Will Summer's Heat, Humidity, and Sunlight Help Us Slow COVID-19?

Lab testing and epidemiology suggest a dog days reprieve could happen.


Laboratory experiments show that heat, humidity, and exposure to sunlight significantly speed up the rates at which the novel coronavirus is destroyed, according to data revealed yesterday at the White House by William N. Bryan, the acting undersecretary for science and technology at the Homeland Security Department. The experiments, conducted at the U.S. Army's biosecurity laboratory at Fort Detrick, Maryland, tested how long the virus would persist on hard, nonporous surfaces and as droplets in the air when exposed to various levels of heat, humidity, and sunlight.

The viral half-life measurements—that is, the amount of time it takes for half of a given quantity of virus to degrade and disappear—ranged from 18 hours on hard surfaces to 2 minutes depending on the temperature, humidity, and exposure to sunlight. The half-life of the virus in droplets ranged from about 60 minutes to 1.5 minutes. Basically, the hotter, the steamier, and the sunnier, the more quickly the virus was destroyed.

This laboratory research accords with the findings of some epidemiological analyses that suggest that higher heat and humidity slow down the spread of the virus. In addition, other research finds a strongly seasonal variation in the infection rates of the common coronaviruses that are responsible for some bad colds. For example, a 2010 study in The Journal of Clinical Microbiology reported: "Generally, coronaviruses displayed marked winter seasonality between the months of December and April and were not detected in summer months."

During his presentation, Bryan did say, "It would be irresponsible for us to say summer will kill the virus." But he did suggest that summer conditions are "another tool in the toolbox" to use against the virus.

Here's hoping that the virus that causes COVID-19 will act like its common-cold causing cousins and fade away for the summer. Such a dog days respite would also provide our health system time to prepare for a possible second wave of infections in the coming fall and winter.

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  1. “It would be irresponsible for us to say summer will kill the virus.”


    1. Dont make the virus mad or wave 2 will be even deadlier.

      1. ‘Wave 2: This Time, It’s Personal’. Aka ‘Wave 2: Electric Boogaloo’.

        1. Amatures

          Wave 2 part deux

          Wave 2! :the search for more money

          Leathel weapon 2 (damn that ones taken)

          1. You’re not even pretending to stay in character.

            1. I don’t know if you know this, but saying the same thing over and over again gets tiring. Anyone with an iq higher than 60 gets burned out fast with the repetitive knee-jerk reactions. I don’t know how Kirkland keeps it up.

              1. Pretty sure you answered your own question.

                1. Hmmm I haven’t slept in 3 days and didn’t catch that

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      2. We will need to have “super lockdowns “!

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      1. “Your wife. Does she enjoy … epidemiology?”

        1. knowwhatimean?

          1. amiright amirightm

  2. So the scientists say it, and the press nods their heads and write throughful articles. Then Trump repeats it and all of a sudden the left wing reporters heads explode.

    Same pattern. Wash rise repeat.

    1. That’s because we all (or at least most of us) know where the translation was lost.

      1. Sullum’s article today is a great example…

        1. Shit
          By today, I mean 4.24.2020

  3. The experiments, conducted at the U.S. Army’s biosecurity laboratory at Fort Detrick, Maryland

    They did some interesting work with the Motaba virus…

  4. In other news, the most conflicted president in US history has just been found out to be even more conflicted than we thought.

    I can’t wait to hear from the cult how having a president deeply in debt to China is a good thing.

    1. Wait, so your assertion now is that Trump always pays his debts instead of declaring bankruptcy when debt is greater than assets? Can you make up your fucking mind.

    2. Lol!

      “the 2012 Bank of China deal also stands out because Trump and his campaign have repeatedly highlighted the same bank’s role in a $1.5 billion deal announced in 2013 by partners of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. ”

      Keep defending the worst actors dummy.

    3. Oh…

      “The debt stems from a $950 million refinancing deal in 2012, to which the Bank of China chipped in $211 million. ”

      So china has a minority stake of the debt.

      Do you even fucking bother reading past the opening paragraphs? Thought you owned a business and understood these things. Guess not.

      1. So Trump’s 30% equity position means he is exposed to $70 million in Chinese debt obligations. Pretty cool! I love presidents in debt to China for gross sums.

        Please tell me again why a president shouldn’t divest. Tell us how Trump being in debt to China makes him a better, more trust worthy president, and not a security risk.

        If I had so much as $100 debt to the Chinese national bank, I wouldn’t be able to get a security clearance.

        And pointing out the president is deeply, deeply conflicted is not defending Hunter Biden or anyone else. Take off your fucking partisan glasses for a second.

        I’m sure you guys are fine with Hunter’s businesses then, I take it?

