Brickbat: Dour Scots


Destiny Church had booked Edinburgh, Scotland's city-owned Usher Hall for a conference on growing church membership that would have featured American minister Larry Stockstill. Stockstill is founder of the Surge Project, which claims to have helped found 20,000 churches. But after receiving complaints about Stockstill's opposition to gay marriage, the city council canceled the booking. "The Destiny Church event at the Usher Hall has been canceled due to the keynote speaker's publicly-stated views about same-sex relationships which are, in the council's opinion, offensive and discriminatory," said a council spokesman. "We are committed to promoting diversity and equal rights for all. The proposed event did not meet the standards which we expect from those hiring and visiting our venues to respect and observe and the booking was therefore canceled" The church is trying to raise money to pursue legal action against the council.

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  1. Obviously no equal rights for homophobes.

    1. Homophobes aren’t people.

    2. “We are committed to promoting diversity and equal rights for all….”

      Only the views that we agree with….of course.

      1. Please understand: diversity now means we look different but think alike.

    3. How GLAAD managed to convince the world that fucking other men is the exact same thing as having Sub-Saharan African ancestry or double X sex chromosomes, always amazes me. Particularly since it’s always been obvious that homosexuality isn’t genetic or epigenetic.

  2. FREEDOM !!!!

  3. We are committed to promoting diversity and equal rights for all.

    And to prove it we are excluding this person for his diverse thought.

    1. Tolerant people don’t tolerate intolerance.

      1. Yep, intolerance all the way down.

    2. Don’t you know diversity is only skin deep?

  4. “Ye cannae use the hall te spread yer dirRrty lies, meanin’ ye havin’ a diffeRRent opinion!” —triggered Edinburgh council member

  5. You know who else didn’t tolerate ‘wrong think’ ?

    1. Everyone?

      1. Grounds keeper Willie?

    2. National Socialist German Workers Party?

      1. The Nazis were pretty pro-gay until it was more convenient for them not to be.
        Much of the early party leadership was homosexual, and the brownshirts were essentially gay gymnasiums/bathhouses gone militant.

        1. But brown is SUCH an unflattering color!

          1. Hugo Boss to the rescue.

        2. Were they pro-gay, or did Hitler and a few others just allow it knowing it would make it easy to take down the rowdy far left wing of the party once it outlived its usefulness as street toughs?

        3. Ummm. No. Where the blazes did you get such an absurd idea? No one was pro-gay back then, and the Nazis had special pink triangles for sending them to concentration camps.

    3. FDR?

    4. The MCP?

  6. I find it interesting how we are having more and more conflict between the diversity requirements of different groups. Women’s protections versus transgender rights. Freedom of religion versus homosexuality (Three of the world’s five biggest religions explicitly ban it in their founding text).

    Sooner or later, we have to address these conflicts. We can’t just call everyone “xphobe” and declare their views villainous. It will just turn into a pope/antipope situation where everyone excommunicates each other.

    1. Hell, maybe one day we’ll be woke enough to realize all individuals have rights, regardless of their other characteristics or views.

  7. The UK, even the formerly rough Scots, have gone off the rails.

    I recently completed a review of a scientific paper for a UK journal. Among the standard reviewer questions (significant results, broad impact or application, etc.) I had to assess if the manuscript contained anything that people might find offensive. Not contrary to science or logic, but fucking feelings.

    They deserve their nanny state future.

    1. Fuck their feelings, with a rusty chainsaw.

  8. I had to assess if the manuscript contained anything that people might find offensive.


  9. “We are committed to promoting diversity and equal rights for all”

    …except for those with whom we disagree; we hate all of those people and want them to die.

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