Trump Vows to Cut Off U.S. Funding to the World Health Organization

"We have deep concerns whether America's generosity has been put to the best use possible."


President Donald Trump said in a press briefing today that he intends to halt U.S. funding for the World Health Organization (WHO), explaining that "we have deep concerns whether America's generosity has been put to the best use possible," particularly given how it has handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The reality is that the WHO failed to adequately obtain, vet, and share information in a timely and transparent fashion," he said.

The U.S. was on the hook to contribute 22 percent of the organization's budget for the 2020-21 fiscal year, according to WHO's own records—around $236 million. (For the same period, China contributed around $129 million.)

The WHO had long been criticized, rightly, for being more about bureaucracy and behavior control than being directly helpful in infectious disease control. International action to prevent the spread of diseases is not really what it does. In the wake of the last decade's Ebola crisis, scholars noted the organization's fecklessness in bettering actual public health, as opposed to issuing pronouncements about individual or institutional behavior.

In the current pandemic, the WHO was slow to do its minimal job of spreading accurate information about the disease. Indeed, it spread actively inaccurate info, acting as a conduit for Chinese disinformation. So it isn't shocking that the president might prefer to not reward them from U.S. funds.

It is uncertain how Trump's declaration will play out in real-world politics. It is certainly possible that his comment will be ignored by the time the relevant budget decisions are made. But his concerns about the WHO's usefulness in this world crisis are widely shared, and the Senate Homeland Security Committee has launched its own investigation into the WHO's COVID-19 response as well. So perhaps something will come of it.

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  1. About fucking time.

    1. *dances a little jig*

      Now if only my idiot prime minister would stop throwing Canadian tax dollars at these useless internationalist bureaucratic monstrosities too.

      1. This thread is just chock full of intelligent insights, nuanced debate, and compassionate ideological compromise. Never has a more productive meeting of the minds graced these digital pages of libertarian lore. By all means, gentle reader, read on, gain wisdom, and rise towards the promising heavens of self-actualization.

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        4. Uh, it’s the worse than useless fucking UN we’re discussing her; in what world does “nuance” and “compromise” possibly play a part in that?

        5. Sorry…I hit the flag on your comment by mistake when scrolling down…so this could disappear soon.

      2. You and Rufus are pretty active, how big is the Canadian Libertarian movement?

  2. Good. They play more political than actual science.

    1. By the way… the article fails to mention it… but a large percentage of their expenditures is on travel. We arent funding an international funding consortium.

      Since the TDS crew always bitches about people never criticizing trump, let’s see if they can bring themselves to admit this is a good thing. Doubtful.

      1. Never doubt the ability of such persons to collectively [how else?] stick their heads so far up their asses that they will have no problem believing anything they want.

  3. This should be an interesting little psychological exercise.

    1. It wont be interesting at all. We already know how the comments play out.

      1. Just being facetious.

      2. “It wont be interesting at all. We already know how the comments play out.”

        See JfuckingFree down-thread:
        The WHO published information!!!!
        Look over there at the CDC!!!
        Everybody who’s alive owes it to the WHO (except….)!!!
        It’s either the WHO who saves us or we’re gonna DIE!!!

        1. I’m more curious about the absence of the TDS crew. They love calling put anyone who has ever said one good thing about trump as trump fanatics. They are oddly absent.

          1. We got the asshole bigot, but we’re missing brandyX, and certainly Hihn (do we dare hope he died? I, for one would cheer that!). Commie-kid checked in. XY seems to have gone missing.
            What others am I not seeing?

            1. Sarcasmic, brandy, chipper

              1. Of course libertarians support defunding the WHO. Why would this even be controversial.

                1. Yet none of your crew to say trump was right to do this. You didnt even say it now. C’mon. You can do it. Or afraid of being called a hypocrite since you claim anyone who has agreed with trump one is a cultist?

                  1. As a registered libertarian for something like 40 years, I applaud Trump for this. And I am definitely not a “fan” of Trump.

            2. Well all the usual Trump dick fellators are here so why are you so worried about it.

              1. Sadly you’re the one the TDS crew sides with, sadly they dont see that.

              2. “Well all the usual Trump dick fellators are here so why are you so worried about it.”

