Border wall

Trump Will Raid Pentagon's War on Terror Slush Fund To Build His Border Wall

The administration also plans to move $2.2 billion originally earmarked for purchasing vehicles, ships, and aircraft to cover wall construction costs.


As part of an overall plan to divert $3.8 billion from the Pentagon to pay for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, President Donald Trump is planning to drain about $1.6 billion from the slush fund that pays for much of America's post-9/11 wars in the Middle East.

Foreign Policy's Lara Seligman reports that the White House sent a memo to Congress on Thursday outlining plans to redirect military spending for the border wall. The administration plans to move $2.2 billion originally earmarked for purchasing vehicles, ships, and aircraft into an anti-drug trafficking program that has already been tapped to provide for wall construction costs. The other $1.6 billion in border wall funding will come from the budget used to pay for America's foreign wars, Foreign Policy reported.

That budget, officially known as the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account, started as an innocuous supplemental appropriation to fund the military response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. But, as Reason contributor Veronique de Rugy put it in 2015, the account "quickly became a slush fund that allows policymakers to spend gobs of money with little oversight and fatten the Pentagon's base budget when the spending caps are put into place, seeing as OCO funding is exempt."

Since 2001, Congress has funneled more than $2 trillion through the OCO budget, according to the Congressional Research Service. That includes $77 billion in 2019, equal to about 5.6 percent of all federal discretionary spending last year—and larger than the State Department's entire budget. All that spending is above-and-beyond the Pentagon's own $700 billion budget last year.

None other than Mick Mulvaney, the former congressional budget hawk turned director of the Trump White House's Office of Management and Budget, has called the OCO budget a "slush fund." During the Obama administration, Mulvaney said the White House's use of the OCO budget to avoid congressionally imposed budget caps was "disingenuous" and "deceptive," and he co-sponsored a bipartisan bill to limit how OCO funding could be used.

Now, however, Mulvaney is presiding over a similar abuse of the OCO budget, using it as a back door to provide funding for a border wall that Congress seems unwilling to provide via the normal budgetary process.

Even so, cutting funding for the Pentagon's literal war chest may a worthwhile move. But spending that money on an ineffective vanity project along the Mexican border is questionable at best. Trump's budget calls for spending more than $7 billion on the border wall this year, enough to build about 885 miles of new fencing by 2022, according to The Washington Post.

The border wall might be Trump's most visible campaign promise, but it won't do much to address the supposed threat of illegal immigration. Most illegal immigrants to the United States don't hop the border; they land at airports and then overstay their visas. It also wouldn't do much to stop the flow of drugs into the United States, because they're mostly smuggled in through checkpoints.

Still, there are few policy maneuvers during Trump's time in office that better reflect the ethos of his 2016 campaign, during which Trump railed in nearly equal measure against endless, wasteful foreign wars and the supposed threat posed by illegal immigrants.

Thursday's announcement also does a nice job of summing up libertarians' mixed feelings about the Trump era: Instead of wasting $1.8 billion on unnecessary wars half a world away, Trump will waste that money right here at home.

NEXT: Senate Passes Bill Stopping Further Military Action Against Iran Without Approval

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    1. Yeah. Endless Orwellian repetition of “walls are ineffective” does not actually change the fact that walls are effective.

      1. The standard is cost effective, idiot, not just effective. Of course, the wall is “effective” in that it stops some brown people.

        1. Only racist comment in the thread, made by a left…

      2. Yeah, endless insistence that walls will work because it sounds pleasing to you doesn’t change the fact that Bush II tried this charade over the tune of a billion dollars only resulted in ways to circumvent said wall (including miles of underground tunnels) and a party full of Republicans who want to do the same damn thing all over again.

        1. Republicans are the one who haven’t learned from history you say? May I introduce you to leading democratic candidate and self described socialist, Bernie Sanders?

      3. Effective, unless the person trying to cross has a reciprocating saw. Or if they are young they just climb over.

        1. Yep, that saw will get through the metal quickly and quietly. Oh, and we’ve already enjoyed the videos of guys attempting to climb over. You’re ffing hilarious.

    2. “Good”/i>

      Yeah, I really don’t see a problem here. Maybe he can raid the War On Drugs funding too.

