Iowa Caucuses

First Iowa Caucus Results Put Pete Buttigieg in the Lead

Maybe the celebration speech last night wasn't premature?


Former South Bend, Indiana, mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg got a bit of attention and mockery Monday night when he went ahead and gave a massive victory speech while the Iowa caucuses were falling apart over technical problems and there were no actual results to report.

Now caucus vote outcomes are finally being reported after a day of anger and finger-pointing in Iowa over its many problems, and perhaps Buttigieg was not celebrating prematurely.

With 62 percent of Iowa precincts reporting, Buttigieg is currently in a narrow lead in total delegates, just ahead of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), 26.9 percent to 25.1 percent. The two of them are followed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) with 18.3 percent of the vote, and then former Vice President Joe Biden is in fourth with 15.6 percent of the delegates.

These are delegate counts. Sanders actually has a slight lead in total popular votes. Read the numbers here.

It is, of course, still way too premature to call either Sanders or Buttigieg the winner, but the big story that has already been coming out of Iowa is Biden's poor performance. And even Biden's poor performance has been playing second fiddle to the disaster that was the election app that had been put together to count the votes. Nevada's Democratic Party had also been planning to use the tool for their own caucuses on Feb. 22, but this afternoon announced they were abandoning it.

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  1. It's funny, but according to RCP, Sanders actually has more votes but is losing the caucuses. I'm sure his supporters will love that.

    1. That's odd. According to the Dems, the "real" winner is the popular vote. At least that's what they said November 2016.

    2. I mean, I'm not one of his supporters and I don't like it. We're getting to watch one of the two political parties, parties that have cut off any way to access the White House except through them, rigging the election to make sure the "right" person gets in. Remember that Petey boy supposedly had money invested in this company.

      1. Makes the story even better. Fewer votes---allegedly---than Sanders, he's invested in the company overseeing the delegate counting, and he wins the most delegates. Must be magic.

        Are they trying to lose their base and demotivate their voters?

        Aside, just how badly did Biden do?

        1. I RTFA'd, and so far, with 62 percent counted, Biden 13.2 % of the votes, just ahead of Klobuchar's 12.4. Which is still good for 2/3 of Bernie's delegate total. LOFL. Well, they are Midwesterners, and stereotypically not people who will lightly blow off the kind of corruption Biden's been linked to lately.

          South Carolina's going to be the interesting one ahead of Super Tuesday. Biden's been leading in polls there since the race begin, and if he trips up, that might be it for him.

          Still, way to shit on your energetic base, Democratic Party.

          1. Iowans are poorly educated, stale-thinking, obese white clingers from the sticks. Their opinions should be nearly worthless in the context of a Democratic primary.

            1. If it doesn't matter why do you keep insisting on posting about it.

            2. That's a persuasive and winning attitude.

            3. Yup. They don’t even count.

              Haha. Don’t change a thing, rev. You’re doing great.

            4. Not according to the IADG: (

              "Iowa has all of the key elements to provide a smart productive workforce necessary to foster business growth. The combination of Midwest work ethic and a leading education system results in one of the most productive workforces anywhere."

              1. "The very foundation of Iowa's thriving economy is its top educational institutions. A dedicated commitment to education contributes to its high school graduation rate —Iowa's graduation rate is among the top with a 94.3% graduation rate. Iowa consistently earns high marks among education experts including a top ten ranking for best education climate by Business Facilities Magazine. Iowa is also one of the smartest states in the nation with its students consistently outperforming their counterparts on national standardized tests."

        2. "Makes the story even better. Fewer votes—allegedly—than Sanders, he’s invested in the company overseeing the delegate counting, and he wins the most delegates. Must be magic."

          Makes one wonder why he was so adamant about the Des Moines Register pulling their traditional poll

      2. I don't think it was Buttigieg buying the fiasco, it was the Team Clinton operatives. Sanders or Mayor Pete or Warren gonna win Iowa? Just make a mess of it so people talk about the mess and not who won.

    3. Just checked RCP, looks like they have only about 100k votes at roughly 2/3rds of the way through. If that stays true, then they're gonna have less votes then 2016. And Sanders is beating Buttiegig at 27k to 23k for first round of voting. Yeah, I'd be pissed if I was a Bernie Boi

    4. Update, despite having more votes, Biden is tied with Buttigieg for delegates now. Well, the progressives have said math is racist.

