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Maybe Doctors Shouldn't Need the Government's Permission To Fight Coronavirus

Plus: Trump wants to bail out airlines, and he called COVID-19 the "Chinese virus."


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Monday that it would permit states to create laboratories for designing COVID-19 tests, and that two private companies—LabCorp and Hologic—had won approval to provide manufacturing and distribution, according to Stat. The FDA has also decided to permit pharmacists to make their own alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

This is great news that nevertheless raises an obvious question: Why do the people who are working hardest to fight the coronavirus have to ask a slow federal bureaucracy for permission to save lives?

We are just beginning to understand the extent of the damage done (and lives lost) because the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) actively thwarted private-sector efforts to produce coronavirus testing.

A German company run by a man named Olfert Landt, for instance, was able to produce more than a million tests for the World Health Organization in late February. Over the same period of time, the U.S. had access to merely 4,000 tests—largely due to a bottleneck created by the CDC and FDA, according to The Washington Post:

"The United States' struggles, in Landt's view, stemmed from the fact the country took too long to use private companies to develop the tests. The coronavirus pandemic was too big and moving too fast for the CDC to develop its own tests in time, he said.

'There are 10 companies in the U.S. who could have developed the tests for them,' Landt said. 'Commercial companies will run to an opportunity like this.'

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the United States, causing more than 80 deaths and over 4,000 confirmed cases, the struggles that overwhelmed the nation's testing are becoming clearer.

First, the CDC moved too slowly to tap into the expertise of academia and private companies such as Landt's, experts said. For example, it wasn't until last week that large companies such as Roche and Thermo Fisher won approval from the Food and Drug Administration to produce their own tests.

Moreover, while FDA and CDC officials have attributed some of the testing delays to their determination to meet exacting scientific standards they said were needed to protect public health, the government effort was nevertheless marred by a widespread manufacturing problem that stalled U.S. testing for most of February."

Every time a rule is relaxed during a crisis, we should ask whether the rule was necessary in the first place. (For example, if oversized bottles of hand sanitizer are suddenly safe enough for the Transportation Security Administration, they were probably fine all along.) We should ask whether it is really necessary—or even desirable at all—to give a giant federal bureaucracy the power to single-handedly derail private efforts to combat a global pandemic.

It's important to remember that bureaucracy is not some mere inconvenience. Jumping through government-mandated hoops is expensive and time-consuming. It destroys value. And dealing with red tape makes people more likely to get frustrated and give up.

When the country's very fate depends upon government forces getting out of the way of non-government forces so that they can create better testing, and eventually a cure for COVID-19, toiling under powerful and incompetent regulatory agencies is quite literally a health hazard. That's the case for shrinking them, even when we're not in the midst of a crisis.

Time for some permissionless innovation.


President Donald Trump vowed to offer "powerful support" to industries affected by COVID-19.

This is a bad idea. It doesn't make much sense to give specific bailouts to airline companies. Americans everywhere, and in all employment sectors, are reeling from the economic impacts of the epidemic.

Parsing the responses on Twitter, many people who disliked the tweet were angrier about Trump calling coronavirus "the Chinese virus" than they were about the possibility of corporate cronyism. It is quickly becoming a rule for the progressive left and media liberals that acknowledging coronavirus's Chinese origins is de facto racist. This rule has materialized just recently, which means that some people who are now condemning the term as problematic had themselves used it only weeks before. For instance, CNN's Jim Acosta accused Trump of xenophobia for using similar phrasing, when he called COVID-19 a "foreign" virus. But Acosta himself called it "the Wuhan virus" earlier this year.

Similarly, The New York Times recently pondered whether politicians' use of the term "Wuhan virus" was opening up a debate that "health experts want to avoid." Never mind that it was not politicians but the Times itself that opened up this debate.


As for the substance of Trump's tweet about bailing out the airline industries, Rep. Justin Amash (I–Mich.) put it best in his response: "There's lower demand for air travel because of COVID-19. Giving corporate welfare to a few big companies cannot revive demand. We should provide relief to all Americans during this pandemic. When the emergency ends, demand will revive. When demand revives, air travel will revive."

To that end—relief to all Americans—Sen. Rand Paul (R–K.Y.) has a good idea:


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  1. … two private companies—LabCorp and Hologic—had won approval to provide manufacturing and distribution…

    They just want to exploit our current crisis to get in there and create a private sector solution.

    1. These evil profiteers need to be stopped for the good of the country!

      1. Face book will not allow me to share this.

        1. I’ve had the “community standards” no sense thrown at me for 2 shares of reason articles today.

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    2. Hello.

      “It is quickly becoming a rule for the progressive left and media liberals that acknowledging coronavirus’s Chinese origins is de facto racist. ”

      You can always rely on the left to focus on things that matter most.

      It’s a virus that originated in China. Deal with it assholes. They act like this has never been done before.

      Who can go for some Bat-Soup?

      1. Ask yourself why the media called it the Wuhan virus until the moment the Chinese government began their big propaganda push, then it instantly became racist.

        The media is much, much worse than just being biased.

        1. Remember how quick the NBA bowed down after pressure from the Chicoms?

          1. I remember South Park purposefully getting themselves banned in China right after that. True patriots.

            1. Fuck off Hihn.

        2. Hey, those tiny Chinese dicks won’t suck themselves!

      2. It seems the video in this link has an error for some reason…

        There are some videos of people eating bats outside of China in the playlist though.

      3. We really need to stop saying Chinese Virus.

    3. Bernie says they are Ripping Us Off

  2. The Atlantic’s praise for a communist regime whose vile tactics have cost countless innocent lives is not just un-American, but disgusting. But what’s even more frightening is their willingness to aid in that regime’s propaganda and misdirection efforts.

    Although it’s hard to imagine now, this is bigger than Wuhan virus and the growing pandemic. Authoritarian regimes like China are always seeking challenge the United States and the West. China is never going to stop using coercion to seek change that serves their interests. This was true before the Wuhan virus, and it will be after.

    The Atlantic’s willingness to share an American enemy’s talking points aids the enemy, not Americans. The magazine whose founding motto states it is “of no party or click” is now the enemy of the people.

    1. Due to either a complicit corporate media in America, China is presently engaged in a highly organized propaganda war against the United States, not dissimilar from that analogy. As COVID-19 spreads across the United States, mainstream outlets are publishing Chinese state apologia across the web, and China is leveraging their clear influence over these markets, using the Hong Kong protest blackouts as a blueprint. In recent weeks, three major national news outlets are guilty of this. The only question remains why.

      On March 14, the New York Times published a column by Ian Johnson, whom they only identified as a writer based in Beijing. The piece was titled ‘China Bought the West Time. The West Squandered It’. He insinuates that many countries stood by and watched while China heroically battled a contagion alone they themselves originated. He overlooks that the PRC did this by dragging citizens from their apartments or welding their doors to keep them in altogether.

      1. The media has not covered the Hong Kong protests in months.

        Wuhanvirus to end the Hong Kong protests?

        1. I was just thinking of that. Coverage of the Hong Kong situation died with coronavirus.

    2. NBC News echoed the baseless accusations Chinese information minister Zhao Lijian has made on Twitter: that the coronavirus was created and dispersed in Wuhan by the United States Army. The headlines on the NBC News website offered no context and presented it as a straight news story. On March 14, NBC Think, a sort of Salon or Slate offshoot of NBC News, published a story headlined ‘Coronavirus in China kept me under quarantine. I felt safer there than back in the US’. The piece says ‘prioritization of personal freedom and utter lack of government leadership have left Americans confused and exposed’.

