of shit

  20. So is the position we take on the dangers of coronavirus only related to to the political calculus of who we can claim, without evidence, are affected?

  21. Every nation on earth has “immigrant prisons,” including Australia whose prison is so large they use an entire island, the largest human detainment on earth. Australia can get away with it because it’s not the US. We all see the double standard. Enough worrying about the world. We have laws.

  22. “There is little risk to public safety from releasing asylum seekers. And few of them would want to abscond before their final hearing, since they don’t want to give up their shot of living in the country legally.”

    I’m tired. Did anybody who read this note when she mentioned the numbers who do abscond rather than go to their hearing?

    1. A few. So just 3. What’s your problem?

  23. She threw me for a loop. I was expecting an article in favor of having more immigrants from Somalia take over the policing in Minneapolis.

  24. Tear Down America’s Immigrant Prisons
    In the age of coronavirus, they are a danger to the lives of people both inside them and outside.

    I fully agree: quick repatriation to their home countries is the best solution.

    And as you point out yourself, they are immigrants, not refugees.

  25. Reason dullards will manufacture any argument for illegal immigration – just like the Left manufactures any argument for nationalized healthcare. Both never give up.

  26. Sigh….Shreeka is back. Look, just summarily deport them all and be done with it.

  27. By what twist of logic do illegal aliens believe they’re entitled to a share of what U.S. taxpayers earn? If they’re unhappy with the food or quarters, Homeland Security would be happy to send them back to their home nations. As a concession, if they don’t like home, Manus Island has plenty of space where growing your own food is easy. Plenty of sunshine and freedom.

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  28. If you are here illegally why should we be paying for your room and board in a detainment center? would solve the problem and minimize covid infections in the illegal population. If you really cared about these people, deporting out of the prison back to their mother land is the most humane thing you can do

  29. Empathy goes a long way and inclusive policies should be made taking care of both sides.

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