United Nations

The United Nations Wants You To Stop Saying Gendered Words

"Humankind" instead of "mankind," "salesperson" instead of "salesman," and so on


Because there's nothing more important going on in the world right now, the United Nations would like to remind you that the use of gendered words and phrases is super problematic.

"What you say matters," cautions the international organization in a tweet. "Help create a more equal world by using gender-neutral language if you're unsure about someone's gender or are referring to a group."

As a general matter, world-governing authorities should not be in the business of telling people what they should and should not say. Also, the UN's list of suggested substitute words is kind of bad.

Where to begin? "Humanity" is a better substitute for "mankind" than "humankind." A "landlord" and an "owner" are not quite the same thing, nor are "manpower" and "workforce." The word "representative" is not remotely an obvious synonym for "businessman," and "partner" has enough other meanings that it doesn't always work as a substitute for "boyfriend/girlfriend." A "maiden name" is a woman's original family name, not any family name.

All in all, a pretty pathetic effort. One hopes the UN takes its actual job—ensuring world peace—more seriously.

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  1. “The United Nations Wants”

    Now shit in your other hand.

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  2. soon as i get my hovercar.

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  3. Meanwhile……

    BREAKING: Political coup, Hong Kong, Monday, May 18th.

    Security guards drag several pro-democracy lawmakers from the Hong Kong legislature.

    After 9+ pro-democracy lawmakers are forcibly removed, the vote procedes. Pro-communist Starry Lee is unanimously elected as chairperson.

    1. Fuck the UN. That is all.

    2. >>After … lawmakers are forcibly removed, the vote proceeds

      but America is the problem.

  4. Plenty of Romance languages have “gendered” nouns and stuff. Spanish comes to mind. “ellos” is a masculine word for “them” but is applied to groups of mixed male/female.

    In conclusion, the UN is racist against Mexicans.
    Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

    1. All nouns must now end in e, and, for example, individual books will need to give us their gender pronouns. El libro will now only be appropriate for a single book that self-identifies as masculine.

    2. This was my first thought. I’m learning Spanish. It’s full of gendered nouns and verbs. Knives and shoes are male? Shirts and computers are female? It’s a little odd, but I’m slowly getting it.

      How do you gender-neutralize a language that is thoroughly gendered? Would it even be the same language?

      1. el/La Papa approves!

        1. An excellent point. I haven’t heard of a movement in Latin America to change “ella” (she) and “ello” (he) to “ellxe.” I have no idea how any Romance language could go gender neutral. Only us evil English-speakers need to stop oppressing people with benign words.

          Is Esperanto gendered?

          1. That’s the part that’s utterly laughable. People keep saying “How are languages with gendered grammar supposed to handle this?” when it’s plainly clear that these people don’t give two shits as to whether the grammar is gendered or not. Every language has some way of distinguishing the sexes. It may not be hard wired to the grammar but it’s there and it’s pretty clear that they intend to eliminate all of it.

            Feminists, trannies, think they’re winning “their” victory. They aren’t. They’re going to wind up with ‘it’ pronouns like the rest of us.

          2. Is Esperanto gendered?


            1. No.

              Or, possibly, everyone who would disagree with that statement is dead.

              As in English, Esperanto has a personal pronoun for “he”, li, and “she”, ŝi. Paraphrasing li aŭ ŝi “he or she” to avoid mentioning gender is, as in English, considered awkward, exclusive, and is avoided in conversation and literature. There are two general approaches to resolving this issue: modifying an existing pronoun, and creating a new pronoun.

              New pronouns
              Existing Esperanto personal pronouns end in i, and only two proposals for a new pronoun are at all common: ri and the blend ŝli.

              As of 2019, ri is the most popular gender-neutral pronoun proposal.

              Breaking with the single consonant-i form of the pronouns, but instantly recognizable to most speakers, is another proposal, ŝli. This is just the reading pronunciation of the abbreviation ŝ/li, the equivalent of English “s/he”, and is frequently seen in informal writing.

              Your language is 99.9% gender neutral except in the most narrow sense where gender is used or required? Not good enough!