      1. Coronavirus in China kept me under quarantine. I felt safer there than back in the US

        Maybe the administration should do this person a favor, and revoke their citizenship for their own safety.

      2. Enemies of the people.

        1. +1000000

      3. It’s not like giving aid and comfort to the enemy by eagerly spreading their propaganda is anything new for the media, look at how willingly they spread Russian disinformation questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 election. The idea that a few months of Facebook ads the Russians spent a few hundred thousand dollars on to spread discord and rancor among the American public had any sort of effect compared to the ongoing 4-year non-stop billions-of-dollars effort by the media to do the same is simply laughable. And that’s not even getting into the last 60 years or so of magnifying every flaw of the United States and minimizing every criticism of any of our ideological opponents.

      4. I think the NBC piece could be explained by the paternal love that certain personality types perceive from government force. Like a big, protective/abusive daddy.

        1. Right but you said you want to eat shit.

    3. Lefties are excited for the stock market downturn during this hysteria. These people literally want Americans to suffer.

      Luckily, the stock market will rebound on the strong economy where people want to get back to work to make money and Trump will be reelected.

      1. That shit stain Trudeau only acted when his wife got Covid.

        1. I notice that Canada has banned all travel into Canada except the USA.

          Not a fucking WORD from unreason or Lefties about how securing a border for a purpose might elicit a desired result.

        2. Just a few weeks ago he was calling everyone advocating travel bans from Iran and China “racist”.
          Guess where most of the cases in Canada now originated from.

          1. It can’t be stressed enough: He’s a clown and a buffoon.

            Way worse than Trump. And Freeland and all the others are no better. They serve international organizations before Canada.

            This is not conspiracy; this is based on their own damn rhetoric and actions.

            If Canada had any fricken balls they deem the bonehead unfit to govern because the fun part starts after we weather this storm. Dealing with China once and for all and this little stoned trust fund twerp is on record saying how much he ‘admires’ China.

      2. I’m excited for the downturn on one hand, but only because volatility brings opportunity. On the other hand, I also own assets that cannot be bought and sold quickly during these market dumps. I started a company last year, and my VC road show is kicking off on Friday, this time by teleconference. Guess who’s gonna feel silly pitching a start up while the world melts? I can hibernate on my monthly burn rate for a while, but I’d definitely rather have the economy still ticking right now and not have any short trading opportunities.

        LC1789, I hope you are keeping some powder dry. We still have more room to fall. Most Dow corps still have not revised earnings predictions. P/E’s are still over historic means. The bottom is not in yet. I know I’ve been teasing you for bad buy signals, but I really don’t want to see anyone here lose money to wall st.

        1. Hey man, my family owns properties and I own a business.

          I share your concerns.

        2. Poor De Oppresso Liber sock troll.

        3. Nigga, you’re fucking broke stop lying.

      3. I’ve seen this too.

        Lefties acting as if the economy crashing is 1) attributable to a sector crash similar to 2008 when our market crash is due 100% to media setting in panic and governments everywhere mandating the complete shutdown of huge sectors of the economy, and 2) that the crash is a good thing because it shows how republicans just mess up good democrat economies.

        It’s a sickness. Those motherfuckers should be quarantined for the safety of the rest of us.

  3. Why do the people who are working hardest to fight the coronavirus have to ask a slow federal bureaucracy for permission to save lives?


    1. The talking points of lefties makes me want to barf. I have been calling for the government to get out of the R&D space for all sorts of industries- space, medical, science. And for years my lefty friends have explained why it is so important for private companies to be kept at arm’s length. They will monopolize IP. Their profit motive will cause them to overhype the importance of their solution, or to misstate its effectiveness. They buy off government officials. Public funded solutions should be managed by the public (via unaccountable bureaucrats).

      But for no other reason than it allows them to tar the Trump administration, lefties are now sagely proclaiming how obviously short sided it was for the CDC to avoid relying on private companies. How quickly they sell out their anti-market bonafides just to get a dig at the orange man is hilarious.

      1. “They [private companies] buy off government officials. Public funded solutions should be managed by the public (via unaccountable bureaucrats).”

        Managed by the same people who are being bought off? I’m sure that’ll work just fine. *sigh*

      2. Bernie is still against private industry even making their expense to provide solutions

    2. Why do the people have to ask a slow federal bureaucracy for permission to heal themselves?

      One of my great annoyances with this “libertarian” magazine is that they’re all for your right to get stoned, but oddly silent on your right to purchase medicine and medical services without government permission.

      I’m guessing that’s because consumer freedom would cut into government enabled rent seeking corporate profits too much.

      1. Methinks you’ve been reading a different site than, well, everyone.

  4. With Europe now officially the epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic, Germany has announced its decision to close its borders with France, Austria, and Switzerland starting Monday, German news agency dpa reports. The German borders will remain closed barring some exceptions. Daily commuters and movement of goods have been exempted from the closure.

    The measure comes after other European countries took similar steps. The eastern European countries, along with Austria, were among the first EU countries to take such measures. Poland on Sunday closed its borders to all non-Polish nationals.

    1. I mean, historically speaking, the Germans ARE the one’s who decide whether ANY border is closed in Europe…notice they didn’t mention Poland, Belgium, or the Netherlands?

    2. Whaaaaaaat? Open borders isn’t a good idea for a pandemic? Democrat talking points hardest hit.

    3. They should build a wall.

  5. Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

    185,067 confirmed cases. 7,330 deaths. 80,236 recovered.

    I am partying with friends and family on this St Patty’s Day. Enjoy the hysteria suckers!

    1. So a 0.3 percent overall death rate. Technically, “3 times as fatal” as the ordinary flu, although the vast majority of deaths once again appear to be limited to the elderly and healthcare workers, which isn’t any different than previous Chinese flus.

      And this was before the world’s nations implemented police state lockdown measures that could potentially tailspin this into a global recession.

      1. 7,330 / 185,067 = 0.0396 = 3.96% case fatality rate, 20 – 40 times as fatal.

        Case fatality rate is probably much lower, but still very likely much more deadly than the flu.

        Also, I’m not saying the tradeoffs are worth the mitigation efforts… but this aint the sniffles.

      2. I would bet that thousands of people are infected with Coronavirus and never reported it or went to the hospital. Especially if the symptoms were very minor. This would drop the overall death rate. All deaths will be counted but not all infected will be counted, skewing the death rate.

        If I get Coronavirus, I’m not getting tested. Look how they are treating positives. I will use old techniques of wrapping myself in a smallpox infested blanket and chant my way to recovery.

      3. So a 0.3 percent overall death rate.

        7,330/185,067 = 0.0396
        0.0396*100 = 3.96% mortality rate.

        That’s assuming the calculator app on my computer isn’t wonky.

        1. “0.0396*100 = 3.96% mortality rate.”

          This is a bullshit mortality rate. The world is not the same as China where the average citizen chain smoked their whole life, and went to work each day with half the nutrition of an american and in coal-smogged air. Those are the numbers driving this stat so high.

          OTOH, look at South Korea. They have the most prolific testing, and they have around a 1% fatality rate. That is roughly where this will end up- perhaps a little lower. In modern countries with decent health and nutrition, this virus is around 3 – 10 times more deadly than the flu.

          1. Also look at Italy’s high death rate per infections however Italy has had a large influx of non healthy immigrants and the native population is mostly elderly. I’d like to see some comparison. Of course that would be considered racist, except science is not racist

            1. The average age of an Italian is 45 years old. In some parts of the north, the average age is 49. The north is also where they have a lot of pollution problems.