      1. Sounds good to me.

      2. When the wall makes it a lot harder for the drobuistas to drag their stuff across the border the war on some drugs will need less cash to operate.

        Ultimatetly though, we NEED to end that war, along with the ones in the sandbox. NONE are constitutionally authorised. But securing the border against foreig invaders just “happens” to be on the list of things FedGov needs to be about doing.

        1. Wasting a bunch of money isn’t on the list.

        2. I was frankly shocked when military funds for the wall were slapped down by the court last time. I’m personally in favor of open boarders, but seems to me like securing them would be job #1 for any military halfway interesting in pretending we’re not just an empire.

      3. All kinds of funding sources suddenly spring to mind. Funds originally destined for sanctuary cities. The entire budgets of the Depts of Education, Commerce, Energy, and Interior. I will sleep well tonight!

    3. +100000

      1. I’m keeping you and all the others who love my orange ass safe from brown people. Yicky brown people.

        1. What a racist comment.
          Racism; when everything under the sun has to be about “color” from “orange” to “brown” – its all about the “color”.
          Is that all you can see.

        2. Brown people who behead people and hang their bodies from overpasses. Brown people who worship holy death. One legitimate role of the federal government is to protect the citizenry from such threats, brown or not.

        3. Tell that to all the brown children who are imported into America as sex slaves. Make sure they need not pass through a point of entry with trained law enforcement specifically looking for them. Who cares about them? A small price to pay for Democrat control of our government. Democrats are importing voters. If illegals voted Republican the wall would be built tomorrow and include land mines and electric fences. It’s not like Democrats give a damn about these people. Pure self interest.

      2. Foreign wars imploding!

    4. Your betters will tear down that wall, bigot.

      Or maybe this current batch of bigots will be the first to prevail over time in America, perhaps because they are smarter, better educated, more persuasive, or more numerous than their predecessors who targeted Italians, Jews, gays, blacks, Catholics, the Irish, women, agnostics, Asians, Hispanics, eastern Europeans, etc.

      Of course, they also have the charms, insights, and integrity of Donald J. Trump on their side . . .

      1. Nobody better would do such a thing.

      2. Arty, no one is better than me. No man may be my equal. I have inside me blood of kings. I have no rival. Take me to the future of you all.

      3. Maybe those predecessors had a point. All those groups you’ve mentioned have made America a more socialist society.

      4. Since you’re none of those ethnic or minority groups, you are admitting you’re a racist like weve all been telling you.

        No matter what you do, you fail hihn. You’ve literally never made a positive impact on anyone. Everyone whose gotten to know you now hates you. You are worthless, useless, and impactless. That is your legacy.

        1. I’m not Hihn. I belong to one of those groups listed. But that doesn’t mean I can’t recognize how demographic shifts in favor of those groups (or giving the women the right to vote) has shifted society away from libertarian ideals. I don’t see how this is racist, or sexist, or any “ist” du jour.

      5. “perhaps because they are smarter, better educated, more persuasive, or more numerous than their predecessors who targeted Italians, Jews, gays, blacks, Catholics, the Irish, women, agnostics, Asians, Hispanics, eastern Europeans, etc”

        You mean your fellow Democrats?

      6. Your betters? Really? From a man of God? I missed the part in the Bible where holding certain political views elevated one person above another.

    5. Everytime they drop a bomb Reason complains, might as well build a wall with the money.

      Ok, some of the money, i still have a hard on over Soleimani.

      1. I know, right? Seems to have gotten the mullahs to turn their attention to making their own people happy before losing their power..along with their heads.

  1. I’m exactly as excited about this as when trump won the election.

    HOORAY!!! Something terribly awful is happening. But it’s somehow a preferable alternative to the even more awful thing we all expected.


    1. Its like robbing Peter to pay Paul, except I hate both those guys lol

      1. Things can be both evil and ineffective. Like Nardz, for example.

        1. Or the Reason commenting code.

        2. The only people who agree with you are shitposters like Pedo Jeffy, Hihn, and AmSoc. How does that make you feel, to be in such regal company?

          1. Yes, guy who literally calls himself Shitlord.

            1. Yes, guy who literally calls himself cry baby trump, a leftist, tony, and pod.

              I’m probably forgetting a few. But you’re obsession with making multiple accounts to troll multiple comment sections of websites whose ideologies you FEAR just shows how scared you are and how weak your actual positions are.

