Brickbat: Land of the Free


Bladen County, North Carolina, Board of Elections Chairman Louella Thompson has rescinded a threat to have anyone who recites the "Pledge of Allegiance" at a board meeting arrested. At the January board meeting, some people in the audience were upset that the board does not say the pledge. During the public comments part of the meeting, one man led the crowd in reciting the pledge, and Thompson said she would have people arrested if they did that again. She repeated the threat days later when interviewed by media. But she came under fire, including from Gov. Roy Cooper, the man who appointed her to the board, and she later backed down.

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43 responses to “Brickbat: Land of the Free

  1. Makes sense....poluticians do hate America and its values....

    1. Such as reciting a socialist screed and giving your loyalty to a piece of cloth?

  2. Soooooo..... Which one is the brickbat? The lady threatening arrest to anyone who recites the pledge?

    Or the Governor for bowing to pressure from the crazed right-wing public opinion and putting pressure on her to back down?

    (Also, wasn't the "one man led the crowd reciting the pledge" dude actually another board member who objected to the elimination of the pledge?)

    1. Why can't they both lose?

  3. They did not respect her authority.

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  5. The chairwoman of a local North Carolina elections board says the Pledge of Allegiance will be added to future meetings after all, following backlash when a majority on the board opposed it earlier this week.

    Ha, if she can't in fact arrest the public for reciting the pledge during comments then she will do the recitation herself. Whatever gives her at least some control, I guess.

  6. Of course, the root cause is public employees running the educational system.

  7. Just another dipshit for freedom from speech. Please point to the area of the doll where the pledge of allegiance touched you.

    1. *points to the heart*

  8. Seventh Day Adventists and their "no false idols" credo, amirite?

  9. Rightwing "Patriotic Correctness" strikes again !

  10. Would love to have seen the cops reaction to the “arrest that person” order.

    1. Thompson said she would have people arrested if they did that again.

      Someone should have stood up and said the pledge a second time.

      1. Ah, the famed Double Dog Dare Second Pledge!

  11. How is it that Unreason has not had a single article on the pandemic event we have going on right now?

    1. They did when it first was reported. The article was about how quickly this pandemic was resolved compared to previous ones.

      1. No reporting on China simply shooting and burying in a mass pit all sick victims?

        1. Has news come out that that's what they've done?

          1. "News" like that is streamed directly into LC's tinfoil hat. That's why he can't post a link.

            1. It's cute that Leo is concern trolling about a link for clearly nobody can get from the Commies.

              Leo has his head so far up unreason's ass that he sees Orange instead of brown.

              Orange Mag Bad.

              1. I'm really confused now. You want Reason to "report" on something that is only a prediction in your head?

                And I'm the one with the problem?

                1. Of course you're confused. You're Leo and you're here to defend unreason no matter how indefensible.

                  Why wouldn't someone report on Chinese Communist's long record of murdering people and putting them in pits and how that relates to this outbreak of Coronavirus?

                  Besides, unreason posts all sorts of articles that are fantasy predictions about Trump. Are you new here?

                  1. Why wouldn’t someone report on Chinese Communist’s long record of murdering people and putting them in pits and how that relates to this outbreak of Coronavirus?

                    Because it doesn't relate?

                    1. Socialists murdering the infermed doesn't relate?

          2. How would that news be available?

            China has this whole thing locked down and the US Propagandists are so far up the Commies' asses, they see Red instead of brown.

            So now news about that 'final' solution...yet. I am just predicting based on past Socialist 'final' solutions.

            1. I am just predicting based on past Socialist ‘final’ solutions.

              So, you're spreading #FakeNews?

            2. I am just predicting based on past Socialist ‘final’ solutions.

              In other words, you made it up. Thank you for admitting it.

            3. Poor sock trolls. History puts such a damper on your lying in support of unreason.

    2. A disease that has infected less than three thousand people in a nation of 4.35 billion and five people in a nation of 310 million is not a pandemic.

      1. What about a disease that has infected nearly 100% of media?

        1. +100000000000000000000000

          Baring some better post, I vote you Orange Mag Bad winner for today.

      2. 3000 that we know about. Considering China's history of "freedom of the press", I'm gonna guess that they have a few more cases than 3000 if they're quarantining cities and provinces, and they've just suppressed the news.

  12. Bladen Board of Elections votes down adding Pledge of Allegiance to regular meetings

    There is of course far more to the story.

    This US House of Rep District was the subject of "voter fraud" and members of this Board of Elections would not certify the results of the 2018. The North Carolina DNC demanded the NC Board of Elections get involved so there was a Special Election in 2019 for this House District 9.

    Dan Bishop (R) Dan McCready (D)
    Popular vote 96,573 92,785
    Percentage 50.69% 48.70%

    Dan Bishop won this House District and you never hear anything about it anymore because the Democrat lost....again.

    1. Board of Elections chairwoman has change of heart

      Tim Moore, the speaker of the state House, called on Cooper Thursday afternoon to remove Thompson from the board. Moore pointed out that Thompson in December was reprimanded by the state Board of Elections for improper social media posts about the president of the United States.

      The Bladen Board of Elections on Tuesday, with Thompson and Sheppard being joined by Deborah Belle, all Democrats, voted 3-2 not to place the pledge on meeting agendas. The board does open its meeting with a prayer.

  13. The Pledge is expressing fealty to the federal government. So I'm not to keen on it. Mark Twain said something like "Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it."

    However I doubt that bitch's motivations were based upon a similar principle.

    1. "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,"

      Or the principles of Liberty and justice for all.

      You don't have to stand or give any pledge of allegiance, if you dont want to. Because it's America.

      1. The flag is the symbol of the federal government. The government might change, and the symbol might change, but the country will remain. Regardless of who has the monopoly on the initiation of violence.

        I support my country. I do not support the flag.

        1. I have kind of mixed feelings about it. First of all, no one should EVER be forced to stand and recite it under penalty of law.
          And I generally don't say it exactly as it is written, because I swear to my gods not the monotheistic "God". And frankly, the idea of swearing to a piece of cloth is a little silly. And I don't think it really accomplishes anything anyway.

          Having said that, reciting the PoA in no way implies that I support things the government does. It never says "to the government".

      2. "Some folks are born made to wave the flag
        Ooh, they're red, white and blue"

  14. Mandatory? Forbidden? It's 2 — two — TWO commands in one!

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