'The President Is Guilty.' Mitt Romney Will Break Party Lines, Vote To Remove Trump.

It won't change the result of Trump's impeachment trial. It matters anyway.


When President Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868, not a single Democratic senator voted for his removal.

When President Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998, his fellow Democrats were similarly unanimous in their support for acquittal.

Those two facts make what Sen. Mitt Romney (R–Utah) announced on Wednesday afternoon pretty significant. In a speech on the Senate floor, Romney said he plans to vote for President Donald Trump's removal from office.

"The president is guilty of an appalling abuse of the public trust," Romney said. Trump's purpose in asking the Ukrainain government to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, was "personal and political," Romney added.

There are two important caveats here. First, Romney's vote is highly unlikely to derail Trump's acquittal by the Senate—the final vote is expected later today.

Second, Romney's home state of Utah is about as anti-Trump as a red state can be in 2020. When he was elected to the Senate in 2018, Romney promised to be an independent voice within the increasingly Trumpy Republican Party—despite his earlier flirtations with a possible cabinet position in the Trump administration.

In an interview with The Atlantic, Romney talked about relying on his Mormon faith to help make what the senator said was "the most difficult decision I have ever had to make in my life." That's certainly an appeal to his constituents, and his vote against Trump is certainly a less risky bet than it would have been for many other GOP senators.

And yet. This is an historic vote, and one that will plant a target firmly on Romney's back. There is no world in which casting this vote makes it easier for Romney to continue to do his job, or to win another term in office. As tempting as it always is to roll one's eyes when an elected official talks about "doing the right thing," this is a rare instance where a senator is doing exactly that—or, at least, believes that he is.

Not surprisingly, the announcement earned Romney some praise from Rep. Justin Amash (R–Mich.), the only other current or former Republican to vote in favor of impeaching Trump.

But the vote is unlikely to win Romney praise from his fellow Republicans. Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.), who is widely regarded as one of the White House's closest allies in the Senate, told CNN's Manu Raju that he was "surprised and disappointed" by the announcement. Other rebukes will surely use harsher language.

As he concluded his remarks on Wednesday, Romney tried to downplay the historic nature of the vote he was promising to cast.

"The results of this Senate court will in fact be appealed to a higher court: the judgement of the American people," he said. "I will tell my children and their children that I did my duty to the best of my ability, believing that my country expected it of me."

"I will only be one name among many," he added. "No more, and no less."

But on Wednesday evening, Mitt Romney's name will likely stand alone.

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  1. Two word:

    Cofer Black

    1. Who actually on the face of it, might have earned a BoD spot with a Ukrainian company, through his prior intelligence service, etc… At least, it’s a bit more understandable than hiring a literal crackhead.

      Futile hope that a bunch of Mormons will primary his worthless ass, isn’t it? God, I regret voting for that douchebag in 2012. No, worse than a douchebag, as that has some use.

      I guess he did help get them their Olympics, way back when.

      1. Black was certainly more qualified than Hunter Biden. Still, Black and Hunter served on the board at the same time and I think it would be naive to presume that everything was above board.

        Does Romney owe Black any favors? Unclear. But, Black is still on the board today. Perhaps this was Romney’s proverbial “I did all I could” gesture of good faith. Perhaps Romney’s involvement is deeper than we know.

        Time will tell.

        1. Senator Delecto should be destroyed by the GOP for what he did today. He is a democrat traitor at heart.

          1. I anticipate that Romney will formally change his party affiliation to Democrat before the month is out.

            Shit, maybe he’ll even run against Trump in November. Everyone seems to have memory holed all their bad thoughts about the pathetic dweeb that was 2012 Romney. But, 2020 Romney? Brand NEW GUY!

        2. Tell you this – it should certainly be investigated

          1. Sounds like the birther-Benghazi-Pizzagate brigade has a new adventure!

            Get right on it, clingers! Put Hannity and Limbaugh on it!

            Oh, wait, maybe not Rush.

            1. Clean yourself. Your cat has pissed in your sweater drawer again.

            2. May I drive past your car crash as you spit your last blood filled breath.

  2. “”It won’t change the result of Trump’s impeachment trial. It matters anyway.””

    I don’t think it matters.

    1. It does to the people of Utah. It matters so much they are debating a bill to allow a recall of a sitting US Senator, despite it being questionable if that is constitutional or not.

      1. “It matters so much they are debating a bill to allow a recall of a sitting US Senator,”

        LOL. No way.

        1. Utah Rep. Ton Quinn of Herbert City, Utah (R) introduces it. He claims it isn’t aimed at Romney… Specifically.

        2. A lot of people in Utah are furious over his bullshit.

          1. Rightly so. Fucking 1% carpetbagging piece of shit.

            I know I’M gonna vote against him. I may even volunteer if he gets real opposition, and that would probably mean supporting some shit Mormon cronyist.

            Still. Fuck this guy.

            1. that would probably mean supporting some shit Mormon cronyist.

              Eh, kind of hard to get away from that in Utah regardless.