  5. Is it bad that this article bummed me out more than reading the daily Covid death tolls?

    1. Probably. Those blue-helmeted guys clowns won’t be enforcing this.

    2. No. The ‘rona took over long enough that we got almost two months of news without this kind of garbage. Almost enough to make you think it went away. But it’s back. And that is depressing. I still think that if you have time to get upset about pronouns, you don’t have any real problems, or you are working VERY HARD to ignore your real problems.

      I heard a piece on NPR that transgendered people are agitating for legislation or something to ensure that when they die of the ‘rona, the correct gender appears on their gravestone/death certificate. I don’t know about you, but when I’m on my deathbed, I’m for sure going to be focused on what they’ll list on the death certificate.

    3. It just means you lack any kind of sense of what’s important. UN bureaucrat going all PC? Not important. People dying of a deadly communicable disease that doesn’t have any cure? Important.

      1. Careful AmSo, these are your peeps. Better get yo ass back in line and apologize.

  6. Ok, but my labor isn’t free so what do i get?

  7. I refer the IN to the words of the master to Cain – “time for you to go”.

    1. And I refer the UN as well – – – – – –

  8. The word “humankind” contains “mankind.”

    “Salesperson” ends in “son.”

    1. Yep; madness in the guise of political correctness.
      I had a manager in the late seventies who was full on gung ho feminist, in the bad way. Even went to the point of a personalized license plate “MS MGR”.
      She was all over ‘correcting’ technical design documents to use the made up words. Sadly for her, her last name was one that ended in the three character string ‘m a n’.
      So one staff meeting when she was expounding on how we could not use words like chairman, (she insisted on chairperson, NOT just chair) I asked in my most respectful tone, “So we need to replace one syllable that ends in a three character string which in other contexts may (or may not) indicate a male, with a TWO syllable character string that ends in a three character string which in other contexts may (or may not) indicate a male? Since in both cases the ending, if alone, and also in a different context may indicate a male, I suggest that rather than the sexist designator ‘son’, we end the word with a character string that is neutral, ‘child’. So we can make our documents much clearer and acceptable by replacing ‘chairman’ with ‘chairperchild’.”
      And we can start calling you Ms. ****perchild instead of ****man.

      (My resume was already on the street)

    2. MY GOD YOU’RE RIGHT!! Those words have to go.

  9. “Humankind” instead of “mankind,”

    “Huhumankind” instead of “humankind,”

    “Huhuhumankind” instead of “huhumankind,”


    1. Menmenarche.

  10. The UN can want all it wants. I don’t care how double-plus good their diktats are.

    As a general matter, world-governing authorities should not be in the business of telling people what they should and should not say

    Neither should local, state or national governments.

    Also, the UN’s list of suggested substitute words is kind of bad.

    Even if their list of approved terms were solid fucking 24 karat gold, they can fuck right off. Even if the UN reversed course and declared that gendered words MUST see continued use, they can fuck right off just as hard. It’s time we start pulling our funding from that craptastic and quite frankly, darkly scary institution.

    1. Yes, and if you were consistent, you would agree with me that there is nothing wrong with the word negress.

      Why should one not use the word negress to describe Stacey Abrams? Why should one describe her as an African American woman when one can use the more breviloquent option, negress?

      One would have to have some serious, deep-rooted psychological problems if one were to find the use of the word negress offensive.

      1. Black women are beautiful, as is the word “negress.” Stacey Abrams on the other hand…

      2. I am consistent. I would never demand that a government body nudge you away from being you.

      3. The question is quite simple. Does Stacey Abrams take offense to the name? I suspect you would get askance glances even if you were a 90 year old senile man who said it politely. Given that you are most likely a young man who would say it like a troll, I would suspect you would be slapped.

        I know of no woman who takes offense to any of the titles on the left side of the original post. No woman whom I care enough about to change my statements about.

        False hypocrisy through willful misinterpretation

      4. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions here. We don’t know whether Stacey Abrams either is a biological female or identifies as a woman.

  11. its actual job—ensuring world peace

    Citation needed.

    1. I thought it was a place for toothless, self-important bloviating for that girl that everyone hated that sat at the front of the class and raised her hand feverishly for every question the teacher asked.

  12. Why do my employees think they are my boss?

    1. Because they are mental.

      Wait, that’s a gendered term too. They’re, um . . . I got nothin’.