      1. Update, despite having more votes, Biden is tied with Buttigieg for delegates now. Well, the progressives have said math is racist. If Buttigieg wins with less votes will the Democrats stop whining about the popular vote and the EC?

        1. Most Democrats couldn't care less about Iowa's opinions.

          1. That is why you have been on here crying all day. Yeah, you don't care the rest of the country is laughing at the Democrats today. Sure. I totally believe you. You doth protest to much I think.

    5. It's like the Electoral College. If your supporters are stacked in a few highly populated socialist districts, you get a few delegates with a huge share of those precincts. But if you're relatively popular everywhere, you win more delegates.

      1. I made that point above. It is ironic that the Democrats hope now rest on a system very much like the EC that they've derided for the past 3 years. The DNC really doesn't want Sanders as the nominee. I mean even Kerry was heard admitting as much and pondering throwing his hat in the ring. Can we get another picture of him goose "hunting"?
        Had to Google it, but Dukakis is still alive, so maybe he can run also. The only thing better then Kerry's hunting picture would be another picture of Dukakis in a tank.

        1. It is important to keep in mind that they do not actually hate the electoral college for a principled reason. They hate that the EC does not favor them at this moment in history.

  2. I would like the opportunity in November to vote for a candidate younger than myself. Pete Buttigieg provides that opportunity. There were several to start, I am happy that a least one has made it through Iowa.

    1. I would like the opportunity in November to vote for a candidate smarter, tougher, classier and sexier than me.

      Well, there's always 2024.

      1. So Nikki Haley in 2024? 3 outta 4 isn't too bad after all.

        1. A Haley/Gabbard ticket would be...stimulating.

          1. As long as you don't get stimulated in Tom Anderson's toolshed.

          2. What do you figure . . . Haley's an incel 6 and Gabbard's the same (with enough pancaked makeup)?

            1. Now we add misogyny to your list of bigotries.

              1. s76 - Check the spelling...

    2. Is it moderate to promote a failing mayor to national president?

      1. Qualifications are so last decade.

        Or two decades ago? F, I’m getting older.

      2. What's good about a reelecting a failing President?

        1. "What’s good about a reelecting a failing President?"

          Good question; not sure why Obo got re-elected.

      3. Peter Principle at work.

    3. WTF? I want presidents older than me. They all have been so far. A continuous run of Boomer Presidents 1992 through 2040 would be great!

      1. I wish everyone over 70 (Trump, Sanders, Warren, Biden, Bloomberg) would drop out and go play checkers somewhere.

        1. Agreed

    4. “I would like the opportunity in November to vote for a candidate younger than myself.”

      Unless you’re really old this is dumb.

      1. I am in my sixties. It is funny that while the Constitution places a lower age for the President it does not place an upper age. Even the Catholic Church makes priests and bishops retire at 75. We choose to elect them President at that age. Look at the field, Bernie like your crazy neighbor, Joe have trouble with his words (and yes some of that might be a stutter) and Trump is showing signs of early dementia.

    5. I would like the opportunity to vote for a candidate hotter than myself. Currently not even Tulsi fits that bill.

      1. Pics or GTFO

    6. All right, this is now a confirmed parody account.

    7. Because youth is a sign of wisdom? That is why so many cultures worship it right? Oh, they don't. My bad.

      1. Part of wisdom is knowing that your too old for some jobs. Like the presidency. There is enough wisdom gathered by 40s, 50s, and 60s that we can skip the septuagenarians.

  3. Come November... please, let there be one candidate to vote for who's not a colossal train wreck.

    Is that too much to ask?

    1. Nothing is too much to ask for.

      The only candidates available however are in different shades of train wreck

    2. That’s what write-ins are for.

      Now, a non-train wreck that can actually win? Yeah, that’s too much to ask for.

      This is why “none of the above” should be an option. If that gets a plurality everyone on the ballot gets kicked off for the current cycle and you hold a new election.

      1. "None of the above", um, FTW!

        1. I’m being totally serious. Hold the next election one month later. Move the election up by a few months so there is time for several elections, if needed. An intensive one month campaign would be annoying, but it’s logistically feasible. Other countries pull it off.

