Justin Amash

Justin Amash: If Biden Assaulted Tara Reade, He Is Disqualified From Being President

The Libertarian congressman and presidential hopeful says both Biden and Trump "are disqualified if they've engaged in some kind of assault, especially a sexual assault."


Former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, should be disqualified from being president if he sexually assaulted a former staffer, says Rep. Justin Amash (L–Mich.), who is running for the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination. "I think anyone is disqualified if they've engaged in some kind of assault, especially a sexual assault," the 40-year-old five-term congressman told Reason in an exclusive, wide-ranging interview.

At least 25 women have accused President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. When asked if he could state that he has never assaulted or behaved improperly toward anyone, Amash said, "Yes, I can say that definitively."

About a month ago, a former Biden staffer named Tara Reade told journalist Katie Halper that Biden, then a senator from Delaware, kissed her without permission, pushed her up against a wall, and penetrated her with his fingers. Reade's charges have been mostly ignored or dismissed by high-profile Democrats, even though Biden in the past has said that when women make such charges, "you've got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she's talking about is real." He also acknowledged in a video statement last year that he had invaded "the personal space" of women over the years. He released the video after several women complained that he had kissed their necks, sniffed their hair, and rubbed their noses without permission. The silence among many pundits and politicians who have championed the #MeToo movement has led critics to charge them hypocrisy and opportunism.

Biden has categorically denied Reade's allegations, but the issue is starting to gain traction because several people close to the accuser have said she told them about the misconduct when it was alleged to have occurred, almost 30 years ago. Most recently, The Intercept released a tape of a 1993 phone call to Larry King's CNN show in which a woman alleged to be Reade's mother discusses her daughter's "problems" with "a prominent senator" she had worked for.

Asked how to handle accusations of sexual assault and harassment, Amash, a lawyer by training, said that "it's important that everyone have due process. In other words, if an accusation is made, you can't just say the person is guilty without a trial and a proper venue." The congressman also stressed that "we should respect people who are making the accusation and give them the full opportunity to make their case and to present evidence and have that evidence corroborated."

Amash told Reason that while he thinks the charges against Biden and Trump are serious, they won't be a focus of his campaign. Instead, he believes they will "be sorted out through the media and through the parties involved."

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  1. Nope. Didn't find sexual assault as a disqualification in the Constitution.

    Maybe Amash is reading the one where they found a right to an abortion, and forcing people to enroll in heath care programs.

    1. I think he's talking about Biden being morally disqualified.

    2. You don't think people should be vetted when they seek the highest office in the land?

      1. They are. Its called 'an election'.

      2. Qualifications of presidency are different than moralistic choice for presidency.

        When someone says disqualification, it should only point to the former.

        One could argue supporting a corrupt IC who violated civil liberties would be morally disqualifying. Amash wouldnt say that, but one could.

    3. When it comes to sexually assaulting staffers, a senator is worse than a high school student.

      Biden’s a creepy fucker.

      1. True. And Trump, too, right?

        1. Trump is more of a dirty old man.
          Biden’s more of a creepy fucker.

          One fucks hookers, and the other molests children. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine which is which.

          1. That is a funny viewpoint. Trump is on record talking about how hot his daughter is, multiple times! The whole thing is so creepy. I am not a Biden fan, but you must be Trumpanzee to think Trump is not creepy.

            1. It’s all the videos of Biden getting handsy with strangers, young and old.

              Now, if Trump fondled his daughter on camera like Joe does the average girl coming to get a picture taken: that would be creepy.

              1. There are lots of photos of Trump fondling young girls in a similar manner.

                1. This would be a good time for you to post pictures of Trump fondling young girls.

            2. I am glad we finally found something that unites us. Both Biden and Trump are creepy as hell.

              1. They are both creepy, but in different kinds of creepy. Biden in creepy like the old uncle you keep your kids away from during Thanksgiving gettogethers. Trump is creepy like a piss drunk frat boy groping anything within five feet.

    4. That was incredibly dense. He obviously wasn't talking bout Constitutional disqualification.

      1. Get ready for 7 months of stellar density from the #NeverAmash crowd.

        1. I don't think they are #NeverAmash so much as #AlwaysTrump.

          1. And youd be wrong as usual.

            It is amazing how some of you ignore any faults just because someone puts a L next to their name when it finally became politically convenient for them to do so.

