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Trump Insists His Name Appear on COVID-19 Relief Checks

Plus: Test Americans for the coronavirus every seven days? And more...


Trump takes credit for $1,200 checks. COVID-19 relief payments may be delayed by President Donald Trump demanding his name be printed on them. Trump's name will now appear in the memo line of each "Economic Impact Payment" made by paper check.

This "unprecedented decision, finalized late Monday" may "slow their delivery by a few days," notes The Washington Post, citing IRS officials as the source. ("Treasury officials disputed that the checks would be delayed," the Post states.)

For many people, delayed funds won't be a big deal. But a whole lot of Americans have lost jobs, businesses, and other money-making opportunities. Food banks, unemployment offices, private charities, and mutual aid funds are all overwhelmed. A delay by a few days could mean the difference between having food and other basic necessities or going without.

Regardless of whether this has or will hold up checks being sent out, the move is just one more sign of petty vanity and self-centered thinking from the president, who has spent way too much of this crisis raving about his ratings, lashing out at the media, and complaining that governors aren't groveling enough for federal emergency supplies.

"Trump had privately suggested to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who oversees the IRS, to allow the president to formally sign the checks, according to three administration officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly," the Post adds. "But the president is not an authorized signer for legal disbursements by the U.S. Treasury. It is standard practice for a civil servant to sign checks issued by the Treasury Department to ensure that government payments are nonpartisan."

People who have previously gotten tax refunds via direct deposit will have their COVID-19 relief money distributed that way and are already seeing the funds show up. (Mine was in my checking account as of this morning.) Paper checks will start being mailed out soon, in a staggered manner, with the last checks not expected to be mailed until September.


What Singapore's backslide means for the U.S. Singapore is back on lockdown, after it seemed like stringent early containment measures had fared well against COVID-19.

"What Singapore was doing," writes The New York Times' Aaron E. Carroll, "dwarfs what most are discussing in the United States. Its present circumstances bode poorly for our ability to remain open for a long time."

Our best hope, argues economist and New York University professor Paul Romer, is for 7 percent of the U.S. population to be tested for COVID-19 each day, or about once every two weeks per person. The Times explains more:

[Romer] argues that even if there are plenty of false negatives, if we committed to isolating everyone with a positive test, we could keep the vast majority of Americans out and about in normal life. All told, that would mean 150 million tests a week.

Critics will argue that's impossible. We cannot even seem to manage a million a day. They say we lack the materials, as well as the reagents for chemical analysis, the delivery infrastructure and the machines to run so many tests.

Mr. Romer is not dissuaded. "I've been focused on a single idea my whole career, that just because something is unfamiliar doesn't mean it's impossible," he said. "Building interstate highways, scanning every book, going to the moon—these were all outrageous ideas at one time. But if we put enough resources and our minds behind it, we are able to make the impossible possible."

His plan would rely less on contact tracing and isolation, since everyone would be tested regularly, and this might make infection control easier in many parts of the country.

It could also, theoretically, render more intrusive COVID-1984-style surveillance measures useless or unpopular.


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  1. COVID-19 relief payments may be delayed by President Donald Trump demanding his name be printed on them.

    Congratulations, America. You finally did it. It took nearly 250 years but you elected a narcissist as president.

    1. All that money is coming out of his pocket!

      1. Well, to be sure every Congressmen would love to have their names on those STIMMY checks.

        1. No, no they wouldn’t because not all of them are narcissistic assholes like your cult leader.

          1. Your citation fell off…again.

          2. Oh noes, the check is signed, just like every other check on the planet. How unprecedented *faints*.

            “B-b-b-but an anonymous IRS official said ‘unprecedented’ signatures on checks will cause delays”

            What the fuck does an IRS man have to do with the Treasury’s job of printing and issuing stimulus checks? What does the Treasury department have to say?

            “Treasury officials disputed that the checks would be delayed,”

            See? It’s just more lying by your lot.

            1. Fuck off you dishonest tribalist simpleton. This free money is being sent supposedly because people are in dire straights and need it. Now your bozo cult daddy is causing those supposedly desperate people to go without for a few days becuase he wants personal credit. Very Daddy Stalin-esque.

              Which Political party wants to replace father figures with the government, again?

              1. Ya because ya know that 1200 dollars is gonna fix all the problems people have been dealing with for the last two months by making them wait a few more days.
                I know this one, Democrats?
                Arent they the ones who wanted to delay the bill longer cause they wanted moar pork.

                1. It’ll fix some problems.

              2. Some of the checks aren’t scheduled to go out until September.

              3. we are the Sultans of Swing.

              4. Fuck off you dishonest proggie piece of shit.

                1. Notice how he won’t address the issue that the panic piece in all this, the purported delay, hangs on the words of some unrelated, anonymous government bureaucrat, and not the Treasury… who denied it.

                  That’s because he’s a lying propagandist.

                  1. Notice how you guys rush to defend Trump’s every utterance and action. Then accuse anyone who doesn’t likewise want to lick Trump’s ass as a progressive.

                    1. Notice how you make up bullshit to defend Lying Jeffy repeatedly?

                      Your like his fucking dog following him around. Bark bark.

                    2. Nobody defended it you fuck sock. They’re pointing out that the Treasury department said there wouldn’t be a delay.

                      At least be fucking honest that you’re not worried about a delay and are upset about this rather obvious fucking stunt to ingratiate himself with the average check getter.

              5. Suck my dick, Jeff, you lying shill.

                Yet again, dishonestly trying to redirect the argument to something else because you don’t have an actual rebuttal.

                Fuck you.

              6. In point of fact, there is no such thing as free money.

              7. The checks are all printed by computer. If it actually takes “a few days” to add “Donald Trump” to the check, they ought to rush out and hire 12-year old to take care of it for them.

              8. They’re still saying that if you’re waiting on a paper check it could be fucking September before you get it. I don’t think this very obvious shitty ploy is going to be screwing anyone over. Jesus Christ, get a grip.

                Oh, and to answer your question: it’s quite obviously Democrats.

            2. This is where I have a distinct advantage. Since I will receive no check, due to household success, I can sit back and watch the libernazi heads spin because of the mean old orange man.

          3. Still hiding in your house from the Coronas that Go Coof in the Night, dingleberry?

          4. “Obamacare”

      2. Obama had his phones. Let Trump have his checks.

        1. Funny I was thinking how during his shovel ready stimulus package, they had road signs placed that said brought to you by the federal recovery act…; I can’t remember if it made mention of the administration though. They definitely want to make sure though that you knew it was coming from the federal government and by extension the Obama admin.

          1. Yes, always. Whenever someone says something critical of Trump, gotta go to “Obama, too! Obama, too!”

            1. Because it’s easy to do.

              1. Did it to himself.

              2. Because it’s true.

            2. My new favorite account on here.

              1. Of course, it’s another one of yours.

            3. If the shoe fits. I have a stupid unnecessary bike lane thanks to that stimulus and it is a reminder everyday I drive to work. It abruptly starts and stops at bizarre points on the main road, when there are already parallel back roads on either side of the main drag that if someone was riding their bike; were prefer for the scenery and safety. I have yet to see anyone use it.

            4. Didn’t chocolate Jesus start it all with, “Well, Bush did it”?

            5. It’s always worth noting that what received a fanfare of crickets during the Obama administration became Nazi-esq the moment Trump was sworn into office.

              Almost exactly like how the evil things Bush did became good and moral the moment Obama was sworn in.

              You can essentially trace that back to George Washington, I’d imagine, but Reason comments can’t be that long.

        2. More checks (and balances) is precisely what all Presidents have needed for quite a while.

        3. Gillespie wrote yesterday that Trump was the bigger driving force for the Cares Act, why not let him have his name on there.

        4. Obama’s name was not on the phones.

          1. Or the health care plan.

            1. It really wasn’t. That was a republican nick name. So called because it came from an earlier draft called RomneyCare.

              1. Hey look jeff showed up to slurp Obama more

                1. He’s here to tell lies for the lefty cause.

                  1. Wait, do you retards really think Obama named the bill Obamacare?


                    1. And yet Obama and the Democrats as a whole were more than happy to attach Obama’s likability rating to their healthcare ‘overhaul’ that turned out to achieve, as expected by everyone, the opposite of it’s stated goal.

                    2. Was Trump more or less successful at bending the COVID curve than the Obama administration was in bending the cost curve of insurance premiums?

                      Yeah, I know. It’s not a fair comparison because reliable data for insurance premiums actually exists.

                    3. Oh, and last thing, Obama’s ‘if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor’ is right up there with ‘read my lips: no new taxes’.

                      Simple mantra’s that turned out to be abjectly and wildly wrong.

                    4. I really don’t give a shit who named it, Lying Jeffy.

        5. Obama made sure the shovel ready projects were well noted with signs on every project you drove by

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    2. People have already started to get STIMMY MONEY.

      Poor unreason Narrative.

      1. “People who have previously gotten tax refunds via direct deposit will have their COVID-19 relief money distributed that way and are already seeing the funds show up. (Mine was in my checking account as of this morning.)”

        Literally in the body of the text.

        1. And? Did someone claim otherwise?

          1. Hopefully, you are not donning a mask and gloves. You are too free, to independent, and too smart to do so.

            1. Aw i made your sock look bad and you went passive aggressive bitch over it.

              1. Dammit now I’m his sock too? I thought I was tulpa’s.

                If I cared to do bold I could add Hinh to the list.

                To my actual point: either he was making a non-sequitur or implicitly claiming that she was claiming that the money was being slowed for people with e-checks. So at best it was a 0-value-add.

                1. So the answer would be “no, no one claimed it”

                  “So at best it was a 0-value-add.”

                  So was yours.

                  1. Ooof viciously destroyed me. Truly.

                    1. You came back to cry about it

      2. Are you still going to tear up the check if it has your beloved’s name on it?

        1. If everyone has already gotten their direct deposit and checks then I am not getting one, since I have not received one. Looking at the parameters the liars in the media posted, I dont fall into the window to get one.

          I am the only person on here who had that plan. Unlike some people who dont pay their bets, I hoping for two things this year – STIMMY check to send to unreason and that I was already infected with KungFlu Fightrus.

        2. As a dedicated libertarian are you going to cash it?

          1. Why wouldn’t you? It’s your tax money.

      3. Good thing you are here every day, all day to monitor unreason’s thinking.

        1. I’m not here every day.

          I had to deal with 5 days of an unreason website error that kept me from posting.

          1. Surely you’re not going to accept that explanation. The trolls they sent couldn’t keep up with you, Reason had to silence you!