          But it will never happen.

      2. AND if "none of the above" wins, since you have no representation, you also get no spending and no taxation for that term. I suppose SSA would continue, since it is funded by different taxes, and they love to talk about how you get vested in it. But Medi* would go on hold. Heck, I'd be happy if it just cut the discretionary spending and all non-dedicated taxes.

        I know if that were the case, there'd at least be a few districts every election which voted for nobody.

        1. Not sure it works that way. It would be ruled a pocket veto and the two houses would be able to override the veto. Overriding a veto would probably be even easier if there is no President to circle the wagons of his party. And considering the last couple of budgets passed with a veto proof majority...

        2. You're going to kill so many grandmas

    3. Sadly, Bloomberg is being snubbed by Gillespie.

    4. The Babylon Bee had a nice piece on the potential of Corona Virus as a candidate, unless SMOD wants to make a late run.

  4. So it's a Butti call for Iowa.

  5. If you combine Socialist Bernie's numbers with Fauxcialist Warren's, they get 45% of the vote. Big win for the far left.

    1. depends on the number of voters. If they get 45% of Obama's 220k or whatever he made, yeah. If it's less then what Hillary got last year, around 175k, then not so much. That just means the rational part of the party's jumping ship, leaving only the crazies to man it.

      1. Is it reasonable to assume that 62 percent of the precincts means 62 percent of the votes have been counted? Or are there still big chunks of urban votes still uncounted? Because adding up all of those votes counted so far is about 103,000. Multiplying that by 1/.62 gets to about 173,000 votes total.

        Doesn't seem like a lot of Democrat voters if Obama pulled 220,000 in the caucuses.

        1. No, it's reasonable that there could be big urban chunks still uncounted. But if it's more even across the board and your math's right, then 173k would be less then Clinton got by a few thousand. Not what the Dems want to hear.

          Keep in mind that if it's open polls like SC, where you're allowed to vote in one or the other, but not both, regardless of your party, then there could be some Republicans trying to upset the balance, I know a few folks who will be voting for Bernie in SC just because they figure he'll be easier to beat in the general.

    2. If you combine Socialist Bernie’s numbers with Fauxcialist Warren’s, they get 45% of the vote tear eachother limb from limb. Big win for the far left human race.


    3. "If you combine Socialist Bernie’s numbers with Fauxcialist Warren’s, they get 45% of the vote. Big win for the far left."

      Must be all the right wing bitter clingers in Iowa the Rev talks about.

    4. You really believe Buttgag is moderate?

  6. >>>Biden's poor performance

    as measured against?

    1. The media's falsified expectations.

  7. If I was Bloomberg I'd be thinking really hard about life choices right now. He's doing about as hot as Bennet and Patrick except he actually has name recognition. They're so far back that if the primary was a movie, their characters in the credits would be Bystander #1 and Bystander #2.

    1. He's polling better in later states. Iowa and New Hampshire really put the hammer on candidates that don't do the State Fair/Kiss Babies/Talk at the Grange dog and pony show, and Bloomberg didn't.

      Wait until after Super Tuesday before trying to bury him. That said, he probably storms into the convention and steals the nomination that way.

      The billionaire who should be worrying is Steyer. AFAIK, he did do the baby kissing act, and Iowa acted like he wasn't even there.

      1. That's because Bloomberg's aiming for the Douchey car set.

      2. Steyer is toast. Yang couldn't even finish top 5 by giving away free money.

    2. Bloomberg specifically chose not to campaign, at all, in Iowa. It's well-known that Iowa's caucus-goers don't like that.

      So the result from the Bloomberg perspective is that Biden just faceplanted as the "inevitable" candidate of the moderates, while he has a stronger resume, deeper pockets, and better national polling numbers than Buttigieg.

  8. When the big donors pull the plug the Dems will have to resort to begathons like they did after McGovern lost .

  9. This article says that Buttigieg’s victory speech was not premature but also that its way too early for either Buttigieg or Sanders to claim victory.

    Pick a thesis!

  10. No mention of Yang? Typical #yanghole

    1. 1.1%

      "Make it *two* thousand!"

