Berkeley Weeded Out Job Applicants Who Didn't Propose Specific Plans To Advance Diversity

The university's litmus test is a lawsuit waiting to happen.


The University of California has been requiring prospective faculty members to affirm that they support diversity. This was Orwellian in its own right—reminiscent of the university system's 1950s loyalty oaths, which required faculty to attest that they were not members of the Communist Party.

It now appears that at one campus, UC-Berkeley, the diversity initiative goes much further than previously understood. Whether a candidate has proposed a specific, concrete plan to advance diversity is now being used as a litmus test for some positions. No candidate who fails the test can even be considered for employment.

Abigail Thompson, a UC-Davis math professor and department chair, sounded the alarm regarding the modern-day loyalty oaths in a December Wall Street Journal piece. Thompson wrote that increasing diversity is a laudable goal but requiring prospective hires to pledge fealty to the concept seems like forcing them to subscribe "to a particular political ideology."

Sure enough, a report on Berkeley's diversity initiative—recently publicized by Jerry Coyne and John Cochrane—shows that eight different departments affiliated with the life sciences used a diversity rubric to weed out applicants for positions. This was the first step: In one example, of a pool of 894 candidates was narrowed down to 214 based solely on how convincing their plans to spread diversity were.

Berkeley's diversity rubric shows just how much specificity was expected. Three aspects of the applicants' diversity statements were graded on a five-point scale: knowledge of diversity, experience in advancing diversity, and a plan for advancing diversity in the future. The highest possible score was thus a 15. Discounting the importance of diversity, failing to specifically discuss gender and race, and making only vague statements (such as "the field of History definitely needs more women") were listed as the kinds of things that would earn the lowest possible score.

Organizing or speaking at a diversity workshop earned high marks. (Merely attending a workshop wasn't nearly enough.) Being "happy to help out" with diversity initiatives was bad—good candidates should insist on coordinating the initiatives themselves, and must demonstrate that they "intend to be a strong advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion within the department/school/college and also their field."

UC-Davis seems to take a similar approach. The Pacific Legal Foundation's Daniel Ortner writes that search committee members first review candidates' diversity statements, and that "candidates who do not 'look outstanding with regard to their contributions to diversity'" are explicitly rejected. Think about what this means: The foremost job qualification is a sufficient commitment to spreading diversity.

According to Ortner,

Berkeley rejected 76 percent of qualified applicants without even considering their teaching skills, their publication history, their potential for academic excellence or their ability to contribute to their field. As far as the university knew, these applicants could well have been the next Albert Einstein or Jonas Salk, or they might have been outstanding and innovative educators who would make a significant difference in students' lives.

And there is reason to believe that the results at UC Davis were similar. A recent letter from the vice chancellor to the UC Davis faculty reveals that in at least some schools, more than 50 percent of the applicants were eliminated solely because of their diversity statements.

Ortner told The College Fix that the mandatory diversity plans for new faculty might be unconstitutional, and he is considering a lawsuit. But whether or not the university's initiative is permissible, it's astoundingly misguided—a striking example of the bureaucratic capture of higher education.

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  1. If they ask ” What specific plans do you propose to advance diversity?” and they are white, show them, Just pick them up and throw them out the window.

    1. Not good enough. First you must force them to admit their white privilege and white fragility, then throw them out the window.

      Good luck at whatever podunk university you end up at, pal!

      1. What no tweet storm first? I don’t know much about SJWing but I know they always like a good Twitter war to get the blood pumping.

    2. I should apply for a job there just so I can sue their asses for $$$$millions$$$$$.

      And they get to learn a valuable lesson in return.

  2. It’s constantly becoming more difficult to believe that universities have anything to do with education.

    And I know. What they view as education is very different from what most people view as education.

    1. It has everything to do with re-education.

      1. That could probably just be shortened to reducation, if you know what I mean, comrade.

  3. As far as the university knew, these applicants could well have been the next Albert Einstein or Jonas Salk

    Then they’re better off not being at Berkeley.

  4. The university’s litmus test is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    As odious as all of this New Religion is, I’m not sure why this would be grounds for a suit. If one of the organization’s goals is to increase diversity, and it’s across the entire organization, then they probably have the right to refuse employment to anyone who doesn’t preach the New Religion.

