De Blasio Threatens To Arrest Hasidic Jews for Congregating To Mourn the Death of a Rabbi

On the same day Brooklyn’s Hasidic Jews came out for a funeral, hundreds were gathering elsewhere in New York City to watch a military flyover.


New York City remains one of the United States' biggest hotbeds of COVID-19 infections and deaths. More than 12,000 deaths have been attributed to the virus in the Big Apple, or about 20 percent of the estimated deaths in the United States so far.

So it's easy to see why leaders (and citizens) might be very upset about a group of Hasidic Jews violating bans on large gatherings, congregating in public, on the street, in Brooklyn for the funeral of a rabbi who died from COVID-19 complications.

It would take a very insensitive leader, however, to decide to target their anger and frustration at Jews as a collective group, singling them out. And it would be a very stupid and ill-advised response to threaten such people with arrest, given that New York City's jails are incubators for the coronavirus.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here's New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio:

The New York Times reports that these Hasidic Jews had gathered Tuesday evening to mourn the death of Rabbi Chaim Mertz. New York Police Department (NYPD) officers were on hand to try to control the flow of crowds and keep people distant from each other, but they didn't fully succeed. This clip from CBS shows most of the people at the gathering were wearing masks, but they were still frequently standing too close to one another:

De Blasio's response has been rightfully blasted by members of New York's Jewish community. First, the obvious: He's singling out Jews as though their violations of gathering guidelines are somehow special or different from when other groups of people do the same thing. Second, some important context: On this same day, groups of New Yorkers watched the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds soar overhead in a White House-ordered display honoring essential workers. Images posted on social media and shared by news outlets show people gathering in clumps and not engaging in proper social distancing. So de Blasio's response leaves the impression that it's wrong for Jews to gather to mourn the death of a religious leader, but totally fine to gather to watch our government masters waste our tax dollars on air shows.

Should de Blasio actually attempt to single out Jews for NYPD enforcement, he potentially runs afoul of religious freedom protections. Enforcement of these social gathering rules is supposed to be applied neutrally. For the city to target gatherings of Jews but not other gatherings would be similar to attempted bans on drive-in church services in Kentucky and Mississippi. A federal judge in Kentucky stopped the Louisville mayor's ban because this rule restricted religious gathering in a way that didn't seem to apply to other types of gatherings of a similar nature. It wasn't neutral.

Finally, de Blasio's response shows he is more interested in enforcing his will than effectively preventing the spread of the coronavirus. He's threatening people with arrest for violating social distancing rules, but New York's jails themselves are massive violators of social distancing rules and are spreading COVID-19 among both inmates and staff. Nearly 10 percent of the population at Rikers Island has been diagnosed with the coronavirus. That's much higher than the infection rate among free New Yorkers (though researchers are still trying to get a handle on how many people might have been infected and didn't develop symptoms, and the infection rate in the city might be much higher than what has been recorded).

Threatening people with arrest for violating stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines doesn't show power or leadership; it's a sign of weakness, an inability of a leader to convince the public to trust him or her to manage a crisis. When people engage in activity that puts them at a higher risk of developing the coronavirus, it's completely absurd to threaten them with imprisonment that most definitely increases that very same risk.

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  1. Yeah that’s all kinda of fucked up.

    1. De Blasio should write about his fight.

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    2. So he’ll be running for the Democratic nomination in 2024? Got it.

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    3. “Warren Wilhelm Jr. Threatens To Arrest Hasidic Jews for Congregating To Mourn the Death of a Rabbi”

      Works a lot better with the name DeBlasio was born with.

    4. Fucked up? More like expected. Socialists are anti-Semitic.

  2. same dude out walking Central Park yo?

  3. De Blasio assures us the threat to Jews is from the right …

    1. If you are in New York and see a group of Jews congregating in public, don’t call the police. Call DiBlasio’s Special Service Brigade. The SS Brigade has been created for the specific purpose of dealing with those nasty Jews.

