Brickbat: Maybe You Can Say That


A British judge has ruled police interfered with Henry Miller's free speech rights when they confronted him about tweets he made questioning transgender ideology. In one tweet, for instance, Miller wrote, "I was assigned mammal at birth, but my orientation is fish. Don't mis-species me." A transgender woman reported the remarks, calling them "brazen transphobic comments." Police visited Miller at his place of work to question him, and in a phone call indicated he could face criminal prosecution.

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  1. Fuck sake. These people really need to learn the difference between a criticism and a phobia. I wonder what the spider community has to say about this?

    1. Pbbbbt…. Sez the guy who identifies as a Norse god.

      1. Well, a giant, really. But adopted by gods, so effectively a god. And the gods adopting him were all part giant, anyway.

  2. Henry Miller the writer? His Tropic of Capricorn novel was banned many decades ago due to sexual content. It’s nice to see he’s still upsetting the establishment!

    At any rate, seems everyone took it as mockery, but what if he was being serious? What makes transpeciesism unacceptable to the woke crowd if other varieties of trans are fine?

    1. “…but what if he was being serious?”

      I self-ID as a squirrel, so I can see your point! Government Almighty needs better lie-detectors and brain scanners, to better detect sincerity v/s mockery! THAT will fix it!

      All must be scanned! All hail!

      1. I am transracial. As someone of Spanish ancestry, most consider me to be European in origin, but I identify as Latino (or Latinix, if you prefer) because that way I am a POC.

        1. Pbbbt… sez the guy who runs around playing the “you killed my father” victim card all the time…

    2. My grand nephew cried for three days when his mom told him he was not an octopus. I’m not talking about halloween he said he was an octopus.

      there are facts and then there are facts

      1. In GB she could get 10 years hard time for that.

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  4. A transgender woman reported the remarks, calling them “brazen transphobic comments.”

    A stunning and brave woman, no doubt.

    1. Pbbbt…. sez the guy who identifies as a 1950’s 10 year old in a wheel chair.

  5. Lol! A shapeshifter at that!

    1. I love this so check out

    2. And unencumbered by threads, I see….

  6. Who gave the Limeys speech rights all the sudden?

    1. Evidently, no one – – – – – –

    2. They have free speech rights; they’re just automatically subject to police investigation, state intimidation, and judicial review.

      It’s a delicate balance to maintain free speech rights and hurt feelings rights.

  7. Although I was born in 1949, I self-identify as non-generational. Call me “Boomer” at your peril.

  8. ♪ Would you like to swing on a star
    ♪ Carry moonbeams home in a jar
    ♪ And be better off than you are
    ♪ Or would you rather be a fish?

    ♪ A fish won’t do anything, but swim in a brook
    ♪ He can’t write his name or read a book
    ♪ To fool the people is his only thought
    ♪ And though he’s slippery, he still gets caught
    ♪ But then if that sort of life is what you wish
    ♪ You may grow up to be a fish

  9. So in a country where it is acceptable to call everyone a “cunt”, you have to walk on eggshells around trannys. Glorious.

  10. This is wrong (although I am not familiar with British law).

    Bigots and boors have (in the United States) and should have (elsewhere) rights, too.

    1. I had to look twice, no thrice, to make sure you are not a parody of yourself [there are at least two versions that I know of].

      The only half way sensible comment I’ve ever encountered from you. Minus the bigots and boors part. Just the rights, regardless

      1. I have steadfastly insisted that bigots have rights.

        And that bigots are bigots.

        Libertarians like both parts of that. Faux libertarians tend to choose one and only one.

        1. Your litany is pretty limited; “carry on clingers” and “open wide” and not much else.

          There has been a small amount of discussion [don’t let it go to your head] that you are a parody, but unlike OBL you’re just not that apparent, or funny.

          I’ve wondered as much, but I think you’re just a bitter son of a bitch who got corn-holed by an extra from the set of Deliverance.

          1. Since the not good Rev is doing it wrong…

            Carry on clinger! Soon your betters will ram wokeness down your neck!

  11. “In this country we have never had a Cheka, a Gestapo or a Stasi,” the judge said. “We have never lived in an Orwellian society.”

    Hah! And I had just mentioned to my kids, yesterday, that people in England had mistaken 1984 for an instruction manual.

  12. People can believe whatever the claptrap they want. But the horror in this story is that the police visited a person at his home and threatened to arrest him, over the fact that the expressed an opinion on Twitter!

    I don’t give a shit what that opinion was, opinions are none of the police’s business!

    Damn. England is becoming indistinguishable from Soviet Russia.

    1. Pbbbbt….. sez the guy who identifies as a hobbit from Buckland.

  13. Modern Brits are so fucked.

    I wonder if the Brits who endured the blitz could see how their progeny would end up would have all decided not to procreate.

  14. They’re going to have to rewrite marriage laws so that his wife can still be married to him after sleeping with the fishes.

  15. Transgender tweets were freedom of speech, British judge rules

    I love how freedom of speech has been transformed from “the freedom to say whatever you want” into “the things that we allow you to speak.”

    “We have determined that this speech over here is free speech. This other speech over here is hate speech, which is not free speech.”

  16. It’s a delicate balance to maintain free speech? ! rights and hurt feelings rights.

  17. Well, a giant, really. But adopted by gods ! so effectively a god.

  18. It took a while, but it’s good to see the transphibian contingent finally coming back out of the fishtank.

    The dove deep after the whole Michael Richards fiasco.

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