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Lincoln Chafee, Former Republican Senator and Independent Governor, Seeks Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

Chafee may be the first in an eventual wave of former Republicans seeking the Libertarian presidential nod.


Lincoln Chafee, who served as Rhode Island's Republican Senator from 1999 to 2007 (after serving as a Republican mayor in the highly Democratic city of Warwick for the previous six years), served as governor of Rhode Island from 2011 to 2015 as an independent, and ran for president in the 2016 cycle as a Democrat, on Wednesday will formally announce his intention to seek the Libertarian presidential nomination at an event at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Chafee's campaign website says he intends to "Protect Our Freedoms" and "Tell The Truth" and promises that under a President Chafee we'll see "No More Wars. No More Reckless Spending."

Chafee officially joined the Libertarian Party (L.P.) back in July, but he says in a phone interview today that he hadn't been planning a presidential run at first since he "expected other long-term Libertarians with elective experience to continue to want to be involved, Gov. [Gary] Johnson specifically." (Johnson, a former Republican governor of New Mexico, was the L.P.'s presidential candidate in 2012 and 2016.)

That didn't happen, and Chafee feels he's gotten "positive feedback" from meeting with Libertarians in "Miami, New Hampshire, Denver, and Rhode Island." His "anti-war, anti-deficit, strongly protective of civil liberties" message, particularly "after the events of last week in the Middle East" culminated in him thinking it was a good idea to run for president.

Chafee is aware that a significant portion of the L.P.'s delegate base, who will choose their standard-bearer at a May convention in Austin, Texas, are uncomfortable with perceived carpetbaggers attempting to secure the party's nomination without putting in the work. In a phone interview this morning, the L.P.'s national chair Nicholas Sarwark estimates the percentage likely to find Chafee's major party background a detriment, not a plus, could be as large as 25 percent.

But Chafee says his "30 year record of holding local, state, and federal offices" shows a politician who, at least a "lot of" the time, "aligns with the Libertarian philosophy" though he confesses "it doesn't always. Traveling around, not too many Libertarians I've met all agree with each other," he notes, but stresses that "on the big issues I've been very consistently anti-war, anti-deficit, [and] strongly in favor of civil liberties."

As far as conflicts that might be ahead with Libertarian partisans, Chafee says he's "a good listener" and also anticipates being willing to debate if called upon with his fellow contenders for the Libertarian presidential nomination. He doesn't think 100 percent agreement with every aspect of a party platform is something normally expected of any candidate with any party, but again thinks he should shine with Libertarians because "I am enthusiastically absolutely dedicated to not getting us into these quagmires overseas and ending foreign entanglements" and trying to curb the "$22.6 trillion debt." Those are the particular issues he wants to make central to his campaign, both for the nomination and, if he wins it, in the general election.

As far as facing Trump, should it come to that, Chafee says his career has made him skilled in "brass knuckle" political fighting.

One of the issues he's been dinged for in the past by libertarians is gun control, but Chafee says he's come to think "the reason there is more advocacy for strong Second Amendment protections is distrust of our government, and that distrust is legitimate."

"The biggest lie in American history," Chafee says, is that "Saddam [Hussein] had weapons of mass destruction and we invaded Iraq, and we are still there and it's getting worse. It's spread to Syria, Yemen, and it might spread to Iran."

In the wake of a generation grown up dealing with the dire effect of that lie, Chafee thinks, mistrust of the government makes total sense, and he does "believe the authors of the Second Amendment wrote it with that in mind, and if there is distrust of government we want to have a well-regulated armed militia."

Through his four major political affiliations, Chafee says, the throughline has been opposition to "fiscal irresponsibility" and "plunging into needless wars." That's why he left the Republicans, and why he thinks he's right for the Libertarians.

His professional political past could help earn media a more obscure Libertarian might not, he thinks, while "I also recognize the establishment [including the media] is in cahoots with the military-industrial complex; there is a bias from the establishment against anti-war candidates."

Sarwark says Chafee is wise to have begun his communication and visits with Libertarians on the state and local level early, which might help melt some anti-carpetbagger feeling. That he was the sole GOP Senate vote against the Iraq War should be a feather in his cap especially in the current foreign policy environment. Sarwark believes that when non-Libertarians get involved with the L.P., "they invariably become more libertarian by being around Libertarians."

