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Democrats Chased the Peace Vote Last Night, but Can We Trust Them to Follow Through?

Plus: CNN's slanted Sanders/Warren setup, Trump's shower-related election pledge, and more...


Last night's Democratic presidential debate on CNN featured a good deal of foreign policy chatter, for a change—one of the only semi-reassuring parts of the two-hour televised show. Comments from the 2020 candidates about the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the possibility of war with Iran highlighted just how far the center of gravity has shifted on American military adventurism and regime-change wars in the Middle East.

"We need to get our combat troops out" and "stop asking our military to solve problems that cannot be solved militarily," said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.).

In the Middle East, President Donald Trump "is going from crisis to crisis, from escalation to escalation," said Tom Steyer. "But if you look further over the last 20 years, including in the war in Afghanistan, we know from The Washington Post that, in fact, there was no strategy. There was just a series of tactical decisions that made no sense."

And Iraq? That was "the worst foreign policy blunder in the modern history of this country," said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.).

Even Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D–Minn.)—in many ways the most conservative of the Democratic presidential candidates on last night's stage—touted her early opposition to the Iraq War. She also pushed the current Senate resolution to tell the Trump administration "you must have an authorization of military force if you're going to go to war with Iran."

The debate featured just six Democratic candidates: former Vice President Joe Biden, Mayor Pete Buttigieg (of South Bend, Indiana), Klobuchar, Sanders, Steyer, and Warren. Moderator Wolf Blitzer kicked things off by pointing out that the U.S. and Iran had recently been "on the brink of war" and this had "reignited the debate over America's role in the world." He asked the candidates, with that in mind, "why are you…the best prepared person on this stage to be commander in chief?"

Sanders stressed his long-time opposition to the Iraq War and (in contrast to Biden) his ability to see through the Bush administration's misdirection on that front. "Joe and I listened to what Dick Cheney and George Bush and [Donald] Rumsfeld had to say. I thought they were lying," said Sanders. "I didn't believe them for a moment. I took to the floor. I did everything I could to prevent that war. Joe saw it differently."

Sanders also warned people not to get fooled again, as the Trump administration tries to lie us into a war with Iran.

Biden's defense of his vote for the Iraq War wasn't much of one: he had voted for it, it was a mistake, "but the man who also argued against that war, Barack Obama, picked me to be his vice president," said Biden. OK then.

Ultimately, Biden showed few signs of real change on U.S. policy in the Middle East. He said we should send U.S. troops whenever "the overwhelming vital interests of the United States are at stake," which is worryingly vague standard. He said he would "leave troops in the Middle East in terms of patrolling the [Persian] Gulf" and that it would be "a mistake to pull out the small number of troops that are there now."

When challenged by others on stage, he caricatured their argument (saying they thought the U.S. could "walk away and not have any troops anywhere" in the world) before appealing to threats of terrorism and then making the perverse argument that we must police the world in order to not police the world.

"You have to be able to form coalitions to be able to defeat [terrorists] or contain them. If you don't, we end up being the world's policeman again," said Biden.

But Biden was arguably the most hawkish person on stage, which is saying something.

Warren especially pushed back on Biden's foreign policy claims. "We've turned the corner so many times, we're going in circles in these regions. This has got to stop," she said. "It's not enough to say someday we're going to get out. No one on the ground, none of our military can describe what the conditions are for getting out. It's time to get our combat troops home."

Buttigieg was on the same page. "We can continue to remain engaged without having an endless commitment of ground troops," he said. He also pushed for greater congressional oversight of military actions:

When we lost troops in Niger, there were members of Congress who admitted they didn't even know we had troops there. And it was all pursuant to an authorization that was passed to deal with Al Qaeda and 9/11. And often, Congress has been all too happy to leave aside its role. Now, thanks to Democrats in Congress, that's changing. But the reality is, year after year, Congress didn't want to touch this, either, because it was so politically difficult.[…]

Fundamental truth is, if our troops can summon the courage to go overseas into harm's way, often on deployment after deployment, then we've got to make sure that Congress has the courage to take tough up-or-down votes on whether they ought to be there. And when I am president, anytime—which I hope will never happen—but anytime I am compelled to use force and seek that authorization, we will have a three-year sunset…

Klobuchar said she would get most troops out of Afghanistan but would have left them in Syria and would leave them in Iraq, albeit "not in the level that Donald Trump is taking us right now."

