Brickbat: And Don't Come Back


In Georgia, Carrollton City Schools has expelled two students for making a racist TikTok video off-campus. The video shows the two making disparaging remarks about blacks and using a racial slur. Carrollton High School Principal David Brooks said it did not matter that the students were not at school when they made the video. "It is our priority to keep our schools safe, and there is no doubt this incident has caused significant tension at Carrollton High School, across the district, state and nation—even the world," he said.

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  1. Your credentials or degrees no longer have anything to do, with whether or not you have the smarts and the work ethic needed to complete the course work, or whether or not you have learned to read, write, understand, and to do technical work. Degrees now simply convey: I agree with the State, at all times (in and out of school), or at least, will keep it to myself, when I disagree with the State. Yesterday: About racism, for example. Today: About whether or not we can gather in large numbers, without state-mandated “social distancing”, for church, for parties, for protests… Or even, to go to work, to earn money, without becoming a ward of the State! ALL MUST OBEY THE STATE! ABOUT ALL THINGS! ALL HAIL!

    1. The State is creating better citizens by making an example of these white trash goyim. Any attempt by whites to politically align along ethnic lines needs to be stopped immediately. Remember to donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center, NAACP, and ADL.

      1. Punishment is the universal elixir, then? The High School educators here have CLEARLY failed to “educate away” the hatreds of the biased ones, here and now! WHY, then, should not the educators and administrators (who clearly have FAILED in their jobs!), then, NOT be PUNISHED for having failed to do their jobs?!

        Religious and anti-religious people alike, wise ones, over the years, have condemned the perpetual resorting to punishment for all things bad or in poor taste! Punishment needs to be used with GREAT restraint! It very often backfires! Like, it can turn the racists into heroes, in the eyes of the like-minded!

        Punish-punish-punish! Personally, I think that punishment should be strictly reserved for only those who cannot otherwise be corrected, and then, “the punishment should fit the crime”. What is needed, and then no more, as far as the severity of the punishment goes. Even criticism is punishment, and it, too, should be carefully rationed.
        What have very varied thinkers through the years said about this?

        “Beware of all those in whom the urge to punish is strong.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

        “Mistrust all those in whom the desire to punish is imperative.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

        “Let he who is without sin, throw the first stone.” – Jesus

        “How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in your own eye? You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” – Jesus

        1. Thought crime is permanent and fatal. Don’t go against Big Brother.

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    2. “It is our priority to keep our schools safe, and there is no doubt this incident has caused significant tension at Carrollton High School, across the district, state and nation—even the world,”

      He forgot to mention the Milky Way and the universe.

  2. “It is our priority to keep our schools safe…”

    How about keeping the rest of society safe, too? Is this your formula for safety? Push people into poverty and dependence on the state, for lack of a High School graduation certificate, for reasons other than, not being able to complete the course work?

    Push everyone who disagrees with me, into poverty… My BRILLIANT formula for safety! All behold and admire ME, Brilliant Agent of the All-Loving State!

    1. Or how about making racist into victims. That’s all this school did. They took the perfect opportunity to teach all the kids at that school the value of free speech by showing them the best way to fight bad speech is with better speech and instead emboldened the idea of the hecklers veto. Ridiculous

      1. No, it’s just you two. Calm down useful idiots. The violence in this thread is appalling, but Reason can’t seem to shut down the racism here. They choose to encourage it.

        1. Please point out who, and where, encouraged or committed violence. Please point out where encouraged racism.

          If I say that divorce should be legal (should not be punished), am I advocating for divorce?

          If I say that attempting suicide should be legal (should not be punished), am I advocating for attempting suicide?

          Is punishment your universal solution for all things bad?

          1. Nice try.

        2. Sarcasm?

          1. Nope, this retard has gone full Kirkland. Instead of bitter clingers, everyone’s a violent, useful idiot.

            1. Yep, proving my point every time you post.

              1. Proving his point, you mean, retard.

            2. Simple minds authoritarian markets

  3. So, free speech doesn’t exist outside the class room either? Seems their preparing children to be monitored 24/7 later in life. And it seems many in government want to use the ‘virus crisis’ to do just that .

  4. It is our priority to keep our schools safe…

    It’s obviously not his priority to educate.

  5. Time and again, people point out that freedom of speech only applies to government curtailing the speech of citizens, and not to any sort of private institution, or platform, or publication, etc. deciding what individuals are allowed to say. Well, is Carrollton County Schools not a government entity? Where is the protest against these two knuckleheads having their 1A rights suspended?