      1. Humental patient almost sounds good.

        1. I miss second-wave feminism that would have demanded it be changed to womental.

      2. The word you are looking for is hysterical.

  13. I assumed they tweeted this out in 100 different languages? Or is English the official language of the UN?
    Sounds like a 1st world problem in any case

    1. I think that’s the funniest part. This is clearly an American Academia-centric problem. They want to encourage diversity by making sure the most important faux concerns of affluent, white middle class elitists are front and center.

      1. Morons, absolute morons! Manhole covers don’t have a gender; they’re identifying a thing, not sex. “Congressman” doesn’t designate a sex anymore than . . . HUMAN! Or is that HuX, like Malcom?

        People who complain about such trivial matters have low comprehension skills which explained by they’re at the U.N.

        1. Also, consider that congressman being replaced by legislator leaves us without a way to distinguish between the house and senate. Since senator is okay, why not congressor?

          1. How about Representative and Senator?

            1. I think Senatrix has a lovely ring to it.

          2. Congressman includes Senators too.

      2. this is UN/communist attack pm on the foundations of the West. Communist/globalists took over the reign of the UN long ago. They desire to destroy the God-centric/Christo-centric foundations of America which is the only thing that keep America from completing falling to this ideology.

    2. They have a few official languages, right? Including French, I believe.

      I can’t wait for the French Language Academy to come to grips with this new diktat.

  14. white man racist
    white man sexist
    white man homophobe
    white man xenophobe
    white man in dress woman

    1. An actual LOL

    2. Would you like a side of fries to go with your victimhood, you poor whittle White man?

      1. Congratulations on your promotion from the fry station to order taker.

      2. Haha. Don’t blame fats cuz you bitches went full retard. Own it.

        Oh, right, socialists aren’t big on ownership.

  15. Morons, absolute morons! Manhole covers don’t have a gender; they’re identifying a thing, not sex. “Congressman” doesn’t designate a sex anymore than . . . HUMAN! Or is that HuX, like Malcom?

    People who complain about such trivial matters have low comprehension skills which explained by they’re at the U.N.

    1. I think they’re at the UN because their powerful relatives couldn’t find another use for them, or because they got the job through the intercession of their boyfriends and girlfriends…I mean their partners.

  16. The United Nations Wants You To Stop Saying Gendered Words

    So the UN wants to destroy all the Latin descended languages, German, Arabic, Slavic languages, etc?

    Or is it, again, just English speakers – which language doesn’t have gender built into its grammar – that are the only offenders to be punished?

  17. I have to wonder how an organization that has many key committees staffed by people from countries notorious for their misogyny, their intolerance for gender-fluidity, and their murderous responses to the openly homosexual manage to mesh that with their support for ‘gender-neutral’ language.

  18. “The United Nations Wants You To Stop Saying Gendered Words”

    Didn’t they get the email?
    There is no gender anymore.

    1. I’d love to see the Saudis’ take on this.

  19. Well, it’s no surprise that the UN ignores its own Declaration of Human Rights –

    “Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of *mankind*, [emphasis added] and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people,

    “Whereas it is essential, if *man* [emphasis added] is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law,”


    1. And remember that a purpose of the UN charter is to “save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to *mankind*” [emphasis added]


      Why can’t the UN disappear up its own ass?

      1. Because a Klein bottle is German, and the Germans lost the war?

        1. I had to look that up…what a mindfuck that was.

    2. Keep in mind the caveat tin Article 29 that renders that document largely moot:
      “(3) These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.”

  20. A “landlord” and an “owner”

    ‘I have to drop off my rent to my owner’.

    ‘I have to drop off my rent to my landlord’.

    Which is more precise a communication? Its like the people who are demanding this don’t actually speak English.

    1. Another genuine LOL. How will a black person tell someone else that they are about to pay their rent? That’s going to be awkward as fuck. I guess those bigots at the UN didn’t think of that.

      1. Didn’t the NBA just have a huge dustup about calling the owners of the teams “owners”? Because that’s racist.

  21. “All in all, a pretty pathetic effort. One hopes the UN takes its actual job—ensuring world peace—more seriously.”

    I hope you don’t actually believe that. Their job is to suck down US dollars and call us names while they get massages.

    1. The UN: international salesKaren for Karenkind.

    2. Whoops wasn’t meant in reply.

  22. The UN can suck my non-gender-specific genitalia.

    1. I must have a really depraved sense of humor, because I laughed.

  23. Words have gender.

    People, bless their hearts, have sex.