            We should probably revoke their section 230 protections.

            1. Paranoid much?

            2. It was a website “glitch”.

              I refused to create a sock account, so I waited for some tech guy to fix it.

              I think Cynical Asshole had the same issue but created a new account.

              1. Besides, it was funny to see sarcasmic and other unreason sock trolls begging me to come back. Then incorrectly guessing ban-hammer and not unreason’s fuck up was the reason.

            3. Special pleading for the win! Now tell us all again how not granting special protections for one class of publications, which would be completely immune from liability if they exercised no editorial curation is a bedrock libertarian principle.

    3. Hello.

      “… lashing out at the media,”

      Not impressed with you ENB.

      Know what’s petty and vain? A magazine called ‘Reason’ focusing on this garbage.

      Not impressed with the entire Reason brass.

      1. Trump is petty. The media is petty. It’s pettiness all the way down.
        Pettiness on display every single petty day for 3+ years now.

      2. Yet you cannot seem to find somewhere else to spend your time, something else to do.

        1. And you can’t seem to stop crying about it

        2. Same as you, except more interesting.

        3. In Canada, it’s pronounced “aboot”.


            1. Growing up in Western Canada the allegations of “aboot” and “milk in bags” always puzzled me, as I’d never heard or seen either.

            2. Do the Maritimes come after the Endtimes?

        4. Follow my finger. I like Reason. Been hanging out here for over 10 years. If I’m critical, it means I care.

          Now go play with a bag o’glass.

        5. I’m not sure what’s funnier, your stan-tastic obsession with lc1789, or your passive-aggressive, rejection-obsessed behavior.

          If lc lets you watch while he fucks your wife, will that mitigate your attention-whoring somewhat?

          1. He a masochist. He needs to raise my kids with his wife.

      3. I know ENB wont cover it but did they even do an article about Virginia passing its new gun laws?

        1. But they did eliminate the mandatory 5 day blackface waiting period.

          1. They have a separate line for those people.

          2. +100000

    4. No, we elected narcissists before. This is someone who does not realize being this open about it looks ridiculous.

    5. Come on, Fist. You should realize that neither ENB or the WaPo are remotely honest when it comes to Orange Hitler.

      Let’s look at the cite, shall we?
      “The Treasury Department has ordered President Trump’s name be printed on stimulus checks the Internal Revenue Service is rushing to send to tens of millions of Americans”
      Federal checks always have a signature on them. Look at any dollar bill.

      “The unprecedented decision, finalized late Monday
      Signed checks? How is this unprecedented? Why was putting a signature on a check suddenly unprecedented?

      A signed check isn’t an issue, but a delay sure as hell could be. Let’s examine the assertion.

      “a process that could slow their delivery by a few days,”
      Could? Or did? Were the checks already printed and now they have to rerun them through with a different signature?
      No, actually.

      “senior IRS officials said.”
      Wait a second… what does the IRS even have to do with sending out stimulus checks? It’s the Treasury’s job to issue and print the checks, not the taxmen.

      So are the WaPo’s anonymous (of course *roll eyes*) IRS men telling the truth about the delay?
      What does the Treasury itself have to say about delayed payments to John Q. Public?

      “”Treasury officials disputed that the checks would be delayed,”

      And there it is…
      It’s all just more made up bullshit and faux outrage from ENB and Pravda the Washington Post.

      Why do they lie so much?

      1. ENB is accustomed to cash transactions only.

    6. Oh, we’ve had them before. Probably half of all our presidents have been narcissists. But they’ve all been, mostly, high functioning narcissists. Trump is special though. He gets rewarded by his base for being a narcissist. The more he publicly preens himself the more praise he gets. It’s a reinforcing positive feedback loop.

      Look, I’m responding to the first post here, I haven’t even read down yet. But I guarantee you there will be numerous comments praising him for this move.

      Trump isn’t trying to clear the swamp. He’s trying to let it settle so he can better see his reflection in it.

      1. Hi SQRLSY

      2. It’s a signature on a check.
        Signed checks are hardly unprecedented; and the WaPo’s anonymous taxman at the IRS who says it is, and that it’s causing delays, has been contradicted by the Treasury.
        You know the department that is actually responsible for printing and issuing the checks.

      3. “Trump isn’t trying to clear the swamp. He’s trying to let it settle so he can better see his reflection in it.”

        Pure gold.

        1. That you think so is why late night is terrible.

        2. No it was stupid you lying piece of shit.

          1. Sorry your feeling were hurt.

            1. They’re not. I enjoy pointing out what a lying piece of shit you are.

      4. Oh Buck Futter, no one gives a shit about your disdain for the big O(range man).

    7. Arguably it only took 12 years. Certainly, we’d elected a narcissist by 30.

    8. Having his name on the check will remind us that it was his incompetence created a problem bigger than it needed to be.

      1. Personally I just plan on depositing it and not giving a shit one way or the other. But I don’t have TDS.

  2. I’ve come to realize that there are largely two groups in this crisis.

    The first group is living in a fantasy, month long Staycation. The stress of their day largely consists of getting kids settled while they log into work, figuring out when they’ll get out of the house to get needed supplies, and trying to avoid going stir crazy. For them, the virus is a bit of disaster porn that rarely impacts them (currently in the US, for every 80 dead there are 1900 other sick people and 998,000 perfectly fine).

    The second group is trying to figure out how they pay rent next month. They watch all the celebrities from group 1 who get on public announcements claiming to be “#AloneTogether” and shake their heads in exasperation. They have been laid off from their jobs. Each week of lockdown makes it more likely that they don’t get their old job back because their employer goes out of business. It might be funny to see Jimmy Falon deal with Skype technical issues, but these people know he is getting PostMates delivered as soon as he goes off the air, while they are trying to figure out how to to make their savings stretch.

    Rather than feel the pain of the masses, the elites have doubled down on isolation- retreated to their ivory towers, pulled up the drawbridge and sent the sheriff out to make sure the serfs are locked in their huts. By doing this, they have further removed themselves from being in touch with the real troubles of main street, and it is ultimately going to bite them.

    1. Just like the nobles and the church leaders did during the Black Plague.

    2. That is a pretty good description of the situation. The people who are having the fantasy stacation, and I am one of those people, can’t seem to understand that not everyone is so fortunate or that there might be other interests involved here beyond their own safety and fears.

      1. Pretty much every “self-employed” wine mom that’s living off of her her husband’s employment check is like this, and they appear to be the vast, VAST majority of the stay-at-home moral scolds. They don’t worry about the effects of a months-long lockdown because they don’t have to worry about making ends meet.

      2. Lets be honest, the people having a hard time financially are people who did not do any financial planning (or the young without savings, often both). If it wasn’t COVID that fucked them, it would literally be anything else that disrupted the market. We’re talking mostly about gig economy types, retail types, food service types, etc. which are hardly stable jobs.

        Those who live paycheck to paycheck are courting disaster, and this is just the chickens coming home to roost.

        I might feel sorry for those folks, I might even know some of them, but it’s a disaster of their own making and I find it difficult to feel too bad for those who made their own beds and are forced to lie in them.

        The only thing unexpected here is that state governments mandated their failure at a particular time, all at once. And, to be clear, some large portion of those failures would have happened anyway without the government but it probably would have been staggered instead of a guillotine.

        Trump deserves criticism for cutting checks willy nilly, for sure. It’s right up there with Obama’s worst years of spending. I note that after begging for Fed money, the same people doing the begging are bitching about the money now. Go figure. There is just no pleasing some people. Especially if they pretend scarcity and trade off’s don’t exist.

    3. And BTW: the worst thing about these elites is that they have the gall to act like they are sacrificing. Oh, you had to cancel your trip to Gstadt this year? Oh, you are running low on imported tea? Oh, you are feeling lonely? How terrible, bless your hearts.

      This empathizing from people in their penthouse in NYC, or gated community in Malibu must be coming off as hugely patronizing and clueless.

      1. Amen. The older I get the less I like human contact. If it wasn’t for all of the economic harm and we could figure out a way to do this without destroying the economy, I would be okay with it. The idea that someone who is still getting paid is making a sacrifice because they can’t take their vacation or go out and eat is pretty insulting.

        1. “Nearly three in 10 (28 percent) U.S. adults have no emergency savings, according to Bankrate’s latest Financial Security Index. One in four have a rainy day fund, but not enough money to cover three months’ worth of living expenses.”

          But that story is being ignored in favor of more and more TDS

        2. That’s the part that’s grating me. I have friends saying ‘we all have to sacrifice!’ but aren’t really sacrificing. They still collect their six figure pay checks.

          So out of touch they are they think that because they’re having birthday parties on the cheap that’s counts as ‘sacrificing’.

          Open the friggin economy if anything so I don’t have to be subjected to this insufferable behavior.

      2. Justin the Son of a Bitch Overlord split for his cottage in Harrington Lake….in Quebec…..he lives in Ottawa….after he specifically told people to stay home…..that it would be ‘sad’ to not be with loved ones on Easter…..but then he splits with his family on Easter…..

        You’ll be seeing more stories of asshole politicians and celebrities break with their protocols and ‘we’re in this together’ videos.

        Know why?

        Because everyone’s an asshole.


      1. Children Fist. He wants children to die. Don’t forget the children.

    5. Yeah, I’m in the first category, but I’ve been in the second and I wanted the economy to open up yesterday.

      My nextdoor feed is full of Karens who have spent the entire last month driving around at various local businesses to make sure they are actually closed. “Hobby Lobby had 10 cars in the parking lot today! I am calling the police!” <–actual paraphrased post

      1. *driving around to

      2. “My nextdoor feed is full of Karens who have spent the entire last month driving around at various local businesses to make sure they are actually closed.”

        Oh I murder-deleted nextdoor three weeks ago. These shrill cows are beyond redemption. My favorites are the people who complain that someone got within 6 feet of them while jogging around the neighborhood. Christ lady, if you are so worried, get off the fucking sidewalk. Walk in the grass. Walk around your block. Walk in the street. Stock telling others WTF to do.

        This is the truly libertarian piece for me. You actually have a LOT of control over whether or not YOU get infected. You can wear protective gear. You can practice XTreme (!!) Hygiene. You can see someone coming down the sidewalk on a jog, and move 6 feet off the path. You can keep your family and self home.

        But people aren’t happy with that. They want everyone to do their work for them.

    6. Pretty much this. In my entire circle of friends between me and my wife, we’re the ones along with ONE other guy, who are stressed beyond belief because we own a business. We have no idea where this is going.

