No, Trump Didn't Cut the CDC's Coronavirus Budget. No, People Aren't Blaming Corona Beer for the Disease.

Coronavirus misinformation is spreading faster than the disease itself.


Misinformation about COVID-19, a type of coronavirus, is spreading almost as fast as the virus itself—and that's really saying something, considering that an estimated 80,000 people worldwide are now infected.

Here's a quick look at some of the fake news that's circulating like a worrisome sneeze on a crowded airliner.

No, the CDC's Budget Hasn't Been Cut

During Tuesday's Democratic primary debate, several candidates—including former Vice President Joe Biden, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.)—accused the Trump administration of cutting key funding from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that impaired America's readiness for a pandemic.

There is plenty to critique about the way the Trump administration has handled the outbreak so far (Mike Pence as virus czar? Really?), but this attack is inaccurate. Trump has proposed budget cuts for the CDC in each of his budgets since taking office, but Congress never approved those proposals. Trump's most recent budget plan calls for a 16 percent cut to the CDC, but that budget has yet to be approved by Congress. It's fair to say Trump has tried to defund the CDC, but it's inaccurate to say that he has succeeded—or that those fictitious cuts have affected the agency's ability to respond to COVID-19.

When Trump was asked about those budget cuts, and about his firing of some top CDC officials, at Wednesday's press briefing on the virus, he offered a pretty good defense. "I'm a businessperson. I don't like having thousands of people around when you don't need them," said Trump. "When we need them, we can get them back very quickly."

Indeed, that's a good way for the government to operate.

No, Corona Beer Is Not Responsible for the Virus (and Most People Know That)

It seems insane to have to point this out but, incredibly, some people seem incapable of distinguishing a deadly respiratory illness that emerged in China from the golden-hued Mexican beer of the same name.

Citing a consumer survey from 5W Public Relations, CNN reported on Friday that 38 percent of Americans wouldn't buy Corona "under any circumstances" because of the outbreak. Constellation Brands, the conglomerate that owns Corona, has seen its stock fall by more than 8 percent since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

But most Americans are smart enough to tell the difference. What the survey actually says is that only four percent of beer-drinkers wouldn't buy Corona because of the outbreak. The 38 percent figure reported by CNN is the number of people who say they wouldn't buy Corona for any reason.

Still, pour one out for the poor marketing folks at Corona.

No, Your Beard Isn't a Coronavirus Risk

C'mon, CNN. The network that's supposed to be "the most trusted name in news" also gets the blame for misleading readers into thinking they could fight the coronavirus with a razor. This chart, which CNN misleadingly said the CDC was publishing for "coronavirus safety" shows which types of facial hair can be fitted under respirator masks. Other outlets, including the New York Post, picked up the story as well.

Except that chart was created by the CDC as guidance for doctors participating in "No-Shave November," a prostate cancer awareness campaign. It was not a guide for preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

No, There's Not a Shortage of Medical Equipment in the U.S.

Is there any problem the Trump administration doesn't believe can be solved with a centrally planned industrial policy? Probably, but the coronavirus isn't it.

Reuters reported on Friday afternoon that the Trump administration "is considering invoking special powers through a law called the Defense Production Act to rapidly expand domestic manufacturing of protective masks and clothing to combat the coronavirus." The law was originally passed in 1950 to ensure the U.S. could requisition necessary supplies.

The White House is reportedly considering this action because of fears that Chinese supply chains for protective masks and other medical equipment could be disrupted by the coronavirus' spread. "Very little of this stuff is apparently made in the [United] States, so if we're down to domestic capability to produce, it could get tough," one unnamed official told Reuters. 

But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says there is little evidence to suggest that those fears will come true.

"We are aware of 63 manufacturers which represent 72 facilities in China that produce essential medical devices; we have contacted all of them," the agency said in a statement on Friday. "While the FDA continues to assess whether manufacturing disruptions will affect overall market availability of these products, there are currently no reported shortages for these types of medical devices within the U.S. market."

When it comes to protective equipment like surgical gowns, gloves, masks, and respirators, the FDA protective devices, or other medical equipment designed to protect the wearer from injury or the spread of infection or illness—the FDA says it is "currently not aware of specific widespread shortages of medical devices."

Circumstances could change, of course, but there does not seem to be any need for aggressive government action that will centralize more control in the hands of Washington bureaucrats. Even if only intended as a temporary measure, such things rarely disappear when crises pass.

And even if circumstances do change, it's unlikely that your Corona beer will get you sick. Well, at least not this type of sick.

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  1. You forgot another big one.

    No the Trump response has not been slow and lacking. He responded within 45 days of the growing threat out of china in december of last year. This is a much stronger and quicker response than the last pandemic we had of a similar nature. Time for a trip back in time.

    "Since the H1N1 flu pandemic began in April, millions of people in the United States have been infected, at least 20,000 have been hospitalized and more than 1,000 have died, said Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

    As compared to:

    China "a cluster of patients with pneumonia of unknown etiology was observed in Wuhan, China, and reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) China bureau in Beijing. A week later, January 7, 2020, a new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) was isolated from these patients."

    And we already have plans of actions in place to track, monitor and quarantine.

    Yet the media is pretending this is the slowest and most inept response by the government ever.


      Seems like the Trump admin is at least equally, if not more concerned with squashing negative news as they are with containing the outbreak.

      1. Yes. Panic is always a good plan an emergency.

        Do you ever not say stupid things? Containing panic is as important as containing the spread of the virus. See the people fleeing Wuhan during initial containment, intentionally trying to evade sensors to flee.

        1. It's propaganda when China does it, but it's smart when Trump does it. Got it. Can't have the plebs knowing the real facts! Especially after Trump lied (16,005th lie, or so) about the number of cases, the expectation for containment, and then named Mike "6,000 year old Earth" Pence to head up the US response.

          Stellar work!

          Gag order on all CDC and other government officials:

          Never miss an opportunity to demonstrate your blind loyalty, Jesse. Classic.

