Brickbat: Learning to Use New Technology


Cartersville, Georgia, Police Department Lt. Ryan Prescott has resigned after the department launched an investigation into "unprofessional and inappropriate" messages he sent to three female students at Cartersville Middle School, where he worked as a school resource officer. Prescott taught a "Sexting and Social Media" class at the school. He reportedly told investigators he was not familiar with some social media platforms, including Snapchat. One student showed him how to use Snapchat, and then he began to exchange messages with her and two other students.

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  1. Officer Wooderson.

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  3. Creepy, not criminal. Reassign him.

    1. Reassign him.

      To the next middle school? Whaddya think this is, The Catholic Church?

      Seriously, any other business discovered one of their employees being “unprofessional and inappropriate” with middle schoolers on the job (let alone a job that was supposed to prevent kids from getting into trouble on social media) the investigation would’ve been all of about 30 min. and 6 questions before said employee got shitcanned.

      1. “got shitcanned.”unprofessional and inappropriate” with middle schoolers ”
        Then decided he would make a good major party candidate for President of the U.S.

    2. Well, that kinda depends on the content of those messages.

  4. There was a recent case here in Fox Valley WI where a school resource officer was stabbed and the student shot. My warped imagination came up with the following scenario:
    Student: “If that pig bones one more of my girls, Ima stab him in the ass.”
    Pig: Bones kid’s new girlfriend. Gets stabbed in the ass.
    No further details were published.

  5. Never too early for an object lesson in stranger danger.

  6. Cops do not belong in schools.

    1. Police academies hardest hit.

  7. School criminal.

  8. Is this for real? Prescott reportedly told investigators he was not familiar with some social media platforms, including Snapchat. odessa electricians

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