      1. You missed the first memo. The Smile Ambassadors are to be deployed first (tan anti-infection uniforms yo) to gain the love and respect of the multitudes. The mainly gay Special Service units will eventually retire them in a ceremony known as The Night of the Long Dicking.

        1. I thought it was the SA – Roehm’s outfit – that was the more fabulous.

          1. Yeah, but black shirts are more fashionable than brown shirts.

      2. Ouch….That was a bit much.

  4. So literally Hitler?

    1. No, but there’s enough evidence over the past few years to say he’s an anti-semite.

      1. To be fair Warren Wilhelm Bill de Blasio hates practicing Christians too, with his rhetoric matching the Nazis Kirchenkampf rhetoric.

        Add his passion for Aktion T4 policies regarding babies and the disabled as well as his Keynesian economics and I’d say he’s a pretty good Hitler imitation. Far better at Hitlering than the orange flavored one, anyway.

        1. The political program of US Democrats and progressives has always been pretty close to 20th century European fascists, so hardly a surprise. Americans progressives just loved Mussolini.

    2. He’s missing the mustache.

    3. Fuck Jews. Why do they always get special treatment? Why is their group the one group of all you don’t want to single out? Fuck em.

      Religion is the bane of our existence. If they want to go out and gather like all the other fucktard believers – fine with me. It’s also fine with me if people who gather be punished. I don’t care what religion they are as I hate them all the same. But I’ve got no sympathy or get out of jail free cards for any minority – even the Jews.

      Goddamn I get sick of Jews getting special treatment. Fuck.

  5. The problem is the cops are going to have to get awfully close to those Jews to identify and arrest them, that’s going to put them at risk. DeBlasio should consider forcing all of the Jews to wear something to make them easier to identify from a distance, a gold star would look pretty snazzy.

    1. Might get confused with cops badges, can’t have that!

      1. This brings up an interesting conundrum. If that were to happen, and a cop mistakenly killed another cop thinking he was just murdering a random Jew, how would the legal system handle it?

        On one hand, a cop was killed so we must have blood. On the other hand, a cop did the murdering and punishing him for it would set a dangerous precedent. It’s like the unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.

        1. 1st time it happened qualified immunity would cover it. The next time, that is tough question. The court would probably need to know the race and sex of all involved to make a proper determination.

          1. If the shooter cop was trained properly, first thing he’d do is sprinkle some crack on the dead cop

        2. History provides us with the answer to this brain teaser: Punish the Jews.

    2. The first thing he did was disarm them.

      1. That was achieved long before de Stasi-o took office.

  6. “New York Police Department (NYPD) officers were on hand to try to control the flow of crowds and keep people distant from each other, but they didn’t fully succeed.”

    This is a near-perfect set-up for a pun –

  7. If it wasn’t clear before, jewish people and other moderate democrats have got to see this as the tyranny it is. If deBlamio can actually threaten to round up jews and get away with it, if dementia patient Biden can run as president with feminist support even though he’s a known sex criminal, then the democrat party is doomed and centrists will be forced to sit out the election.

    1. I would hope so but I am not optimistic. I bet DiBlasio wins re-election in a landslide. He could start putting people in ovens in Central Park and New York Democrats would vote for him because “the Republicans are worse”.

      1. Both of Wilhelm’s “Landslides” happened because only 20% of eligible voters came out to vote and he got 75% of that vote. 15% of total eligible voters! Really how hard can it be to find someone to get 16% of the vote?

        1. Pretty hard if you are in New York. The reason why he won with such a small percentage is that anyone to the right of Stalin rationally concluded that they didn’t have a chance and didn’t run. Sure only a small number of people actually voted for him. But, the rest wouldn’t have turned out to vote for a competent candidate. So, they clearly don’t have much of a problem with incompetence.

          1. Sometimes you just have to let people stick a fork in the outlet and learn their lessons the hard way.

  8. The original purpose of social distancing and lockdowns was to flatten the curve, not to save lives. Or so they told us. Funny how they don’t know how to not lie.