              You can’t handle a debate, let alone a discussion. So the only tactics you have are those of a sore loser.

  2. Ahh yes, the hypothetical wall that is as evil and inhumane as 100 Berlin Walls manned by Chthulu Nazi minions…but at the same time will be as ineffective as a garden picket fence made of crepe paper.

    1. Yeah, coherent messaging isn’t something The Resistance really bothers with.

      As long as they get to call someone ‘Hitler’ I suppose…

    2. As CMW comments, things can be evil and ineffective. They aren’t mutually exclusive. The war on drugs would probably be a good example of that.

      1. Cosigning eunuch’s posts is… it’s not a good look

  3. The walls are not a cost-effective measure at ALL… They are political show-pieces. If we wanted cost-effective, we’d do this:

    A simple technology could secure the US-Mexico border for a fraction of the cost of a wall — but no one’s talking about it

    But Trump is obsessed about what LOOKS intimidating… Walls (old tech thousands of years old) and barbed wire (dating from the late 1800s). He wants his (and I quote) “Big, beautiful wall”. And the psychology (hate the other tribe or troop) dates back to apes and monkeys. To hell with effective; it is all a political show. And since we are racists, we do NOT bother with the political theater with respect to the Cannucks.

    Once again, if we’d want effective, we’d go fiber-optic sensors. Leaves the wildlife alone as well…. But NOOOO, Trump and the troglodytes want highly visible political theater!

    All style, no substance… Trump! (Not that I buy into the total and irrational fear of the illegal humans in the first place).

    1. You do realize a wall doesn’t preclude the use of in-ground sensors, yes? We already extensively use the in-ground sensors. And integrated fixed towers.

      If you listen to CBP agents, the problem isn’t in finding and catching the border hoppers. The problem is what happens after they get caught. They essentially just get issued a summons for a court date and then get sent on their way. A lot of actual American citizens don’t get that much leeway after committing a crime, can’t make your bail and you’re stuck in jail until the judge wants to see you. There’s little point in bothering with border enforcement if the court system behind it just neuters all of it.

      You are correct though that the wall isn’t meant to be terribly effective, it’s meant to be visible. I’ve said this before, actual immigration policy is hard and no one notices, building a big fucking wall is easy and everyone notices.

      1. Victimless crime

        1. And? My point stands, lots of actual American citizens commit victimless crimes and receive far less leeway.

          Perhaps letting all non-violent criminals go is the right answer, if it is we need to be consistent about it and not just have morals when it’s brown people we’re dealing with.

          1. if it is we need to be consistent about it and not just have morals when it’s brown people we’re dealing with.

            It’s called libertarianism.

        2. False.

          There are victims everywhere these people go. Taxpayers whos money provides the social services and infrastructure these illegal immigrants seek, laborers whose wages are depressed or can’t find work due to influxes of cheap illegal labor, social service users whose benefits are spread thinner amongst people who aren’t citizens and never paid into these programs, students in schools whose resources and teachers are spread thinner covering larger classes and dealing with students that dont speak English.

          And i could keep going.

          Anyone who understands cause and effect knows that there’s no such thing as an action with no reaction. That’s why the term “victimless crime” is bullshit

        3. Victimless crime

          Yeah, well, except for those folks whose identities are used to provide ‘legitimacy’ for these non-victimizing non-criminal assets to all they might grace with their presence.

      2. If it keeps Pedro and Pablo from waltzing across the sandlot and into some big city where they can take “sanctuary”, get free everything you and I have to sweat to get, AND sweat to supply THEM, I will like Peter AND Paul a whole lot better for their sacrifice of a few bux to get that wall build.
        Anyone know how big a wall and/or fence/gate/guard Eric Boehm has at HIS house?

        I’ll bet he’s got SOMETHING to keep strangers, freeloaders, scammers, hucksters, AMway salesmen and gummit agents with no warrants out…….

      3. so the answer is to ignore the stupid corrupt judges who usurp governmental authority and decree that we HAVE to let them stay once they’re across that imaginary dotted line in the sand.

        NO WE DO NOT!!!!