Chafee has already shown a willingness to meet and talk to other L.P. candidates for other offices and is "trying to make himself helpful [to the L.P.] in whatever way he can," Sarwark says.

Sarwark suspects other Republicans, particularly those who are currently trying to primary Trump, might come sniffing around the L.P. before May as they get increasingly frustrated with "the president using the [Republican National Committee] to cancel primaries, avoiding debates." Perhaps people like Mark Sanford and Rocky De La Fuente might find the fairness of the L.P. process—delegates assemble at a convention and vote on a candidate, bare majority wins, with no powers above them (neither primary voters nor party bosses) controlling delegate votes—attractive. Plus, "whoever wins the nomination ends up on all the same ballots the Democrat and Republican will" for president, so why should they beat their heads against the wall of the RNC?

While his intentions remain a mystery publicly, there is always the chance former Republican and current independent congressman from Michigan Justin Amash might want to take his desire to tussle with Trump to the L.P. convention floor.

Chafee campaign manager Christopher Thrasher, an old L.P. hand, says Chafee wants to meet and learn from the L.P. rank and file and does not intend to run a campaign dictated by outside professional consultants or anything that could read as "Republican-lite or Democrat-lite," he notes. "Chafee has been elected as an independent, and his fundraising and support goes beyond [party affiliation] and is based on advocating issues that matter to Libertarians: anti-war and anti-deficit."

He adds that Chafee "has been in electoral politics for more than 30 years without a single scandal, which shows his integrity," part of why Chafee's campaign slogan is "Lead with Truth."

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134 responses to “Lincoln Chafee, Former Republican Senator and Independent Governor, Seeks Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

  1. We Koch / Reason libertarians don’t have much use for the Libertarian Party anymore. The Democrats have mostly embraced our fundamental, non-negotiable principle — open borders. The pro-freedom approach this November is just to support the Democratic nominee.

    (Unless it’s Tulsi Gabbard.)

    1. #EmbraceTulsi

      1. #embraceTulsifrombehind

        1. Chloroform, or no chloroform?

    2. not a real libertarian, just a trolling democrat.

      1. +1000

      2. Be nice-he’s more libertarian than Bill Weld

        1. more libertarian than Bill Weld = lowest bar ever

    3. Wrong!

      Open Borders Libertarians use the Libertarian Party to try to siphon Republican votes from Trump’s #AmericaFirst campaign.

      Hence they run #NeverTrumper former Republicans as their candidate for President.

      By the way:
      “The biggest lie in American history,” Chafee says, is that “Saddam [Hussein] had weapons of mass destruction and we invaded Iraq, ”

      Was Chafee against the Iraq War at the time?

      Trump was.

      1. Didn’t Trump say “I guess so” when asked at the time if he supported the war?

      2. Per the article he was the lone GOP vote against the Iraq Invasion in the Senate. So yeah not only was he against it, he voted against it showing at least some moral conviction in his voting.

        1. He’s not a Republican and never has been.

          But yeah one of his few qualities is that he voted against the Iraq war.

  2. >>uncomfortable with perceived carpetbaggers attempting to secure the party’s nomination without putting in the work

    or anyone who would *want* to be president. how long is the list of guys who have put in the work?

    1. ran for president in the 2016 cycle as a Democrat

      Lincoln Chafee is the liberaltarian jackalope the LP deserves.

      1. A total stiff.

      2. This douche ain’t getting an LP vote from me.

        Hes gotta be for tiny and limited government.
        Slashing federal budgets by 50%+
        Strong common defense of the USA
        Absolute gun rights.
        Strengthening property rights

        1. I’m with you. Where’s he been on the 2nd amendment for the rest of his life? That’s the litmus test, and he fails it. Now ALL OF A SUDDEN, he’s big on the 2nd amendment when he wants the spotlight.

          1. Exactly; I watched him during the Democratic Debate in 2015 and he was likened to Kermit the Frog.

          2. He’s not at all big on the 2nd Amendment. The giveaway: ‘and he does “believe the authors of the Second Amendment wrote it with that in mind, and if there is distrust of government we want to have a well-regulated armed militia.”