    1. Not any more – – – – – –

  24. Going way back in old english, man was gender neutral and there were both male and female prefixes. I suspect that “mankind” is old enough that the origin is gender neutral.

    1. You are correct. If it’s neutral, default to the male version.

    2. Yes, werman and wifman.

      And yes, mankind is in fact that old.

      Also, the gloss of dropping ‘wer-‘ wasn’t some single event that was universally applied. ‘Man’ continued in gender-neutral form, especially in prefices and suffices, until (at least) the 20th century. Linguistically they’re all descendants of gender-neutral ‘man’, not gender-glossed ‘man’ = male.

      Of course, the feminist claim ” ‘history’ is sexist because it comes from ‘his story’ ” is even funnier, because it comes to english from greek via latin. ‘His’ is not a masculine pronoun in either. (And while greek historia derives from histor = ‘wise man, judge’, the masculine pronoun is ‘tor’, not ‘his’. But latin didn’t borrow histor – it borrowed only historia, which had a fully developed, non-gendered, independent meaning at that point).

  25. What’s next?

    Will we be expected to use “conservative” instead of “bigot.”

    “Republican” instead of half-educated, stale-thinking rube?

    “Traditional values” instead of adult-onset superstition?

    “Heartland” instead of “deplorable, can’t-keep-up backwaters?”

    This euphemism campaign is for suckers. Others can wallow in political correctness, but I’m for calling a bigot a bigot.

    1. I thought “Half-educated, Stale-thinking Rube” was your maiden family name and we were pretending like you married someone named Kirkland.

    2. Troll instead of “Reverend”?

    3. “but I’m for calling a bigot a bigot.”
      Alright me too. You’re a bigot.

    4. Seeing how you have a severely limited vocabulary we don’t expect you to learn and use any thing else.

    5. I think we should return to the traditional “fascist” and “Nazi” for “progressive”, and “white supremacist” and “KKK” for “Democrat”.

    6. “Reverend Kirkland” instead of “stupid, fucking, piece of shit asshole who should kill himself.”

  26. Man…Where was this during the genocide in Rwanda? This would have saved millions. Dang it!

  27. So, there have to be some shitholes somewhere that use nearly or exclusively gender-neutral-by-defualt language. There also have to be some pretty posh countries out there that use gender-neutral-by-default language and still have the significant gender disparities.

    Also, the UN can shove its posturing up its ass sideways. It’s pretty fucking clear that they aren’t telling gay husbands not to call their trans male partners ‘spouse’. They’re telling the “normies” how they should and shouldn’t refer to their spouses and they can fuck right the hell off at the point of a gun with that bullshit.

  28. That’s not that bad. I’m already in the habit of using words like “salesperson” instead of “salesman”, just from years of corporate memo writing. They didn’t get into mussing around with pronouns.

    1. Agreed; only a couple of those seemed strange like it was the UN that was behind the times or something. But “partner” for boy/girlfriend? That usage may cause a few dads to pull the shotgun out of the gun safe. I think the Libertarian Party has been using “Chair” for at least forty years, instead of chairman or chairwoman.

      1. I forget who it was but some organization was calling for instead of the term ‘mistress’ to use ‘companion’.

        If I were an editor I would encourage ‘Sidefuck’.

  29. Define “equal world.”

  30. The UN can suck my genetalia…

  31. Languages. Not my strongest thing but this is cute.

    So who knows this one.

    Me is who, who is he, he is she and dog is fish.

    1. I am the walrus…

      1. I like that.

        The walrus died in 1966 and was replaced. The cover of Abby Road explains it all.

        My reference was just to a rhyme I remembered from Hebrew school about pronouns. It goes Hebrew to English. And dog (or dag) is fish. No big point other than why care about what some committee says about how we speak.

        1. Abbey Road? I thought it was Sgt Pepper’s that had all the clues lol

          1. The Definitive Proof that Paul was dead was any Wings album.

          2. There are clues in both. In the cover photo for Abby Road Paul is barefoot. He holds the cigarette in his right hand but he was left handed. He is also out of step with the others. John, dressed in white is the religious figure, Ringo in black is the undertaker, George in jeans and work clothes is the gravedigger.