            2. “that would probably mean supporting some shit Mormon cronyist.”

              Maybe, but at least it would be against a worse shit mormon cronyist

      2. It came out weeks ago that romney joined up with whatever that pac is called that’s funded by ex-McCain cronies as republicans to resist trump.

        Why is boehm acting like this is a revelation from mitt?

        1. Because Boehm is pretending he’s not just another Journolist hack banging out their talking points.

    2. Donald Trump Jr. calls on Senate GOP to expel Romney for impeachment vote

      Touche Mitt “RINO” Romney.

      It doesnt really matter, Romney is done in national politics anyway.

      BTW: Aren’t you all glad that Mitt Romney didn’t win in 2012? Obama was horrible but he was checked by a GOP controlled Congress. That and we wouldnt have gotten Trump if Romney had been President. Sometimes some hardship leads to great things!

      1. Romney should be destroyed. And then it’s time for some payback on the democrats for what they have done.

        1. Open wider, clinger. You apparently are in need of more progress shoved down your throat.

          Your betters will be pleased to oblige. And thank you for your obsequious compliance so far.

          1. Suicide is not a sin. Sucking on a handgun is not gay. When can we expect your … erm … resignation?

          2. Nothing has been forced on me. I still call losers like you faggots whenever I want and engage in no PC bullshit. Your kind cower before me Arty. You’re a weak little pussy, and I’m not.

          3. pssst. ur givin’ away the troll, rev.

    3. Doesn’t matter at all. Romney on island. Democrats like his vote but have no use for him. Republicans will ask for his vote on some legislation but mostly don’t need it. His vote doesn’t matter and he doesn’t matter.

  3. Pierre Delecto is still pretty upset about the insults Trump leveled at him it appears.

    1. This whole impeachment thing seems to have aged Mitt 20 years. Trump, on the other hand, hasn’t visibly aged at all since taking office.

      1. That’s because he drinks the blood of the workers, duh! Can I interest you in a subscription to the Revolutionary Party of Communism newsletter? Not to be confused with the Communist Revolutionary Party – splitters!

        1. I thought Trump was taking the quickening of the Democrats. And Schiff’s wafer thin neck won’t tolerate a nick from a butter knife.

          1. Dammit, you guys.
            +1, LoB ref
            +1, Highlander ref

            1. Monty Python reference, but actually MoL. The Mr. Creosote scene……


              Cam never resist an excuse to link to that nugget of goodness.

  4. How dare he vote on principle instead of principal!

    1. Sarc everyone, making friends with childish sarcasm, and arguing that “butthurt” is a principle ahahahahaaj

      1. He’s great at sarcasm.

        1. Bro, in another thread he just spent an hour lying about what he said to save his ego. That and the childish sarcasm constantly makes it clear he’s got some pretty serious mental issues lilolol

        2. Sarcasmic is great at drinking.
          He’s great at being homeless.
          He’s great at getting his kids taken away.
          He’s great at babbling about a court system he still doesnt understand.
          He’s great at being the quintessential Anarchist.

          Sarcasm, not so much.

          1. You forgot the part where I’m so great at putting forth arguments you lack the intelligence to understand that your only response playground name calling.

            1. Nigga, you admitted you were dumber than me loololol

            2. You can’t forget something that never happened.

          2. You know, I never thought about it but I guess I was good at being homeless. I never had to sleep outside. In the five months or so it took to save up the coin for first month’s rent and deposit I never once slept outdoors. Never got arrested either. So thank you for the compliment.

            1. You are good at being a deadbeat. I suppose after letting your life fall to pieces and continuously demonstrating a childish understanding of fundamental concepts being a good deadbeat is probably the best you could hope for so yes, that was a compliment to you.

        3. R Mac is the new sarcastic guy!

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    2. He hates Trump – always has. This is about animosity, dressed up a principle. He will not get a second term.

    3. How dare he vote on principle instead of principal!


      Not Mitt.

      Mitt voted on principal. He voted the way he did because he hates Trump.

      There was a time when you’d have recognized that.

  5. Mittens is a bitch… thus he’s now Reason’s favorite Republican

    1. He’s a bitch.

      You’re a bigoted slack-jaw who must spend his entire life getting stomped by better Americans in our culture war.

      Everyone has problems. Except Mitt Romney has had a successful career, a solid education, and a solid family — and he isn’t a bigoted slack-jaw.

      1. “You’re a bigoted slack-jaw…”

        This from the asshole bigot; consider the source and ignore it.

        1. Hey, everyone has problems.

          Some people’s problem is that they will revel in other people’s terminal illnesses. These people are not our betters.

          1. Your beef is with the just, loving, and omniscient God who decided that Rush Limbaugh should pay for smoking with advanced lung cancer.

            1. You’e gonna die too, Rev.
              Don’t know if anybody here will consider that the judgement of a just and loving God, but we will be pretty happy about it.

