Banning Alcohol Sales During the COVID-19 Pandemic Is a Terrible Idea

For all the good prohibition might do to reduce domestic violence, it won't actually solve that problem and it will certainly cause others.


Alcohol sales should be banned while Americans are isolating at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, wrote Peter Bach, a physician who directs the Center for Health Policy and Outcomes at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, in a Boston Globe op-ed last week.

"States should immediately order the closures of liquor stores," he writes. "They can reopen when home isolation is no longer needed."

Bach writes that he supports such a ban because domestic abusers who also abuse alcohol are more likely to engage in unchecked violence during a quarantine, when "the isolation frustrates an array of safeguards we have in place to identify domestic abuse in the first place." 

Indeed, reports suggest domestic violence cases have spiked across the country and around the world since the COVID-19 pandemic exploded. Other reports say calls to domestic abuse hotlines have done the same.

While terrible, the rise in domestic violence cases during this period is not terribly surprising.

"Domestic violence goes up whenever families spend more time together, such as the Christmas and summer vacations," The New York Times reported this week in a story on the rise of domestic violence cases during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So why crack down on alcohol sales? Bach cites data from Finland, Sweden, and South Dakota that he says show alcohol restrictions can "reduce the frequency of home violence."

Some leading domestic violence advocates don't agree.

"[B]ecause drugs and alcohol aren't the root issues of abuse (abuse is about power and control), achieving sobriety doesn't necessarily end the abuse," the National Domestic Violence Hotline—which can be reached at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)—detailed in 2015. "There are plenty of people who use drugs and alcohol and don't become abusive. Drugs and alcohol can affect a person's judgment and behavior, but using them doesn't excuse violence or abuse." That comports with earlier research carried out by the group.

If alcohol use were a root cause of domestic violence, then one would expect rates of domestic violence to be lowest in countries that ban alcohol sales. But that's not the case.

"One in every three women in Saudi Arabia is a victim of domestic violence," a study in the International Journal of Public Health detailed last year. Alcohol is prohibited in Saudi Arabia, which only criminalized domestic violence in 2013.

South Africa also has some of the world's highest rates of domestic violence. With that in mind, last month, South Africa's police minister, Bheki Cele, banned alcohol sales—along with tobacco sales—in the country for the duration of the nation's COVID-19 lockdown.

While rates of rape, murder, and other violent crimes have since dropped, domestic violence rates appear little changed. Reports suggest "gender-based violence complaints remained high" in the country despite the alcohol ban. (South Africa's Gender-Based Violence Command Centre responds to domestic violence complaints.)

Here in the U.S., most states haven't heeded Bach's advice to ban booze sales. In fact, many have relaxed some longstanding restrictions on alcohol sales during the pandemic by, for example, allowing restaurants to sell to-go cocktails. Alcohol sales—most now for home consumption—have also grown nationwide during the pandemic.

Still, not every state has moved to facilitate booze sales. In Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Wolf (D) deemed the state-run Fine Wine & Good Spirits "non-essential" and ordered the stores to close indefinitely last month. But state residents, anticipating the closure, went on a record-setting booze-buying binge before the ban took effect.

Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores reopened for online sales earlier this month after consumer backlash. But the online store promptly crashed due to high demand and seems not to have recovered.

That's forced Pennsylvania drinkers to put themselves and others at risk, shirking shelter-in-place and social-distancing guidelines to buy booze by driving to other states—where they're most unwelcome, due at least in part to the fact Pennsylvania has the seventh-most coronavirus cases in the country. In Delaware, police have taken to turning back Pennsylvania drivers who travel to the First State to buy booze. One West Virginia county also banned sales to Pennsylvania drinkers.

While the aforementioned booze bans show they eliminate neither alcohol sales nor domestic violence, other critics have suggested Bach's proposal has serious public-health shortcomings. Alex Gertner, an M.D./Ph.D. student at UNC-Chapel Hill, tweeted out a thoughtful thread in response to Bach's Globe op-ed. Gertner argues the ban would be counterproductive and dangerous for several reasons, including that it could harm or kill alcohol abusers—whether or not they are also perpetrating domestic violence.

For his part, Bach acknowledges that around 5 percent of alcohol abusers who quit alcohol cold-turkey can face life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. And he admits that banning alcohol sales would further wound the already battered economy. 

"Even with these possible downsides," Bach argues, "the benefits to domestic violence victims and potential victims whom we have few other ways of helping through this crisis should be our priority."

Gertner, for his part, proposes several ways to help domestic violence victims right now—none of which ban alcohol.

