Brickbats: March 2020

News of politicians, police, and bureaucrats behaving badly from around the world


A former San Diego County, California, sheriff's office captain has been charged with running an illegal gun trafficking operation. Federal prosecutors say Marco Garmo sold civilians "off roster" guns that are legally available only to law enforcement, high-capacity magazines, and department-issued ammunition. Prosecutors claim he did this not only to turn a profit but to win favor with potential donors for a planned run for sheriff.

A committee of the French Parliament has approved a bill that would ban Black Friday sales and promotions. Supporters of the bill say such sales lead to overconsumption and harm the environment by causing traffic jams and air pollution.

Hundreds of former and current state inmates in New York have filed a lawsuit claiming they received additional punishment, such as forced isolation, after being given drug tests that produced false positives. A spokesman for the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision says the agency has stopped using the test. Leaked documents indicate some 2,000 prisoners may have been affected.

A new Berkeley, California, law requires restaurants to charge customers 25 cents for a single-use cup. Similar laws have been passed or proposed in Palo Alto and San Francisco. Supporters say these laws will reduce waste, but advocates for the disabled say those with limited movement or sensation in their hands may find it hard to lift glass or ceramic cups. Berkeley is trying to find a way to exempt the disabled from having to pay.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has ordered schools to stop locking up kids alone in "time out" rooms. By law, students should be placed in isolation only if they are a danger to themselves or others. But a joint investigation by ProPublica Illinois and the Chicago Tribune showed the practice was widely used for other reasons, such as refusing to do classwork or spilling milk.

Police in Germany have asked some 800 men to submit DNA samples in an effort to solve the murder of a young girl 23 years ago. The men would have been between the ages of 14 and 70 at the time and living in the village where Claudia Ruf was kidnapped and killed. Police say none of the 800 men are suspects, but they believe one of them might be related to the murderer, and they hope they can ID the killer through the connection.

An internal investigation found that Gwinnett County, Georgia, police officer Todd Ramsey had a YouTube video of Grand Theft Auto gameplay running on his patrol car computer monitor when he rear-ended an SUV at nearly 70 mph. The accident left the driver of the SUV in a coma for four weeks. Ramsey was cited for following too closely and demoted. An Atlanta TV station reports this was the eighth traffic accident Ramsey has been involved with where he was found to be at fault.

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  1. What’s wrong with time-outs? Seems like a good discipline option for a busy teacher.

  2. Speaking of bad behavior, Israel is holding elections tomorrow and I’ve heard rumors there have been attempts by some foreign countries to meddle in their elections. The meddling is so bad even members of Congress of certain foreign countries have been posting things on Facebook and Twitter urging even more meddling in Israel’s internal affairs in an attempt to influence their behavior. It’s a shameful thing and I’m just glad I live in a country that strictly forbids such meddling in the affairs of foreign countries.

  3. “Single-use cups.” Drinking a Big Gulp and poisoning a sea turtle are two uses. If you can outrage an authoritarian progressive virtue-signalling twat along the way, that’s three.

    1. Open wider, Jerryskids.

      Not only do your betters have more progress they will shove down your throat, but I suspect they will begin to become less pleasant about it.

      Your obsequious compliance with the preferences of your betters, as always throughout your marginalized lifetime, is appreciated.

      1. Are you trying to talk like a comic-book villain, or are you just nuts?

      2. I’m your better.

  4. “Ramsey was cited for following too closely and demoted. An Atlanta TV station reports this was the eighth traffic accident Ramsey has been involved with where he was found to be at fault.”

    These are the elite shock troops Kirkland wants in charge of forcing progress down our throats.

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