        Capture them when they are on this side,document the time and lat-lon where they were arrested, question the, exaine any ID or papers they have, run a “make” on them, try and determine their citizenship, then chip them, put them on a bus back to the other side of the border they just crossed. If Whatzizname ALMO doesn’tlike it, he can do what he’s doing about the people entering HIS country through Guatemala. HE does not turn them loose north of that river and expect them to swim back across into Guatemala, does he? so WHY should WE? Because we have a statue on a small island in New York Harbour?

      4. A lot of actual American citizens don’t get that much leeway after committing a crime, can’t make your bail and you’re stuck in jail until the judge wants to see you.

        No actually we have something called a 6th amendment which prevents people from being thrown into detention for 2 years waiting for a court date for a misdemeanor. And 2 years is now the backlog for immigration cases cuz Trump has specifically said he doesn’t think judges have a role to play in deporting so he’s slow-walking the hiring.

        You are right though. He wants the show of unveiling a wall or the reality TV of armed border patrol chasing children around to catch them. Judges and courts are like budgeting for potholes.

        1. That’s because illegals flooded our system, not because trump hasn’t hired enough judges.

          You’re trying to blame trump for the actions of illegals, and mostly their stupid caravans.

          Itd be like a massive tsunami hitting the hoover dam, and you bitching that its the dams fault it can’t handle the extra water.

          1. Horseshit. He has had no problem increasing the funding of Border Patrol (despite the fact that the overwhelming number of illegals are now coming to the gates to seek asylum – not running around in the desert). When you have 45,000 Border Patrol and only 400 judges – then it is obvious to anyone who has ever managed anything that the bottleneck is at the judge/court level.

            Trump just doesn’t give a shit about the 6th amendment and neither do you. Nor do you either of you give a shit that the failure to enforce that ‘speedy trial’ requirement by reducing the backlog is precisely the means by which illegals can stay in the country for years – all the while working and undermining the bottom couple rungs of the work force. That has always been the objective of the elites – divide et impere. Trump appealed to your racism – where the immigrants themselves (brown people) are the enemy rather than a deliberately corrupted/mismanaged immigration enforcement (white people) system.

      5. A lot of actual American citizens don’t get that much leeway after committing a crime

        Considering that the crime in question is on the same order of severity as a typical moving violation on the highway, yeah, yeah they do.

        1. No, the crime is trespassing. They aren’t on their ‘public roads’. They’re on our ‘public roads’ and invading the collectively owned property.

          They should be REMOVED immediately on first offense. Jailed on repeat offense.

      6. Squirrelly is a huge fucking moron who should commit suicide right away. He doesn’t realize much of anything.

        1. I’m gonna hold my Shitlord breath until I turn blue.

    2. That’s why I replaced all my ineffective door locks with effective video cameras. I know exactly who’s illegally entering my house. As long as they don’t wear a mask.

      1. Analogy failed!

        A Viral Video Shows Why Border Walls Are Ineffective
        Trump said mountain climbers couldn’t scale his wall. All it takes is a ladder and some rope.

        1. Ooooohhh, a “viral video”, the gold standard in scientific proofs.

          You certainly told him, my poo-eating chum.

          1. Mother’s lament should be lamenting WASTING all of her writing skills!!!

            You perhaps recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, Mom’s lament reminds me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

            So I discussed your MAMMA-UDDERLY awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff… Accordingly…

            Reason staff has asked me to convey the following message to YOU, Mamma:

            Hi Fantastically Talented Mamma-Author:

            Obviously, you are a silver-tongued orator, and you also know how to translate your UDDERLY spectacular talents to the written word! We at Reason have need for big-bosomed, big-brained writers like you, who have near-magical persuasive powers, without having to write at great, tedious length, or resorting to boring facts and citations.

            At Reason, we pay above-market-band salaries to permanent staff, or above-market-band per-word-based fees to freelancers, at your choice. To both permanent staff, and to free-lancers, we provide excellent health, dental, and vision benefits. We also provide FREE unlimited access to nubile young gigolos, although we do firmly stipulate that persuasion, not coercion, MUST be applied when taking advantage of said nubile young gigolos.

            Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to .

            Thank You! -Reason Staff

            1. This posted this gibberish before.

              1. These pissed those grabber-ass (ass above) B4 time began! Ass it will, evah and evah agin! And I doubt that it will evah git bettah!