                Glad to see the HRC ass-suckers show up to tell us how good half-digested shit tastes!

                1. Damn Sevo; you’ve outdone yourself on this one!

            3. Yo, yo, yo…you called? 🙂

              I have zero issues defuding WHO. Their incompetence and malign behavior has killed Americans. They can go fuck themselves. Not a dime for them.

  4. Not even a “to be sure, Trump sucks.” Reason seems to share the widespread, justified revulsion at WHO.

    1. Yea, I’m pleasantly surprised

    2. The Global #DeepState is as corrupt as it gets.

      How could it be otherwise, with most of the member states basket cases of corruption themselves, and every layer of hierarchy producing further opportunities for corruption?

      The US should have created a more exclusive club of the United Free Nations where international cooperation is required. Start with The Anglosphere + Japan. Maybe some of Europe once the EU collapses.

      1. If anyone is ever in doubt, look at the countries on the UN human rights commission throughout history and those countries leaders at that time.

    3. This seems to be crossing the aisle from what I’ve seen. I’m interested to see the international reaction. If other nations will step up to fund WHO or is there general agreement.

      Because ~250 million is, sadly, a pittance in government spending and so it’s a firm rebuke if they can’t get that anywhere.

      1. Glad to hear it.
        Let us know when YOU pay for it.
        Fuck off.

        1. I’m happy to see the US not funding it either. My donations certainly ain’t going to WHO.

          Also, I don’t believe we disagree either here or below Sevo. My point was that if in the whole wide world of government spending WHO can’t raise that money the US is decking to pay, then that is the world truly agreeing that WHO is not worth it.

          1. “Also, I don’t believe we disagree either here or below Sevo. My point was that if in the whole wide world of government spending WHO can’t raise that money the US is decking to pay, then that is the world truly agreeing that WHO is not worth it.”

            OK, getting closer here, but I’m still not willing to allow ‘the international reaction’ any control of the issue with regard to me paying so much as a penny.
            The US is neither the police nor the savoir of the world; the other nations of the world are more than welcome to defend themselves militarily or WRT some sort of disease.
            As of now, we have a ‘protected’ organization (with a hell of a PR operation) claiming to provide medical ‘assistance’ in one form or another.
            Trump is making clear the promised ‘assistance’ was not delivered and is heavily supported by you and me, and telling them they get no more support until we have proof of delivery.

          2. If we didn’t pay for the WHO, it would still exist. It would just be a corrupt international bureaucracy with a smaller official budget.

            But we should still stop funding it.

        2. Apologies; somewhat.
          I’m not really interested in ‘the international reaction’, no more than I’m interested in what other ‘nations’ think is appropriate use of my money.
          Right now, many ‘countries’ believe the appropriate use of my tax money is providing for their defense, allowing those governments use my money to buy votes for 2-month vacations, money being fungible. Oh, and they get to whine about how the US is a war-monger, doncha know?
          Wanna make a case for my money? Don’t bother pointing out that France loves NATO. Nor that WHO might be loved by bureaucrats the world over.

  5. “We have deep concerns whether America’s generosity has been put to the best use possible.”

    Coming from someone not normally subtle, that’s a pretty threatening comment.

    1. Fuck off GOP shill. No one wants to here you regurgitate what you heard at the San Francisco Republican Society. Go suck Trump’s cock.

      1. You should really see a therapist about your homoerotic obsessions.

      2. “Fuck off GOP shill.”

        Notice our fucking lefty scumbag has all sorts of arguments to offer!
        BTW, scumbag, I voted R exactly once in my life: Hoogasian for SF mayor.
        And go suck HRC’s asshole; you deserve half-digested shit, as you get from the news ‘sources’ you frequent.

        1. Yeah, yeah… that’s what all you fucking worthless piece of crap GOP shills say. “They’re different now.“ You told us that about Romney you fucking sad sack. I was here so I know. Did I forget to say fuck off? If not, fuck off.

