Justin Amash

Justin Amash Outraises Democratic and Republican Opponents in Fourth Quarter

The pro-impeachment libertarian independent has more cash on hand than any of his competitors.


The fourth quarter 2019 campaign disclosure reports that were due at the end of January brought some welcome news for embattled independent Rep. Justin Amash (I–Mich.): Despite being abandoned by some of his biggest historical backers, the pro-impeachment libertarian raised more money and has more in the bank than any of the Democrats and Republicans gunning for his Grand Rapids seat.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Amash raised $595,000 over the last three months of 2019, or almost as much as all the Republican contenders for the seat combined. Supermarket magnate Peter Meijer brought in $313,000 ($75,000 of which was a loan to himself), DeltaPlex Arena owner Joel Langlois netted $212,000 ($200,000 of which was a self-loan), and state Rep. Lynn Afendoulis announced $113,000.

In the cash-on-hand sweepstakes as of the end of 2019, Amash led $722,000 to Meijer's $557,000, Langlois's $333,000, and Afendoulis's $200,000.

What about the Democrats competing in MI-3? Social worker and immigration attorney Hillary Scholten raised $124,000, and had $207,000 cash on hand, while former Barack Obama aide Nick Colvin raised $101,000 and has just $60,000. Primaries for both major parties are scheduled for August 4.

The three-way race in this Republican-leaning but hard-to-characterize district has widely been seen by election forecasters as a toss-up or slight lean toward the GOP. When the Cook Political Report in December shifted its rating to lean-R, it cited Amash's third-quarter cash-on-hand number of $273,000, arguing that that was "far less than the GOP nominee is likely to be able to spend." Adding nearly a half-million to that pile in just three months might change that calculus.

Meijer and Langlois can indeed self-fund (Amash, in contrast, has not loaned himself any money), and Meijer in particular has last-name recognition due to his eponymous and popular supermarkets, but Amash has now shown that his spigot is not yet running dry. Both major parties are expected to pour money into the contest once the primaries are settled, giving a three-way scrum a chance at being among the most expensive in the country.

Reason has interviewed the self-described libertarian congressman several times over the years, most recently last July just after he left the GOP:

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  1. Soooo dreamy……

    1. Matt Welch has to put that Beto Boner into someone.

      1. Beto Boner

        Yup, because he sure isn’t libertarian.

        Here’s a reminder to everyone of Matt “Robespierre” Welch’s bloodthirsty authoritarian leftist bonafides:

        1. It’s always about the cocktail party invites with these guys.

  2. “Embattled independent Rep. Justin Amash”? You mean “embattled independent Palestinian Rep. Justin Amash”. No wonder he hates America! He hates good patriotic Americans who understand that individuals must be willing to make personal sacrifices for the greater glory of the Motherland, that the individual eggs must be broken to create the collective omelet. MAGA!

    1. I was going to tell you to go fuck yourself, you bigot, but then I read the rest. Good one. All it takes to be in the GOP is a deep and lasting love for Dear Leader and his royal beneficence

    2. Where is that damned omelet we kept getting promised?!?

    3. Speaking the Truth from his filthy basement. Go to hell.

  3. I like the new standard bearer for the good libertarian member of Congress. I agree— there’s some honorable and decent about Justin Amash that I think is worthy of looking at. I’d probably disagree more than I agree with him, but at least he’s an honest broker unlike basically every GOP member of Congress.

    Anyway, he’s certainly better than the last Reason standard bearer who just tried to name a whistleblower in the course of an impeachment inquiry. Fuck.that.GOP.Slaver.in.the.fucking.eye, man.

    1. I love how you leftist fucktards describe honesty as repeating leftist lies. Fucking hilarious.

      1. I know, right? Everyone knows that honesty is repeating right-wing lies instead.

        1. You’d think JesseAz would be in a good mood, what with my sealing the deal on his hero’s acquittal. Shows that some people are always disgruntled.

          1. I know, right? The right-wing have a great deal of power in this country and they act like they are some oppressed minority like Nazi-era Jews or something. It is ridiculous.