      Everyone else? It’s a paid vacation and they’re LOVING it. Talking about how they’re baking bread, #simplepleasureswalls, doling out retarded philosophical takes, and so on.

      This is the group that are for or are indifferent to a prolonged shut down because they have their mortgages paid off or don’t pay rent or own a business or work in affected industries. They’re the ‘Land rover soccer mom Karens’ who are going to petition the government to stay closed – even though until now they rolled over and played dead for the state. But when the government says open up they suddenly will find their ‘inner-rebel’ and defy orders!

      There’s so much hypocrisy and stupidity at play here it’s even shocking skeptical jaded me.

      This pandemic reminded me why I’m introverted and why people make me want to vomit.

      1. I am not in your shoes- I work for a large company, and the wife and I are extremely fortunate to have the flexibility to do this remotely. But many nieces and nephews are either entrepreneurs being crushed, or laborers being forced home, and I know their pain.

        I noticed exactly what you said over on the Instapundit forums. There are a couple posters who have been cheering the lockdown, and pulling the “you are a reckless murderer” card whenever people call for a less draconian approach. One of those guys declared victory last week as it seemed we were hitting the peak. He then went on to talk about how pious he has been over the last week, having to (gasp) cook his own food. And then he had the nerve to boast that he is going to tip big at the restaurants when he gets out of lock down.

        This broke me. This guy has been ridiculing everyone who didn’t blindly support this era of batshit hysteria. And now he wants credit for sheltering in place and giving 20% whenever he sees a poor laborer again. Not even the most BASIC awareness of how his activism has harmed people. It reminded me of the scene at the end of Dragon Slayer when the king rides in and plants his sword in the charred dragon corpse, and demands to get credit for the kill.

        1. A doctor told me, ‘I’ll survive’ after he asked me about my situation.

          My brain couldn’t compute the asinine response.

          It’s basically, ‘shut up. YOU have to do this. Me? I’m good. I got a couple of million in the bank and I’m a doctor.’

          I don’t want to talk to anyone until this blows over and then it will be I’ll keep social distancing because I don’t see life like these people do. Anyone who actually says ‘I’m doing this for mankind’ is a hypocrite or shallow of mind.

          1. I should add this doctor is pushing for a one year shut down! When I asked him how can a guy like me find 100k in rent for one year (because the government ain’t gonna give those kinds of loans out), that’s when he told me, ‘I’ll survive’.

            I never had the urge to punch someone out like that since the days I played sports.

        2. Cool Cal version: Virus virtue signaling.

        3. And now he wants credit for sheltering in place and giving 20% whenever he sees a poor laborer again. Not even the most BASIC awareness of how his activism has harmed people.

          This is literally Marie Antoinette behavior. No. Really. Literally the same behavior.

          Of course, the people we’re talking about aren’t literal peasants these days. Even your laid off blue collar worker would be a king to French peasants.

          Or, in short, I wouldn’t expect heads to roll over this behavior. Maybe just your eyes.

    7. So now everyone who doesn’t have a blue collar job is a sneering elite? Wow, what a broad definition. I guess those fourth grade teachers would be pleased to learn that they’re now “elite”.

      Of course, if the economy opens up prematurely, more people will unnecessarily die from this disease. Just listen to this guy:

      1. You use CNN as a SOURCE, you fucking piece of lefty shit?

        1. Wow. Just wow. If someone links to a CNN news story, they are a lefty.

          1. Cry more about CNN being trash.

          2. Lying Jeffy is a lefty you moron.

        2. The Confused News Network?

      2. Shut the fuck up idiot you were wrong and your ilk got people killed

        1. There’s that tolerance for free speech, and openness to different points of views, that you Trump lovers are known for.

          1. Awww you’re upset because you got people killed and now people are hilding you accountable

            1. I got people killed? What did I do?

              1. Shut the fuck up idiot you were wrong and your ilk got people killed

              2. I think Tulpa is off his meds this morning.

                1. Do you remember that time you whined for 3 hours at me for questioning Hihn’s mental health?

                  Its always fun to watch you go full hypocrite.

                  1. Watch too, as his stupid equivocations and excuses flow ” no what i did was different and even if it easnt fuck you you’re a meanie blah blah blah”

                    Its why literally no one cares about his opinion, he is literally incapable of admtting fault or wrongdoing

                    1. Boy, for all my many faults, equivocation is not one of them.

                    2. No one cares about his opinion because he’s probably lying about it.

        2. What was I supposedly wrong about?

          1. Fuck your games idiot you were wrong and your ilk got people killed

      3. Of course, if the economy opens up prematurely, more people will unnecessarily die from this disease.


        No one is going to die of poverty? There’s no downside to the trillions we’re spending to avoid “unnecessary” deaths?

        No trade-offs?

        1. Jeff didn’t say any of those things.

          1. “If you’re going to use statistics and social science research to justify a course of action with respect to public policy, then do so consistently”

            Yes you did jeff.

            1. How does that quote in any way contradict what I wrote above?

              1. Fuxk you idiot you were wrong and your ilk got people killed

        2. How can there be a trade off if it saves just one life?

        3. Here, let me help you out:

          if the economy opens up prematurely, more people will unnecessarily die ***from this disease***.

          1. “unnecessarily” directly implies a moral judgement and that the trade-offs aren’t substantive enough.

            I will state, quite clearly, that it is very necessary for people to die of this disease in order to forestall other people becoming impoverished and subsequently dying from other situations…situations that would have been prevented by not having them, or society in general being impoverished.

            Don’t think you can hide behind “unnecessary”. That’s cowardly.

            1. It’s jeff. Hiding behind things and being cowardly is his move.

            2. No, “unnecessarily” refers to a preventable death. One that didn’t have to occur were it not for the policies in place (or lack thereof, in this instance).

              You’re basically making a utilitarian argument here. Which set of people should be cast off of the lifeboat: those vulnerable to coronavirus, or those subject to economic ruin? If you’re going to descend into utilitarianism, then be prepared to show your work and show where that line is, at what point which group should be saved and which group should be sacrificed.

              1. “No, “unnecessarily” refers to a preventable death.”

                No it doesn’t.

              2. You know what’s easy to do? Dictate that everyone should stop doing stuff? You know what’s hard to do? Actually weigh costs/benefits when the cost consequences of your actions are very hard to predict.

                So yes, it is hard to predict the costs of the global Depression. That doesn’t mean you can simply handwave them away because the immediate costs of not taking actions that lead to a multi-year worldwide Depression are are in front of your eyes.

              3. chem…had not seen you post in a while. Glad to ‘see’ you are Ok. Regardless of our philosophical differences (they are many), stay safe and healthy.

                When you wrote, If you’re going to descend into utilitarianism, then be prepared to show your work and show where that line is, at what point which group should be saved and which group should be sacrificed., that is pretty much where I am, to be honest. Tell us who gets voted off the island, and don’t be shy about it.

                I have argued that limited, temporary and time-bound restrictions on our rights is warranted in the face of a global pandemic and bona fide national emergency. I have been alternately ‘roasted’ 🙂 by a few here – I am looking at you Sevo, 1789, Nardz, etc – on my position. Which is perfectly fine. I agree with them more on things than I disagree. Besides, it makes for spirited debate. And they are hilarious sometimes. I have laughed so hard I have cried at some of the one-liners. A number of yours too. It is all good.

                But to the utlilitarians out there, how about you step up to the plate and tell us who you think can be sacrificed, and by how much. Is 50K deaths Ok? 100K? 500K? 1MM? Seriously, just come out and say what is an acceptable loss. And who that would be. Is it just Grandma? What about young people with compromised immune systems (there are millions of them)? Nursing homes?

                1. I’ve never roasted you XY, but I do disagree with you maintaining the position you’ve taken.

                  1. I’m good with that Nardz = I do disagree with you maintaining the position you’ve taken

                    It is a difficult set of questions, meaning the fallout from the Wuhan coronavirus.

                2. How many lost do you consider to be acceptable to save an arbitrary, and unknown, number of lives? 20 million? 40 million? 60 million? And what about those “essential” workers–we’re already seeing supply chain and service breakdowns due to financial losses and staff cutbacks. If keeping people at home is what is needed to stop the spread, why do they have to risk exposing themselves every day, but you don’t?

                  Shutting down the economy to save lives is just as utilitarian as opening it up in the face of possible loss of life.

                  1. *how many jobs lost

                  2. Red, you ask a fair question. And POTUS Trump is 100% correct when he says:

                    1. The cure cannot be worse than the disease;
                    1a. And deaths from despair is a very real thing;
                    2. And that we need to open up the country as quick as possible;
                    3. And get Americans back to work.

                    Technically, I guess you could say if more lives were ‘saved’ by restrictions, even it were only 1 life, then it was the ‘right’ call. Sounds very utilitarian, and quite honestly – horrifying.

                    Now I disagree that the ‘economy’ is shut down. I am working remotely. Many millions more are. We are buying things, doing things, creating value, despite the temporary restrictions. No question, economic activity is significantly slowed.

                    I am not sure your premise entirely holds up = economy shut down.

              4. You accused him of what you claimed. Literally. You literally made a utilitarian judgement about “unecessary deaths.” Where is that supposedly “anything for freedom” Jeff? Why, he retreats into his big state comfort zone at the first sign of trouble.

                But let’s come back to the term “unnecessary deaths.” Your open borders directly lead to coronovirus deaths. Were those “necessary?” Or did they just pass your utilitarian calculus that you accuse others of?

            3. Maybe it’s time some of those clean white collars, like jeff’s, get stained red

              1. There we go. I knew the psychopathic Nardz would turn up sooner rather than later

      4. “So now everyone who doesn’t have a blue collar job is a sneering elite?”

        Try again with your reading comprehension. I am not one of the assholes here- you and I have had civil conversations before.

        I specifically said there are two groups of people- the ones living in Staycation, and the ones who are directly impacted by the economic amputation attempting to “save” us from Coronaggedon.

        I am a part of the former group. And the elites are certainly part of the former group. Not all people in the “Staycation” crowd are elites. But the elites are almost exclusively Staycation people. And their problem is that they do not know anyone whose livelihood is being destroyed as they amputate 20 – 30% of our economy. The second group- the Amputated- like Rufus are nervously watching bills pile up, until they exceed savings and their business is destroyed. I know a waiter at a high end restaurant. They earned a good living on the tips they earned- a job they have worked at for 10 years. Unemployment isn’t going to cover this income loss, and if the restaurant doesn’t open back up again, a $1000 check from Trump isn’t going to cover rent.