    1. I know you’re using “New Religion” as a figure of speech, but as that organization is a state university, should they be doing it?

    2. It’s a state owned college funded by state and federal taxes.

      1. And bit under a third of the revenue comes from the state. I say just privatize it.

        1. “A bit”

          1. By a bit in CA one means ~10% from state and local taxes

        2. I say sue the crap out of them as well as introducing them to a huge dose of McCathyism. As no one has a right to practice Marxism in the US. As it is treason.

      2. Good point. So… separation of church and state might come into this… I like where you’re going with this.

  5. Diversity is good. Professors who promote diversity are good. But what Berkeley defines as diversity is not diversity.

    1. Professors who promote adversity are good. You find them in engineering programs.

  6. I’m not against diversity, but to me that’s a means and not an end. What is the endgoal for the university? Is it to increase racial diversity in order to promote racial unity? Is it to broaden the knowledge base by being more multi-cultural?

    And regardless, why the fuck should STEM-field professors need to pledge allegience to this. Are we trying to open students’ minds to alternate forms of calculus? “Well, you could take the derivative, but if you’ve got a better solution, let’s try that first!”

    1. As the new chairman of the physics department, I would stop teaching that F=ma, because it priveleges force over other immutable characteristics. Instead, we will be teaching ma/F=1, which promotes equality and unity of purpose.

      How is that for a plan?

      1. Could we get the head of the math department to get rid of all those decimals in pi?

  7. “a strong advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion”

    I guess they’ve learned not to refer to it as diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE).

    But the acronym “DEI” gives indications that this is a new religion (as above).

    1. (Unless I’m mistaken, “Dei” means “of God”)

      1. You are not mistaken.

        1. It also what the cop said he was charging me with but I was pretty drunk at the time.

          1. Driving Emphatically Intoxicated?

    2. Sanctus Agnus DEI?

    3. It’s truly a Glorious DEI.

    4. Inclusion, Equity, Diversity? No, that’s IED.

      Equity, Inclusion Diversity, Inclusion? No, that’s some kind of Muslim holiday.

      Equity, Diversity, Inclusion? Hey, that’s me!

      1. Sorry, EID is Equity, Inclusion, Diversity.

  8. I would have some fun with it.

    “I will increase diversity at Berkeley because I am not and never have been a member of Antifa. I also pay taxes and shower regularly”

    1. “Let’s just forward your application to Yuba City Community College.”

    2. no, no, you see, you must have the right type of diversity.

  9. From a Univ. of WA Tacoma ad for economics professor (tenure track):
    Applicants’ statements should detail how their teaching, service and/or scholarship has supported the success of students from racial, ethnic, and gender backgrounds that are underrepresented in their academic field; applicants who have not yet had the opportunity for such experience should note how their work will further UW Tacoma’s commitment to equity and inclusion.

    The virus has spread beyond California!

    1. Western WA is just as progtarded as CA anymore. Chock full of Marxist traitors.

  10. Sue them into the ground, then keep suing them until there is nothing left.

  11. This was Orwellian in its own right—reminiscent of the university system’s 1950s loyalty oaths, which required faculty to attest that they were not members of the Communist Party.

    And now they have to attest the opposite!

    1. I’m in favor of bringing back the anti-communist loyalty oaths.

      Call me a hypocrite if you want, but given how communists universally behave when they get into positions of power, I consider it acceptable to deny them employment opportunities based on their ideology. They’re monsters who support an evil ideology directly responsible for the murders of over 100 million people and the impoverishment and enslavement of far more than that.

      They should be purged from all public education and their ideological literature taught honestly to students…which is to say taught only from the perspective that it is and has always been a monstrous failure that creates catastrophic humanitarian disasters when implemented.

      1. And if communists object, I’m all in favor of granting them an option communists never grant to people who disagree with them…allowing them to leave for some other country that reflects their so-called values. I’m sure they’ll have no problem at all finding a new home, given their belief that the United States is the only country in the world with immigration controls.

        It’s more than they deserve, given how communist governments always treat dissidents, and they should be thankful for the generosity.