              I will also call out that a lot of this has to do with incidence of testing. Once testing gets going, you really start to see all the people who are infected. But we don’t see all the people who were infected prior to testing. All of those people are uncountable, even though we count the hospitalizations and deaths.

              1. This. The chances that there aren’t at least 5 people infected, but not tested, for every positive result is virtually 0.

          2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. “Your mileage may vary,” I know that. Anyone with a functioning brain should. I was just pointing out the obvious math error. No need to make a big thing out of it.

          3. The world is not the same as China where the average citizen chain smoked their whole life, and went to work each day with half the nutrition of an american and in coal-smogged air. Those are the numbers driving this stat so high.

            No it’s not. but of course you’d know that if you actually knew numbers rather than just pretending that numbers are some political cudgel.
            China Hubei – 67800 confirmed cases, 3075 deaths – 4.5%
            China x Hubei – 13,000 confirmed cases, 114 deaths – 0.9%
            S Korea – 8320 confirmed cases, 81 deaths – 1.0%
            Singapore – 270 confirmed cases, 0 deaths – 0.0%
            Italy – 27,980 confirmed cases, 2158 deaths – 7.7%
            Spain – 11,300 confirmed cases, 510 deaths – 4.5%
            France – 6650 confirmed cases, 148 deaths – 2.2%
            Germany – 7600 confirmed cases, 17 deaths – 0.2%
            US – 5200 confirmed cases, 92 deaths – 1.8%

            Fatality rate right now is almost entirely about:
            a)whether cases were ‘contact tracked’ so that those contacts could be tested etc – containment. Korea, Singapore, Germany did this. US hasn’t and it is too late to start.
            b)whether cordon sanitaire (lockdown) was implemented too late (Italy and prob Spain), first (Hubei- which then has to serve as the benchmark) or very early (China x Hubei, Korea). France Germany US are still pending – but the decision will have to be by the end of this week or they will move from the Hubei category to the Italy/Spain category
            c)whether people have the sort of ready-access to medical that means people don’t really think hard about seeing their GP for ‘flu’ or other prevention type stuff. US is absolutely unique here and not in a way that will reduce fatality rate. We wait until its ‘really serious’ – and infect others until then.

            look at South Korea. They have the most prolific testing, and they have around a 1% fatality rate. That is roughly where this will end up- perhaps a little lower.

            Not even in our dreams. Yes we are American therefore by definition we are the best in the world and our exceptionalism also provides immunity to all foreign (by definition inferior) viruses. Obviously. But Korea did testing and acted on that info. We didn’t – and its too late for contract tracking now. That’s not our outcome. Singapore is tropical and also did that testing/tracking. Not our outcome. Germany is very close to mitigation/lockdown decisions – so they will likely end up in Korea bucket. France may end up in the Hubei bucket. US will vary internally from the same as France (best case) to just under the Italy/Spain bucket (and only because we are younger rather than because of what we do – and because some locations will act earlier).

          4. this virus is around 3 – 10 times more deadly than the flu.

            Trying to compare this to flu – still – is only evidence that you are not learning fast enough. If that notion is common where you live, then your area will have fatality rate closer to Italy/Spain.

            Think of it like a competition between your (and your community’s) ability to learn quickly and the virus’ ability to grow quickly. The virus’ growth rate is pretty well understood and known. Exponential until it begins hitting herd immunity headwinds. The unknown is – how fast are you/community learning?

            At this point – you are losing if you haven’t at least moved to understanding that this is its own thing. If you haven’t gotten there, you are at best fighting the last war. More likely, also fighting the wrong enemy. Even more likely, you just brought a knife to a gunfight and are now surrounded.

            This is going to be a huge Darwinian moment for the sorts of mindsets that survive. May be the biggest long-term effect

      4. By the way, let’s put this into perspective:

        That article explains that a woman is 3 times more likely to die in a car crash if driving after having 2 drinks. Note, she is still at or below the legal limit. People do this ALL THE TIME. They are more likely to die in a car crash than die of the flu. And they are more likely to die in a car crash after having a couple drinks at the bar, than they are to die of Covid.

        This “SCARY 3 TIMES MORE DEADLY THAN THE FLU!!!11!1OMG!” nonsense doesn’t change the fact that it is 3 (or 10 or whatever) times a very tiny, tiny number.

        1. they also claim you are more likely to die if there is a gun in the house. ironically your 20 times more likely to die from choking to death than from a gun. Numbers are such great play things

          1. Yup. This hysteria is designed to get rid of Trump and prevent the utter demise of the Democrat Party in America.

            All Narratives coming from the Lefties serve that purpose.

            1. Nice of you to lay the insane paranoia right out there for us to witness.

              Other countries have taken much more drastic measures than any in the US. So how do explain those? A global conspiracy all targeted at Trump? “Hysteria” in Italy is designed to get rid of Trump? “Hysteria” in China is designed to get rid of Trump?

              1. there is a real virus out there but our media and democrat party are leveraging every ounce out of it to make it all Trumps problem thats not paranoia thats in our face.

                1. That’s every president in every crisis ever. Stop babying Trump, even if he needs it.

                  1. Aww you’re gonna cwy?

              2. The hysteria is Socialist based government intervention.

                Inside America its about getting rid of Trump.
                Outside America is still based on Socialist agendas just without Trump.

                1. One of these days you are going to have define “socialism” for me. Because your list includes: single payer healthcare, quarantines, calling out Trump for draft dodging, checks and balances, being against gerrymandering, Obama’s bailouts (but not Trump’s), etc. etc.

                  1. Right but you said you eat shit.

    2. Case fatality rate:
      Deaths/(Deaths + Recoveries)
      Deaths/(Deaths + Confirmed Cases)

      Of course there is the problem that not all cases are detected, so that the actual cases fatality rate is lower, but that means you’re also assuming that *infection* rates are higher, which really doesn’t make life better.

      If it’s *more* contagious, *more* people end up getting it, means more get sick, more die.

      Also, there were likely many *deaths* missed as flu or pneumonia too. Missing data happens on both sides.

      The numbers to watch for are *recoveries* on confirmed cases. The recoveries aren’t growing that much faster than deaths. When we actually see high recovery rates, and not just from CCP numbers, then we can think the case fatality rate won’t be that bad.

      Even the best instances of fatality rates are still in the single digit% – which means not so good.

      1. “If it’s *more* contagious, *more* people end up getting it, means more get sick, more die.”

        AIUI, that is usually how it goes with novel viruses. However, it is also plausible that a large subset of the infected population experiences limited symptoms, which would lead to a significant undercount of recoveries. We won’t know until much later, or never if we don’t implement broad mandatory testing.

        Unfortunately, if that’s how this virus progresses, then due to its high transmission rate, the elderly and immunity compromised are more likely to be exposed to people shedding the virus without believing they have it – “Oh, I just have a little cough, it’s nothing”.

        To be clear, I’m not advocating that planning and response should be based on such unwarranted optimism, which would be irresponsible. Just that a virus with a high transmission rate could potentially lead to a very low mortality rate under certain conditions.

  6. Italy is in lockdown. Schools and universities are closed, soccer games suspended, and restaurant visits banned amid a rapid spread of the novel coronavirus in the country. Just grocery stores and pharmacies are allowed to stay open, and only absolutely necessary travel is permitted. One might think that fellow European Union countries would count their blessings and send their Italian friends a few vital supplies, especially since the Italians have asked for it. They have sent nothing.

    EU countries’ shameful lack of solidarity with the Italians points to a larger problem: What would European countries do if one of them faced an even greater crisis?