            2. Still struggling with that everted rectum problem?

      2. Looks like Rev wants to be my new puppy.
        Sorry, Kirkland, but you’re not quite up to replacement level

        1. Do you figure Rush Limbaugh wails, ‘Oh, God, why me, God?’ at night . . . or do you think he must know why?

          1. You know you’re just tedious now.

          2. Huh. I had you figured as a normal person doing a long-term troll.

            Now I see that all this time you were just an asshole.

            1. Squamous Kirkland has a long, tedious history of assholery at Volokh.

      3. He had your vote in 2012? When he was a hostile takeover artist, cancer giving, woman binder, dog endangerer, 30 year out of date Commie McCarthyist bullionaire? Good to know.

        1. “He had your vote in 2012?”

          Compared to that lazy traitor running against him? Yeah, I voted for Mittens.

          Turd Sandwich indeed.

          1. Sorry ,that was meant for Rev. Kookland.

          2. Don’t look at me! I voted for Kodos.

      4. If you gag the gun, you might jam the slide. Try to stay dry. Don’t take it all the way. You don’t have to put your lips on it either. Take your time, then … take the shot.

        1. What are you talking about? About aiming a gun at Dear Leader-POTUS? I hope that you are aware of this, but… All animals are equal! But SOME animals are more equal than others! So, it is OK to make idle hot-headed death threats against your fellow peons… Law enforcement will totally ignore THAT kind of thing!

          But when you advise your fellow humans about taking pot-shots at the Dear-Leader POTUS (or even slightly lesser “Public Servants” like Senators and fed-Judges)… BE YE WARNED! They make be at your door any moment now, to drag you away, into the “night and fog”! Don’t do it!

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          2. //If you gag the gun, you might jam the slide. Try to stay dry. Don’t take it all the way. You don’t have to put your lips on it either. Take your time, then … take the shot.//

            //What are you talking about?//

            That goes for you, too. Welcome the darkness.

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        2. If you gag the gun, you might jam the slide.

          So? That only matters if a second shot is needed.

          1. You can always blow a hole through the back of your neck and die right there, gurgling your own blood. Aim high, not low. Sometimes, a second shot is heaven.

            1. Geraje Guzba… PROUDLY serving the Evil One since 666 BC!

      5. So, you’re giving Mitt Romney a pass on his superstitious Mormonism on account of his vote against Trump?

        That’s somewhat telling.

        1. “Superstitious Mormonism” is, indeed, suspect!

          We all KNOW that the REAL Truth and The Way, is to OBEY Trump the Father, JesseAZ the Son, and the Holy Republican Church!!! Mitt Romney has SINNED!!! All (except sinful RINOs) must now BAN and SHUN Mitt Romney! Or suffer the threat of being Left Behind! (Or perhaps Left FROM my Behind, and FLUSHED AWAY!)

          1. OK Mary.

          2. I’m still in your head. Hahahahahaja. Pretty easy to do with all the room from your lack of basic knowledge. Maybe you can fit a dictionary in there some day so I don’t have to tell you what words mean again.

            1. I know damned well what your words mean… They mean that you lust for a Trumptatorship, and that you place Trump above the Constitution!

              AND lies are all A-OK, as long as they are Jesse’s lies! Lies can’t be crimes, sins, or tresspasses! (Once again, given that they are Jesse’s lies).

              Readers, beware! Do not be deceived by JesseAZ! JesseAZ does NOT believe that LIES are bad in ANY way! Only ACTIONS matter, ethically or morally! See
              “Words are words dumbfuck. Actions are where morals and ethics lie.”, says JesseAZ. When confronted with offers of hush money, illegal commands (from a commanding military officer), offers of murder for hire, libel, slander, lies in court, yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, inciting riots, fighting words, forged signatures, threatening to kill elected officials, false representations concerning products or services for sale… these are all “merely” cases of “using words”. Just like the Evil One (AKA “Father of Lies”), Jesse says lies are all A-OK and utterly harmless! So do NOT believe ANYTHING that you hear from JesseAZ!

              Also according to the same source, JesseAZ is TOTALLY on board with dictatorship (presumably so long as it is an “R” dictator that we are talking of).
              With reference to Trump, JesseAZ says…
              “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”

              I say again, this is important…
              “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”
              We need a BRILLIANTLY persuasive new movie from JesseAZ to “Wake Up, America!”, to flesh out the concept that “The Triumph of The Will of The Trump, Trumps All”! Including the USA Constitution. In fact, USA military personnel should start swearing allegiance to Trump, NOT to some stupid, moldering old piece of paper!
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              And Jesse will NEVER back down from his lies!

      6. Your fixation on other peoples mouths and putting things in them points to trauma in your childhood

      7. Gosh, rev, I didn’t know you voted for Romney for President! I’m certainly glad you ignored the haters who said he gave that women cancer, and who otherwise slimed him for his career.

    2. Weld haz a sad.

  6. So, is Romney defending the Constitution? Or, is he defending the law of his “conscience”?

    Amash is a fucking idiot, just like Romney.

