America Could Import Countless More Face Masks if Federal Regulators Would Get Out of the Way

Markets are trying to meet spiking demand for face masks, but importers are stymied by the FDA and CDC


Despite spending the past few weeks assuring Americans that wearing a face mask in public is not necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is reportedly reconsidering that stance.

According to The New York Times, the CDC is mulling changes to its guidelines for who should be wearing face masks due to evidence that the COVID-19 outbreak is being spread largely by people lacking symptoms of the disease. There is also mounting circumstantial evidence that countries where mask-wearing is more of a cultural norm have had greater success in containing the disease's spread.

But there's one big problem with all of that: a shortage of medical-grade N95 face masks.

And one of the reasons why America is facing a face mask shortage is the CDC itself. Hospitals are only allowed to purchase masks from suppliers certified by both the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—though they can accept donations from any source (more on that in a moment). Many foreign companies that make face masks lack those certifications, which limits the imported supply available to meet America's rising demand.

Even suppliers who are certified to sell masks to Americans have to navigate a weeks-long bureaucratic process before orders can be fulfilled. Suppliers who aren't certified by those federal agencies can't legally bring their products into the United States. That means supplies of KN95 masks—a Chinese certification for face masks that 3M Corporation's personal safety division says are "reasonable to consider….as equivalent" to N95 masks—can't be legally imported by hospitals for health care workers to use.

Thankfully, markets are finding a way. As Vox reports, mask importers are "navigating a newly formed unofficial gray market" to get NK95 masks into the United States, where demand for protective medical gear is spiking—and will climb further if the federal government tells all Americans to start wearing masks in public at all times.

The FDA and CDC should get out of the way so those ad hoc markets can operate legally.

"Due to the worldwide shortage of N95 masks, the operative question for FDA regulators is not whether a Chinese KN95 mask is preferable to an American N95 mask," write Alec Stapp, director of technology policy at the Progressive Policy Institute, and Caleb Watney, a tech policy fellow with the free-market R Street Institute, in a forthcoming paper on the regulatory challenges facing face mask suppliers.

"The question is," they continue, "whether it's better than the CDC's recommendation that healthcare professionals 'might use homemade masks (e.g., bandana, scarf) for care of patients with COVID-19 as a last resort.'"

According to the CDC's own data, it takes an average of 95 days to approve new certifications for face mask suppliers. That's far too long, even at the best of times.

Stapp and Watney compare the FDA's and CDC's role in the ongoing face mask shortage to how the same federal agencies initially restricted the number of labs that could work to develop COVID-19 testing kits. The federal government should learn from that experience and act quickly to address the shortage of masks by freeing up markets and allowing additional imports, they argue.

Specifically, that means granting immediate exemptions for all domestic manufacturers to by-pass regulatory hurdles and allowing imports from any foreign producer that has a track record of selling products to "peer countries" like Japan and nations in Europe. Purchasers and hospitals should be trusted to conduct quality control testing and spot checks.

That may not be an ideal solution, but these are not ideal times. The global supply chain is ramping up to meet the need created by coronavirus outbreak—but until federal regulators step aside to let markets work, the bureaucracy will only be making a bad situation worse.

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  1. It is in everyone’s interest that we normalize mask-wearing. The seen benefits are reduced transmission of the virus. The unseen benefits are that the dating prospects of much of the commentariat go way up.

    Get it? Unseen benefits.

    1. Does the mask cover the entire stomach area? If not, my dating prospects will not improve much.

      1. To the contrary, the ladies will recognize that you are well-nourished and that is a sign of abundance / wealth.

        1. “I’d see my wife, my Golde, looking like a rich man’s wife
          With a proper double-chin.” -Tevya

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            Hey hey!“

            Brian May/Queen

    2. Masks dont help make your jokes funny.

      1. At least you tried, Jesse. Perhaps some nootropics might help you understand?

      2. Even Trump says 100,000 could die in the next couple of weeks. So much for your “It’s no more dangerous than the flu” anti-science idiocy.

