Today in Supreme Court History

Today in Supreme Court History: January 10, 1842

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1/10/1842: Justice Peter Daniel's takes the judicial oath.

Justice Peter Daniel


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  1. Sorry dude, but some guys birthday DOES NOT count as Supreme Court history.

    More selectivity please.

    1. David,

      It’s just an ad. No different than all the other ads you see on the site.

      1. Even if it were an ad, such ads can contain relevant and interesting information.

        If this is an ad, it has the opposite of its intended effect.

        1. “If this is an ad, it has the opposite of its intended effect.”

          I disagree. Successful peddlers of certain goods know and flatter their target audiences with exquisite precision — and disregard nearly everything about anyone else. Someone who is bothered by these advertisements likely was never a candidate to purchase and therefore is not the advertiser’s concern.

    2. It’s not some random guy’s birthday, it’s the birthday of a former Supreme Court Justice. Maybe not the most relevant thing, but not quite as irrelevant as you imply.

      1. It is completely irrelevant.

    3. Actually, 1/10/1842 is the date he started on the Supreme Court, not his birthday. So it does count as Supreme Court history.

      Coincidentally, in other historical Supreme Court dates – the justices all sang happy birthday to him during their weekly conference the week of April 24th (His actual birthday)

      1. Ouch.

        Very ouch.

        1. Not sure what the Rev. is trying to say here…

      2. I am wondering if the post was maybe edited since I commented on it? Because at the time, I thought the same thing. That a birthday would be irrelevant, but the date of taking an oath would be relevant.

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