    1. I like both of em.

      1. I think Amash makes some good points and stands on principle more than most Congresscritters. Never been a fan of Romney. Probably because of my proximity to Mass.

        1. I remember the Romney’s from Michigan. They were always like this, if you elected a Romney, you might as well have voted Democratic.

          1. The Romney RINOs have been pushed out of the Trump’s GOP and they resent it.

            How dare Trump want a political party that tries to put America and average Americans first.

          2. I dont want to bash Mormonism too much but their political candidates and how they run Utah are not exactly in keeping with much of the rest of the USA.

            I get the voting for one of their own but McMillan and Romney are horrible politicians. McMullin was a CIA Deep State guy and now hates Trump. Romney is who he is and hates Trump.

            These two guys would rather help the Democrats than help Americans fight off Democrats and their Socialism. Real Trojan Horse kind of assholes.

            1. Utah runs perfectly well, thank you very much. The graft and cronyism is spread pretty widely. That said, it is also a dystopian shit hole that is terrible for people accustomed to the comfortable enlightenment of, say California or Washington state.

              You don’t have to come here to see, just take my word for it*.

              *-you are welcome to enjoy the greatest snow on earth, just be sure to leave some money, aight?

        2. “I think”

          Citation? Or you gonna puke butthurt at me, lie, and flee again?

        3. Amash speaks in simple rules at a facial level, this never getting anything actually accomplished. Of course you like him. His ideology requires no depth.

          1. Jesse’s lies, on the other hand, are SOOOOOO deeeeep!

            1. It is sad how much you concern. Yourself with me. It would be useful of rational thoughts could transfer to you like a virus, but your mind is already terminal. You’re forever pathetic.

  7. this is a rare instance where a senator is doing exactly that—or, at least, believes that he is.

    I disagree that petty personal vengeance is doing the right thing and that Romney believes that it is. Romney has repeatedly shown himself to be thin skinned in regards to Trump and this is just another example of that.

    1. I know. Romney worships only Pierre Delecto, will have no other gods before him and is determined that blasphemy becomes a capital offense. This is payback for Trumps campaign comments, not a sudden new progressive conscience.

  8. “The president is guilty of an appalling abuse of the public trust,” Romney said.

    I didn’t know that was one of the articles of impeachment.

    1. The overarching article of impeachment implicit in the two bullshit actual articles of impeachment is that “Trump is a bad, no good, mean man.”

      1. The articles are so vague and subjective they are meaningless. The dems would have better off if they made the articles merely high crimes and misdemeanors.

        1. The articles are so vague and subjective they mean whatever you want your base to think they mean.

          Feature not a bug.

          1. What I can’t understand is, why did they want witnesses? Didn’t they do weeks and weeks of “taking testimony” in the House hearings? (The “secret” House Hearings!)

            Why was none of that evidence presented in the impeachment trial? Why was their impeachment presentation nothing more than the hyperventilating, hysterical assertions of Adam Schiff??

            Are we to believe they merely wanted to drag out some form of politcal theater for the American public? How very cynical!

            1. “Why was none of that evidence presented in the impeachment trial? Why was their impeachment presentation nothing more than the hyperventilating, hysterical assertions of Adam Schiff??”

              Because that’s all they ever had.
              It’s taken the entirety of the corporate media-politico-administrative complex to turn this into a story.
              It’s been absurd on its face since day 1

      2. That’s good enough for me.

  9. Romney is just mad he got passed over for Sec of State. He also threw 2012 to Obama by playing his role of the villain in a WWE match.

  10. The McCain seat is now occupied again. Well, for four more years, anyway.

    1. Utah is considering a bill allowing for a recall of sitting senators. It is constitutionally questionable, but it will be hilarious to see Romney try to hold onto his job by suing his constituents after they recall him.

      1. He doesn’t have to sue them, he can just ignore them. He was planning on ignoring them for the next four years anyway.

        1. Until the Governor appoints his replacement and the courts have to decide who gets seated.

          1. I don’t think Utah will win, but it will be funny to see Romney having to explain why he is ignoring his constituents “on principle”. And for Boehm to explain how his ignoring his voters is a good thing.

            1. Who’s considering it in Utah? A crank or two in the Lege? Or does this have widespread support?

              And if so, Jesus, the guy just got there, and the Legislature already is entertaining the idea of throwing him out? How much of a fuck-up as a politician do you have to be to achieve that? As a Mormon in Utah?!

              1. Not sure. Every story seems just to point to the constitutional question, not how widespread the support is.

                1. I don’t know how widespread the support for it is, but I have to question the article’s easy assumption that Romney’s anti-Trump stance is really very popular here.

                  I mean, the guy just walked into a seat based on Mormonism, money and hair. His support is NOT based on whatever principles he is pretending to have this week.

                  1. Time to promote Burgess Meredith from House contender to replacement senator

      2. It would be more to the point for them to call for a constitutional convention.

        1. Utah has. Multiple times.

  11. Last week Romney said the Senate needed witnesses to determine if Trump was guilty or not. I guess he was lying then or is lying now.
    Thank God he didn’t win in 2012.