            1. I was told that Trump is the true Libertarian, that all true Libertarians should rally under his banner. For Amash to dare to run against Trump proves that he's not a true Libertarian.

            2. Oh the hypocrisy! Heaven forbid!

    5. You are right, sexual assault is not in the Constitution. Maybe we should see if Bill Cosby wants to be President.

      1. Man did I get all you Karen's spun up!

        1. You really, really did

        2. Nope. Not seein’ a Karen angle.

          Seeing you making a dense remark and falling flat on your face.

          1. AHAHAH look at you crying your face off Karen ahahahaha

        3. I am sorry my uncontrolled rage at your sheer, astounding stupidity was so self-evident in my response. I am still here, hours later, shouting at the walls and throwing things, completely beside myself. How could you do this to me?

          1. So, so desperate

          2. You sound extremely upset.

          3. It’s funny because it’s true.

        4. a group of Karens is called a complaint.

          1. It’s called a menarche of Karens.

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  2. Current POTUS assaulted a bunch more women than Biden. At least 2 documented perverts served on SCOTUS. What's another pervert deviant at this point. Maybe fewer people will die from Covid response mismanagement under Biden. Honestly the befuddled old man can hardly do worse than the current befuddled old man.

    1. It would take some awfully bad mismanagement by Biden for more people to die of Covid under his presidency than Trump's.

      And you can always do worse. Always.

      1. Because the President is the God-King, right? Not that the states are independent and the President can't order them around.

    2. Current POTUS assaulted a bunch more women than Biden.

      Citation needed.

      1. You don't know how many women Trump has assaulted.

      2. You don't know how many women Biden has assaulted.

      1. He thinks Thomas and Kavanaugh are documented rapists. You're dealing with a complete idiot.

        1. nah bro, check what I said. Two justices are documented perverts. Didn't say rapists. Thomas defo is a pervy dude. Enough weird stories came out about Kavanaugh's behavior pretty clear at best he's a perv as well.

    3. Give Kennedy and Clinton their due, lots of women under that campaign bus, Hillary behind the wheel!

  3. Biden's career should have ended when he got caught plagiarizing someone else's speech.

    1. Given his speech nowadays, he'd better have Jeff Dunham as a running mate.

      1. "Silence! I keel you!" does seem to be his goto on the campaign trail whenever he gets a real question

        1. All I could think when I read Unicorn Abattoir's post was "President Walter". But Walter makes a lot more sense than Biden does, of course so do all of Dunham's characters.

          1. VP - Walter
            SECDEF - Achmed

    2. Which time? It seems to be so common in Bidens career.

  4. I like Amash. Release the video so I can watch the entire interview.

    1. Amash seems nice enough, for a bought and paid for Chinese asset.

  5. I agree with the tenor of his words, but there's a few problematic words:

    The first one is "if." If we had visual, video evidence of him pinning Tara Reade against the wall and sliding his hand up her skirt, sure. But with a 27 year old allegation, we're just never going to know for sure what happened. He-said/she-said disputes with no evidence should presume innocence.

    The second word is "assault." Tara Reade claims she was pinned against the wall and then penetrated with fingers her skirt. That's definitely a sexual assault. But it could be an exaggeration based on how we've defined "Sexual assault" in the recent years, where something like an uncomfortable touch not intended to cause discomfort can be called sexual assault. If he's guilty of nothing more than giving one of the awkward hugs he's been caught handing out repeatedly, then it's not disqualifying.

    Because we believe in the principle of presumption of innocence, I'm definitely against holding this up as the reason to not vote for Biden. If you want a reason not to vote for Biden, consider his cognitive health. Keep an eye on his speech and his general awareness over the next four months.

    1. The second word is “assault.” Tara Reade claims she was pinned against the wall and then penetrated with fingers her skirt. That’s definitely a sexual assault. But it could be an exaggeration based on how we’ve defined “Sexual assault” in the recent years, where something like an uncomfortable touch not intended to cause discomfort can be called sexual assault. If he’s guilty of nothing more than giving one of the awkward hugs he’s been caught handing out repeatedly, then it’s not disqualifying.
      Are you trying to claim Tara Reade cannot tell the difference between an unwanted hug and an unwanted fingerblasting?