    1. The goal was to save lives by reducing the strain on the medical system by flattening the curve. To your point the goal wasn’t to prevent population infection (Because that would require something ridiculous like shutting society down for 2 years, a proposal no sane person would undertake) but to knock down the explosive growth that had been brewing with out us tracking it so we didn’t get totally overwhelmed up front.

      That goal has clearly drifted.

      1. I don’t think the goal has drifted so much as politicians and even the so called ‘experts’ are too inept to explain it or they fear explaining it.

        Imagine going on TV to tell the truth:
        Everyone is gonna get this even if we shut things down with extreme measures.

        Our goal in what we shut down, when, and for how long is to ensure that a steady number of people are getting this so that we can quickly allow enough people get it that its natural spread will slow down without needing to keep order anything closed.

        If we have too many sick at a time our hospitals will be overloaded, but we cannot also have too few getting it or it will take years to accomplish it.

        The response to the truth would be “Governor/President said nothing we can do about it so go back to work so you can get sick and die”

        1. Um, except that is EXACTLY what the experts were saying. Like, they had two or three press conferences where they specifically explained the differences between “preventing infection” and flattening the curve…

          1. They must have done a bad job of explaining it because too many people talk about ‘flatten the curve’ as though its a means at eradication.

            1. Have you been watching the daily press briefings? Many of the “journalists”
              attending these events are clearly going out of their way to not understanding what is being said so they can continue to ask stupid questions.

              1. Ain’t got time for the media-president dick waving contests

                1. There’s plenty of that going on. There’s also plenty of information being presented, including Dr.s making it clear that flattening the curve will not eradicate the virus.

                  My point is that the reason lots of people are misinformed about what is being said has nothing to do with the efforts of those saying it, but the refusal by those reporting on it to do so honestly without their agenda clearly shining through.

              2. There are a certain contingent of journalists who are pushing a narrative for political purposes. 90% of the remainder are functional morons.

                1. So are you claiming that only .09% of journalists are functional morons or is there some substantial overlap between the contingent pushing a narrative for political purposes and the remaining .1%?

        2. That’s literally what the pieces of human garbage that inhabit reddit say to anyone who mentions being able to go back to work.

        3. “Governor/President said nothing we can do about it so go back to work so you can get sick and die”

          Except that for an adult of average health under the age of 65, chances are about 50% that your infection will be asymptomatic, about 40% that you will have very mild symptoms that will rectify, about 5% severe treatments needing treatment of some sort, about 4.0% may require hospitalization, about 1% may require extreme treatment like ventilators, and of those last, about half will die despite best treatments available.

          Getting infected with the virus is *not* anywhere close to equating to “get sick and die”.

      2. I know knee-jerk lefties who think that the entire nation ought to be in lockdown for the rest of the year.

        I’m pretty sure that they think elves, or store clerks will keep everything running for them.

        And deposits will miraculously continue to appear in their checking accounts.


  9. On this same day, groups of New Yorkers watched the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds soar overhead in a White House-ordered display honoring essential workers.

    You guys are missing the point. Gathering for the Blue Angels/Thunderbirds is peaceable assembly, as secured by the 1A. Gathering for a funeral is…uh…umm…

    1. the honoring essential workers nonsense is cute.

      1. 12 fighter aircraft, with an operating cost of around $25,000 per hour each.

        1. C-130s dropping hospital beds and ventilators a better idea?

          1. For NYC? B-52s and B-1s dropping ordnance is a better idea.

            1. I say we nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

              1. And as a bonus, NJ could be collateral damage.

                1. How would you tell if it had been bombed or not though?

                  1. The roads will be smoother.

              2. My kingdom for a thumbs up button.

        2. Pilots have to fly a certain amount every month anyway. There’s probably no extra cost.

        3. Hey, it’s circular, Defense Contractors are also essential, so it’s double lining our pockets.

        4. If you have ever seen it or one of those air shows it is cooler than anything.

          It may lift public morale and spirits which is important now.