          1. Amen to that! Trump and Pence follow the Mainland China example, and Jesse falls right into line! SUPPORT that Trumpster, at ALL costs!!!

            Pence seizes control of coronavirus response amid criticism of his qualifications

            You CDC doctors SHUT UP; you might hurt the stock market!

            1. You have shit in your teeth Mary.

              Also, ITT, I get a new screen name because after I owned Chipper, he camped the thread and pathetically waited for my response, on a Friday night.

              1. I look forward to never letting him forget he got caught camping this thread on a Friday night.

                All the words in the world can't erase that kind of loser stink.

          2. Mike “6,000 year old Earth” Pence

            You keep saying this, but I wonder whether what you mean is, "Mike Pence, who is Christian, and therefore an ignorant person."

            I'm no Pence fan, not by a long shot (he's my #1 reason for opposing impeachment), but do you have a cite for Pence believing the Earth is only 6,000 years old? Or is it fair to characterize this as anti-Christian bigotry on your part?

            1. Viruses EVOLVE rapidly, in real time, right before our very eyes (or by extension, right before by our scientific-gear-augmented eyes). Is Pence going to read Bible verses in order to understand viruses? I sure hope not!

              The Bible has good and bad in it, as does any other Holy Book. I'm not sure that Pence has the wisdom to look to scientific rationality when needed!

              1. Is Pence going to read Bible verses in order to understand viruses?

                Do we have any reason to believe he would? If we set aside our anti-Christian bigotry, that is?

                I’m not sure that Pence has the wisdom to look to scientific rationality when needed!

                Does Bernie Sanders?

                Pence has expressed a belief in Intelligent Design, but I don't believe he has ever denied evolution. He doesn't accept Natural Selection as the primary driver of evolution, which is not the same thing as believing the world is 6,000 years old and that nothing ever evolves.

                Pence is not a Great Man, and me personally I strongly dislike him, but as with all things why not just be fair about what there is to not like about him, without having to make things up?

                1. Alternatively, if it quacks like a creationist, then it is a creationist quack.

                  1. What if it quacks like a bigot?

                    1. "Christians" like any other group of people... Unless you have God-like soul-measuring powers, and sort the folks into "good" and "bad"... Are going to have a mix of good and bad and shades in between, among them. I don't know Pence terribly well. Maybe he has what it takes to do this job well, and maybe not. But if he is one of the genuinely GOOD Christians, he's going to have a precious and under-rated quality called "humility". Even the US Army now treasures humility! See
                      The U.S. Army Is Promoting a Contentious New Leadership Value. Here's Why Every Business Leader Should Embrace It
                      It's a word you've heard before. But the Army has a very detailed way of describing what it really means.

                      end titles imports...

                      The founder of Christianity, Jesus, displayed humility. There are many ways to show that. He washed the feet of his disciples, for example. Serve others humbly... Be an example!

                      If Pence has the emotional intelligence required of leadership, then he can do a good job of this... ***IF*** The Donald allows him to! But, humility will be needed! Enough humility, at the VERY least, to listen VERY carefully, to the experts, and to put FACTS in front of personal beliefs and personal (political, ideological) axes to grind! Can Pence withstand Trump's demonstrated desire to put the stock market, and Trump's reputation, ahead of facts? Time will tell!

                    2. Will The Donald ALLOW Pence to show the "Christian" (or other flavor, any flavor will do, if it is genuine) humility required to do a good job here, or elsewhere? A critical question here, and I am NOT optimistic! Here's why:

                      Quotes from The Donald in the “Anti Gravity” column in August 2017 “Scientific American” magazine follow:
                      “I have great genes and all that stuff, which I’m a believer in”,
                      “God helped me by giving me a certain brain”,
                      “I have a very, very high aptitude”,
                      “Maybe it’s just something you have. You know, you have the winning gene.”
                      Google the quotes, they are real…

                      (I stole the below from Chem-jeff a while back).

                      “I know more about renewables than any human being on Earth.”
                      “I understand social media. I understand the power of Twitter. I understand the power of Facebook maybe better than almost anybody, based on my results, right?”
                      “Nobody knows more about debt. I’m like the king. I love debt.”
                      “I understand money better than anybody.”
                      “I think nobody knows the system better than I do.”
                      “I know more about contributions than anybody.”
                      “Nobody knows more about trade than me.”
                      “Nobody knows jobs like I do! ”
                      “Nobody in the history of this country has ever known so much about infrastructure as Donald Trump.”
                      “There’s nobody bigger or better at the military than I am.”
                      “I know more about ISIS [the Islamic State militant group] than the generals do. Believe me.”
                      “There is nobody who understands the horror of nuclear more than me.”
                      “Because nobody knows the system better than me. I know the H1B. I know the H2B. Nobody knows it better than me.”

                    3. "quack" said the shit eater.


                      From there:

                      8:43 am: Trump says the coronavirus is the Democrats’ ‘new hoax’
                      President Donald Trump said Democrats are using the virulent coronavirus as a “hoax” to damage him and his administration. “The Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus,” he said from a campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina. “One of my people came up to me and said ‘Mr. President they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia. That didn’t work out too well.’ They couldn’t do it. They tried the impeachment hoax that was on a perfect conversation,” he continued. “This is their new hoax,” he said, referring to the coronavirus.

                      SQRLSY Comment: Looking for Pence to demonstrate the leadership-styles, to include humility, that will be needed here? To lead (at least in part) through LISTENING skills? By practicing polycentrism, by "playing well with others"? Under Trump, this seems highly unlikely!

                  2. What if it smacks like a Pedo Jeffy?

            2. He has stated that he believes evolution is only a theory, and that creationism should be taught in schools alongside real science.


              I'm an anti-anti-science bigot. Mike Pence does not believe in science. Mike Pence is not fit for public office, especially in a role that is science-touching at all.

              1. Anyone that does not accept evolution should not be taken seriously.

                1. So, they should be treated how we treat you.

              2. I asked about 6,000-year-old earth. You responded with:

                "He has stated that he believes evolution is only a theory."

