Brickbat: Santos Gold


The former president of San Francisco's building inspection commission is facing federal bank fraud charges. Prosecutors say Rodrigo Santos pocketed almost half a million dollars that clients of his structural engineering firm paid him to cover city planning and building fees. San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera has also filed a civil suit against Santos, claiming nine acts of bank fraud.

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  1. The city earned that money fair and square.

    1. You misspelled extorted Fist.

      1. Extortion, like treason, is only true for the losers.

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  2. Santos knows that it’s a jungle out there. Disorder and confusion everywhere. No one seems to care.

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  3. This is SOP in any 3rd world shithole.
    If YOU are caught paying off cronies in a third world shithole, it's a federal beef. How about this asshole, Or does this not count as caught?

    1. "If YOU are caught paying off cronies in a third world shithole, it’s a federal beef."

      It's not just the US. I worked for a UK based consulting company for several years. The UK has a nearly identical law.

  4. Clearly Trump's fault, because virus.

    1. You left out racism and gender oppression.

  5. Authorities say when Santos was confronted he allegedly provided the FBI with phony invoices.

    He lied to the feds! His ass is grass, well unless it was a politically motivated hack job. Probably best to investigate the 10 remaining Republicans left in California just to be safe.

    1. He lied to the feds!

      Well, the FBI claims he lied. I think we can all sympathize with the notion that the best possible outcome is that everybody involved dies in a Mexican FBI standoff.

      1. How has the "we don't record our interviews" thing not gotten traction over the last couple of years? With the Flynn case, even the right should have been brought along.

        They not only failed to record it... when their version of the interview didn't pass muster with the bosses who wanted him fried, they spent 2 weeks rewriting them.

        I mean, who in the world would accept a second revision of your "contemporaneous record of the interview"? How is their version given any more weight than Flynn's version?

        Well, we know how. The federal system is pretty much rigged, that's how. And strangely, the left have abandoned any thoughts of reform and jumped in to "defend the feds at all cost!" mode - all because this guy worked for Trump for 3 months.

  6. It sad to think that some drug-addicted homeless vagrant may be forced to take a dump in front of a building that wasn't properly permitted.

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