You can find a full transcript of last night's debate here.

All in all, the efforts to distance themselves from pro-Iraq and Afghanistan War votes, denounce the ongoing presence of U.S. troops there, and push for greater congressional oversight of military action was a very good sign.

But as the discussion turned more specifically to Iran, responses from the Democratic candidates weren't quite as reassuring. While eager to condemn whatever Trump's strategy with Iran has been, they were less clear on how their own approaches would differ. What we were left with was promises to accomplish Trump (and Obama) administration goals with regard to Iran—such as thwarting the country's development of nuclear capabilities—while somehow avoiding anything that has already been tried.

Given that it's unlikely Iran will just do whatever we say without getting anything in return, this probably won't get us far. And few of the candidates on stage seemed sufficiently committed to keeping us out of war with Iran should even some slight provocation or shift in public opinion occur.

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  • And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) announced that she's picked the seven people who will serve as "impeachment managers" in the Senate. Rep. Adam Schiff (Calif.) will lead things, assisted by fellow Democratic Reps. Jerry Nadler (N.Y.), Hakeem Jeffries (N.Y.), Jason Crow (Colo.), Zoe Lofgren (Calif.), Val Demings (Fla.), and Sylvia Garcia (Texas).
  • "Is there any better time to have a president who might be not from either party?" asks Rep. Justin Amash (I–Mich.).
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On the Sanders/Warren woman-president drama:

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    1. You can rest now, knowing that your greatest accomplishment has been achieved.

      1. *** high-fives Mickey Rat ***

    2. Hello.

      None of these clowns would do what they say and we all know it Elizabeth.

      They were mighty silent under Obama, no?

      1. Anyone who votes for these democrat turds is a goddamn traitor. Period.

  1. I have just one question for Mr. Steyer: Will you leave the stage so that Yang or Tulsi can be up here?


  2. On the Sanders/Warren woman-president drama…


  3. The woke primary is over and everyone lost, writes Matt Welch.

    Gone is my hope of a federal ban on plastic straws, I guess.

    1. HOW DARE YOU!!


    Fears of being called racist caused police to not investigate or prosecute Pakistani rape gangs in the UK. Political correctness is just an elaborate form of lying. And lying always has bad consequences.

    1. Look, even if “immigrant rape gangs” really exist, that doesn’t weaken the case for open borders. After all, hockey would have died in Canada if not for Indian immigrants. So the benefits clearly outweigh the drawbacks.


    2. At some point, the people will take matters into their own hands.

      And of course, the media will side with the rape gangs at that point and call the people ‘extremists’.

      1. What else do you expect? People in the media hate all their inferiors (i.e. all of us).

    3. It was a few thousand over a decade in Rotherham. Nobody really cared, as it was just a bunch of council house slags. This Manchester thing looks like less than 100. Surprising it’s making the news already.

      This will continue until the people choose to stop it. Stop voting for politicians that appoint police that make excuses for the behaviour, and obscure statistics concerning it. Stop voting for politicians that have made it clear they wish to import another class of voters from an alien culture. Stop thinking that the worst sin in life is to thought of as racist or non-inclusionary.

      I can’t throw too many stones at the British. Obfuscation of crime statistics because the truth is unpalatable is the norm in this country.

    4. UK – not shocked – shit hole country. They’re not sending us their best. Fuck that place.

  5. That question to Warren, which stated as an unqualified fact her side in an unsubstantiated he said/she said dispute with Sanders, was journalistic effing malpractice.

    It was a great laugh line.

  6. Did We Just Hear Three Democratic Candidates Talk About Reducing Deficit and Debt?

    Is that trio all pulling the football away from Welch at the same time or in sequence?

    1. So when did Welch realize that Santa wasn’t real? To be fair, if he did figure it out, that puts him ahead of the typical Bernie voter.

    2. That is strange – why would they even talk about that? What do they have to gain? It’s usually republicans who talk about reducing the deficit, and then never doing it. Not sure why a Democrat would want to talk about something they’re never going to do.