                And when he says he thinks the biblical creation story should be mentioned in science classes (I disagree), you hear "creationism should be taught in schools alongside real science."

                There is nothing else from Pence in your link at all. Just someone who shares your assumptions that "if it quacks like a creationist, I can go ahead and assume I know everything it thinks."

                1. The Landover Baptist Church is strong in this little one!

              3. Why are we wasting time dignifying your idiotic, unsupported claims? Fuck off.

              4. Evolution is a theory, factually speaking. I mean, it is a theory that tries to explain observable phenomena, and a good one, but it is still just a theory. It is not a law, like F=Ma.

                I don't think that advocating 'Intelligent Design' as a theory to explain the same observable phenomena is evidence of an anti-science bias, or somehow ignorant. That theory needs to be tested with the same rigor as evolution.

                Personally, I don't see the harm in exposing schoolchildren to both. They will grow to adulthood and decide for themselves.

                POTUS Trump just handed VP Pence a huge job. I'm curious to see how VP Pence does. I hope (and expect) that VP Pence does a spectacular job because we will all benefit if he does.

              5. Anti science bigot? You mean like those that deny that humans have two sexes? Are you an open borders bigot? Open borders is a wonderful way to import new and exciting diseases. Human byproducts are not sanitary, are you one of those bigots who says people ought to be allowed to defecate in our streets, or even our stores? Are you a human rights bigot? One of those who would takes rights from others to manufacture rights rights for 'favored' subgroups? The single biggest thing that was done to slow down the corona virus was restricting traffic from places were the disease has broken out. I remember all of those who attacked the guy who did that. Even the medical people who at the time said it was wrong have since back tracked and said it was a good thing.

                1. You forgot to ask about their embracing science when it comes to GMOs and fracking, too.

          3. "...Gag order on all CDC and other government officials:"

            You are a lying piece of shit; from your link:

            "WASHINGTON — The White House moved on Thursday to tighten control of coronavirus messaging by government health officials and scientists, directing them to coordinate all statements and public appearances with the office of Vice President Mike Pence, according to several officials familiar with the new approach."

            "Gag order"? Fuck off and die.

        2. Yes, we must all suppress panic! Run around and scream, "Don't panic"! It is our patriotic duty to suppress panic, just like the Mainland China Government Almighty did!

          As New Coronavirus Spread, China’s Old Habits Delayed Fight

          SUPPRESS those doctors! Make them SHUT UP!

          Who, me panic? WHAT are we supposed to NOT panic about? There is NO better way to spread panic, than to run around and scream about not panicking!

          1. If you died from coronavirus, humanity's predeliction for munching shit would drop by 2.3%.

            1. Red Rocks in the Head has math skills that are even worse than its Ass-Hat ASSumptions!

              1. And you have shit in your teeth Chipper.

              2. Make that 5.7% when SHTSY One bites it.

                1. What, you think that I am the New Messiah or some such, that I alone account for 5.7% of the significant undertakings of the human race, or some such? I'm sorry, I resist ANY and ALL tendencies towards egomania, megalomania, self-righteousness, and grandiose narcissism! Unlike some of the troll-posters around here, who shall remain unnamed! The regular readers who have brains and a wee tad of humility, already know who they are!

          2. Don't know why i couldn't reply to you upthread... But square absolutely PWNED you over mike pence lol.

            How did you end up so stupid, detached, and ignorant? I'd like to know so i can keep my children from ever following your path.

            1. What are you trying to refute? Go out on the street and shout at the sky... THAT might be more effective at refuting SOMETHING, than cussing and swearing like a 4-year-old, at persons and-or ideas left unspecified. Are you for, or against, the idea that stuff-and-stuff is stuffy, except when it is not? Does Corona beer spread corona virus, and if so, which witches are to be blamed and burned, to protect us all, and when and where is the witch-burning?

              1. I'm not refuting anything. I'm just observing your idiocy and hoping to avoid it in my children.

                It is, however, very telling that you had to origami like 3 paper tigers in your response to me because you simply can't admit square circle exposed your bigotry.

                Like literally man, it's impossible to have a conversation with you because you're one of the most disingenuous people on this board. If you couldn't move goal posts youd have no input in a conversation. It's literally all you do, and it just makes you look dumb.

                1. Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

                  So I discussed your awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff… Accordingly…

                  Reason staff has asked me to convey the following message to you:

                  Hi Fantastically Talented Author:

                  Obviously, you are a silver-tongued orator, and you also know how to translate your spectacular talents to the written word! We at Reason have need for writers like you, who have near-magical persuasive powers, without having to write at great, tedious length, or resorting to boring facts and citations.

                  At Reason, we pay above-market-band salaries to permanent staff, or above-market-band per-word-based fees to freelancers, at your choice. To both permanent staff, and to free-lancers, we provide excellent health, dental, and vision benefits. We also provide FREE unlimited access to nubile young groupies, although we do firmly stipulate that persuasion, not coercion, MUST be applied when taking advantage of said nubile young groupies.

                  Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to .

                  Thank You! -Reason Staff

                2. This is the heart and core of what I wrote:

                  “Christians” like any other group of people… Unless you have God-like soul-measuring powers, and sort the folks into “good” and “bad”… Are going to have a mix of good and bad and shades in between, among them.

                  Now, does that make me bigoted? Or is the NON-bigoted, Dizzle-Dazzled approach as follows: All Christians (as the exact same sect as Dizzle perhaps, to boot) going to go to Heaven, and ALL of the rest, are consigned to Hell? Is THAT the NON-bigoted stance, perhaps? PLEASE tell!

    2. "(Mike Pence as virus czar? Really?)"

      You do know that the czar is just an executive overseeing the professionals right? This is a silly complaint. At least you didn't imply he ran through the gay community injecting them with aidsike others on twitter have.

      1. Hopefully Mike doesn't try to executively ignore this pandemic like he did HIV in Indiana.

        1. Isn't the implication that he ignored HIV because he thought the people who contracted it were sinners? What would that have to do with coronavirus?