          1. You were already told to fuck off, leftie shitbag cock sucking cum swallowing asshole.

            1. If you are gonna insult someone, make it entertaining for the rest of us. This is just angry and sad.

              1. Chipper Morning Wood
                April.14.2020 at 11:33 pm
                “If you are gonna insult someone, make it entertaining for the rest of us. This is just angry and sad.”

                If you are gonna post anything which isn’t embarrassing to a 5-YO, please try to do so.

              2. And he rushes to defend AmSoc. Lol.

          2. “…You told us that about Romney you fucking sad sack. I was here so I know…”

            Addressing a lying lefty fucking ignoramus, I am proud to state that you are
            And you will never find any cite whatsoever to support your lies, lefty scumbag.

          3. American Socialist
            April.14.2020 at 11:14 pm
            “Yeah, yeah… that’s what all you fucking worthless piece of crap GOP shills say. “They’re different now.“..”

            Strangely (or not) fucking lefty ignoramuses have no support for their claims, right, fucking lefty ignoramus?

      3. AmSoc, maybe you should look Tony up. I’ll bet he’s got a whole haunch of beef for you.

        1. I thought AmSoc was Tony.

          1. Nope.
            Am Soc is some pathetic piece of lefty shit who bought RE in the East Bay burgs, hoping to cash in on the Bay Area RE market, and managed to buy in one of the few areas and times which tanked.
            Like ODL, he was a dimbulb ‘market timer’ hoping, in his idiocy, he was gonna make it RICH, as lefty shitbags often do. This is easy, right?
            No, lefty shitbag, it takes intelligence and you ain’t got it.
            Anyhow, being the loser her is, he bailed on his mortgage and then showed up here bragging that he refused to do what he’d promised to do.
            Immature at best; 30-going-on-15? Something where you hope your daddy says ‘don’t worry about it, you pathetic piece of shit; I’m sorry you weren’t aborted’.
            Regardless, Tony claims to live in a gated area in flyover country and claims to be an ‘editor (think “Dog Walker’s Weekly”)

    2. He seems to be more subtle when sticking to a script. If/when there is more questioning during his daily whatever’s I would expect more color commentary from him.

      1. Uh, and that relates to my comment how?

        1. You said he’s normally not subtle. I said I think Trump can manage more subtlety when he’s sticking to a script and that I’m expecting more commentary from Trump during his daily whatever they’re called. Briefings? I would agree that this comes off a fairly serious rebuke of WHO.

          Also, hello Sevo. Long time no talk.

          1. Also, fuck you in the eye, Sevo. Fuck you and your GOP scum.

            1. You too, dingbat.

            2. American Socialist
              April.14.2020 at 11:17 pm
              “Also, fuck you in the eye, Sevo. Fuck you and your GOP scum.”

              Oh look!!
              Commie scum is beginning to realize he’s LOSING! Again.

            3. Ooh, someone is really losing it today.

    3. I feel that there might be an investigation after this is all said and done into the WHO as to how much of a sock puppet they are for the Chinese. I don’t think Trump’s gonna let China get away with this, the question is how badly will China react to getting another blow to their economy?

      1. “…the question is how badly will China react to getting another blow to their economy?”

        Let them react badly. They’ve been bad actors throughout this crisis, and before TBH. I think our relationship is proceeding to a point where their goodwill is not going to be as valued here as it once was. Despite the bitching from the members of Congress dependent on CCP-linked donations. Any further trade stupidity on their part like arbitrarily restricting raw materials vital to, e.g., medical PPE production, will merely increase the cries to move those supply nodes to other countries.

        If they want to get frisky militarily—and they’ve raised the volume of their military maneuvers and general bullshit at Taiwan in the last two weeks—that’s fine too. TR and Reagan are somewhat sidelined, but there’s more to the US than two carriers.

        The American Public’s tolerance for China’s point of view and propaganda is at a low. To hell with the media if they continue to buy the lies.

  6. Oh FFS.

    The WHO has actually saved American lives. The CDC has merely killed Americans.

    Of course the WHO is bureaucratic and ends up playing kissy-face with whatever government is actually in control of a particular territory where a disease breaks out. Life’s a bitch ain’t it. Move on.

