George Floyd

Democratic Leaders Praise George Floyd Protesters, Show Utter Contempt for Everyone Else Still in Lockdown

Bill de Blasio and Phil Murphy evince little sympathy for nail salon owners or Jewish mourners.


With widespread mass protests against police brutality underway in major cities all across the United States, one might have expected government officials who do not intend to scold the protesters for violating social distancing to go easier on everyone else as well, at least for consistency's sake. But no—some state and local authorities have given every indication that the COVID-19 lockdowns will continue for small businesses, churches, and anyone else whose cause for leaving the home does not strike the government as sufficiently noble.

On Monday, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) thanked state residents for protesting the unjust police killing of George Floyd in large numbers, and commended them for participating in "the transformational moment of our time," even though New Jersey's coronavirus mitigation plan calls for people to gather outside in groups of no more than 25—and in fact, state authorities have fined citizens for organizing anti-lockdown protests. But for Murphy, the two forms of protest are "in different orbits."

"I don't want to make light of this, and I'll probably get lit up by everyone who owns a nail salon in the state," said Murphy. "But it's one thing to protest what day nail salons are opening, and it's another to come out in peaceful protest, overwhelmingly, about somebody who was murdered right before our eyes."

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), who has repeatedly inveighed against the city's Jewish community for holding public funerals and opening their businesses despite stay-at-home orders, struck a similar note.

"When you see…an entire nation, simultaneously grappling with an extraordinary crisis seated in 400 years of American racism, I'm sorry, that is not the same question as the understandably aggrieved store owner or the devout religious person who wants to go back to services," said de Blasio.

As a reminder, here was what de Blasio had to say to New Yorkers who had gathered to mourn a Hasidic rabbi last month: "My message to the Jewish community, and all communities, is this simple: the time for warnings has passed. I have instructed the NYPD to proceed immediately to summons or even arrest those who gather in large groups. This is about stopping this disease and saving lives. Period."

This is not just hypocritical—it's odious. Protesting against police violence is extremely important, and the unprecedented public outcry over Floyd's death is a critical opportunity to send a message that reforms are needed. But to say that this cause, and only this cause, should be exempt from the lockdown is, at the very least, remarkably callous. Mourning a deceased person is no less important to that person's loved ones than ending police brutality is for the thousands of people engaged in protest. (This should be doubly obvious, since in both cases we are talking about a person's death as the root issue.)

There's nothing theoretical about it. Many, many people across the country have had to alter, or forego entirely, typical funerary customs that offer much-needed closure—at a time when elderly parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors are dying by the thousands. Christine Rouselle, a reporter for Catholic News Agency, noted on Twitter that her father's outdoor, graveside funeral—which took place just 10 days ago—had to be limited to just 10 people to comply with Maine's pandemic cessation policies.

"My family was led to believe we could be in trouble if we had 11 people gathered at an outdoor event," writes Rouselle. "That clearly isn't the case in Maine today."

It clearly isn't the case if you're protesting police violence. By many government officials' own admissions, they are treating this category of lockdown breakers differently.

There's also something unfair about the plight of the much-maligned nail salon owners—as well as anyone else who owns or enjoys employment at a small business. These entities provide a living for people. They provide economic security, the loss of which often results in hardship and poverty.

We were told that COVID-19 posed such an existential threat that it was necessary for the government to shut almost everything down, even if that meant businesses would fail; even if that meant people couldn't say goodbye to their deceased grandparents; even if that meant churches had to temporarily stop offering spiritual and emotional support to people who depend upon it. For government leaders to celebrate the George Floyd protests while still insisting upon lockdowns for everyone else undermines the all-in-this-together spirit of social distancing.

And it should go without saying, but whether one person's cause for going outside is noble while another person's cause is selfish makes absolutely no difference to the coronavirus.

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    2. DeBlasio said enforced lockdowns are “all about saving lives”. So is he now saying black lives DON’T matter now? Things that make you say hmmm.

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    3. and no preaching to the choir. Singing spreads germs.