          1. This is the guy you're defending, right? Someone who thinks it's OK for people to die a terrible death because they were born gay?

            1. Wow, born gay and with AIDS.

              1. So having AIDS is the sinful part?

                1. Aren't they born with it though?

                  1. Some people are born with HIV.

                    1. Wait, some aren't?

                    2. So Mike Pence rightly believes that people should needlessly suffer and die because they don't have sex the way he does.


                    3. Wait, Pence is a libertarian?

                    4. Tony, YOU believe in the suffering of others through the gulag you want for us Americans. You’re pure evil.

                      Stop pretending you care about anything but yourself. You don’t.

                    5. Some people also take the risk of having lots of unprotected sex with multiple partners and should realize the consequences of their actions.

                      Let's not pretend the per capita HIV infection rate among homosexuals isn't higher because of their lifestyle choices.

                      I lived in new York when grinder debuted. At an apartment party one night a gay friend of mine hooked up with at least 4 different guys in just that building using grinder... I was in a fraternity and not even the most "frat bro meatheads" were banging 4 chicks in one night.

                    6. Tony
                      February.28.2020 at 9:04 pm

                      I was hoping you'd died.

                    7. So the correct way to handle communal problems like transmissible diseases is to hope people acquire your morally upstanding nature. Keep at it Republicans. It'll work someday.

            2. I think it’s ok for your to die a terrible death. But not for your faggotry. I’m indifferent to that.

              No, I think you should die for being a worthless totalitarian progtard.

        2. Speaking of misinformation. He did not ignore HIV. He did refuse to fund a needle exchange operation.

          But, needle exchanges are not a proven way to stop the spread of HIV, since addicts also still re-use needles, and a needle exchange may reduce the incentive to kick the habit.

          Ignore HIV? Hardly.

    3. It's not really the response by our government that enabled the world getting a better jump on this virus compared to SARS- it was the Chinese government's response. When the SARS outbreak first happened (in the same city, the city housing China's only known bio-weapons labs, coincidentally), China didn't inform the rest of the world for months. With Corona, they announced it within days, and released the genetic information that they had about it as soon as they got it.
      That is what has made the worldwide response so much more effective.
      The US currently has, what, less than two dozen cases- all but one either a passenger on that cruise ship, or a diplomat who had been statuoned in China.

  2. "Constellation Brands, the conglomerate that owns Corona, has seen its stock fall by more than 8 percent since the outbreak of the coronavirus."

    So less of a fall than the rest of the SP500? Seems like much ado about nothing. (Although a quick check shows they are actually down 10.6% now, slightly worse than the rest.)

    1. Deplorable bigots just don’t like Mexican beer. It has nothing to do with the fact that it sucks and requires a lime to mask the taste.

      1. What taste? The lime is there to add some kind of taste to their glorified seltzer.

    2. Gee the markets react to a possible global pandemic and media hype. And decreased Chinese exports and imports related to the epidemic level infection in China. Unless Corona ends up being the next plague, this was a much needed correction that delays the chance of a recession even more. Once the markets recover (probably in the next week or two, as they adjust to the situation and China is reporting fewer new cases already) the economy will bounce back from this correction with even more strength, as has been the historical trend.

  3. No, There's Not a Shortage of Medical Equipment in the U.S.

    We're working on that. Medicare for all, coupled with the elimination of single-use plastics should fix that right up.

    1. Yeah, that statement is a load of shit. N95 is famously getting neckbearded, the pressurized respirator stuff, tyvek suits, and a lot of other PPE stuff has part of their materials supply chain in China.

      The worst shortage is ICU/CCU beds and their assorted equipment. No way they can handle a surge of cases, and their level of care has been required in a significant number of these cases where the patient survived.

      We just aren't at the surge of cases stage. Yet.

      1. Oh, and I seriously doubt there are enough test kits for every public health department that needs them here.

        1. Less than 2 dozen cases in the USA, currently, of an illness that kills less than 3% of those infected. I understand that will probably change, but right now we're ok. 80k worldwide cases in a population of 6 billion does not a world shattering pandemic make, nor should it create supply chain shortages absent irrational overreactions and media sensationalism.
          We've met relatives of this virus before, recently SARS, and have a pretty good chance of developing a treatment/vaccine before it becomes a risk to even 1% of US residents.

          1. There wasn't a vaccine for SARS. I doubt there will be one for this virus. Treatment appears to be palliative and supportive mainly, albeit that Gilead antiviral may be effective.

            It's early. The worst effects in the US are overwhelmingly likely to be economic, from panic, and from interruptions in Chinese-supplied elements in US products.

            Still, we'll see.

            1. Worst case scenario, the global freakout over this causes another world-wide recession. Best case scenario, maybe a lot of these corporations will quit relying so much on China for their supply chains and will start diversifying in other third-world shithole countries instead.

            2. One is already ready for human trials.

          2. Some quick math. 6B * 1% = 60MM dead. And 1% of Americans is 330K. You can do the math from there. In terms of COVID-19 mortality, the answer is we do not know yet. We do know it is unusually transmissable and that part is new. Oh FWIW, SARS had a 10% mortality rate. COVID-19 is potentially a very serious threat. Yes, influenza kills 30K people annually here in the US. So should we panic and channel our inner 'End of the World Prepper'? No. But the time is NOW to take reasonable precautions.

            Examples of commonsense measures include:

            - Have a month week supply of non-perishable food on hand to self isolate
            - Have plenty of hand sanitizer, in home and little containers you can carry
            - Wipe down your doorknobs with sanitizer wipes after guests
            - Curtail travel plans involving airplanes where possible
            - Limit use of mass transit where possible
            - Avoid very large crowds (like sports stadiums)
            - Do your shopping at 'off hours' where there are fewer people
            - Stay the hell away from sick people! Duh! 🙂 [You would be surprised how many don't]
            - If you are sick, stay home!!! Duh!
            - And most important: WASH YOUR HANDS! Your Mother was right! 🙂

            My view is that we are now where China was during Thanksgiving; a very low threshold level. POTUS Trump made a critical decision in January, and bought us much needed time. This was good, and now VP Pence is leading our national response, to ensure co-ordination between Fed, state and local health departments. So far, I think they (POTUS Trump, CDC, DHS) are making good decisions. They need to keep making good decisions.

