The Hunt

Right-wing critics, filled with outrage, missed the point of this movie entirely: You're not really supposed to be rooting for the hunters or the deplorables.


The Hunt is a movie that intended to use the familiar, vicious fiction trope of the rich hunting the poor for sport to offer a satirical take on modern politics. The hunters in this case (led by a brittle, vengeful Hilary Swank) are liberal urban elites. The victims are so-called "deplorables" (yes, the term is used) who espouse populist conservative rhetoric.

A dozen of these Trumpists are kidnapped and forced to run or fight for their lives. Most participants end up brutally killed, with Crystal (Betty Gilpin) as the final "red state" survivor attempting to bring the whole sick scheme down.

The movie was supposed to be released in August 2019, but the trailers drew fire from conservatives (including President Donald Trump), who believed The Hunt was deliberately fostering hatred toward them. It finally got its theatrical release in March.

The outrage was undeserved; the right-wing critics missed the point of this apparent product of the Hollywood leftists they hate and fear. It is very clear in The Hunt that we're not supposed to be rooting for the petty, whiny, privileged hunters, who talk in the language of social justice buzzwords and are, indeed, the villains of the story. The deplorables may be under-educated blowhards who believe in conspiracies, but they are obviously the victims. Crystal—partly because she eschews politics entirely—is the only character worth rooting for.

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  2. Liberal, urban elites hate guns (supposedly or, at least, they hate anyone who isn’t a liberal elite having guns). How do they kill the deplorables? Do they drown them in SJW bullshit? Make them listen to awful liberal memes until the deplorables want to kill themselves. Make them watch CNN forever with their eyes held open until the stupid burns them alive? I don’t want to have to watch this movie to find out.

    “You’re not really supposed to be rooting for the hunters or the deplorables.
    “The deplorables … are obviously the victims.”
    So, we’re only supposed to root for those who don’t care about politics at all? Yeah, right…

    Oh wait, I guess we’re only supposed to root for Libertarians. I guess the writers for this site are sh*t out of luck ’cause, we ain’t rooting for them then.

    1. The Reason writers are talking as if they were the movie script-writers… Reason-writer’s best guess as to the intent of the movie-makers. I don’t see “Reason” here advocating the “wrong-rooting” here should be punished by Government Almighty, do you? If so, why? More fundamentally… WHAT horrible outcome do you see happening, from this horrible writing, by Reason? Will Stalin rise from the grave, or what?

      “…we ain’t rooting for them then.” WHICH “we” here, Kemosabe? You and the mouse in your pocket?

      1. It’s a rabbit, actually.

        “Hey Rocky. Watch me pull a rabbit out of my ass!”

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    2. “Oh wait, I guess we’re only supposed to root for Libertarians.”

      You can root for the deplorables even if you not supposed to.

  3. Conservatives are often the biggest whinny wuss-pussies one can find! Their friends and relatives get tired of their constant conspiracy theories and lusting after a Trumptatorshit, which they can NOT keep to themselves, but MUST be gasbag blowhards about, on their Facebook pages, and at dinner parties! So they get un-friended on Facebook… And so demand that Government Almighty take over Facebook! Twitter fact-checks THEIR favorite superhero, so Government Almighty needs to take over Twitter as well!

    ANY movie (book etc.) that touches politics, in the SLIGHTEST way, that does NOT adore and admire the so-called “Conservatives”, will be criticized by “Conservatives”! And probably Government Almighty needs to take over the movies now, too!

    Today’s “Conservatives” are NOT “Conservatives”… They do NOT want to conserve our freedoms! They are fascists or worse!

    All Hail Der TrumpfenFuhrer, Full of Grace
    Savior of the human race!
    Never mind, us all, He’ll disgrace!
    Conservatards, above all, MUST save face!
    In glory, a glaze of Vaseline,
    Behold Stormy Daniels, our Queen!
    What a scene, what a scene!
    The Donald? NEVER so obscene!
    Now don’t you DARE throw a fit,
    It won’t matter, not even a bit,
    We mustn’t ever, EVER quit,
    We be saved, by The Trumptatorshit!

    1. I didnt think it was possible to go fuller retard. Yet here we are.

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    2. Indeed! Yet here we are, with JesseSPAZ blazing the path “forwards” into more and more full-of-it mental, political, and spiritual retardation! As we can see, by constantly resorting to adulation of the Trumptatorshit, and NOT by refuting the arguments of others, but rather, the continual use, instead, of simple insults directed at anyone who does NOT adore Der TrumpfenFuhrer! Insults, by the way, which can be (and are) concocted by grade-schoolers…

      Poor baby! Baby’s feeling were hurt when baby got unfriended on Facebook…

  4. The deplorables may be under-educated blowhards who believe in conspiracies

    So it’s a documentary?