  2. Democratic Leaders Praise George Floyd Protesters, Show Utter Contempt for Everyone Else Still in Lockdown

    FTFY. Let’s not kid ourselves, they have nothing but contempt for anyone but themselves.

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    2. I think the next civil war is getting pretty close. We’re all getting a glimpse of America under complete progtard control.

      It isn’t pretty.

      1. well the good news is there are plenty of people happy to point guns at Americans if they choose to disaasociate from one another

  3. What Freddy said!

    “I’ll probably get lit up by everyone who owns a nail salon in the state,” said Murphy.

    Good grief, Phil. Phrasing?

    “But it’s one thing to protest what day nail salons are opening, and it’s another to come out in peaceful protest, overwhelmingly, about somebody who was murdered right before our eyes.”

    Some protests are more equal than others.

    1. Protesting one life lost unjustly – acceptable.

      Protesting thousands of lives lost and/or destroyed by irrational lockdown measures – unacceptable.

      And it shows what our Governor and former Goldman-Sachs executive thinks of small business.

      1. Intelligence, like the bill of rights, is above his pay grade

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      2. Floyd’s life was lost unjustly. But let’s not forget that there has been universal condemnation of Chauvin’s conduct, he has been quickly charged, and he will likely be convicted. That should really be the end of it.

        Also, blacks killed without cause by police is a very rare occurrence; just look at the WaPo statistics.

        1. Can we also note that Chavin sat at home for 4 days before being arrested…. this under a Democrat Governor, Democrat Mayor, and Democrat Chief who serves at the pleasure of the Mayor. And only after the Trump administration announced its investigation. Meanwhile, the Democrat Mayor’s only reaction is to hand out face masks to people who were rioting.

          1. Ok – lets make a new rule that cops who murder civilians can be arrested immediately.

            Let’s not make this a racial issue though because it really has nothing to do with anything than playing to the black vote. Chauvin may have been racist – but that’s only one dude. The stats are plainly evident – 72% of cop murders aren’t black. Cop brutality is largely discriminate on income level, not race. We can solve that by simply eliminating all the poor people by rounding them up and deporting them to Mexico or if Mexico won’t take them, the grave. Fuck, people, use your heads.

    2. Kinda kills the narrative of white supremacists causing the problems.

      That and even SPLC saying it isn’t supremacists.

      1. Sooner or later they will spot a white guy with a mullet somewhere in the vicinity, and then it will be all about the KKK.

    3. ” and it’s another to come out in peaceful protest, overwhelmingly, about somebody who was murdered right before our eyes.”

      Honest question…by what measure have these protests been overwhelmingly peaceful? Is it by number of events that have started and ended peacefully? Is it by number of people who were not arrested? How is this measurable?

      I am still on the side of the protesters here, but I went through all of the videos that Driscoll posted on Instapundit, and I can see how a lot of people would call you a liar if you said things were “Overwhelmingly Peaceful”.

      FWIW, while there was some violence in Huntington Beach and Santa Anna, most of the protests here in Orange County have been peaceful. If you check Twitter, you see that it is not for lack of a lot of assholes trying to stir up shit. South Coast Plaza is one of the richest malls in the country, and it is pretty obvious whenever twits post messages like “Hey we should have a *totally peaceful* protest at SCP tonight”, that they are hoping for some violence. Still, it hasn’t happened yet.

  4. This dago wop putz and his schvartze wife are anti-Semites to the core!

    1. You are getting better. B-

      1. he’s terrible

    2. ikh shtimen.

    3. Total parody account.

  5. What assholes.

    1. Also I hope every business opens up in protest of the killing of George Floyd; well those not burned down or looted.

  6. I see Murphy has bought into the 1619 crap.

    1. Murphy has always been wrapped in identity politics, protected and funded by the NJ teacher’s unions.

      However, given the number of nail salons in NJ, he has hopefully sealed his fate with that comment.