            The politics bullshit is a distraction. We don't need distraction right now.

  4. FDA says no shortage but the news reporting in California says there is already a shortages and Gavin Newsom said they were petitioning the FDA to release two million mask that have expired and there are only 200 test kits in the whole country. I'd say the FDA is deeeeeep state and Trump does need to invoke special powers. Heck just last year there were shortages of all types of medications because we make very little in the U.S. any more due to regulations

    1. The test was just developed, what, like a month ago? A month more and I doubt there will be any shortage. Hell, they'll be marketing the excess on Facebook adds by April.

    2. "...Gavin Newsom said..."

      Read what ever that grease-ball says in light of political advantage, not as connected with non-political reality.

  5. Anyone have advice on how to stop these super annoying Anyclip videos from auto playing? Nothing seems to work for me. These ads are a cancer that is making Reason unusable.

    1. I've found that the best way to stop those automatic videos is to throw a brick at the computer screen.

      I mean, you won't see the videos again, will you?

      1. Yeah for Eddy! I chuckled and smuckled and bruckled... I do 'fess to that...

      2. Didn't work, Eddy. Don't you think I've tried everything? Now I'm reading this through spider webs, leave a message and I call you back.

        1. Have you had it up to, had it up to here?

          1. He hasn't had it at all. Ever.

            1. "He hasn’t had it at all."

              No doubt.

    2. There are any number of ad blockers. Used to use NoScript, then a Firefox change broke it, now I use uMatrix. No idea for other browsers.

    3. I use Adblock Plus and never see any videos.

      1. That is what I use and I still see the videos.

        1. I should say it mostly works on desktop, but the big problem is on my phone, which is what I use most of the time to comment.

          1. Stop commenting. Problem solved.

    4. Brave browser. It'll still show up in the lower right corner, but it won't execute. It won't close either, but I'll deal.

      1. Works in Android. No script for desktop. And Ghostery.

    5. You could leave and never bore us again.

    6. I don't get any autoplay on my phone, except the footer that I simply close everytime the page refreshes. Most browsers have a setting that allows one to turn off autoplay.

    7. Even though there is no x in the upper right corner, tap it anyway. An x will appear and you can tap again to make it go away.

  6. "What the survey actually says is that only four percent of beer-drinkers wouldn't buy Corona because of the outbreak. The 38 percent figure reported by CNN is the number of people who say they wouldn't buy Corona for any reason."

    No pun intended, but what sick burn!

    1. The one thing this comments section is unanimous on: Corona, all Coronas, suck.

      1. Mexicans just culturally appropriated beer from white Europeans anyway, racist pricks.

        1. Worse. The original brewers of Corona were German Jews escaping persecution by Nazis.

          1. "Worse. The original brewers of Corona were German Jews escaping persecution by Nazis."

            Read Sowell "Conquest and Cultures".
            Most all beers, most everywhere, originated with "German" (might call them "Polish" now) immigrants.

    2. What about bringing it to a party hosted by someone you hate?

      1. Why would the entire world go to your party?

        1. Cause you are not invited?

          1. "entire world"

            1. It's fun watching eunuch get crushed and then desperately scrambling for a response.

              1. You know Tulpa feels burned when he brings in another sock puppet and starts having a conversation with himself. Here you go, buddy.

                1. "SOCKPUPPET" cries the owned eunuch, whose reply didn't even make sense lololol

                  1. It's the heart of a Saturday where Chipper is and he's here camping your comment.

                    Nothing anyone can say will make him look worse than that.,

                    1. He sure got me with that oh so original "SOCKPUPPET EVERYONE WHO HATES ME IS A TULPA SOCKPUPPET" dig, no doubt.

                      But if this is the kind of party he throws, I'm glad I skipped it.

                2. Damn guy how pathetic are you, camping this comment.

                  Feeling pretty burned it looks like.

                  1. Didn't you know you're a, sockpuppet? Just go with it, Chipper doesn't have anything other than this place.

                3. Wow you really were just camping that comment. Tulpa wins.

                  1. Chipper, on a Friday night, instareplies.

                  2. Even I'm embarrassed for him

                    1. Thanks shit-eater, and now I have a new screen name thanks Chipper's pathetic social life!

                4. Chipper Morning Wood
                  February.29.2020 at 12:08 am
                  You know Tulpa feels burned

                  You came at him like 10 minutes later. On a Friday night.

                  1. You noticed that too.

                5. Eat the L Chipper, he got you.

                  1. "SOCKPUPPET!!!" is how he hides his shame.

                6. If you had dick going on you wouldn't be here.

                  1. Troof.

                    He was here fast as fuck.

                    1. He was here the whole time. He gave up a Friday night because you burned him.

                    2. Two hours he waited and the best he had was "sockpuppet"

          2. So you're admitting the entire world hates you. Good one.

            1. Well he's not wrong, I don't have any hate for the retarded.

    3. Corona is a good beer, overpriced, sure, I'd buy Dos XXs. But today's idiotic youth have been brainwashed to prefer IPs, because, you know, nothing says refreshment like horse food. I mean, you need some hops, but come on.

      1. What's wrong with being as healthy as a horse?

    4. CNN full of shit? Can't be.

  7. OT - Biden says “I’ve worked like the devil to earn the vote in the African American community"

    Though Biden shouldn't single himself out, the same is true for most Democrats.

    And if Democrats of the devil, does that mean black people are Dr. Faustus?

  8. At least Joe kept himself from saying "da debbil".

    1. "Da Debbil 'gwin t'kep y'all in chayns!"

  9. No, Your Beard Isn't a Coronavirus Risk

    Corey and Rosario will be relieved to know this.