    It ain’t the WHO that delayed providing genetic info about the virus to test the virus. It ain’t the WHO that turned the US into the second to last (Turkey was actually last – prob because they were distracted by a little war they picked) country to respond to this. It ain’t the WHO that has – still – limited a public health response in this country. It ain’t the WHO that locked us into global supply chains for medicines/supplies that we still can’t seem to figure out how to restart/change.

    But hey – we’re America. That means we are special snowflakes. Exceptional even. And one thing for sure will get votes. Where’s that fucking furriner who screwed us?

    1. “Of course the WHO is bureaucratic and ends up playing kissy-face with whatever government is actually in control of a particular territory where a disease breaks out.”

      That is a weird take. So their boot licking of China is just a random coincidence? Right

      1. The WHO does not have the power to overthrow governments that are not ‘responding well’ to a disease outbreak. They simply have to play the cards they are dealt. Whether it is countries that are trying to cover things up for the domestic PR value – or lie – or incompetent – or even malicious towards the ill in their country. WHO in fact has to do what it has to do to make sure they remain in a position to keep gathering info about the disease.

        Fact is the WHO remained in place to receive the genetic info about the virus in early January. They passed that on to everyone in the world. That genetic info is in fact the basis of every antigen test outside China.

        Some countries knew what to do with that and focused on protecting their own people. Some – didn’t give a shit. Which is which ain’t the WHO’s fault.

        1. And the fact is – the primary reason we have funded the CDC’s ‘global pandemic’ team is because we haven’t fully trusted that we would get all the info we need from the WHO.

          Guess what happened to that entire unit over the last couple years – including the CDC’s ‘technical advisor to field epidemiologists in China’?

          Nothing screams stupid like shitcanning the entire CDC function that was supposed to ‘compete’ (in a friendly way) with the WHO. And then threatening to defund the WHO. Is there some competition to see how far we can stick our head up our ass here?

          1. All UN bureaucracies are well known as job shops for scoundrels. Look at who populates the Human Rights Commission — Saudi Arabia, Iran.

            Full employment for scoundrels and protection for dictators.

            There is nothing the UN does which is efficient or even effective.

            All your boot-licking propaganda can’t change that.

            SHOW SOME GODDAM FIGURES on how many American lives have been saved by WHO. You won’t. You can’t. There are none.

            1. EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN WHO HAS RECOVERED because they were tested for the virus, found positive, and treated for the disease.

              EVERY test in the US that works is based on what the WHO published. The CDC failed. Utterly. 100%. If we were still reliant on the CDC, we would have no more info on who has the disease – inside our own hospitals and ICU’s – than a country like Congo or Somalia. They would simply be misdiagnosed as having some sort of generic pneumonia

              1. “…EVERY test in the US that works is based on what the WHO published…”
                Notice there is no claim that WHO originated anything here, just that they *published* it! Gee, Life Magazine populated with do-nothing bureaucrats supported with your tax money.
                JFree, you fucking cowardly piece of shit, saving ‘just one life!!!’ is the qualifying limit for brain-dead lefties.
                Stuff your PANIC!! flag up your ass, stick first.


                Vast majority of infected people recover. With or without medical help. The WHO have nothing to do with that.

                1. Not the people who get hospitalized. Especially not those who end needing to go to ICU. They don’t get admitted to hospital just to get shunted into the laundry room to recover.

                  1. JFree
                    April.14.2020 at 9:39 pm
                    “Not the people who get hospitalized. Especially not those who end needing to go to ICU. They don’t get admitted to hospital just to get shunted into the laundry room to recover.”

                    So your claim was bullshit to begin with? Imagine my surprise!

                  2. The WHO invented respirators? They didnt even develop the tests dummy. Multiple outfits have developed tests. How much ignorant propaganda are you going to fall for?

                  3. you do understand how stupid your arguments are, right? Everyone who got better was magically saved by Harry Potter and the Globalist pixies at the WHO, and everyone who died did so because of the trolls at the “Trump-supporting” CDC?

                    We weren’t the “second to last” country to react either, most of America’s been on lockdown a month longer than the UK, and Trump started issuing travel bans back in February, to which simps like you started screeching racism like autistic muppets. Go back to your echo chamber at CNN.

