Challenge to L.A. Closure of Gun Stores as Part of General "Non-Essential Business" Closure

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It's Brandy v. Villanueva (C.D. Cal.), just filed today by the Second Amendment Foundation, the NRA, the California Gun Rights Foundation, and the Firearms Policy Coalition.

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  1. Just heard that the LA Sheriff decided to reverse himself.

    RI has come out with an interesting twist — stopping all vehicles with a NY plate on them (on sight) and asking them where they are going. No problem if they are passing through, but a quarantine order if they are going to RI. Also going door-to-door at seasonal properties.

    NB: This would include people who have been in RI for weeks.

    RI ACLU reportedly is upset. About time….

    1. Wonder what the implications of finding something else would be — e.g. _Prouse v. Deleware_.

    2. RI ACLU reportedly is upset. About time….

      Probably because they all live in New York.

  2. I suppose you would have to say the same about stationery stores, office equipment stores and copy shops, in that paper, pens, typewriters or computers, and copying facilities are needed for the exercise of First Amendment rights

    1. Walmart & Target (both allowed to be open, at least in MA) sell paper, pens, and computers. I’m not sure if *anyone* sells typewriters anymore, and most folk now use their printers as a copier as well.

      So you can buy at least the basics — most grocery stores also sell paper, pens, & pencils (often at a better price).

    2. Paul: Aren’t all those things legally available by mail order, with a modest delay (less than the normal legal delay imposed by California’s waiting period laws)? That, I think, suggests that the burden imposed by the order on free speech rights are not vast, though still substantial. Not so for guns (or for abortions).

      1. I had not focused on the issue that online sales are forbidden without an in-person pickup.

    3. nice try m8

  3. Mark Levin just compared America today to East Germany — that’s going to have traction on the right….

    1. Given that the LA Mayor let slip last night on the news they were using cellphone data to spy on people’s compliance, I would say we arent far from it.

      1. That is not what he said, you bigoted, disaffected, half-educated dullard.

        1. Wow you sound triggered.

          How did he say they were using cellphone data?

          1. Give the pathetic loser a break. Poor Artie has been singing the same sad, old, angry song for years and nobody listens to him, since he went full whacko. The fact that gun sales have been at record levels for several years and violent crime keeps going down is major frustration to him/her.

            1. “since he went full whacko”

              Artie was full whacko from his first post. It was amusing at first, in a train-wreckish kind of way, but since he discovered cut and paste the past ten years have just been a serial rendition of stupidity on the black hole level.

          2. From The Atlantic, not exactly a bastion of right-wing ideology – in a phone interview with Mayor Garcetti:

            “The good news is, I’ve been tracking a lot of [cellphone and other] movement data, and Los Angeles was the county whose individuals were moving the least in all of Southern California.”

            He has been tracking cell phone data, presumably aggregated and anonymized, but we have no guarantee of that, nor has his administration made any statement to that effect so far.
            Since the Mayor’s actual words were supplanted by the journalists, we don’t know the exact phrasing he used.

            1. Furthermore, LA does have Stingray technology per the ACLU (also not known for being right-wing): . Note that the LAPD is included, so it’s entirely plausible that such data is being used in exactly the way people feared governments, at multiple levels, would.

              Tangentially, does anyone else get “Your comment is awaiting moderation” whenever a post includes more than one or two URLs?

              1. Yes, everyone. Max-one-link-per-comment is an undocumented limitation of the Reason comment system. It doesn’t matter whether the URL is typed in raw or aliased via HTML.

                1. Thanks, Rossami.

    2. Well, it’s going to have traction with imbeciles who listen to Levin.

      1. As opposed to imbeciles who listened to Jon Stewart?

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