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The Iranian government is encouraging residents to download an app it claims can test people for the coronavirus by asking them a series of questions. But activists note that you can't really diagnose the virus that way, and upon questioning the Health Ministry said it did not develop the app, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology did. Critics say the app is just another way for the government to snoop on citizens.

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  1. Dictatorships have the most obvious lies . Then again, the US media seems to fall for them again and again. Cancer cure in Cuba Frontline?

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      1. Dictatorships have the most obvious lies

        Spambots are way less subtle.

  2. In other dictator news, are we gonna talk about how Rhode Island is basically putting aside the constitution when it comes to New Yorkers? They’ve got their national guard out doing house to house searches for them and are stopping people based off their license plates alone. Or is this too local?

    1. As I was, as of yesterday their governor expanded it to all folks from out of state.

    2. Politicians using the Coronapocalypse to do what they always wanted to do?

    3. Yeah, but screw New Yorkers. They are leading the coronation parade for Cuomo, when NY had the worst response in the US. And because they did so horribly, their rate of infection growth made Italy’s growth look leisurely.

      Then, once their governor and mayor finally took it seriously and started issuing “shelter in place” orders, the great citizens of New York took off like rats from a sinking ship.

      Florida’s governor DeSantis went to Trump at least twice about shutting down travel from New York… when they closed down non-essential businesses the flights from NY to Florida filled up. So the most densely infected group sent a huge innoculum down to Florida. And all of that staying home, shutting restaurants and social distancing we had done was for naught. The number of cases more than doubled because of that exodus. And now Miami might be the next epicenter.

      Good job NY!

      If you want to know why… that’s why. When Cuomo issues orders to “stay at home” and a self-selected group decides to not stay at home, how well do you think they are going to do at their vacation home when the governor there tells them to self-quarantine for 14 days?

      1. that’s fair. Still not happy with how flexible we’re becoming on the constitution

        1. Its not a suicide pact

      2. Well said.

  3. Don’t those ignorant Iranian authorities know the only real way to solve the problem is by printing money for their corporate donors?

    1. No, the Chinese want oil, not paper. And they already took care of the virus. So their 1 billion people are safe and can go back to work so says President Pooh bear.

      1. Their one billion people are all fine now. Sure, they lied about the outbreak when it started, but now they have pledged to only tell the truth. Who wouldn’t take them at their word? Oh all those funeral urns being delivered now? It’s actually a new trend in flower pot design.

        1. Don’t forget the incinerators which of course have nothing at all to do with the virus.

          1. They aren’t incinerators, they are kilns for the urns flower pots.

  4. Question 1: Have you attended any anti-government protests?

    1. It’s too soon for that here. If the lockdown continues much longer, those will be coming to the US.

    2. The Reason comments section IS an anti-government protest.

      1. Not really. These days we’re mostly focused on being anti-“Reason”. The government can wait its turn.

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  7. Iranians must be pretty gullible to be downloading apps being pushed by the government – you should only download apps from trusted private sources like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Huawei.

    1. I see what you did there.

      1. Me too.

        Never trust Huawei.

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