                    1. Every single medical treatment – and especially the ones that are intensive – has required an accurate diagnosis. All the medical groups sharing info around the world agree on this. This ain’t the flu. It ain’t a cold. It ain’t pneumonia. And it quickly overwhelms the ability for a medical staff to simply dick around with a patient with this and that experiment until hell freezes over.

                      The FACT is that EVERY correct diagnosis of this disease has relied on the WHO’s getting the genomic info from the Chinese government. The CDC has been utterly useless. And there is no question that the sole purpose of this anti-WHO rant is to a)avoid holding CDC accountable (R’s are just like D’s in this – our own govt is never accountable for anything) and b)get the cheap ‘furriners are always to blame for everything’ votes from the stuck-on-stupid voters.

              3. Yo JFree…seriously? I would not rush to defend WHO.

                The WHO did not provide the US with the genetic sequence of the Wuhan coronavirus. The Chinese did. And when we got cases, courtesy of the fucking Chinese and Eurotrash, we sequenced it ourselves.

                The WHO dithering and flatly lying has killed Americans. To me, that is the red line. They did not just fuck up, they enabled and helped Chinese obfuscation for whatever arcane political reason.

                Nope…not a dime to WHO. The Chinese can have them. Good fucking luck.

                1. All of this.

                  The WHO is, like nearly all NGOs of its ilk, is a vehicle for enabling connected bureaucrats to steal. Be it by junketing around the world, siphoning off funds for this or that, or directing projects towards politically connected allies.

                  They lied their asses off through December and much of January at the likely behest of China. Fuck ’em. XY’s dead right: let the Chinese have them.

                2. I provided the link to the Nature article re how that genetic sequence was provided. Facts in that all stand. Our delay is OUR delay.

                  1. JFree…what part of The WHO dithering and flatly lying has killed Americans. To me, that is the red line did you not understand?

                    When you kill thousands of Americans with your actions, you do not go unpunished by the United States of America, period. Not in the past, not now, not ever. I don’t care who the fuck it is.

                    If the WHO was just incompetent, I would be saying, ‘whatever’. But they deliberately acted in a way as to enable lying and obfuscation…and lied about a number of things themselves. It killed innocent Americans. That was the line; they crossed it. They’re done.

        2. They spread disinformation. They downplayed the truth. They lied for China. No, however you try to cut it, they are far more at fault for any death than the CDC. But keep missing up to this apologist group for tyrants. Be a good little TDS sheep.

          1. WTF does that even mean? “They spread disinformation”

            Researchers from Shanghai, Wuhan, Sydney, Beijing put draft genome info on the virus (from a single patient) into the open-access GenBank repository on Jan 10. Public Health England developed their first test for the virus later that day.

            Researchers from the Chinese CDC (the unit where the US CDC used to fund a ‘technical advisor to field epidemiologists’ until Sep last year) put draft genome info from 3 patients into the open-access GISAID database on Jan 12. The next day, three other groups of scientists (Wuhan/Beijing) put five more genome sequences in that GISAID database.

            Four days later, the WHO published its genome sequence. Within a week or so, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, etc all had preliminary tests.

            All of this BEFORE Wuhan was locked down. Weeks before the US did a goddamn thing

            1. “WTF does that even mean? “They spread disinformation”…”

              It means they LIED, you pathetic piece of shit.
              Tell ya what; YOU support them and sell their goods.

            2. An article from Nature Feb 19 detailing the different data sharing that was going on every in the world. With the WHO very much part of that. EXCEPT for the US. Because apparently we are just too fucking special and our CDC is full of know-it-alls – and we were on that day, literally halfway through the three week period in February where we didn’t administer a single fucking test.

              1. Sorry, you been busted for outright lying and ‘shading’ the truth entirely too often. Like most every time you post, you lying piece of shit.
                Now, let’s see the pull quotes that back your claims; I’m not chasing your evidence for you.

              2. Oh, and BTW, those goal posts must be REAL heavy; commie-kid up-thread is probably willing claim to lend a hand while he shirks:

                ” Because apparently we are just too fucking special and our CDC is full of know-it-alls – and we were on that day,”

                Hint, you lying piece of shit; this concerns WHO.
                Did you know that and ignore it?
                Are you so fucking stupid you’d hope no one noticed your dishonesty?
                There is some layer of scum at the bottom of a sewage treatment plant where you deserve to swim.