        1. Flu killed 80k last year.

          1. Over a couple of weeks? Lol.

            1. This virus hasn’t killed 80,000 WORLDWIDE in the last couple weeks you mendacious stupid piece of shit.

              1. 1. Even your hero Trump has said Sweden’s method backfired, and Seeden is now bracing for a ride in cases of the virus.
                2. U.S. deaths have shot up to over 12,000 from just 2,000 a week ago.
                3. The death rate will increase exponentially, moron. So your 80,000 number means nothing.

                1. rise

          2. And just imagine if we didn’t have shelter in place laws, how many people would die.

            1. You mean like in Sweden?

              1. Our hospitals would be overwhelmed with patients if not for those orders, you idiot.


            COVID-19 didn’t even have the entire flu season to spread this time. Wait until next winter.

            1. Just like with “climate change” you have to expand your time horizon out a fucking decade to reach your fake numbers. Hopefully you get murdered long before the yellow fever hits you.

              1. Climate change is real and manmade. Piss off, troglodyte.

  2. We already imported a Chinese virus. We see the results – daily.

    I’m sure there will be no problems at all importing Chinese masks. Nah….

    1. The virus doesn’t have slanty eyes. The main reason it originated in China is because they have a larger population. Statistically, 95% of new diseases should pop up outside of our borders, and China should birth 3x that we do. Given that H1N1 originated here, and China birthed SARS and coronavirus, things are in keeping with a population-size model, no matter what jingoists about the dietary habits of “savage” Asians.

      1. China has less than 20% of the world’s population, yet China and the ME account for most of the recent pandemics. The reason is simple: their food inspection and safety systems are awful, their poverty forces them to associate with animals closely, and their dietary habits facilitate this kind of transmission. Pretending that such factors don’t matter doesn’t make you culturally open minded, it makes you foolish.

        1. And they eat bats.

          And skin cats and dogs alive.

        2. A Communist government without “safety systems” – that’s a new one.

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    2. We already import Chinese masks, now we are talking about importing different Chinese masks

    3. Racist fascist.

  3. I grant that desperate times call for fast-tracking the certification process, but not to the extent that the devices aren’t adequately tested. You might argue that anything is better than people having nothing, but I would disagree. Being unprotected while _believing_ you’re protected is worse than being unprotected and knowing it. Providing devices of poor efficacy would, potentially, be making things worse.

      1. Sure, caveat emptor. You can read the source of someone else’s mask from 18 inches? And you know enough to evaluate whether that mask is really effective? I think Joe is right.

        1. The companies that make the masks say the specs are virtually identical. The CDC also says they are equivalent. If you don’t trust that then you shouldn’t be trusting any masks

        2. What if the mask in question is a 14×14 furnace air filter that has two eyes holes cut out of it and duct tape as a way to secure it to your face?

          We got a little bored yesterday at work. And also are looking to get in on some of those sweet corona dollars.

        3. Joe is wrong. You both assume the default attitude of everybody is to screw over everybody else. You also assume companies are so greedy and evil as to ignore the probability of jail and huge fines just to make a few bucks for a short while. You are both wrong.

          1. Well, yeah……

            Everything is so terrible and unfair.

            C’mon now. Haha.

      2. Yeah… kinda. As Joe said, it is far more dangerous for someone to be wearing a mask that they ‘think’ is appropriate and find out later that it is not. Nederland just recalled 600,000 defective masks. It is hard for a normal user to tell if a filter can pass something larger than 2.5micron.

    1. Providing the CDC and the FDA with life does make things worse.

    2. “Providing devices of poor efficacy would, potentially, be making things worse.”

      You just described the entire Federal government.

      What did Reagan say about the 9 most terrifying words in the English language??

    3. Hard to believe this comment is about a piece of cloth with two loops.

    4. You come off as one of those people who think everyone else is out to screw everybody else, that only government knows best, that government paychecks turn FYTW evil people into smart altruistic fair-minded know-it-alls.

      You need to check your humanity. Most people try to do the right thing most of the time. The few who do evil are the reason we have courts.