        My point is that the Elites now walled up in their estate have even LESS understanding of the pain they are leveling on the Amputated. They interacted with those people only a bit in the past, but now they are even further removed. And I know for a fact that every single time Justin Timberlake talks about how hard it is to be a parent 24/7 in his mansion, or some scientific “expert” has to laugh off their barking dog as they explain flattening the curve from their formal living room, the 30% or so Amputated are writing off the ruling class.

      5. chemtard apparently doesn’t realize that the primary vector for this has been nursing homes, and that it’s mostly fat, old people dying from it.

    8. Nicely put. And also reflected in the concept of “essential”, as in essential services and essential workers.

      To the staycation group, essential enterprises and workers are those that provide things the homebodies need and want (even if they do not comprehend the full nature of the production and supply system).

      To the second group, every commercial enterprise is essential because that’s where they work. Those living paycheck to paycheck don’t really care how “important” the activity might be in some abstract sense. They just know that without income, their families are going to suffer.

    9. “By doing this, they have further removed themselves from being in touch with the real troubles of main street, and it is ultimately going to bite them.”

      How? I have my own thoughts on it, but I doubt we’re reenacting 1789 and the Bastille here.

      1. Prepare to be surprised.

        1. My Aloha Shirt is ready.

          I do think there’s a nontrivial chance that in the near future, somebody(ies) in the States decides the Charlie Hebdo shootings were both legitimate media criticism and a good start.

    10. Another way to frame this division is what I call the Reverse-Sinclair. Upton Sinclair famously said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” The reverse version says “It is easy for a man to understand something–and force others to agree–when his salary does not depend on it.”

    11. Amen.

      I have one friend who “retired” at fifty, and is now casually looking for easy work on the side. And he’s one of the biggest panickers in this crisis I’ve seen. He’s been out of his apartment ONCE in the past month. And he emailed all of us how scared he was leaving. But he has a guaranteed pension from his military contractor employer. His money may be tight because he has the financial sense of a dead flatworm, but he still has a guaranteed income despite zero savings.

      To him this is indeed a fantasy staycation. It’s crisis porn. He used to say “they should raise taxes, I wouldn’t mind paying more taxes if it were for good things”. Now he’s saying, “People should get free rent. We should give people free rent. When this is all over we will all be back to normal.” He also says, “Why are all those people in line at the grocery store? Can’t they just get grocery delivered like I do?”

  3. “What Singapore was doing,” writes The New York Times‘ Aaron E. Carroll, “dwarfs what most are discussing in the United States. Its present circumstances bode poorly for our ability to remain open for a long time.”

    New York Times to America: Learn to code.

  4. “unprecedented decision, finalized late Monday”

    All of the relief checks from previous pandemics said “with love from all of us, the government”

    1. Uncle Sam wants YOU to spend it!

  5. How trying to avoid “panic” in China created a pandemic.

    Yeah, that’s what they were doing.

    1. The State of Wisconsin will continue to support China in its effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus,” and says Beijing’s efforts have been “effective in curbing the virus from spreading to other parts of China and the world. China has been transparent and quick in sharing key information of the virus with the WHO and the international community, thus creating a window of opportunity for other countries to make timely response,”.

      The Chinese asked the Wisconsin State Senate President to put forth that resolution. He did end up putting a resolution together just don’t think it is what they had in mind:

      e “that the Communist Party of China deliberately and intentionally misled the world on the Wuhan Coronavirus and standing in solidarity with the Chinese people to condemn the actions of the Communist Party of China.”

      1. I wonder just how many politicians in local, state, and federal government the CCP has given enough donations to, for long enough that they felt they could give a Wisconsin senator that draft, and he’d roll over and bark?

        It has to be a staggering amount, time, and number of politicians.

        1. Come on, man. Harping about Russian interference in US politics is a righteous mission to save democracy. Complaining about Chineses support of US politicians is just racist.


    Matt Whitlock
    How fake news spreads so quickly Downwards arrow

    You’d never know that the very article they tweeted directly refutes what they’re tweeting.

    12 paragraphs in: “Economic Impact Payment checks are scheduled to go out on time and exactly as planned—there is absolutely no delay whatsoever”

    1. Wait, are you saying the utuerus was lying? Again?

  7. “Intermittent distancing may be required into 2022 unless critical care capacity is increased substantially or a treatment or vaccine becomes available,” suggest Harvard researchers.

    Is that “may” in there an indication that Harvard researchers know what they don’t know?

    1. Or it may be until 2030!


    Before the virus hit, America’s unemployment rate was 3.5 percent, the lowest in 50 years. Now Goldman Sachs predicts unemployment could spike to 15 percent by midyear. A St. Louis Federal Reserve economist grimly predicts 32 percent unemployment — worse than during the Great Depression.

    Job losses cause extreme suffering. Every 1 percent hike in the unemployment rate will likely produce a 3.3 percent increase in drug-overdose deaths and a 0.99 percent increase in suicides, according to data from the National Bureau of Economic Research and the medical journal Lancet.

    These are facts based on past experience, not models. If unemployment hits 32 percent, some 77,000 Americans are likely to die from suicide and drug overdoses as a result of layoffs. Deaths of despair.

    Then add the predictable deaths from alcohol abuse caused by ­unemployment. Health economist Michael French from the University of Miami found a “significant association between job loss” and binge drinking and alcoholism.

    The impact of layoffs goes ­beyond suicide, drug overdosing and drinking, however. Overall, the death rate for an unemployed person is 63 percent higher than for someone with a job, according to findings in the journal Social Science & Medicine.

    Now do the math: Layoff-related deaths could far outnumber the 60,400 coronavirus deaths predicted by University of Washington researchers. This comparison isn’t meant to understate the horror of the coronavirus for those who get it and their families.

    But heavy-handed state edicts to close all “nonessential businesses” need to be reassessed in light of the predictable harm to the lives, livelihoods and health of the uninfected.

    1. You forgot crime. Do you think people will sell apples on the street or wait patiently in line at the soup kitchen while some people are working at home in gated communities?

      1. And remember, we can’t jail criminals – they might get infected.

        1. “In South Africa, police reported a stunning decline during their first week of lockdown measures. Police Minister Bheki Cele said reported rapes were down from 700 to 101 over the same period last year. Serious assault cases plummeted from 2,673 to 456, and murders fell from 326 to 94.

          The U.S. virus epicenter in New York saw major crimes — murder, rape, robbery, burglary, assault, grand larceny and car theft — decrease by 12% from February to March. In Los Angeles, 2020 key crimes statistics were consistent with last year’s figures until the week of March 15, when they dropped by 30%.”

          1. That’s completely fucking irrelevant. You know why? Because it’s a short term trend based on the specific circumstance of social distancing.

            If you put everyone out of work for a year and you think that trend is going to continue you’re a complete fool.

            1. The idea that poverty causes crime and everyone is losing their job away from being a violent criminal is Marxist bullshit. Not every action is driven by economics.

            2. Strawman much?

          2. In my small town there was a business broken into overnight and everything of immediate value stolen. The police would not even drop by to look, fearing exposure to the virus. The burglary is not official yet, reported but not investigated.

          3. “Reported” crimes. Not the same as actual crimes. Make it enough of a waste of time to take the report, and add corrupt politicians wishing that the crime rate falls, and you’ll see police making it difficult to report a crime. That said, in my area, I’ve read fewer shootings reports in the news than I have in awhile.

            Further, I wouldn’t trust much official sociological statistics coming out of South Africa these days.

        2. *adjust tin foil cowboy hat

          Taking a relatively normal SARS type virus and getting many nations to go hysterical, almost nuking the strongest economy in human history, and making sure actual criminals are on the street to raise crime rates….

          …all in an election year where the Democrat Party was going to lose like it was 1984.

          A new word about treacherous and conspiring Lefties is needed .

          1. Politicians and media don’t get the benefit of the doubt anymore.

              1. +100000000000000000000000000

          2. Even by your standards that’s fantastically stupid.

            1. Must be something to it.

              Lefties are creating new sock trolls to mitigate the facts.

    2. Broke: Unemployment kills, so Capitalism has failed and we need Socialism.
      Woke: You want people to die for the economy.

    3. You are asking people to accept reality and understand that there are tradeoffs to decisions. No one wants that dude.

      1. Risk? What risk? I don’t want no stinking risk!

        1. That’s why Pelops and the House Democrats are going to introduce a national 20 mph speed limit. There can not be a cost considered for even one life saved.

          1. Won’t do much without the mandatory steel spike sticking out of the steering wheel…

          2. For aircraft, too?

    4. If you’re going to use statistics and social science research to justify a course of action with respect to public policy, then do so consistently.

      1. “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines”

        1. No, you’re right. Much better to cherry pick whatever random facts come along in order to support a pre-determined agenda.

          “Here’s all of this math that supports what I want to do. But ignore all of the math that doesn’t support what I want to do.”

          1. Yeah, why bother havung discrete reactions to different scenarios, be consistent because an idiot wants you to.

            1. Jeffrey believes in intelligent design and not evolution.

          2. What do you think social science actually is? it’s cherry picking data and trends based on initial assumptions. See reproducability crisis. You really are ignorant Jeffrey.

            1. Some data can’t be reproduced, therefore, all social science is bunk. Great take there pal

              And if that is your take, then why are you relying on social science to bolster your argument?

      2. When have you ever been consistent?

  9. This “unprecedented decision, finalized late Monday” may “slow their delivery by a few days,” notes The Washington Post, citing IRS officials as the source. (“Treasury officials disputed that the checks would be delayed,” the Post states.)

    I already have two acquaintances who got STIMMY MONEY direct deposited into their accounts.

    1. Notice the Lefty anonymous sources again?

      1. It is not a left/right issue. If the checks are or are not delayed will be a verifiable fact.

        1. Your citation fell off.

    2. How could you tell if there was a few days delay if the last ones aren’t going out until September?

      1. It clearly takes a long time for Donald to sign each check

        1. The greatest writer’s cramp EVA!

    3. The delay is for paper checks, not direct deposit.

      1. Citation fell off.

        I bet unreason does not even know who signs Treasury checks.

  10. Progressive darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) – a former surrogate for Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) – said Reade’s allegations should be seriously looked at and considered.

    The revelation came about when AOC joined an online conversation with The Wing, a networking and community space for women. A participant said she opposes President Donald Trump being reelected but also takes issue with the allegations brought against Biden, CBS News reported.

    “What you’re voicing is so legitimate and real. That’s why I find this kind of silencing of all dissent to be a form of gaslighting,” AOC replied. “I think it’s legitimate to talk about these things. And if we want, if we again want to have integrity, you can’t say, you know — both believe women, support all of this, until it inconveniences you, until it inconveniences us. A lot of us are survivors, and it’s really, really hard and uncomfortable.”