    1. Someone should have told Corey before he shaved.

  10. Meanwhile, active cases worldwide declining:

    10 days in a row now.


    1. Interesting link. Thanks.

    2. Hmmm, "by removing deaths and recoveries from total cases." Not exactly reassuring.

      1. Go read Evdefender on twitter. He's made some decent arguments using the Chinese reported case data that: 1) The Chinese data is mostly gundecked, with ridiculously tight curve fit regression coefficients. And 2) The Chinese are using said data to try and convince their population and the rest of the world that the worst has past in China, and they're going to get back to work very soon.

        The disease will still be raging of course, but that's what all of those new 'hospitals' in Hubei Province are for. Some of the patients might even live.

        Still better than China falling apart because nobody's making anything. Besides, it only kills about 2-3 percent of the people who go to the hospital. Drink some cobra wine, have some hot and sour soup, and stop being such a pussy.

        1. Go read the SARS Wiki. It erupts in November, global panic ensues by late Feb / early March, it's gone by July. That's not to say China's not fabricating every aspect of the public relations; but it's still just seasonal flu.

          1. Suffice to say were buying, not selling.

    3. totally crap data. China is the 10 ton gorilla of the current worldwide data. And they have been making most of their data up for about three weeks now. afaics, the only 'accurate' data now there is recoveries. And it seems they are waiting for those numbers to catch up a bit with 'confirmed cases' so the two can waltz onward and upward together. We're in control of the situation. Now get back to work

      China always had a legitimate data problem re the difference between 'confirmed cases' and 'actual cases'. They were overwhelmed and collecting data just isn't as important at that time.

      Korea and Japan are much better data sources for the actual contagiousness of the virus - unless/until they too get overwhelmed. Italy is the better data source for how widely this virus will go. But because China is now crap, we'll have to wait a couple weeks before we can track the 'growth' phase of this problem again.

    4. Look at cases *outside* of China and you will see an exponential increase - i.e. the outbreak is not contained.

      You can see the graph by going to the Johns Hopkins coronavirus statistics site, on the lower left, by checking off the in-china and the recovered boxes.

  11. “Toothbrush”? That’s the real fake news. That’s not the name people call that style of mustache, and you know it, CDC.

    1. All because of a newly mutated virus that the world has no antibodies against, that is killing, well frankly – – – only those individuals with weak immune systems.

      I want to be infected so I will develop natural life-long antibodies against this mutated virus that appears to be produced in a laboratory, not mutated in the wild.

      Shut the fuck up Lew Rockwell.

    2. What an idiot. He blongs in the anti-Vax looney bin.

  12. Nobody was going to blame Trump for the actual pandemic (his response is fair game, of course). Then he insisted on setting his hair on fire and blaming Democrat conspiracies and such and basically being a retard. I think the millennials call this an own-goal.

    1. Why not? You faggot traitors have conspired to go after him for everything else. Why not this?

    2. Was that before or after Schumer went on tele to cry "the sky is falling, trump only gave us 2.5 billion but WE NEED 6 MORE BILLION OR AMERICA WILL ALL DIE!"

      Oh it was after? Then Stfu and stfd bitch.

    3. Remind me which party first politicized this screaming Trump wasn't asking for enough money to combat it and falsely stating he had cut the CDC?

      1. It's OK to criticize a president who cuts funding for these programs and deals with the problem with denial and conspiracy theories. Welcome to America.

        You can't go 5 minutes on FOX News without some jackass blaming Democrats for it all, though, so Republicans are politicizing it more, objectively.

    4. "...Then he insisted on setting his hair on fire and blaming Democrat conspiracies and such and basically being a retard..."

      Here I hoped you'd died so I didn't have to read your steaming piles of shit.

  13. I'm not taking ANY chances! I'm going to Neptune"s (in Deadrock, MT) for their chocolate porter beer every chance I get. I do believe, however, that Corona beer is a good inoculation against the Coronavirus wherever Neptune's chocolate porter may not be available!

    1. First sensible plan of defense I've read.

    2. I'd love to try it. Livingston, MT is a little far. Is it only available at the tavern?

      1. Way to go .... you got the "Deadrock" reference! Now just find some of that chocolate porter and you're good to go!

        1. Will Cold Smoke suffice? I can get that here in Northeast Montana and don't have to drive 6 hours to Livingston? Or maybe Ol' Gus from the Meadowlark. Sidney is only 40 minute drive and Ol' Gus is better in my opinion then Cold Smoke.

      2. It's in several bars around the state of Montana.

  14. "When we need them, we can get them back very quickly."

    Indeed, that's a good way for the government to operate.

    Indeed. Except that we don't have a militia anymore and 'quickly' is completely non-related to 'government'. So this is nothing but - when we need to, we can drop helicopters full of big byootiful money around and solve any problem.

  15. Trump, the Republicans and you fucking libertarians tried to cut CDC's budget and you were prevented from doing so by Democrats. Get it straight. Own it. If it were up to libertarians we probably wouldn't have a CDC.

    1. Except - that's because the CDC now does a lot of things outside the world of infectious diseases - i.e. outside its remit. Things like bogus studies of "gun violence." That's what the cuts were for.

      1. Yeah. Because medicos only need data about infectious disease.

    2. I get it now. Your not real, your just trying to be a more believable, "real person"esqu, version of OBL that parrots huff post talking points.

      I give you demerits for originality though. OBL comes up with his parody on his own, I think. You just parrot huff post talking points for your parod-y

    3. "Trump, the Republicans and you fucking libertarians tried to cut CDC’s budget and you were prevented from doing so by Democrats..."

      Needs to be cut, scumbag.

  16. The CDC's budget should be cut in half, its name and its mission changed back to the Communicable Disease Center, and the money saved used to fund a new government Department of Big Guys With Big Sticks Who Go Around Whacking Government Workers Upside The Head When They Don't Stick To Their Goddamn Business And Want To Expand Their Domain By Half-Assedly Doing Other Shit When They Can't Even Get Their Core Function Right. (Might need some work on the name, maybe just The Department Of Doing Your Fucking Job.) If the CDC weren't so busy working on childhood obesity and gun violence and teen vaping and the dangers of sugary soft drinks and just stuck to working on diseases that actually require a vaccine, maybe they'd be better at responding to communicable diseases like they're supposed to.

