Today in Supreme Court History

Today in Supreme Court History: April 24, 1963

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4/24/1963: Sherbert v. Verner argued.

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  1. Well, which way did the court rule???

    How is this case relevant to the Hobby Lobby case?

    And, in the professors opinions, would SCOTUS rule the same way today on Sunday work — or is it a legacy of an earlier era when Blue Laws mandated Sunday closures?

    1. Indeed, another half-assed job, although besides the usual lack of context we’re not told the result. Maybe this series should be called, “100 Supreme Court Cases one should name-drop at a faculty cocktail party before immediately going on to talk about something else”.

  2. Back when Massachusetts still had Blue Laws (stores closed on Sundays), the owner of a struggling department store went to the then-WASP Town of Reading and said “But I’m Jewish, my ‘Sunday’ is Sundown Friday to Sundown Saturday.” And the town said “OK.”

    And Stone’s was open on Sundays…

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