              2. It doesn’t have many tricks so it has to rely on copypasta and bad grammar.
                A common problem among coprophagists.

          2. “You certainly told him, my poo-eating chum.”


      2. Analogy failed! Part II…
        The Wall Isn’t Working
        Parts of Trump’s expensive vanity project on the southern border have been blown over by stiff winds. Other sections will have massive holes in them, by design.

        TOTAL FAILURE!!! All for currying favor with the troglodytes and misanthropes who get off on scapegoating the illegal sub-humans!

      3. For ImanAzol – I’m-an-Asshole, and all other lustily slobberers-after-further-dehumanizing-the-illegal-sub-human scapegoats…

        UP YOUR GAME! Here’s the “next phase”…

        Then after that (the “whatever” most recent phase of dehumanizing the already-dehumanized), Trump will figure out a NEW way to score points with his base…

        Anyone recall the Iran-Iraq wars of the 1980s? Lots of it was fought in low-laying salt-water marshes. Very tough terrain for Iraqi military vehicles… And it is expensive to bring in bunches of rocks or logs to raise up the mud to make roads. But there were BUTTLOADS of Iranian corpses just laying around for free! So the Iraqis just limed ’em up (for rot-proofing), and lined ‘em up and laid ‘em down to make roads! Lime ’em up, line ’em up, lay ’em down!

        So we can soon expect Der TrumpfenFuhrer to steal a page from the Iran-Iraq war! The Mexicans won’t pay for His Walls?!? Make raids on Mexican peasant villages, round up conscript wall-building labor, and build the wall out of the limed-up corpses of illegal sub-humans!!! (Or at least the top-rim of the wall, for max psychological intimidation). For every American soldier killed in the effort, there will be reprisal shootings of 200 more illegal un-Americans!
        Don’t say no one warned you of what is coming! Trump wants to “win” at any costs!

        1. For those who may not believe me…

          Documentary : Madness in the Marshes: Hussein’s Last War : The Iraqi leader’s tactics were surgically precise in the spring of 1984. Thousands of Iranian troops paid the ultimate price.

          1. Oh boy, someone needs to take a PRN!

            1. You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic! From whence does your magic come?

            2. Dude needs a gram of Aristada in his ass and some PO Abilify to top it off.

              1. I would make a joke about lobotomy’s but I feel it already failed and would just trigger the poor thing.

        2. We know you’re just one of hihns multiple personalities. You’re the only ones touchy enough to let yourselves become completely obsessed with someone elses posts in this fashion.

    3. All right, point taken. I guess it’s back to spending that money dronessassinating brown teenagers in places most Americans don’t even care about enough to locate on a map.

      So much for letting the good triumph over the perfect. Shucks.

    4. Mexico is owned by the US, has been since the US last invaded it. Mexicans have to let the US know whom they are going to front for president of Mexico and get US approval for the candidate.
      If you want Mexicans to stop coming here, then let their economy be free so workers there can make a sustainable, rather than constrain it to a third world nation so that US corporations can exploit the dirt cheap labor. GM recently moved there, despite the fact that Trump the chump gave them millions to stay here. What did he do? Absolutely nothing. Like all presidents before him, Trump is a mere court jester in the palace of the wall street oligarchy. They choose the tunes to which he dances. And those who take him seriously are being played for chumps. Its just another reality show, which we all know are rigged.
      And by the way, the US took (stole) half of Mexico. That is why there are so many of them in the western states. They are people too and reproduce just like anyone else. So those who immigrate, don’t feel like they are going into a foreign country, they feel like they are coming to their former country.

      1. The stupidest of all Mexican laws (IMHO) is that guns and ammo are STRICTLY regulated /outlawed there! So their ARMED outlaws run rampant! Decent civilians cannot (are not allowed to) fight back!

        Is THIS the fault of the Gringos?!? If so, please explain how and why! (I know that I never got to vote on this Mexican issue!)

      2. Cool story bro.

      3. Awe – The “confuse property ownership” stance.

        Sounds about like, “You didn’t build that”… My spoon was actually created from rocks that are sediments of Dinosaurs so where do I get off in claiming to own my spoon that was once a dinosaur bone.

        psychobabble to the max.