    According to the freshman congresswoman, beating Trump shouldn’t prioritize talking about sensitive issues, especially in light of the #MeToo movement.

    1. Said Al Franken on a prank call to Joe Biden.

    2. Either she really wants to be primaried this November, or the fix is in concerning any investigation.

      Alternately, it’s not like the Convention’s come and gone, has it? Is there a Plan B (besides Bernie) waiting for the nomination?

      1. Of course. He just needs to finish up with the New York shut down.

  11. “Buried deep within the Github notes of the data which NYC makes available was a blurb about how hospitalizations were estimated. They used the term ‘Ever Hospitalized.’ As they termed it this was to capture ‘suspected’ patients of COVID by going back and checking the database of people with similar symptoms. The reason given was that they were short-staffed and wanted to understand the true impact… fair enough. Apparently, they had not extended this to deaths.”

    That is, until now. And while officials may be thinking they’re are now providing more complete data, the data is now highly suspect.

    “A lot of states are doing that ‘suspected cases’ stuff, which seems reasonable—you want to know burdens on a hospital—but to just plop that into the death column is a whole other thing.”

    The problem, Hart explains, is that these deaths didn’t occur overnight, but the various dashboards recording coronavirus deaths will record them as a big daily jump, distorting the data.
    Why would NYC officials, and officials other states want to potentially show more coronavirus deaths than they actually experienced?
    “There are some pretty big incentives to include them,” Hart noted. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, pays 20 percent more in federal aid to hospitals for coronavirus cases.

    1. “There are some pretty big incentives to include them,” Hart noted. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, pays 20 percent more in federal aid to hospitals for coronavirus cases.”

      LOL. I love it. Just like the apocryphal story of paying programmers xtra for each bug they find, when they were the same programmers writing the code.

      ‘In the future, every case is a Covid case now.’


    I wanted to believe this was a joke or a hoax –
    calling a protest a “non-essential activity” and arresting someone for speaking out against the state’s lockdown. But it is as real as Stalin.

  13. The New Prohibition, like the old Prohibition, will take an incredible toll on bars, bartenders, and their patrons.



    At the March 15 Democratic debate, neither Biden nor Sanders even addressed a national lockdown, much less called for one.

    1. Lying Jeffy 2 hardest hit.

  15. If you save this as a contact in your phone it will solve your “ducking” autocorrect problem.

    How long until Jessica gets milkshake fucked?


    Hunter Biden Still Listed As Board Member Of Chinese Company He Pledged To Resign From In October, Business Records Show

    1. They are just trying to prevent panic.

  17. “Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam repealed state rules requiring an ultrasound and then a 24-hour waiting period before getting an abortion.”

    Maybe some of us were too quick to demand his resignation after his blackface / Klansman photo scandal. At this point I’m glad he’s still in office protecting access to abortion care.


    1. You don’t need an ultrasound, but you do need to wear blackface.

      1. In Northam’s defense, maybe he was the person under the Klan hood.

        In any case, that was a long time ago. And we know he’s obviously not a racist now. Because he’s a Democrat.

        1. “In Northam’s defense, maybe he was the person under the Klan hood”

          Perfect, understated tone

  18. States cancel plans for extra hospitals as doomsday predictions fall short

    Poor Lefty Narrative that KungFlu was actually more dangerous than other things we deal with.

    1. You are an idiot.

      1. Take that back. You are a partisan idiot.

    2. Boy. You know you really piss off Lefties and unreason when they spend the time to create more than a handful of NPCs to follow you around on a website.

      1. You dumbshit. I don’t create a new account.i just edit my profile each day.

  19. Obama Finally Endorses Biden, Emphasizes His “Progressive Platform”

    One of the worst Presidents in US History endorses one of the worst Presidential election losers in US History.

    1. It was the moment we were all waiting for!

      1. SEE!!!!!!!

        Joe Biden should have never been investigated because he is Trump’s true political rival.
        /Dipshit Lefties

    2. Who could have guessed that all these Democrats might endorse the Democrat presidential nominee? BREAKING NEWS!

      1. Bernie was the one that surprised me? I kida thought he mighg actually run independent. Especially after how the democratic party treated him.

        1. I am guessing here but I bet if it were Hillary; he’d stay in the race. I am sure he lays the blames more on the Clinton machine rather then the party as a whole. Also the corona virus really puts a damper on the grassroots support he needed to topple the establishment.

        2. Bernie is a huge pushy.
          He rolled over for Biden, just like 2016

      2. Milwaukee is gonna be Lit AF!

      3. Fuck man, getting Democrats on the same page seems like herding cats.

      4. So you admit reason is mostly democrats then.

    3. You’re a $4 trillion 2020 deficit lady-boy — go fuck yourself Trump Trash.

      1. $1200 should buy you some serious Thai boys.

      2. But at least you got your money for the kennedy center.

    1. My neighbours are basically practicing ‘social distancing’ on their own terms. You should see this bunch in action.

      1. Wife swapping?

        1. The house belongs (but not owned by) to the kids.

          So you can let your deviant mind propel itself from this point forward.

          1. I am picturing some orgy involving maple syrup and a whole lot of apologizing.

        2. Canadian chicks are fun.

  20. Do not fall for the desperate right-wing spin that China is the villain. Although the #TrumpVirus may technically have originated there, the real villains are Orange Hitler and his handler Vlad Putin.

    The coronavirus disinformation spread by Russia is only the latest effort by Vladimir Putin to undermine the American medical system


      1. The Media Wildly Mischaracterized That Video of Covington Catholic Students Confronting a Native American Veteran

        Look at Robby let the MSM off the hook for being liars and making up Narratives.

        Notice this Robby article is two days before the story your cited.

        “Phillips” who’s real name is not Phillips, gave the impression that he was a Vietnam vet. Truth is he never served in Vietnam. Was a refrigerator mechanic Stateside in El Toro who went AWOL 3 times and finally discharged in ’76.

        1. Your implication that Reason would want Sandmann to be under “constant threat” isn’t supported by any of the articles linked so far. Keep trying.

          1. Your assertion that he was implying that is actually what is unsupported. Please do NOT keep trying.

            1. What does “unreason: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!” mean?

              1. Maybe you should have asked that before you stupidly started insiting you could read minds.

    1. Rant much?

      1. NPC says what?

    1. You’re a $4 trillion 2020 deficit lady-boy — go fuck yourself Trump Trash.

      1. Poor sock troll.

      2. All of your candidates voted for it. In fact they plussed it up for more monuments in rome.

  21. Newly discovered coronavirus mutation could threaten vaccine race, study says

    Looks like a cough due to Cold that has no cure and is not that deadly.

    1. In the article there were a few interesting points, one there’s debate over how much negative impact this will have on the chase for a vaccine. Two it’s a mutation that will make the virus less nasty which is a big win.

  22. Couple mistakenly fined for posting old vacation photos during coronavirus lockdown

    England is Garbage Island.
    Australia is Garbage Continent.

    1. Oh shit the walls are closing in on you.

      Lovecon, lovecon What cha you gonna do, what cha gonna do when Georgia turns blue?

      1. He’s taking his guns and his beans and holin’ up in Miller’s Cave.

      2. They said that KungFlu rots the brain.

        I hope you have quarantined yourself since you have the Wuhanvirus.

  23. Ugh, Glenn Greenwald is just pathetic. We’re in the middle of a worldwide plague that’s entirely Drumpf’s fault, and who is he attacking? Democrats, of course!

    Her two huge refrigerators by themselves cost more than many people make in a year. It’s so revealing that the politician Dems adore most is one of the richest members of Congress. Pelosi has been so rich for so long that she can’t see how tone-deaf this is. It’s her normal

    As a Koch / Reason libertarian who wants the rich to get even richer, I think it’s great that Pelosi is a 1%-er who’s unapologetic about her expensive home appliances.


    1. But at least she didn’t make all that money by making evil profits off the backs of customers.

    2. Left wing politics have become a luxury good/status symbol. That allows the ‘elite’ to stay on top; as long as men can get abortions and complete in women’s events in the Olympics, Nancy can do whatever she wants.
      Millions of Americans are waiting for crappy one-time 1200 dollar checks that Congress passed before they went on holiday, and the Speaker is on a late night comedy program showing off how much ice cream she has stored in her freezer.

      Why are the Democrats so bad at politics?

      1. For being bad at politics, she manages to get a lot of stuff passed for her party, and their backers.

    3. The saddest thing is that it was probably supposed to humanize her.

    4. The Democrats are fucked in November, right?

      1. Democrat Party who?

  24. “How trying to avoid “panic” in China created a pandemic.”

    Alternatively you could show the US appraoch:
    “How panicking over a pandemic created a depression”

  25. “Regardless of whether this has or will hold up checks being sent out, the move is just one more sign of petty vanity and self-centered thinking from the president, who has spent way too much of this crisis raving about his ratings, lashing out at the media, and complaining that governors aren’t groveling enough for federal emergency supplies.”

    Almost, but not quite, as petty as the writer, who spends most of her day keeping a list of things Trump does which she doesn’t like.

    1. And not *nearly* as petty as the Treasury Secretary.

    2. He’s the fucking President. Maybe that entails a little more scrutiny of what you do and say.

      1. I love the bullshit excuses you make up to jistify your behavior

        1. If he didn’t have bullshit, he’d be pretty much out of anything.

    1. The victim was going to die of the China virus anyway.

    2. Let’s see. “Low-risk inmate” arrested for “possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia.” So far, so good: looks like one of the type of candidates for early release that Reason has been trumpeting in at least 10 separate articles over the past few weeks. But what did he do before he caught this latest charge?

      The Mail mentions 35 separate charges in his prior criminal history, and two felony convictions: 2012 burglary of an unoccupied conveyance (guessing he broke into a car, weird it was a felony though) and 2018 felon in possession of a firearm. It’s Florida, so I doubt they’ve gotten quite as silly with bail reform as NY and CA have. In those states, if you’re still in jail after all that, odds are you deserve to stay there. But this is often the kind of guy that get lumped into the ‘hapless nonviolent victim of our Drug War’ that advocates for clearing out the jails because of Covid are talking about.

  26. “Our best hope, argues economist and New York University professor Paul Romer, is for 7 percent of the U.S. population to be tested for COVID-19 each day, or about once every two weeks per person. The Times explains more:

    [Romer] argues that even if there are plenty of false negatives, if we committed to isolating everyone with a positive test, we could keep the vast majority of Americans out and about in normal life. All told, that would mean 150 million tests a week.”

