Brickbat: Sandy Pants


Officials in San Clemente, California, dumped 37 tons of sand on a skate park to keep skaters from using it. The park, along with other city recreation facilities, was closed to promote social distancing but skaters ignored "no trespassing" signs and kept using the park. The nonprofit group that raised money to build the park says the city did not consult them before filling it with sand.

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  1. Show me the skater and I’ll show you the crime.

  2. It’s now a dirt bike track.

      1. It is not yet known how the city will handle the uncovering of the park that by all accounts is still closed in the time of social distancing.

        “Lock and load”?

      2. That’s the kind of civil disobedience that warms my cold dark libertarian heart.

        1. Agreed. From a ‘social obedience’ angle too. Probably none of these kids said ‘Thanks’ to anyone from the non-profit when the park opened up (if they were even around), this probably said it louder than they ever could.

          Who would maintain the roads if not for the government? These kids are maintaining the skate park in spite of the government.

      3. Feel good story of the day!

  3. Beat me to it, Fist.

  4. Unless there is such a thing as a tandem skate board, no one rides a skateboard closer than at least 6 feet from another skateboarder. Usually they’re even further apart than that.

    Sounds like some official got sand in his vag. Probably he just can’t do an ollie even after years of practice, so now he wants to prevent others from doing them.

  5. For decades if not centuries now, the Government Almighty that LOVES us (More Dearly than we will EVER know!) has been demonstrating its love for us (and The Children!) by POISONING (“denaturing”) alcohol, so that we won’t drink it! If we drink it and die, well, then, it doesn’t seem to be the fault of Government Almighty!

    Next on the hit parade: Sand, in cases like this, will be liberally “denatured” using generous amounts of radioactive and carcinogenic materials! Because Government Almighty loves us!

    1. Stop giving them ideas!

    2. Next on the hit parade: Sand, in cases like this, will be liberally “denatured” using generous amounts of radioactive and carcinogenic materials!

      Depends on which is cheaper, denaturing sand, or stationing a SWAT team to guard the skate park 24/7. My guess is the radioactive materials would be cheaper than the overtime alone for the SWAT team, so yeah, that’s probably the route they’ll go. Then again, this is CA, so who the hell knows with them.

  6. “The nonprofit group that raised money to build the park says the city did not consult them before filling it with sand.”

    1. Now there is a plaintiff with standing for a ‘taking’ case.
    2. How many tax dollars were spent on 37 tons of sand?
    3. What was the carbon footprint of moving all that sand?
    4. Just for the record; the city council is alleged to be a non-partisan election.
    According to the California Secretary of State, as of February 10, 2019, San Clemente has 40,105 registered voters. Of those, 17,791 (44.4%) are registered Republicans, 9,926 (24.8%) are registered Democrats, and 10,309 (25.7%) have declined to state a political party.[22]
    In the California State Legislature, San Clemente is in the 36th Senate District, represented by Republican Patricia Bates, and in the 73rd Assembly District, represented by Republican Bill Brough.[24]
    In the United States House of Representatives, San Clemente is in California’s 49th congressional district, represented by Democrat Mike Levin.[25]

    1. Total sand cost is probably around $1500 give or take (market price). The union labor costs to spread it is where they get ya. The project probably came in at around $100,000.00 (slightly exaggerated); especially since it didn’t take 1 year to complete the job.

      1. But did anyone do the proper environmental studies?!? An endangered dust mite could have been buried alive!

  7. Anyone who has raised children knows that sometimes the toy and toddler must be separated.

    1. So when are your parents going to take your keyboard away?

      1. dammit, I hadn’t reloaded the page before I commented.

    2. Says the doctor that has had to repeatedly remove the”toy” from your anus.

    3. We all know sand clings to everything!

    4. and yet no one has taken your computer privileges away yet, your parents are failing you, kiddo.

      1. *Fingers crossed* they bury him under 37 tons of sand.

  8. Curiously, I haven’t seen one news report about a college kid who got a serious case of ChiComVirus from attending one of those Spring Break beach scenes that everyone was clutching pearls over a month ago.

    1. ThEy mAy HaVe CauGHt iT bUt HaD no SyMPtomZ AnD spReAd it 2 TheRE GrAndPaRenTs WeN tHeY weNt HoMe, DERPITY DERRRRR.

      Makes perfect sense, we all know how much college “kids” just love hanging around their grandparents when they’re not at school.

    2. Actually I have. I was reported here on Reason. Girl comes back from spring break. Facebooks that she might have COVID-19, sheriffs show up to shut her down because no one in town was allowed to be infected.

      1. I thought she didn’t actually make it to spring break?

  9. They guys loading and filling in the sand had less social distancing than the skaters.

  10. I am sure they are where they want to be, namely on empty sidewalks!

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