        2. I might listen to him if he worked hard to end all the Drug Wars.

          Addiction is a symptom of PTSD. Says Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine Eric Kandel in his book, “The Disordered Mind.”

        3. Would you hold a Republican candidate to such scrutiny?

          1. You can go to the GOP website and look at their platform.

            If they dont mostly follow that platform then they are not a Republican.

            Same goes for Democrats. I just have never heard of a DINO that was actually a Republican.

            1. Way to dodge the question. I’m not interested in the Republican Party platform. I’m curious what principles are important to you, LC, as a “true” libertarian.

              Let me rephrase. The list above that you imply is your criteria for voting for an LP candidate, is it also the criteria for which you would support a Republican candidate?

            2. Way to dodge the answer.

  3. I mean, being anti-war and anti-deficit are good things, assuming he is telling the truth. However, being anti-deficit doesn’t tell the whole story–is he proposing to significantly raise taxes? Because that would be much worse.

    I have no problem with “carpetbaggers” as long as they are at least moderately libertarian. Johnson meets that for sure, Weld not so much, Chafee, well, it doesn’t exactly look like it.

  4. Funny that he thinks the biggest lie in American history was just 18 years ago. How about the late 1800s Progressives, like saying the Fed would stabilize the ecoomy, or the income tax remaining on the rich, or anything associated with the New Deal? Woodrow Wilson’s lies about WW I killed far more American’s than Bush’s lie and led directly to WW II. Roosevelt’s shenanigans to spook the Japanese, or his running for a third term, were far more consequential. John Adams violating the 1st Amendment so soon after adopting it probably contributed greatly to thinking the Constitution meant nothing.

    1. Getting stomped by your betters in the culture war has made you cranky.

      1. Good God Almighty. I got the Reverend against me too!

        Socks to the left, socks to the right, it really socks to be me!

        1. Sock it.

        2. Haha. Kind of a gratuitous, misplaced shot. The rev parody is wearing thin. Xe will be missed.

      2. Rev I think you attacked the wrong guy here. He is not a Trumpkin. Just a fiscally conservative real libertarian. He mentioned nothing about culture wars.

    2. Drugs cause addiction is a very big lie.

      Addiction is a symptom of PTSD. Says Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine Eric Kandel in his book, “The Disordered Mind.”

    3. And then there was LBJ who said the NV’s attacked a destroyer with a pontoon boat (bit of exaggeration).

    4. I thought possibly the biggest lie was, “These blankets are clean”.

  5. After that first paragraph I’m, like, no thanks. He’s just bouncing around looking for a place to fit in. He probably hasn’t killed anyone or even smoked pot. He may even know what a leppo. So not libertarian.

    1. …what a leppo is.

      1. Years later, nobody knows what a leppo is.

        1. I’m still a fan of the pepper.

          1. Dr?

                1. So that’s what a leppo is.

  6. Anybody who could get himself elected state-wide in Rhode Island…you don’t want him.

    1. Rhode island has legal brothels. He has ENBs vote.

      1. Not any more.

    2. RI would be a lot better if they built a wall along the Mass. border. They copy most of their progtarded ideas from Mass.

  7. He chafes me the wrong way.

    1. +1

    2. You’re “lincoln” yourself to some bad puns, Don’t look at me!

  8. Maybe someday Libertarians will put in the hard work of local Libertarian parties running candidates in local races all over the country.

    And someday after that, building on their local-level success, Libertarians will put in the hard work of state Libertarian parties running candidates in state races all over the country.

    And someday after that, building on their state-level success, Libertarians will finally be able to put in a decent showing for presidential candidates.

    Someday… is not this year.

    1. It will never happen that way. Only the catastrophic collapse of one or both major parties, creating a vacuum to be filled, will allow new parties to come forward and be competitive. The ascendance of any new major party will be top-down, not bottom-up. The good news is that both current major parties are on life support—the catastrophe could come soon.

    2. If your goal is votes, then guys like Sarwark, Weld and this butt chafer are the way to go. If you wants to change hearts and minds, you need someone like Ron Paul, and the only candidate who fits that description is Jacob Hornberger.