      2. This country desperately needs a return to McCarthyism. I’ve been saying that for decades now. I saw every bit of this coming, and so much more yet to come.

        If you libertarians out there like your rights, you better be prepared to kill a commie for mommy before they open up the gulags.

        1. You might vote your way into socialism, but you usually have to shoot your way out of it.

          It really shocks me how many people fail to grasp that basic history lesson.

          1. UCrawford “You might vote your way into socialism, but you usually have to shoot your way out of it.”

            This is going to be one of my favorite quotes.

            1. Wish I could say it was mine. I got it from someone else here, but can’t remember who. But it’s a brutally astute observation.

              Democratic socialists are only democratic until they get power. After that, democracy is discarded as irrelevant.

            2. I like it too. I’m going to have to use that one.

    2. The loyalty oath is less Orwellian than the abuse of language. They are not talking about diversity

  12. Diversity has nothing to do with teaching. it is not the teachers job to coddle those who think they don’t have to rise to the occasion. I can’t play basketball should the coach be required to diversify his team by allowing short white kids the chance to play. Just try to force a coach to do that. it would appear there is a limit to how much diversity they will allow

    1. No “diversity” does not apply when it may advantage a white male.

      1. Yao Ming notwithstanding, you see even fewer Asians on the basketball court, but I think the jury’s still out as to whether they qualify as “white.”

  13. Diversity means absolutely nothing. The world’s best hockey team is virtually all white. The world’s best basketball team is virtually all black.

    The business world is not necessarily diverse and some very successful societies (e.g. Japan) are not diverse at all.

    And diversity primarily means there are not enough black folks in some particular group because getting into the group is merit based and that is just the way it turned out.

    And the lack of diversity is only a worry in one direction. For example, no one is worried about the present majority of woman on our college campuses yet when it was reversed it was extremely important.

    1. Judging by the results, he world’s best track team would be all-Nigerian for the sprinters, and almost all Kenyan for the distance runners (there being one token Moroccan). Diversity?


  14. Sadly, this seems to be the direction that all government is going, particularly in blue states. Never mind that potholes are not being filled; the really important question is whether there is diversity in the workforce that is failing to fill the potholes.

  15. What’s really sad is that 214 out of 894 candidates DID provide a good enough diversity plan. What a bunch of boot lickers!

    1. When you’re applying for a relatively cushy six figure job with the possibility of tenure, you might lick a boot or two.

  16. I say achieving diversity means withholding all federal funding, including scholarships to individuals, until the teaching faculty is 50% conservative, and the non-teaching staff is less than 12% of all staff.

  17. Conservatives — who turn the campuses they control into censorship-shackled, fourth-tier, nonsense-teaching, bigot-ridden goober factories — figure our strong liberal-libertarian schools are in the market for pointers on anything from clingers such as Soave and the Pacific Legal Foundation?

    If conservatives develop an educational record half as good as that of the mainstream, perhaps better Americans should begin to care about what right-wingers think about education.

    1. Since the progtards have taken over prmairy education, illiteracy rates have soared. Which helps explain an eight grad drop pout, such as yourself. When there was less government involvement in education, back when conservatism ruled the day, education as infinitely better.

      But you’re to stupid and illiterate to understand that.

  18. Berkeley plan to promote diversity is to make sure everyone thinks exactly the same. I mean how do you have diversity if you allow dissent?

    1. You can’t have dissent! That’s un-American!!

      /Far Left and Neocon Right

  19. Not even gonna lie. I thought I knew what actual diversity is and also how the left defines it. The way this is worded and proposed just tells me that I don’t even understand their new definition. Diversity is just difference. Inviting the KKK would (probably) increase diversity. If I’m grasping their current definition then it is absurdly Orwellian. Diversity seems to mean conformity of thought and anti-white and anti-male.

    1. It’s whatever they want it to be at any given time. And it is ambiguous so it can a,so be wielded like a weapon.

    2. Inviting the KKK would (probably) increase diversity. If I’m grasping their current definition

      You got it totally backwards, on how the left uses it.

      The right is just as biased in the other direction. See Trump’s crazed depiction of Charlottesville. Bigotry rules in both extremes, left and right. The craziest racists BELEEB they are speaking the truth, as do the craziest diversityists. That’s how both are manipulated by the political elites. And why a growing majority of Americans now rejects loyalty to either sick extreme. The voiceless majority.