      4. I knew you were an idiot at “gm recently moved there”.

        Gm was there, closed up, went back, closes up, and went back again…

        They’ve had plants in mexico on and off since the late 80s or early 90s.

      5. Yep, those Spaniards murdered and raped their way into owning Mexico fair and square.

    5. Because sensors are so much more capable of stopping a person than a wall..
      Do you even read the dumb shit you post?

      1. Tell SQRLSY to go put his/her life’s savings in a little red wagon in the middle of time square with a camera and sensors. After all; isn’t that the point he/she is trying to stand on.

        1. Can you, do you, READ the articles here?

          The Wall Isn’t Working
          Parts of Trump’s expensive vanity project on the southern border have been blown over by stiff winds. Other sections will have massive holes in them, by design.

          1. …And that b.s. propaganda was dished out before the concrete even had time to dry. Needless to say; even if it had time to dry the very notion that 30-feet of tipped wall yields the entire thing “useless” probably wins some kind of award for being the most cynical, deceptive and unsubstantial viewpoint ever to be attempted.

    6. Sensors without obstacles would probably allow us to count the number of people who cross.
      Of course they would be long gone by the time anyone got to them.

      No wall or barrier is impermeable. They function as a force multiplier, allowing fewer persons to secure a larger area. A barrier without surveillance is also useless, because the intruders can just take their time breaching it.

      But then again, I cannot understand the logic used by open borders activists. I had a close friend who was abducted, raped, murdered, and dumped by a person who had a habit of crossing from Mexico to do just that. It is easier to abduct teenaged girls in the US, because they feel safe in their communities and do not take the precautions that girls in Mexico are forced to take.

  4. I would prefer they built a giant maze. One way in, no way out.

    1. Liability issues.

    2. With monsters inside?

      1. If they drop good loot and give lots of XP’s.

  5. But what about the big beautiful door?

  6. Trump Will Raid Pentagon’s War on Terror Slush Fund

    Why am I having trouble being outraged about this?

  7. Would you rather the money get spent on buying MRAPs that quickly turn out to be surplus that they virtually give away to small town police to terrorize the locals and show off in parades?

  8. Now that Iran can’t be touched as they send people to kill Americans, that will free up some of this money to be used on the Border Wall.

    1. In a perfectly libertarian country, the only thing a standing military might do is defend and patrol our border. The idea that there’s something wrong from a libertarian perspective with paroling our border is absurd. From a libertarian perspective, defending the border is far easier to defend than stationing troops in the Middle East to defend against Iran–not that there’s anything wrong with Congress authorizing the president to station troops in the Middle East to defend our rights against aggression by Iran.

      1. “In a perfectly libertarian country, the only thing a standing military might do is defend and patrol our border.”

        In a perfectly libertarian country you would deploy the military inside our borders to do the work of policemen.

        Even now we don’t do that. Do you understand why or needs explaining.

        1. You’d have to understand before you could explain.

          1. True that reverend.

        2. I don’t understand why we’d use the military as police, no.

          The legitimate libertarian purpose of government is to protect our rights. We have police to protect our rights from criminals. We have criminal courts to protect our rights from the police. We have a military to protect our rights from foreign threats.

          Why would we use the military as police? That’s a terrible idea.

          If the legitimate purpose of the military is to protect our rights from foreign threats, then using the military to patrol our border is a perfectly legitimate function of libertarian government that doesn’t require the military to act as police at all.

          1. It is not a military border.

            That is law and policy.

            If you wish to declare war against Canada and Mexico go ahead. We just signed another trade agreement. Rip it up if you get elected in a position to destroy.

            A trillion dollars in trade and many thousands of people cross those borders every day.

            1. Your attempt to repackage border enforcement as an abandonment of posse comitatus is not sound. One does not require the other.

        3. In a perfectly libertarian country you would deploy the military inside our borders to do the work of policemen.


          Not at all.

          Are you sure you know what ‘libertarian’ means?

          1. Yes I am.

  9. One of the reasons it’s important for Trump to fund the wall in an election year is because the news media hasn’t given him any credit for alleviating the asylum seeker crisis through diplomacy.

    There are a number of reasons the asylum seeker crisis calmed down from the high in May of 2019, among them:

    1) President Trump put an intense amount of pressure on Mexico to use their military to stop border crossings into Mexico and through the Mexico to the U.S. border–and Mexico responded.

