University of Washington Urging "Accommodations," "Especially" for "Members of the Black Community," as to Assignments and Exams

"Accommodations might include extra time to finish assignments or providing a 'final examination optional' pathway, for example."

|The Volokh Conspiracy |

From the University President and other officials:

We are writing to urge you, in these final weeks of the quarter, as assignments become due and exams are taken, to be especially responsive to the needs that your students, especially those who are members of the Black community, may have for accommodations as we conclude the school year. Accommodations might include extra time to finish assignments or providing a "final examination optional" pathway, for example.

Thanks to Prof. Glenn Reynolds (InstaPundit) and Jessica Custodio (Campus Reform) for the pointer.

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  1. So is this what VC is going to be now? All Lives Matter central?

    1. As for the underlying story – is the university doing a good thing, a bad thing, or something indifferent?

      If you say it’s indifferent, then you’ll actually be disagreeing with those university officials who consider the matter quite important.

      1. O, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise I’d accidentally stumbled into a higher education policy blog. I thought this was a legal blog with the occasional bit of political commentary, rather than a blog about how those poor middle class white people have it so hard.

        1. It’s a legal issue in that the university seems to be encouraging racial discrimination.

        2. As a public university, UoW has constitutional duties of equal protection, which this appeal may threaten.

        3. Triggered much?

        4. I would have preferred if Prof. Volokh had mentioned it rather than just quoting the announcement, but it seems to me there’s a Gratz/Grutter issue here, depending on how seriously they take the singling out of black students.

    2. So you’re saying that all lives don’t matter? That some lives matter more than others? That it’s not legitimate to challenge discriminatory polices and practices unless the discrimination is in the “right” direction?

      1. Weird how many read an ‘only’ into black lives matter.

        1. They read “only” into the phase because any other comparable phrase, like “all lives matter” or “white lives matter,” are deemed racist by the same people who mindlessly chant “black lives matter” and screech like pod people at those who don’t.

          1. Bigots sure are defensive these days.

            And disaffected.

            And desperate.

            Which is all good.

            On the bright side for them, they still have a few advocates in academia.

        2. Actually, black lives matter only if they are killed by the police.

          1. Whattaboutism generalized and distilled. Well done.

            1. You are an intellectual coward you never engages with the substance of arguments with you disagree.

              1. Your mistake is engaging with him. Same with Arthur Kirkland.

                1. Disagreeing with you means you don’t wanna engage.

                  You must be really into safe spaces, I guess.

              2. YOU are dinging me on substance?! All you do is swear and insult.

          2. And certainly no lives matter if they’re snuffed out in a doctor’s office, pursuant to a CHOICE!

        3. “Weird how many read an ‘only’ into black lives matter.” We didn’t. You made it clear when you started complaining about how awful saying “all lives matter” is.

    3. Please tell us which lives don’t matter.

      1. The phrase “all lives matter” is self-evidently absurd because only black people face the risk of violent death. A white, yellow or red skin is like a magic shield protecting you from harm, and people with that type of skin tone always die peaceably of old age, so saying their lives matter is utterly superfluous.


      2. Yankees fans.

    4. If your philosophy and world view leads you to fly into lots of rage when pondering if “all lives matter” is problematic, might I suggest a change might be in order?

      1. Good lord my typing … grrrr

        If your philosophy and world view leads you to fly into fits of rage when pondering if “all lives matter,” might I suggest a change might be in order?

  2. Given that racially based preferences in classes, I am surprised that this would even be suggested.

    1. Did you accidentally a word?

      1. Yup.

  3. Granting benefits based upon race is going to run afoul many a non-discrimination law.

    1. Granting extra time will not help, if the work product is graded in a race-blind manner. Poorly prepared students are still poorly prepared.
      What the university is likely saying is to grade leniently, as having the black students be over-represented in the C-D-F grade range would be inappropriate for a liberal university.

      1. A grade disparity which will always be the case.

  4. The university is diluting the value of their degree. Tuition paying students should be able to sue for breach of contract based on the idea that the degree is worth something.

    1. Not really. This semester is loaded with special circumstances. Many if not most, colleges and universities will only issue “credit” or “no credit” this semester (or quarter). Generally this semester will not be included in the students’ GPA.

      1. the CC I’m taking classes at is still issuing grades, but students can request (and automatically receive) an Excused Withdrawal for any class they want. Many instructors are automatically filing EW paperwork for any students who wouldn’t receive a passing grade.

  5. So, what should an employer, reviewing a job application from a graduate of that place, think, when the applicant is a minority?

    1. They won’t be able to distinguish this “credit” from and other “credit.”

    2. …that black job applicants who needed extra time to succeed in school will likely continue to need extra time on the job.

  6. “especially those who are members of the Black community”

    The good liberal president thinks blacks are dumber than whites.

    [Also, “members of the Black community” is so clunky, hopefully he wasn’t an English professor.]

    1. In terms of averages, they are.

  7. The Volokh Conspiracy seems determined to ensure that no mainstream law school will wish to hire another movement conservative for a faculty position.

    1. Seems the volokh conspiracy would prefer students and future employees develop the skills necessary to perform effectively on the job, & peform services correctly,

      Doing a job half ass gets you fired – yet the school is promoting the idea that african americans are inferior and therefore it is discrimination to require everyone to perform to the same standards

    2. Another half-vast comment from our clueless troll.

      1. Open wider, Don Nico.

  8. The nasty, bitter racism of low expectations.

    And the universities should put a check-mark on the transcripts of those who did not ‘benefit’ from those ‘accomodations’, to show that the holder actually did the work.

    1. Almost all universities have already made accommodations for students stressed by covid-19.
      This Washington university would seem to extend the definition of disability needed accommodation to skin color.

  9. The black lives that don’t matter are the unborn ones…

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the abortion epidemic in that community?

    1. Those lives have already been discounted as non-human.

      1. I think the irony that society used to apply the same status to living people of certain races is lost upon liberals….

  10. A racist is one who looks at the skin color of a person to determine that person’s worth or ability.
    Note to self: Avoid the university of washington.

    1. Think hard about voting Dem too if you are a man. The Dems have disqualified half the population from being a candidate for VP simply because of their genitals. You can expect more oppression to come if that is just them getting started.

      1. Didn’t you get the memo? Masculinity is toxic now.

        Don’t feel bad though. It’s not your fault that you have testosterone, it’s just an unfortunate birth defect. They can fix that.

    2. Note to self: Avoid the university of washington.

      There was already plenty of reason to do that given their hosting of the hot mess that is IHME.

  11. Nothing says “we’re not racist” like “blacks need extra help on exams.”

    In the words of a particularly racist former vice-president “poor kids are just as bright as white kids.”

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