  7. Everyone needs to be voted out of office.

    1. I’m open to other methods of removal.

      1. Recall vote or intentional virus infection?

        1. So many, many different options.

        2. Chain saw

      2. told my dad to put “Remember Gray Davis!” on his roof out in NorCal

  8. Signals are being crossed.

    1. Hardly. Every one of these asshole politicians has consistently done what is to their own benefit, with some incidental benefits (and damage) for their minions and party activists.

  9. OK, so here you go, this is what you get when Government Almighty is allowed to pick winners and losers. You might as well flip a coin, on whether or not you get your Constitutional rights… The 1st Amendment right to “assemble peacefully” in this case.

    Yet “conservatives” want to take away the free-speech rights granted to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, under Section 230! And they do NOT think that the Trumptatorshit… Or the Demoncrat successors to the Trumptatorshit… What’s that, the Demontatorshit… Will, likewise, pick winners and losers? A solution is to BIND or RESTRICT the fundamental powers of Government Almighty in the first place, as Section 230 does!

    1. “Flip a coin”? Haha. No.

      We all know who will be pandered to and who will not.

      1. Well yeah, I really don’t get it!

        On the vast majority of college campuses, liberal “political correctness” gets its way. And this is heavily Government Almighty funded. “PC” gets its way, for the most part (perhaps a wee tad less than in academia) in employment in general, and in the media.

        And then conservatives suddenly expect to get it THEIR WAY if we set aside legal protections against endless lawsuits, on the internet, ie., kill Section 230?!?! WTF, conservatives, what kind of fantasy world do you live in? The PC bastards WILL eat your lunch, if you kill section 230!

        1. you have shit in your teeth alphabet trolll

        2. Well, to whatever extent I do actually get it… It is that SOME conservatives are PROFOUNDLY stupid and self-deluded! And here is Tulpa to prove my point!

          1. nope its still there

    2. I’m with you on 230 man, but jesus christ, give it a rest sometimes. Every now and again you can just agree with the author and the others in the thread without trying to bring up tangents.

      1. He really can’t.

  10. Chaos is what the left wants. It’s how all communist revolutions start.

    1. I was at a couple of peaceful protests over the past few days and the only person there advocating violence was the young white man from the democratic socialists of America encouraging everyone there to burn down the country. Socialist rhetoric hasn’t changed in a hundred years.

      1. Hmmm…all of those pissed-off Bernie bros were probably just sitting at home (or their mom’s basement) stewing in their resentment until this “opportunity” presented itself. They _did_ say that cities would burn…

    2. Lenin said it: “The worse the better.” But at least the Marxist/Leninists had a program, some policies to promote – an alternative to the Czarist corruption. The left today doesn’t have a program; they have grievances and complaints. For them it’s all about power; but power for what? People may be willing to give power to someone else but only if the alternative is better.

  11. Sounds to me like they’re saying if you want to re-open your small business, you’re going to have to murder somebody. Which sentiment I can’t say I entirely disagree with.

  12. You are destined to spend the rest of your life, Robby, as a whining little clinger, whimpering about how you can’t abide all of this damned science, tolerant, education, modernity, and reason as America progresses against your wishes and efforts.

    Life on the wrong side of history, as a lifelong culture war casualty and racist malcontent, must be miserable to look forward to.

    On the bright side, you might be able to catch a gig as a by-the-hour mouthpiece for Republican candidates in the dwindling, can’t-keep-up pockets in which Republicans can be competitive.

    1. “Life on the wrong side of history, as a lifelong culture war casualty and racist malcontent, must be miserable to look forward to.”

      I’m sure, as a fucking asshole bigot, you have plenty of experience doing so.

    2. Oh Arty, always with the turn on talk.

      1. SCHWING!!!

    3. What’s the point of a Board of Censors if it doesn’t get rid of this clown?

    4. Your ‘Mini-mes’ will be along shortly, I suspect. They’re so much more original and creative.

    5. I always thought this guy was a troll without talent. This post proves it.

    6. man dude you’ve been mailing it in for months give it up already we can see your heart isnt in it

    7. You are literally the worst troll on this boars. Jesus, even shriek is a better troll.

    8. “…whimpering about how you can’t abide all of this damned science…”

      At this stage, continued lockdowns are no longer supported by the available science. Do try to keep up.