    2) President Trump sought and won safe third country agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

    3) President Trump’s wait in Mexico policy frustrated asylum seekers into going home, giving up, or not leaving for the United States in the first place.

    4) President Trump started enforcing laws that were already on the books, which requires those who sponsor someone with a pending immigration hearing to reimburse the government for expenses if the immigrant in question ends up on public assistance, be it Medicaid, rent subsidies, SNAP benefits, etc.

    Ask average people why the asylum crisis abated, and I bet most of them are unaware these things even happened. No, the wall probably isn’t needed to stop the flow of out of control, bogus asylum claims. If average people aren’t aware that the asylum crisis has abated–without the wall– and why, that isn’t President Trump’s fault. That’s the fault of the news media.

    1. All of those items were reported in the media. I know this because that is where you heard about them. It certainly wasn’t because you were there when they occurred.

      What do you want “the media” to do now?

      1. Kill yourself Pedo Jeffy. You don’t belong here

      2. Poor Little Jeffy doesn’t understand that there’s a progressive corporate media.

      3. I read about them through paid subscriptions to print media sources that aren’t as severely impacted by TDS.

        The facts I cited are not widely known.

        If I hadn’t brought the safe third country agreements up in comments repeatedly–as they were being negotiated–I suspect you probably wouldn’t have known about them either. The coverage at the time was mostly centered on reporting on the suffering of children in Trump’s “internment” camps.

        1. Excuse me, I was being too kind.

          She called them “concentration” camps.

        2. White publications do you subscribe to, Ken?

    2. To me, it is simply keeping a campaign promise he made. Candidate Trump promised to build a wall. POTUS Trump, in the face of substantial Congressional reticence, is delivering on what he said he would do. It might be slow. It might be unwieldy. It might be frustrating. But the wall, section by section, is getting built.

      If we do not control our borders, what are we? An unorganized rabble.

  10. You know if Trump really wanted to solve the undocumented immigrant problem he could to it easily.

    All he has to do is strictly enforce laws on hiring undocumented immigrants. Throw a few business owners in jail, levy some steep fines and the problem would be fixed prono. No one would hire undocumented immigrants, they would self deport.

    So strange Trump won’t do this. Maybe it’s because it’s all a bs, Trump hired them himself and he doesn’t want to hurt his rich buddies.

    1. Republicans get way more political mileage by beating up on illegal immigrants than by actually reforming the immigration system.

      Without illegal immigrants around, who are Republicans going to scapegoat for the nation’s problems?

      1. The left. Which currently contains almost 86% of immigrants voting pool.

        I’d be far more supportive of more immigration if the immigration brought in mostly was individuals who support the “Constitution” and the American way instead of trying to “Fundamentally Change” the U.S.

      2. Without immigrants who will work in Republican restaurants, take care of their lawns, take care of them in nursing homes, pick vegetables in their fields, milk their dairy cattle, and fix their roofs?

        1. Why don’t you just summon your whole wildly fat paint brushed comment up to, “Without immigrants who will work. Obviously Republicans don’t work ever; anywhere.”

          What’s funny is how all these non-working Republicans seem to be taking care of themselves and pushing to end the welfare state. While the massive majority of Immigrants and Democrats are constantly pushing to collect OTHER PEOPLES earnings by supporting communistic theft laws.

          1. I was talking about people who work. I did not say Republicans don’t work. I simple wanted to remind people that there is a lot of work done in this country by immigrants, both document and undocumented. I would also say that the immigrants are some of the hardest working people and most self sufficient people I see. A study by the CATO institute suggest that natives are more likely to use welfare than immigrants.

            1. CATO is wrong. You need to skip media-based “studies” all together (almost all are cherry-picked) and pull data directly from the source being government records on welfare recipients.

            2. However; your comment has made me consider the pretense that started this discussion that we’re both talking on ‘collective’ terms…. “Republicans” – “Immigrants”.

              I certainly agree this should be an Individual evaluation and not a collective. So for the Visa accepted immigrants that prove through time to be self-sufficient and true to Constitutional American ideals – those immigrating individuals should have easy and welcoming paths to citizenship.

              But playing the ‘all immigrants’ by virtue of being human alone entitles them to U.S. citizenry is just as ‘collective’ an assumption as the other way around; so the border wall would more-so require individual consideration.

