Election 2020

Bye-Bye Bernie: Biden Thumps Sanders on Stupor Tuesday

While the rest of the country was hunkering down against coronavirus, Democrats have very nearly chosen their presidential nominee.


You can be forgiven amid the coronavirus news smother for forgetting that there's still a Democratic presidential nominating process underway. Judging by tonight's results, Democrats themselves are eager to put that competition behind them as well.

Unsurprisingly, it took about one second after polls closed in Fidel Castro–hating Florida for the 219-delegate Sunshine State to be called against revolution-enthusiast Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) and in favor of former vice president Joe Biden. At 80 percent reporting, in keeping with pre-election polling, Biden was ahead by an impressive 38 percentage points, good for a preliminary 126–17 delegate advantage.

But 155-delegate Illinois, too, illustrated the madness of Bernie's March. The democratic socialist, who had a comfortable polling lead in the Prairie State for most of the month of February, was down 58 percent to 34 percent with 3 percent of the vote tallied, though networks were still judging the race too close to call. (UPDATE: Multiple news organizations have now called Biden the winner of Illinois.)

Had Ohio not canceled its primary, today could have been a three-fer for Larry David's lesser half. Arizona wraps up at 10 p.m. eastern time, with a projection of even more pain.

What a stunning turn events from as recently as one month ago, when Sanders in Nevada decisively notched up his third of three early-state victories, with Biden settling for the consolation of having finished higher than fourth place in a presidential contest for the first time ever in his four-decade quest for the keys to the Oval Office.

"Sanders hasn't locked up the race yet, but he's now in a position to do so," Reason's Peter Suderman concluded back then. "Democrats look very much like they're about to nominate a self-described democratic socialist for president." That did not happen.

Turns out when the field clears to just two or three candidates, there is a demonstrated ceiling to the Bernie Sanders vote, particularly in a year when Democrats are more focused than ever on perceived ability to beat President Donald Trump.

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  1. Oh, and by the way, wasn’t there a Republican primary?
    Any possible information on that small matter?

    1. Was there a libertarian primary? Did Vermin win?

      1. More libertarian than Johnson ever was.

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    2. Yeah, Trump got enough delegates to clinch the nomination.

    3. Yep. Trump smashed the opposition of course, considering he’s an incumbent, but the number of folks going out to the Republican primary, considering the virus and that it’s pretty much a done deal, is pretty damn high. Doesn’t bode well for the Dems.

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  2. I tried to take my family out to eat this evening to celebrate my landing a new surgical job (albeit in Myrtle Beach, one of my least favorite place in the country}, and we had to settle for ordering Applebee’s for pickup, because there is a statewide ban on dining in.

    1. What kind of Hell-hole do you live in now where Applebees is your best takeout option? Myrtle Beach must be 1000x better .

    2. I suppose the local radio station will have to suspend the “Dinner and a boobie” promotion I hear almost daily for a while so nobody catches coronavirus from the strippers at “Thee Dollhouse”. So you’ll have to wait a while to experience true Myrtle Beach culture……

  3. Democrats are more focused than every

    Who sacrificed the copyeditor to the zombie horde?

    1. This is what happens when you work from home.

  4. Bernie would have been a lot more fun. Plus, it would have been extra fun watching all the Dems trying to justify Bernie’s brand of socialist.

    1. Not as much fun as Dems trying to justify Biden’s brand of dementia?
      By the time they’re done Joe will have A+mentia.

      1. Nope. Dementia is old-hat, everyone knows what it is, the only fun would be watching the Dems try to hide it — avoiding debates, long speeches, etc.

        Whereas socialism … indefensible by any fact-based arguments. Bernie would be doing his damnedest to brag of honeymooning in Moscow, defending Cuba’s literacy fraud, and complaining of Maduro betraying Chavez, while the Dem leadership struggled to find some way to soften what he said without actually denouncing what he said. Meanwhile everyone to the right would be burying them all with reality, numbers, stories, and actual history.

        It would be the most entertaining election in recorded history.

        1. Right but you told us you want to eat shit, Old Mex.

          1. Hes trying to pretend he wasnt outed again.

            1. He does it every time, his sock SQRLSY will be here later to deflect attention, which is his goto move.

              1. So SQRLSY is Old Mex’s sock’s sock?

                1. You have multiple socks. You’ve outed yourself a few times. Playing dumb and not understanding a single person can have multiple socks doesnt help.

                  1. It’s the same thing he does, EVERY time

                    “how can I be _____ when you said I’m _____, I can’t be BOTH”

                    Well, yes, actually dumbass, it’s quite easy for you to be both.

                    And yes, it makes him look extremely stupid every time he tries it.

                  2. I suppose if I were interested enough, I’d chase down the similarities and clues of all you Trumpistas who post all at once in a flurry, backing each other up, and then — whoosh — you disappear for a week or two.

                    But that would be even less interesting than your boring and limited repertoire.

                    1. Right, but you told us you want to eat shit Old Mex.

                      And save the stupid fucking denials, they’re pointless.

      2. Just BDS. What the orange of this idea just people drinking too much covfefe.

        1. I suggest you get better English translation software. That was nearly pure gobblygook.

    2. They wouldn’t have tried anything of the sort.

      They would do just as much of the Republican Party has done, which is to fall in line with every proposal he has as if it were their own.

  5. Has Joe made his concession speech yet? Or did he just come out and recite the Gettysburg Address?

    “Four score and seventy years ago our forefathers put forth on this constitution a new Jeep Liberty dedicated to the preposition that all men and women are created by the, you know the thing and liberty and justice for all, amen. Play ball!”