      “…racist malcontent…”

      With rare exception, your posts demonstrate what Obama called the “soft bigotry of low expectations”. After you catch up on the relevant science, seriously taking time for a long period of introspection.

      “…Republican candidates in the dwindling, can’t-keep-up pockets in which Republicans can be competitive.”

      You and people like you are doing more to get Trump re-elected than the RNC and remaining Koch brother combined, and then some. Most of you are clueless about this, even dismissing or ignoring the voices of the few among you who see it coming. It’s likely to be Nixon ’68 all over again. I suggest you acquire a prescription for Xanax before election day.

  13. Good article, Robby. Calling out the people who are doing wrong without a “to be sure” or false equivalence

    1. This is why I like Robby, despite his flaws. He equivocates too much and tries to play the “Both sides” game, but he’s consistent when it comes time to call people out for their bullshit policies.

      Keep hammering away at people for being fucking hypocrites, Robby.

      1. but he’s consistent when it comes time to call people out for their bullshit policies.

        No, no he’s not.

        1. he does it more than most which is laudable i suppose

          1. Being happy when a 3 year old can sometimes make it to the potty ring is not the standard I accept here.

            1. i dont really care

  14. Given the circumstances, surely COVID took a knee.
    Don’t let science get in the way of the righteous indignation hate train

    1. Not a chance. We have already been told that the corona virus is racist, and particularly hates blacks.

    2. Black lives matter…. unless they are rioting in a Democrat run city and state. In which case, they really don’t matter and nobody cares about social distancing. After all, it’s not like they were all sitting in a church and keeping their distance. Now that would be crazy reckless.

  15. For government leaders to celebrate the George Floyd protests while still insisting upon lockdowns for everyone else undermines the all-in-this-together spirit of social distancing.

    The upside is that the lockdowns will be ignored more, and less likely to be reinstated later.

  16. “”When you see…an entire nation, simultaneously grappling with an extraordinary crisis seated in 400 years of American racism…” said de Blasio.”

    Somebody is getting a product placement check from the NY Times.

    1. It’s not the entire nation, just the white people. Remember, we learned here that white people invented the very concept of race and it’s hard to argue with that idea when some white people have declared that they have have the authority to decide who’s black and who’s not. Black people simply have no concept of race and therefore have no voice in the matter of racism. It’s a white thing, you wouldn’t understand.

      1. Only in Democrat controlled cities.

  17. In any other world, you would conclude the Democrats are racists.

    1. I conclude that in this world, too. Democrats are racist throughout the multiverse.

  18. Mr. Soave…I am one of those ‘Jewish Mourners’ and it is beyond disgraceful that I cannot even say Kaddish for the family member who died from Covid-19, in a nursing home. And she died because our Progressive governor, Phil Murphy, mandated nursing homes take Covid-19 patients. In clear contravention to the science and the data we actually had on hand in March from Italy and Spain. Covid-19 was very deadly to elderly, and particularly elderly nursing home patients. The CMS read the data and the science, and issued guidelines. Phil Murphy and his little troll Health Commissioner ignored the data and made a very bad policy decision (based on his progressive ideals). It was grossly incompetent. And it killed people.

    I cannot mourne this woman properly, because Phailing Phil will not allow synagogues to open. It happened over a month ago. And I still cannot say Kaddish. Can you believe this shit? It is a travesty. I will leave NJ because of it. NJ will continue to elect incompetent Progressives, and the Legislature will stand idly by and watch their collective navels and do nothing. ‘Peace out’ will be my reply. I’ll rent out my property and leave.