    1. Attack each other.

    2. Germany especially.

      Germany under Merkel has left much to be desired. A lot of faux-compassionate, smug, snooty bullying (as their demands upon the union to take in migrants showed) but when it comes down to it they, almost broke the Union – and coulda sparked a war even – over stupid loans with Greece and now this. When it matters most….they hide.

      1. Germany cannot afford to look Nationalist AND racist in these trying times.

      2. Lets not ignore the fact that Germany has pushed currency integration with the PIIGS, to the PIIGS detriment, in order to keep the value of the Euro low relative to what the value of the old Deutschemark would be if still in use in Germany so as to bolster their export economy. The Germans are POSs.

    3. After the UK just left, you’d think that the EU would be doing everything it can to appease its members. Once this outbreak dies down, the Italians will probably remember this. And I bet you other smaller countries in the EU will also be watching this wondering why they should stay in as well.

      1. Immigrants and returning citizens spread this virus.

        Immigrants should have been refused entry and returning citizens should have been quarantined.

        Not that governments will ever remember this in the future.

  7. Parsing the responses on Twitter, many people who disliked the tweet were angrier about Trump calling coronavirus “the Chinese virus” than they were about the possibility of corporate cronyism.

    Being woke means getting assmad about things that don’t actually matter, and making mountains out of molehills for the purpose of leveraging power over your political enemies.

    1. Damn the Spanish and their Influenza.

      1. Racist!

      2. I feel like there’s a joke about the Black Plague to be made here… or would that be too far?

      3. don’t forget the Russian flue

  8. Trump told governors this morning they are on their own:
    “Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment — try getting it yourselves,” Mr. Trump told the governors during the conference call, a recording of which was shared with The New York Times.

    — Mara Gay (@MaraGay) March 16, 2020

    Gay’s tweet made it sound like Trump told the governors and healthcare workers in their states that they were “on their own” when it came to critical supplies they needed to combat the virus.

    But what Gay didn’t realize is that other people actually did listen to that part of the call, and figured out that she cut off Trump’s full quote:

    Do you EVER tell the truth?
    Let us help you with the rest ????????
    “We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.”

    — Dan Bongino (@dbongino) March 16, 2020

    1. In other words, the deep state federal government is way to slow and cumbersome; see if you can go faster without them.

      1. Frankly, that’s good advice in general.

    2. point of sales leaves out all the baurcratic red tape and actually helps local suppliers during a business down turn. Dang Trump is Smart


  10. Today I’m calling on the IRS to move our tax filing deadline from April 15 to July 15

    *Almost* got it, Rand. You should move tax day to November 2.

    1. Whiskey
      This mad isolation frenzy means everyone will be at home with nothing ELSE to do but file their taxes!
      Perhaps millions will discover that a huge bunch of the population can file their own taxes without paying some financial company to take all their financial information.

      1. Uh…I am at home with plenty to do. I have 3 kids that need to be schooled, and my employer still expects me to work from home. Taxes are the last thing on a long list of shit that needs doing each day.

        1. Get the kids to do your taxes.
          2 birds, 1 stone

          1. Get the kids to do your taxes.
            2 birds, 1 stone

            Someone who’s clearly never seen kids stone birds to death.

    2. If we’re going November, I vote for the Fifth of November.

  11. Maybe Doctors Shouldn’t Need the Government’s Permission To Fight Coronavirus

    Let’s not go overboard, or we may end up living in a free country.

    1. At “libertarian” Reason, the most freedom we can hope for is that the duly deputized medical agents of the state have freedom.

  12. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are recovering!

    Chalk one up for the healing power of koala meat and Fosters.

    1. Down under has the very healing power of char in the air.

  13. But now Idris Elba is sick.

    And he wants to be my 007.

    1. And forgot what Marlo’s crew is going to do when they find out.

  14. “This rule has materialized just recently, which means that some people who are now condemning the term as problematic had themselves used it only weeks before.”

    It’s called “learning” and “correcting.”

    Something you and Trump apparently don’t know anything about.

    1. It’s called “being a pimp for Chink propoganda.” Something you useless lefties have been guilty of for about 60 years now.

    2. “Something you and Trump apparently don’t know anything about.”

      Did you come all the way here just to show us what a case of TDS looks like?
      Or are you just a fucking ignoramus/

    3. So a mea culpa for being racist is forthcoming right? No?

    4. What about other viruses named for their origin? You know, Ebola, Lassa, Hantavirus, Lime Disease, apedad encephalitic degeneration and so on?

      1. All racist. Better that we discover that late (the way we discovered that we were at war with East Asia) than never.

    5. But, we know that something which is racist, is that way regardless of context… I hope the media apologizes soon for their offensive hate speech.

  15. Officials canceled the Ohio primary at the very last minute due to pandemic concerns.

    Trial balloon to see if Trump can cancel the presidential election and cement his position as dictator.

    1. Well, he has 3 more terms as President before we get to that point.

      1. We’ll just keep extending Trump’s presidential term, like the copyright term.

        Trump can leave office when Mickey Mouse goes public domain.

    2. considering there is no legal requirement for a preliminary I have no problem with this

    3. #Trump4EVA

  16. At least some penguins are having a good day…

    Jake Guentzel getting extra recovery time.

    1. Don’t remind me about injuries.

      I had Tarasenko, Dumba, Marner, and Mantha in my pool and all went down to significant injuries. And even when I used wires to pick up players like Haula, they went down.

      1. I thought they suspended the NBA season. Are they still playing basketball in Canada? Not that I pay much attention to basketball – heck, I couldn’t even tell you which team those 5 guys play for.

        1. There aren’t enough black men in Canada to make a basketball team.

          1. I’ve heard they’ve got shoe polish.

          2. In Toronto they do.

            1. Reigning champs

    2. He was pretty good in that Johnny Darkie movie with the giant imaginary rabbit.

  17. The United States will be powerfully supporting those industries…

    Armed federal agent level power.

  18. Feds dropping case for 2 Russian companies in troll probe

    The Justice Department is moving to drop charges against two Russian companies that were accused of funding a social media campaign to sway American public opinion during the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

    Prosecutors said they concluded that a trial, against a corporate defendant with no presence in the United States and no prospect of meaningful punishment even if convicted, would likely expose sensitive law enforcement tools and techniques, “potentially undermining their effectiveness.”

    1. It took this long to figure that out?

      1. Mueller had to “do something” once he “saw something”.

        Mueller is under self-quarantine, so some DOJ employees decided to stop wasting taxpayer money on this single prosecution.

    2. besides its hard to prosecute without evidence

  19. France could nationalize big companies if necessary: finance minister

    As if we don’t already know that France is Socialist. HAHA

  20. Universal to Make ‘Trolls World Tour,’ ‘The Hunt,’ ‘Invisible Man’ Available Early on Home Entertainment

    Lefty media shocked that Americans still wont buy their shitty movies, even with government hysterical mandated quarantines.

    Maybe forcing people to buy things using government guns will help.

  21. Today I’m calling on the IRS to move our tax filing deadline from April 15 to July 15, and to waive any interest and fees for late payment.


    1. taxes must be paid

  22. Super rich stranded as private jet operators say no to travel

    If only Bloomberg took the advice that money cannot buy elections or slaves.




  23. Kentucky police guard coronavirus patient who wouldn’t self-quarantine

    Law enforcement officers are now stationed outside the infected man’s home to make sure he does not leave and spread the potentially deadly virus.

    “It’s a step I hoped I’d never have to take, but we can’t allow one person who we know has the virus to refuse to protect their neighbors,” Beshear said at the press conference.

    Democrats are traitors to America. This is the kind of tyrannical bullshit you get with Democrats.