  11. He seems like a nice guy. If you were cruising Grindr and came across his profile you'd think he was a great dude, you wouldn't require him to wear a condom, and if he's asking to party with Tina you know you could share the ride if you catch my drift. You'd do that for 3 days straight and then have pancakes together at some cozy diner while you plan your future with him in your mind and hoping he's doing the same.

    I'd vote for mayor Dick Pig should he get the nomination.

    1. If ENB doesn't use your description of Buttigieg tomorrow in her writeup, she doesn't have a hair on her balls.

      Well done.

    2. This should be part of his platform.

  12. First Iowa Caucus Results Put Buttigieg in the Lead

    Bottoms Up!

    1. Buttigieg Tops Sanders!

      1. Sanders really gets off on reciprocating. It's the socialist in him.

        1. Warren in a three way with Buttigieg and Sanders. Hope she brings a solitaire deck to keep herself busy.

      2. "Buttigieg Tops Sanders!"

        OK, that's good! Now... Will (or will not) a topless Sanders Gieg Buttigieg's Butt?

        Inquiring minds want to KNOW, dammit! NO iffs, and, or Butts!!!

        1. Boooooooooooo

  13. OMG--Buttigieg in the lead!

    If he wins, Trump could get 95% of the black and hispanic vote!

  14. The contested election looks even more likely today than it did from what we saw in the polls ahead of the caucus.

    With 63% reporting:

    Sanders: 26.2%
    Buttigieg: 25.1%
    Warren: 20.7%
    Biden: 13.2%
    Klobuchar: 12.5%

    When Biden was leading, the question was whether Buttigieg and some of the other moderates would concede their support to Biden in return for becoming one of his cabinet secretaries or Vice President. I don't see why Buttigieg would concede after a strong showing, but I don't imagine Biden is about to be anybody's Secretary of the Interior. Even Klobuchar is doing about as well as Biden?!

    Biden is almost certainly tanking over the embarrassing implications of his interference in the corruption investigation of his son--and it's making a contested convention seem even more likely.

    There are 30 days until Super Tuesday, when both California and Texas vote in the primaries. I don't see any indication that the Democrats are about to line up in significant numbers behind any of them before then. And I don't see why Biden supporters would get behind Sanders. I don't see Sanders supporters getting behind Buttigieg either--not ahead of the convention and not after Super Tuesday.

    I could easily see California going to Sanders and Texas going to Buttigieg. Biden was leading in Texas, but if people are backing away from Sanders in Texas to back the consensus moderate and that becomes Buttigieg rather than Biden after Iowa and New Hampshire, that may cement Buttigieg as the front runner rather than Sanders. Meanwhile, if Biden holds on to Texas, that makes a contested convention even more likely.

    Sweet Spaghetti Monster, please give us a contested convention!

    1. It’s one data point, but on today’s episode of The Daily they played a conversation recorded last night between a Yang supporter and a Biden supporter at one of the precincts. They were each trying to convince the other to come over to the other side. Neither did, but the Biden supporter conceded that they liked Yang and thought he should be in government in some capacity.

      The Yang supporter completely refused to come over because they thought Biden corruptly got his son the job at Burisma.

      And the Biden supporter didn’t really know to respond. They just kept asking if the Yang supporter had “fact checked that”, and the Tang supporter just kept confidently saying “yep!”

      Now, maybe it was edited unfairly, but as presented it wasn’t a good look for Biden.

      1. How could Biden tanking be attributed to anything else?

        It's the only significant event.

        That's a telling anecdote, and I'd bet that's exactly what's going on.

        Name recognition benefits well known people right up until they start getting acquainted with the others, and the more people get to know the other candidates, the less compelled they feel to back Biden as someone to take on Trump. I suspect that's why Biden is still leading in Texas. Give it another 30 days, and . . .

        I'm bearish on Biden's prospects in Texas no matter where the polls have him at this point.

      2. Biden isn't a good look for Biden.

        1. This is very true

    2. Biden is almost certainly tanking over the embarrassing implications of his interference in the corruption investigation of his son–and it’s making a contested convention seem even more likely.

      That or Biden is tanking over Biden being Biden, and whatever early hype about being the 'frontrunner' was came from the same media analysis mindset that predicted Hillary Clinton with a nearly 90% chance of winning the presidency.

