Brickbat: Pay Per View


When her 5-year-old daughter was bullied on a Dallas, Texas, school bus, Audrey Billings asked to see the videos. The principal gave her a verbal description of what happened. When she insisted she wanted to see the videos, the school system told her it would cost her $600 for each video, what they said it would cost them to redact the video. She reluctantly paid $600 for one video, which showed other students grabbing, pulling and poking her daughter with a pencil for 14 minutes while the bus driver ignored her cries for help. The school system says those students have been disciplined and the driver removed from that route. Billings says her daughter no longer rides the bus.

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  1. Why does the video have to be redacted? What is the school system hiding? Ridiculous, that your child should be bullied, harassed and assaulted and you should have to pay money for the proof.

    1. Protection of the children’s identity, especially the ones not involved would be my guess. I don’t know why they can’t just play the video for the mom in the principle’s office though and never relinquish custody of it.

      1. Protection of the children’s identity? They all saw each other! What happens if a parent goes to observe the class? Do they all wear masks?

  2. My first question is why a 5-year old is on the school bus in the first place. 5-year olds are too young for school.

    1. Five-year-olds are by no means “too young for school”. I started Kindergarten three months before my fifth birthday. It was optional then, but is compulsory today. All American children attend Kindergarten when they are five years old, and if their birthday comes after the first day of school, they will actually be starting when they still four. Now, I didn’t ride the bus, because I lived a block from the school. I walked.

  3. …the driver removed from that route.

    Let’s hope the children on the driver’s new route fare better.

    1. He doesn’t give a shit about them either.

    2. They should put him on a route with high school students from an inner city school. Maybe he can be the one crying for help that never comes.

  4. My daughter still suffers PTSD from the school bus. Kids are cruel.

  5. Obviously the school wanted to charge $600 because they thought the mother wouldn’t pay it. That way they could keep everything a secret.

  6. and the driver removed from that route

    And the wheels on the bureaucracy go round and round…

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