    1. Tell us more about how the Russians stole the election, dumb ass.

      1. Russia has meddled in the affairs of at least 27 European and North American countries since 2004 with interference that ranges from cyberattacks to disinformation campaigns, according to an analysis by a surveillance organization.

        The findings, provided to USA TODAY, show the meddling started in former Soviet republics allied with the West and spread to Western Europe. More recently affected are Canada and the United States, where Congress and an independent prosecutor are investigating possible Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

        The alleged Russian interference abroad was compiled by the Alliance for Securing Democracy of the German Marshall Fund, a nonprofit organization that fosters closer bonds between the United States and Europe. In August, the group began tracking Russian efforts to influence U.S. public opinion through a network of Twitter accounts that disseminates messages considered helpful to the Kremlin.

        USA Today

        1. Yes, a few Facebook trolls turned the election. There is literally nothing you retards won’t believe. The entire Obama administration when asked under oath admitted there was no evidence that Russia affected the election or that Trump colluded with Russia. They then went on TV and said just the opposite. Why? Because they depend on low IQ easily lead, poorly educated morons like you who will believe anything they are told no matter how stupid and untrue it is.

          You are a foot soldier in an army of easily manipulated retards. It is from all indications a role that you were born to play. So, you have got that going for you.

          1. Again, you are a liar.

            The US Senate:

            Russian efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election represent the most recent expression of Moscow’s longstanding desire to undermine the U.S.-led liberal democratic order, but these activities demonstrated a significant escalation in directness, level of activity, and scope of effort compared to previous operations


            1. Previous escalation from what? And note, nothing in that report says it actually affected any votes. I get it that someone with an IQ as low as yours probably thinks that everyone is as stupid and as easy to manipulate as you are. No, they are not. You are a profoundly stupid person. So, none of that had any effect on anyone’s vote.

            2. So your report says this is common… like when Obama’s team played into Israeli elections.

              The question is did Russia turn the election?

              Did it turn it more than European papers vying for hillary?

              You really dont bother to think do you.

              1. His algorithm doesn’t permit him to think.

          2. Perhaps your pea brain can grasp this (Again, from the GOP controlled US Senate):

            We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the U.S. presidential election. Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump

            1. That is John Brennen lying to morons like you. The truth is this

              House Intelligence Committee staff told me that after an exhaustive investigation reviewing intelligence and interviewing intelligence officers, they found that Brennan suppressed high-quality intelligence suggesting that Putin actually wanted the more predictable and malleable Clinton to win the 2016 election.

              Instead, the Brennan team included low-quality intelligence that failed to meet intelligence community standards to support the political claim that Russian officials wanted Trump to win, House Intelligence Committee staff revealed. They said that CIA analysts also objected to including that flawed, substandard information in the assessment.


              The Russians wanted Hillary. She did their bidding for them when she was DOS And was a known commodity unlike Trump. Also, God knows how much blackmail material they had on her.

              It is so funny, I tell you that you are being lied to because the people lying know people like you are morons and will believe anything. And you go and get the most notorious and thoroughly disproved lie told to morons like you and trot it out as proof. It is terrifying that any human being can be as stupid as you are.

              1. It’s truly awe inspiring when you really think about it. He is so fucking stupid and still has the cognitive ability to not suffocate in his sleep so he can wake up and post here.

          3. Russians spent 10 million way better than those highly educated liberals spent a billion. Palin doesnt understand that that makes liberals look functionally retarded. Which is hilarious.

        2. Trivial compared to US intervention in the politics of many countries, including regime change

  5. offer a satirical take on modern politics.

    This is being generous. I agree that much/some of the political outrage was misplaced, but this movie is inferior to Predators with Adrian Brody and that movie stank.

    If you’ve seen Predators, you can save yourself some time by switching out “Yakuza”, “Spetznaz”, “MS-13”, “IDF” with “Right-wing blogger”, “racist”, “homophobe”, etc. and pretend that the hunted got the predators fired from their high-paying, high-profile jobs. And that’s it.

    Seen the movie (Predators) and can’t remember the name of Adrian Brody’s character? Any memorable lines? Even whether he lived or died at the end? Now you can fill that vague useless memory with caricature political tropes and Betty Gilpin’s similarly uninspiring visage! Have a vague useless hole in your memory because you didn’t see Predators? You can fill it with The Hunted!

    1. and pretend that the hunted (the people being hunted by the predators) got…

    2. Aren’t satires supposed to be funny? Whatever you think of this movie, I can’t see how anyone could consider it funny or a dark comedy. It appears to be just a bad movie. Since it flopped, the public seems to agree.

      1. The last half or more of the movie takes itself too seriously to be comedic.

        Alternative description for people who haven’t seen Predators:
        Imagine a version of John Wick where the hero isn’t as cool and the fight scenes aren’t as good, the whole “I’ll buy your car/you fucked with John Wick.” schtick is meant to be comedic and 50 min. in, you discover that John Wick’s dog isn’t dead because they got the wrong John Wick.