  15. It’s been at 62% reporting since they started announcing results 3h15m ago. I guess a bunch of people are still on hold.

  16. By unanimous coin toss, it's Mayor Pete!

    1. I just saw his victory speech. He spent a lot of it talking about himself. Who ever thought that a teenager who didn't know whether he'd fit into the world, who wasn't sure he would ever fit in in a uniform, would become a mayor and the next president of the United States?

      It was a great opportunity to talk about how we would fight for the people who voted for him. Even in an Oscar speech, they remember to thank everyone that helped them--and those speeches are all about self-aggrandizement. He reminded me of Jerry Brown, who when asked about how the people of California were suffering x, y, and z problems would often respond with something about how he was at a point in his personal growth cycle where . . .

      . . . as if anybody but him should care about his personal growth cycle?

      That was Mayor Pete last night. Andy Reid didn't make a self-aggrandizing speech after winning the Super Bowl, and if he had, the world might have come down on him for it. Reid talked about how good the 49ers were, how proud he was of his players, how grateful he was of the support he was given by ownership, etc., etc.

      Last night was a great time for Mayor Pete to show some appreciation and humility--especially if he wants to contrast himself to the Self-Aggrandizer in Chief.

      1. Hey Ken, I take it from your last sentence that you’re at least marginally aware of the kinds of speeches Dear Leader makes, correct? And yet you seem to have no problem with that. What gives? Are you looking for more tax breaks? Me too, man!

        1. Hey, you fucking lefty pile of shit, I take it you know what it means to sign a contract to pay a mortgage, correct?
          Stuff it up your ass so your head has some one to bullshit with.

  17. I don’t have a real problem with Buttigieg. Like Trump, he’s unlikely to raise taxes on rich elitist Californians like me. I guess a plus is that unlike Trump Mayor Pete hasn’t fucked a 14 yo girl at an Epstein party nor has he remarked— presumably to her father— that he’d be dating that hot piece of 11-yo ass soon. Uggg... thinking about Dear Leader’s sex life is a fucking mental disaster area. I mean, i’m Not gay, but i’d Rather think about where Mayor Pete has stuck his cock than Dear Leader. {retch}

    1. Like Trump, he’s unlikely to raise taxes on rich elitist Californians like me.

      your parody shtick, or whatever it is, is just confusing as hell

    2. What the hell? Parody doesn't work when it's mostly confused, angry rambling.

  18. I need to get elected to Congress so I can go to the SOTU and get drunk and coked up enough to heckle this nauseating criminal whole he drones on.

    “What was it like to rape that little girl at that party you threw with Jeff Epstein you fucking pervert criminal”

    1. You should send that question in for one of the debates.

      1. Dude, come on... the legacy media would never let a family values voter like me ask about Dear Leader’s history of child fucking. They’re only concerned about Russia.

        1. I’m sure they’ll go easy on him.

        2. LeaveTrumpAloneLibertarian
          February.4.2020 at 9:46 pm
          "Dude, come on.."

          "Dude"? "LOL" at that.
          Fuck off and die.

    2. Keep your pedophile fantasies to yourself, mortgage-welsher.

      1. Wait... this isn’t hot?!?

        traveled by bus to New York City in June 1994 in the hope of starting a modeling career. I went to several modeling agencies but was told that I needed to put together a modeling portfolio before I would be considered. I then went to the Port Authority in New York City to start to make my way back home. There I met a woman who introduced herself to me as Tiffany. She told me about the parties and said that, if I would join her at the parties, I would be introduced to people who could get me into the modeling profession. Tiffany also told me I would be paid for attending.

        The parties were held at a New York City residence that was being used by Defendant Jeffrey Epstein. Each of the parties had other minor females and a number of guests of Mr. Epstein, including Defendant Donald Trump at four of the parties I attended. I understood that both Mr. Trump and Mr. Epstein knew I was 13 years old.

        Defendant Trump had sexual contact with me at four different parties in the summer of 1994. On the fourth and fnial sexual encounter with Defendant Trump, Defendant Trump tied me to a bed, exposed himself to me, and then proceeded to forcibly rape me. During the course of this savage sexual attack, I loudly pleaded with Defendant Trump to stop but he did not. Defendant Trump responded to my pleas by violently striking me in the face with his open hand and screaming that he would do whatever he wanted,

        Immediately following this rape, Defendant Trump threatened me that, were I ever to reveal any of the details of Defendant Trump’s sexual and physical abuse of me, my family and I wold be physically harmed if not killed.