  7. Steve Doocy: “If re-elected, Donald Trump will allow you to take a shower in seven seconds.”

    Ainsley Earhardt: “Full shower flow, and bring back the lightbulb!”

    Brian Kilmeade: “Do you think that resonates?”

    Steve: “Everybody showers, everybody complains about the lightbulbs.”

    The greatest, best-lit showers in the world. Believe me.

    1. I’m just imagining Ainsley Earhardt using a shower massager on herself.


  8. Aren’t most of these guys those who wanted us to step in and ‘save lives’ in Darfur?

  9. Is there any better time to have a president who might be not from either party?


          1. 2024


    Warren claims she would bypass Congress and cancel student loans by executive order. That would be grossly illegal. Student loans are generally owed to private parties. The government guarantees their payment but the debt is owed to private banks. Canceling student loans would be one giant taking of private property. It would also be the federal government defaulting on an obligation, something that can only be done by Congress.

    Bur remember, it is Trump who is the dangerous one who is a threat to our institutions and norms.

    1. Warren is increasingly desperate. Pretty soon her “intense, surprised look” will involve never blinking.

    2. I love how they say they need to go through Congress for war but everything else is a big fuck you I do what I want!

      Warren is nuts. Just plain a crazy bitch.

      1. A communist traitor, and a fraudster, given how she lied to get her Harvard position.

    3. After Obama unilaterally rewrote seventy-five years worth of bankruptcy law with his treatment of GM debt holders, I’m not surprised Liz thinks her powers in the bankruptcy realm are unchecked. She’s also unbalanced.

      Remove the limitation on discharging this category of debt—which would require Congress, as it’s statutory—and this problem goes away. And higher education gets absolutely wrecked in the bargain. Sounds like a win-win.

    4. Maybe she means that the government will pay off all the student loans, would be the same thing as cancelling them, but cancelling sounds oh so much more aggressive! Would love to see what happens if they do that, stock market would take a huge hit, since lots of funds are financed by student debt.

      1. That would be just as illegal. No money can be drawn from the treasury without the consent of Congress.

        1. Obama managed to cut some O-care checks without approval, so it seems there’s some slack.
          Or perhaps it was just one more case where he should have been impeached, but something, something…

          1. Obama violating the Constitution and the anti deficiency act by spending money from the treasury without Congressional approval is just another example of how Trump is a threat to the institutions of the Republic. Didn’t you know that?

      2. “”Maybe she means that the government will pay off all the student loans,””

        How would she appropriate the money?

    5. Interesting – that would create a fair amount of chaos, within literally minutes of the announcement. Nothing like telling the banks “screw you – these loans are forgiven” with a stroke of a pen, and then ordering people who did not go to college to pay for those who are going to college.

  11. “Democrats Chased the Peace Vote Last Night”

    And that’s exactly the right strategy. Orange Hitler literally started World War 3 a week or two ago, so Democrats should (temporarily) focus on foreign policy even more than other important issues like tampons in men’s bathrooms.


    1. Orange Hitler vs. Red Herring.

    2. “Tampons in men’s bathrooms”

      Okay, I laughed when I read this, but then knowing your style it dawned on me this might be a real thing. And sure enough it is. What a time to be alive.

      1. I kept looking for the Onion, or Babylon Bee byline. Nope. Then I kept scrolling, looking for the April Fool’s tag. Nada.

        It’s real, folks. It’s crazy, it’s real, and it demands you take it seriously. Or else.

        Well, when we run away after all this comes crashing down, be sure not to look over your shoulder at the city that was.

  12. Biden was arguably the most hawkish person on stage, which is saying something.

    Biden was arguably the most gaffe-conscious person on stage, but he still managed to say that his implementation of Obamacare was “a big deal”.

  13. Democrats Chased the Peace Vote Last Night, but Can We Trust Them to Follow Through?

    If there were any confidence at all that the candidates might make an honest and meaningful statement during the debates, there’d probably be more than 12 people watching the damn thing.

