'No War but Class War' at D.C.'s Iran Protest

About 1,000 left-wing demonstrators marched from the White House to Trump International Hotel to protest U.S. aggression against Iran.


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Anti-war demonstrators gathered in the nation's capital today to voice their opposition to the Trump administration's recent aggressive actions against Iran, including the Friday drone strike slaying of high-ranking Iranian military official Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad, and the deployment of thousands more U.S. troops to the region.

Up to 1,000 demonstrators gathered in Lafayette Park, just outside the White House, to listen to a slate of speakers organized by the left-wing ANSWER Coalition and Code Pink, before marching en masse on Trump International Hotel about a half-mile away.

The two groups had also organized rallies in dozens of cities across the U.S. and Canada.

"We stand against the U.S government and its unilateral bombing of Iraq, and its war of occupation in Iraq," said Sean Blackman, one of several speakers to address the crowd.

Attendees filled the air with chants of "no justice, no peace. U.S. out of the Middle East" while waving anti-war signs provided by ANSWER and the Party of Socialism and Liberation.

"Republicans, Democrats, independents, socialists…don't want another Iraq, don't want another Libya, don't want another Vietnam," said Brian Becker, ANSWER's national director.

It was a message that resonated with Michael Marceau, the D.C. chapter head of Veterans for Peace, who was at the rally.

"This is personal to a lot of us," Marceau, who described himself as a Vietnam veteran, told Reason while holding an upside-down American flag. "I have severe and permanent injuries as a result of my time in the service. Donald Trump has just put a target on any American servicemember in Iraq, Afghanistan, and that part of the world."

"Violence is never going to solve problems, or create long-term stability," said Tori Bateman, another attendee who works with the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker anti-war group.

Saturday's rally, she said, offered "a good chance to let other people who aren't aware know that something is happening and they need to wake up and do something about it", adding that it also presented an opportunity to hear perspectives of other organizations opposed to U.S. interventionism abroad.

Indeed, it did. The demonstration was knee-deep in activists railing against racism, police militarization, fossil fuels, and capitalism more generally.

"The climate change movement, and the peace movement must be one movement," said one speaker. "The folks hit hardest [by U.S. wars abroad] are average people, workers, laborers," said another, telling the crowd that "we can build a country without billionaires." This elicited cheers and a shout of "no war but class war." A contingent of protesters from the Democratic Socialists of America unfurled a large banner in the rear of the crowd.

The protest wasn't entirely comprised of left-wing activists. Reason spoke with a handful of self-identified libertarians who'd also come to voice their opposition to government meddling abroad.

"The idea [Soleimani's death] is making Americans safer" is ludicrous said Luca Gattoni-Celli, one such libertarian who'd showed up to the rally with a large Gadsden Flag. "This is life and death. We should be more humble about our ability to change other countries."

(Gattoni-Celli's Gadsden Flag proved controversial with at least one other demonstrator who called it a racist symbol and threatened to tear it down.)

Conspicuously absent from an election year rally organized to protest a Republican president's foreign policy was much sign of Trump's mainstream Democratic opposition.

Several attendees did sport Bernie Sanders paraphernalia, and campaign workers for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D–Hawaii) were circulating through the crowd passing out literature. There certainly didn't appear to be many Buttigieg or Biden shirts on display.

There also didn't appear to be many MAGA voters upset at Trump for not sticking to his promise of not embroiling the country in more wars in the Middle East.

That's in contrast to other D.C. rallies targeting Trump's policies, including a 2018 anti-family separation protest Reason covered, where demonstrators appeared to be primarily mainline liberals and progressives.

That they didn't show up for this demonstration is partly a product of it being organized by fringe left-wing groups. Nevertheless, the fact that more mainstream pro-peace rallies haven't been organized suggests Democratic presidential candidates and their supporters—whatever they feel about Trump's foreign policy—are not prioritizing the issue.

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  1. Only 1000 commies turned out in DC on a Saturday? Thw Workers World Party is slipping.

    1. And where were all these fags during the Obama years?

      There is no peace movement. There is only an anti Trump movement.

      1. +1000

    2. Yea, that number is very underwhelming.
      Does most of the staff have the flu?

    3. Well, Trump doesn’t give them free days off from their government jobs like Obama would have.


    4. ‘No War but Class War’

      The Commies still want war, just their war against American wealth.

      1. One could pretty much wrap that up to, “war against America” as defined by the US Constitution.

    5. What’s funny to me, is it took Trump to get Democrat voters to start being against the wars Bush and Obama fomented and continued.

      It’s even funnier that they’re protesting against Trump to bring the troops home, when Obama didn’t, Clinton promised to continue and bragged about imposing crippling sanctions against Iran, and only Trump spoke of bringing the troops home.