    1. Ooops.

      The internet has an annoying memory. What’s more annoying is that politicians seem not to have figured that out.

    2. +1000

      Obama was horrible but Romney would have had the GOP pass his ridiculous policies. At least with Obama, the GOP blocked almost everything.

      1. More than any other Republican, Pierre Delecto is responsible for putting Trump into the White House.

        Had he been willing to fight to win in 2012, instead of playing the part of the nice-guy loser and walking around with a “kick me” sign on his back during the entire campaign, then the GOP base would have been less susceptible to the Trumpian suggestion that their leadership didn’t really believe in conservatism.

        But Mitt instead chose to curry favor with the editorial staff of the Washington Post instead of rank and file Republicans and thus created fertile ground for a brash outsider to come in and take the nomination in 2016.

  12. And we believe Romney why?

    Romney’s home state of Utah is about as anti-Trump as a red state can be in 2020. When he was elected to the Senate in 2018, Romney promised to be an independent voice within the increasingly Trumpy Republican Party


    There is no world in which casting this vote makes it easier for Romney to continue to do his job

    Wait what?

    1. “Wait what?”

      So you’re not buying………..(hold on, I’m laughinnggg……………)
      So you mean to say that a lying pl (sorry………………..)
      That a lying politico is just playing to his audience?
      Say it ain’t so!

    2. you understand that he works with republican senators from other states right? He doesn’t actually go to deer valley and work with the ski bros.

      1. Utah is considering a bill allowing for a recall of sitting senators. It is constitutionally questionable, but it will be hilarious to see Romney try to hold onto his job by suing his constituents after they recall him. It could be Boehm’s claim is correct, but his citation doesn’t support that.

        1. The US Senate can expel him with a 2/3 majority.

          Interesting if 52 GOP Senators and 15 Democrat Senators expelled him. They can just say they dont need any evidence of wrongdoing just like he thought could apply to Trump’s Impeachment.

      2. Ostensibly works with them.

        And you clearly don’t understand what I’m asking

    3. Boehm’s citation is a link to the 2016 election results. In 2016, there was a Constitution party candidate, who happened to be a Utah Native and a Mormon on the ballot in Utah. He captured 21% of the vote. This doesn’t prove Trump is unpopular there, just he had a strong opponent (it should be noted Hillary only took 22% of the vote or so, Trump 46%). Will this repeat in 2020? I doubt it. Sorry for the squirrels.

  13. Nothing Romney says or does matters to me

    1. that’s what I do too. I comment on articles written about people that I don’t care about. It’s all the rage.

      1. No. you just write stupid things about any article.

        1. Dude, I missed the line you were referring to in the Suderman article and I humbly apologize.

          1. And then you lied for a hour because I embarrassed you by making you admit I was smkarter than you.
            Lololo trying to look like you’re not a sad fucking liar now is rich ahahahahaha

            1. I respect John. You? I’ll get back to you on that. Please hold your breath.

              1. He thinks anyone cares about his respect ahahahahhah

                The drunk who admitted he’s not as smart as me thinks people care about his respect ahahajaahhaahah

                I couldn’t care less, I’m here to laugh at you dumbass ahahahahahahahajajaja

                1. Hey tell everyone that stupid story where you acted like a dick to cops because they had you dead to rights for being a drunk in public and you whined like a bitch lolololo

                  1. Well, it started off with Tulpa’s mom wanting me to buy her beer because she was too drunk and he wouldn’t leave the basement. At first I recoiled in disgust but remembered Warty saying she gives good head, so I figured what the hell. I mean, drink an 18 pack, put a bag over her head, pretend it’s anyone else… So we left in her beat up Corsica.

                    Know what? No. I don’t feel like retelling. Maybe SugarFree would, but alas he made like a cool-kid and split.

                    1. Lololol I love that your ego is STILL bruised form the beating you took from me ahahhaahahahah

  14. “Those two facts make what Sen. Mitt Romney (R–Utah) announced on Wednesday afternoon pretty significant.”

    …and then proceeds to tell us why it’s not significant.

  15. Lol. Reason ignores the obvious personal incentives that Romney has to vote against Trump and instead portrays his sanctimonius dithering about his vote as some kind of high-minded Hamlet soliloquy.

    They do the same thing with Amash’s reflexive opposition to Trump, pretending it’s some kind of patriotic stand against tyranny while completely ignoring the existence of obvious financial incentives (Trump’s China tariffs have severely impacted the Amash family business).

    Whoever sticks a finger in the eye of the vulgar Orange Man, Reason will be for them regardless of their motives.

    1. Is that worse than your slavish loyalty to Trump rooted in bigotry and general disdain for modern, reasoning, accomplished America?

  16. Romney is still hated by the left. And this just ensures that he will be hated by the right. Outside of ending Romney’s political career, it is hard to see why it matters. It is not like anyone believes Romney is sincere or will suddenly take this farce seriously because of his vote.