    Where in the Constitution does it say that the government can restrict our freedom to leave our homes without their license? Aren’t they supposed to indict me for something first? Aren’t I entitled to a public trial before sentencing? I guess that’s the advantage of punishing people who haven’t committed any crime–you don’t have to go to the trouble of convicting them!

    What about people who refuse to be tested? Will they be confined to their homes indefinitely?

    Believe me, the question isn’t whether this proposal is possible or achievable. If the drug war has taught us anything, it’s that there is no policy so destructive, so expensive, and so futile that the government won’t pursue it with enthusiasm for decades.

    The question is whether the American people should want to be subjected to this man’s experiment in social control, and the answer is “no”. People’s qualitative preference for freedom is often more important to them than whatever quantitative advantages experts see in violating their rights. Experts have no authority when their proclamations come into conflict with other people’s qualitative preferences, and their qualitative preference for quantity over your preference for this or that quality has no properly authoritative basis.

    1. Can we mandate this testing before someone is allowed to cross the border?

      1. No, no. Testing is for citizens. Border crossing is not a problem. Just like Michigan residents can’t use their cottages, but people from out of state can. See how it works?

      2. Just as an aside, “open borders” has come to mean no control over the border whatsoever around here, at least since Dalmia showed up, but from Tim Cavanaugh to yours truly, open borders has been argued as a superior means to control the border and deal with problems like communicable disease. Forget everything about open borders you associate with Shikha Dalmia and grok: open borders is about creating a treaty between the U.S. and Mexico that would allow the citizens of both countries to enter the other country without a visa–so long as they showed an ID.

        The ID would verify a number of things, such as 1) that they aren’t a convicted felon, 2) they aren’t a wanted fugitive or a cartel member, and 3) that they’ve been vaccinated against a variety of communicable diseases. The idea is that if the only people sneaking across the border at night through miles and miles of desert would be people who couldn’t get through a border checkpoint simply by showing an ID–and it would make the bad guys (and the unvaccinated) much easier to catch because they wouldn’t have the cover of thousands of migrant workers out there in the night.

        I understand and appreciate that you were half-joking, but in all seriousness, if you want to stop the spread of communicable diseases across our southern border, an open border treaty with Mexico is the best way to accomplish that. With an open border treaty, it would ensure that almost everyone coming across the border had a minimum level of vaccinations, but the way things are now, no one is checking the vaccination records of all those illegal immigrants who sneak across.

        1. ^ This

          1. Google how long some vaccinations last and the length needed in some states to prior to updating licenses. You’ll find the flaw.

        2. Would the ID check and easy border system also confirm that people are entering for the purpose of short term work or pleasure, not to immigrate and claim residency (or citizenship)?

          1. Both Tim Cavanaugh’s version and mine would address eligibility for social services. Americans don’t become entitled to free heart surgery courtesy of the Canadian taxpayer just because they made it into Canada, and to whatever extent the treaty can and should restrict those services to taxpayers who are Mexican citizens, it could be made to do so. I don’t know the intricacies of what happens when Mexican citizens pay into social security without a legitimate social security number, but we’re not talking about giving them all social security numbers–just an ID.

            Also, if states with sanctuary cities like California choose to give various benefits to illegal aliens, I’m not sure how much the federal government can do about that–the way things stand now. Stopping that will probably require more action both at the state level and the federal level–even if there were no open border treaty. Because it’s such a large concern, however, I suspect Republicans wouldn’t support the open borders treaty (needs two-thirds of the Senate so both parties’ support is required) unless the treaty addresses the eligibility of Mexican citizens for American social services. In fact, an open borders treaty may be the best way to address that issue with reasonable expectations of it getting passed. I don’t believe Democrats are about to cut off social services for the downtrodden unless it also does something like end deportation for everyone but criminals, etc.

            Note that asylum seekers are on a different system. By treaty on refugees, already ratified by two-thirds of the U.S. Senate, the U.S. government cannot deny social services to any asylum seeker that American citizens are entitled to–at least not while their case is pending.

        3. I could not agree more with this, Ken. Thanks for stating this out loud.

          1. Right, you support restrictions on any social aid which is why you fight that as a pre-condition of any immigration reform. You absolutely do not agree with what he posted.

            1. Yeah, actually I do agree with Ken here, if you would care to read what I actually write instead of inventing words to put in my mouth. Now go kindly fuck off and troll somewhere else.

        4. How does it guarantee that they have a minimum level of vaccination? And even if that were the case you can see what happened with a porous border with China.

          1. Yeah, you won’t stop all viral outbreaks. Some of them can’t be contained.

            As far as a minimum level of vaccination, whatever reasonable immunizations you want them to have, they should have them. MMR is probably a good candidate. It’s like requiring kids to have certain immunizations if they want to come to your school. Those Mexican citizens who would rather not come to the United States without a visa if it means they have to get an immunization for x, y, and z should be free to stay home.

    2. The states are allowed quite a bit of leeway in the laws they impose. The Constitution is primarily concerned with limits on the Federal government.

      1. He’s talking about doing the whole country.

        I don’t see anything there to suggest he gives a flying about federalism or the Constitution.

        He doesn’t seem to address what he’s planning to do with those who refuse to take the test–and from the tone, I suspect it’s because he doesn’t give a shit about them. They’ll be excluded from public life and confined to their homes in his pandemitopia.

      2. Now do the Bill of Rights, especially with respect to incorporation under 14A and 15A.

      3. “…The Constitution is primarily concerned with limits on the Federal government.”

        You really posted that, didn’t you?

      4. unreason and Lefties are pissed. They have spent the time to create numerous NPCs to Bot BOT bot around the clock.

        1. You might be the only real poster here.

          It’s sad to think of you trying to convince all these bots that you’re right.

          1. It is funny that you sock trolls try to convince real people that you’re not.

            It’s like how easy it is to spot LINOs and RINOs. They give themselves away in what they say and do.

  27. So we have this:
    “‘Normal it will not be’: Newsom details plan for reopening California”
    “Newsom did not give a date for when the new framework will be implemented, but he did say that in two weeks — early May — if cases are declining, he will present a timeline for a modification to the current shelter-in-place order…”

    Newsom declares himself dictator of California for an indefinite period of time over a case of the sniffles, and ENB obsesses that Trump wants his name on some checks.
    Good choice of headlines – for those with raging cases of TDS.

    1. I actually feel you on this one Sevo. Louisiana’s governor was talking about limiting occupancy in restaurants and other gathering places. I just don’t see how theyre gonna pack Tiger Stadium unless they’re checking temperatures at the entrance but now that I think about people are accustomed to being searched for alcohol so it could work. We could all wear mean looking tiger masks. That would be freaky as hell for the visiting team.

      1. “I actually feel you on this one Sevo.”

        Support from an adolescent lefty scumbag is neither wanted, nor means much, given that thinking is not one of your skills.

    2. it seems part of Newsom’s plan is that everyone’s temperature will be checked at every store they enter. now that is some surveillance state he wants. I hope no one complies.

  28. Hi all, just here to check in with the assorted malcontents here at Reason.

    Hope you are enjoying your quarantine. Or not.

    Thank goodness Trump has the foresight to cut funding to the WHO. After all, what are they good for anyway? They couldn’t even stop COVID 1-18!

    1. Good.

      You want to oblige Commie China and contribute to having put the world in pandemic peril? Then expect the main funder of your little shitstained outfit to not cut you a check.

      It’s the right move.

      1. You want to get rid of the WHO because they have to deal with corrupt regimes around the world in the name of public health?

        Maybe next time Ebola breaks out somewhere in Africa, the WHO should say “oh, your country is run by a dictator, so we won’t do anything to help then. Wouldn’t want to enable dictators now, would they?

        By the way, what is your plan to reduce the likelihood of pandemics of much scarier diseases like Ebola?

        1. They don’t have a plan, which is really a plan to let vulnerable people either flee society or die.

          Imagine how many people would be sick right now if government did nothing.

          That’s libertarianism.

          1. Every theory of libertarian governance that I have read states that matters of public health are instances where state action *is* justifiable. Most things? No, but public health – yes.

            1. Exactly.

              And, if you care about public health, there goes demanding the tiniest government you can imagine.

              1. Goody!
                Two fucking lefty ignoramuses in a circle jerk!
                Hey, Ernie! You been pitching that shit and nothing’s happened, you pathetic piece of shit.

                1. They’re both jeff.

            2. Ok but what about the stimulus stuff. Is that libertarian?

              1. Stupid question from stupid source.
                Grow up.

                1. Why, so I can be miserable like you? No thanks.

                  1. Axeblood, you seem pretty fucking miserable hiding from a cold bug. Unless you’re a fatass, you don’t have much to worry about.

            3. Can you justify WHO beyond the fact that it sounds like the right thing to do? It’s been out there as a thing for a long time. So justify its funding by showing that it actually gets results in proportion to its costs.

              1. I am not attempting to justify the precise details behind how WHO is run. I have no doubt it is likely run poorly by corrupt bureaucrats.

                But I do think there ought to be some type of organization that does focus on world health. There are a lot of impoverished nations out there that do not have the resources to deal with pandemics. If we don’t want these scary diseases coming here, wouldn’t it be better to stop them at the source?

                WHO didn’t do that in this case, and maybe that is WHO’s fault, maybe that is the Chinese government’s fault, maybe that is no one’s fault, I don’t know. But the goal here ought to be to prevent diseases like coronavirus, or worse, Ebola, from coming here instead, no?

                1. But that’s not an argument to maintain WHO’s funding. That’s an argument to maintain someone’s funding somewhere for this thing you value.

                  So…if a libertarian specifically thinks WHO is shit, you can’t extrapolate that into some sort of deeper meaning.

                2. “The Radical individualist case for unaccountable international bureaucracies.”

                  1. Fine, then what’s your plan for how to deal with global pandemics.

                3. Wow, jeffy advocating for more big government institutions in spite of their complete failures. What a surprise. Nothing says libertarian like extra-national organizations rife with corruption!

                  Look at the obfuscation. Maybe it’s China’s fault (gee, lying about it and suppressing early reports certainly don’t give you any reason to believe that!). Maybe it’s WHO’S fault. Gosh, maybe when they ignored warnings from Taiwan because they are first and foremost a political org, that should have been a clue.

                  And then we get the moneymaker line. You see it’s not important to look at past failures. We need to take a great leap forward!

                  Jeffy, making libertrianism great one progressive idea at a time.