              3. Hey dumbfuck, multiple countries have isolated the genome you chinese propaganda spewing dumbfuck. For example:


                Now please tell us how the WHO wasnt pushing Chinas not human transmissible bullshit until February.

                1. Chinese communism is now in control of the Financial Action Task Force, the band of looters that writes and pushes confiscation, asset forfeiture and bank strangling regulations because plant leaves. Those worthies were busy wrecking the stock markets at a meeting in Paris Feb 16-21. You know, when the markets crashed.

                  1. Your tin-foil hat is sideways.

              4. Another outfit you ignorant panic stricken chinese dumbfuck.


              5. US outfits isolating it.


                How fucking retarded are you Jfree?

              6. I mean not like the WHO is tacitly supporting china reopening wet markets..


                Why should we care about that? And you plainly ignore the WHO calling the china travel bans racist.
                So fuck off JFree.

            3. WTF does that even mean? “They spread disinformation”

              Have they stopped publishing China’s BS COVID case totals? 82,000 infectious cases, not a single new one for almost a month.

              Praising China’s transparency . . .

              Come on.

              1. Not to mention the whole Taiwan thing.

        3. WHO in fact has to do what it has to do to make sure they remain in a position to keep gathering info about the disease.

          lol, the only information they are intent on gathering is all of the bullshit that China gives out, that they then take at face value, and the information about people who are making China look bad online. They are shills for an evil regime and they don’t deserve our funding.

    2. Lol. You actually believe this?

      1. You got TWO choices here:
        A CDC that has proven itself incompetent if not outright corrupt/captured and that also no longer has any funding to get disease outbreak info from overseas.

        A WHO that exists in the actual world

        Those are the ONLY TWO CHOICES.

        1. If you’re a dumbfuck who believes in false dichotomies sure.

          So you do believe it. Lol.

        2. You got TWO choices here:


          Open your mouth and prove you’re a fool.

        3. “You got TWO choices here:
          A CDC that has proven itself incompetent if not outright corrupt/captured and that also no longer has any funding to get disease outbreak info from overseas.
          A WHO that exists in the actual world
          Those are the ONLY TWO CHOICES.”

          So you’re a coward, spreading PANIC in the hopes you won’t catch the sniffles and now you’re just flat out lying.
          Fuck off and die. Painfully.

    3. What American lives did WHO save? Is that a net value? Aren’t you ignoring how much worse they made this pandemic?

      Don’t forget all the other pandemics they have been useless on.

      Show your arithmetic.

    4. Libertarians for the Global Deep State!

  7. Toddler gonna tantrum.

    1. Yeah that’s you, fucktard.

    2. Kirkland shilling for CCP lackeys who spread pandemic across the world.

      You should see My Shocked Face.

      When will people accept that the mountain of corpses of Communism were not a bug to all, but a feature to some? Some people are just like that.

    3. “Toddler gonna tantrum.”

      Asshole bigots and cowardly pieces of shit tend to do that. We’ve noticed.

      1. At least he used different phrasing this time. Hats quite an achievement for Arty.

    4. Economic downturns increase communist party membership. True when Harding, Hoover, Nixon, Bush and Bush Baby wrecked the economy. Fascists feel it coming and are afraid. Girl-bulliers ran Ireland until a recent 2/3 majority declared girls have individual rights. God’s own tantrums ensued, and Sinn Fein just won some elections. Girl-bullying prohibitionists are a proven liability as far as voters are concerned. Once people realize voting LP changes bad laws, caudillos de Dios will be history like the Whigs

      1. Off the edge, here Hank. Don’t drink before you post.

    5. And human hemorrhoids gonna be a pita = Reverend Arthur

  8. I’d be OK with the WHO going away, personally. But let’s not be stupid. In one of the links that actually makes sense from that article, it clearly states in the summary:

    “[…] it did not provide an effective operational response, yet nor did it have a mandate to do so. This division between the normative and operational was further highlighted by the discrepancy between what the global community expects the WHO to do in a health emergency, and what it is able to do with its financial and organizational constraints. ”

    In other words, people want it to do things it wasn’t built to do.