  14. Peace overseas, violence at home:

    “There’s a reason Josef Stalin had gulags,” Jurek said. “Gulags were actually meant for, like, reeducation,” and were quite efficient at stripping the wealthy’s “privilege,” because the rich were going to learn what it meant to be working class. Exercising free speech might also be rewarded by a trip to the gulag in Jurek’s world. Anyone who says things the ruling class doesn’t like should expect a “violent reaction,” and deserves to be beaten.

    1. Peace for terrorists, violence for Southern Baptists.

  15. It’s the second highest in the nation, which puts our state and its people at a competitive disadvantage.

    Oh, it’s advantaging some of your state’s people.

  16. I barely avoided an actual IRL spit take when Elizabeth Warren mentioned reducing the national debt in the middle of calling for free college.

    DO THE MATH, SHACKLEFORD. She’s got a plan.

    1. She’s got a plan.

      How about a “wealth tax” on the *Federal Reserve*?

    2. A Woman a Plan Pandemonium

      1. That’s GOOD!

  17. Nothing about the vote on whether to transfer the articles of impeachment?

    1. Pelosi is a brilliant strategist who has the Republicans right where she wants them.

    2. Pelosi caved. She named the Democrat representatives for this bad joke the House calls an Impeachment.

      1. All Donkeys. So bipartisan as the House proceedings.

  18. Democrats Chased the Peace Vote Last Night, but Can We Trust Them to Follow Through?

    History shows we can trust them to sabotage wars they can blame on Reps and to start their own wars.

    1. LOL

      The most recent Democratic President literally won a Nobel Peace Prize. As if they give those out to warmongers!


      1. They give those out to warmongers. Including the last democrat president.

  19. We were never “at the brink of war” with Iran, you idiots.

    1. Drumpf assassinated a universally beloved Iranian leader. That’s by definition an act of war.

      1. I came
        He saw
        I died.
        Qasem Soleimani – Heroic Warrior Poet.

  20. You can find a full transcript of last night’s debate here.

    I’m just going to guess that leads to Rick Astley, nobody’s actually clicking that link.

  21. They are Democrats. You cannot believe anything coming from them.

    I want to thank Democrats and all their corruption so that the USA might never have a Democrat President in the future.

  22. With the economy in ruins and World War 3 raging, Putin’s Puppet has zero chance of reelection. Expect Russia to attempt to hack the 2020 election like they did in 2016. Here’s the rightful President Hillary Clinton:

    Russians appear to be re-running their 2016 hacking playbook, once again to benefit Donald Trump. Will the media play along again? Will the GOP open the door again? Will the Russians help pick our POTUS again?


    1. And here’s libertarians’ second best Congressional ally Nancy Pelosi:

      American elections should be decided by the American people, not by the Russian Government. Retweet if you agree!

      Focusing on Russia is exactly what voters want to hear. I continue to be amazed by this woman’s political instincts.


      1. Retwatted!

        Oh, just got replies from unreason staff.

  23. If the words trust and democrat are in the same question, the answer is no.

  24. Trump to Sign China Trade Deal Today

    Poor Boehm. He will slump into depression in 2020 with the USA getting better trade deals and Trump’s reelection.

    1. Dow Jones Industrial Average Index

      Index: DJI · January 15, 11:56 AM EST
      ▲ 160.92 (0.56%)

      1. Another tidbit is that toys and electronic sales were down 4Q 2019, so some companies like target took a stock hit. Looks like Americans buying less Chinese stuff had little impact overall for 4Q.

  25. Who are the 7 impeachment managers selected for the Senate trial of President Donald Trump?

    Who cares? This impeachment is a farce and will hopefully be treated as such by the US Senate.

    I would laugh and laugh and laugh if the US Senate did an immediate up and down vote on Impeachment. No 2/3 majority? Impeachment dismissed!

    1. Rumpy, Sappy, Peepee, Assful, Sleazy, Croc and headed up by Dopey.

    2. “”This impeachment is a farce””

      The cover of the NY Daily news is about the impeachment and the headline is “My the farce be with you”. I know, sounds more like what the Post would print.

    3. The impeachment trial should be used as a vehicle to put prominent democrats and their allies on trial in front of the public. If I were McConnell, I would be holding hearings everyday ay of the Iowa caucus. I would also run the whole ting out to the fall.

