Brickbat: Cheers!


In Australia, Adelaide City Council members say they may ban the consumption of alcohol during council meetings. The proposal comes after council member Harvey Jones was seen drinking during a four-and-a-half-hour council meeting conducted by Zoom. Jones polished off a bottle of cider and two glasses of red wine during the meeting. "When you're working from home the two kinda blend into each other," Jones said.

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  1. “Jones polished off a bottle of cider and two glasses of red wine during the meeting. When you’re working from home the two kinda blend into each other”


    1. Next time, he’ll polish off that bottle just before the meeting starts, so he won’t drink during the meeting. Problem solved!

      1. Clear liquids is the solution! Vodka, gin, clear tequila, schnapps… Drink clear liquids and say it’s just water! Easy-peasy here!

        1. “Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets.” – Ron Swanson

        2. Pour your wine into a Welch’s grape juice bottle and be seen filling your glass from that

        3. Or an opaque container, like a coffee mug.

          1. He did it the wrong way. You lead off with iced tea in a 1-gallon jug marked ‘XXX’ on the side. When people freak out, you apologize for the confusion and then switch to a clear glass full of amber liquid.

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    2. Crikey!

      Isn’t 3 drinks in 4.5 hrs. stone sober by Australian standards? Or is ‘bottle of cider’ an Australian euphemism for ‘gallon of moonshine’?

  2. AO Sex is a great with a bottle of cider, so try it now

    1. Dare I even click on that bait?

  3. You also need to remember to put it Aussie measurement . A bottle means a 2 liter and 2 glasses means large mugs. I had a Aussie friend that called the Foster 24 oz ‘small cans’.

    1. Somehow I doubt a bunch of plastered city councilmen can do more damage than sober city councilmen. I vote that they are allowed their drinks

      1. Hell, it might even be an improvement.

        1. I immediately thought the same thing.

  4. But Jones has defended himself.

    “When you’re working from home the two kinda blend into each other,” Jones said.

    ‘I kind of forgot I was in a council meeting.”

    Hell of a defense.

    1. At last, a honest answer from a politician.

  5. Government in action is best observed drunk.

    He will just use a Yeti cup next time.

  6. “… during a four and a half hour council meeting.”

    Yep, that’ll do it.

    1. Don’t forget to mute while you’re pissing under the table.

      1. My Dad, a former “China Marine,” was quite a character. Some years after he died a former acquaintance of his told me a story. After a fishing trip they were at a bar and he quaffed quite a few brews; after and hour or so it was observed he hadn’t gone the the boys room like everyone else. When asked about it he simply pumped his foot in his waders and made a sloshing sound.

        True story.


    This is a great story. Chinese “Citizen Journalist” investigates disappearance of his journalist friends covering Wuhan. Gets tossed into quarantine for his efforts.

    When let out he issues a hostage statement: at all times I was well-treated they cared about me I was allowed my rest…..

  8. I’ll believe everyone is actually scared of getting sick when they stop drinking. That’s how you can tell it’s a joke. Have you seen the lines at fast food?! These aren’t people that care about their health as much as they care about getting you to follow orders.

    1. Dance, monkey! Dance!

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