            1. As long as you’re crying about it, it’s all good.

              1. IOKIYPTL
                It’s OK If You Pwn The Libs

                1. ATE
                  And Their Enablers

                  1. Especially the knee like Pedo Jeffy, who love having foreigners rape American children.

            2. Poor “I’m not a leftist” Jeff.

          2. God you’re bad at this sqrsly.

        2. Poor pathetic Jeff.

        3. Let’s be fair: one should at least provide a documented example of a lie if you’re going to make that accusation. Otherwise, you’re just engaging in invective instead of Reason.

          As for Amish, I like his record, even though I disagree with him about Trump’s impeachment, and would vote for him if I lived in his district. Personally I thought he became an independent because a) he didn’t like the GOP rules to be in Congress as a Republican, and b) he incorrectly saw it as a means to get attention for a Libertarian party run as president. The attention he got was negative from Trump supporters, and just temporary from the Democrats and MSM who would gladly throw him under the bus the week after he left the GOP.

    2. Aqua Buddha ain’t been right in the head since the, you know, incident.

    3. He’s butt-hurt that the china tariffs are screwing over his family’s crappy tool import business. They can’t even sell them at Harbor Freight anymore.

    4. LeaveTrumpAloneLibertarian
      February.1.2020 at 5:29 pm
      “I like the new standard bearer for the good libertarian member of Congress….”

      Are you hoping he’ll give you free money like your mommy, scumbag?

  4. Good for Amash. IIRC he was leaning toward impeachment based on the strength of the Mueller Report — in other words, even before #TrumpUkraine surpassed #TrumpRussia as the biggest scandal in world history.

    May the candidate with the most money win. It’s the Koch / Reason way!


    1. I’m coming around to your position, Trumpian. I’m a director at a Fortune 500 company and my wife gets paid more than I do and is significantly younger (round up… high five!). Under a Trump presidency I get to benefit from the GOP’s trickle down economics that benefit upper 5%ers like me and I get to laugh at a bunch of Trumpian rubes that think Dear Leader is protecting their jobs from caravans of Guatemalans. I mean, sure, it’s a little harder for me to hire a nanny or pay someone to cut my lawn, but these GOP tax cuts for rich elitist Californians like me sure do soften the blow. If I didn’t have a pathological aversion to bullshit and lies i’d Be attending one of his rallies with his hick base just to egg him on. Which leads me to wonder: is there some pill or shock therapy I can adapt that will lead me to luv Dear Leader the way you do, Trumpian goon. You sure don’t seem to mind being lied to. I want to be a credulous wannabe star fucker like you, Trumpian. Can you give me some advice? Thanks, bro!

      1. I’m a director at a Fortune 500 company

        Ah! You’re the guy in the lobby that directs people to what elevator to take. Great uniform, thanks for your service.

        1. He’s the guy who defaults on his mortgage.

      2. “I’m a director at a Fortune 500 company”

        Awesome how you can change careers so quickly. Just a month or two ago you were a well-placed civil servant involved in diplomacy.

        1. Like turd was ‘in finance’; cleaning the offices after hours.

          1. I thought it meant he was panhandling on the street.

      3. “…I’m a director at a Fortune 500 company…”

        Imagine the chairman of the board at the annual meeting explaining to the stock-holders that one of the directors is a guy who just bailed on his mortgage!
        Not only is commie-kid a liar, he’s a lair in pathetically obvious ways.

    2. #LibertariansForTheIncumbents

  5. Should he lose, what happens to the money? I doubt he has to give it back. Does it go to charity, some other PAC, what? Does he get to keep it if he claims he needs it to run for some future office?

    Does he get to keep it outright?

    1. He can do ate it to charity or roll it into a new campaign. I also believe some, like Harry Reid, were able to get waivers to roll it into a PAC like entity.

    2. “Does he get to keep it if he claims he needs it to run for some future office?” <– That's pretty much how the rules work. To be fair, he will get in trouble if he spends ain't running for office and he spends any of it.

      1. Exploratory committees and fact finding trips to Hawaii can get expensive.

  6. Amash needs to go. He’s probably out-raising everyone because Soros is funneling him money.

    1. 64% from large corporations. Havent dug into them. But look at the drop off from 14.


