Brickbat: This Night Saved Our Country


Crowley, Louisiana, Police Chief Jimmy Broussard says he did not realize the siren sound his department used to signal the start of a curfew was the same one used in The Purge films and television series. The series depicts a dystopian future in which on one day each year for 12 hours all crimes are legal. Acadia Parish, in which Crowley is located, created a 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Broussard says the siren will not be used again.

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  1. I got nothing.

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  2. Pretty sure the Purge used a pre-existing siren. It is kinda funny in a dark way, but, a nothingburger nonetheless.

  3. He also didn’t realize that the virus can be spread during the day just as easily as at night.

    1. The curfew applies to the virus. Duh!

    2. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  4. Call To Quarters is the proper way to signal a curfew.

  5. Nothing says good night like a crazy military siren.

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  7. Apparently he’s not the only one, some of my friends in Charleston say that someone’s going around at night playing it as well. Makes sense, the virus can’t spread if there’s no one left for the virus to spread to. XD

    1. It also happened in DC.

  8. The Purge was the dumbest move I ever saw. And I can be fairly forgiving of movies with not only a dumb premise, but characters that do dumb things to ‘keep the story moving’.

    But it simply went too far.

    1. And it was so dumb that it resonated with people and therefore got multiple sequels.

      People are so dumb.

    2. It was a blatant ripoff of the idea of a “Red Hour” from Star Trek episode “The Return of the Archons,” except they left out the best elements, like Landru, the brown-robed Lawgivers, and the whole, mind-controlled blandness of, “peace to you, friend.”

  9. And what, precisely, do they think a curfew does to prevent or even slow the spread of disease?

    In fact, curfews do the exact opposite. Instead of allowing people to spread out their activities over time (shopping, exercising, just getting out of the house for a brief walk), curfews force people to conduct all those things during brief, defined hours and increase the crowding during those times. Curfews make social distancing harder.

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