    1. Why don’t they make all the neighbors stay indoors and let him roam free? Is he a republican or something?

      1. I wish we had some Kentucky residents on here who could give some insights.

        I have this theory that Kentucky is being used by the media as both a punching bag AND metric for Democrat successes.

        The Lefty media went on and on about how a Democrat won the Governorship there, so Democrat success. Rand Paul and McConnell are Senators in Kentucky, so punching bag.

        Georgia is the South, so always a punching bag. Even the useful idiots who vote Democrat.

        1. Not in Kentucky, but close enough. Matt Bevin was horribly unpopular, and Andy Beshear beat him by a little over 5,000 votes. While Republicans swept every other statewide race. The closest was the Secretary of State race, which the Republican candidate won by about 5% of the vote. All of the others the Republican candidate won by about 15-20%.

          The Left is going to pour a shit ton of money into Mitch McConnell’s Senate race, because he is a symbolic devil to them. My local television market covers part of western Kentucky, and I’m already sick of hearing how Mitch McConnell never answered 13-year old Amy McGrath’s letter about wanting to fly jets. It will be just as wasted as all the cash they spent propping up Beto against Ted Cruz in Texas.

        2. I am in Kentucky, and Paulpemb is pretty close….

          Since Beshear narrowly beat a hugely unpopular governor who was supported heavily by Trump, every decision made at the state level is praised. Beshear can do no wrong.

          But McConnell and Paul, so backwoods rednecks holding the nation back.

    2. interesting but now its not a crime to infect a person with aids. I think there is a criminal bias against the covid-19 infected. let them be free you virus racist

  24. NOT THE C-WORD!!! AAUUGGHHH!!! You evil motherfucker not censoring that word – thanks to you, I’ve just soiled myself! Use some discretion, you cocksucker, this is supposed to be a fucking family-friendly site!

  25. “Virus developed by Chinese Government assholes” takes too long to say

  26. Crowded Florida Beach With Spring Breakers Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic Draws Online Scorn

    Scorn from hysterical self-quarantined Boomers, probably.

    1. get of my beach

    2. Locally, it isn’t Boomers who are self quarantining quietly, but millennials and left leaning Gen Xers. They’re hard at work spreading every excuse possible to support the ratcheting going on right now.

    1. Rushing a vaccine through went so well for Carter’s Spanish flu “epidemic”…

    1. It’s not like Europe has ever had any issues with fascism slowly creeping in, I’m sure this is going to go just fine.

  27. Politicians with power is one thing. The low IQ and ineptitude in its ranks can at least, in theory, mitigate against their lust for power.

    Giving doctors – who aren’t exactly above the God-complex problem – and academics more power isn’t as sound an idea as one may think. Giving them sudden power could be, erm, problematic.

    They will take a distorted ‘it’s for your own good’ approach.


    1. That’s RATSHIT, dammit.

    1. They must have socialized morgues in Italy.
      For pete’s sake, the entire death toll is under 2,000 people in a country of 60 million.

      1. theres more people buried in the ground than walking above ground there. time to cremate or is that too Hitlorian.

  28. Whole Foods says employees should consider donating paid vacation days during coronavirus

    Whole Foods recommended to its employees that they share paid personal time off with each other as the coronavirus continues to infect more people.

    CEO John Mackey reportedly sent an email with a list of suggestions to avoid becoming infected with COVID-19, among which included sharing personal time off.

    “Team Members who have a medical emergency or death in their immediate family can receive donated PTO hours,” wrote Mackey in an email, adding, “Not only from Team Members in their own location, but also from Team Members across the country.”

    Instead of the company making a command decision on the sick leave issue, they will virtue signal instead.

    1. Wtf?

    2. Seems pretty reasonable to let employees make these choices for themselves, and I don’t see why groceries would want to close down during an epidemic. If they let people share personal time off, what’s wrong with encouraging those who are less vulnerable and afraid to do so voluntarily with coworkers who are more vulnerable and afraid?

      1. I just found the lack of discussion about FMLA more evidence that this is virtue signalling.

        If you are sick long enough, FMLA can kick in.

        Plus, if this Coronavirus is so serious then getting sick at work should be a work related injury. Evidence: sick person coming to work and coughing all over everything.

        Lefties made a bunch of these rules and then would rather virtue signal than give American workers real information that they can use.

        1. I suspect Whole Foods is in a situation where the difference between virtue signaling and marketing can be tough to tell. They’re selling produce to people at a premium for being certified as “fair trade” coffee among other “virtues”. A bunch of their business is about marketing themselves to virtue signalers, and so they’re probably highly sensitive to accusations.

          That being said, they don’t want to shut down during an epidemic, and I’m not sure that Personal Time Off isn’t necessarily the same as sick time. You can take PTO because your kid has a piano recital, and if employees can donate that to each other because so and so has a kid out of school and needs to stay home, that seems like a pretty cool solution.

          When I left my hospital gig, they had to give me like 14 weeks of pay–because I never used any time off. I’d assumed I was just losing it, and if I’d stayed working for them much longer, I would have lost that time. If this had happened when I was working there, and I could have donated my time off to someone I worked with who needed to stay home with a kid or lived with an elderly parent and was afraid of exposing them, I’d have donated it for sure.

          1. No one cares Ken, you’re a known liar and censorious blovating cowardly bore

    3. I think this is brilliant. Let the employees work together to support one another. Remember that Whole Foods also lets employees vote annually on their benefits packages.

      The alternative is these companies giving blanket days off, etc. Some like Google will survive it. But many companies aren’t so cash flush- in 3 – 4 months it will be employees paying the price in layoffs.

  29. Hopefully the end result will be the dissolution of open borders, trade that no longer favors the criminal Chinese communists and their Democratic thralls, and real American nationalism. Instead we get wimpy calls to avoid blaming the Chinese.

    A vote for Biden is a vote for the Chinese Communists.

    1. The idea that the rest of us should have to sacrifice our standard of living to protect your job because you’re such a worthless piece of shit that you can’t compete with illegal aliens or because the Chinese are insufficiently woke was stupid before the coronavirus, and nothing about the coronavirus changes anything about any of that. In fact, that idea is even dumber than the idea that we wouldn’t be subject to the coronavirus if it weren’t for illegal immigration and trade with China. Do us all a favor and go read a book.

      1. What a ridiculous thing to say, ken.
        You can fuck right of and continue your codependency with China.
        Might cost you a few more dollars though, as perhaps the US government will finally stop artificially propping up foreign production at the expense of US manufacturing.

        1. “Might cost you a few more dollars though, as perhaps the US government will finally stop artificially propping up foreign production at the expense of US manufacturing.”

          You have an active fantasy life.

          1. Some people believe things because they want to believe them, and I think there’s a lot of that going on here.

            The people who jumped on the Republican bandwagon with Trump because they were chased out of the Democratic party by social justice warriors did not abandon their pro-union labour ideology. They may even use words like “socialist” and “rent-seeking” as pejoratives, but it’s mostly just name-calling to them. To them, it doesn’t really mean anything.

            1. You appear to be taking the position that taxes on domestic employment in combined with the absence of import duties isn’t an artificial incentive to foreign manufacturing.
              Ken wants to believe status-quo-ante-trump trade with China represents freedom.
              As usual, Ken addresses the paradigm he’s created in his own mind without regard to a dynamic reality

              1. Well yeah Ken’s a moron.

      2. Ken you are generally not a stupid person. You can be quite smart sometimes. But here you let your ideology and prejudices cause you to make an unbelievably stupid statement.

        At a deep level, who says I or anyone else in this country has to compete with Chinese slave labor? Nothing except your prejudices and misreading of Ricardo. At a base level, you are unable to see and understand your own assumptions. You just assume that if something called a “market” produces a result it must be morally superior to all others.

