Brickbat: Worst Date Ever


A former Transportation Security Administration agent has been charged with false imprisonment for tricking a woman into exposing her breasts to him. Johnathon Lomeli was working at Los Angeles International Airport when the woman tried to go through screening. Prosecutors say he told her he had to look inside her bra to make sure she wasn't hiding anything and had her hold her pants away from her waist so he could look inside. He then told her he needed to take her to a private room for further screening. But after they got on the elevator and were alone, he told her he could do the screening there. He had her lift her shirt up "to show me your full breasts." And he again looked down her pants. He then told her she had nice breasts and could leave.

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  1. ‘The TSA in a statement called the alleged behavior “unacceptable and an affront to the hardworking and committed members of our workforce.”’

    Both of them.

    1. Only one. The other quit last week to take a job elsewhere.

      1. The rest transfer to Homeland Security.

  2. How is it he’s only charged with false imprisonment? Shouldn’t there be some kind of sexual harassment charge as well?

    1. Registration as a sex offender would be appropriate.

  3. WTF. She voluntarily exposed those puppies. No harm, no foul.



    2. But he tricked her! That’s one sly bastard there, a trickery genius coming up with a convoluted plan like that should be in a Bond film. Only about a million drunk frat boys on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras could come up with a plot so devious. “Show us your tits!” “Ok.” Brilliant!

  4. Trillion dollar yearly deficits and it’s such a shame there is nothing left to cut, as Nancy Pelosi puts it.

    Other than groping 5-year-olds and adults, plus missing 9 out of ten weapons the FBI tried to slip past them during tests, remind me again of what the purpose of the TSA is?

    1. Look up “security theater”.

  5. If you have nothing to hide…

    1. She had plenty to hide

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  8. Well, I certainly feel a lot safer flying now.

  9. So, how many times do you think he did this and got away with it before this woman complained?

    1. C’mon – the guy’s checking out women and thinks he’s found a suspicious bulge that requires further examination and he just forgets that if he’d bother to check his own pants first he’d find the suspicious bulge. People forget sometimes! Don’t be so hard on him, I’m pretty sure he’s already pretty hard on himself.

  10. This is the inevitable result. You give nearly 50,000 people low end jobs with extreme power over people and the full backing of the federal government and you are going to get quite a few folks who are tempted into taking advantage of that power.

    This was the Democrat’s doing. We had security in place – and a system for the federal government to set standards and for airports and the airlines to enforce them. But they wanted more government employees (and union members! Yay!)

    The Republican’s contribution was to nix the union memberships. Congratulations guys, way to stand up for small government!

    It was a collaboration of incompetence. Of course the result is incompetent. If we had gone with the original system of setting standards and measuring results, this sort of thing would be much more rare, as would the corruption that leads to the purchase of thousands of body scanners that never got used and who knows what other sweetheart deals that wasted our money. Purchasing “security” instead of machines, set numbers of people and requiring specific groping would allow the market to innovate and find the best solution. But that wouldn’t allow the politicians to get their slice.

    1. “”This was the Democrat’s doing.””

      Was it? I remember this crap being pretty bi-partisan.

      In the senate,
      “S. 1447 (107th): Aviation and Transportation Security Act ”
      50 dems voted for it. 49 Republicans voted for it. Jim Jeffords (I)was the only one that voted against.

      I also remember there was debate about how much immunity the TSA was going to get. Many in Congress wanted to give them more than what they have. I remember shaking my head saying this isn’t going to end well.

  11. This wouldn’t have happened if Backpage was still around.

  12. I wonder how the complaint came about. Did a light come on over the traveler’s head subsequently, and she think, “You know, something didn’t seem quite right about what that guy at the airport did with me.”?

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