      Mandatory attendance for all those democrat primary candidates in the senate. No campaigning for them.

  26. Well the telling thing will be when Trump pulls out of Afghanistan this year for the campaign season and pretty much everyone in the democrat party chastises him for it. Only people in the field I would even think would give him any praise for it would be Tulsi and Bernie.

    1. If Tulsi supports a foreign policy decision, you can bet it’s bad for the US and good for Russia.


    1. Yeah, but with designer brand outlets and fancy cars.

      1. And not so many Socialist Soviet Republics this time.

  27. Of course Bernie and Liz want to keep the troops at home. They have other plans for them…

  28. Trump went on another rambling rant about ‘worthless’ new dishwashers, weak showers, and lightbulbs that make you ‘look orange’ at a Milwaukee rally

    Democrats election “experts” miss how they lost Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio….again to Trump.

    1. NPR’s sanitizing of Trump’s Milwaukee rally shows how he’s broken the media

      Daily dose of what Lefties think among themselves. Brought to you by Vox.

      1. Sum it up man, Im not giving them my clicks

  29. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $62.0 billion

    Sounds like a lot of money — until you realize he’s actually lost over $10 million this year. Because of Drumpf’s high-tariff / low-immigration policies.


    1. Wow, he lost 0.016% Shame.

  30. Elementary school kids doused as jet dumps fuel before LAX emergency landing

    All that Commifornia zoning and there are schools directly under a flight path?

    Notice this was about a large airliner with 181 people on board that had an engine failure and needed to land as an emergency. Better some kids smell like a Shell gas station for the day then that plane crash into people on the ground.

  31. ICE: Suspect In 92-Year-Old Queens Woman’s Rape, Murder In Country Illegally

    NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Federal officials say the suspect in the murder of a 92-year-old woman should’ve been turned over to immigration officers months ago.

    Authorities say it was back in November when 21-year-old Reeaz Khan was arrested for allegedly attacking his father.

    He was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon and then let go.

    Federal officials say Khan is in the country illegally from Guyana and they asked the NYPD to turn him over for deportation proceedings. That did not happen and in fact the NYPD says it never got that request, WCBS 880’s Steve Burns reported.

    Khan has now been arrested again, accused in the rape and murder of 92-year-old Maria Fuertes in south Richmond Hill last week.

    Nobody will admit fault if the NYPD purposely didnt want to turn him over to ICE.

  32. “Iran is going to get nuclear weapons sometime in the next 20 years. If politicians treated voters like adults, the debate would be “can we delay that long enough that when it happens, it presents the least possible threat?”

    —-Julian Sanchez

    Does he have a crystal ball or are we supposed to believe Iran will obtain nuclear weapons just because he said so?

    Iran’s economy shrank by 9.5% in 2019 according to the World Bank, and that was because of the sanctions Trump imposed on them. That kind of shrinkage is along the lines of what the United States experienced during the Great Depression, and the pace of their economic decline is accelerating. If they came back into compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty tomorrow 1) They would not acquire nuclear weapons and 2) All that economic pain would immediately go away.

    Meanwhile, yesterday, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom filed notice that Iran was breaching the Obama agreement, which puts them on the road to having the UN Security Council reimpose sanctions of their own.

    I don’t know what process Sanchez’s crystal ball uses, but whatever the future looks like, reason holds that it’ll be a function of the choices we make today. President Trump making them pay a heavy price to keep their nuclear weapons program going is the most peaceful and effective means to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and seeing the Europeans joining the queue to impose their own sanctions, rather than merely support ours, is encouraging.

    Anyone who supports an agreement with Iran that allows them to enrich their own uranium despite having forfeited that right by violating the NPT–because they think it’s a path to peace–has a broken crystal ball. Iran has ongoing conflicts that it initiated with its neighbors before the Obama deal was signed, and they used the windfall from ending those sanctions to expand their proxy terrorist wars throughout the Middle East, entering Yemen and elsewhere. Their belligerence doesn’t ebb when sanctions are removed.

    Furthermore, anyone who thinks that a nuclear armed Iran will usher in an era of peaceful coexistence with them isn’t just ignoring their willingness to torture their own people and fund terrorist attacks against civilians in Israel. It also ignores some of the main lessons of the Cold War.