        1. If you want to be a progressive and only buy from woke companies and countries that share your progressives values, feel free to do so. If other Americans don’t share your woke progressives values, they shouldn’t be forced by the government to abide by them.

          That’s all there is to it.

          The American people’s standard of living isn’t here for your benefit or for the benefit of the rain forest, the polar bears, the LGBT of Moscow, or the Muslims of Xinjiang. If you want to persuade your fellow Americans to avoid buying Chinese products because of your progressive values, that right is protected by the First Amendment.

          If you want to use the government to inflict your progressives values on other people, I’ll call you out for it just like you’re a progressive–every time.

          P.S. We already waded through these arguments back when the Democrats used to try to inflict their progressive values on us over China’s MFN status, especially in the aftermath of Tienanmen Square. Thank goodness the capitalists beat socialist Democrats back then, or our economy and the American people wouldn’t have enjoyed all of the amazing real economic growth we’ve experienced since then.

        2. Maybe think of it this way:

          Are you really willing to sacrifice the American people’s standard of living–just to benefit the people of Xinjiang?

          I believe in America first, and I think you do, too.

          I don’t care if invading Syria is in the best interests of the Kurdish people anywhere near as much as I care about whether invading Syria is in the best interests of the United States–and I feel the same way about the people of Xinjiang.

          I think the real issue is that you don’t really believe that trade with China is in the best interests of the United States. I find that position amazing–considering all the benefits of every day low prices as Wal*Mart, but I find it more credible to believe that John doesn’t really believe that trade with China is in the bests interests of the United States than the idea that John is so progressive, he’d rather hurt the American people’s standard of living than stand by and do nothing while the people of Xinjiang suffer.

          You’re not a progressive, John. Snap out of it. If you want to make the case that trade with China isn’t in the best interests of the American people, then make that case.

          1. That is a straw man. Our standard of living in no way depends upon access to the Chinese market or the ability to buy much of anything from China. It if funny as hell that you worship the “market” but seem to have no idea how it works or its ability to adjust to new circumstances. If Americans demand goods that are produced in China right now but can’t be obtained, someone will make those goods somewhere else so that they can be obtained. We had the largest economy in history when China was behind an iron curtain and didn’t trade at all. The idea that the American standard of living now depends on trading with China is so stupid and counter factual it is hard to even justify it with an answer.

            And everything you say after in this post depends on that one absurd straw man that unlimited Chinese trade is necessary for America to maintain its standard of living. As someone who loves the study of economics, I find your complete misunderstanding of it to be infuriating.

            1. “Our standard of living in no way depends upon access to the Chinese market or the ability to buy much of anything from China.”

              The standard of living improves when people can buy the same things for less money–and have more left over to buy other things they couldn’t afford to buy before when the things used to cost more.

              There are reasons why even working poor Americans can afford to buy gigantic flat screen televisions. There are reasons why even poor Americans can afford smart phones. And everyday low prices at Wal*Mart is one of those reasons.

              Incidentally, not just increases in the standard of living but economic growth itself springs from that well. Worker pay is largely a function of worker productivity, and what we mean by that is that the more and more we can make with less and less cost and resources, the less we can price those products and services–to make them available to more people who couldn’t afford to buy them before. That’s just another way of saying that the economy grows when the cost of economic inputs like oil and labor decline.

              Buying from China and taking advantage of their cheap labor force is a big part of that.

              1. Maybe you should use the website of these people:


                If you cares so much about whether the things you buy were made in America and whether the people who made them were paid a fair wage, that you’d rather pay more for things than pay less, you can go to this website or look for their label and pay through the nose for shit you could get cheaper elsewhere all you want.

                No need for the government to get involved!

                Of course, other people should be free to not follow your example if they care more about themselves, their families, and their money than they do about maximizing the salaries of the people who make their products. Why should they be forced to live by your qualitative preferences?

                Feel free to persuade them if you want, but don’t feed me a bunch of bullshit about how the government shouldn’t all me to do well by myself and my family taking advantage of everyday low prices at Walmart because of the people of Xinjiang.

                Any politician who wants to force the American people to pay more for the things they want out of sympathy for the people of Xinjiang should definitely run for office . . . in Xinjiang. I expect American politicians to be unapologetic about representing the interests of Americans.

                1. Maybe you should put a crow bar up your ass and see if you can pry your head out of there Ken. Sorry but “hey everyone just agree not to buy Chinese” is not an answer. That you would think it is shows that your understanding of human nature and political economy is so fucking low that you are unworthy of being debated. You never learn Ken and I lack the skills necessary to change that.

                  1. Refusing to budge from his abstract truth despite results contradicting him is kinda Ken’s trademark

                    1. Well yeah, Ken’s a moron.

                  2. “Sorry but “hey everyone just agree not to buy Chinese” is not an answer.”

                    But forcing everyone who disagrees with you is an answer?!

                    Americans buy hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Chinese imports every year because they care more about themselves and their own interests than they care about whatever you’re worried about, and if you want to use the American government to restrict the ability of Americans to do what they believe to be in their own interests, you need to at least face the fact that the reason they choose to buy Chinese imports is because they care less about whatever you’re worried about than they do about themselves.

                    Deal with reality already.

                    1. There’s nothing wrong with persuading your fellow Americans to something differently for various reasons.

                      The alternative is claiming to know what’s in the best interests of 330 million Americans–better than they do themselves–and using that to justify inflicting your supposedly superior qualitative preferences on them using the coercive power of government. There’s a word for that kind of thinking. That’s pretty much the definition of “elitism”.

                      One of the reasons markets are fundamentally anti-elitist is because individuals are free to represent their own unique qualitative preferences in a market. Convince enough of them that veal is unethical or socially unacceptable, and veal will disappear from the market. Force other people to abide by your qualitative preferences, on the other hand, and you’re not just being elitist. You’re also creating resentment. I’m sure there are people eating fois gras who never would have known they wanted to try it if animal rights people hadn’t tried to ban it.

                      Think that doesn’t apply to trade policy?

                      Restrict trade with China, watch the economy get hurt as a result, and see what they think of your trade policy. Both President Trump and Emperor Xi feared the impact of their trade war on public opinion in their respective countries–for good reason.

                    2. The reality is that you’re a known liar who just got his head kicked in Ken.

                2. Ken. Fuck. China.

                  America (and Canada for that matter) can find other places to get stuff produced cheaply from far less aggressive and authoritarian countries in Asia. They’re not worth the trouble. Maybe we take a dip but I believe we have the ability to make that turn away from China.

                  That is all.

                  1. Yeah fuck China, just not at the expense of the American consumer and his or her standard of living.

                    And if and when better options emerge, I’ll be in favor of American consumers and their freedom to make choices for themselves then, too,

                    1. Is this stupid fucking asshole STILL stupidly crowing about the “standard of living” straw man?

                      God what an asshole.

      3. The idea that rest of us should have to suffer the consequences of market distortions by communist country just so you can have subsidized goods is ridiculous. Your subsidies are not sacred, and let me be clear you are getting government subsidized goods and calling it free market. Just because they fly a different flag doesn’t make chinese government subsidized goods any less harmful and distorting to the market than when the US government decides to subsidize goods. The Chinese government does not have some greater moral authority to use its guns to choose winners and losers in the market place just because they are a foreign government.

        1. “The idea that rest of us should have to suffer the consequences of market distortions by communist country just so you can have subsidized goods is ridiculous.”

          Allowing Americans to trade with the Chinese isn’t a market distortion.