  6. The progressive / neocon / libertarian alliance has decided to nominate Biden. Sanders should immediately drop out and endorse him.


    1. Wrapped up in a nutshell. So how long do you plan to do this schtick or is this sock account finally done.

      1. I will never stop promoting the Koch / Reason libertarian agenda.

        1. Of course not! You’d have to start for one.

          1. So SQRLSY, what’s with you running the Old Mex account? And eating shit?

        2. I bow to your superior moppishness

  7. Jesus wept Welch, I gave you a complement and you went back to full on democrat hell.

    1. Welch’s a guy who literally wants to kill people for being conservative.
      Don’t expect him to be otherwise.

      1. At least Reason isnt pushing the theory that Trump is guilty of negligent homicide yet.


      2. Now you exaggerate. He wouldn’t dare do the killing himself.

    2. this is why we can’t have nice things.

  8. What happened to the brokered convention?

    1. It got sold under the table.

    2. I dunno, I didn’t broker it.

    3. It has been broken(ered)?

    4. Actually, it is still fully in play.
      This is the democratic strategy:
      Biden gets the open and transparent nomination for president. The power broker elite select the vice presidential candidate in the traditional vape filled rooms, and on the way back from the inauguration the cabinet signs off on the 25th amendment documents, and (suddenly) mentally incompetent old Joe heads for the retirement farm while the designated ruler for life steps in to save the country.

    1. Reminds me that I haven’t seen a follow-up to the video/story from a few days ago in the Jerusalem Post with a bunch of cops in hazmat suits gang-tackling a quarantine breaking scofflaw with the coronavirus down at the train station. Whether because of the usual journalistic low standards or Israeli government strictures, the story failed to address two interesting points. First, whether this particular person who decided it might be a good idea to go down to the train station and cough on a bunch of Jews was named something like Yitzhak Goldstein or something like Yusseff al Mahood. Jerkass or terrorist?

      Secondly, and more interesting, how did they know there was a quarantine breaker with the coronavirus down at the train station? Do people who test positive get put on a watch list? Was this guy carrying his cellphone/GPS tracking device? Did he try to use his debit card to purchase a ticket? Did the facial-recognition software on the surveillance cameras flag him? How many different ways can somebody be tracked?

      The Israelis have admitted they’re using terrorist protocols to track the spread of the coronavirus, but no details about what exactly that means. But if they can track suspected terrorists, they can certainly suspect you of being a terrorist. And if the Israelis can do it, so can Uncle Sam. And just think how useful this tracking program might be even after the coronavirus crisis passes. Why, I’m sure the money we’ll save on unpaid overdue library book fines alone will practically pay for the whole program!

  9. Bernie Bros are, from what I can tell generally, unapologetic imbeciles. However, I understand some of their rage when their acolyte can’t even be bothered to go after the immediate opposition. The “my good friend Joe” schtick is pathetic and reaffirms the prevailing (amongst conservatives and mainstream dems) notion that Sanders never really wanted to be POTUS, and instead just wanted a bigger stage on which to beat his pathetic ideological drum. The guy’s lifelong fraud has been obfuscated by being in the dandruff crack of the country for 40 years.

  10. Biden says he’ll just stop deportations when he’s president. Expect that to be one of the first things for him to flip flop on in the general election.

    I never liked either Buttigieg or Bloomberg, but the democrats might have been better off in nominating one of them. Biden is potential liability in the general election. Party leadership is undoubtedly wary of high profile gaffes and late breaking revelation on his son.

    The democrat party has been a certifiable soap opera recently. I don’t think they’re doing a good job vetting their new frontline as long as they meet their diversity criteria. Katie Hill was done in by thruple and Andrew Gillum had one hell of a wedding party. A single lawmaker in CA cancelled freelance work in the state out of the blue. The two Muslim congresswomen are self explanatory.

    Are there many states in the south where their governors are closing down all bars and restricting restaurants? I have to think there’s a segment of the democrat voting base that are growing uneasy by the party’s full leftward tilt. On any given day, the dem dominated state government could ban products and business practices on a whim.

    1. Kentucky (though not technically part of the south). I think SC too, though that may be localities instead of statewide.

      1. Maryland, all though MD also fall into both the North and the South category depending on your point of view.

        1. Sorry, no true southerner will ever even suggest Maryland has any relation to the south whatsoever.

          1. Fuck the Mason-Dixon line, the true north/south border is defined by where restaurants just default to bringing you sweet tea when you ask for tea.

      2. I think it’s all of SC, my brother’s in the restaurant industry down there (lives in SC, works in Georgia). He’s understandably freaking out a little bit

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  13. Can’t wait for VP Biden to debate POTUS Trump on a national stage. That will be epic.

  14. I obviously wouldn’t want Biden to win, but let’s face the reality that either Trump or Biden will win the election. With uncertainty in the economy right now, a Trump victory that looked almost certain a month ago, is at least uncertain now. We’re better off with Biden vs Trump than Bernie vs Trump if this election turns.

    In other words, of all the disaster scenarios I could think of, Bernie was the biggest disaster possible. Looks like we avoided that for now.

    1. It’s also nice to know that even in the democratic base there is a ceiling for a Bernie Sanders and that the incoming soviet revolution is at least a few years away.

    2. eh, not necessarily. They’re both old enough to be at a significant risk of catching the virus, and if one (or both) dies or is incapacitated, the parties will have to scramble for replacement candidates. Also, there’s always the potential that Joe’s dementia might be fully revealed during the campaign, in which case the Dems will again have to scramble for a candidate.

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