  17. So a duplicitous prick does what duplicitous pricks do. This is news?

    1. It is when the duplicitous prick lands on the correct position of Orange Man Bad.

  18. Mitt Romney is a two-faced ingrate, pure and simple. Happy to take money and help, and then stab you in the back. He should immediately be made a pariah, stripped of committee assignments, and unceremoniously sent home. There is no room for two-faced ingrates in any party.

  19. Neither Andrew Johnson nor Bill Clinton did anything wrong with respect to the reasons they were impeached. Andrew Johnson was tried because he was blocking Republican legislation. Bill Clinton was tried because the Republicans wanted him out and after years of searching finally found something to hang him on (lying about an affair).

    Trump, on the other hand, is being accused of something much more substantial. The crime of abusing his office for personal gain. I’m not saying he’s guilty or not, but actual charges against him are far more significant than those against Johnson or Clinton.

    1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with seeing the son of the VP get a lucrative do-nothing job and seeing it as suspicious. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking it to be investigated. Making it a condition of receiving monetary aid? That’s murky. Is it worthy or removing Trump from office? If so then every politician should be removed from office because I’m sure they all use carrots when it comes to dishing out taxpayer dollars. It’s what they do.

      1. “I don’t think”

        You could’ve stopped there.

    2. “”Bill Clinton was tried because the Republicans wanted him out and after years of searching finally found something to hang him on (lying about an affair).””

      That sounds more like Trump than Clinton.

      Clinton was guilty, everyone knew that. The dems in the senate decided that what he was guilty of was not worthy of removal.

      You may have an opinion that Trump is guilty. There was no “blue dress”.

    3. Bill Clinton was tried because the Republicans wanted him out and after years of searching finally found something to hang him on (lying about an affair).

      “Lying about an affair” in front a federal grand jury is perjury, and there was no contesting that he did. He was also charged with 10 other counts, including witness tampering. He lost his license to practice law on the strength of the evidence against him. You lying piece of fucking shit.

      1. Bill Clinton´s misdeeds had nothing to do with his presidential duties. He did wrong, but nothing serious enough to warrant removal from office.

        1. Well…..
          There also is the fact that house republicans avoided the more salacious charges because of simple propriety.

          There was the hard core sexual harassment charge that was the root of his perjury testimony. A case that was pretty tightly proven. You think for one second that any democrat house would decline to impeach a republican president who had been proven in court to have pulled out his junk to a secretary and told her to give him a hummer?

          And the fairly well documented case of attempted rape that kicked off the whole Lewinski portion of the case? The house declined to include that, again, because of decorum. But her testimony would have been riveting. And corroborated by an eyewitness who saw her run from the Oval Office all disheveled with clothing ripped. That particular witness was so offended that she filed a sexual harassment claim – she thought it was just another woman having sex with the president in the oval office and had had enough of working in a brothel.

          So yeah… spin away. But there is zero chance that a democrat house would have let any of that go if it was a republican in office.

    4. Clinton lied under oath, to a grand jury. That’s perjury,. That is a felony, and a high crime.

  20. Walls closing in!

    1. That’s bombshell testimony!!

  21. Way to take a stand after the lights are turned off.

  22. I give Romney credit. He has maintained this vendetta far beyond where most other politicians would take this for absolutely no clear political or personal gain. Romney and McCain begged Trump for financial and political support and received it for their presidential runs. So to Trump their behavior in the aftermath of his victory have amplified his disdain for them. Then after McCain died, I would have expected Romney to follow Mitch and bulk of the Republican Party and support Trump, but no.

    The only advice I can give Romney is that the best way to get out of a hole is to stop digging.

    1. Tell Romney the Home Depot in Salt Lake City is taking applications.

  23. Are we really going to pretend this is anything other than pure politics?.

    1. Not I.

  24. One did it halfway right. One out of 53. Wow.

    Down with the republican party.

    1. Hey remember when Clinton was 100% guilty busted live on tape and got a party line acquittal?

      Down with your IQ… again.

  25. History will have a real assignment with this Defeat of Democracy.
    I saw astonishing cowardice today, with the fearful falling into line selling out Congress, their own branch of government, to the one they fear.

    He is Stalin to them.

    1. Or maybe you’re just a retarded piece of subhuman shit.

    2. The cowardice was in the Democrats for allowing a pile of demagogic garbage to be passed as a pander to their fascist wing in the first place.

    3. Your post consists of YOUR adjectives, YOUR unwarranted assumptions, and YOUR wild opinion. You have made something up, and now profess to actually believe it.

      It is neither informative nor persuasive.

      1. ps) that was for DKAM, in case the threading was confusing.

    4. If only he was Stalin; putting your dumb ass in a gulag would be the first real job you’ve worked in your life.


    Top Romney advisor worked with Hunter Biden on board of Burisma. What a surprise Romney voted to convict. What a corrupt fucking bastard.

    1. I tried to apologize further up. Figured you missed it because I don’t think you’d leave it without a response. I’m not gonna do it again.