          Using the coercive power of government to cut your fellow Americans off from benefiting from 20% of the world’s labor supply because you don’t care for the policies of their government–that’s a market distortion.

          Because your fellow Americans don’t share you values is an insufficient justification for using the coercive power of government to force them to comply with your personal preferences.

          1. Allowing Americans to trade with the Chinese isn’t a market distortion.

            Allowing customers to buy products subsidized by the government isn’t a market distortion. That is what you are saying Ken. And it is retarded.

            1. There are more than two states of a market–not just “perfect” and “distorted”. There are also infinite shades of less distorted and more distorted. The less distorted markets are preferable to more distorted markets, and letting Americans trade in a less distorted market is preferable to distorting the market entirely so that Americans aren’t even allowed to trade with China.

              1. Sure there are shades of it. That is the entire point. You have to live in that reality. So, no result is a perfect market result and there is no moral imperitive to pretend it is.

                Moreover, even if it were perfect, that doesn’t make the result desirable. If the market dictates that all of our vital industries move to China and the US no longer be a world power but instead a vassal state of the Chinese, according to you the US should just accept that. Ah no, it doesn’t and shouldn’t have to accept such a state of affairs. It can act to protect its industries and workers to the extent necessary to advance its national interests and protect its national security.

                1. “If the market dictates that all of our vital industries move to China and the US no longer be a world power but instead a vassal state of the Chinese, according to you the US should just accept that.”

                  That isn’t anything like what’s happening. In fact, before the virus, China’s biggest economic problem was largely a function of their population growth stalling as a function of their old one-child policy. They have won a lot of manufacturing business from the rest of the world, but the United States’ economy has continued to grow, not only in spite of the manufacturing capacity the they’ve taken off our hands but also because of it. Comparative advantage and specialization and exchange aren’t just theoretical concepts about things that might happen in the future. They’re solid facts given what we’ve seen happen since China joined the WTO in 2001.

                  This is the goose that lays the golden eggs, this is the way golden eggs are laid, and gutting the goose won’t improve things for anyone–but rent seeking unions and socialists who want to make us dependent on the opinions of politicians and government restrictions for economic growth. Fuck them and the Trojan horse they rode in on. Their bullshit restrictions on capitalism and trade are bullshit when they’re championed by socialists in the name of socialists, and they’re bullshit when they’re championed by phony nationalists, too.

                  1. You keep losing Ken, slink away you sad fucking liar.

  30. “Foreign disinformation campaign on fake national quarantine trying to cause panic, Trump admin. officials say”

    Our domestic news organizations really resent the competition. They are doing all they can to cause panic already.

  31. Parsing the responses on Twitter, many people who disliked the tweet were angrier about Trump calling coronavirus “the Chinese virus” than they were about the possibility of corporate cronyism.

    Good to see the blue check marks and purple haired cat lady harpies have their priorities straight.

  32. Am I the only one who thinks Trump called it the ‘Chinese virus’ deliberately?

    I say double down. Make China a pariah if need be.

    What have the Chinese done for us? /nervous grin.

  33. In much more important news, Brady is leaving the Patriots.

    1. Good. He should have retired.

      1. I don’t see how signing him at this stage is worth it.

        I guess the Bucs, Chargers or Titans can use him but they’d better have a good O-line offering max pocket protection.

        1. From a business perspective, it will be more than worth it. For teams like the three you mention (although it looks like the Titans are going to keep Tannyhill and are out of the running), Tom Brady coming to play will generate an enormous amount of buzz and ticket and merchandising sales. They don’t have to win the Super Bowl. They just have to be competitive and Brady will make them a fortune. The $35 million or whatever they pay him will be a bargain.

          1. The Bucs should bring back Winston or go after Bridgewater. Maybe kick the tires on Dalton.
            Brady isn’t a good fit for Arians offense.
            Brady may be the GOAT, but he’s only a slight improvement on league a average at this point in his career.
            Leaving New England is a mistake.
            The only team that really needs Brady, outside the Pats, is the Chargers. They have 0 fans, and the Rams owner is already pissed that it looks like they wont hold up their end of the bargain in the new stadium.
            But Brady would be an idiot to go there. The offensive line is terrible and perpetually cursed by injury. They actually drove Philip Rivers out of town because they couldn’t keep him from getting killed. Amazing that he never got hurt there with that lack of protection, but he’s a tough dude (played AFC championship game on a torn acl).
            Brady will get killed

            1. Tom Brady, quarterback, Tampa Bay Buccaneers…
              2020 yall

    2. It’s a measure of the wokeness of the SF Chron that the sports pages were given over to fore-lock tugging, since the NFL has continued to engage in contract negotiations during ‘THIS TIME OF CRISIS!!!!!’
      Maybe there was a sidebar regarding Brady, but I missed it.

    3. One can only hope that Masshole tears are the cure for coronavirus.

    4. Brady didn’t leave the Patriots, the Patriots left him!

    5. didn’t call Joe Namath or Johnny Unitas first, either.

  34. The FDA has also decided to permit pharmacists to make their own alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

    How mighty white of them.

    1. lets see a bottle of alcohol some water and some cloth I think I got the process down. I won’t divulge quantities its a trade secret.

  35. Maybe Doctors Shouldn’t Need the Government’s Permission To Fight Coronavirus

    Maybe the CDC shouldn’t need to stand around with their thumbs up their asses waiting for the President to tell them what to do in case of a communicable disease outbreak.

    1. Or perhaps they could re-assign some of the folks working on the ‘gun violence epidemic’ to work on a real disease.

  36. “Why do the people who are working hardest to fight the coronavirus have to ask a slow federal bureaucracy for permission to save lives?”

    Giving credit to doctors and other allied health professionals for pushing back against regulations that prevent them from doing things unless the government approves is getting it backwards. The reason these regulations exist is because the professional organization [union] they all belong to and support wants it that way.

    If a union is an organization that tries to maximize the salaries of its members by monopolizing labor’s access to an industry, then the American Medical Association is the second most powerful union in the country (I would argue that the American Bar Association is even more powerful because most of our legislators are members of that union). Among the reasons pharmacists and others can’t do things like this under normal circumstances is because the licensing requirements and regulations imposed by government at the behest of their union to maximize the salaries and profits of vested interests are such that they make getting a license to clip fingernails look like a walk in the park.

    This isn’t a good opportunity to praise those who’ve risen above regulation–not if those who’ve risen above the regulation are actually the ultimate source of the problem.

    If the State of Massachusetts passes a law that says you’re not allowed to change the oil in your car without a license because the local mechanics’ shops got together through rent-seeking, then your local shop should not be praised for offering to change the oil of coronavirus victims for free. Their attempt to make themselves look good should be exposed and ridiculed.

    1. It’s how I read it.

      It’s a little like people who point to GM and ‘unfunded liabilities’ as proof the capitalism system failed. It only looks that way if you ignore the role of government intervention in certain industries and the unions who negotiated contracts often making unrealistic demands.

      1. The fox is guarding the hen house!

        And when the fox ate one of the chickens, they took the guard dog out back and shot it–and gave the whole hen house to the fox as compensation!

        I can’t forget that. I can never see a GM car the same way again. Their name brand inspires nausea.

        The reason there aren’t enough nurses in this country is not because of capitalists trying to save money. It’s the same thing, and the solution isn’t to give control the American Nurses Association.

        Scroll down to the bottom.

        Not only do they control certification, they also control the accreditation of schools. Class sizes need to be small, and not everyone has the stuff to educate nurses. One does not simply walk into Mordor and open a new nursing program!