    So by all means, tear it down. Maybe this time we can build something that actually works. (That would mean keeping Americans far away from the effort, of course.)

    (And I’ll assume the bit about being a conduit for Chinese propaganda linking to a page about funding is simply a roundabout way of asking for an editor?)

    1. What the fuck do you think it was built to do?

      All it ever has done is be a job shop for foreign bureaucrats traveling the world at everybody else’s expense, especially ours. Fuck that noise.

    2. “In other words, people want it to do things it wasn’t built to do.”

      I’m betting you have no support for that claim whatsoever.

    3. “people want it to do things it wasn’t built to do.”

      People want it to not be full of corrupt, lying toadies for powerful psychopaths, but you say it can’t be any other way? Oh well, sucks to be us!

  9. Stop funding WHO and the UN. End of Line.

  10. But where will African terrorists go to get their graft?

  11. Wife has local TV with network news on where I can see it; I can hear the news talking head is gushing about Biden’s experience with pandemics.

    1. Is he a vampire?

      1. Naah.
        He’s a worn-out old fart who sticks his nose in women’s hair, and is the last human standing as the D’s try desperately to make this manufactured crisis last long enough to let votes for him to be votes for his VP.

        1. Yes, It’s a hoax! It’s a hoax! It’s a conspiracy between China and the democrats to make Trump say more stupid things to entertain us! Sorry I’ve been at home too long.

          1. “Yes, It’s a hoax! It’s a hoax!”

            You are probably too stupid to know that even the other lefty assholes who post here now understand that claim to be bullshit.
            Not surprising; stupidity runs heavy among lefty assholes…

            1. They really
              Utah’s ‘tard’ in ‘progard’.

      2. Biden did successfully guide Egypt through all ten plagues so he has that experience.

        1. I blew it in reply to your ‘way up-thread comment. Apologies.

    2. Spanish Flu?

    3. Maybe all of Biden’s hair-sniffing makes him a vector for spreading pandemics. How many flus has he doubled the spread of? If it’s more than 2, maybe he’s an expert.

  12. Good move. Hope this actually happens.

  13. Who needs other countries? Who needs collaboration? We can make do with Russia. USA USA blah blah blah.

    1. Lame. Stupid and lame.
      Fuck off and die.

      1. The lefty tells have really given up.

  14. JFree, you’ve been asked to supply support for your claims several times up-thread. And many times before. MANY TIMES!
    Note these requests are for support for YOUR CLAIMS, not some lame attempt at shoving the goal posts.
    I will note, historically, you have yet *ONCE* to support any claim you’ve made; you’ve ducked, mid-directed, lied, shaded the truth and otherwise proven yourself to be a lying, fucking, cowardly piece of shit.
    So, you lying, fucking, cowardly piece of shit, here’s your chance!
    Go up-thread, pull-quote where you’re asked to back your claim, post it in reply with your support. Not some ‘I believe’ bullshit, SUPPORT.
    You can STFU, you lying, cowardly, piece of shit, and do the world a favor; fuck off and die.

    1. BTW, JFree, you lying piece of shit, I’ll try to slam that in your face EVERY TIME you post another lie; every time you post.

  15. I vote libertarian, so for decades my spoiler votes have said to ditch the world looter organization tentacles. Additional money could be saved by charging China’s dictatorship reparations for poisoning These States with their germ lab leakage. The communists buy U.S. debt with slave sweat. Cancelling those securities would free up additional revenue, and if germ-war communist dictatorships quit buying federal paper, so much the better.

    1. Hank, you run from ‘what in hell was that’ to (rarely) ‘spot on’.
      You blew it here. China may be a villain, but you have to support the claim that selling them paper benefits them, not us.

  16. Great, you keep giving me reasons to vote for him.

  17. Dear Leader is real kinky. Wow.


    Amid behind-the-scenes details of his explosive reporting on Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct, Ronan Farrow’s new book Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators claims that American Media Inc. (AMI), the former publisher of the National Enquirer, tried to help Donald Trump bury allegations he raped a teenager in 1994.