"Fortunately there are plenty of policy options to decrease domestic violence without these risks and downsides," Gertner tweeted. "We can and should also expand programs that address violence directly. Let's expand shelter capacity, ensure shelters can maintain physical distancing, develop innovative ways for victims to report abuse from home, and check in with known victims and known perpetrators."

I couldn't agree more with those suggestions. I'm sure there are other good ones out there, too.

According to government data, more than half of Americans have consumed alcohol within the past month. Responsible drinkers should continue to be free to enjoy a tipple whenever they'd like. People who commit violent crimes against family members (or others) should continue to be prosecuted for those crimes. If we need to devote more resources to combating domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic, then let's do exactly that. But let's leave Prohibition—even a temporary one—out of the equation.

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134 responses to “Banning Alcohol Sales During the COVID-19 Pandemic Is a Terrible Idea

  1. The ban is necessary or nmates might use it to sanitize their hands.

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  2. Meanwhile, in Virginia, in-state distilleries can now ship up to six bottles per order right to your front door.

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                    9. Canada has been on lockdown about two weeks longer than the U.S. Premier Doug Ford of Ontario (equivalent of a state governor) put a special clause in his declaration stating the the LCBO (liquor control board of Ontario), The Beer Store, and OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) are considered essential service and are exempt. He added “if ever there were a need for a drink, the time is now. I’m not locking the population in their homes without a beer!” The lineup ti get into my local LCBO is running about 45 minutes.

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  3. On the other hand, it continues to condition citizens to accept any damn fool edict from the elites, so it must be a good thing.

    Welcome to the revolution; we lost.

    1. The media is portraying that most Americans are complying with tyrannical edicts from state and local politicians.

      Many of the same Americans who vote for tyranny are probably complying, the rest of us are not complying.

      1. How are you not complying? Is your restaurant open and serving customers?

  4. You just aren’t thinking clearly.

    Remember, they told everyone not to wear masks – because they didn’t want them to get complacent about social distancing.

    So this alcohol ban is just a first step.

    You see, people might do other things wrong too, not just domestic violence if they drink. Some people might find the social isolation driving them to swipe right and netflix and chill as a distraction. That would obviously be a bad thing. So we need to ban condom sales. You know, for public safety.

    We are already preventing people from going out on boats in the pandemic – you know, because other people aren’t able to go out on boats… But what about talking at work? We have all of these people who haven’t been laid off, and they are talking in the breakroom and chatting over lunch…. We really need a ban on non-essential conversation.

    I’m sure you all see the importance of this drive…. there have to be hundreds of things that we need to either ban or require in order to protect the public….

      1. There are rumors that Zero Hedge is a Russian government disinformation operation run by some Bulgarians.

          1. There are rumors that you’re a eunuch.

            1. credible

            2. There were also rumors that you had died of Corona, Tulpa, which truly would’ve been the best-case scenario. Unfortunately those rumors were false. I guess there really is no god, huh?


          2. Lol, The New Republic.

            Well I guess they’d know seeing as they themselves peddle their ass to both the Dems and the CCP.

    1. So we need to ban condom sales. You know, for public safety.

      Same mentality as lots of laws in place. FDA makes them spike codeine with acetaminophine so that you die from OD if you take too much codeine. The codeine itself is practically harmless. Thanks FDA for “protecting” me.

      1. Excellent point. Liver failure that nobody knows is going to happen until it is too late is an excellent way to avoid abuse. Also, since the laws charge you buy total weight, not active ingredients, bonus mandatory minimums!

        They should probably ban all caffeinated drinks and caffeine in general. Because people who are not sleepy move around and spread the virus.

  5. “It won’t actually solve that problem and it will certainly cause others.”

    Add a “But something must be done; this is something; therefore this must be done.” and you have a pretty good encapsulation of the theory and practice of expansive government. As a slogan, it won’t fit very well on a bumper sticker but you could do worse.

    1. Don’t just do something, stand there!

  6. “For all the good prohibition might do”

    stopped reading after the byline.

    1. Then why quote not-the-byline?

      I mean …. I would probably be pretty curious about an article written by someone with all those names who only capitalizes the first one.

      1. You’re fun.

        1. Wait till he starts telling you how he wants to eat his own shit.

          No really, he said that. He said he wants to eat his own shit.

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  7. “One in every three women in Saudi Arabia is a victim of domestic violence,” [and alcohol] is prohibited in Saudi Arabia

    Perhaps Dr. Bach could try to ban something else, then? Sand? Camels?