            It was rumored that there was a cemetery on the other side of the road.

            In Sgt Peppers Billy Shears is supposed to be the replacement for Paul.

            It is a fun conspiracy theory. Until you play the White Album backwards.

  32. Lol @ “maiden name” and not “maiden name”.

    Technically correct? Nope.
    Grammatically correct? Nope.
    True to intent or meaning? Nope.
    Fucking with the proles? Check! Go with it!

  33. Who?

  34. If we ignore reality, maybe it will go away.
    United Nations 2020

  35. “Call persons” are still ‘hookers’ after they’re dead, right? Asking for a friend.

  36. Fuck off slaver. 100% non-gendered.

  37. The UN can suck my, um, ambiguous genitalia.

  38. I wouldn’t fuck the secretary general’s ass even with AmSocs dick.

    And I despise socialists.

    Even so, the UN is a pointless moronic organization that has shifted into virtual signaling to curry favor with the left, and putting totalitarian governments in charge of human rights councils because of their fear of dictators. Its time is done, and needs to end.

  39. ” One hopes the UN takes its actual job—ensuring world peace—more seriously.”

    Peace is OK, but some things are worth going to war about. The wrod “mankind”, for example.

  40. Shit like this is why Trump will get re-elected. Progressives are fucking nuts.

  41. Makes sense! The the list was put together by the unwomen. I wonder where the list is for the other five official languages?

    1. …and the other 56 genders?

  42. I got one.

    Instead of United Nations we can use Mendacious Cunts.

  43. Mankind?


  44. Retard is still safe right?

  45. woperson for woman
    huperson for human
    personhole for manhole
    personkind for humankind
    hupersonity for humanity

    1. Personatee for manatee

  46. Nice pickup, Robby. But I have an additional question. This tweet comes from “The United Nations”.

    But is it really from the United Nations? Or just some SJW who works at the UN? There are 193 member nations in the UN. Of those, 67 recognize English as an official language.. which includes places like India and Singapore where it is not the primary language.

    Wikipedia tells me that about 335 million people speak English as their native language, and an additional 550 million speak it as a second language.

    Now, that’s not a lot of folks when you consider the size of the US.

    And many languages include gendered nouns like the romance languages.

    But “the United Nations” is issuing directives on the proper use of gendered terms in English?

    Yeah, not buying it. Some random SJW got ahold of a tiny bit of power and pushed this forth. There’s zero chance that a consensus of the nations of the Earth have decided that “manhole” is an offensive term.

    1. “Wikipedia tells me that about 335 million people speak English as their native language, and an additional 550 million speak it as a second language.”

      Those numbers seem low. The combined population of the 4 major English speaking countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia) is 457.43 Million.

  47. You have to reach a certain age to truly appreciate this farce for what it is. The “activist” types are always railing about language. You have to live long enough to see it come around twice to really appreciate how stupid it is.

    Extra bonus points when it is the same person railing against the term that he pushed earlier in his life. Exhibit A…. The Reverend Jesse Jackson. He preached and protested and harangued that the proper term for his race was “Black”. Anything else was deemed offensive.

    Fine. You’re black.

    NO! he responded in the 70’s. That’s offensive! You must call me Afro-American!

    Then a couple of years later, it was back to black.

    Then it was back to calling that offensive, and all non-racists were directed to use “African-American”. It was at this point that my (black) room mate called B.S. on the whole thing. “I’m not going with that. It’s stupid. I’m an American. And I’m black. I’m not some sub-type of American. ”

    That piqued my interest enough to start thinking about it. So when the 80’s brought us the “handicapped is offensive” civil rights movement, it got my attention. I vaguely remembered that you were supposed to say “handicapped” instead of “disabled”, because disabled was deemed offensive… you see, it implied that you were “not able”. Handicapped was a better, more accurate term.

    But they decided it was offensive. And this is where they lost everyone. They went with “Handi-Capable”. I am not kidding you. They really made the attempt.

    So now you know…. people are stupid. They’ve always been stupid. They will always be stupid. They will always play word games for whatever reason. They will always take great offense at using the word that was supposed to be the polite word 5 minutes ago. It is by design.