        Satire? Mess? You decide!

        1. If I have to decide, it is not satire. Something is either funny or it isn’t. If it has to be explained, it isn’t funny.

          1. I must say, the fact that Reason chose to dredge it out of the septic pit and hold it up as being a misinterpreted gem is either editorial oversight, pointed virtue signalling, or both.

            “It could be a cult classic if you give it a second chance!”

            No. No it couldn’t.

            1. No matter how much you polish a turd, it’s still a turd.


              No matter how many sprinkles you put on a turd, you’ll never make it taste like a doughnut.


              Well, you get the idea.

              1. Now sqrsly is hungry.

              2. And there aren’t many bigger turds floating around this toilet than Scott Shackturd.

            2. It is more that Shackford is a virtue signaling half wit. He likely thinks this is a good movie.

              1. What is really funny is that they had an article here from one of the other critics where they specifically said “They are trying to make fun of both sides, but do it really poorly.”

                The verdict I got from the previous article was, “Meh, don’t bother”

            3. Its porn for those who preen a moralistic superiority to those in the major parties.

  6. Why is believing in conspiracies a bad thing? We have documented proof of multiple conspiracies happening repeatedly. Hell if conspiracies didn’t happen campaign finance laws wouldn’t be necessary. We know for a fact that multiple people tried to use the NSA database for political purposes. We know that intelligence agencies lied about surveillance. And besides that in the context of the movie a conspiracy definitely happens. To not believe in conspiracies in that universe (and this one) is a sign of ill-education.

    1. That’s true. There are, of course, stupid conspiracy theories. But there are also stupid non-conspiracy theories.

  7. Shit eater and pedophile seem to be teaming up to thread shit as a super team.

  8. I don’t really give a crap about the dumb political metaphor, my only standard for watching this movie is if Betty Gilpin shows her fantastic tits at some point.

    1. Not good enough political suspense/action movie to give you Betty Gilpin’s. Not good enough political satire to give you Ethan Suplee’s.

    2. I just looked her up. Holy cow are those things spectacular.

      1. Completely makes up for her resting bitch face. I swear, every time I’ve seen her try to smile, it looks like it causes her actual physical pain.

  9. It still sounds like an awful film. Pass.

  10. Ah, a metaphor of moral equivalence. “They are all terrible people.” Super message.

    1. Can you argue with that assessment? Or that the rest of us would be much better off without the 10% end member partisans on both sides?

  11. When I first saw the trailer I was like, “Oh look, another ‘Most Dangerous Game’ retread.” It was pretty obvious that the “liberal elites” were reprising the role of Zaroff and Betty Gilpin would be playing Rainsford. I just figured it was another example of how Hollywood didn’t have any original ideas. I did find it interesting that they were casting themselves as Zaroff instead of the other way around.

    I did not understand the outrage about it at all. Has no one read the original short story? It was never on my list of things to watch, but since I’m a sucker for The Most Dangerous Game I figured I’d watch it when it came up on streaming. It takes a lot for a theater to separate me from my money these days.

  12. Didn’t we already have this review? Months ago? And wasn’t it better back then?

  13. It was a good movie. It was more about today’s troll culture “as proven in the comments above” of making comments on the internet about things of which they have no first hand knowledge. It only used political leanings as a general plot twist. The meat of the movie consisted of stereotyping, doxxing, hypocrisy, crazy conspiracy theories (some of which turn out to be true), and in the end, the villain perpetrating the same injustice that was done to her. It was a good movie.

    1. the villain perpetrating the same injustice that was done to her. It was a good movie

      Shamed into losing your job, being hunted for sport… pretty much the same injustice. Tell me this, Mr. “first hand knowledge” did you base your assessment on your experiences hunting things for sport, losing your job, or both?

  14. I was mildly entertained by it, for what it was.

    But can anyone really argue that you couldn’t see shriek or Tony going full Hillary Swanks character and actually setting up a murder playground, all because we said mean things about them on here?

  15. I have this great idea for a Netflix series…a young Ukrainian who is working in East Germany (set in the 1960s) escapes to the west and settles in Long Island. He is a gifted engineer and starts to teach at Columbia…and makes friends with former Soviet academics also teaching there but..they were former troyskites who were in charge of murdering millions of peasants (including this man’s parents) in the starvation of the 1930s by the bolsheviks…they are actual communists and he is faced with a moral dilemma. These bolsheviks had family members killed by the Nazi’s to boot…love to see a series on murdering commies who immigrated to the US..come on this

  16. Why does it not surprise me that Trump completely missed the not-so-subtle subtext of this movie and got his panties in a bunch whining about what he perceived as a slight on “his people”?

  17. The movie was supposed to be released in August 2019, but the trailers drew fire from conservatives. Of course, why wouldn’t this be the case? cheapest electrician austin tx

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