        1. IN all of the gnashing of teeth over the price and availability of health care in this country, no one ever even thinks to make a proposal aimed at increasing the supply of health care.

        2. Did you just describe a Foghorn Leghorn scene?

          I loved the one where he jumped into the henhouse and started screaming frantically scaring all the hens.

          1. The scenes where he gets the hounddog to chase him and the dog hits the end of his leash like a bungy cord never get old. Those are always funny. Never trusts someone who doesn’t love Foghorn Leghorn.

            1. I say what happened to you, dog? You look like 2 miles of bad road!

  37. By the way, where the heck is Tony these days?

    1. I assumed he was socking as moderation4ever.

  38. The Coronavirus is “the Chinese virus”. It was properly known as the Wuhan Virus until the Chinese government launched a propaganda campaign through its media agents in the US to declare the term “racist”. This whole affair has shown just how much of our media is controlled by the Chinese government. The Atlantic is a straight up propaganda agent for the Chinese government on this issue. Most of the major media are no different.

    1. Do the Chinese pay better than the Russians or are they working two jobs?

      1. The Chinese pay better. And they have never worked for the Russians. The idea that the Russians are some kind of threat to this country is only put forth to help ensure people never consider that China is a threat.

        1. The Chinese pay better. And they have never worked for the Russians.

          Maybe better said that the Russians are too smart to pay for what they can get for free.

          Spend a couple rubles on a Facebook ad, sacrifice a couple of agents, and have the US media breathing down the President’s neck to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars

    2. Only morons think that calling it the “Chinese virus” makes individual Chinese people look bad. Everyone with an IQ over room temperature knows that it’s really their government that looks bad here and the media can’t allow that.

      1. Calling a virus by a name associated with its origin causes people to shun individuals who have nothing to do with it. This is why every members of the American Legion are social outcasts akin to India’s untouchables, right?

        1. Fucking Commies and their propaganda.

          1. It is a real example of the sending small pox infected blankets to the Indians myth.

        2. Well, how about that. In a sane world, any country that deliberately introduced an infected person to act as a disease vector in a foreign nation would result in sanctions, if not threats of outright war. In Clown World, pointing out the origins of a disease is racist.

          Nuke the Chicoms today.

          1. The best part is China supposedly “helping” Italy by sending them medical supplies and equipment after they spread the disease there.

    3. I hate the NBA more now.

  39. An old white male declares Trump’s coronavirus team is all male, all old, and all white.

    1. Look, everyone knows that the first thing to do during a public health emergency is call someone a racist and start a debate about abortion.

  40. By the way, that Fauci guy in the picture claims to be the head of some agency but given that he appears on my TV approximately 27 hours per day giving interviews on the importance of washing your hands, when does he find time to actually do any work or even get any briefings on what the hell kind of work his agency is doing?

    1. enjoying his day in the sun while he proclaims the sky is falling

  41. >>>to give a giant federal bureaucracy the power to single-handedly derail private efforts to combat a global pandemic

    nobody stopped Mr. Company from making the fucking tests and dealing w/the consequences later either. fight the power.

    1. Exactly. Make the damn things and sell them and dare the FDA to do something about it. Of course, if you do that, your tests better work or your ass is grass. The fact that they don’t do that shows the symbiotic relationship between the FDA and the firms it regulations. The FDA gets the power and in return the firms get a ready made escape from responsibility for their products.

      1. somebody (Gavin Newsome?) was whining last week about having masks, but expired masks. what’s worse, expired masks or expired grandmas?

      2. Except that they don’t. Product liability is strict liability. “The FDA said it was okay” is not a legal defense.

        1. Sure, juries will just ignore that…


    Just for a moment, close your eyes, and picture the establishment media’s and left’s (but I repeat myself) idea of The Virtuous American…

    Virtuous American wakes up in a small efficiency apartment located in a densely populated high-rise, eco-friendly building where there’s no fresh air because you can’t open the windows. But all that recycled air ensures a perfect 72 degree lifestyle.
    Virtuous American exits his high-rise building for a half-mile walk through Virtue City, which is teeming with people.
    Along the way, Virtuous American stops at a coffee shop, which is packed with other Virtuous Americans, who are handing reusable, eco-friendly containers to a barista who fills everyone’s order without changing his gloves (to save plastic) or washing his hands (to save water).
    Virtuous American rides to work in jam-packed subway car.
    Virtuous American exits the subway and walks to work through a sanctuary city teeming with illegal aliens who have been allowed to sneak in from every foreign country and stay without being screened or tested.
    Virtuous American goes to work in an urban high-rise building that is hermetically sealed to save energy, which means recycled air instead of fresh air… You can’t open the windows.
    Throughout the day, Virtuous American sips water from a bacteria-infested reusable bottle (that he might have rinsed out with cold water a few days ago). He refills his environmentally friendly, reusable bottle from a centrally located, environmentally friendly dispenser everyone touches throughout the day.
    For lunch, Virtuous American enters a crowded deli and orders food prepared and served by illegal aliens who have never been screened or tested.
    On the way back to the office, Virtuous American digs into his man-purse and removes a bacteria-infested reusable straw (he or may not have run a little cold water through a couple of days ago) and pops it into his iced coffee while gingerly walking through a poopy homeless encampment because Virtue City’s building regulations protect Gaia.
    After work, Virtuous American stops at the grocery store and fills his environmentally friendly bacteria-infested reusable cloth grocery bags (that he might have washed two weeks ago) with fresh fruits and vegetables.
    Then the pandemic hits… And thanks to a dense population, crowded mass transit, recycled air, poopy streets, bacteria-infested (but environmentally friendly) cups, straws, bottles, and bags, it spreads like wildfire though Virtue City.

    Will Virtuous American be laughing at McMansion American while looking for a place in that tiny (but environmentally friendly) apartment to store enough food and water for four weeks?

    John Nolte can be really great sometimes.

    1. Before quarantining himself for four weeks, Virtuous American will be sure to visit the polls to vote for Progressive Politician.

      1. They do follow orders. They are the most dangerously ignorant people in history but they do follow orders.

    2. With some experts predicting, at a minimum, anywhere from 480,000 to 1.6 million American deaths from the coronavirus over the next three to 18 months


      1. When you consider that it is over 18 months, the 480 is not totally out of line. The 1.6 million I think is complete fantasy. But time will tell. I think that would be a good range if we had done nothing at all. But with all of the drastic measures, the 480 is probably the high end of what is likely.

  43. So, funny thing, according to the RCP Betting Averages on who will be the Dem candidate, Biden’s at 90 betting odds which isn’t surprising. But what is surprising is that Clinton is second at 6.9, and then Bernie comes in at 4.3. Obama comes in 4th at 2.2 (I can only assume they mean Michelle)

    1. Isn’t that basically quinine? Are gin and vodka tonics the cure for all of this?

      1. so I picked a bad time to quit drinking?

        1. Technically all you need is the tonic, but where’s the fun in that?

      2. so you’re saying that the Irish, the Russians, and the Poles are gonna be the new dominant nations after the rest of us are decimated by Corona virus?

  44. Every time a rule is relaxed during a crisis, we should ask whether the rule was necessary in the first place.

    Unfortunately, it cuts the other way too: Every time emergency measures are imposed during a crisis and seem to have helped (or at least don’t seem to have obviously hurt), there are those who ask whether we shouldn’t keep those measures in place permanently. That’s how New York got rent control, for example.

  45. Just a heads up, Facebook yanked this article off my page for violating Community Standards. Also, the link to on the ReasonFB has also been deactivated for the same reason. Like my uncle used to say about German ack-ack, “If they’re not shooting at you, you ain’t on target.”

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