      1. Lots of wall street. Totes libertarian focused.

        1. What’s wrong with raising money from Wall Street?

          1. Statists hate profit, which Wall Street becomes shorthand for. You could call it their litmus self-test — they can’t help but out themselves.

            1. JesseAz’s standards for what is right or wrong are pretty flexible. It’s OK if Trump does it, essentially.

              1. IOKIYMAGA

                1. Poor “not a leftist” Jeffrey. You’re broken.

              2. Yes, we get it. You dont have any intellectual arguments sqrsly. It is why I have to actually tell you what words mean.

              3. “JesseAz’s standards for what is right or wrong are pretty flexible..”

                You’re ability to understand much of anything isn’t ‘flexible’, it’s nonexistent.

            2. It is quite revealing, isn’t it? After all I’d expect the OMG HE’S RAISING WALL STREET MONEY type of slur to work at dailykos.com by some BernieBro, but not from Jesse. Maybe the statists aren’t all that different after all.

              1. Are you three fine sucking each other off?

                I’m not shocked you have not noticed that wall street has been finding the growing authoritarian state, it is why they back the left (Jeff’s party).

                They often pay off politicians to pass new barrier to entries. Find it weird ABC supports this as he thinks everything that is done is a tax.

                1. Are you three fine sucking each other off?

                  Just two sucking each other off. The third one is a sock.

                  1. So it’s not DP? Just the two of them fucking each other’s assholes, then 69’ing for some simultaneous ATM?

          2. Where did o say it was wrong? Just not the usual libertarian focus.

          3. Rent seeking, government dependent, corrupt statists. You love them.

      2. Nice link <iJesseAz

        1. Italics fail!

    2. SOROS! DRINK!

      1. Fuck Soros.

        Drink again, and maybe you’ll get alcohol poisoning. There is always hope.

      2. If anyone should know about Soros it’s you. The fact that he covers your wage with Media Matters is the only reason you’re here to fifty-cent.

      3. JEFF! SEE THE LIES!

      4. Pedo Jeffy, kill yourself.

    3. As the designated former R turncoat, he’s likely getting a lot of Dem and out of district Dem support.

  7. Oh the empty Hope. I feel bad for the Reason editors.

    1. Heaven forbid someone think independently and not slavishly follow Trump.

      1. I feel bad for my colleague, Senator Romney. There are really good hors d’oeuvres at CPAC.

        Hmm, come to think of it, I’m not sure if I’m invited. I kinda pretty much said Trump is a liar, didn’t I?

        1. You suck at this sqrsly.

          1. I still said that Trump is a liar.

            1. Who cares what you think.

              Trump is being acquitted thanks to your US Senate vote.

      2. Now now, you know the rules.

        The only two choices available are:

        1. Trump
        2. Communist gulags and death camps

        Choose wisely!

        1. Tell us about those poor oppressed Oberlin administrators, Jeff.

          1. WTF is up with your hardon against Oberlin?

            1. Would you rather have me mention your support of immigrant child abusers again?

              1. Jeff loves his pedo friends.

        2. “The only two choices available are:
          1. Trump
          2. Lefty gulags and death camps”

          Jeffie thinks he’s being facetious, but this is basically what it boils down to. Sander’s campaign team just waxed rhapsodical on gulags last week:

          1. It’s worthwhile to go over and look at Bernie’s “Issues” page.

            It’s central planning head to toe. Free stuff.

            I like the guaranteed job. I’m pretty sure they had those in the Gulag too. So few notice that “from each according to his ability” is not a *request*.

        3. Naturally, race baiting jeff prefers 2.

      3. He isnt thinking independently, he is purely anti trump. He used to decry the IC and political criminalization, now he supports it.

        Being purely anti trump isnt independent thought dumbfuck.

        1. Being pro-Trump because you want to prove how independent a thinker you are is pretty dumb, too, dumbfuck.

          1. You suck at this, too.
            Fuck off and die,

  8. This is great news. This is about as close as we can get at this point to getting an actual libertarian elected who isn’t just a Team Red/Team Blue tribalist in disguise. SOMEONE needs to be in a position of authority to criticize the welfare/warfare/surveillance state and to actually fight for individual liberty.