        1. Do you know what refinancing is? Do you think this isnt normal for real estate? That he wont fucking refinance as long as assets are greater than the debt? Stop claiming to be a business owner when it is fucking obvious you dont know what thing about economics. What the fuck do you think City Bonds do? You want to see how much publicly held debt china has to various cities?

          You have to be one of the biggest fucking idiots on thos board.

          1. He doesn’t think that linking to a liberal author’s article and saying it’s conservative is dishonest, so asking him about refinancing is like pissing in the wind.

        2. If I had so much as $100 debt to the Chinese national bank, I wouldn’t be able to get a security clearance.

          DOL Admits He Owes Massive Debts to Russian Banks

          – He didn’t deny it when asked about Chinese banks –

          1. What’s hilarious about his comment is that what he said was a lie. You can have foreign assets and have a security clearance. You just have to report it and be honest. It may stop you from getting clearance to certain programs, but not secret or top secret general clearances. It is just another lie he tells on here that he is ex-military.

            1. There’s a simple explantion for this:
              DOL is a fucking lefty ignoramus and

      2. What else do you expect from Jeffy other than sophistry, lies, and support for illegal alien pedophiles?

        1. We’re dealing with someone who literally doesn’t think linking to a liberal author’s article and saying it’s from a conservative is dishonest.

          1. You know, Hihn may be a raving, senile, lunatic who endlessly shitposts, but at least he appears to be honest about his inanity.

            Pedo Jeffy is just about the worst here.

            1. i love Hihn. i know i hold the minority view. moar bold!

              1. I agree with you, and so does my friend Sir Chortles Alot. Hihn is pure entertainment.

              2. In terms of entertainment, Agile Cyborg is still king. Hihn is pretty good, though, I admit.

                1. You realize you’ve become such an asshole nobody cares, right?

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    4. No, it’s Russia, dumbass. You gotta link him to Russia. Did you drop your Proggie cue cards? Sigh.

      1. Why do I have to link him to anything? Public financial disclosures have linked him to the Chinese national bank to the tune of a $70 million debt. If that doesn’t bother you, then good for you. You place a lot of trust in TOP MEN.

        1. You’re literally so ignorant you cant help doubling down on your own ignorant takes.

        2. DOL Demonstrates That POTUS Puts Chinese Capital to Work to Make Profit for American Business

          Maybe they do pay for those tariffs…

        3. As a No Fan of Trump, I can say who cares. Unless he pulls a Chris Dodd getting favorable terms at the expense of the nation this is a nothing story. Nothing nefarious here. It is funny though given his anti trade stance with China and potentially politically damaging to him, eroding from his base those that are vehemently anti-China.

        4. Lol. Lying Jeffy doesn’t understand what a joke is! Hmm, another indicator of being a sociopath.

    5. The most important task facing the United States and the west in the years ahead of us is eliminating our dependence on China in every single way, shape, and form. It certainly won’t be easy or painless, far from it. But it is absolutely necessary.

      I say to you without the slightest bit of humor or sarcasm whatsoever that China is the Evil Empire of the 21st century every bit as much as the Soviet Union was the Evil Empire of the 20th century.

      This goes way beyond ideas and ideology, democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives, capitalism and socialism. I’m talking about our very long-term survival. If this malevolent Maoist regime is allowed to continue indefinitely and become the dominant force on the planet, we are all doomed.

      1. ^^^THIS

        1. No, it’s reducing our dependency on cowardly lefty pieces of shit.

  5. The viral half-life measurements—that is, the amount of time it takes for half of a given quantity of virus to degrade and disappear—ranged from 18 hours on hard surfaces to 2 minutes depending on the temperature, humidity, and exposure to sunlight.

    “So, you’re saying in any event it takes a *long* time to get to zero virus?”

    1. There is no “zero virus”. It will be here until we are all dead. It is known.

  6. It will hit 100 degrees here on Sunday. So what did IHME do for arizona? Extend lockdown recommendations to July. Their model is beyond bullshit. Yet government keeps relying on the bullshit.

    1. Don’t worry, come July, when the crashing economy leads to rolling brown-outs, they can say the outages are government mandated to kill the virus and save lives. THIS IS ABOUT SAVING LIVES!


    2. Just ban AC, problem solved

      But seriously, that is ridiculous

    3. So what temperature do you set the air conditioning to in AZ?

      1. Jeffy sets up so many straw men it’s like scarecrow porn.

      2. 80-82.

        1. And it is still too cold for the secratary.

      3. My god, the idiot doesn’t stop. JFree, will you admit that your dreams of 2 million deaths in the US is over?

      4. JFree
        April.24.2020 at 4:56 pm
        “So what temperature do you set the air conditioning to in AZ?”

        What temperature is fatal to cowardly pieces of lefty shit?
        Asking for a friend.