                  1. Good heavens. You couldn’t twist my words any harder if you were using a twist-tie.

                    I’d love to hear your ideas on how to deal with a global pandemic. Maybe we’ll just get more pointless bitching about the status quo instead. Because that is so productive.

                    I don’t defend what WHO did or what China did in this particular case. I do think there ought to be some type of international organization devoted to public health. Don’t you think a better way to stop pandemics is to stop them at the source, instead of what is currently happening now? The current model didn’t do that, which is a flaw in the current model. The real question is how the model should be adapted. Do you have any thoughts? Oh wait, you are just here to troll. NEver mind then.

                4. Yes… jeff’s idea of libertarianism is a global centralized entity deciding what’s best for people. LOL.

        2. The WHO purposely broke protocol when Taiwan warned of the human to human aspect of the Wuhan to placate China who thought they could contain. By the time they realized they couldn’t – POOF!

          It’s known to be thoroughly corrupted. Same with the UN. Truth is, you don’t need these massive organizations. But if you feel you need it because you’re a pant shitter then feel free to give it to it.

          You’re free to be a useful idiot.

          1. He’s quite good at it.

        3. Nukes.

    2. Twitter. So lame.

    3. “Hi all, just here to check in with the assorted malcontents here at Reason.”

      Hi, asshole. Now go back to whatever space you’ve been polluting, but please die this time.

      1. Sevo, never change.

        1. Stuff it up your ass, scumbag lefty.

        2. Thanks for being here to counter the infestation of Trump lovers.

          1. Thank you for being here so we can see the effects of TDS first hand. And it’s UGLY; turns people into raging assholes.

    4. For the record on WHO, I think this guy gets it right:

      The crisis has put Tedros [Director General of WHO] “in a near-impossible situation,” says Lawrence Gostin, director of the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University. If Tedros wants WHO to stay informed about what’s happening in China and influence how the country handles the epidemic, he cannot afford to antagonize the notoriously touchy Chinese government—even though it is clear the country has been less than fully transparent about the outbreak’s early stages, and perhaps still is. Critics say that stance puts WHO’s moral authority at risk. “WHO has never faced such a fast-moving epidemic in a country that is quite that powerful and, in many ways, closed,” Gostin says.

      —-Science, February 10, 2020

      You guys remember the controversy over the NBA’s response to people in the NBA criticizing China? WHO is basically in the same position as the NBA. If they play along with China, they get access and influence, and if they don’t, they get shut out of China completely. What good is WHO if they don’t have access to China in the early days of the pandemic?

      The difference is that my financial participation with the NBA is voluntary, and if I don’t want to watch their games or buy tickets top see them, I don’t have to do so. On the other hand, WHO is financed through the federal government, and as a taxpayer, if I don’t like WHO placating China in exchange for influence and access, then if President Trump doesn’t pull our contributions, I’m effectively being forced to finance a propaganda arm of the CCP.

      I understand why WHO sold their credibility for access, and I think President Trump is doing the right thing by refusing to finance Chinese propaganda with American taxpayer dollars.

      1. “WHO has never faced such a fast-moving epidemic in a country that is quite that powerful and, in many ways, closed,” Gostin says.

        Given that the majority of recent global pandemics have roots in China, Gostin has as much of a credibility problem as Tedros.

        1. I think it’s safe to say that the other relatively recent outbreaks weren’t as fast-moving.

          1. Or that social media was not as heavily utilized during those earlier epidemics, as it is today. 2009 H1N1, happening now, would absolutely cause everyone to lose their shit as much as we are over Covid. We (meaning the public) didn’t know about it as much, weren’t inundated with predictions after prediction of its dire consequences, and consequently treated life as just another bad flu season. Even though 12,469 people ended up croaking from it here. Which sounds oddly, extremely specific, and LOL at the idea that was the exact number.

      2. What good does it do to playcate china when the WHO playcating turns out to be lie that endangers the entire world and even after that continues to playcate to them they are worthless and a danger We found out more without their “help” due to their lies they are not needed. for those who bring up Ebola it ended up being teh U.S. CDC that took care of that not the WHO or was that another lie about Trump breaking up the Ebola strike team

        1. The WHO was pretty much the only people China was letting operate within their borders. They needed that information. It wasn’t clear at the time that the virus would be worse than SARS or some of the other viruses. And at that point in time, they needed to know.

          I’m not defending WHO so much as I’m why they did what they did. I understand why the NBA placated China, too. I have a pretty good understanding of why Al Qaeda perpetrated 9/11. It doesn’t mean I’m defending it. This is what they did and this is why. There’s an explanation for everything–including serial killers.

          I understand what they did and why–and I support the president withholding our tax dollars if WHO has effectively decided to be a propaganda organ for the CCP. Just because I like what Trump did doesn’t mean I have to pretend that there was no understandable logic behind what WHO did.

  29. “Mine was in my checking account as of this morning.“

    Oh: you’re one of those libertarians.

    1. The government sending working taxpayers some of their money back shouldn’t be a bad thing from the perspective of a libertarian capitalist. It’s when the government forces taxpayers to send money to them that there’s a problem.

      1. You keep pushing this lie, not acknowledging that all spending is a tax (either now or in the future). They didn’t give you any of your money back. They created new spending.

        If they would have cut taxes, you’d have a point. They didn’t, so stop acting as if they did.

        1. Because you insist on an absurd way of thinking doesn’t make me wrong.

          Earlier this year, the police came knocking on my door at about 3:00 in the morning. They found someone stripping my motorcycle several blocks away in the middle of the night–I didn’t even know it had been stolen.

          When they gave me back my bike, that wasn’t “spending”.

          1. Answer this honestly… Would this end up on the revenue or spending side of the federal ledger?

            Tax cuts are a reduction in revenue. I agree with your premise, tax cuts aren’t spending. This was NOT a tax cut.

            And if it were so good, then why not give everyone even more money? $12,000? $12,000,000? What would the downsides to doing that be, and most importantly why isn’t that advisable?

            1. “And if it were so good, then why not give everyone even more money? $12,000? $12,000,000? ”

              You…keep making some really stupid fucking arguments.

              1. It’s NOT good because like the $1200 it is unfunded liabilities that would have to be paid for at a later date. AKA, spending.

                1. That isn’t remotely related to what I was mocking there

                  At some point the financial measure will exceed their utility and become harmful. Only an idiot would ask the question I highlighted and not know that

                  1. It was a rhetorical question. We all know that spending has limits. Giving people there money back is only limited by how much they put in. Get it?

                    Answer my other question: Would this end up on the revenue or spending side of the federal ledger?

            2. “And if it were so good, then why not give everyone even more money? $12,000? $12,000,000? What would the downsides to doing that be, and most importantly why isn’t that advisable?”

              At that point, you’re giving people way more than they’re putting in.

              My preference is for the government to let everybody keep what they earn. The Democrats refused to support that, so the next best thing is to approximate that ideal as closely as possible. The closer the program approximates giving people back the cash they pay in, the more I like it. Letting people keep what they earn and buy what they want with it is like market capitalism. Giving everyone $12,000 is redistributive socialism because few people pay $12,000 in. You see the difference, right?

              1. Many, MANY, people who are getting $1200 don’t pay that much either.

                What level of redistribution is acceptable?

                As much as I don’t like government unemployment insurance, we decided to give them that monopoly. That would have covered people who lost jobs in this scenario. They are the ones who need support here.

                1. You tell us. What level of welfare spending is acceptable as a consequence of your open borders, because you sure as hell never consider that in your position.

                  1. None.

                    Immigration and welfare policy are only conflated as a way to attack immigration. I’ve offered my position in these forums and I don’t support welfare nor automatic paths to citizenship for immigration under my proposal.

                2. “Many, MANY, people who are getting $1200 don’t pay that much either.”

                  Using weasel words twice doesn’t make them any less weaselly.

                  The average person pays less than $1,200 in taxes a year?!

                  Sounds like a libertarian paradise.

                  Are you including all payroll taxes and sales taxes, too?

                  1. You said “average” not me. You know, a weasel word.

        2. “They didn’t give you any of your money back.”

          Then where did it come from?

          Listen I get what you’re trying to say, but the reason you keep failing to get your point to stick is because you say asinine shit like that

          1. It came from thin air. They still got the revenue that they got before.

            If we were running surplus, then you all would have a point. Giving money back to taxpayers from a surplus is a good thing. We’re not running a surplus, and they didn’t give you your money back

            It will be paid either through future taxes, or currency devaluation, thus taxing anyone with savings through inflation. They gave you someone else’s money.

            1. “It came from thin air. ”

              No it didn’t, you already said it. It’s deficit spending so it came from future revenues.

              “It will be paid either through future taxes”


              The fact that they’re future taxes doesn’t change their source

              “They gave you someone else’s money.”

              So wait, I won’t have to pay taxes anymore? Oh wait you’re completely wrong.

              1. You’ve highlighted precisely the difference between a tax cut and stimulus spending. Much like welfare, or some other form of government payment directly to people, it goes out to people not based on their actual funding to the government. What the government did was redistribute tax liability from those that pay taxes on over $100k of income to those with incomes <$100k. There might be some overlap on the Venn diagram, but there's a lot of people who will get checks that don't pay taxes.

                Tax cuts are much preferred because the government can't redistribute them. They can't give someone else the money that they never took from you.

                I don't qualify for a check based on my income. Tell me again how this was simply giving people some of their money back. They gave mine to someone else.

                1. “Much like welfare, or some other form of government payment directly to people, it goes out to people not based on their actual funding to the government.”

                  Which doesnt change the source of the revenue. So that’s a non sequitur.

                  “What the government did was redistribute tax liability from those that pay taxes on over $100k of income to those with incomes <$100k. There might be some overlap on the Venn diagram, but there's a lot of people who will get checks that don't pay taxes."

                  Cool, that still doesn't change the source and is irrelevant. You've already admitted you were wrong, and it simply time shifting tax liability, but you cling to these other irrelevant points.

                  "Tell me again how this was simply giving people some of their money back. They gave mine to someone else."

                  This is simply giving people their money back. Crying about it and irrelevant non sequiturs don't change that. Additionally, NO ONE said "giving everyone their exact tax bill back, according to their current and future liabilty"

                  Now tell me how mine isn't still mine. What you get is irrelevent to the point. You seem to think some people not getting money is relevamt somehow. Whether present revenue or future, THE SOURCE IS STILL TAXES.

                  You keep TRYING but you know I'm right and you can't fucking stand it.

                2. $300MM went to migration assistance. Good or bad in your book?