      1. Where is the proof Chafee can win votes in a national election? He stands for nothing and is a bore. At least Johnson was a pothead.

      2. Ron Paul is a dirty Republican. He started as a Republican, did the carpetbagger thing and ran with the LP, but did not win the national election and so when back to being a Republican again.

        This is exactly the thing you hated about Barr, Johnson, and Chafee.

        1. Ron Paul’s message never changed. You’re purposefully conflating political tactics with the message itself. Nice try, Sarwark.

          I’d bet all my savings that Chafee hasn’t read a page of Rothbard in his life.

          1. I wouldn’t take that bet. He’s too much of a dimwit. He’s actually a farrier by training who’s electoral success was due to running on his father’s reputation, and his father was the typical Northeast RINO leftist like Weld.

    3. Libertarian spoiler votes have upended cruel Comstock and Kristallnacht laws since 1972. Of course Republican nationalsocialists are butthurt over their campaign money going down the toilet with such leveraged schadenfreude. Booo hoo hoo!

  9. “No More Wars. No More Reckless Spending.”

    “No More Bullshit.”

    1. No more “reckless” spending. There’s a Channel Tunnel sized loophole. How ’bout “no new spending”? That would be a real start.

      1. Fine, common sense spending only. OK? Happy?

  10. The ‘meh’ heard round the world

    1. spork! How could you? LOL

  11. Where could have Chaffee gotten the notion that the most important thing to Libertarians is an isolationist foreign policy? That everything else from economic, to civil liberties is a mere negotiable quibble ?

    1. Opposing wars of aggression and isolationism are hardly the same thing. But you know that.

      1. I doubt that. Too many people conflate too many words.

        Anarchy and Chaos.

        Non-intervention and Isolation.

        Anti-Trump and Pro-Hillary.

        1789 and 1791.

        1. Alphabet troll and unreason sock troll.

      2. You cannot be simultaneously engaged with the world and unentangled with it. It is a logical contradiction.

  12. I suppose tomorrow is when reason will do a similar article on Jacob Hornberger’s campaign?

    1. Way too free-market, way too anti-taxes, way too pro-gun… He would scare the whole country. 🙂

      1. The guy isn’t even into having having Robert Dear and jackbooted minions shooting doctors to force them smug uppity Jezebels into labor to bear their papist rapists’ issue. So of course God’s Own Prohibitionists have as much use for him as National Socialists had for a Jew-lover. If he studies the platform and groks the value of spoiler votes, he can certainly audition for the part. It’s not as if the Kleptocracy would let him win even if Pence were indicted and quit, and The Don were impeached and resigned. But 4 million LP spoiler votes really sting something vicious.

        1. You say the same bizarre shit every comment.

          1. And he’ll never share what drugs he’s on.

        2. Hank Phillips You are very obsessed with abortion. That is strange for a male. The cuck is strong with you.

  13. Shit. Bad news. I guess we’ll have to vote for a moderate statist again…

    1. Well… Trump is far more Libertarian-ish than this guy or any LP federal candidate in years. Most of that is deserved because of what Trump has accomplished as President.

      1. I’m voting for Trump. He’s lowered the corporate income tax, and that alone is worth more to the common man who need a paycheck than all the bullshit we’ve heard from wannabees. Furthermore, he’s put one, really good, young libertarian on the supreme court. And, his Secretary of Education supports private schools. What the shit do you people want: perfection, or pretty good? We’re supposed to get all gushee over Lincoln Chafee? Forget it.

      2. In the parallel universe where trade wars and spending increases are libertarian.

        1. Free trade is exactly about getting a better business deal if one of the parties wants it. Americans want that better deal.

          Congress controls the purse, so how is that Trump’s fault again?

          As I said and you failed to successfully challenge, Trump is Libertarian-ish.

          1. Trump signed the budgets, genius. Could you be any dumber? As for trade, libertarians support unilateral free trade. Period. Not “fair trade” or tariffs. So you’re NOT a libertarian. Trump’s trade war has not resulted in any kind of game changing deal and in the meantime harm American consumers and certain industries like agriculture. It’s simply NOT worth it.

          2. Free trade is about individuals freely trading with other individuals without jackbooted government thugs sticking their noses in it.