    1. Well shit, sad to say, my sick imagination can dream this up...

      Somehow, individual-freedom-minded people convince the CDC to stick to communicable diseases. Then they will document ONE SINGLE CASE of gunshot-caused blood-spattering passing some who-knows-what disease from person "A" to person "B"... And the CDC will go right back to meddling in gun control!

      I hope that no mad power-pigs at the CDC read this, and get inspired...

    2. "The CDC’s budget should be cut in half"

      Maybe if the head of the CDC was fired, other people working there would work harder to find a solution.

      1. The executions will continue until morale improves

  17. Funny thread!

  18. Does anyone know how much I will have to pay to take a coronavirus test if I suspect I have the thing?

    1. If you have to ask you can’t afford it.

      Last I saw the rRT-PCR test is available in reference labs in all states. The test was developed by the CDC. From what I can find there are no commercial kits or products.

      Who knows what the cost would be.

      1. Test kits in Korea cost $132 but are free if the person has recently been to China, has had close contact with a a confirmed case.

  19. The FDA is lying. There are shortages due to the panic.

    I have some close friends that literally are the people who manage the supply chains for a MASSIVE retailer. They have been working extra long hours trying to deal with the shortages in a few products.

    Facemasks and Hand Sanitizer are facing severe shortages because how many panicked people are stocking up.

    1. Ammo? Canned and freeze dried food? The prepper types have got to be going nuts right now.

      Last I know of hand cleaners like Purell which are alcohol based gels are weak in virus protection.

      1. They were going crazier about three weeks ago. Ridiculous questions like, how do I clean my ostensibly disposable filters for my PAPR, that sort of thing.

        OTOH, I got our 401k allocation switched to bonds in time, because of their spazzing out. (Only temporarily. As I've written, I think China's headed back to work very soon, and so will the bull market.)

        From what I've read, the 70 percent alcohol is much better for virus denaturing than 95.

    2. You are either an idiot or a bot. I'm going with idiot.

  20. I'm not taking any chances.... No drinking Corona Beer....
    I've also quit listening to the song Corrina Corrina...!
    (just to be on the safe side)

    1. Also do NOT look at the sun, or pictures of the sun, for fear of seeing coronal mass ejections! Ye have been WARNED!

    2. I forgot to add... Coronal mass ejactulations ass well ass coronal mass ejections... Coronal mass ejactulations are even worserererest! BEWARE!!!

      1. Also....DO that 90's movie, Corrina Corrina...!!! not drive a Ford Cortina...!!!

        ALSO...this deadly virus can be caught over the INTERNET
        (goes right through the tubes!!!) so don't Google ____(you know)

  21. The US is prepared for anything. It is silly for people to panic. There is no reason to panic. I repeat - DO NOT PANIC.

    1. WHY should I not PANIC?!?!?!? PLEASE tell-me, tell-me, tell-me, tell-me, tell-me, TELL ME NOW!!!! In GREAT gory details!!!

      (So that I can run over and around ALL of my neighbors, and tell them all, to HELP ME to NOT panic!!!!!)

  22. Hey guys, remember when Trump stabbed Puerto Rico on her back by ignoring their desperate situation and not giving them enough supplies, and it turned out that tons of supplies were left sitting in a warehouse? Good times. Stash that next to "WW3", "Kurdish ethnic cleansing" , "hate crime wave" and "tax cut decimation" in the file of Trumpapocalypse events that didn't occur.

    And as if on cue "Trumpvirus" is thing again, because coordination to provide an official response is now Chinese level censorship even though scientists essentially agree with Trump's position and if a Christian is a Coronavirus czar, we're all going to die! Pence is going to tell us all to pray the virus away! Trump is going to kill us all! When Obama was in charge, only thousands Americans died due to the H1N1 pandemic! Do you guys remember when Obama handed out H1N1 virus kits for free?

    The democrats had the extraordinary freedom not to waste their time and resources on the impeachment process. They could clean up poop, diseases and homeless in their big cities. They didn't have to all "DUR we want to accept thousands of refugees every year and unchecked birth tourism from Asia"

    But they resist! They resist Trump! Trump is the great demon! The two coronavirus outbreaks that occurred in blue cities are all Trump's fault! Stop Trump!


    1. Your worldview is so clouded with hate, you can't even grasp Trump's own-goals here.

      Financial markets - i.e., bankers - aren't stupid. They like Trump, but they know better than to listen to what he says. So, when Trump is freaking out over stock sell-offs, accuses the "liberal media" of engaging in a broad coronavirus "hoax" to "go after" him, and tries to calm the markets by controlling information from his experts, they don't listen to him. All of that just signals that Trump has no idea what he's doing and will respond to bad news with a panicky non-response more geared to managing political fallout than anything affecting their own bottom line.

      That's why none of this damage control has worked, and is really just having the opposite effect. Trump telling us to "stay calm" and Pence leading the messaging campaign just means that markets have to look elsewhere for the truth, the same exact way they do in China.

      You can rail on and on about "the left" and their "Trump Derangement Syndrome," but the coronavirus and the markets don't give a shit about your ragey doublethink. Trump needs to let credible experts speak about the coronavirus, framing the risks and advising people on the best way to deal with them. That would calm the markets.

      1. SimonP gets it! Kudos and well written!

        1. SimonP, like you, is:

      2. ^ this

        1. SimonP, like you, is:

      3. "...Trump needs to let credible experts speak about the coronavirus, framing the risks and advising people on the best way to deal with them. That would calm the markets."