    Phailing Phil is cool with outside demonstrations, though. Thousands of people outdoors yelling their asses off is all good. No chance of KungFlu spread there. Nah. The dichotomy is mind-blowing. You know what it is? The stupid son of a bitch is blinded by his Progressive ideology and it completely overrides any reasoning, logic, or basic sense of decency.

    I have nothing but utter contempt for Progressivism. May those who support this sick ideology truly get what they seek; incompetent Progressive fools who destroy everything they have and every value they hold dear. It would be a just reward.

    1. Murphy is driven by power, not a desire for a good outcome. It’s fair to say at this point that he’s evil.

      1. The governor invited people who don’t like it to leave. He literally said that multiple times. I take him at his word; we are unwanted and we will leave. NY-NJ is great for Jews, but the United States is a big place. There are strong Jewish communities across the country. I can make do wherever I go.

        Phailing Phil is an affable man, just like the other GS reject we had as governor. That is what is so troubling. His affability just disguises his gross incompetence, and his blindness by a utterly contemptible Progressive ideology.

        1. We’ve a large one in Houston. Come on down, XY. We’ve even passable bagels, per friends from NYC. Not great ones, TBF, but they can’t do BBQ.

          1. NY cheesecake is crap. Their pizza is meh as well. The best thing I ever ate in NYC was… nachos.

            1. The best thing I ever ate in NYC wasn’t nachos… 😉

        2. Florida’s a big spot for expat Jews.
          My best friend is down in the Miami to West Palm area and has a thriving Jewish community.
          His parents are still up in NJ though

          1. Temple Emanu-El is pretty good. Their Cantor is amazing. But not as good as ours (heh heh).

    2. Welcome to Florida – – – – – – – –

    3. Something tells me there’s a reason why prisoner is common in the career path of a New Jersey politician.

    4. Open wider, Commenter_XY.

      Or not. Your comfort is a diminishing concern.

      But you will be swallowing more progress. Shoved down your throat by your betters. And you will comply, as you have throughout your life.


      1. You’re one depraved and sick motherfucker jerk off.

        The tolerant, compassionate humanist progressive in all their glory right here. Let the hate flow through your degenerated, illiberal and pathetic soul idiot.

      2. Did your parents have any kids that lived, Rev?

        1. Be nice. His mom died before he was born.

      3. It’s going to be fucking hilarious watching Artie’s reaction when people abruptly stop swallowing more “progress,” and start stringing bigots like him up from lampposts.

      4. Where’s the Board of Censors Artie is always talking about. They can censor him already.

      5. So dead Jews and closed synagogues are your idea of progress. I can think of a major historical figure who thought the same way. He got his way for a while, but it all ended badly for him.

    5. Sorry to hear this.

      The preventing of family members seeing loved ones after they passed is one of the most outrageous and anti-humanist aspect of all this anti-scientific hysteria. People like Murphy deserve a similar fate as far as I’m concerned.

      This and what we’re doing to kids.

      The thing that’s really beyond the pale is now we know so much more about this virus and it’s turning out to be a real dud. But fuckheaded politicians are still acting like it’s March.


      My disgust for ‘leaders’ like this runs deep.

      1. Rufus….What makes me insanely angry is that Phailing Phil will never be called to account for the deaths. He will never be held accountable for his decisions, which were grossly negligent and incompetent and killed people. All you can do is vote the son of a bitch out of office. Hardly seems fair.

        Sometime in the future, our synagogues will open. And I will say Kaddish for this simple woman, and mourne her death. Perhaps there will be a measure of acceptance and peace. But I know that I will never, ever forgive Phailing Phil Murphy for what he has done.

        1. You should write him.

          Serious. Humanize what he has done. In fact, it would make for a great book idea. Cull all the stories from people impacted and put in a book. Then send copies to all these assholes and see what they’re legacy really was about.

          1. Ugh. Man that, “And let them see what their legacy left behind”.

            1. Da heck! MAKE that….

              This auto-spell is OUTTA control, Jerry!

  19. Robby, your routine is getting a bit threadbare. But don’t worry! You can get a new gig at Fox where you still get to concern troll to the converted.