    The Cold War was not an era of relative peace brought by the bomb. The Cold War was a never ending series of proxy wars all over the world because the major powers dared not engage each other directly. The world was a battlefield during the Cold War. If the Iranians obtain nuclear weapons, there is no reason to believe they will become less aggressive. There is good reason to think they will double-down on their aggression once they obtain a nuclear deterrent, drawing the U.S. into a conflict with their proxies eventually.

    The best hope for peace is to maintain sanctions against them–until they come back into compliance with the NPT. The longer and harsher the downside of pursuing nuclear weapons is greater than the upside, the more likely they are to abandon nuclear weapons. If anything, an additional libertarian solution would be to offer them a trade agreement if they come back into compliance with the NPT. The reason we’re legitimately not as worried about direct conflict with the Chinese anymore is because their economy now depends on our trade. There is no reason to think that there is something about being Iranian that makes them invulnerable to the desire to get rich by selling things to American consumers

    P.S. The reason Iran’s allies, China and Russia, voted to impose sanctions against them when they violated the NPT was because the future they saw with a nuclear armed Iran was such an ugly picture. Julian Sanchez needs to update the firmware on his crystal ball.

    1. Sanchez is just acting as a mouthpiece for the Iranian regime. The Iranian talking point is that they will have nukes no matter what and it is up to the west to appease them and make the best of it.

      When I see things like this I am left with the question on whose payroll is Sanchez. He is acting as a hack propaganda mouthpiece for one of the worst regimes in the world. I don’t think he is doing that for free. Forget Trump’s tax returns, I want to see the tax returns of every hack reporter and pundit in Washington. I have no doubt it would produce some very interesting revelations.

      1. I think it’s just TDS.

        I think their TDS is so bad that if Donald Trump is against Iran having nuclear weapons, it makes them in favor of it.

        I don’t know how to break them of that, but if they’re susceptible to social justice speak, maybe that kind of thing balances it out?

        Iran is a state sponsor of terror with a terrorist army. They demonstrably thinks nothing of targeting civilians as a political strategy–and would certainly target US civilians if they thought it behooved them to do so. In the weird world of social justice speak, however, maybe the only good reason to oppose Iran obtaining nuclear weapons is that Iran is opposed to gay marriage. How can we just let Iran obtain nuclear weapons, Sanchez, when they oppose gay marriage?

        1. America just cannot be stopped no matter what 5th Columnists try, so a new strategy is to support nuclear proliferation.

          As for the Muslim opposition to gays, Lefties dont care about gays. They are using gays in the identity game. Lefties are willing to put all gun owners in gulags or murder us to gain power and we are tens of millions strong. The gay population in the USA is minuscule in comparison.

          1. Additionally Ken, I would not be so sure that China does not support Iran having nukes. China clearly has different objectives in the future than the USA.

            China helped Pakistan get started on their nuke program and continues to help. IIRC, China also helped India a tiny bit. Chinese help for Pakistan could be a regional check to India’s nukes that the USA also helped on. I dont know enough about it but it seems risky to help countries get nukes on your southern border. That is like the USA helping Mexico get nukes.

            Russia and China are not allies. Even when the USSR was around, China and the USSR were very suspicious of each other as nuke powers and sharing a border.

            Iran shares a border with Russia and has long been suspicious of Russia’s intentions to have warm water ports in South Asia. China making a deal with Iran for oil either by tanker or via pipeline through Afghanistan seems like a viable plan.

            I am sure that China has plans to seize oil in Indonesia and anywhere else close if they go to war with the USA. Russia could provide oil but China seems determined to secure multiple sources in case one sources is lost. Without oil, China is fucked. All those tanks, APCs, ships, and planes wont move without it.

    2. No war with Iran, Euros coming aboard with sanctions, protesters in Iran chanting “death to Khamenei”

      Must just be luck and hindsight bias

      1. The legacy media is still pitching the ‘BRINK OF WAR!!!!’ bullshit; we we never at the brink of war except between the ears of TDS victims.

  33. Michael Avenatti Arrested Again, This Time For Alleged Bail Violations

    Haha. Remember when unreason used this guy as a source against Trump. This shitbag was stealing from his own clients, including Stormy Daniels.