      What damage could it do to have bogus masks? Would it be any worse than having no masks? Yes, some people would go out in public and spread disease by mistake, but they shouldn’t be out in public anyway.

      Do you really think company executives are going to risk jail just to sell fraudulent products, especially at a time like this? It just ain’t likely!

    5. “Being unprotected while _believing_ you’re protected is worse than being unprotected and knowing it.”

      And if somebody were to try selling mask that provided no protection at all, you’d have a point.

      1. Masks are either protective or not. There is no middle space. China just sent test kits with an 80% defective rate. It is absolutely acceptable to question their effectiveness.

        I’m not for “big government” but this isn’t a slow process where you can let the market flesh out the good from the bad. By the time the market corrects there will be significant damage.

        I think the market forces are in effect; a mask shortage is making people think twice about going into public that would otherwise consider it.

        Point is; if the masks don’t make specifications they aren’t masks.

        Test, random sample, third party confirm and get the to the shelves, but not just because anarchy good government bad open borders for all.

        1. “Masks are either protective or not. There is no middle space.”


        2. That’s 3 different socks you used to make this stupid fucking point

        3. Have you heard of the phrase “Don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good”?

        4. re: “Masks are either protective or not. There is no middle space.”

          Wrong. That’s not how any filters work. In fact, that’s not how any manufacturing process anywhere works.

  4. Why are we doing business with China in the first place? They steal technology. Use slave labor. Harvest organs from political dissidents. They undercut world prices, drive businesses (rare earth mineral mining in the US) out of the market. Lie about their criminal behavior. Then after lying about the Wuhan virus they threaten to cut off our medical supply chain.
    Heck, even Europe and Turkey are returning or refusing Chinese Wuhan virus medical supplies.

    1. Proggies…

      To AOC and her ilk all the things you just listed are features not bugs. It’s her vision for us in a nutshell.

    2. You think the US government and all other governments don’t do the same?

      1. No. They don’t.







        We need to recognize Taiwan’s independence, and put them in charge of the WHO.

        1. “We need to recognize Taiwan’s independence, and put them in charge of the WHO.”

          Right after we put Snowden in charge of the NSA and Chuck Yeager in charge of HUD.

          I like it.

        2. While Roger Daltrey remains alive, no one else is going to be in charge of The Who.

          When he dies, I think the leadership should pass to Doctor Who.

          Or to that owl from the Tootsie Pop commercial.

    3. Undercutting prices is not an ethical breach, like some other things you mentioned (e.g., slave labor).

    4. We’re doing business with China in the first place, because they pay top dollar for politicians. Why else did you think?

  5. I want an N95 printed to look like the bottom half of a Guy Fawkes mask.

    Bet I can find TP at the local grocery if I’m wearing it. 🙂

  6. >>(CDC) is reportedly reconsidering that stance

    upping the ante on the scare tactics required because math.

  7. The regulations are there to keep people safe. What good are 1000 masks if 900 of them do not work effectively? How do we know if something will work effectively? By following the regulations. Who eliminated our pandemic response team and outsourced our national security to China? How can we trust health and safety products from China, a government that cares about their people even less than the Trump White House? If a rich American can make 5 extra cents per unit for shipping US jobs to China, they will do that, showing that they are willing to have Americans starve, and willing to prop up the horrifying authoritarian government of China. The US is killing itself by its slavish devotion to China, and the slavish devotion of business owners like Donald and Ivanka to the masters of China.

    1. Safe! Everything must be perfectly safe! Only government can make us safe! I’m so scared!

      1. Only government can make us safe — eventually. When all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed, all the tests completed and papers stamped, then the survivors can have their masks. For the dead, well, sorry Jack, that’s the way things are.

        This is an emergency. In an emergency corners are cut, after quickly evaluating which corners are least likely to cause problems if cut.

        I’m sure the tent hospital in Central Park didn’t get building permits (because it wouldn’t), zoning variances, environmental impact statements, certificates of public convenience and necessity, etc., etc. I’ll bet Samaritan’s Purse asked NYC, “Can we put up a tent hospital in Central Park? and the city said, “God, yes. Get cracking!”