        Perhaps those 'credible experts' should be people who don't think !!!GUNS!!! are a communicable disease?
        Regardless of what Pence (actually) allows or disallows, the market will find the information, even if there was a "gag order" (yes, that's a hoax).
        And, no, the market is not always short-term rational, but since 1980, epi/pan-demics (12 instances) have shown a typical initial drop of 8.8% (swine flu the worst at ~20%), and a 12-month average recovery of a ~14% rise (no cite, private comm)
        I don't think this will be forgotten by the summer, since it has been hyped quite well, but it will be 'The Russkii!' scare of early 2020.
        No, the Ds are not 'conspiring'; they are not meeting and planning, etc. They most certainly ARE grasping at any straw which might possibly discredit Trump, for instance pushing the "gag order" lie, and the lie that Trump called the disease "a hoax", when that was what he actually called their response. Hyperbole, perhaps, but what would you call "THE RUSSKIIS!!!" if not a hoax?
        Anyhow, do as you please. If you're selling, it help us to buy low; we appreciate it.

        1. "Anyhow, do as you please. If you’re selling, it help us to buy low; we appreciate it."
          To make it clear for all you bullshitters, put your money where your mouth is.
          Or STFU.

  23. Pence as "Virus Czar" or whatever isn't a good look, but Pence's level of direct involvement with any meaningful response to the virus isn't really changed by being named to that fantastical post. Whether he's the Virus Czar, or he's sent to the basement to "guard the bee" for the duration of the media panic over the virus nothing he does is likely to be of much relevance to generating anything like a solution.

    As far as the government operating on the idea that key people would be easy to "get back quickly" when needed, it'd definitely limit the scope of the government in some interesting ways. Any people who would be worth having around aren't just going to sit and wait for the call to "come back", and if it does come, they're as likely to already be involved in a more promising endeavor before the government would be ready to dial.

    1. I keep reading that Pence was named...Virus Czar...
      Did I miss the ceremony..?
      Did he get a sash or a cool badge...??? Maybe a Trident ?

  24. If you really want to see the effort to cause coronavirus panic, check out the Washington Post. Per them, not only is it going to be worse then the 1918-19 flu pandemic, but, of course, it's all Trump's fault. And the folks commenting on the Coronavirus stories are even more over the top.

    1. ... And if you want to see the way that Trumptards fail to comprehend what they read and pass along false conclusions as fact, we need go no further than this comment, eh?

      The point of the Washington Post's comparison of the coronavirus outbreak to the Spanish flu was to try to illustrate how politically-motivated control over information about the virus's spread - and the complicity of the media in controlling that information - helped contribute to its spread. The story also noted how the Spanish flu's fatality rate was on par with what we're seeing so far on the coronavirus.

      So the coverage wasn't so much about whipping up panic, as it was a cautionary tale for how political mistakes can take a pandemic and make it worse. I suppose there's an irony, then, in that people are taking these historical lessons and doing precisely the opposite of what they recommend.

      I, like any sane person, hope that the outbreak fears are overblown and that the ultimate fatality rates are kept low. That having been said, do you Trumptards know who you'll blame, if things go south? Have you figured that out yet? My suggestion: the "deep state" at the CDC.

      1. "That having been said, do you Trumptards know who you’ll blame, if things go south? Have you figured that out yet? My suggestion: the “deep state” at the CDC."

        I know the TDS victims (yes, anyone who uses "Trumptards" is infected) will blame Trump; no "deep state" (with scare quotes) required; room-temp IQ does just as well.

  25. That was Mighty White and KreeeeeeshChaaaan of you to conveniently pretend to forget to mention that Demented and Deluded Donald fired the entire pandemic response team in 2018.
    . . . The mismanagement started even before the word “coronavirus” was a thing. Trump fired the entire pandemic response team in 2018, as part of the administration’s war on Obama-era policies, and never bothered to rebuild the team. Trump officials also slashed spending on overseas programs to combat epidemics by 80% two years ago, leading to efforts being abandoned across the globe — including in China, where this outbreak started.

    (Conservatives are clinging to an AP “fact check” that denies that Trump cut funding for the CDC, but that fact check is misleading in itself. Overall spending on the CDC may have risen, but the cuts to this specific program are real.) . . .

    1. Thanks for the link!

      For those interested in reading further, your link in turn leads to here below...
      Trump Has Sabotaged America’s Coronavirus Response
      As it improvises its way through a public health crisis, the United States has never been less prepared for a pandemic.

      1.'s inevitable....we're all gonna get the Big CV....!

        Where should I send your Get Well card...? the worst case scenario...your funeral wreath...?

    2. Kuni
      March.1.2020 at 11:44 am
      "That was Mighty White and KreeeeeeshChaaaan of you to conveniently pretend to forget to mention that Demented and Deluded Donald fired the entire pandemic response team in 2018."

      That was might fucking lefty ignoramus of you to post a link to a lefty opinion piece, making a claim based on a link to another lefty opinion piece.
      Fucking lefty ignoramuses keep hoping some idiot takes theire word for it.
      Seek help for your TDS, or better, fuck off and die.

      1. How about list what you think was false in the article and the evidence?
        Oh right you simply look at any fact you don't like and yell "libtard". Keep following your cult leader.

        1. Not my job to disprove a the claims of a fucking lefty ignoramus; you make the claim, prove it.

  26. While it is true Trump was unsucceful in his attempts to gut the CDC budget.
    He did dissolve the pandemic management team in the Whitehouse. A fact that seems salient to this article, which is conveniently unmentioned.

    1. So are you implying that Reason is pro Trump..? Or...what ?

    2. Your TDS ate your cites, we see.

  27. What? Corona beer is not the source? Not true! I drank 8 of them last Friday night and felt terrible ... just awful the next two days. I was really sick .....

  28. This article contains the rather unsupportable statement that Trump's cutting personnel dedicated to pandemics was natural - that Trump is a business man. In fact many businessmen (like myself) recognize that we have some capacity that is not always used - from a cafeteria that sits empty much of the day, to security personnel. No it was not smart to dismantle staff. You can ramp up some capacity in a rush, but it is hard to quickly rebuild the personnel who have to work together.

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  31. What about Dos Equis virus?

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