    1. A misogynistic, superstition-laced, monarchical, poorly educated, authoritarian, stale-thinking society funded by oil revenue and propped up by shortsighted countries?

      1. Don’t forget white.

      2. don’t forget islamic

        1. Don’t forget to visit TS in München and relax yourself a little in a pandemic time

      3. “and propped up by shortsighted countries?”

        Wait, if you won the culture war like you claim, then those are your countries. Most of them are liberal, of that there is no doubt.

        so you’re finally taking the blame for the Saudis?

        1. Youll notice that while he had time to cry at everyone in this thread about every other response he got, pointing out that if he won then they’re his countries shut him right the fuck up

  8. One obvious, overdue measure would involve putting more domestic abuse offenders in prison. I sense drunken driving has diminished since societal education and directives to law enforcement authorities arranged more — and more certain — consequences for drunken drivers. In my jurisdiction, a police officer (or prosecutor, or district justice) is held to account for refraining from holding a drunken driver accountable. The same circumstance should be arranged with respect to domestic violence. Look the other way, find a new job.

    1. Draconian laws and punishments = progress now.

      1. What is draconian about holding drunken drivers and domestic abusers to account for their reprehensible, immoral conduct?

        Accountability for those types of low-lifes has been a strong feature of America’s progress during the most recent half-century. Clingers may not agree. Thank goodness their influence on society is diminishing steadily.

        1. I love that you literally have to ask why you’re being draconian lolololol

          1. Just consequences are not draconian, you bigoted misfit.

            1. I love that you’re butthurt you got caught not understanding why you’re draconian lolololol

            2. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
              Or is it a pound of flesh?

    2. At least 50% of domestic abuse cases are perpetrated by women. Why do you hate women Artie?

      And why am I not surprised a piece of shit Progressive like you believes in Prohibition.

  9. Shows his Progressive creds, believing that the purpose of government is to shape people into “better” versions of themselves, as defined by their, ahem, “betters”.

    Is it the Jehovah’s Witnesses who say only 144,000 people are going to Heaven at the Rapture? And yet they continue proselytizing, increasing the competition for those few slots.

    Just shows to go ya that Progressives are the most selfless people in the world, constantly trying to make everyone else better so they too can be the elites who tell everyone else how to be better.

    1. “Is it the Jehovah’s Witnesses who say only 144,000 people are going to Heaven at the Rapture? And yet they continue proselytizing, increasing the competition for those few slots.”

      I never thought of that. I usually just say no thanks, but maybe I’ll run this by the pair who come around a few times a year.

      1. Better get the sect right. I am not sure it is the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

        But if not, and you ask anyway, it might make them see a new way of annoying whoever it is 🙂

        1. Hey look it’s Drake/SQRLSY/Hihn

          Ahahahahahah why are you bothering with sockpuppets you sad fucking pussy ahahahahaha


    2. In your world, people who don’t beat their wives or drive while drunk — or don’t appease substandard citizens who do — are “elites” and “betters” and “progressives” who should be excoriated?

      If so, no wonder society rejects your anti-social preferences.

      Open wider, clinger. Or not. Your comfort is no longer much of a concern.

      1. Wait, I thought drug warriors were evil clingers, too?

        It’s hard to keep up with your demonology.

        1. he’s not very bright, or consistent, is the problem

        2. I do not consider a seller of doobies to occupy the same moral plane as wife-beaters and drunken drivers. Your confusion is inexplicable.

          1. In context, you were criticizing the criticism of the doctor-drug warrior in the original post.

            It seems that it’s difficult of you to keep up with the basic elements of a conversation without retreating in confusion and invoking your usual list of insults.

            You’ve called drug warriors all sorts of names, but I suppose your programming can’t take it if you encounter a drug warrior who doesn’t immediately out himself as a southern white conservative.

            But there are drug warriors on the left. Your guy Biden, for example.

    3. I think it’s 7th Day Adventists, but i wouldn’t put it past Jehovah’s Witnesses to believe something similar.

  10. Banning anything because of the pandemic is a terrible idea.

    The entire economy is interconnected. They can’t shut down entire industries that they consider “non-essential” and not have it negatively impact the industries they consider “essential”.

    1. “Banning anything because of the pandemic is a terrible idea.”

      This is how you come to inhabit the inconsequential, downscale, embittered fringe of a decent society.

      1. you sure do cry a lot

        1. I — with others in the liberal-libertarian mainstream — impose my preferences on you in the culture war. You comply obsequiously.

          You get to whine and mutter about it as much as you want, though.