      1. No worries. Apologies are never needed. Things get out of hand. It is just that son of bitch Trump in the White House. I still love you.

        Really, don’t worry about it.

        1. Well if you didn’t accept his apology, he’d just lie about it later anyway ahahahahahahahahah

        2. Aight. Next beer is on me.

          1. AHAHHA the drunk wants to get drunk ahahahaahahahahahahaj no wonder he can’t stop making a fool of himself losing to me hahahahaahahaj

            1. Are you in any way familiar with how sane people gauge when someone is “embarrassing himself”?

              It would seem you are not.

  27. but but but the Olympics.

    1. It is being sponsored by Corona this year?

      1. Mitt thinks he put Utah on the map because 2002

  28. Inspired by his Mormon beliefs, eh?

    Let’s see…Joseph Smith (their founder) ran for Pres in 1844 and his platform actually seems more interesting than Romney’s.

    Purchase the freedom of the slaves, using money saved by selling public lands and drastically cutting Congressional salaries. That idea didn’t work for some reason.

    Oh, and for some reason he had anti-mob-violence planks in his platform. Including letting the President “suppress mobs without waiting for a request from state governors” (Antifa wouldn’t like that one). Also, “Smith favored a constitutional amendment providing for capital punishment of public officials who refused to assist those denied their constitutional rights.”

    But apart from misbehaving public officials, Smith was totally into criminal justice reform –

    “Smith advocated reforming the penal system by mostly abolishing prisons, including debtor’s prisons, and using the buildings for “seminaries of learning” so that intelligence would banish barbarism. Smith suggested reforming criminals through “reason and friendship” and wrote, “Petition your State legislatures to pardon every convict in their several penitentiaries, blessing them as they go, and saying to them, in the name of the Lord, Go thy way, and sin no more. Advise your legislators, when they make laws for larceny, burglary, or any felony, to make the penalty applicable to work upon roads, public works, or any place where the culprit can be taught more wisdom and more virtue, and become more enlightened.” Smith advocated elimination of courts martial, proposing that deserters instead be given their pay and dishonorably discharged, never again to merit the nation’s trust.”

    1. instead be given their pay and dishonorably discharged, never again to merit the nation’s trust.”

      Term limits, baby.

  29. Romney did the right thing. Even though I think impeachment was wrong, good for him for following his conscience. Even more, he showed the value of the Senate.

    1. Ahahahah nice try socko

  30. “Romney talked about relying on his Mormon faith ”
    Mormons don’t think it important that U.S. citizens committing possible corrupt acts in foreign countries should be investigated by those foreign governments?

    1. Possible alternative: Mormons can read the call transcript.

      1. Possible alternative: Personal vendetta

  31. “I will tell my children and their children that I did my duty to the best of my ability, believing that my country expected it of me.”

    I would have thought that his stern Mormon conscience wouldn’t have allowed him to masturbate in public like that.

  32. Minor detail, Mitt: Trump is not guilty, he is acquitted FOREVER!!

  33. The Republicans seldom stick together like the left almost always does so nothing new here.

  34. Romney is why Trump tool over the GOP. Wilsonian in foreign policy, defender of the Fed and bailouts, believer in govt inferring in personal inter economic actions..just like Bush. McCain tool..guy is a loser

    1. That’s not far from the truth. A lot of Republican voters saw him bend over like a bitch in 2012, and decided they’d rather go with a Democrat-lite carnival barker and shit-talker than a “principled conservative” who folded like origami at the slightest accusation.

      1. I just don’t understand why he folded like a bitch after that first debate, where he actually went at Obama and Obama’s record, and it worked. The guy could have been President if he’d kept at it, but instead, he took a dive.

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  36. Looks like the Trump sucking commentators are working up a to an insane Romney derangement syndrome.

    Romney doesn’t have to stand for re-election until 2024. He will be in the Senate long after Trump is booted out of the White House and jailed for his crimes.

    1. This has been a bad week for you proglydytes, hasn’t it?

  37. All of these responses, and John was the only one that recognized that the salient point was that Romney was the only Senate Republican with close ties to Burisma.

    Reason has done a great job of following the propaganda machine’s lead over the last few years. This one was obvious from the start. Burisma has major US and European politicians all tied up in the payroll – and those exact same governments are the ones that “Everyone Knew that the Prosecutor Was Corrupt”. And each used each other as cover.

    And just how tight is that propaganda machine?
    Well, here’s a fact check from politifact:

    They cherry picked this meme to fact-check:

    When Joe Biden’s son Hunter was serving as “a director to Ukraine’s largest private gas producer,” the elder Biden “threatened to withhold $1 BILLION in U.S. aid to Ukraine if they didn’t fire a prosecutor looking into” the gas company.

    Politifact then sets out to “debunk” this claim, spending many paragraphs spinning up to be down.

    And yet they confirm that
    * Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma
    * when Joe Biden indeed threatened to withhold aid if Ukraine did not fire their top prosecutor
    * who indeed had an investigation into Burisma
    * and he was indeed immediately fired

    So, literally every single word of their cherry-picked statement is confirmed as true.