                  1. Bad. The federal government has no role in “migration assistance.” I don’t even know what it is.

              2. “It will be paid either through future taxes”


                It’s doubtful that the government will run a surplus any time soon. It won’t be paid by your taxes. Your taxes don’t even pay for the amount of government we had before COVID-19. Don’t flatter yourself.

                It might be your savings, if you have any, that take a hit when they get around to printing more money to pay for all of this. I’ll grant you that.

      2. Government spending: good.
        Government taxing: bad.

        Sounds entitled.

        1. Is it spending or a refund?

          1. partial return on misappropriation

    2. There was no opt-in or opt-out, no consultation, so all she disclosed is her income on her most recent tax return, not her libertarian purity.


    2yrs ago, US diplomats warned about safety problems at the Wuhan virology lab and said lab’s work on bat coronaviruses could become a new SARs pandemic.

    A month ago,
    left door open to this scenario. He was lampooned in the media for it.


    20-year-old first class Anatomy graduate of Delta State University, Ishicheli Grace Kenechi is making face masks with beads after observing that some people find it hard to breathe with the popular face masks. Isn’t this innovative? #LegitStories #payusviaBVN #coronavirus

  32. So I was talking with my parents, and they were insistent that the coronavirus was engineered in some Chinese lab in order to destroy the US economy and thereby gain superiority over global affairs. I have no idea where they got such a crazy idea, but then I thought “hey, maybe they read the Reason comment section as well”. So, Dad, if you’re reading, hi!

    1. You have really stupid friends. You must be the outlier.

    2. “So I was talking with my parents,..”

      I hope their sorry they didn’t abort you.

    3. Oh, shit. What if your dad is LC1789?!

      1. It’s worse. I’m pretty sure LC1789 is President Trump.

        1. Anything is possible when the claims are coming from a sock troll.

        2. He wouldn’t be able to fit his tin foil hat over that hair.

          1. He takes the hair off and puts on a tin foil toupee.

          2. Leo is jealous that Trump has <ithat hair or any hair.

    4. The best one I’ve heard isn’t an engineered virus, but when the Chinese govt saw what it had, they let it go as a test of how we’d respond to an engineered one.

    5. It’s always a good idea to reject all other possibilities out of hand.

    6. No one cares

    7. Sounds almost as crazy as anonymous sources claiming trump has to sign every check. Now where did I read about that?

  33. My Android phone does not have that autocorrect issue. Must be that the iSteve new what was best for all the iPrecious owners.

  34. Mr $4 trillion deficit GOP man is a fucking disgrace to the country. His signature means taxes have to go up later by a lot.

    The Trump Trash that post here should slink off in shame.

    1. “Mr $4 trillion deficit…”

      Pelosi is pleased useful idiots sort of forget her part in this.

      1. All he had to do was veto it yet the Con Man begged for it to try to save his shitty presidency.

        1. Now do Obama

          1. Obama ran much, much lower deficits than Trump. Thanks, Obama.


        2. Thanks for proving you do not understand how Veto’s work or what the vote totals were. Your ignorance is much appreciated. – Pelosi.

    2. How are you going to rise taxes when there is no economic activity to tax? I mean we are all going to be quarantined or dead.

    3. You’re a leftist you love taxes

      And fucking children

      1. Fuck off, you liar. You Trump Trash are all reduced to lies.

        1. You lost bro. You’re tarred as a pedo forever, you never should have posted those links

        2. Tell me what Bidens spending plan is again.

  35. Many people, Republicans, Democrats, and non-partisans, worked hard to bring the stimulus payments into realty. All Trump did was sign the bill, he was hands off during the negotiations. Him taking credit is an insult to all those who deserve the credit.

    1. I need to correct myself, Trump wanted a payroll tax cut, it was others who proposed the direct payment. So he did even less then I stated.

    2. So he doesn’t get the blame for the 4 trillion deficits?

      1. I do not blame him for the covid related deficits. I don’t blame anyone, it was an economic necessity.

  36. Professor Yitzhak Ben Israel of Tel Aviv University, who also serves on the research and development advisory board for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, plotted the rates of new coronavirus infections of the U.S., U.K., Sweden, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Spain. The numbers told a shocking story: irrespective of whether the country quarantined like Israel, or went about business as usual like Sweden, coronavirus peaked and subsided in the exact same way. In the exact, same, way. His graphs show that all countries experienced seemingly identical coronavirus infection patterns, with the number of infected peaking in the sixth week and rapidly subsiding by the eighth week.

    1. Probably because most of the effective government activity trailed real world precautions that people were taking. People started washing their hands, avoiding crowds and public transit etc etc.

      That or the disease was insanely transmittable and had stupidly large error bars on symptoms so that way more people caught this, didn’t know and all of the lock-downs were functionally after the cat was out of the bag. Given that my wife is on week 4 of recovery, and we made 0 effort to isolate from each-other and my total symptoms were “I felt tight chested while worried about her” I’d also believe this.

      1. This ChiComVirus behaves strangely. The local old folks home just announced 9 cases (out of 250 residents) yet they have been on visitor lockdown for 3 1/2 weeks and all employees have been testing negative. It must be super-contagious to some folks and completely meh to others.

        1. We know the tests have a fail rate, and there are a lot of people who don’t present with a fever.

          1. And that there are a few strains of it floating around.

            Widespread serology sampling for antibodies to the bug should be interesting. I’m guessing we’re going to find that this is a lot less deadly than originally supposed. Unless you’re over 75 and/or fat.

  37. Yep- somehow people defend it. Pure lunacy and I can’t fathom how anyone can look up to Trump.

    I’m sure everyone works with a boisterous cocky idiot like him and hates their guts but somehow idolize that idiot when he has power.

    1. Trump is Cartman from ‘South Park’ all grown up. Everyone hates the motherfucker for his lies and self-absorption yet he thinks he is a gift to humanity.

      1. “Everybody”. Lol.

        1. *Everybody with the correct number of chromosomes.

          1. So not you.

          2. You mean everyone in the airline industry right, you dishonest piece of shit?

  38. “Treasury officials disputed that the checks would be delayed,” the Post states.

    This just occurred to me but obviously the checks won’t be delayed by having the signature. They are already delayed by the Treasury having to send out paper checks to the people who didn’t get direct deposit set up. Furthermore, yeah it’s a totally egotistical move by Trump but you have to respect the political strategy. The people shrieking about the orange egomaniac on twitter are not the ones who receive those checks. Those who do are on the older side and more likely to vote for him anyway.

    1. Trump is taking a Lefty move for give aways and making sure voters associate free shit with Trump.

      If free shit does get votes, then Trump wins.
      If free shit pisses off voters, then Trump can blame Congress for appropriating the money.
      Unreason and MSM Propagandists are not voting for Trump anyway.

      Trump just does circles around Lefty clowns.

      1. “I don’t take responsibility at all.”
        “My authority is TOTAL. TOTAL.”

        -A guy LC1789 would actually blow.

        1. Ahahahah what kind of fucking idiot thinks “responsibiilty” = “authority”

          Ahaahahaah god why do you insist on trying SO HARD lololol especially when you fuck up like THAT ahahahahaha

          1. You cultists really think authority and responsibility are unrelated?

            Man, I’m getting embarrassed on your guys’ behalves now. It’s like you are making a point to make your stupidity as apparent as possible.

            1. Kinda makes sense. They are oblivious to the relationship between authority and responsibility, and they worship a President who is oblivious to the relationship between authority and responsibility.

              Not the only principles they (and Trump) are oblivious to, either.

        2. de oppresso liber knows about blowing politicians.

          He has been sucking Hillary’s dick for decades.

          1. I was a republican holding an elected position in my county’s party for 8 years. Trump isn’t a conservative nor a libertarian. And you’re a simple goon.

            1. And you’re a pathological liar.

            2. No, I’ve been told by these goons that anyone opposed to Trump is not a true Republican.

  39. The bad news is that my head literally exploded when I saw that the number of confirmed deaths from the coronavirus took a big jump when New York City decided that unconfirmed coronavirus deaths will now be counted as confirmed coronavirus deaths.

    The good news is that my own personal case of coronavirus infection I’ve been suffering from for the last month or so has been remarkably responsive to daily doses of Claritin and Zyrtec. I know it’s only anecdotal, but surely some researcher might be interested in knowing that at least some cases of the coronavirus can be cured with allergy pills. Maybe not the confirmed cases like where you actually take a test, but the confirmed cases like what I have where I’m sneezing and coughing and that’s all the proof I need it’s the coronavirus.

    1. You can bet your ass that Democrats will never remove “confirmed” KungFlu dead even after the cause of death is determined to NOT be Wuhanvirus but some other cause of death.

      The numbers of KungFlu dead are not scary enough, so Lefties will manufacture new numbers.

      1. And you will exaggerate in the other direction, and all of us reasonable people will figure the truth is somewhere in between the numbers of liberals with an agenda or conservatives (like you) with an agenda.

    2. My god, how are you not dead?

    3. Sure you don’t have spring allergies?

  40. >>It is standard practice for a civil servant to sign checks issued by the Treasury Department to ensure that government payments are nonpartisan.

    yeah well it was standard practice for people to be allowed outside, too. so fuck you.

    1. Relevance of the second thing to the first thing?

  41. A doctor’s office in Winston-Salem has done some COVID-19 antibody tests. Out of 10 tests, 3 have tested positive for the antibody. These 3 people experienced symptoms in December and January, but none recently.

    That’s 30% of people in a small city in NC. And their symptoms were felt 3 to 4 months ago.

  42. “But the president is not an authorized signer for legal disbursements by the U.S. Treasury. It is standard practice for a civil servant to sign checks issued by the Treasury Department to ensure that government payments are nonpartisan.”

    That Trump pyramid scheme suit dragging Trump and family through the courts for fraud has been revived and renamed as the United States Federal Government.

    “Americans and Republicans, remember: You asked for this. Given the choice between a dozen solid conservatives and one Clinton-supporting con artist and game-show host, you chose the con artist. You chose him freely. Nobody made you do it.

    I will be reminding you all of that, from time to time. ”
    ~ Kevin D. Williamson

    1. In Trump’s defense, he did stop supporting Clinton at some point during his run up to the Presidency?

  43. ENB should stick to hookers, strippers, drug dealers, criminals, and all the rest of those who contribute so much to America. That is the libertarian way.

  44. Woke Brown…where were you when the stimulus under Odummer had signs out on the highway with the Obummer campaign art work “O” as a central part of the sign reminding us how our money was going to be wasted? Anyone remember those signs…

    I thank God every morning that Donald J Trump is President versus Killary and the neocons..

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