    1. Like the gig he already has there?


  20. And this is why Trump will win. I hate Trump. I loathe Trump. But the Democrats seem to be going out of their way to hand the election to Trump. No other party so actively displays such contempt for the average working person.

    Go Jo!

    1. But the Democrats seem to be going out of their way to hand the election to Trump.

      Last couple of days he seems intent on returning the favor.

      1. All he has to do is not do anything face palm inducing.

        1. You are aware that he’s talking about Donald Trump, yes?

      2. Yeah man, I cannot believe how tone deaf he has seemed to be with words like “Dominate” and “Thugs”. I don’t have a problem with those statements, but the second I saw them I was like, “Oh great, here we go…”

        1. You think strong rhetoric in response to Americans watching 150 cities go up in chaos in flames is tone deaf?
          I’m gonna disagree

        2. Yeah… unlike when Obama called rioters Thugs. Or when the Mayor of Atlanta did the same just days ago….

          True story:

          I was watching CNN and the talking heads were denouncing Trump for calling these peaceful protesters “thugs” and saying that burning buildings and looting was dishonoring the memory of Mr. Floyd. They were offended by his obviously racist remarks.

          Moments later they cut away to Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms – who called looters thugs and said they were dishonoring the memory of Mr. Floyd.

          Powerful words! said our CNN analysts. Great leadership. If only Trump had these qualities…. all said without a whiff of irony or even awareness of how quickly they had flipped 180 degrees.

        3. It’s not being tone deaf. He knows exactly who he’s talking to and the reaction he will get. Let’s understand that until about 10 years ago, even liberals knew what a thug was and they largely agreed, even if they still pandered for the thug vote. Trump’s language is largely what got him elected because he wasn’t playing to political correctness. Oh, and it got him a lot of air time and criticism by the folks he is happy to have criticize him. His supporters are strongly on his side, even if they themselves watch what they say to not be criticized by the left.

  21. Never let a senseless killing go to waste.

  22. Robby gets it with this one. Nailed it with the last paragraph.

    Pretty sickening eh?

    Colossal and spectacular failed leadership.

    It’s mind boggling.

    The pandemic has left me depressed because it flushed out just how deep the rot runs.

    Now all I’ve got is this t-shirt and some of you people here.

    1. We now live in a country where it is illegal to go to church in most of America but rioting is tolerated by law enforcement.

      This is the world the left wants. And yes, they hate you. They hate themselves. They hate everything. All they want to do is burn everything down.

  23. The Babylon Bee has a great send up about churches having services by getting the worshipers to dress up as rioters.

  24. Apparently Detroit is the plan for the rest of America’s Democratic run cities.

  25. Protesting against police violence is extremely important, and the unprecedented public outcry over Floyd’s death is a critical opportunity to send a message that reforms are needed.

    An opportunity that will be squandered, as always, because the loudest voices will continue to make everything about race. Don’t expect any mentions of the war on drugs, civil asset forfeiture, no-knock warrants, overcriminalization of everyday activities, police training and use of force policies, violence as a tool of compliance, structural barriers to accountability in police unions and prosecutors offices, or white victims of police. Do expect a lot of hyperbole along the lines of “Being black in America is a capital offense.”

  26. 31/228=14%

    Total AA killed by cops this year through March divided by total Americans killed by cops in same time period.

  27. The corona virus killed more than 100,000 Americans. Cops shoot around 1,000 people a year and about 20,30 are unarmed blacks. Hate crimes claim lives in the single digit. The math is stark and intuitive for sane people, which are in short supply in this country.

    I was about to repeat the popular notion that the great depression resulted in thousands of deaths via starvation, but a cursory internet research has shown me that life expectancy actually went up in that era. Still, suicides went up and the entire nation had to deal with hunger and unspeakable hardship.