          1. Can anyone think of something else politicians might do to lift morale?

            1. Come on, be realistic – they’re not going to resign.


    Incredible data from Oregon suggesting much of the recent rise in all-cause mortality is lockdown rather than #Covid related – that people may simply be dying at home because they are too frightened to go to hospitals and failing to get medical treatment for other conditions.

    1. It is not just Oregon, the UK is reporting a similar phenomena.

  11. “That’s much higher than the infection rate among free New Yorkers”
    Where does one find these free New Yorkers? The only one I know of is Snake Plissken.

    1. I thought he escaped. Been a while since I’ve seen the documentary.

  12. You know who else rounded up Jews?

    1. Anyone who fed them too much?

    2. The Pharaoh?

    3. Saturday Night Live?

    4. The Census Bureau?

  13. Get out and hug a Chinaman, feed a muslim before ramadan because they can’t go to mosques, and lock up the jews for sticking too close during funeral processions.

    1. Don’t forget banning Christian aid organizations from providing medical supplies because they hadn’t signed a statement saying assfucking was a social good.

  14. “…free New Yorkers…”

    There are such things?

  15. Socially distance them to work camps via train cars?

    1. The mass transit section of the economy DOES need a bit of help – – – –

    2. Those trains gotta run on time for that to work.


    This article gives a good rundown of just how incompetent DiBlasio has been. New York is a disaster area primarily because of his incompetence.

    Don’t, for example, think for a second of blaming the mayor himself, who on March 2—long after Iran and Italy were both ravaged by the plague, and after New Yorkers already began dropping dead of the virus—tweeted that he was “encouraging New Yorkers to go on with your lives + get out on the town despite Coronavirus,” adding a flippant movie recommendation to boot.

    Also, you should probably ignore that the mayor’s bungling of this crisis is already singled out as a world historical case study in disastrously inept management. After fighting parents, teachers, and his own advisers and insisting that the city’s schools must remain open, de Blasio suddenly caved. On the morning of March 15 he went on television to assure New Yorkers that the schools won’t be shut; that same afternoon, he shut them down. According to the NYC Department of Education, 68 school employees have died of COVID-19. The morning after he shut down the schools, Hizzoner hit the gym, flaunting the very social distancing guidelines his own administration had issued. The subway, as a recent MIT study has confirmed, continues to spread the virus quickly and efficiently to all corners of the city. Members of the mayor’s own staff, according to multiple reports, are nearing revolt, describing a constantly quibbling boss who refuses to listen to evidence and is incapable of resolution. Multiple municipal agency heads have told Politico that the mayor did not provide any guidelines regarding how they were supposed to conduct their work remotely. His calculations, several aides reported, seemed motivated largely by how they might be interpreted by his political base.

    But the problem isn’t that New York elected a bumbling, fascist idiot mayor. No, the problem is those nasty Jews having their funerals.

    New York City will likely re-elect this clown mayor. They had a competent mayor in Guilliani and a semi competent one in Bloomberg and decided they didn’t like that. They wanted full, authoritarian incompetence. So, it is hard to have much sympathy for the people of New York. They apparently by a large majority want it this way.

    1. Two terms.

      He isn’t getting re-elected. Ever.

      However, his replacement is sure to be yet another unqualified, socialist hack, which is all the Democratic establishment has left.

    2. Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.
      -H.L. Mencken

  17. I am Jewish. Half of my extended family are orthodox.

    I do not wish to comment on what the mayor said or the police response.

    By what I know. These are Satmer Chassidic, even within that insular community there are divisions. They could be considered separatists and radical in the greater Jewish community even among the orthodox and other chassidic groups.

    I do not wish to apologize for their behavior on this occasion, nor do I wish to take away from religious freedom as we know it in America.

    The principle of Pkuach Nefesh, the preservation of life and health has always been a primary foundational principle of Judaism. It takes precedence over near everything else.

