Brickbat: Leader of the Pack


A New Hanover County, North Carolina, sheriff's deputy, has been fired after leading an armed group to a house, claiming to be searching for a missing girl. Jordan Kita also faces charges of trespassing, breaking and entering, and willful failure to discharge duties. Kita led the group to the home of Dameon Shepard, a senior at Laney High School, saying they were looking for someone named Josiah. Officials say the group believed he had some connection to a 15-year-old girl who had been reported missing. Shepard's family says the group tried to force their way into the home and ignored their efforts to point out they had the wrong home. The girl was later found unharmed.

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  1. Where they wears their white ‘face masks’ and social distancing?

  2. The deputy sounds like an idiot, but I’m liking where North Carolina seems to be going in terms of fashion. Top hats and waistcoats coming back in style? Cool.

  3. Lea says at some point the group realized they were at the wrong residence and started disbanding, but by that time the Pender County Sheriff’s Office was called to the disturbance.

    Two deputies arrived to talk with the Shepards. Lea notes the group of people, including those who were armed, returned and followed the deputies to the Shepards’ property.

    According to Lea, the deputies took no names of those in the group and didn’t investigate the situation. A captain who arrived on scene also did not take any action.

    Lea says the same captain returned to the Shepards’ property the next day on his own, indicated it would be complicated to arrest anyone, but said he’d “look into it.” Lea says nothing has happened since.

    This happens more often than you know. Law enforcement outside of their duties will gather to intimidate on behalf of family members or friends.

    1. Face fuck them all with a lead pipe.

  4. I misread the headline as “Leader of the Pork.”

  5. Can you say lynch mob? Cause this sounds a bit like a lynch mob.

  6. Shepard’s family says the group tried to force their way into the home and ignored their efforts to point out they had the wrong home.

    Might makes right. So the cops had the right home, even if they didn’t. Because “Fuck you I’ll kill you if you don’t do what I say.”

    1. As opposed to the civilized “Never mind.”

  7. The sheriff’s deputy was actually fired?

    Undoubtedly he will be rehired later with full back pay and an apology for violation of his right to abuse citizens.

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