          1. I love how you cry more when i point out how much you cry lololol

          2. Just wait until we win the presidency.

  11. Have you guys had enough yet? How far do they get to go with this?

    My neighborhood park has put caution tape on the playground equipment AND the benches. I sat on the bench anyways because my pregnant lady body needed to catch its breath while waking my dog.

    This is getting beyond absurd.

    1. Maybe you should start a revolution. Call it “going the full LaVoy.”

      1. would you still cry constantly about it because you know you’re losing?

        1. Open wider, clinger.

          Or not.

          Your betters no longer need to care about your comfort as they impose progress against your wishes, your efforts, and your whimpering.

          1. So yes, you would kewp crying lololol

          2. impose progress against your wishes
            So inclusive!

          3. You care about progress about as much as Republicans care about fiscal responsibility.

  12. Has anyone set up a wiki to track all of the “if it saves just one life” crowd for future reference? We need permanent social distancing from these pearl clutchers

    1. What happens if it only saves half a life?

  13. I cock a lot, Thai , French, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, ect. It all takes alcohol. Usually in the cook. And I have a big covered patio to sit on and listen to music and have a beer, wine or whiskey and grill. These are my pleasures during this lockdown. Steely Dan’s not the same without it. They can kiss my ass.

    1. You are lucky. I don’t get to cock as much as I would like.

      1. Well, I’m making chicken cordon bleu for lunch and have a little wine. Guess I can’t type, cook and drink at the same time. I may need a nap here later.

      2. I cock too much — diarrhea.

    2. And unlike many ingredients, you can make your own alcohol, but the government specifically prohibits it.

    3. “They can kiss my ass.”

      And you can mutter bitterly as much as you like while you comply with the preferences of more responsible people. If whining makes this situation easier for clingers . . . whine away!

      1. Can we get a ruling? Are prohibitionists still clingers, or is it the anti-prohibitionists?

        1. Prohibitionists are definitely clingers. They already lost the culture war before my parents were born.

          1. What alternate timeline do you live in?

      2. “bitterly”

        ah i can see you’ve found a new crutch after I kicked “disaffected” out form under you

        and god damn, you can’t seem to stop crying

  14. “the isolation frustrates an array of safeguards we have in place to identify domestic abuse in the first place.”

    “Indeed, reports suggest domestic violence cases have spiked across the country”

    So, which is it? Are we identifying the abuse, or are we not?

    1. It’s all the bad things and none of the good things. Until it isn’t. Your betters will decide.

  15. Alcohol damages your immune system, increasing your risk of potentially fatal illnesses such as the corona virus.

    1. Is there anything the China virus can’t do?

      1. Get on the big boy rides at Disneyland?

      2. Make a decent Manhattan?

        1. God I would kill for a good Southern Comfort Manhattan right now…well, maybe not in the morning, but you get the idea. 🙂

          1. Maker’s Mark Kentucky bourbon for me. Any favorite whiskey will do. The orange bitters give it that great aroma and taste.

            On the few occasions when we go out for a nice dinner it is my go to drink order.

    2. So?

      So do a thousand other vices and habits that are not on the approved list.

      1. As long as you can get your booze, smokes and lottery tickets, you’re good to go.

    3. Quoth the superstitious fanatic sockpuppet… Alcohol in moderation increases life expectancy. Ionizing radiation does too. But prohibitionists affirm the Wholly Bauble and deny hormesis and statistics as witchcraft.

      1. Hahahahaha, Hank just called Artie a bible thumper AND a science denier!

    4. I saw some stuff yesterday suggesting the danger isn’t the virus per se but the immune response it triggers, in which case strengthening your immune system might not be the way to go. This might be a virus we haven’t seen before, but thats in the context of an entire world we havent seen before on any evolutionary scale. Aside from a little personal experience with autoimmunity, I 98.6% don’t know what I’m talking about, but it weems like the existence of autoimmune disease is all you need to know we can evolve systems that we don’t always want to be running at full capacity. It would be just like the official narrative to be positively counterproductive in its wrongness until everybody already knows better. Just sayin’…

  16. “the isolation frustrates an array of safeguards we have in place to identify domestic abuse”

    Well, then end the isolation! “If it helps save just one life, ….”

    More seriously, who are the multiple-criteria decision analysts working on the COVID-19 problem?

  17. “Domestic violence goes up whenever families spend more time together, such as the Christmas and summer vacations”

    If Dad gets another damn tie this year, so help him, he’s going to give the kids the beating of their lives.

    1. Yea, well… thats why they don’t get him belts

  18. This is going to sound like Hank Phillips, but the domestic-violence angle was a key argument of the prohibitionists who helped get us the 18th Amendment.