    1. Yes = The principle of Pkuach Nefesh, the preservation of life and health has always been a primary foundational principle of Judaism. It takes precedence over near everything else.

      Echospinner, glad to see you back. Still chuckling at the Pesach post you made awhile back. 🙂

  18. Seems like he needs to start rounding up the jews and putting them into special quarantine camps. For their own safety, of course.

    1. Might as well have them do something productive at the special camps, I hear he’s big on making hand sanitizer.

    2. the PC brigade here is out in full I see. Those disease ridden jews are the ones that spread COVERT-19 all around NYC area. the hasidics in new Rochelle NY was ground zero for COVERT-19. I live in orange county NY about 40 miles from here and kiras joel the biggest clan of them spread measles last year. they do not wash or shower. last year JUST in Medicaid for orange county was ONE BILLION dollars with the hasidics getting the bulk of the money. that is not counting they are on welfare their food rent all paid for with their 8-10 kids. meanwhile most are millionaires and do not get married so the women can collect

      1. You’ve got the wrong room.
        The ZeroHedge comment section is down the hall

      2. Another stormfag.

        Why not give the SPQR moniker back to the Romans, since you have no idea what it means.

  19. the time for warnings has passed

    Yes, it has, Mr. Mayor. Call off your thugs or free people will start planting them in the ground.

    Let’s play a game: Pirates? or Democrats discussing the Constitution during times of crisis?:

    “First, your return to work was not part of our negotiations nor our agreement so I must do nothing. And secondly, you must be a member of our group for the Constitution to apply and you’re not. And thirdly, the Constitution is more what you’d call a “living document” than actual rules. Welcome to New York, Miss Turner!”

  20. Maybe Bill de Blasio should change his name to Bill de Nazi-o instead.

    1. His real name, Wilhelm, is far more appropriate (as in “Kaiser Wilhelm”).

  21. New Yorkers voted for him they deserve what they’re getting. At least Hitler never won an election.

    1. And sure as hell never won re-election, which this ass clown will almost certainly do. The people of New York want to live in a fascist, crime ridden hell hole. They like it that way. It is the only conclusion you can draw from their voting behavior.

    2. He’s a Democrat which means his opponent was a ReTHUGlicKKKan literalnazi. What do you want them to do, elect a literna- oh… wait a tick… umm…

    3. One thing Hitler proved was that politicians just need appropriate scapegoats for the problems they create themselves. It was easy for Hitler because he could blame the Western Allies, the Communists, the Jews, and even the disloyal generals in his own command structure for all his failures.

      I just wish more people like this ended up alone in a bunker with a loaded pistol.

  22. De Blasio is a nazi. There: I said it.

    Unleash Antifa!

  23. Few points.
    1. There is a big difference between going outside to see a flyover for a few mins and a mass funeral march. And in the video of the flyover the people are far more spread out then for the funeral.
    2. There is a big difference between a drive-in church and a mass funeral march.
    3. I know and am friends with many who are Hasidic, and lots of them just don’t care at all about the secular world, including public health measures.
    4. They willingly and knowingly violated the social distancing guidelines and thus they deserve to get reprimanded.
    5. There are not many groups putting the public health at risk as they did, and the others also got reprimanded.

    1. Fuck off slaver.

    2. Do they or so they not have freedom of religion? And when did the government get to decide how an individual practices that religion? Also, if they are so insular, how are they putting other people at risk? The two statements are contradictory. It is almost like you have no idea of how this virus spreads, but are so afraid you are okay with the government acting tyrannical.

      1. This. And this.

    3. Few points:
      1. No there isn’t, exposure is exposure
      2. Fuck off
      3. Sure you are…
      4. Fuck off
      5. Fuck off

      1. #3 is the anti-Semitism form of black friend defense.

    4. Do the heals of those Nazi boots taste good Molly?

    5. Go fuck yourself “Karen.”

      1. I’m guessing it’s JFree’s new nick. J(ew)Free was always a rancid antisemite.

    6. There is a big difference between going outside to see a flyover for a few mins and a mass funeral march.

      Yes. One is a peaceable assembly protected by the Constitution and the other is a peaceable assembly protected by the Constitution.