    What ever happened to Stormy? My wife and I saw her on a porno a few months ago. She was sucking some mean dick.

    1. Michael, pay stormi – pay your damned bills. Dude owes money all over town – including to known pornographers.

  34. California Teachers Could Be Required To Teach About Climate Change

    Who on here said California has good schools?

    At least Lefties are finally admitting they want to teach religion in schools.

    1. Public school is for people who are too poor or too ignorant to get out of it.

  35. “Uber’s new policies could encourage discrimination, advocates fear”
    “The changes are Uber’s attempt to shield itself from being forced to reclassify drivers as employees under the state’s new gig-work law, AB5, but some outside groups say the overhaul creates conditions for prejudicial treatment.”

    Screw with the market, what could possibly go wrong? I mean that union-rep hag who pushed the bill is really smart, right?

  36. “And Iraq? That was “the worst foreign policy blunder in the modern history of this country,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.).”

    Bernie must be losing his memory. I guess he forgot about Vietnam.

    1. World War 1 and the War of 1812, but yeah.

      Bernie probably thinks history began with the October Revolution.

      1. 1. Taking out Qaddafi
        2. WWI

        Nothing else comes close to those two

    1. I’ve heard several interviews with Fisher. His company has the horsepower to make it happen too.

  37. “Trump support for Iran protesters could fuel anti-US forces”
    “WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s embrace of anti-government protesters in Iran is another departure from his predecessors, who feared such overt support could backfire and inadvertently help hard-liners in the Islamic Republic.”

    AP straw-grasping editorial, masquerading as “journalism”.

    1. I don’t think there has ever been a repressive leftist regime that Democrats didn’t claim supporting dissidents would just make things worse. That is what they did clear through the Cold War.

      You can’t tell the truth about Iran or express support for the Iranians standing up for their freedom because that will just make the Mullahs angry and make things worse. Talk about cowardice and mendacity.

  38. >>”Is there any better time to have a president who might be not from either party?” asks Rep. Justin Amash (I–Mich.).

    have one now, loser. gracias.

  39. Democrats Chased the Peace Vote Last Night, but Can We Trust Them to Follow Through?


    They all chase the ‘peace vote’. Once in office they continue to bomb the same shit their predecessors did. Nothing ever gets taken off that list, only added. Trump is the only one in a while that hasn’t added anything to the list.

    1. +1000

    2. The last dem got the mother of all peace votes. The Nobel Peace prize, and how did that workout?

      1. Libya got their slave markets back

  40. “Democrats Chased the Peace Vote Last Night, but Can We Trust Them to Follow Through?”

    If the headline ends with a question…

  41. “Sanders also warned people not to get fooled again”

    He knows that the hypnotized never lie.

    1. bows for the New Revolution.

      1. Take a bath for the new revolution.

  42. Iran is going to get nuclear weapons sometime in the next 20 years.

    Yeah, ok, sure.

  43. If Trump could do this–

    Steve Doocy: “If re-elected, Donald Trump will allow you to take a shower in seven seconds.”

    Ainsley Earhardt: “Full shower flow, and bring back the lightbulb!”

    Brian Kilmeade: “Do you think that resonates?”

    Steve: “Everybody showers, everybody complains about the lightbulbs.”

    And bring back working toilets, washing machines and dishwashers, he’d win every state.

  44. Yesterday a friend told me the Trump administration had already rescinded the light bulb, shower, and toilet rules. I didn’t think they had that power — that they were either baked into legislation or adopted by administrative procedures that it would be arbitrary and capricious to reverse unless new facts were discovered. I suppose it might have been discovered that the low flow showers and toilets don’t actually save water, hence are useless toward any legislative mandate that required water savings but didn’t specify low flow.

  45. Still nothing on the Project Veritas videos? Huh.

  46. Chasing the peace vote rings hollow mere weeks after shutting down Tulsi by saying peace ‘is a Republican talking point” and deriding her efforts to achieve it by comparing her to trump shaking hands with n korea. Not one of these phonies stood up to defend her or peace when it meant begrudgingly implying trump might be doing something kinda right, at least some of the time.

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