    And of course, as those goo-goos said in the article, alcohol doesn’t excuse abuse, and it doesn’t turn non-abusive persons into people who decide for the first time they’d like to commit abuse. It just loosens the inhibitions.

    It’s like the pestilence is considered by some as a heaven-sent opportunity to advocate what they wanted anyway.

    1. It’s like the pestilence is considered by some as a heaven-sent opportunity to advocate what they wanted anyway.

      It is exactly that.

      1. But the Kennedy center needed $250 million to stave off the virus! C’mon man, have a heart!

    2. Crisis doesn’t excuse prohibition, and it doesn’t turn non-prohibitionist persons into people who for the first time decide they’d like to prohibit something, it just loosens inhibitions [on prohibition]…

      And if Ive learned anything from Kevin Spacey’s body of work, its the loudest opponents of prohibition I would expect to be secretly the schoolmarmiest.

  19. “ South Africa also has some of the world’s highest rates of domestic violence. With that in mind, last month, South Africa’s police minister, Bheki Cele, banned alcohol sales—along with tobacco sales—in the country for the duration of the nation’s COVID-19 lockdown.”

    Great. Cause society-wide stress using tactics never used before on a near global scale and for an indefinite amount of time, then take away the primary means lots and lots of people use to mitigate stress.

    That’ll work!

  20. I’m going to the liquor store now while the going is still good, wonder what the exchange rate will be for Charmin???

  21. Kansas, one of three states that never voted to repeal Prohibition, which still has a few dry counties, and only recently allowed grocery stores to sell beer(but not wine or distilled liquor), where alcohol sales laws are so convoluted that Costcos in Kansas do not sell booze, yet the state says that liquor stores are an essential business during this time.

    1. Mabel Walker Willebrandt, the prosecutor who enlisted the Federal Income Tax as a prohibition enforcement tool in 1927, was born in Kansas. Her primary case against Manly Sullivan promptly crashed the German stock market and damaged that of France. Her explanation of The Inside of Prohibition in August-September newspaper serials was the tipping point down into the Crash and Depression. Mabel later defended raisin producers against “precursor” conspiracy charges. Maybe Kansans read and understood her explanations…

  22. Well, so far they are leaving caffeine alone – – – – – – – – – – – –

  23. There is no federal or state constitutional authority to ban products or services.

    With alcohol there is a 21st Amendment provision that makes it federally illegal to transport or import alcohol INTO a state where that transportation or importation is against state law.

    Alcohol cannot be banned but states can make it illegal to bring it from out-of-state.

    1. The same pseudoscience and superstition brought on the 16th and 18th Amendments. We were rescued from one of those force amendments by the 19th. When women realized the mistake of letting Republicans imprison and impoverish the nation over beer starting in March 1929, they organized to repeal the 18th. But the 21st gave counterfeit legitimacy to prohibitionism while the Income Tax–which drove dry law enforcement into the Crash and Depression, and is behind all recent crashes, still stands.

  24. Prohibitionist coercion was THE main cause of the 1929 Crash and a major contributor to the Panic of 1907. But religious fanatics ignore any factual data or measurements that interfere with sending men with service pistols to make examples of recalcitrant scofflaws. A different set of enjoyables were objects of repression in the 1987-92 and 2008 Crash and Depressions. Again, fake theories deflect attention from asset forfeiture in a fractional-reserve banking system. But truth is still the best counter to such coercive proposals, because it is what the looters fear most. Prohibition wrecks the economy!

    1. You want some croutons for that word salad?

      1. Word croutons?

    2. “Prohibitionist coercion was THE main cause of the 1929 Crash”

      Oh, lol.
      Are you sure about that?
      So you’re saying the Wall Street crash and global depression wasn’t caused by rampant speculation and set off by the London Stock Exchange’s crash three days earlier, but because Americans couldn’t get their tipple?

  25. Yea, well… thats why they don’t get him belts
    NSCDC Recruitment

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  28. And the creation of an administrative nightmare, as has been done in Pennsylvania is pretty dumb too.

  29. The following is the heading from another article, which might interest readers.

    In Pennsylvania, Prohibition Is Finally Losing Its Grip
    Keystone State alcohol regulations were among the strictest in the nation. Now the commonwealth is on the brink of fully liberalizing its liquor laws.

    Eric Boehm | 5.3.2017 8:30 AM

    Respecting the current fiasco, courtesy of our governor and the LCB, I wonder if Mr. Boehm might wish to reconsider.

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