  24. Is it traditional to commemorate the death of a rabbi (or anyone else) by being reckless, belligerently ignorant jerks?

    The flyover was inexplicable. Scheduling it was stupid, crowding together to watch was stupid.

    Arrests at the funeral and the flyover would have been warranted. Non-nonsense warning against repeat performances seems appropriate.

    1. Now tell us how much you hate those uppity niggers, wearing their masks all sideways and shit.

      1. It’s gotta confuse the hell out of the NYPD.

    2. Yes of course you want people arrested and especially the nasty Jews arrested. We could have guessed that Rev. You posses every ignorant and nasty prejudice a human being can posses. So, we know you will live down to our worst expectations. So, in the future, why don’t you only talk on those miraculous occasions when you are something besides a bigoted, ignorant, fascist hick?

      1. But then he’d never get a chance to talk.

        1. I’m not seeing the downside here.

    3. How were they being reckless? It is almost like people have stopped researching and critically thinking for themselves and instead given into blind panic. It is as stupid as the people wearing masks while driving in their cars by themselves or walking alone in the park or the idiots, like you, who seem to think even going outside your house is taking a reckless risk. Most of the attendees wore masks. There is no evidence that social distancing quarantines actually work. And growing evidence that they have little to no impact in transmission or fatalities. But keep pushing the state tyranny line. And go ahead keep implying anyone who doesn’t buy that line, including a growing number of doctors and epidemiologist, are slack jawed imbeciles. Because you can’t allow the possibility that people who disagree with you might actually be right.

    4. You can go fuck yourself too.

    5. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland
      April.29.2020 at 3:27 pm
      “Is it traditional to commemorate the death of a rabbi (or anyone else) by being reckless, belligerently ignorant jerks?”

      Are you always commemorating a death?

    6. Arrests at the funeral and the flyover would have been warranted.

      Fuck freedom of assembly, huh.
      Only in 2020 could a call for constitutional freedoms to be eliminated be made on a libertarian website.

    7. Wow. You’re all kinds of evil.

  25. Can we dispense of the idea of “appropriate social distancing”?

    The appropriate distance between people is 0’ to whatever distance is generally agreed upon in society as a good distance for personal space.

    There is no such thing as “appropriate social distancing.”

    Mandated social distancing is humanity-killing nonsense. People aren’t people, or we won’t be for long, if we’re to accept the idea that there’s a mandated “appropriate” distance we must adhere to.

    1. Social distancing is being used as a tool to spread fear. Fear makes it easier to control people.

    2. Do you have any, any at all, concern for the well being of others, are are yo so selfish that you don’t care who dies as long as no one is even suggesting you do something?

      1. MollyGodiva
        April.29.2020 at 7:08 pm
        “Do you have any, any at all, concern for the well being of others,…”

        Do you ever post anything other than a steaming pile of shit?

      2. So you are willing to sacrifice everyone’s feelings for the small percentage of people who will actually die from this virus? You do realize that current estimates are that less than 1% of those infected (likely less than 0.5%) will die? The vast majority of whom are elderly with underlying healthy conditions that are considered terminal in and of themselves. So to protect these individuals you are willing to sacrifice the personal liberties of hundreds of millions of your fellow citizens, the livelihoods of 20 million of your fellow citizens, not to mention tens of thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands) of small businesses who have closed forever. And you claim others are being selfish, yet you refuse to acknowledge the reality of this virus and the damages of your preferred method of addressing this virus. And there is growing evidence these policies don’t even work and a number of doctors and epidemiologist are saying they may actually make things worse. But that doesn’t matter because you don’t actually care about the science, the damage etc because you are supporting your tribe.

        1. All the “real world” studies coming out show .03 to .08 mortality rate.

          99.92 to 99.97 survival rate….

          Yes it is more deadly than the flu; but it’s not even close to MERS, SARS.