        1. Yeah, like that totally doesn't sound like it's completely made up.

          1. I know! All two dozen of the women accusing Dear Leader of grabbing them in the pussy or worse are all lying bitches. Got it.

            1. You mean the couple who happen all to be conveniently also Democratic activist? Sure it is possible. But considering all the women who accused Slick Willy of sexual misconduct, I don't think the Democrats can exactly play that card.

            2. LeaveTrumpAloneLibertarian
              February.4.2020 at 11:53 pm
              "...Got it."

              We do too. Fuck off and die, you pathetic adolescent whine-baby; maybe your mommy will make you feel better.

  19. anyone watching the SOTU address right now? Did we just start something with Venezuela? Or were we already supporting that guy as the legitimate president?

    On the off note, Pelosi looks like the poster child for "Screaming internally".

    1. all the botox in the face and silicon in the boobs has made it's way to her brain.

      1. I mean, if I had the last 36 hours she had, (and the next 24 aren't looking too hot either), I'd be screaming internally too. Iowa looks like a failed rigging attempt, whether it was or not.

        1. Bernie's supporters are going to call it that, especially as Bernie leads in the actual number of voters but has the same number of delegates as Buttigieg. I don't see those who feel the Bern being happy with that.

        2. On another note, I don't think Communist have been very friendly to homosexuals.

          1. or women's right to choose. Last I remember, the Soviets were against abortion (and condoms) cause they wanted to grow their population faster.

    2. We've been recognizing Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of Venezuela for a while. So do 58 other countries, including Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and South Korea.

    3. Guidado has always been our (aka the CIA's) guy.
      Thankfully, we're not doing much to help him other than appearances.
      But I was a little surprised by that.
      On the other hand, he's got time - not like there's much for him to do in Venezuela

  20. Man, this Pax Americana speech made by an undemocratically selected cult leader with nuclear weapons is riveting. Vhat a country! Viva la jefe!

    1. You have no talent.
      Lots of butthurt though

    2. LeaveTrumpAloneLibertarian
      February.4.2020 at 10:18 pm

      Vat a fucking ignoramus who won't pay his mortgage!

  21. What is this? The Ellen Degeneris show. Oh, never mind... a bunch of militarists are chanting U.S.A.

    1. The Clinton's? Biden?

  22. Biden is toast. The creep factor, the corruption and the Botox.

    1. Would rather the dems pick Biden than Bloomturd, who now looks poised to mop up the floor with the rest of the candidates. Before Iowa, I thought he and Biden would split the moderate vote, which would benefit Bernie, but now I’m guessing will be the end of Biden. That said, I look forward to Trump destroying Bloomturd, who will have at least 1 billion les to spend on stupid nanny projects.

      1. Biden will probably do well enough in New Hampshire and South Carolina to keep his campaign on life support for awhile.

        1. Hell he might even pull a McCain and look done for only to squeak by with the nomination in an election it is looking even less likely the Democrats have a shot at.

  23. Certainly, the son is not to be tarred with the brush due the father, but has Pete ever distanced himself from his brain dead father?

    "Pete Buttigieg's father was a Marxist professor who lauded the Communist Manifesto"

    Are we to hope he somehow didn't buy into daddy's bullshit? If so, he's yet to so much as suggest that Dad was a fucking idiot.

    1. Whoever ends up with the nomination needs to worry about this stuff, their buddies in the party aren't going to dig that kind of thing up but Trump will be relentless.

      Same with Bernie's gulag apologist, should've fired him instantly but he didn't. That will bite him as soon as he's on a non-friendly debate stage.

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  27. Not a surprise. This is Iowa. The heart of the heartland. MOST Democrat candidates utterly despise those in the heartland. Everything between I-5 and I-95 is written off as a basket of deplorables. Why the hell would Iowans vote for people who despise them?

    But Pete is himself FROM the heartland. From middle America. Maybe they saw him as one them? I know if I were a Democrat in Iowa he would be my second or third choice, first choice being to renounce my party membership and go full independent.

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