          3. These poor new sock trolls.

            Its laughable what their coders tell them Libertarianism is.

            1. When your only response is to call people sock trolls instead of refuting their arguments, you’ve lost. Trade wars = big government STATISM.

            2. Pro-tax “libertarian.” Lol.

      3. Hes gotta be for tiny and limited government.
        Slashing federal budgets by 50%+
        Strong common defense of the USA
        Absolute gun rights.
        Strengthening property rights

        Trump has signed bills with ridiculous amounts of new spending and is currently presiding over a government with $1T deficits. He urged Congress to reauthorize NSA spying. He has unilaterally increased tariffs without Congress ever voting on them. He unilaterally banned bump stocks. He signed a bill to raise the age to purchase tobacco to 21… Shall I continue?

        Trump has done some good things. But “libertarian-ish”, he is not.

        1. Congress controls the purse and send veto-proof budgets to Trump. he should have vetoed them anyway but the budgets passed without his signature.

          Tariffs are not un-Libertarian. If tariffs were used to run a tiny and limited federal government, like in the 18th Century, it would be great.

          Banning bump stocks was unconstitutional. It was his only case of gun control, so its a negative but all his positive makes his Libertarian-ish. Its also why he is not a Libertarian.

          As for the tobacco age of 21, Age of Majority regulation is perfectly Libertarian. I think its ridiculous to set 21 and age for some things and 18 for military service but that is what debate is for. I am not fundamentally against 21 being the Age of Majority.

          There is no constitutional power to ban products and services. Minor regulation is perfectly constitutional and Libertarian. Tobacco is being regulated not banned. After a quick check, it appears that the Age 21 smoking bill was attached to the federal budget so that Congressional vote was also veto-proof.

          What else you got?


          1. You got nothing but excuses. If you can die in an interventionist war at 18, you should be able to smoke at 18. As far as tariffs are concerned, there is a difference between having low tariffs to fund a limited government and ungodly high tariffs designed to protect industries. I’m amazed you don’t know the difference despite claiming to be a libertarian. You really need to peruse the Mises Institute website. You also said nothing about Trump’s support for the NSA.

          2. Poor Vince.

            His coder has a bunch to say.

            1. Another fail by ihateconstitution1789.

            2. Fake libertarian.

  14. “No More Wars. No More Reckless Spending.”

    I’m not really down with the un-reckless spending either. He already got beat by Bernie in 2016. This is a step in the wrong direction, but I don’t think Libertarians would nominate the guy anyways.

  15. He’s a credible candidate with time served in the Senate and as a state governor. He was always an honest person and a voice of fiscal restraint. Weld is too weird especially his anti-2A positions. Amash is great for liberties but his extreme religious convictions get in the way (e.g. votes FOR big government control over who can marry whom), and no way that Johnson will run again. So I think Chafee could be the choice.

    1. “Extreme religious convictions” here meaning “agrees with the majority position for thousands of years.”

      It’s ok to disagree with the majority, but claiming that the majority is “extreme” just makes you a liar.

    2. Anyone who wins office in New England is suspiciously not Libertarian. They really have to prove their Libertarian credentials to get my LP vote.

      1. You’re also suspiciously not libertarian.

  16. I’d rank Gulf of Tonkin above Saddam’s WMD’s in terms of deceit.

  17. the world of politics is no less endless to continue to be discussed berita politik

  18. The squishiest squish who ever did squish. Cooked spaghetti is more firm in its resolve.

  19. He was just on Kennedy, and does not support legalizing drugs, or allowing us to carry AR-15’s, so he can just fuck off.

    But if he supports open borders I look forward to numerous articles supporting him here, cuz that’s clearly a more important issue to libertarians.

    1. +1000

      Unreason will run endless articles because of open borders.

      1. Of course. Invasion USA is Reason’s core value.

        In the 21st century, libertarians are going to have make common cause with the globalists of all parties, with the people whose core value is the right of individuals to move freely around the planet.

        Watching The Brink made me think that for all the other differences Reason has with the socialist magazine Jacobin, it may matter far more that we share a belief in open borders.