      1. Of course not. But I'm well aware how stories can grow in the telling. It's practically an ancient cliche about how fish get bigger every time the fisherman tells his story.

        Without evidence, I can assume this is a plausible theory of what happened.

        1. Considering the evidence cited in this article about the incident being recounted as serious - to others - at the time - 30 years ago, I have hard time seeing how the story has grown in the telling

          1. I have memories clear as day which I have seen refuted by videos taken at the same time. I do not trust memories, whether mine or others, and the older they get, the more I distrust them. I don't doubt something happened that day that makes Biden a creep, but I have little faith that her memory has not changed since then. Suppose she was talking with that neighbor about it and later the trauma mixed in some of her neighbor's recollections.

            1. Right but you eat your own shit and take tons of meds.

            2. I'd consider that a valid argument, memory is definitely a imperfect thing, our brains like to fill in blank spots with Occam's Razor. What we really need is the original complaint filled out that's being hidden by Delaware University. I guarantee you that it's gonna be "lost in the shuffle" should it ever be released.

        2. You may forget some less important details, but you never forget the actual assault. Not to say that she can't have an agenda and isn't lying, we don't know that, but to presume that she can't remember the difference between being penetrated and unwelcome touching is not really understanding the human psyche.

      2. Let’s not quibble about this: Biden is a rapist.

        1. If Biden did what Tara Reade claims he is a rapist, categorically. His behavior in general with regard to women is outrageous as it stands.

          If Biden really is so old that he comes from a different era, one where women are objects to be fondled at his leisure, than he is probably unfit for being a president today.

    2. What should disqualify Biden in any voter's mind for this election is his hypocritical response to the accusation. What should disqualify Biden in any voter's mind is that he is a Democrat that will push the policies of Regressives and he is just a fake puppet that will vote for anything if it will put him higher on the power ladder. What should disqualify Biden in any voter's mind is that despite the Democrat's 4 years of condemning Trump's legitimacy as president because he is morally deficient(which he is), they have decided to run Biden, a person who is arguably more morally deficient than Trump. What should disqualify Biden in any voter's mind is that the Democrat's, including Biden himself, have drummed the notion that women should always be believed when they make accusations of sexual assault, but now that Biden has been accused, that notion is thrown in the trash.

      There is sufficient reason that voters should disqualify Biden whether he did or did not in fact assault any woman.

      That Amash voted to impeach Trump, allying with the hypocritical Democratic circus, should be sufficient to disqualify Amash among voters.

      That leaves them with Trump, who they should vote for, with great sadness. And then begin to tell all their friends and family and strangers that we should implement a ranked choice voting system asap to hasten the end of the electoral system that forces us to choose between a turd and a turd sandwich whenever we vote for a politician..

      1. He voted to impeach Trump because there was quite a bit of evidence that Trump used the withholding of foreign aid allocated by Congress to pressure a foreign nation to investigate his political rival.


        2. Yeap. You're an idiot.

    3. It is not a “he-said/she-said”. Biden has not said a word about this. Surrogates and spokescreatures of various sorts have made statements, but none of them claimed to have been there when... uh... nothing happened.

      Biden has studiously said nothing (and dozens of media interviewers have energetically omitted to ask him). Right now, the evidence may not be air-tight but it’s all on one side. It’s a “she-said/he-declined-to-comment” situation.

      And don’t try to hide behind semantics. Maybe “assault” has been overused or used vaguely but by no stretch of the imagination is what Biden is accused of morally or legally acceptable, under any name.

  6. Justin Amash: If Biden Assaulted Tara Reade, He Is Disqualifed From Being President

    No, he is not. Felonies don't disqualify people from running for the presidency. Furthermore, the question of whether a sexual occurred is legally determined by the courts.

    Of course that doesn't stop little crypto-authoritarians like Amash to pretend that he is principled is his lynching of both Biden and Trump. (Oh, I forgot, he actually thinks he's competing with either of them.)

    1. Incapable of differentiating moral disqualification from legal?

      Do you think Amash is more authoritarian than Trump?

      1. The term “disqualified” has a legal meaning; it doesn’t have an ethical meaning.

        Furthermore, what evidence is there that ethics has anything to do with the outcomes of someone’s presidency?

