Brickbat: This Leaves a Bad Taste in My Mouth


Maine restaurateur Joe Christopher bought $12,000 in food and brought back his staff in anticipation of the state allowing dine-in customers on June 1. But just four days before restaurants were rescheduled to open, Gov. Janet Mills extended the ban on inside dining indefinitely in three counties, containing over 40 percent of the state's population, catching Christopher and other restaurant owners off guard.

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  1. Instead of complaining about the injustice they should open their restaurants to protesting, the racists.

    1. Just rename it the Black Lives Matter Restaurant.

      1. Dining Room? Patio?
        *Throws chair through window*
        Why choose?!

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      2. A riot will be held from 4:00 until closing. Food will be served. Cover charge applies.

        1. Thursday is Open Megaphone Night.

  2. Businessmen’s lives don’t matter.

    1. They didn’t build that!

    2. How dare you!

  3. Joe Christopher was trying to make money, and money is EVIL (except when it is forcibly moved around by Government Almighty). So, since Joe was trying to make EVIL money, he must be EVIL, and therefor deserve to be punshished!

    Brain case closed!

    1. He doesn’t serve shit you wouldn’t be interested anyway.



  4. “The Governor will continue to pursue a gradual reopening of Maine’s economy that balances public health with the challenges faced by Maine businesses. The success of these efforts to date, based on science and medical expertise, is demonstrated by our low number of cases per capita as compared to other states.”

    “And now, to reduce that number to zero, the Governor is ordering that the State be blanketed with expanding foam.”

    1. The ol’ Destroy the Village in Order to Save IT method.

  5. Take off the masks. Open all stores. Get on with life. We’re all going to die at some time.

  6. She’s such a Janet

    1. Wait, which one is the Janet?

      1. The other Jackson.

  7. Remember covid 19 is the anti candy man. If you say “black lives matter” 3 times in a mirror it can’t get you

    1. Because it finds the BLM movement as repulsive as everyone else does?

  8. The lack of any objective re-opening criteria is deeply problematic. Most of the country it’s just on a whim, in the rest is extremely vague. I can understand the shutdowns in the face of an emergency. But it’s clear the emergency is over when governors change their minds on reopening from day to day.

    Also, this is a giant metaphor for what the government is doing to Blacks, immigrants, pick your group, every single day. Apparently the Rule of Law means that the government is supposed to be arbitrary.

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