  20. It’s not Orwellian to ask your state employees to disavow allegiance to foreign states.

  21. Time to cut off all that federal research money….

    Seriously any govt institution cannot discriminate or force others. That was supposedly what the Civil Rights act was about but somehow it turned into group rights and proportional results…

    This has been pointed out for decades but then govt officials start to make excuses..and rationalizations…so much for liberty for the individual

  22. I cant imagine these schools will last very long by purposely selecting the least qualified candidates.

    1. Least qualified makes sense if the goal is to get the graduates directly into left coast state/local or federal government.

  23. It’s a political litmus test. Anybody who isn’t an extreme left winger is rejected under this standard. You must explicitly support racial and gender discrimination and describe how you will discriminate – or you will be rejected. No libertarians, moderates, conservative or free thinkers need apply. This is grossly immoral and unconstitutional for a public institution supported by tax dollars. It’s a clear cut violation of the First Amendment. But I’m not sure that matters anymore since universities have been violating the First Amendment routinely for a long time and also violating the Fourteenth Amendment and Civil Rights Laws through racial discrimination for decades – they just changed who they discriminated against. And the Supreme Court just gave them a pass.

    I’m a UC Davis alumnus and I’m appalled. I have never donated when asked due to their racial discrimination and suppression of free speech in the past.

  24. Yeah, its Berkeley–yawn. Here is tonights Sanders rally quote from Iowa “Donald Trump is the worst person to have ever lived”. I get the TDS, but this line struck me as hilarious.

    1. Worse than the communists he loves? How does Bernie weight megadeaths vs. a loud guy who’s been stuffed by Congress on everything except spending money?

      1. Megadeth did have a few good albums. So there’s that.

    2. “… to be President.”

      Or are you okay with Trump’s bullshit that the Charlotesville violence was initiated by the al-LEFT!!!! How many Presidents have disgraced the office with anything remotely equivalent to shamelessly defending nazi and racist assaults … despite overwhelming and undeniable proof that the President was a lying sack of shit?

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  26. Advancing racial diversity requires racism. Inevitably, if people base their decisions on increasing the quantity of particular races they will be decreasing the quantity of other races, thus giving preference to people based on their particular race will be necessary, which is basic racism. I’m bewildered why more people don’t see this. I suspect people do see this, but just that they feel that some racism is actually virtuous racism. The same applies to diversity in gender or diversity in age or diversity in anything. Consciously altering the balance of classes of people will require prejudice toward and against particular classes based on the balance sought. If people who wish to alter the balance of diversity do not want to be hypocrites they simply need to affirm that “discrimination” is virtuous when practiced toward particular classes of people.

    1. The assumption is that the only reason there is overrepresentation of some groups is institutional bias. Therefore, the only way to correct this is affirmative bias in the other direction.
      Yes, this type of bias is considered virtuous.

      1. Let’s play your comment another stepforward.
        How about UC writing that there are too many Jewish professors, so for the next few years no more Jewish hires?

  27. Actually it is a test to see if they are willing to practice racism. If they are not, weed them out and get rid of them.

  28. I wonder what they would do with applicants proposing actions to improve ideological diversity?

  29. Some of the reports indicate that Asians did particularly badly with this question (worse than white people– the ability to BS well on diversity questions is partially a measure of cultural assimilation and something that natives should do better on than immigrants), though they made up for it in the second round where traditional qualification were considered.

    1. “You could hire me for a start. Aren’t I a minority?”

      “No. You were but then you folks started scoring high on all the tests. The rest of us can’t even keep up with you. Thank you for your time”

  30. Funny how this thing called DIEversity (white genocide) is absent in many countries and they are doing just fine. Some better than us!

    1. Name one. (lol)
      White genocide is as crazy as the worst on the left.
      Proving, yet again, that Left- Right=Zero

      1. Yet no one is arguing for a black, brown, yellow, purple, green, or even blue genocide. So not equivalent after all.

        1. NOBODY is purple, green or blue. (smirk)
          And you FAILED to name one country, so you also blew the topic.

          For any other goobers, bullshitting that anyone is arguing for white genocide … is as crazy as so many bullshit claims from the left.
          Learn what “equivalent” means.