        Under Amash, the country would likely descend into authoritarianism, not so much because he wants that, but because Amash is inexperienced and incompetent enough to stand up to authoritarianism. Amash is a useful idiot for authoritarians: he has shown that time and again.

      2. The former seems more than happy with civil violations for political reasons. So you tell me

  7. Instead, he believes they will "be sorted out through the media and through the parties involved.

    The only thing that matters to a DeRp voter is evidence that the other side is more evil than yours.

  8. "Justin Amash: If Biden Assaulted Tara Reade, He Is Disqualifed From Being President"

    Bold move, Cotton.
    Really going out on a limb for principles there.

    1. At least he doesnt think we need to name a post office after Reade yet. Could be his first act if he wins though. Playing to his strengths.

  9. Going somewhat off-topic from this forced-fingerbanging allegation -

    If I had ranked preference options in my ballot, I'd indicate my preference for Amash, since he's the most likely to at least do *something* about the national debt without killing babies in the process. So my list of preferred candidates would be something like:

    1. Amash
    2. Trump
    3. An Eggplant
    4. Biden

    If the ballot only lets me designate one person, that person would be Trump, since under such a voting system, he's the only practical alternative to Biden. Which is of course how the duopoly designed it, but you vote with the ballot you have, not the ballot you want to have.

    1. 1. Amash
      2. An eggplant

      1. Then there is Baba ghanoush.

        Ok just fooling around. I like Amash.

    2. Eddy, do you want us to lose all respect for you, preferring Trump to an eggplant? At least an eggplant can be baked to perfection and, if shaped right, is not a bad substitute for a penis.

    3. What did he do about the debt as a member of the House? He accomplished nothing. He would show vote a veto here or there that is quickly over ridden by a senate vote? You do know where spending originates right? You do know Amash was a member of that origination body right?

    4. Hitler was elected by being the only practical alternative to Stalin, and that worked out better than voting for freedom "would have," right?

      1. Bad news, Hank. Hitler was appointed, not elected as far a chancellor is concerned.
        Just in case you don't know how Google works;
        "By November 1932, the Nazi Party had the most seats in the German Reichstag but did not have a majority. As a result, no party was able to form a majority parliamentary coalition in support of a candidate for chancellor. Former chancellor Franz von Papen and other conservative leaders persuaded President Paul von Hindenburg to appoint Hitler as chancellor on 30 January 1933. Shortly after, the Reichstag passed the Enabling Act of 1933 which began the process of transforming the Weimar Republic into Nazi Germany, a one-party dictatorship based on the totalitarian and autocratic ideology of National Socialism."

  10. Justin Amash: If Biden Assaulted Tara Reade, He Is Disqualifed From Being President


    No Justin, that's not how that works. A motherfucker could shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die, be arrested, tried, and convicted for it, be sitting on death row when the results come in - if he's elected he's elected. Hell, being on death row doesn't even disqualify you from running.

    1. Gosh, third time someone has had to point out that Amash was talking about ethical unsuitability, not legal.

      1. If he's talking about ethical unsuitability

        1. Duh, no shit.

        2. Its irrelevant because the Democratic voters have their own ethics and it certainly looks like 'my side winning' or 'orange man bad' trumps 'rapes women' to them - but we'll see come November.

        3. He should be clear in what he means.

      2. The term “disqualified” has a legal meaning; it doesn’t have an ethical meaning.

        Furthermore, Amash fails to make a case for ethical unsuitability, or, for that matter, what ethics has to do with good government. I mean, many American presidents have been guilty of harassing and abusing women, and it doesn’t seem to correlate with any particular outcomes of their presidency.

        1. "Joe's enjoyment of spilling food on children disqualified him from being a lunch lady"

          1. So? That is a meaning of the term that is neither related to the legal system or to ethics.

            In any case, Amash is being dishonest (and so are you) by deliberately using a term with a legal meaning in a legal context, but then claiming that it means something else.

      3. What has ethics got to do with politics? Especially Presidential politics?

  11. This conversation is irrelevant because China Where Am I Joe will not be the Dems choice for POTUS.
    Joes next address will be an assisted care facility not the White House.