          It’s a boomer killer and that is why the boomer politicians are afraid.

      3. Could you be any more puerile and daft?

      4. MollyBitch I will literally fuck you in the ass before I give in to your brand of totalitarian bullshit. You can fuck off and die whore.

      5. “Do you have any, any at all, concern for the well being of others…”

        Pot, meet kettle. Keep in mind that during the short time you were composing that post, there’s a pretty good chance that somewhere in the US an abusive spouse, pushed farther over the edge by a “non-essential” job loss, was beating the living shit out of the other spouse. But hey, maybe this time the kids were able to hold the pillows over their ears tightly enough to drown out the yelling, thuds, and crying.

        Based on reading a few of your posts, you’re clearly capable of stringing together cogent sentences, and therefore capable of understanding that even NYC has more than sufficiently “flattened the curve” to avoid overwhelming hospitals and medical workers. They needed an order of magnitude fewer ventilators than what was requested, and the temporary facilities and Naval hospital ship are largely unused. It should be plainly obvious to anyone that it’s past time to “re-open” for nearly every part of the US.

        We should begin doing what we should have done in most places a few weeks ago. We should institute policies which protect the most vulnerable (elderly, immune-compromised, etc.) and let the rest of us get on with the “old normal”. Yes, that means that very roughly about 0.5% of us, likely including people you love and people I love, are going to die sooner than they would if COVID-19 had never happened. Social distancing and the rest of it simply can’t go on for everyone until a vaccine is produced, if there ever is one, given that there has never been a corona virus vaccine.

        “…are yo so selfish that you don’t care who dies as long as no one is even suggesting you do something?”

        The alternative to re-opening is to force the world economy into a deep recession, if not a depression. My initial brutal illustration at the start of this response is just one example of the consequences of a major economic downturn. Suicides will increase. Murders will increase. People are watching their livelihoods wash away before their eyes. Drug abuse, including alcohol abuse, will increase. Homelessness will increase. Proprietorships and small businesses are progressively passing the point of no return. Child abuse and neglect will rise. Poverty and depression are co-morbidities of their own. There was a Harvard study which concluded that the 2008 recession caused over a quarter million early cancer deaths globally (I don’t have the link handy, but it has been posted on this site at least a half dozen times). I won’t bother trying to list all the secondary and tertiary consequences. Of course all of these problems already exist, but the point is that they will increase in frequency, severity, and persistence – indeed, that has already begun.

        So…how selfish are you? Selfish enough to lobby for the suffering of a great many just so you can mitigate your own fears and unwillingness to possibly have to face a little sooner the inevitable death of a few close to you, or even to avoid facing your own inescapable mortality just a wee bit longer?

  26. De Blasio is a punk. At some point in time, however, the people of NYC need to take a stand. This is the shit they are voting for. When they go to the ballot box it only matters the letter next De Blasio’s name.

  27. Deblasio is a thug and weak of character.

    A terrible human being.

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  29. If attending a funeral is non-essential, Is death trivialized? If death is trivial, why is saving lives important?
    The reality of death is an essential part of our spiritual growth into full humanity. If we depend on government to spare us from death at any cost, we will never be free.

  30. I don’t like echo chambers;

    It was nice to see in this thread everyone being real libertarians. Normally people that are at each other’s throat are either agreeing or mildly disagreeing.

    COVID19 is quite galvanizing for the libertarian commentariat

  31. Is this not the same outfit of lunatics who swing chickens over their heads that they may absorb the swinger’s sins? The same sect that got booted out of their camp at Lago Atitlan in Guatemala over a sex scandal a few years ago?

  32. Today, religious funerals harassed, but patriotic military flyovers are essential business!

    Religion not essential; patriotism is! Because Government Almighty says so!

    Tomorrow, voting (campaigning, rallying) DeRpwill be an essential business, but voting (campaigning, rallying) Libertarian will be akin to selling porn videos! NOT an essential business! Because Government Almighty says so!

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