    They “debunk” this by saying there is no evidence that Burisma benefited from the prosecutor’s firing, or that the investigation was actually being actively pursued (despite the testimony of the fired prosecutor to the contrary – with documentation)… and there is no proof that Joe Biden took the actions that he did specifically to benefit his son.

    That’s it.

    And because of those reasons, the mark a statement in which they have confirmed literally every single word as being true – as “half true”.

    This is how hard everyone is spinning for the machine.

    And look at the headlines. Reason doesn’t say “Senate rejects partisan and weak impeachment effort from the house” …. no, they say “The President Is Guilty” (so says one dude) As he is in the process of being found not guilty.

    And no mention in the supporting article that that one dude is in fact closely tied to the board of Burisma. How do you write this article and not mention that fact? Were you ignorant of that fact? It hardly seems possible – it has been discussed on this very message board many times. I mean, if you were ignorant of that fact, you really shouldn’t be allowed to pen stories on this topic. And if you weren’t and simply chose not to include that fact as being irrelevant…. well, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to pen stories on this topic in that event either. I’d say that it is pretty much impossible to avoid that fact as being highly relevant.

    One politician who is deeply tied to Burisma is being looked at for his actions related to that company …. and another politician who is also related to that company is critical of those looking in to those actions? And that’s not relevant? I’d love to hear a defense of that logic.

    1. OK, let’s assume Cofer Black, like Hunter Biden, was completely unqualified to serve on Burisma’s Board of Directors. How does voting to impeach Trump help Romney in any way, shape, or form with that vulnerability? Doesn’t it actually draw attention to Romney?

      1. Any attention will now be played as “retaliation”.
        Don’t necessarily think that he voted the way he did to cover anything up, but I wouldn’t discount it affecting his psychological process.

        1. It colors everything – even if it isn’t a (highly unlikely) case of Burisma ordering Romney about.

          This is his compatriot. There is a large cohort of government associated individuals who are soaking up huge dollars simply for providing influence. All of those 5 richest counties in the nation? Those dollars that make them rich are these dollars for influence. Get it?

          There is a huge threat to a big money machine. Clinton was not a threat – they play the game. Bush was not a threat. They play the game. Obama, McCain, Romney, Kerry, Gore…. all not threats to this system. They all play the game. They all get rich this way. Their friends all get rich this way. This is business for them.

          Enter Trump. He does not play the game. Whether by design or through ignorance of the game (or incompetence at playing it), he’s not in the game. Why are establishment politicians so threatened? Because “establishment” means “plugged in to the corporatism spigot” that pumps trillions of dollars around the world.

          So Romney has a lot of reasons to distrust and dislike Trump beyond their own personal relationship and beyond the specifics of any one situation. Trump is a threat to everyone around him. Even if he doesn’t think of it in those terms, all of the people around him are singing from that songbook. Including his former adviser who works for Burisma…. and everyone who works for him as well.

          1. I agree with what your saying above about Trump breaking their rice bowls. I agree that most of these bastards are just as corrupt as Romney looks, and we know that Biden is. I also agree that Romney hates Trump for more reasons than just shining a light on his relationship with Burisma.

            What I don’t see is why Romney would let those feelings induce him to do something as politically suicidal as voting to impeach Trump, when Trump is likely going to carry Utah by forty or more points.

            Never do your enemy a small injury, and voting to impeach a President when you know you don’t even have close to the number of votes you need to get rid of him, is the definition of a small injury.

            I guess, following Nardz above, that now any attempt to investigate Romney for the corruption you mentioned Cyto, is only going to appear inspired by retaliation. Seems thin, but then so was this whole impeachment fiasco in the first place.

  38. Whether Trump is “guilty” or not is irrelevant. What matters is whether (1) the country is better off with him serving out his term and standing for election, or (2) whether it is better off with him being removed by the Senate nine months before the election.

    Any senator who picked (2) is either a blithering idiot or a partisan hungry for power. I guess Romney falls into the “idiot” category; not surprising given his pathetic showing in his own presidential run.

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  40. I’m proud of Romney for the simple fact he didn’t really have anything to gain by doing this, other than a brief blip of good press for one news cycle.

  41. That’s the thing–it wasn’t done out of principle, or he would have voted “guilty” on both counts. He clearly did this to play both sides and get some asspats from the press in the process. Like McCain before him, he’s always been laughingly desperate for the liberal establishment to like him, but he doesn’t share enough of their socio-economic views to ever be considered one of them.

  42. Romneybot has never mattered. The about-face Reason is doing because OMB and TDS is despicable.

  43. Romney says, “someone needs to be removed from office.”

    And everyone else takes one step back.

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  45. Much respect for Romney.

    A bipartisan censure would have been the most proper outcome. As well as reforms, like requiring that investigations of Americans be done through our Justice Department, and follow its rules that forbid announcing investigations so as not to unfairly tar investigation targets.

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