    1. Gosh! Maybe Americans ain’t so in love with the big two political parties.

      Oh, well, I’m retiring.

      1. Forgotten, but not gone.

    2. This is where Jeff pretends to not be a leftist. Fucking hilarious.

    3. And the fact that you linked questioning the surveillance state with Amash’s open support of the IC FISA abuse is beyond funny.

  9. Sure, as the only non-Gop libertarian on the ticket, he’s getting national support. He’ll still lose when every drone in his constituency votes based on what letter comes after the candidates name.

  10. Looks like Justin Amashed a lot of money…

    1. That’s how he can afford to pay Welch to write these hagiographies about him.

      1. I think he was suggesting that he loans Matt money to write these articles and Welch never pays him back.

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  12. I wish Amash followed the Rand Paul strategy of dealing with Trump. Alas TDS affected Amash.

    I still hope he wins. A libertarian in congress is preferable to GOPer and much, much preferable to a Democrat.

    1. I think he could have done more by being a critic from within the Republican ranks. Sorry to see him go.

    2. Libertarians don’t support Lefties attacking a Libertarian-ish President like Trump where the targeted person does not get a fair shake at the rules.

      1. Libertarian-ish, my ass.

        1. “Libertarian-ish, my ass.”

          You misspelled “my imbecility”.

        2. Libertarian-ish, my ass.

          Relatively. He’s more libertarian-ish than Obama and Bush. I’m not familiar with your ass and have no desire to be so it’s possible your ass is more libertarian than Trump.

    3. The Rand Paul strategy? Become a total sycophant?

  13. Amash isn’ta libertarian

    1. NOYB2 has made his proclamation.

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  15. I disagree with this guy on a number of issues but I actually respect him for walking his talk. He actually has convictions and principles and operates from them GB WhatsApp

    1. Word.

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  17. Not too surprising. Justin’s got a nationwide supporter base, and the Ruling Party candidates against him are nobodies.


  18. So what? He will be crushed in November.

  19. Well he’s definitely got 3 votes in the bag.

  20. I’ve been throwing away my vote on Libertarian candidates for 30 years. If Amash is a libertarian as Welch claims why doesn’t he run as a Libertarian? Seems like he wants to keep his Republican constituency even though he no longer has any support in congress. If he wins as an independent good on him. But he’s powerless to effect any real change. As a Libertarian he’d at least get the party label on the board in the house his TDS affliction notwithstanding. It would be much more consequential than getting the L nomination for president.

    1. Being associated with the Libertarian Party comes with a lot of baggage. What would he gain?

    2. “But he’s powerless to effect any real change”

      He’s a typical grifter.
      For 10 years he didn’t accomplish a single thing beyond funding his lifestyle via taxpayers.
      The most consequential thing he’s ever done is betray his constituents and pimp the deep state assault on rights.

  21. Not knowing how that district’s electorate is, I question how Reason sees this election playing out for Amash and libertarian principles. I don’t see him picking up much if any Democrat support even with his ardent anti-Trump stance. Alternatively, I still see him pulling some Republican votes based on some positions and some who dislike Trump. Unless the Republican candidate is especially weak, he splits the right leaning vote and we have a Democrat in that seat. I’m all for libertarians getting into office, but they act as a spoiler vote as third party candidates and end up getting someone with the opposite ideology elected.

  22. I wish Amash would team up with Gabbard and offer some sort of credible, independent antidote ticket to the pathetic alternatives.

    1. “I wish Amash would team up with Gabbard and offer some sort of credible, independent antidote ticket to the pathetic alternatives.”

      Sarc or stupidity?

    2. Amash is about as libertarian as Trump.
      And while Tulsi is the best of a fetid, rotting group, she still advocates for authoritarian, paternalistic government and ballooning socialist bureaucracy.

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  26. Dude played along with a banana republic impeachment scam.


    1. Especially now, it looks like an Booker-esque ‘I am Spartacus’ moment.

  27. shame he’s a d-bag with no message all that dough might have helped

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  30. Good, I plan to vote for him again and hope he wins. Personally, I’d love to see Amash runs for president.

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