        Of course, the remaining problem with importing masks from other countries is their willingness to export masks, when confronted with the possibility of their own coronavirus epidemic.

    2. 1: Most of the N95 masks we use are already produced in China
      2: Companies that produce N95 masks also produce KN95 masks
      3: KN95 masked are still regulated, just not by the CDC
      4: The CDC says the KN95 is equivalent to N95
      5: Other countries like Japan already use KN95

      1. From the BBC News: Coronavirus: Countries reject Chinese-made equipment

        “On Saturday, the Dutch health ministry announced it had recalled 600,000 face masks. The equipment had arrived from a Chinese manufacturer on 21 March, and had already been distributed to front-line medical teams.

        Dutch officials said that the masks did not fit and that their filters did not work as intended, even though they had a quality certificate.

        Spain’s government encountered similar problems with testing kits ordered from a Chinese company.

        It announced it had bought hundreds of thousands of tests to combat the virus, but revealed in the following days that nearly 60,000 could not accurately determine if a patient had the virus.”

        The basic problem here is that, if you’re importing the masks, you are, as a practical matter, getting them from China, and China ships defective products.

        They do it all the time. Toxic baby food. Contaminated drugs. Masks that don’t filter.

        It isn’t just the slave labor that makes China the cheapest supplier. It’s their willingness to cheat their customers.

    3. having 900 is not better than having none?

      1. If one dies, we all must die. Equality of outcome is a bitch.

        1. “… and all must have prizes” lol

    4. The regulations are intended to keep people safe. As the current situation exemplifies, the regulations are catastrophically failing at that goal.

      re: “What good are 1000 masks if 900 of them do not work effectively?” Why do you think that the regulations have anything to do with evaluating effectiveness? (Hint – effectiveness of a mask can be measured in about 10 minutes with a very simple test using known samples.) Why do you assume that only government regulators can evaluate effectiveness? What do you think will happen to the company that shipped the ineffective masks?

      The rest of your anti-capitalist rant is, well, deranged. If you think you can do better, start your own company.

      1. The regulations are intended to cover the regulators’ asses. They want to make sure that nothing bad happens that can be directly traced to their own affirmative decisions, pinned on them.

        So the FDA blocks life saving drugs and treatments because people don’t tend to blame the FDA for medical advances that don’t happen, but would blame the FDA if another Thalidomide snuck through.

    5. NAIVE to the point of harm.

      Yes, sometimes regulations make us safer, but many times they put us in more danger, like right now. Trusting the government does make you the perfect socialist citizen, but it does not help most of us at all.

      WHO totally sucks , consuming 80% of their budget on overhead.
      Understanding that a mask is mainly effective in stopping the spread by people who are not aware they are infected is the key to
      masks. There is n high tech in a 95 style mask, they are low tech as is the need masks perform. A 95 style mask is insufficient for asbestos abatement , so it cannot stop a virus directly. It does limit the spread by the infected person very well, but not as good at keeping a person from being infected alone.

      Many things are now made in China because leftist environmental activists have succeeded in passing laws that make it almost impossible to make the products here at all. Environmental activism has pushed more jobs to China than the low labor costs. The seen benefit of environmental activism that the media promotes and praises versus the invisible jobs that are destroyed and forced to move elsewhere that the media totally misses.
      Rich Americans can afford things made in the USA, it is the rest of us that benefit from less expensive Chinese goods……you have it backwards.

      It is way less that the business wants to make 5 cents more, it is that they want to sell to the consumer at a lower price, ( sell for 5 cents less and make the same or less profit per unit, but sell more units to make more profits- everyone wins, the consumer, the business…..the free market in action) do you understand the difference?

      “The Donald” has been way harder on China than any previous administration since Nixon opened China up to the world. Another thing you have totally backwards.

      It is regulations that killed quick testing and a fast response.
      Regulations usually benefit the big players in the industry being regulated and not the consumer.