              I guess we’re both painting with wide-paint brushes. Thanks for the comment and correcting me to acknowledge the reality.

            3. More mixing legal and illegal. Already attempted here, many times, especially by the lovely Shikha.

    2. You should get some medicine for you TDS – it’s taking over.

      1. Trump is deranged, our reaction to him is normal.

    3. We tried that. That was part of the overall deal with the 1986 Reagan amnesty. It never worked. Democrats gutted the e-verify provisions, and states refused to cooperate. In fact, in some cases they even made it a criminal offense for an employer to inquire about citizenship.

      And even when we do crack down on employers, the employers claim the illegal workers gave them fake documents with real SSNs so how were they supposed to know? And in many cases, they can’t know.

      1. Oh come on, you’re gonna give up so easy?

        I’m sure Trump could come up with something, he alone can fix it.

        1. No, we’re going to build a wall, addressing the problem rather than merely the symptom

    4. To draft civilians to do the work of law enforcement officers is completely unlibertarian. Even if those civilians happen to own businesses.

      1. Civilians wouldn’t be arresting business owners who hire undocumented, the police would

        1. You missed the point; which is actually a very good one. Penalizing business owners for not enforcing immigration law (which really isn’t their job in the first place) is exactly the same as the current “sales tax” law which forces businesses to collect individual sales tax which is causing major problems at the moment.

  11. The next time a Democrat is President, they’re just going to tear it down.

    1. They can promise jobs to do so.

    2. At least it’s a lot harder than defunding drones or cutting/redeploying agents.

    3. That’s a great slogan for the Republican nominee in 2024. Landslide!

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  13. Perhaps this will encourage congress to withdraw from foreign military engagement because they have less funds to waste over there.

  14. In other words, Trump is going to take funds that would have been spent defending other countries overseas, and spend them on a wall defending this country instead. I don’t see the problem here.

    1. Me either = Trump is going to take funds that would have been spent defending other countries overseas, and spend them on a wall defending this country instead. I don’t see the problem here.

      1. I thought we defeated terrorism.

        The problem here is don’t spend the money at all.

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  16. A better idea would be to give that money back to the people instead since it was taxed and taxation is theft.

    1. I hereby approve this use of my stolen tax money for this purpose…but thanks for caring! Feel better now?

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  18. Someone needs to review the definition of “slush fund”. Money “…earmarked for purchasing vehicles, ships, and aircraft into[sic] an anti-drug trafficking programs…” isn’t it.

  19. If we don’t need the money for overseas, we don’t need it for an ineffective wall. Why not use the money for the national debt? Look at the upside, we reduce our foot print in the middle east, we will be forced to address immigration in a practical way, and (and just a little) we reduce the debt.

  20. So because someone could dig a tunnel under a wall it’s a bad idea? Instead of walking across the border casually they have to spend months and risk death by collapse, and that’s easier, or at least no harder.

    If we build a wall, some percent of the people who were planning to come across the border illegally…
    – won’t come at all
    – will be caught while attempting to defeat the wall
    – will be delayed significantly and either die or give up
    – will be delayed significantly, although ultimately get across

    Win, win, win, win.

    Add in a few of the high tech bits that some like to get excited about, and while they are not crashing due to a s/w or h/w issue, or the weather, or low batteries, or user error…I’m sure they’ll help, like that app at the Iowa Caucus.

  21. Ineffective? It stops brown people? I was watching congressional testimony from a man who rescues children sold into slavery for sex. A woman who works for him was raped an estimated 60,000 times between the age of 13 and 17. She came across the border where there were no guards, no walls, no fences. Had she been forced to use a port of entry she would have yelled out to a Border Patrol Officer. An officer specifically trained to look for signs of human trafficking. A Trump vanity project? Not hardly. The political left is willing to accept millions of abused children to reach their goal of political dominance through illegal votes. And they like to claim the moral high ground.

    1. It’s bullshit saying that she was raped 60,000 times in 5 years. That would be 33 times per day for 5 years.

      “millions of abused children” is also utter BS.

  22. Walls work.

    Got pictures of my family all over them.

  23. This is money that might otherwise go to help Mexico fight terrorism. So Mexico is paying for it! Who’s laughing now?

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