    Either way, you’d have to be frighteningly ignorant of history and current situation to suggest that these protests, which is basically NY in March multiplied by 10, is a risk worth taking to protest police brutality. The health experts who would have actively objected to a willing act of suicide are now cowed into silence lest they appear hostile to the repressed. Mayor and governors declare that lockdown protests are just about people wanting to haircut, in defiance of every common sense, logic and human decency.

    1. Sadly, the virus only kills the old. As much as I would love to see these people infect and kill each other, that isn’t going to happen.

  28. How’d we go so seamlessly from “leaving your home is tantamount to mass murder” to “if it’s done as a protest to a single state-sponsored murder, it’s now straight up heroism”?

    1. And where did all those clowns who screamed on Twitter who mocked people who wanted to get back to work for not wearing masks go?

      You would think Covid-19 is such a threat they’d be consistent in their message, no?

      I don’t know. What to think anymore. Are they – politicians – that stupid so much so it looks like there’s a conspiracy or is it something else?

      I can’t understand why lockdowns are even a thing anymore.

      1. Because some (most) politicians are assholes with power, and they’re going to use it.

  29. Mr Soave…

    Get yourself a fake handle and join the guys over at Glibertarians. You’ve officially become the crazy, right-wing crank of

    And you seem to be civil and overly polite. You’ll fit right in with those idiots. Next thing you know, you’ll be having polite conversations with people who aggressively agree that more personal freedom is desirable. Plus, it will feel good to be the weirdo lefty in the room for a change.

  30. You did a nice job linking the lockdowns to these protests..

    But I think they are linked in another way. Protests and riots are a response to pent-up anger. There was no pent-up anger 3 months ago. Now there is… .because people have been locked down, and 30 million have lost their jobs. That’s a lot of anxiety, and a lot of it is concentrated in poor, inner city neighborhoods.

    So when we had back-to-back killings with racial overtones, there was a ready supply of agitated and unemployed young people. This explains the rapid spread of looting and vandalism around the country, in areas where police brutality isn’t some locally heightened issue.

    But the clincher is this – the protests have spread to Canada and Europe. What exactly are they protesting? Why would you march in Spain to demand that the Minneapolis city government do a better job of controlling their police department? Sure, you might find the murder (excuse me… mr. D.A. says manslaughter) caught on camera to be horrific… but there’s loads of more horrific acts occurring much closer to you than Minnesota, USA – and they didn’t garner any marchers.

    I think a big chunk of this reaction is simply pent up frustration at the Covid situation. Psychology works like that… our mood isn’t always a rational or linear thing.

    1. No, most of these riots are by and large staged, bought and paid for… at least the leadership in them is. They may drag a few local buffoons in to goad them and offer them as sacrificial lambs to law enforcement, but many of these are outsiders and bused in. This is a profession, and well paid at that. One local check cashing service around here reported several of these pent up anger dudes you’re talking about coming and and bragging about the kind of money they are making, cashing their checks for several days of service. There are also multiple reports of hiring franchises and even organizations hiring via Craigslist. I’ve answered some of these ads in the past just to see where it went and what they said, but apparently I don’t hit the keywords or perhaps I sound too educated and literate. Not sure, but I never got my response.

  31. So, how do these clowns think their policies can be reconciled with the First Amendment?

    You can’t have large public gatherings except for causes the governor or mayor politically approves of.

    Classic First Amendment violation.

    Maybe the Supreme Court was a bit premature turning down the appeal of that California church. Deferring to elected officials my ass, elected officials in California are allowing mass protest gatherings but there are caps on how many people can attend worship services?

    1. That was going to be my observation. That’s fucking idiot Murphy just handed his opponents a tailor-made first amendment claim to assert against him. He is clearly engaging in content-based disparate treatment of speech which is a first amendment violation.

      In addition, although thanks to judges like John Roberts it is more difficult argument to make, his shut down and social distancing executive orders are now open to challenge on the ground that they are arbitrarily applied, and on the ground that is social distancing can be ignored during protests without posing a direct threat to public health, it can likewise be ignored in other contexts.

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  33. These are two pieces of human virus that do more damage than the coronavirus will ever will do.

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