          1. Incidentally, as per the UN definition of ethnic cleansing/genocide, the policies in place in most white nations does in fact meet their definition. Basically creating series of policies that will reduce a groups population and/or replace them with other people is considered ethnic cleansing. Policies in the western world are doing exactly that.

            And god help us, most white people are too stupid and brainwashed to see all the damage it has already done, and the even worse situation we will be in in a few decades time.

            1. Incidentally, as per the UN definition of ethnic cleansing/genocide, the policies in place in most white nations does in fact meet their definition.

              If other nations are as bad as Trump … is he then full of shit on how open they are to immigrants,

              How would that apply to ancient Jews, who obtained their land by committing the only known mass genocide of an entire culture, the Canaanites, as bragged in the Old Testament?

              And god help us, most white people are too stupid and brainwashed to see all the damage it has already done, and the even worse situation we will be in in a few decades time.

              What percentage of whites see any damage at all, from white nationalism? Or stand quietly, while the racists spew their bigotry? Or when Trump lied so shamelessly to deny the mass assaults and death in Charlottesvile were NOT caused by his nazi and racist base?

              1. Half of that was written so incoherently I don’t even know what you were trying to say…

                Look, despite what commies like to believe, there is a difference between the concept of wanting to preserve a nation for its original inhabitants, including if that requires immigration laws that don’t allow too many foreigners in… And, I dunno, gassing all the Jews.

                I am 110% against mass murder for any reason, including ethnicity/race. I don’t even have a problem with reasonable numbers of foreigners being allowed into any given nation, especially if they’re ones that will assimilate well into the population and truly melt into the pot inside a generation or two.

                But I am 110% OPPOSED to the idea that no people are allowed to keep their homeland for their own people. I think it is perfectly reasonable for a nation to put quotas on immigration, especially of types that are likely to never integrate in fully. American immigration Version 1.0 worked because it was 99% white Europeans. If we’d been getting other ethnic groups en masse back then, the melting pot never would have worked. We’d simply have ended up with the ethnic warfare we have now 100-150 years earlier.

                I don’t care if you think it’s racist… It’s reality. Germany should be for Germans, Italy for Italians, Japan for Japanese, and Nigeria for Nigerians. If any given nations wants to have a reasonable number of immigrants, that’s cool. But I think it is wrong to tell the UK that they’re BAD PEOPLE for wanting to keep Britain British. Fuck that shit. It’s their homeland, and they should be able to keep it British if they want. As should every nation.

                Also, ANTIFA started more shit there than any right wingers did… But you’re a retarded Hihn, so you’ll never admit it.

  31. The really unfortunate outcome from all that, like affirmative action, is that people do not trust the qualifications of the individuals who got their position, or higher education, due to diversity advocacy.

  32. Diversity is encouraged in higher education.

    Unless it’s diversity of thought. That’s strictly verboten.

    1. Yeah, but this is not about Liberty University.

      And not about Fox, the only network without panels of both liberals and conservatives … on the same panel! (gasp) And not pussies. Rick Santorum is a frequent panelist on CNN. NO equivalent at Pravda Fox.

      1. Did something change lately? Fox has always had leftists on their panels. Always. Unless you think Juan Williams, Geraldo, Alan Colmes, etc. are all conservatives.

        1. (lol) How often?

  33. “What specific plans do you propose to advance diversity?”

    A: Look Bob I need this job. After I lost the last one my wife left me. I’ve spent the last 7 months sitting around my apartment eating frozen dinners and getting passed out drunk. I’ve got a pending lawsuit from a former student for sexual harassment. I am addicted to Xanax.

    I’ll do anything you damn well want Bob. I’ll climb up the bell tower and shoot the white students with a hunting rifle. I’m a desperate man Bob. If you don’t give me this job I don’t know what I might do, you understand me? This is my last chance Bob now help me out here.”

    That should work.

  34. Bunch of hypocrites. How many six-toed professors are there in the physics department? Get that straightened out and then we can talk *real* diversity.

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  38. No matter what bullshit people want to believe, diversity IS NOT a strength.