  2. Looks like local news to me.

  3. They seem to have gotten lost for a span of about 8 years, didn’t they?

    1. Well, they were tired from all the anti-Bush marching, and besides Obama got the U.S. out of all the places he said he would, and closed down Guantanamo too.

      1. And was given a Peace Prize for only starting 3 or 4 more wars! What a guy!

      2. BTW, turd seems to have gone missing; he hasn’t been here telling us what a wonderful POTUS Obo was and how he managed to keep a bottom-of-the-well economy increasing at some pathetic rate for such a starting point.
        We can hope he OD’d, but I wonder if Reason didn’t get fed up with him inventing new names to skate around the ban-hammer.

        1. Shriek?

    2. I was wondering that too, and why it took them three additional years to get 1000 people for this march.

      1. Why? Because you’re a cyber bully psychopath!

        1. Needs more caps and bolding. And some links to what you posted a day ago.

    3. Sevo with his simple mind, and simple talking points. But now Pro-war. Keep playing teams simple thug.

      1. ohlookMarketthugs
        January.5.2020 at 7:10 pm
        “Sevo with his simple mind, and simple talking points. But now Pro-war.”

        One of out fuicking lefty ignoramuses with his bumper-sticker ‘policies’. And, no, you pathetic piece of shit; nowhere will you find I’m ‘pro war’ except in for the voices in your head.

  4. The climate change movement, and the peace movement must be one movement…

    Message pollution is the best way to make certain none of the individual ideas gets traction.

    Did the crowd at least reach inauguration size?

    1. My thoughts too, probably only the organizers actually care about Iran, the other 995 people would have literally protested over anything given the chance.

  5. What? Get out of the Middle East? Abandon our allies, like Trump abandoned the Kurds?

  6. Did they protest when US forces made a mess in libya?

  7. They would probably protest putting down a rabid dog.
    Oh, they are.

  8. They’re back! All of the anti-war protesters who found nothing worth marching for while Obama was POTUS are back. With all of their fierce moral authority and whatnot.

    1. You misspelled “bullshit”.

    2. This is literally the group for which the phrase was coined, “They’re not anti-war, they’re just on the other side.”

  9. ‘No War but Class War’

    So the Left is okay if we start shooting Socialists?

    1. Oh, I thought class warfare meant school shootings .

      1. Right, just not at private schools, only government schools.

    2. There are plenty of socialists being shot in Bolivia and Brazil, but these people are on their side.

      1. If you unpack the data you realize the entire population of Bolivia or Brazil–or anywhere else in South America–is Socialist. Roughly half of everyone are nationalsocialist Jesus freaks and the other half are international socialist Che freaks. Citizens are typically forced at gunpoint to vote for whatever 30 or so subsidized socialist/fascist parties on the ballot. So anytime anyone in South America is shot it’s socialists shooting socialists in all but maybe 5% of cases–just like in North America.

  10. “…”Violence is never going to solve problems, or create long-term stability,” said Tori Bateman, another attendee who works with the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker anti-war group…”

    This person could really gain a rep if s/he were to also address Antifa thuggishness.

    1. Yes, if by “gain a rep” you mean “incur a skull fracture”.

    2. Also, violence solves a lot of problems.
      Possibly most.
      If you’re going to oppose violence, gotta provide details

    3. He said Antifa! Ten points to ignorance

      1. You really are a fucking retarded twat.

      2. ohlookMarketthugs
        January.5.2020 at 7:11 pm
        “…Ten points to ignorance”

        No one is keeping score any longer; you’ve won in a landslide, scumbag.

  11. Unsatisfied with projecting hate and elitism towards the white, blue collar, middle class of the Midwest, the modern Jane Fondas of the progressive party will now make the Iranian government out to be the good guys. As someone who opposes going to war with Iran, I could hardly think of a worse development for the anti-war cause.

    Where’s Justin Raimondo when we need him?

    1. I’m sure we’ll see Tehran Jane straddling a silkworm missile any time now.

      1. +100

    2. You’re right. It’s unfortunate that Justin Raimondo died so young and the anti-war movement lost that voice, however, we still have Scott Horton. If you haven’t read or listened to Scott Horton already, I would strongly suggest it.

      1. I do find it amusing that these physicists create such deadly weapons for tyrannical governments and then advocate peace.

        Lawyers are generally scumbags.

        Not that people who advocate non-violence should not be heard but I am still suspicious of their motivations. Simply saying you are for peace is not always about peace.

    3. Hey, it’s Ken the resident racist. Poor Ken, he feels so abused as a white person. Have you come to tell us how mad you are when Reason mentions racism?