    2. Seriously? Pro drug war, and against semi auto rifles if they “look scary” enough… Fuck this cunt.

  20. Not really feeling the Chafee-mentum.

    1. How’s Mike doing? Haven’t heard from you two in awhile.

  21. Chafee may be the first in an eventual wave of former Republicans seeking the Libertarian presidential nod.

    Just like Bill “I’m here vouching for Mrs. Clinton” Weld was? Can the libertarian party not fish up one single person who is not:
    A) Astroturfing for one of the main political parties
    B) High on drugs
    C) Hiding in a bunker
    D) All of the above?

    This doesn’t feel like an exceptionally high bar here, but the LP aims to disappoint!

    1. Yeah, his name is Ron Paul… But he already did his time in the LP, and moved along. And now he’s too damn old. I do wonder where the 21st century Ron Paul is though. Rand is OKAY, and Amash was alright before he went total TDS, but Ron is pretty much the only politician I have ever agreed with damn near 100% of the time. We need him with more charisma if we ever want to turn this country around.

  22. this is one of those fake news/onion joke articles right?…lol…funny stuff

  23. The LP’s founders, Nolan et al, recognized that the LP would grow by attracting tons of people who previously were supporters of the two major parties. Maybe some of them would even be prominent persons. The danger was would they be true to LP principles or would they water the LP down? So the founders installed a pledge that a new member had to take and that pledge is still required 48 years later for membership. Yeah, you could lie but that would become apparent pretty quickly if you stood for nomination. Bumper Hornberger is true to that pledge.
    The question is: Is Chaffee?

    1. Does that pledge address legal drugs and the 2nd amendment? What about baking the cake? Supporting Hillary?

  24. Would Chaffe end the Fed and bring back the gold standard? No.

    Would Chaffee respect gun owner’s rights? No.

    etc etc etc

    Candidate rejected.

  25. Chaffee is wrong on too many issues and his brand isn’t big enough to attract votes. He’s a bad choice for the LP.

  26. Chafee’s foreign policy isn’t libertarian; rather, he simply prefers different forms of US government meddling in foreign affairs, mostly forms that involve giving crooks lots of money and access to the US.

    Do not want.

  27. Yeah… As I’ve suspected for a long time, I’m going to NOT be voting for the Libertarian candidate for the first time in my life in 2020. As shitty as Trump is on a lot of stuff, I’m going to vote for him out of spite towards all the idiot commies in the USA and my state in particular. The liberal tears last time were priceless… This time I’m hoping his reelection will cause literal brain aneurysms!

  28. The LP has no chance of winning anyway, but it would be suicide for the brand to nominate this cretin. He has no core beliefs; he’s flip flopped on everything. As 2016 proved, simply nominating an ex-governor doesn’t make the LP’s nominee any more viable of a candidate. So at least nominate a real libertarian, even if nobody has ever heard of the person. If Chafee wins the nomination, people will think the LP is simply a centrist party of ex-Republicans and Democrats who stand for nothing. If Amash ran for the LP nomination, I would support him. He is a real libertarian. I don’t think he’s interested in the self destructive Libertarian Party, though. The best chance for libertarians is to continue electing libertarian leaning Republicans like Rand Paul (not Trump).

  29. The Libertarian party has no chance at winning by running a failed Republican for President. How about picking a real libertarian?

    1. Okay. Okay, I’ll run. Start sending the campaign contributions because I need some clothes and a plane.

  30. Lincoln Chafee: NOPE.

    He is for affirmative action…
    gun control….

    The Lefty wikipedia minions are already sanitizing his wikipedia page to make him LINO. The Lefty strategy is now to attempt to siphon off Trump votes into a LINO.

    Since the Lefties are reading unreason a bunch, as a Libertarian I am voting for Trump. So fuck YOU Lefties. We see what you are trying to do.

    1. Lincoln Chafee, Former Republican Senator and Independent Governor, Seeks Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

      Doherty also leaves off that this chump is a Democrat.

      Trump is winning reelection, unreason, no matter what you try.

  31. Chafee may be the first in an eventual wave of former Republicans seeking the Libertarian presidential nod.


    Former republicans is pretty much the LP norm.

    If they couldn’t get the Rep nom, they go for the LP nom as consolation prize.