    I was around for the shift to “retarded” as the polite word for mental handicap – only just. It replaced “moron” or “imbecile” as the polite term…. you know, implying “slowed down”, rather than some innate failing. Then that became offensive, so they went with “mentally handicapped” or “mentally challenged” or “developmentally challenged”. Somewhere after that, “retarded” became the most offensive word you could possibly utter outside of the vaunted “N-word”.

    When I was in college, the dreaded “F-word” was the preferred term by a large chunk of the gay community. “Queer” was offensive. Even “gay” was kinda offensive. You had to say “homosexual” in polite company, but at a house party, or in my dorm suite, they sure enjoyed the “F-word”. Now you have to use queer sometimes, gay is the preferred term, but you are under strict orders to use it only as prescribed.

    Don’t worry… it will change again soon. Every generation has to have their say, and they feel compelled to explain to everyone just how offensive the preceding generation was. “Gendered language” is just another variant of this. It is as dumb as the jokes about pool being a racist game, because a white ball is used to hit a bunch of colored balls into holes. Except they really mean it.

    1. George Carlin had a great routine tracing how “shell shock” became “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”. There seems to be a thought that with words describing certain concepts accumulate unfortunate connotations. If you change the word, you get rid of the connotation, but the connotation is actually attached to the concept. In turn, the new word soon has the undesired connotation and needs to be changed again. If anything the cycle accelerates over time.

      1. We’ll have to update the seven worst words in the English language to include: Retard, nigger, fag, and cunt. So bad it deserves a mention twice.

      2. Yep – “secretary” became “administrative assistant.” “Stewardess” became “flight attendant.” The connotation follows the language.

        1. Tellers became Customer Service Representatives.

          Well, here in Montreal anyway back in the 1990s. I know. I was a teller.

          And I kept referring to myself as one. I was no CSR. I liked telling it like it was.

          1. I thought tellers became vice-presidents?

      3. “had a great routine tracing how “shell shock” became “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”.”

        I’d have to call this one at least somewhat reasonable. Shell shock has an explicit war/military connotation, but the underlying phenomenon is observable in other contexts.

  48. The UN trivialises it’s existence at a time when many people around the world have lost faith in it’s institutions. Policing speech at an international level will only have the opposite effect. One of the most famous lines ever uttered at one of the most important events ever included the word ‘mankind’ This was when Armstrong stood on the moon. Now the UN are trying to tell us to not use the word. Well, screw the UN.

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  50. ooh, ooh, let me try. Instead of “United Nations”, we should say “League of Nations”. Because this shit’s gonna be the first thing to go when WW3 kicks off.

    1. League of Nations two, electric boogaloo.

  51. I do like the idea of first-stepping forcing the entire world to speak English.

  52. The United Nations is an international organization. So why the emphasis on English? Are they just jabbing at the United States? What words do we need to use in Spanish? In Tagalog? In French? In oh so warm and fuzzy Danish? What about Swahili?

    As the UN come up with a list for words to use in ANY language? If not, then bugger off.

  53. It’s idiotic, and will be ignored and forgotten just like the previous attempts by progressives to reinvent the wheel.

  54. I can’t speak for anyone else here, but it’s reassuring that US taxpayer money is being put to such good use on such important things at the UN. This is only exceeded by WHO’s praise of CCP for Covid-19 “efforts”.

    1. Crematory ovens are a good ‘cure’ for those COVID patients that are still partially alive. China has showed us the way.

  55. Dude…

  56. The U.N. has been a failure in every respect. It’s basic purpose- preventing war was a failure right off the bat. The formation of NATO in 1949 was proof.

  57. US out of UN, and vice-versa.

  58. The United Nations, why is this still a thing?

    I’m sure I’ll never see that on John Oliver’s show because Orange Man hates the UN so therefore the UN must be good. It’s strange so many still believe in an organization that is so corrupt and rotten.

  59. Humankind and humanity still have man. Person still has son. How are any of these “non-gendered pronouns” any better?

  60. This is the best thing I’ve read all day. Thanks

  61. The best part of this subscription is reading the comments. Libertarians are hilarious

  62. The U.N. is an organization over run with Communists, Dictators, Tyrants and Punks. The U.S. and all freedom loving countries should exit the U.N. and the United States should send it packing. Many nations use it as a base from which to spy on the United States and subvert America. It is a useless organization that does far more harm than good. The money spent on the U.N. and it’s agencies can be spent better elsewhere.

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