    All the most prosperous nations on earth, and the happiest, have always been the least diverse. Diversity just turns a country into a never ending ethnic block based battleground. Always has, always will.

    Look at the USA today and almost EVERY major issue has clear cut racial lines drawn. We’d still be having Carter Vs Reagan or Bush Sr. Vs Clinton in terms of politics if we still had the same demographics we had then… White Americans are still basically the same as they’ve ever been, barely tilted to the left at all. 90% of the leftward lurch is all the non whites that have moved here. Deny it all you want, but it’s true. And what’s funny is that some of these groups might be more right/libertarian in other circumstances, but just out of sheer ethnic solidarity in the USA they’ve all aligned against whites just because we run the show and are the majority. Which will always happen.

    In terms of all the dumb affirmative action shit, promoting people that aren’t qualified just destroys the world. It ALSO is unfair to minorities who DID deserve to get into whatever school or get whatever job. Personally I don’t ever want to have a female doctor, or a doctor that isn’t white or Asian… Because you cannot trust that they are actually competent and didn’t just slide through based on their sex/color.

    Sad but true. I just hope the western world pulls its head out of its ass before it’s truly too late to save western civilization.

    1. Proof, yet again, that racists beleeb they’re just telling the truth.

      All the most prosperous nations on earth, and the happiest, have always been the least diverse.

      Umm, the United States!
      All of Western Europe. Australia. New Zealand. ….

      How diverse are the very poorest nations on earth? Ever heard of Africa?

      1. LOL

        I’m sorry I can read history and statistics and use logic to draw obvious conclusions without letting feelz get in the way… If the Czechs and the Slovaks can’t live together in one nation, and the English, Scots, and Irish can’t do it… What kind of mental malfuction does one have to have to assume that ALL the people of the world with their infinitely greater differences of opinion could magically work out in a utopian fashion? History is full of endless examples of ethnic warfare, both between states and within states that encompass multiple ethnicities… When empires break up, they always naturally divide along ethnic lines if something doesn’t stop that… Why is that genius?

        Then you go on to rattle off nations that were all founded by Anglo-Saxons, and primarily populated by the same… The Anglo-Saxon founded USA allowed in a lot of Germans and Nordics, who were VERY similar culturally, and genetically basically the same dif, and forced them to assimilate into the Anglo-Saxon culture the few differences they had… No surprise they integrated in easily. By the time we finally let in Southern Europeans in large enough numbers to matter, they just got lost in the mix of Germanic Europeans and assimilated as well.

        So all your examples are basically all white nations. You could have also used Japan, which is 99%+ ethnic Japanese… But that supports my case too.

        The USA has only started falling apart and having truly massive scale ethnic strife since we started allowing in unassimilable people. Funny that. Wise people saw it coming when the 1965 immigration act was passed, and we’re finally seeing it come to fruition.

        The truth is that Asians are the only non white ethnic group in the USA that aren’t a net drain on the nation. But they brought horrible politics with them. African Americans are a net drain on whites/Asians because their average income in so low as a total population they average out to being net negative tax payers overall. Same with Hispanics. If government spending were cut IN HALF, blacks would still be a net negative given their vastly higher use of welfare. Not to mention the crime stats.

        I don’t HATE any group, I like lots of people personally from all ethnicities… But facts are facts. Which is why we shouldn’t based immigration policy on flawed assumptions about utopian bullshit that never play out that way historically speaking.

        If the western world doesn’t pull itself back from the brink, Asian historians will be writing “During the European dominated period of world history the Europeans were far and away the greatest people on earth. They dominated every field from science, to philosophy, to warfare. However they destroyed themselves with utopian ideas that Asian civilization were too smart to fall for. Allowing their own homelands to be taken over by immigrants destroyed all of their nations and reduced them to 3rd tier nations where the native Europeans themselves became outnumbered and 2nd class citizens in their own lands.”

  39. “… but requiring prospective hires to pledge fealty to the concept seems like forcing them to subscribe “to a particular political ideology.”…”

    Seems!? No, it IS forcing people to subscribe ‘to a particular political ideology.’

    1. Equal rights for all is a “political ideology!” Who knew?

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