  12. I'm sure the Ivy League progs are drawing straws to see who gets to "remember" an incident with Justin.

    1. Shit, I accidentally flagged your comment, sorry.

      I'm on the fence about this, I see it happening only if they think he'll do more damage to Biden then to Trump.

      1. Yeah he'll have his chance to go on all the news shows to rip Trump. If down the road the media think he's helping Trump more than Biden we'll hear stories about 13 year old Amash running rape parties at the Playboy mansion.

        1. Let's be honest, long term they'll do that no matter what, because Big 2 can't allow third parties to be viable. It would destroy the shell game they had set up.

          1. Well, if they nominate Amash, they will guarantee oblivion.
            Amash couldn't excite a crowd if he had to.

          2. That shell game is what leverages our spoiler votes with law-changing clout. To looters, "winning" is getting a hand in the till and maybe laws shooting some hippies, negroes, mexicans, doctors or jooz. But to libertarians, winning is forcing kleptocracy parties to repeal cruel laws and discard violent planks. Winning, in other words, means reducing coercion and increasing freedom by democratic means. If we were to become viable we'd attract looter kleptocracy rejects instead of honest, productive Americans as candidates.

  13. Yeah, like I'm going to throw my vote away on a non-rapist. Lol.

  14. Thanks! been looking for this to show a colleague. I read it here first, i wrote something similar here the city celeb

  15. Cue obligatory sexual assault accusation against Amash by Biden stooge in 3...2...

    1. Biden doesn't care about Amash. Only Amash thinks he can win anything worthwhile. Amash is all about Amash. He is not a deep thinker. He just reacts. Hardly someone you want to be President. We have one of those now.

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  17. This is what passes for political arguments these days? IF Biden sexually assaulted someone? IF Justin Amash burned down an orphanage in 1993 would that also disqualify him? What IF Joe Biden actually orchestrated the holocaust? What IF Justin Amash nailed Jesus Christ to the cross?

    1. If there were eyewitnesses to those items we would be concerned.

  18. Maybe in an ideal world, but no. 60 million voted for the pussy grabber so it appears the American public at large disagrees.

  19. Biden has categorically denied Reade's allegations

    The statement I read is a self-serving pile of steaming shit explaining how his crowning legislative achievement was to take credit for staffers' work regurgitating a completely redundant piece of legislation. Violence against women was illegal long before Joe Biden sniffed anyone's hair. Not that it matters to the parasitic class but men are far more likely to be victims of violence than women anyway.

    What his statement said is staffers have spent every waking moment combing through the archives and are confident the report is not there. Either that or were able to successfully remove any incriminating evidence with no one the wiser.

  20. Dr. Ron Paul wrote an excellent critique of Amash. As he said, Amash hasn't offered any policy alternatives to the current policies. In fact, he seems to have avoided it at all costs. In other words, Amash is a reactionary, not a deep thinker. I wouldn't vote for him for dog catcher, despite Reason pushing him on us at every chance they get.

    1. We can be thankful for earlier infiltrating antichoice saboteurs attacking current infiltrating antichoice saboteurs in this contest to see who can make the LP stink more outrageously in the nostrils of women voters. Look at the sockpuppets HERE; see any women? Now see photos of celebrations of Ireland's repeal of the 1983 girl-bullying amendment. Hordes of women voters happy to have individual rights for a change. Three out of four Libertarians AREN'T women. MUST we exclude all women under the age of dementia?

  21. Canada has no abortion laws. This came about after America's LP plank opposed the expansion of laws coercing doctors and women on behalf of non-individuals. So Amash or even Cruz could run for office there without threatening individual rights. But here the medical profession is dragooned into endorsing prohibitionist pseudoscience left over from the Age of Eugenics, with race-suicide Dixiecrats competing with Rapture-prone televangelists in the business of girl-bullying. Hasn't the 2018 plank to help Robert Dear escape execution done _enough_ to wreck our standing before women voters?

  22. "Justin Amash: If Biden Assaulted Tara Reade, He Is Disqualified From Being President"

    Sexual predation professional Billy Jeff disagrees.
    As does a past US Senate.

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  24. Has he made a similar declaration on the 26 women that Trump assaulted?

  25. I did not listen to Trump's press release for these 26 women. sünnet düğünü organizasyonu

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