    Farrow claims in the book that AMI CEO David Pecker was in close contact with Trump when the rape allegations were made public in a 2016 lawsuit, and that then-National Enquirer editor Dylan Howard assured Trump’s personal lawyer at the time, Michael Cohen, “that they would track down the woman with the rape allegation and see what they could do about her.”

    Maybe they were mailing her a Christmas card, probably.

    1. Maybe you got all sorts of more lies and bullshit to post. I’m guessing so.
      When Trump gets re-elected, do you have to pay off your mortgage, scumbag?

  18. From one of the links in the article: Who funds the WHO?

    I’m only listing countries that contribute more than 1% of the WHO budget. Don’t worry: It’s a short list.

    USA: 22.0% – Pop: 328.2M – $0.67 / per
    China: 12.0% – Pop: 1428M – $0.08 / per
    Japan: 8.6% – Pop: 126.2M – $0.68 / per
    Germany: 6.1% – Pop: 83.1M – $0.73 / per
    UK: 4.6% – Pop: 67.9M – $0.68 / per
    France: 4.4% – Pop: 67.1M – $0.66 / per
    Italy: 3.3% – Pop: 60.3M – $0.55 per
    Brazil: 2.9% – Pop: 210.1M – $0.14 / per
    Canada: 2.7% – Pop: 37.9M – $0.71 / per
    Russia: 2.4% – Pop: 146.7M – $0.16 / per
    South Korea: 2.3% – Pop: 51.7M – $0.44 / per
    Australia: 2.2% – Pop: 25.7M – $0.86 / per
    Spain: 2.1% – Pop: 47.0M – $0.45 / per
    Netherlands: 1.4% – Pop: 17.4M – $0.80 / per
    Turkey: 1.4% – Pop: 83.2M – $0.17 / per
    Mexico: 1.3% – Pop: 128.6M – $0.10 / per
    Saudi Arabia: 1.2% – Pop: 34.2M – $0.35 / per
    Switzerland: 1.2% – Pop: 8.6M – $1.40 / per

    Those 18 countries account for about 82% of the WHO funding.

    P.S. for Shikha:
    India: 0.8% – Pop: 1353M – $0.06 / per

    1. thanks.

  19. Hold on to your horses. Yes, the WHO is a dreadful bureaucracy led by an inept Ethiopian. But notice that China is the second-largest contributor. By pulling out, we’ll let Communist China take complete control of it. Instead, we should pour in more money with the proviso that we call the shots.

    1. Wrong. The US should pull the plug on WHO. The rationale is really quite simple. If your deliberate actions cost American lives, then there is a price to pay.

    2. That would be akin to putting out bags of money to encourage the thieves from entering your house. Bad idea.

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  22. This is just President’s rationalization for the day. It was not his incompetence it was the WHO. This may go on for a day or two then he will find someone else to blame.

  23. Imagine that, a global bureaucracy led by a corrupt intersectional identitarian that is not qualified to work the register at my local convenience store.
    Left calls Racism in 3.2.1


      The bureaucrat in question is way ahead on this

  24. WHO’s not on first?

  25. Good… cut the funding.
    China was buying up emergency medical supplies late last year when they knew they had unleashed a highly infectious contagion, and then waited months to tell the world.
    Meanwhile, that corrupt, paid and bought for Tedros sang China’s praises for how they handled this pandemic.
    Tedros IS the WHO, and anyone who defends Tedros either has no integrity or they’re just plain stupid.

  26. It is a matter of what the true patriots of this nation desire and not what the members of the Homeland Security Council think, if Trump truly agrees with the genuine patriots of this nation and cares about their concerns he will have those who do not charged with treason.

    Time to royally screw the WHO for them seriously screwing the dog pound.

  27. The WHO isn’t much, it’s a known whore, designed to be subject to influence, we hoped it would be ours. I suggest improving it rather than condemning it because it’s all we have. So what was Trump doing when he shut down the CDC offices in China shortly before the COVID-19 virus appeared? They were there because this part of Asia was where the next pandemic was expected to occur. Now he wants to take their funding in the middle of a pandemic?

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