Brickbat: Snooping Saudis


The Guardian newspaper reports that Saudi Arabia's three largest mobile phone companies have made millions of tracking requests since November 2019 that would allow them to locate Saudi phone users in the United States. The Guardian reports that such requests can be routine and can help, for instance, foreign phone companies register roaming charges. But it says security experts it consulted say the volume of requests indicates the Saudi government is spying on its citizens in the United States.

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  1. I’m sure they just want to make sure their citizens are keeping their faith in theses trying times. As any benevolent rulers would. It’s nothing to’ lose your head’ over. I’m just saying, don’t’ lash’ out in anger.

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  2. I guess the US deep state didn’t share its own data with our partners in the Global War on Terror.

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  3. Who cares? Let us know when they’re spying on Americans.

    1. They are spying on Americans.

      1. Americans who use Saudi phone companies?

        1. I would presume they are getting “meta” data on Americans calling those numbers. Looking to tie those numbers back to intelligence services, news organizations or other trouble makers, probably. So yes I’d say they are spying on Americans.

          Additional, although not related, Jeff Bezos has alleged the Saudi’s spied on him directly.

  4. That’s the FBI NSA’s job. They don’t like competition.

    1. They do act like jealous spouses, don’t they.

  5. Given that nearly all of the foreign-born terrorists who’ve carried out attacks on US soil were Saudi, perhaps the kingdom has finally realized they might want to head that problem off before the US decides to stop backing their stupid plays in the mideast.

    I won’t hold my breath, though.

    1. Or maybe they want to make sure that the terrorists they sponsor aren’t doing anything to give themselves away.

  6. Well , if no one else is gonna do it I will, you know who else?

  7. Sounds like they’ve learned well from their masters in Mordor on the Potomac.

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