      Only a inattentive person could think we have outsourced our security to China, when it is Trump who is the most worried about China, Hillary and the left are China’s enablers, how did you miss this reality??

    6. Clinton outsourced our national security to China. As for the Global Pandemic Response team they would have done nothing as their mandate was to go to other countries and assist in the response prior to it becoming a problem in America. Among other things, this requires the permission of the host country. Given that China was in full coverup mode with the full assistance of WHO until late January, the response team would have accomplished exactly Jack and Shit.

  8. I’m not the only one turned on by that picture, right?

    Anyway, I’m not venturing outside the confines of my UV-sterilized home without a full on old-timey diving suit, with the little window on the bell helmet clasped tightly closed

    1. Do you have the stylish diving suit, the one with fake gorilla hair?

  9. Mostly because of government agencies and regulations we are going to see devastating consequences in the Emergency Department and EMS. Those that get infected will be quarantined and off work for extended periods, causing even more exposure for working colleagues and the viscous cycle begins. Many health care workers will get very sick and thousands may die. Health care as it was before the pandemic will largely cease to exist as the hospitals & EMS are overwhelmed by this.
    Already fourth year medical students are being used as interns or graduated early to begin a COVID-19 trial by fire internship. This is just the beginning.
    Remember this whenever some say the GOVERNMENT should be MORE INVOLVED.
    Also, stop wearing gloves in public, you are tripling your chance of being infected.

  10. You don’t need a face mask, unless you are sick. Wearing one for no reason is insane.

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  12. In mid-January, when the Wuhan lockdown started, we told our son, to buy himself some N95 masks.

    He couldn’t find any, so he bought some N100 masks instead. It is the only time I’ve ever heard of them – but the packaging says it removes just under 100% of aerosol particles, whereas the N95 does that at 95%.

    Why don’t healthcare workers use N100 masks? Are they really a thing?

    1. Yes, but they block 95% of the air.

    2. Don’t look is exactly right. The very features that make them more effective at blocking particles make them uncomfortable and less likely to be used. Realistically, you want the minimum protection necessary to do the job because that’s the protection that will actually get used.

      Note, by the way, that neither the N95 nor N100 mask will actually stop particles as small as most viruses. What they will do well is stop some of the airborne droplets from your cough that are carrying the viruses.

      For those who want the full tutorial:
      – The prefix refers to oil-resistance. That matters a lot in some contexts. Not so much when you’re just walking around the street worried about your neighbor’s cough. Masks that start with a P are oil-proof. Masks that start with an R are oil-resistant. Masks that start with an N are non-oil-resistant. So if you can’t find any N-masks but can find a P-mask, go for it.
      – The masks are tested using particles that are 0.1 – 0.3 microns in diameter. Most viruses are in the 20 nanometer range – about 0.02 microns. Coronaviruses are larger than average – about 120 nm or just barely within the range that some (but not all) of the N/P/R-rated masks will stop.
      – An N/P/R-95 mask will stop at least 95% of particles within the test range.
      – An N/P/R-99 mask will stop at least 99% of particles within the test range. It will also block more air for the same price/efficiency.
      – An N/P/R-100 mask will stop at least 99.97% of particles within the test range. It will be even less comfortable for the same price/efficiency.

      1. Thank you for useful facts.

  13. It’s amazing that whenever a crisis hits, the United States, supposedly the bastion of the free enterprise system insists on running the economy like the Soviet Union. If we would simply get rid of all price gouging laws and let the market do what markets do, the price of these things will go up which discourage hoarding and, more importantly, increase supply.

    1. Absurd. You can’t be having people making profitz!

      1. “You owe us!! because we are *special* people”, screams the left constantly.

    2. If we would simply get rid of all but minimum government and let the market do what markets do, the price of these things will go up which discourage hoarding and, more importantly, increase supply.

      Fixed it for you. 🙂

      Welcome to libertarianism!

  14. Probably the most important thing we can do right now is mock the My Pillow guy. Obviously, no matter how many masks he makes, he’s a joke because he doesn’t believe the right things.