      1. Have you come to tell us you’ve touched a woman intimately for the first time in your life?

      2. ohlookMarketthugs
        January.5.2020 at 7:13 pm
        “Hey, it’s Ken the resident racist.”

        Hey, it’s one of our lefty ignoramuses showing up to prove how stooooopid a person can be!

  12. I think they killed the guy who was in charge of retaliation.

    1. Iran names new leader of proxy forces to replace Qassem Soleimani

      Like his predecessor, a young Esmail Ghaani faced the carnage of Iran’s eight-year war with Iraq in the 1980s and later joined the newly founded Quds Force

      Hydras are a bitch to kill.

  13. It was a message that resonated with Michael Marceau, the D.C. chapter head of Veterans for Peace, who was at the rally.

    Hey! Mimes aren’t supposed to talk!!!

  14. Luca Gattoni-Celli, one such libertarian who’d showed up to the rally with a large Gadsden Flag.

    Using the Gadsden Flag to protest the killing of a terrorist who attacked a US embassies seems a bit odd. no? He tread. He got bit.

  15. Awww, isn’t that cute! Dems are pretending to be anti war again! Amazing we ALMOST got through an entire Republican administration without them remembering they’re supposed to do that when reps are running the war department.

    1. Oh, no. They already crawled out from under their rocks to protest Trump starting WW3 by bombing an empty airfield in that BS war Obama started in Syria.

    2. Hey hey LBJ, how many kids didja kill today?

  16. I’d just like to remind everyone, that Hillary Clinton was an embarrassment as a SecState.

    1. Hillary Clinton is an embarrassment with everything she touches.

      She lost so bad to Trump, she will never be a force in politics ever again.

  17. Al-Shabab militants attack Kenya and US naval base

    I am sure the Commies will protest the Al-Shabab terrorists after the joint Kenyan and US Naval Base in Kenya was attacked.

  18. “No War on Iran! Keep US troops out of Iraq!”

    “No War on Germany! Keep US troops out of France!”

    1. “No War on Germany! Keep US troops out of France!”

      Is exactly what the ideological forebears of these pissants were saying until Hitler violated the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and Stalin gave them their new marching orders.

      1. He he he. True facts. A large chunk of Orwell’s 1984 was dedicated to rubbing their noses in that one. Comrade Eric Blair even made a snich list outing communo-fascist sockpuppets he’d identified by analysis of their writing style. Ain’t brotherhood among labor partisans lovely?

  19. “No war but class war”

    Don’t these idiots realize the portion of the lower class needed to actually win a “class war” are on the other side?

    1. I think they mean “race”

    2. intellectual class?

  20. Just your daily reminder that retaliation against Islamofascist violence is “aggression”.

  21. Is there a one hour “Signs While You Wait” printer in D.C? He must be a multi-millionaire by now.

    1. it’s the side job of the Reason editor

  22. 1000 protesters possibly 10000 Urinolists out covering them. Are US flags sold out, to fly at half staff today and for burning later?

  23. From the White House to Trump hotel is what, 3-4 blocks? Harfly a march…maybe an after church Sunday stroll?

  24. Oh look. The little lefty shits found their anti-war principles again after eight years.

  25. You don’t see any Japs dive-bombing those desert sands. Despite their 1500 earthquakes a year, Japanese engineers and health physicists understand that the risk involved is tiny compared to constant rolling blackouts or getting into gunfights with kamikaze suicide vest hijackers. When was the last time a mohammedan berserker killed anybody in Japan? It’s a pity yanks can’t handle the math, and struggle to pillage oil from the Ottoman ruins instead.

  26. In a nation of 330MM people, there are bound to be at least a thousand….

  27. I’m with Rand Paul on this one – it should take an act of Congress to initiate an airstrike. The US Defense is owned by the people; not the Presidency.

    While I believe Trump literally acted in a defensive manner (the US base was attacked) the action still should’ve gone through congress.

  28. “Donald Trump has just put a target on any American servicemember in Iraq, Afghanistan, and that part of the world.”

    Shut the fuck up, traitor. Targets have been on their backs and our allies’ backs since before you were born.

  29. No war with Iran
    War with the communists within our own borders, including the Trotskyite neocons

  30. Was the guy selling Woodstock hotdogs there?

  31. Saturday’s rally, she said, offered “a good chance to let other people who aren’t aware know that something is happening and they need to wake up and do something about it”,

    Yeah, the wall-to-wall news coverage lamenting the death of paramilitary operative who ordered an attack on a US embassy certainly didn’t tip them off. It takes a group of bubblehead cunts wanting to re-live the mid-2000s to raise awareness.

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