    Actual libertarians who try for it are quickly tossed aside in favor of Rep also-rans who endorse their opponents and understand that they’re here to spoil in favor of the DNC and nothing else.

  32. A good sign that Chafee has Thrasher running his campaign. An LP member, former LNC Chair candidate, and IIRC, a former campaign staffer for Mike Gravel when he ran in 2008 for the LP presidential nod.

    My opinion on Chafee is the same as that for Gravel. He will not get the nomination. He’s a poor fit for the LP. But it will be good to have him in the nomination hunt, as it will bring added publicity to the party and the race for the nomination.

    And, unlike Gravel, who started running for the LP nomination late, having dropped out of the Democratic primaries that year, Chafee is working on aligning his messaging, to make him a better libertarian messenger, though his past record will be held against him with much of the delegates.

    TL;DR: I welcome you to the race, Lincoln, but I won’t be voting for you.

    1. I get your argument for more LP attention but it really is a double edged sword because its not good attention. Chafee is NOT a Libertarian as far as I can see.

      LINOs do real damage to the Libertarian brand since they blur what Libertarians actually stand for.

      The GOP is full of RINOs and they cause massive problems for actual Republicans.

      There is likely nefarious reasons for infiltrating a Party that you dont like what the people stand for to sabotage it. It could be that these Judas’ have nowhere else to go and they are so used to Lefties accepting the bullshit they shovel, that they think Libertarians will too.

  33. Cannot the Libertarian Party come up with someone who is actually libertarian? Chaffe isn’t even close.

    1. The Libertarian party lacks serious candidates, because all the serious people figured out that it had been rendered a dead end by campaign ‘reforms’, and found something else to do with their time.

  34. Oh goody another white male boomer to run against trump and biden

    1. Insightful comment, but how do you know he identifies as male ? or white ?… or a boomer ?

      And not to be a sticky Tuesday, but the D’s don’t have a candidate yet, and Biden has about as much momentum as a sea cucumber.

  35. Assuming Democrats won’t nominate Tulsi or Yang, I’ll be voting for peace and prosperity in principle, and ballot access in practice, not so much for the actual candidate, but at least Chafee can handle himself on TV better than Johnson.

  36. It would be hilarious if Chafee tips RI to Trump, who was the first republican since Bush I to crack 40 percent there, and he’s not going to be peeling away Trump voters. He also could flip ME and NH red. No doubt the dems are shitting their pants over this already

    1. +1000

      Election 2020 is gonna shock those Lefties that are too scared to find information outside their bubble.

  37. Forgive me for being a bit leery. I appreciate being anti-war, anti-deficit, and pro-civil liberties, but that’s only part of the equation. How does he feel about taxes, regulation, and capitalism? I’m glad he seems to be coming around on the Second Amendment at least. And of course the main issue here is that libertarians, as the name implies, come at all issues from the position of maximizing liberty. If you just coincidentally line up on a few issues, that doesn’t mean you’re philosophically reliable.

  38. “One of the issues he’s been dinged for in the past by libertarians is gun control, but Chafee says he’s come to think “the reason there is more advocacy for strong Second Amendment protections is distrust of our government, and that distrust is legitimate.”

    Pandering bullshit, plain and simple. Chafee is a well-established life-long gun-grabber; as was his daddy, the “Republican” governor, who continually pushed for a total ban on the manufacture,
    sale and possession of handguns.

    If LPUS insists on continuing to saddle us with “carpetbagger converts of convenience” like Barr, Bill “I’ll always be a LIbertarian” Weld, and now Chafee, they’re writing their own corporate epitaph. Libertarian gun owners are gun owners first, and gun owners never forget an enemy.

  39. No More Reckless Spending.

    Isn’t reckless spending the definition of running for president on the Libertarian Party ticket?

  40. Curious. I watched this guy in multiple Democratic debates and he presented absolutely no hints of being pro-small-government. Strongly anti-war, yeah, sure. Otherwise he campaigned as a completely standard middle-of-the-road Democrat. Jim Webb ran circles around him in terms of desirability to a libertarian.

    I don’t feel like this sudden change of heart is any more than naked opportunism on his part, insomuch as a ceiling of “winning 0.4% of the national popular vote in a presidential election” can be called opportunity.

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