    1. bingo…Reason is the home of “cosmo” libertarianism. Abortion, open borders is important…Fed, deficits, foreign interventionism, nullification..not so much.

      1. They have writers all over the place with varying opinions and pet issues, so I’m not going to ding them here for that. It wasn’t Reason I was taking about, specifically.

        The snark and sarcasm from people that supposedly care more about people than Republicans do is telling. It seems like the guy is just trying to help, yet he’s mocked as if being an entrepreneur is terrible. All while most of the mockers have offered nothing but their criticism. Frankly, it’s sickening.

  15. No no and no. Our supply chain problem today for all sorts of medical devices and pharmas is because we sole sourced to a country far away with horrible quality. You have no idea if the masks will be sterile or infected with covid-19. American manufactures (what is left of them as wokes like Reason cheered to see our industrial prowess be gutted by Keynsian economics..govt debt, fed’s artifically low rates, and China pegging to our currency) are responding. My Pillow retooled their production line in two weeks to product 50K masks a day. We can do not outsource anything at this point..we can make it all in the good old USA.

  16. Dumb question. Why does the USA import masks? I would think the greatest economic power in history can, you know, make its own masks?

    1. WE could “make its own masks” – but the Nazi’s here (i.e. National Socialists, Democrats) made U.S. Manufacturing undesirable by demanding by LEGAL-FORCE that their *special* people (poor, colored, females – excuse me transgenders) get wage-monopoly, boss-paid vacations, boss-paid medical bills, boss-paid retirement, boss-paid insurance, and a whole slew of sue cases.

      They *entitled* us right out of our own competency as well as individual freedom.

      1. …because [WE] and [US] doesn’t acknowledge a single individual.

      2. Pretty much this.

        We’ve exported manufacturing to other countries because wages are lower there, but we’re still paying the price, just in different ways. All as a result of over-pricing American labor and therefore products.

        EVERY economic decision is one of price, the CURRENCY is what changes. Subsequent to minimum wage laws, etc., we’ve been prioritizing dollars for quality and security (in the more general sense of the word). It doesn’t matter how many dollars you have if the only seller (China/a non-US company) doesn’t want to sell (or is willing to cheat you out of the product you actually paid for). This isn’t to say that ONLY native domestic producers are trustworthy, nor that they are wholly trustworthy, but they do lack a few significant incentives to screw over the domestic market (say, in times of a national emergency/war) that foreign producers may have.

        Leftists don’t understand this, they think they can have it all. Want to put an end to third-world sweatshops? Eliminate the minimum wage. Want to end the exportation of jobs overseas? Eliminate the minimum wage. Want to end “discrimination” against illegal aliens? Eliminate (a lot of) illegal immigration by eliminating the minimum wage. Want more poor minorities and women at the top of companies? Make it easier for unskilled or part time workers to get their foot in the door by eliminating the minimum wage. When you make hiring/employing people too expensive for a company in one place, they’ll do it somewhere else like China or Omni Consumer Products…

    2. 3M, a US company, makes the many such masks. 3M has been told by our own US regulators that they can add a shift or two but they can’t really ramp up production unless they go through the same extensive regulatory inspections and approvals as their existing plants and operations. No waivers, no exceptions and most importantly, no accelerations of the review/inspection process. If the regulator gives him/herself 60 days to complete a step, they still intend to take their sweet time.

  17. my god, what a lightweight article

  18. Question. Can some of these masks be sterilized and reused? I know that is not the preferred method today, but that used to be the norm for many medical devices. In desperate times, could that not be a stopgap?

    1. my Uneducated guess would be no. The autoclave process uses intense heat to destroy pathogens. As a result I would guess that the fibers of the mask would be damaged enough that their effectiveness would be degraded significantly.

      1. There’s also the low-temperature ethylene oxide route used to sterilize temperature-sensitive medical equipment.

  19. Trump failed on Coronavirus. Even a literal dog turd can beat him in November.

    1. All Hail the all-mighty authoritarian King; We sheeple cannot be responsible for anything without the all-mighty King alive…

      I find it amazing how you can compulsively blame one person you’ve probably never even met for everything that happens. Communistic minds brew authoritarian Kings.