    4. I am near NYC and the sun comes out for an hour or two once a week maybe for 9 months a year. this is the coldest april I ever saw.

      1. This was a cold spring for us. Pretty late for the warming here. Pool isn’t even ready yet.

  7. so I guess those spring breakers weren’t so dumb after all

    1. Beautiful.

      1. Florida beaches are the safest place to be

  8. This might be crazy but I wonder if anyone has tried sterilizing the real medical masks with UV light so they can be used again?

    1. Or an autoclave? I believe it’s bacteria that resist moderate heat and light.

      1. UV light can be used for bacterial control (some home water treatment systems use it). Probably have to step up to irradiation for viruses – a high enough dose would likely damage the RNA strand.

        1. Radiation?? * covers ears with hands and screams*

          1. Yeah, great, now my lungs are gonna get a sunburn

            1. i’m sayin’ that’s what the cold from coronavirus feels like.

        2. a high enough dose would likely damage the RNA strand

          Trump Advocates Use of ‘the Bomb’ to Battle COVID-19

          – He didn’t deny it when asked about taco salads

        3. You can get a UV filter for your AC ducts as well.

    2. I think there are studies on that. There are also ones looking at gamma radiation. I guess a big question is whether the radiation–whatever its form–damages the mask enough to render it ineffective.

    3. Used to be they used cloth masks – and washed them with soap and water before re-using. As long as the wash cycle is more than 20 seconds, it works wonders.

      1. Stuff your PANIC!! flag up your ass, sitck-first, sit on it and spin, you cowardly piece of lefty shit.

  9. >>>a possible second wave of infections in the coming fall and winter.

    or as it used to be known Cold & Flu Season … also why six feet?

    1. … also why six feet?

      That’s the radius of an extended nightstick?

  10. It’s important to remember that Covid-19 is frequently one of many factors potentially leading to death when there is mortality, and many of these other factors *also* decrease in summer (like pneumonia, flu, etc…). That means that we might see a dramatic decrease in covid-19 related illness as its own declined combines with the other declines at the same time – a multiplicative effect.

    The following relies on the CDC data in table 1 here:

    We don’t actually care about the totals so much as relative fractions, so the fact that there is certainly missing death certificates, especially in later weeks, is probably not a big deal.

    This table is based on how death is coded on death certificates received by CDC. Covid-19 receives a code of U07.1. Non-flu pneumonia receives codes from J12 through J18.9. Flu receives a code ranging from J09 through J11. The Covid code is not exclusive with the other codes (but Pneumonia and Flu are exclusive), that is, a death certificate can be coded for both Covid and one of the other conditions. (The codings are ICD chapter 10 from WHO, with J meaning ‘respiratory illness’. WHO has a complete reference).

    The Covid AND Pneumonia column tells you how much double counting there is in both the Covid and Pneumonia columns. There’s also going to be double counting with Covid and Flu, although there is no column for that (although we can calculate it using the last column: Covid + Pneumonia – (Covid And Pneumonia) + Flu – (Coded with at least one of the three) = Flu And Covid).

    The thing that immediately jumps out is just how many Covid patients also had Pneumonia. It looks to be in the ballpark of half of them. (Which actually killed them? Unclear).

    If you do some sample calculations for Flu And Covid, it turns out about 3/4 of flu deaths also had Covid-19 in the last two weeks of the data, and 1/2 of flu deaths the week before that.

    And while this does raise a question of how many of those deaths *with* covid were actually *caused by* covid, the more relevant thing is that many forms of pneumonia are seasonal, and flu is seasonal, which means the incidence of both should go down as weather improves. If covid is more lethal when combined with these other conditions, it’s lethality should go down independent of frequency. If it’s frequency is also going down, covid deaths should start rapidly dropping off as the weather gets better – assuming people are allowed outside.

    1. Good post

  11. Yes, this reason is right because the Covid-19 virus cannot survive in the heat. Recently back pain chairs lab also publish a care study about Covid-19 and tell some reason that helps to save from it.

  12. Will Summer’s Heat, Humidity, and Sunlight Help Us Slow COVID-19?
    Probably not, bit what will slow the virus down is people getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine and rebuilding their immune systems.

  13. Well, let’s think:

    If sunlight & summer do to kill it, we need to go outside so people are more healthy.

    If sunlight & summer do NOT kill it, we need to go outside and get this run through the population before flu season hits again.


  14. It’a look-alike probable measurement. If it’s happening, that creates another history also.

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  20. well, it seems like it will not affect too much and keep spreading.
    Like the hot temperature countries are facing same issue but with low testing capability.In such conditions people are facing too much anxiety and sleep disorders

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