Brickbat: Essentially Dumb


A French appellate court has upheld a lower court ruling that barred Amazon from selling non-essential goods during the coronavirus pandemic. The ruling limits Amazon's sales to food, medical supplies and hygiene products. Amazon faces a fine of  €100,000 (about $108,000) for every delivery that violates the court ruling.

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  1. French courts have a long history of being stupid, going all the way back to Charlemagne. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones.

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  2. “…(about $108,000) for every delivery that violates the court ruling.”

    We need a court ruling like that one here in the USA!!! We’d all be RICH, beyond our wildest dreams!!!

    1. We Congress to pass another section 230 to be the section 230, the 1A of the internet, of post-COVID web 3.0 and protect free speech on the internet from the inevitable tidal wave onslaught of such judicial indiscretion.

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  3. The frog government has enough white flags stockpiled to adequately surrender to the virus.

    1. So delivery of white cloth is essential in France? (Also any tools and materials for bureaucrats?)

  4. How did hygiene products make the list?

    1. Compassion for the foreign residents.

    2. Wash your hands for 20 seconds. Don’t forget to sing “Happy Birthday” … to someone.

  5. Maybe Robespierre has risen from the grave. Seems like he is back in charge of meting out “justice” in France.

  6. CNN is ecstatic… They have riots to cover!

    They had a crew get arrested for failing to leave the area when orders to do so by state police.

    They are so very happy.

    1. Riot, the unbeatable high!

      1. Tomorrow you’re homeless.
        Tonight it’s a blast!

    2. They won’t be happy when they see that it’s the only people that watch their channel anymore out there rioting. If those people aren’t at home getting propagandized, it’s going to kill their ratings!

  7. Bezos can afford to stop selling in France until after the next revolution.

  8. Additionally dumb is that the French are apparently not fining Amazon customers for *ordering* non-essential goods during the coronavirus pandemic.

    1. If you asked me to list essentials necessary during a pandemic, never in a million years would I put “Food delivered by Amazon” on the list.

      I still don’t know how that falls into any other category than “convenience”.

      1. “Essentially convenient” or “conveniently essential”? YouThe government decides!

    2. It’s not dumb. It’s about who has the money to steal. These fines have zero to do with stopping the virus. It turns out when you stop commerce, you accidentally stop a government revenue stream too. Whoopsie! Consequences are for the plebs in the private market.

  9. What was the point of that court ruling? Is it just about Amazon, or is there simply to be no non-essential commerce by any means?

    1. Disrespect of authoriteh extends to the highest levels.

  10. Hmm, in terms of global human survival, exactly how essential is France?

  11. If I were Bezos, I would pull out of France completely. Take France at it’s word and just pull out. Don’t fight it in court, just stop doing any business in France.

    Then the silly Frenchmen will see the Germans and Brits and Dutch and Eyetalians and everyone all having a great time with Amazon, and start beheading (woodchipping?) all the French judges.

  12. But why oh why does the ruling limit Amazon’s sales of food, medical supplies and hygiene products? killeen electrician

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