      How about you dig a little deeper and tell exactly how Trump is responsible for the Corona-virus? Heck, he wasn’t even the one who brought the disease back from China…

      1. He had two months to get testing kits available to everyone and medical supplies to hospitals. He dithered instead, thinking this wouldn’t be a big deal. He is also denying medical supplies to blue states. Look, I’m a libertarian. I believe that EVENTUALLY the free market will be able to handle a pandemic, but right now healthcare relies on government, and government can’t just pull the plug overnight. This was Trump’s responsibility, and he failed.

        1. “And just like that, Barack Obama personally invented a new way to produce testing kits for a 2 month old novel virus and pressed all Americans into service producing them to spec in their garages, basements, and living rooms. He selflessly ignored that the stupid red states were hoarding supplies and gave them everything they demanded, even if other states might also simultaneously need supplies they weren’t hoarding, but were effectively distributing within their jurisdictions. Barack Obama realized that the individual hospitals, municipalities, counties, and states weren’t at all responsible for ensuring healthcare facilities had the supplies they needed, he knew it was his job, and his job alone. Ladies gentlemen, it is for these reasons I’m awarding Barack Obama his second Nobel Prize. His precognitive abilities, the fact that Congress wasn’t rabidly pursuing an unfounded impeachment case which distracted and impeded his efforts, and his Iron Fist of Freedom forcing public and private institutions to do his bidding instantly, all came together in perfect harmony to stop a single American from succumbing to COVID-19.”

          1. Trump did nothing but go golfing during impeachment.

            1. First: Citation?
              Second: You don’t have any desire to address anything else, which is quite telling…

              1. You were just babbling nonsense, and Trump had several rallies and golfing outings in January and February.

      2. Trump’s approval has topped off at 47% during a national crisis. Bush’s approval got to the low 90’s after 9/11.

        1. The fact that media coverage of the current administration has been over 90% negative since BEFORE he was inaugurated has nothing to do with that at all…


          1. Yeah, and the media just loved Bush, right?

            1. See the Pew/Washington examiner link for data, right?

          1. Maybe that’s because Trump is a lying jackass who has earned those negative stories.

            1. Or maybe you’re just a mentally ill piece of shit?

              1. Nice try, troll idiot.

    2. Even a literal dog turd can beat him in November.

      Too bad the Democrats could only scrape up Joe Biden then.

      1. Even Trump says Sweden was wrong. Trump is a socialist, BTW.

  20. Just wondering…

    If mask-wearing becomes a cultural norm in Western countries, does that mean French ladies can start wearing niqabs again?

    1. You’ll have to check with your lobbying Social Justice Warriors (i.e. Democratic Party) but the mere fact of having the right sex (i.e. “ladies”) is definitely a factor in the [WE] party.

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  23. Coronavirus testing kits heading to the UK found to be contaminated with Covid-19

    Testing kits which were headed to the UK have been found to be contaminated with coronavirus.

    The Government has said that it aims to boost the rate of tests to 25,000 every day by the end of April at the latest and has asked private companies to help drive up test production.

    But one production firm, Luxembourg-based manufacturer Eurofins, told UK labs on Monday that deliveries would be delayed as core parts had been contaminated with coronavirus, the Telegraph reported.

    Yep, all we need is more trade with totalitarian communist dictatorships and we’ll be saved!

  24. Masks dont help make your jokes funny.

  25. “That means supplies of KN95 masks—a Chinese certification”

    Chuck the Finese, their certifications and their masks. We should trust anything that comes out of that country.

  26. When things like the face mask shortage occur we find out that it is red tape or bureaucratic ineptness getting in the way. My question is why we don’t learn from these failures? Surely the red tape gang and government should be out of the way all of the time. all it does is deliver the product to the consumer at a costlier price, longer delays and a drag on the economy all in the name of government.

  27. This is crazy time and i don’t trust anymore to Chinese products

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