    1. Yes, 1A applies here. And yes, Carrollton High School Principal David Brooks deserves a shotgun blast to the face for not understanding that.

      1. *** LOOK ***
        Another right-wing, gun NUT is advocating violence! Someone call the SPLC & ADL! I need to report another hate crime – probably caused by Trump’s racist language!

  6. Tori Spelling’s daughter is ALSO a horrible racist, and will ALSO now not be allowed to graduate High School!

    See horrible, terrible (Trigger warning here!!!) photo of racist daughter below!!! Prepare to be SHOCKED!!!
    Tori Spelling apologizes for photo of her daughter dressed up as ‘McQuisha’

    1. I’m gonna need help on this one. What did they do wrong?


        Snippet from there…

        “That’s right — Spelling showed her a**, and blatant racism, by putting a bandana on her daughter, with Cheeto nails, and giving her a stereotypical “ethnic” name, McQuisha.”

        My translation: Culture appropriation!!! It’s literally GENOCIDE!!! Right up there with Hitler gassing the Jews!!!!

        1. Yeah, and when Sarah Silverman dons blackface, no one is supposed to care.

          These idiots are selective in their faux outrage. Maybe that’s a symptom of the ‘rona, and it’s been around longer than we thought.

    2. Rule 1: Never apologize.

      1. I thought Rule #1 was “Denounce the traitor and claim ignorance”

        1. No, it’s “You do not talk about Fight Club.”

  7. “and there is no doubt this incident has caused significant tension at Carrollton High School, across the district, state and nation—even the world,”

    This guy needs to be Baker acted for a full psych eval. I looked up megalomania on Wikipedia, and this guy’s picture was at the top.

    1. Well, when you tell kids that one person can change the world, it only stands to reason that if you’re being consistent, you have to agree that one person can endanger the world too.

      1. And you mean it can be a different person each day.

        1. And 10 different people can all change the world in 10 different, contradictory, and mutually exclusive ways all in the same day.

    2. Looking at the schools “Leadership”, only one non-paleface on it. Methinks Carrollton High School Principal David Brooks is the true racist here.

    3. This story is all everyone in NZ is talking about r n.

      Oops my mistake its all what no one is talking about

  8. You probably won’t be surprised to know that the girl has already had her college acceptance withdrawn at the mob’s insistence and this same mob is insisting the police need to arrest and jail these two. You probably also won’t be surprised to know nobody seems to see the irony in getting a lynch mob going over this incident.

  9. Safety? Come on, Brooks, and just admit that your goal is ideological purity and conformity to the state!

  10. Expulsion was wrong. Bigots have rights, too.

    Including the right to be called “bigot” by their betters.

    1. Correct, bigot.

    2. Or gecko by their betters.

      Hi gecko!

    3. That lets you out, bigot.

  11. Having Lefty ideas of control is a mental disease.

    Democrats wanted to control slaves and now they want all Americans to be their slaves.

    1. Lefties dont care about you, so you should not care about them.

    2. Why do you think they tore all those civil war statues down? Slavery will be easier to re-institute once the past is erased.

      1. Stonewall Jackson was an LGBTQ+ icon!

        1. Was he Left Gifted, Bidextrous or a Transhander?

  12. Carrollton High School Principal David Brooks said it did not matter that the students were not at school when they made the video…

    …because students are the property of the school.

    1. “it did not matter that the students were not at school when they made the video”

      The schools may be closed, but we still have control! For the union! I mean, students! Yeah, for the students!

  13. I won’t speak for everyone here, but speaking for everyone here, we all probably said really stupid, ignorant things when we were in high school. None of us got expelled.

    1. Confess your thought crimes, kulak!

  14. >>at Carrollton High School, across the district, state and nation—even the world

    Principal Brooks thinks much of himself

  15. if these kids are democrats they have a bright future in Virginia politics.

    1. Southern Virginia needs to join West Virginia

  16. The officials’ reaction is yet another repeat of a very old problem — the “heckler’s veto.” It amounts to giving in to terrorists and is already illegal under numerous precedents. But maybe not when children are the victims. That needs to change.

    1. Susan Wojcicki and Mark Zuckerberg are certainly capable of regulating good thought in the free market of social media. If you don’t like it, make a sign and go shout on a street corner. This is the world we live in and YOU can’t do anything about it.

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